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					                    ASV3528B Series
                    VDSL2 Ethernet Switch
                        Product Overview
                    ASV3528B VDSL2 Switch provides a flexible platform to enable carrier-class access technology through easy-to-maintain hardware
                    architecture and advanced management software features. With all front panel access, field-replaceable fan tray, and redundant
                    power supply design, ASV3528B eases the necessary field installation. Advanced management software enables the remote
                    troubles-shooting and management. With advanced security feature and flexible, find-grained QoS capability, ASV3528B allows
                    service providers to deliver secure triple-play services for increasing deployment requirement. ASV3528B VDSL Switch is part of a
                    series of purpose-built next-generation switches, designed by Accton, in order to fulfill the demands of converged metro access

                    Key Features and Benefits

                                    Flexible Uplink Options                                          Enhanced Security Features
                    The dual Combo Gigabit Ethernet ports allow copper or fiber           The product is designed to provide advanced security for
                    connections, depending on different network environment               metro access, and is built with Subscriber Security, Switch
                    needs. The fiber connection uses SFP and accommodates a               Security, and Network Security features to secure the Metro
                    wide range of transceivers, from 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-               Ethernet Network.
                    LX, to 1000BASE-LH. It also includes 2 expansion slots to
VDSL2 Ethernet Switch

                    accommodate different types of modules for Gigabit Ethernet,          To prevent the unwanted attack from malicious users,
                    GPON, or GEPON connections in order to offer flexible service         ASV3528B Metro Ethernet Access Switch provides Private
                    deployment.                                                           VLAN, DHCP Snooping, and IP Source Guard to protect the
                                                                                          subscriber from affecting each other.
                                Easy to Maintain and Deploy
                                   for Service Providers                                  To provide effective traffic isolation among many users within
                                                                                          the network, ASV3528B provides security features such as
                    ASV3528B VDSL Switch, with two field-replaceable power                storm control protection, port security, per-port blocking, per-
                    supply and fan tray , provides carrier-class redundancy and           flow blocking, MAC address blocking, broadcast, and unknown
                    flexibility. Depending on the environment, it can be powered          multicast control are available to ensure effective packet
                    with either a DC power or AC power supply.                            forwarding performance.

                                                                                          To ensure that only authorized traffic is allowed to enter the
                             Metro Ethernet Specific Software                             network, ASV3528B supports IEEE802.1x, L2/L3/L4 ACL to
                                                                                          control traffic and validate traffic going through the switch.
                    ASV3528B VDSL Switch is designed to fulfill the Metro
                    Ethernet requirement. Feature enhancement includes                       Operation Administration Maintenance
                    802.3ah, Q-in-Q, Carrier-Grade Rate-Limit, QoS, and                               (OAM) for Ethernet
                    subscriber isolation, which are added to help service providers
                    deploy, manage, and secure their services.                            The services provider network is complex and large with huge
                                                                                          subscriber base. To help service provider isolate, maintain,
                                                                                          and manage network traffic, the ASV3528B comes with
                                Built to Offer Triple Services                            802.3ah OAM features to address the needs of the service
                                                                                          provider and help maintain their network services.
                    ASV3528B VDSL Switch enables service providers to offer
                    data, voice, and video within one converged network. With
                    enhanced multicast and QoS features, flexible Internet
                    services, including IPTV and VoIP, become available within
                    the same converged access network.


                                    No. 1 Creation Rd.lll,
                                    Science-based lndustrial Park, Hsinchu 300,
                                    Taiwan, R.O.C
                                    Tel: 886-3-5770270
ASV3528B Series Product Specifications

Physical Ports                                         Security
24 VDSL2 ports via RJ-21 connector                     Port Security
24 POTS via RJ-21 connector                            IP Source Guard
2 Combo Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45/SFP) ports             DHCP Snooping
2 expansion slot for modules                           IEEE 802.1X
1 RJ-45 craft port                                       Port-based
1 RS-232 console port                                  RADIUS authentication
1 DB-15 port for alarm I/P and O/P                       2 servers
                                                         Encryption: MD5, TLS, TTLS
VDSL2 Specifications
                                                       TACACS+ authentication
ITU-T G.993.1 VDSL                                     HTTPS/SSH
ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2                                    Access Control List (ACL)
Band plan: Up to 6 bands, ITU-T G.997, G.998             IP-based
Performance                                              MAC-based
Full wire-speed switching                                IP/MAC-based
Switching Capacity: 12.8Gbps                             VLAN
Forwarding Rate: 9.52Mpps                                TCP/UDP port
MAC Address Table Size: 16K                            Storm Control
Packet Buffer Size: 256Mb                                Broadcast
Jumbo Frame:9K                                           Multicast
L2 Features                                              Unknown Unicast
Auto-negotiation for port speed and duplex mode        Management
Flow Control: IEEE 802.3x & Back-Pressure              Switch Management:
Spanning Tree Protocol:                                  CLI via console port or Telnet
  IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)               Web management
  IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)        SNMP v1, v2c, v3
                                                       Firmware & Configuration:
  IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
                                                         Dual firmware configuration files
                                                         Firmware Configuration upgrade via TFTP/FTP/Xmodem
  4K IEEE 802.1Q VLANs                                 server
  Port-based VLAN                                      RMON (groups 1,2,3 and 9)
  Protocol VLAN                                        SNTP (RFC2030)
  Private VAN                                          Port Mirroring
  GVRP                                                 Event/Error/System Log
  Q-in-Q                                               System monitoring
Link Aggregation:                                      Test and Performance Monitoring function
  Static Trunk                                         IEEE802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile*
  IEEE 802.3ad LACP                                    Mechanical
  Load Balancing
                                                       Dimensions (H x W x D): 67x 436 x 253 mm (1.5RU)
  Trunk groups: 12
                                                       Weight: 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs)
  Trunk links: 2~8 for Ethernet port
                                                       Power Requirement:
  Trunk links: 2 for Combo Gigabit Ethernet port        AC Input: 90~264 V, 50~60 Hz, Output: +12VDC
IGMP:                                                   DC Input: +18VDC~+36VDC, -36VDC~-72VDC, Output: +12VDC
  IGMP v1, v2, v3                                      Power Consumption: Max. 65W
  IGMP Snooping, Querier and Proxy*                    LED Indicators: Power, Port status
  255 IGMP Groups                                      Safety
                                                       CSA/NRTL (UL60950, CSA 22.2.No 60950-00)
QoS Features                                           TUV/GS (EN60950)
8 Priority Queues                                      CB
Priority Queues Scheduling Scheme                      Electromagnetic Compatibility
  WRR                                                  CE Mark
  Strict Priority                                      FCC Class A
  WRR+Strict Priority Hybrid*                          VCCI Class A
Traffic classification and priority management         Environmental Specifications
  IEEE 802.1p                                          Temperature:
  IP Precedence/DSCP,                                   IEC 68-2-14
  TCP/UDP port number,                                  -20℃ to 65℃ (Standard Operating)
DiffServ                                                -40℃ to 70℃ (Non-Operating)
Rate Limiting                                          MTBF
  Ingress/Egress                                        80,000hrs (min), at 40℃ degree
  64Kbps~100Mbps for Ethernet port                      150,000hrs (min) at 25℃ degree
  1Mbps~1000Mbps for Gigabit port
  Per Port COS                                                                                    * Future Upgradeable

Specification are subject to change without notice

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Description: VDSL2 technology is similar to ADSL and ADSL2 technology, DMT modulation, but the increased frequency range of 30MHz, can provide up to 100Mbps of bandwidth in a communications technology.