Resume writing tips and instructions by ert634


									Resume writing tips
and instructions
Step        1
Employment trends indicate workers will change                   Keep your accomplishments history file and add to it over
careers—not just jobs— several times in a lifetime. For          time because this will not be the last time you write a
this reason it is important to know that resume writing is       resume. Once you compile and organize information in
a skill you will use throughout your life.                       your accomplishments history, it will be invaluable for all
Before beginning your resume, put together an accomplish-        resumes you write throughout your career.
ments history, including your most significant achievements
from work, hobbies, volunteer projects, school, extracurricu-      remember…
lar activities, travel, and other life experiences.
                                                                   •	 	 esumes	do	not	get	jobs;	they	get	interviews.
                                                                   •	 	 esumes	should	convey	your	unique	skills	and	abilities	as	
Write everything down and do not limit yourself!                      they	relate	to	the	position	for	which	you	are	applying.
Action verbs from the list on page 9 may help you
                                                                   •	 	 esumes	should	not	include	every	detail	about	you.	They	
remember things you have done and give you ideas for
                                                                      should	highlight	the	specifics	that	make	you	a	qualified	
new ways to describe those activities. Friends or family              candidate	for	the	position	you	seek.
familiar with your work and work style can be good
                                                                   •	 	 esumes	should	not	be	so	short	or	so	vague	that	an	
sources of assistance as well. (Refer to Action Verb List)
                                                                      employer	has	no	idea	what	your	skills	are	or	what	you	did	
Gather documents related to your experiences, e.g.,                   in	your	last	job.
performance reviews, letters of appreciation, job                     H
                                                                   •	 	 uman	resources	professionals	know	that	the	best	
descriptions, documents, or presentations you wrote                   predictor	of	future	performance	is	past	performance.	In	
or prepared, etc. This can be helpful now with your                   your	resume,	highlight	the	results	of	your	experiences.
brainstorming and later to review, check, and confirm
details. Categories to generate ideas and organize your
information include:
•	 	 ducation	(universities	attended,	classes	related	to	your	
   E                                                             Step         2
   career goal, certifications, special training)
•	 	 xperience	(paid/unpaid,	part/full-time,	internships,	
   military)                                                     Organize and Write
•	 	 olunteer	Experience	(church,	civic	groups,	tutoring)	
   V                                                             Initial Draft
•	 	 ctivities	and	Honors	(student	organizations,	
                                                                 Name & Contact Information (Required)
   professional associations, scholarships, academic
                                                                 •	 	 nclude	your	name,	phone	number,	address,	and	e-mail.	
   achievements, sororities or fraternities)
                                                                    Only include your permanent address if it serves a
•	 	 mportant	Career-Related	Skills	(computer	proficiency,	
                                                                    purpose such as if you are looking for a position in your
   foreign languages, problem solving, critical thinking,
   communication abilities)
                                                                 •	 	 our	name	is	generally	bold	and	a	few	points	larger	in	
•	 	 ersonal	Achievements	(financing	your	education,	
                                                                    font size than the rest of the resume.
   overcoming obstacles)
•	 	 obbies	and	Interests	(planning	trips,	managing	
   personal investments)

    •	 	 f	you	use	your	cell	phone	as	your	contact	phone	
       I                                                             Examples:
       number, be prepared to handle a professional                     T
                                                                     •	 	 wo	years	experience	in	a	medical	environment;	familiar	
       conversation wherever you may answer your calls.                 with confidentiality issues and medical terminology
       Only use a work phone if it is appropriate for you to
                                                                     •	 	 trong	analytical	skills	developed	through	lab	
       receive calls at work.
                                                                        experience in chemistry and biology
    •	 	 our	email	address	should	be	professional	                      P
                                                                     •	 	 roven	communication	skills	as	demonstrated	through	
       (i.e.,	DO	NOT	USE	                              club leadership, debate competition at state level, and
                                                                        writing for the university student newspaper

                                                                     Education (Required)
                       Ima J. Hawk                                   This section can include your credit-based higher
                    1415 Louisiana Street                            education degrees and certificates as well as noncredit
                    Lawrence, KS 66045                               learning.	Your	information	should	include:
                                                                     •	 	 egree	(i.e.,	Bachelor	of	Science,	Master	of	Arts)
                                                                     •	 	 ajor(s)
                                                                     •	 	 inors,	concentrations,	or	areas	of	emphases
                                                                     •	 	 niversity	name,	city,	and	state
    Objective (Optional)                                                M
                                                                     •	 	 onth	and	year	of	graduation
    A well-crafted objective indicates that you are clear about         G
                                                                     •	 	 PA(s)	(typically	if	above	3.0)—If	you	list	anything	
    opportunities available with an employer and that you are           other	than	your	overall	GPA,	be	sure	to	specify	which	
    clear about the position you are seeking. Objectives can be         GPA	you	are	using
    a liability if they do not match the position for which you
    are applying.                                                    List	your	most	recent	degree	first	(Ph.D.,	Master’s,	
                                                                     Bachelor’s).	You	don’t	necessarily	need	to	list	every	college	
    Customize the resume for each position or industry. When         or university at which you have taken a few classes. Once
    included, objective statements should tell an employer           you are in college, high school is not typically included
    about the next step on your career path, not your life goals.    on a resume unless you have a good reason you want an
    You	do	not	need	an	objective	when	posting	a	resume	to	an	        employer to know where you went to high school.
    electronic job board or when handing it out at a career fair.
    Objectives work best when they are written for a specific
                                                                       poSSible heAdingS
    job or career.
                                                                       Objective                     Professional	Experience
    Employers expect applicants to customize their resumes
    for each position. The employment objective needs to be            Summary	of 	Qualifications    Additional	Experience
    supported by the content of your resume.                           Profile                       Study	Abroad	Experience
    Examples of objectives:                                            Awards	and	Recognition        Other	Experience

    •	 	 o	obtain	an	entry-level	sales	position	in	the	consumer	       Honors                        Relevant	Skills
       products industry.                                              Honors	and	Awards             Computer	Skills
    •	 	 eeking	a	summer	internship	in	investment	banking	             Education	                    Technical	Skills
       with	XYZ	Company.                                               Specialized	Training          Computer	Software

    Summary of Qualifications/Profile (Optional)                       Accomplishments               Certification
    Typically used by job seekers with more professional               Activities                    Licensure
    experience, this summary should focus on the big picture           Relevant	Experience           Languages
    and help the employer understand how your experiences              Related	Experience            Professional	Memberships
    fit	together.	Summary	information	briefly	communicates	
                                                                       Internships                   Professional	Affiliations
    your experience, training, and personal abilities as they
                                                                       Employment	History            Additional	Information
    relate	to	the	specific	job	you	seek.	Information	of	this	type	
    may be included in a cover letter, eliminating the need            International	Experience      Work	Authorization	
    to include it in the resume. Details of your experiences           Volunteer	Experience
    belong in other sections of the resume.

Including	academic	awards	or	scholarships	can	show	
academic breadth and intellectual accomplishment.
Sometimes	it	may	be	beneficial	to	include	GPA	(typically	
3.0	or	higher),	class	rank,	and/or	relevant	courses.	
If	applicable,	it	can	be	a	good	idea	to	include	a	statement	
about your contribution toward financing your
education—for example: “Financed 75% of college
education through scholarships and employment.”

  Bachelor of General Studies in Geography, expected May 2009
  The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
     • Minor in Geology                                              For	example,	“Interviewed,	hired,	and	trained	new	team	
     • GPA 3.65                                                      members” or “Led closing of store by assigning roles
                                                                     at the appropriate time, balancing the cash registers,
                                                                     securing all cash, and setting the alarm.”
                                                                     •	 	 escribe	your	experience	in	a	result-oriented	fashion	
Experience (Required)
                                                                        because employers know the best predictor of future
The experience section should communicate what you
                                                                        performance is past performance. Whenever possible,
accomplished in past paid or unpaid work experiences.
                                                                        use	concrete	information	to	qualify	and/or	quantify	your	
•	 	 nclude	the	position	title,	employer/organization	name,	            experience.	For	example,	“Increased	sales	by	25%	over	a	
   location (city, state), and dates with months and years.             three	month	period”	or	“Taught	a	class	of	300	students.”
•	 	 ypically	your	experience	is	listed	in	reverse	chronological	 •	 	 o	not	use	full	sentences	to	describe	your	experience;	
   order with your most recent experience first.                     use short phrases beginning with an action verb.
•	 	 ighlight	transferable	skills	and	abilities	rather	than	         C
                                                                  •	 	 onsider	the	type	of	position	for	which	you	are	
   describing work duties and responsibilities. Think                applying.	You	may	want	to	try	to	use	the	words	listed	
   about the types of things that you did in your job or             in the position description when describing your
   activities that relate to the types of things you will be         experience.	Highlight	the	skills	that	are	most	relevant	to	
   doing in your future professional positions.                      the position for which you are applying.

  deScriptionS of experience

  NOt GOOD                                   BetteR                                       Best

  •	 Responsible	for	publicity.                 I
                                             •	 	nteracted	successfully	with	                I
                                                                                          •	 	nteracted	successfully	with	public	
                                                public	affairs	representatives	and	          affairs	representatives	and	local	
                                                local	media.                                 media,	increasing	community	
                                                                                             awareness	of	agency	by	25%.

  •	 	 uties	included	handling	customer	        R
                                             •	 	 esolved	service	and	billing	               R
                                                                                          •	 	 esolved	service	and	billing	problems.	
     complaints.                                problems.                                    Consistently	recognized	for	
                                                                                             promptness	and	professionalism.

  •	 	 esponsibilities	included	adhering	       C
                                             •	 	 arried	out	safety	precautions	             C
                                                                                          •	 	 arried	out	safety	precautions	and	
     to	safety	policies	and	ensuring	           and	instructed	staff	in	the	proper	          instructed	staff	in	the	proper	use	
     other	lifeguards	knew	policies.            use	of	equipment.                            of	equipment,	resulting	in	a	50%	
                                                                                             reduction	of	injury	accidents	over	
                                                                                             the	summer.

  •	 	 orked	with	delinquent	youth	in	          E
                                             •	 	 xplained	team	strategies	and	              E
                                                                                          •	 	 xplained	team	strategies	and	instructed	
     after-school	athletic	program.             instructed	youth	on	how	to	                  youth	on	how	to	execute	strategies.	
                                                execute	strategies.                          Development	of	enthusiasm	and	team	
                                                                                             resulted	in	winning	city	competition.

    •	 	 enerally	new	college	graduates	will	not	include	
       G                                                                  O
                                                                       •	 	 mit	this	information—You	may	want	the	opportunity	
       experiences	from	high	school	or	earlier.	However,	if	              to present yourself as a candidate rather than be
       you have relevant experience (i.e., you owned your own             prematurely	discounted	due	to	the	employer’s	bias.
       business) or if you are earlier in your college career (i.e.,      G
                                                                       •	 	 eneralize	these	activities/interests	by	presenting	them	
       a freshman or sophomore), it may be appropriate to                 in a generic format (e.g., “Director of a choir” without
       include experiences from high school.                              specifying religion or denomination).
    •	 	 nclude	around	3	to	5	bullets	to	describe	your	experience.     Interests	are	unstructured	individual	pursuits	and	can	be	
    •	 	 se	present	tense	when	describing	current	positions.	          included if relevant. Examples would be golf, marathon
       Use past tense when describing your past experiences.           running, personal investment management, etc. When
                                                                       considering if you want to include an interest, think about
    Activities & Organizations (Optional)
                                                                       how the employer would view the activity.
    This section can include membership in campus or
    community activities, professional organizations,                  Honors & Awards (Optional)
    volunteer	activities,	or	relevant	interests.	You	may	choose	       This	section	can	include	scholarships,	honor	roll,	dean’s	
    to format this section as a list, or you may choose to set it      list, competitive awards, juried shows, and so on.
    up with the same format as your jobs with descriptions of
                                                                       •	 	 ou	may	want	to	provide	some	information	on	the	
    the leadership roles you performed in these organizations.
                                                                          context of the award if it is not evident. For instance,
    Activities might be included to:                                      “One of ten students selected from across the nation for
    •	 	 emonstrate	a	well-rounded	person	with	more	
       D                                                                  the	Fulbright	Scholarship.”
       dimensions than just work.                                         D
                                                                       •	 	 o	not	include	dollar	amounts	for	scholarships.
    •	 	 oint	out	skills	that	have	been	demonstrated	in	your	
       P                                                                  Y
                                                                       •	 	 our	honors	and	awards	may	be	listed	as	a	separate	
       nonprofessional life.                                              section or may be included within your Education
    •	 	 ccount	for	gaps	in	employment.
       A                                                                  section if there are only a few items in your list.
    •	 	 tart	conversations	(possibly	the	employer	shares	or	is	
       intrigued by your interest).                                       Honors and Awards:
                                                                             • Golden Key National Honor Society
                                                                             • Dean’s List, six semesters
                                                                             • Leadership Scholarship
       University of Kansas Student Ambassador
       Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
       Alpha Chi Omega Sorority
            • Scholarship Coordinator
            • Chairperson of Rush committee                            Skills (Optional)
       Big Brothers/Big Sisters volunteer                              This section is included to highlight particular abilities.
                                                                       Frequently, technical skills, laboratory skills, and
                                                                       proficiency	or	fluency	in	a	foreign	language	are	found	
    When you choose to include activities and interests, be            in	this	section.	Items	in	this	section	should	relate	to	the	
    aware of “hot buttons.” A hot button is an activity or             positions for which you are applying. The placement of
    interest to which some employers may have a strong                 this section on your resume may vary depending on the
    positive or negative reaction, such as religious or political      relevancy to the employer.
    affiliations. When you have an activity or interest that is
                                                                       References (Required but separate from the resume)
    a	“hot	button,”	you	have	three	options.	Make	an	informed	
                                                                       The statement “References Available Upon Request” is
    and	reflective	choice.	
                                                                       not needed as this is a given in the job search process.
    Options include:                                                   Reference names and information are generally listed on
    •	 	 nclude	this	information	on	your	resume—Many	
       I                                                               a separate page (see References section in this handout).
       applicants feel the employer should know who they are,          Usually references are provided to an employer once they
       inside and outside of the workplace, and they may not           are requested or at an interview.
       want to work for an employer who cannot accept them
       as a whole individual.

Step        3
Format It
There are many different ways to write a resume and a lot
of	different	opinions	about	what	is	good.	Your	opinion	is	
important,	too,	so	be	sure	to	create	a	resume	that	reflects	
who	you	are	while	also	targeting	the	employer’s	needs.	
Pass	the	15-second	glance	test.	Employers	see	hundreds	of	          Resume styles
resumes,	and	they	skim	first.	If	this	first	test	is	passed,	they	   Reverse Chronological Resume: the traditional resume
may look at your resume more thoroughly.                            style lists professional experience in a reversed chronologi-
•	 	 hen	ordering	information	and	sections	in	your	resume,	
   W                                                                cal order, starting with the most recent position and work-
   prioritize according to the needs of the employer, putting       ing	backward.	Most	resumes	for	new	college	graduates	are	
   the most important information toward the top and to             written in this format, and employers are accustomed to
   the left.                                                        seeing chronological resumes.
•	 	 hoose	a	format	and	headings	that	allow	you	to	effectively	     Reverse Chronological resumes are particularly effective in
   communicate the combination of skills and abilities that         the following cases:
   highlight your qualifications for the position and provide
                                                                    •	 	 ou	are	or	will	be	a	new	college	graduate.
   insight	into	you	as	a	unique	person.	Refer	to	Possible	
                                                                    •	 	 ou	have	experience	in	the	field	of	interest.	
   Headings	box	for	ideas	on	headings.	(See	page	2.)
                                                                    •	 	 ou	can	demonstrate	measurable	results	from	work	
•	 	 ength	of	resume	varies	according	to	field	of	interest	
                                                                       activities	(e.g.,	“Marketed	events,	resulting	in	50%	
   and level of experience. Generally, an undergraduate
                                                                       increase in attendance”).
   with little or no professional experience will have a one-
   page resume. Experienced workers and some graduate                  Y
                                                                    •	 	 ou	have	held	impressive	job	titles	and/or	have	worked	
   students, along with students in certain disciplines, may           for big-name employers.
   have	two	pages.	See	your	career	services	office	for	help	in	        Y
                                                                    •	 	 ou	can	demonstrate	promotions	and	increased	
   determining the appropriate length for your experience              responsibilities.
   and desired career field.                                        Functional Resume: summarizes your professional
                                                                    “functions” or experience and minimizes employment
  checkliSt for proofreAding your reSume                            history. Functional resumes are often useful for:
    	 Is	the	resume	pleasing	to	the	eye?                               O
                                                                    •	 	 lder	workers	and	those	returning	to	the	workforce	since	
    	 	 oes	it	fit	comfortably	within	the	page	(as	opposed	to	
      D                                                                it minimizes dates.
      too	crowded	or	too	empty)?                                       C
                                                                    •	 	 areer	changers	since	it	outlines	transferable	work	skills.
    	 Is	the	resume	on	cotton	bond	paper?                              E
                                                                    •	 	 mphasizing	knowledge	and	skills	that	have	not	been	
    	 	s	the	print	clear,	unsmudged,	and	large	enough	to	read	–	
      I                                                                used in recent work.
      does	it	pass	the	photocopy	test?                              Elements of both reverse chronological and functional
    	 Did	you	use	too	much	bold,	italic,	or	underlining?            styles can be combined if needed to show your experience.
    	 	 oes	content	support	the	objective?                          Resume templates and resume wizards: Your	resume	is	a	
    	 	 ould	you	tell	the	same	story	with	fewer	words?              reflection	of	you	and	your	accomplishments.	Utilizing	a	word	
    	 	s	it	too	short?	Does	it	look	as	though	you	struggled	to	
      I                                                             processing template or wizard that produces a document
      fill	a	page?                                                  similar	to	others	may	reflect	that	you	did	not	give	significant	
    	 Has	extraneous	material	been	eliminated?                      thought	and	consideration	to	your	application.	It	is	important	
    	 	 oes	the	format	present	your	qualifications	in	the	most	
      D                                                             that you learn how to write and produce an effective resume
      effective	manner?                                             that best represents the value you can bring to an employer.
    	 Is	all	important	information	included	and	easy	to	find?       Difficulty in formatting and inappropriate headings are just
                                                                    two of the issues that often arise with resume templates and
    	 	s	the	format	uniform	throughout?
                                                                    wizards.	KU	Career	Services	staff	are	available	to	assist	you	
    	 	 oes	the	resume	market	your	abilities	and	paint	a	picture	   in getting started and finding the most appropriate resume
      that	makes	an	employer	want	to	know	more	about	you?
                                                                    writing solution for you.
    Step        4                                                          E
                                                                        •	 	 mail	your	resume	to	yourself	and	a	friend	to	see	how	
                                                                           it	looks.	Identify	and	correct	any	formatting	problems	
                                                                           before sending it to potential employers.
    Proofread and edit                                                  Online Resumes
    Many	human	resource	directors	see	the	resume	as	a	                  Before	posting	your	resume	on	the	Internet,	consider	
    reflection	of	the	applicant.	Spelling	errors,	poor	grammar,	        whether you want your resume to be public. There are
    poor organization, smudges, wordiness, vagueness, etc.,             security issues inherent in posting personal contact
    will produce negative impressions. Employers may think,             information online. Check the confidentiality of the
    “Is	the	applicant	careless,	sloppy,	or	unprofessional?”	            database or service where you are posting your resume.
    Have	several	others	critique	your	resume.	                          Never	use	your	Social	Security	Number,	date	of	birth,	
                                                                        or other information that might make you vulnerable to
    •	 	 ontact	your	career	services	office	and	make	an	
                                                                        identity theft.
       appointment to have a professional career advisor look
       over your resume.                                                There are ways to control the information you make
    •	 	 sk	your	references	to	take	a	look	and	give	feedback.	
       A                                                                available on-line:
    •	 	 sk	a	family	member,	friend,	or	roommate	to	look	over	
       A                                                                   C
                                                                        •	 	 onsider	creating	a	free	e-mail	account	at	Yahoo!	or	
       the resume. They are often great at catching typing errors. to use only for job-search purposes with
                                                                           the possibility that you will stop using the e-mail
                                                                           account once employment has been secured.
    Step        5                                                          C
                                                                        •	 	 onsider	renting	a	post	office	box	or	a	private	mail	
                                                                           box from a mail receiving agency to use during your
                                                                           job search. This will eliminate the need to use a street
    Prepare Different Versions                                             address as your mailing address in the information
    Designed Paper Version: highly designed with bullets,                  posted on the web.
    underlining, and other highlights. For the finished paper       D
                                                                 •	 	 etermine	whether	your	posted	resume	can	be	updated	
    resume,	use	good	quality	paper	(at	least	20%	cotton	bond):	     at no cost and whether it will be deleted from the
    white, ivory, or a very pale gray. Avoid patterns that would    databank if you do not update it within a specified time.
    give a “dirty” appearance when copied.
    Designed Electronic Version: looks the same as your
                                                                          formAtting And Writing tipS
    paper version when emailed or pasted into a company
    resume database.                                                         M
                                                                          •	 	 ake	the	resume	easy	to	skim:	bullets,	short	declarative	
                                                                             phrases,	easy-to-read	font	–	10	to	12	points,	no	abbreviations.
    Plain Text Version: you would remove any stylized
    formatting (i.e., bullets, bolding, italics, etc.) and then it           U
                                                                          •	 	 se	one	font	style	throughout	the	resume;	avoid	script	
                                                                             fonts.	Times	New	Roman	and	Arial	are	good	choices.
    can be pasted into an e-mail message or cut and pasted
    into online forms.                                                       D
                                                                          •	 	 o	not	use	graphics,	shadowing,	or	clip	art.	
                                                                          •	 	 se	bold	or	underlining	appropriately	(but	sparingly)	to	
    •	 	 ave	as	text	files	(ASCII	or	text	only).	
                                                                             highlight	key	strengths.
    •	 	 nter	no	more	than	65	characters	(including	spaces)	
                                                                          •	 	 ut	key	information	on	the	left	and	near	the	top	of	the	
       across the screen, then hit the “return” or “enter”                   page	whenever	possible	(for	example,	job	title	rather	than	
       key	to	force	the	line	to	wrap.	In	some	instances	65	                  employment	dates	listed	at	the	far	left).
       characters per line may be too many.
                                                                          •	 	 rite	your	material	in	order	of	importance	and	relevance	
    •	 	 ndent	lines	by	using	the	space	bar.	                                to	the	employer/position.
    •	 	 se	ALL	CAPITAL	LETTERS	for	section	headers.                         B
                                                                          •	 	 egin	phrases	with	action	verbs.
    •	 	 urround	formerly	bolded	subheadings	within	major	                   A
                                                                          •	 	 void	generalities	and	focus	on	specifics	about	experience,	
       sections with asterisks (*).                                          projects,	products,	etc.
    •	 	 ebuild	lists	using	a	hyphen	(-),	asterisk	(*),	or	plus	sign	        Q
                                                                          •	 	 uantify	experience	when	possible	(Employee	of	the	
       (+) at the beginning of each line instead of bullets or               Month,	Received	customer	service	ratings	of	9.8/10,	
       other special characters.                                             Worked	with	a	budget	of	$20,000,	etc.).
    •	 	 f	horizontal	lines	are	desired,	create	them	by	using	a	
       I                                                                     B
                                                                          •	 	 e	consistent	in	the	format,	layout,	and	spacing	throughout	
       series of dashes.                                                     the	resume.

    Liberal	Arts                                                                                                 Journalism	

        Ima J. Hawk                                                                                                               LINDSAY BAYDEN
        36 Private Road 3057, Apartment 7                                         Phone: 662-832-0290                                                       1418 Bentley Circle, Apt. C ! Lawrence, KS 66049
                                                                                                                                                                    785.555.1212 !
        Lawrence, KS 66045
        OBJECTIVE     To secure an internship for the summer of 2009
                                                                                                                    University of Kansas                                                                    Lawrence, Kan.
        SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                   William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications                        August 2003 – present
                                                                                                                    Bachelor of Science in Journalism, emphasis in strategic communications
          • Four years sales and customer service experience; summers and part-time during academic years           Minor in History
          • Earned 75% of college expenses                                                                                           ! Awarded journalism scholarships, 2005 – 2007
          • Strong computer skills; willingness to adapt to rapid technological changes                                              ! Graduation date: May 2007
          • Excellent communication skills; speak and write clearly; listen and understand statements and
            directives                                                                                              WORK EXPERIENCE
          • Work well with peers, supervisors, support staff, and the public; show cultural sensitivity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            sample Resumes

          • Possess ability to transfer effectively between individual and team work; contribute to success         Glenn & Associates, Inc.                                                                Kansas City, Mo.
            of team                                                                                                 Public Relations Intern                                                                 May – August 2006
                                                                                                                                    ! Compiled media lists
          • Possess enthusiasm for ongoing learning; prepared to invest time and effort in learning new skills
                                                                                                                                    ! Assembled result books for campaigns
                                                                                                                                    ! Edited client materials
        EDUCATION                                                                                                                   ! Wrote push e-mails and pitch letters to media contacts and Web site registrants
                                                                                                                                    ! Monitored progress of media-relations campaigns
           The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
           Bachelor of Arts in English, May 2010                                                                    William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications                        Lawrence, Kan.
           Major GPA: 3.5                                                                                           Student Assistant                                                                       August 2003 – present
                                                                                                                                    ! Write for J-Links and school Web site
           Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS                                                                      ! Maintain and assist with confidential student records
           Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, May 2007                                                                              ! Assist in event planning and recruitment of future students
            GPA: 3.7                                                                                                                ! Maintain job and internship database

        WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                             Congressional Office of Dennis Moore                                                    Overland Park, Kan.
                                                                                                                    District Intern                                                                         September 2005 – January 2006
           The University Daily Kansan, Lawrence, KS                                                                                ! Compiled clippings
           Sales Representative, August 2007 – May 2008                                                                             ! Drafted speeches
                                                                                                                                    ! Corresponded with constituents by letter and phone
           • Managed 30 active accounts; exceeded sales quota by 65% during first three months                                      ! Researched constituent issues
           • Managed advertising budget; implemented creative sales campaigns
           • Received award for highest sales achieved during competition period                                    Advanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications                                           Lenexa, Kan.
                                                                                                                    Event Planning Intern                                                                    June – August 2005
           Fabulous Fashions, Overland Park, KS                                                                                    ! Assisted in the planning and execution for one of the nation’s largest veterinary conferences
           Sales Associate, May 2006 – August 2007                                                                                 ! Registered 6,700 attendees and exhibitors
           • Worked full-time during the summer and part-time during the academic year                                             ! Edited conference program materials
           • Conducted cash and credit transactions with efficiency and accuracy                                                   ! Provided information to attendees and exhibitors
           • Assisted customers in selecting merchandise; consistently exceeded weekly sales quotas by 15%
                                                                                                                    Attebury, Mitchell and Hall Law Office                                                  Emporia, Kan.
                                                                                                                    Courier                                                                                 May – August 2004
           Silvercrest Resort, Wautoma, WI
                                                                                                                                   ! Opened and closed new client files
           Waitress and Hostess, Summers 2004 and 2005                                                                             ! Wrote letters to clients
           • Trained new staff members in techniques used to provide first-class service                                           ! Completed daily filing generated by two attorneys
           • Assigned customer tables to meet the needs of clients; maintained fair distribution for staff                         ! Transferred retired files to data storage
           • Greeted customers and provided welcoming environment                                                   ACTIVITIES

        ACTIVITIES AND HONORS                                                                                       Public Relations Student Society of America                                           August 2003 – present
                                                                                                                    Co-Director of Jayhawk Communications
           •   Academic Honor Roll                                • Alpha Chi Omega Sorority                                        ! Planned campaign that raised more than $2,500 for breast cancer awareness
           •   Big Brothers/Big Sisters Volunteer                 • Scholarship Chair, Sorority                                     ! Organize meetings and clients for student-run public relations firm
           •   University of Kansas Student Ambassador            • Rush Committee Chair, Sorority                                  ! Edit newsletter

                                                                                                                    Lawrence Humane Society                                                                 July 2004 – present

    Engineering                                                                                                                        Business

       Matthew A. Mechaniker                                                                                                              Joe Business
       Current Address:   1923 W. Maine Street, Lawrence, KS 66044                                                   (785) 312-5578
                                                                                                                                          2001 West Sixth Street • Lawrence, Kansas 66044 • (785) 555-7856 •
       Permanent Address: 206 S. Washington Road, Salina, KS 62301                                                   (316) 732-4701
       E-mail Address:
       OBJECTIVE:         To secure a challenging full-time position in the field of engineering that will utilize my experience and      The University of Kansas                                                                           Lawrence, KS
                          knowledge.                                                                                                      Bachelor of Science, Marketing                                                                        May 2006
                                                                                                                                          International Business and Chinese Concentration
       EDUCATION:         The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas                                                                      Overall GPA: 3.85; Marketing GPA: 4.0
                          Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Expected May 2008 – GPA: 3.79/4.00

       INTERNSHIP         Koch Industries, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota                                                                   Study Abroad: Consortium Institute for Management & Business Analysis (CIMBA)           Paderno del Grappa, Italy
       EXPERIENCE:        Project Manager Intern, Summer 2007                                                                                                                                                                          Fall Semester 2003
                          • Provided engineering support for the Build-it and Construction group including design, permits, and
                              certification for planned projects.                                                                         EXPERIENCE
                          • Organized and led all client meetings and oversaw all project communication.                                  Microsoft                                                                                          Waltham, MA
                          • Managed five projects, estimated at $1.5 million.                                                             Account Team Unit Manager                                                                    July 2007 - Present
                                                                                                                                          • Develop and lead a team of 250 Account Managers in the Southwest district
                          The Boeing Company, Wichita, Kansas
                                                                                                                                          • Manage approximately $60 million in sales
                          Engineering Intern, Summer 2006
                           • Member of a military stress group that provided fleet support for the KC-135 and its derivatives.            • Maintain expense budget controls and reduced departmental costs by 23%
                           • Performed structural analysis on different components of the airplane to ensure safety and                   • Supervise and develop sales team members and work with regional teams to provide actionable feedback
                              maintainability.                                                                                               supporting sales strategies
                                                                                                                                          • Conduct market analysis on new products to help institute response tactics to combat competitive threat
                          Marche Inc., Lawrence, Kansas                                                                                   Account Manager                                                                            May 2006 - July 2007
                          Engineering Intern, Summer 2005                                                                                 • Managed day-to-day responsibilities for each account including conducting regular conference calls, monitored
                          • Member of group design teams that prototyped consumer recreational products, medical                             and reported contract delivery and progress, coordinated creative submissions and campaign optimization
                              components, business instrumentations, and OEM products.
                                                                                                                                          • Exceeded individual sales goals by taking $100,000 in initial annual revenue to over $300,000
                          • Designed prototypes in Pro-engineer and produced real models using FDM machines.
                                                                                                                                          • Partnered with sales and support staff to manage key accounts
       ENGINEERING        Boat Lift Design Project, University of Kansas                                                                  • Built solid customer relationships and acted as point person for customer questions and concerns
       PROJECT:           Senior Design Project, 2007-2008                                                                                • Developed and presented a targeted marketing strategy to the Vice President of Marketing which was used in a
                          • Designed and manufactured a hydraulic lift that raises a 4,000 lb. ski boat out of water for storage.            print ad campaign for 3 years
                          • Prototyped the lift using Pro-Engineer, Working Model, and FEA computer modeling.
                                                                                                                                          Koch Industries, Inc.                                                                               Wichita, KS
       WORK               Wildcat Stock Farm, Salina, Kansas
       EXPERIENCE:        Farm Hand, 1996-2007
                                                                                                                                          Marketing Intern                                                                          Summers 2004 & 2005
                          • Fifth generation to be raised on a family-owned and operated grain and livestock farm.                        • Assisted Marketing Analyst team in compiling information for Field Marketing Representatives
                          • Operated and repaired heavy machinery.                                                                        • Analyzed key market drivers and customer demand in the gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and chemical markets
                                                                                                                                          • Arranged product scheduling, pipeline and rail car movements
                          University of Kansas Interfraternity Council, Lawrence, Kansas                                                  • Traveled to several field office locations to shadow Field Marketing Representatives on customer visits
                          Executive Vice-President, 2006-2007
                          • Created new billing and budgeting procedures, implemented new communication and accounting                    Alvin Guggenheim & Associates                                                                  Kansas City, MO
                              software, and restructured investments.
                                                                                                                                          New Line Cinema Marketing Intern                                                      January 2004 - May 2004
                          • Controlled $50,000 annual budget.
                                                                                                                                          • Created and implemented “Spring Movie Festival” promotional campaign for KU campus
                          Willow Bend Golf Course, Wichita, Kansas                                                                        • Reported directly to Marketing Director on a regular basis by phone, e-mail and provide written status reports
                          Short order cook, Summer 2003, 2004                                                                             • Arranged press coverage of promotional events and organized promotional screenings
                          • Tabulated food inventory and merchandise lists.
                                                                                                                                          ACTIVITES & HONORS
       SOFTWARE           Pro-engineer, AutoCAD, Excel, Word, Power Point, Matlab, Working Model, Microsoft Project, C++,                 KU Marketing Club
       SKILLS:            Outlook.
                                                                                                                                          • Treasurer—elected 2 years in a row by peers to manage a $5000 budget
       ACTIVITIES:        Delta Chi Vice-President, Engineering Student Senate, Greek Endeavor Facilitator, Rock Chalk Cast               KU Leadership Challenge Participant—selected as 1 of 25 Business students to attend this leadership conference
                          Member, Icthus Bible Study, Delta Chi Philanthropy Chairman, Athletics, Sailing Club.                           Big Brothers Big Sisters
                                                                                                                                          Strickland Memorial Scholarship
       HONORS:            Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society), Outstanding Greek Senior, Nominated for Rhodes                Crimson and Blue Scholarship
                          and Marshall Scholarship, Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society), Golden Key                       Honor Roll
                          National Honors Society, Leadership Scholarship, Order of Omega, High School Salutatorian, Kansas
                          State Forensics Champion.
                                                                                                                                          LANGUAGE SKILLS
                                                                                                                                          Fluent in Spanish and Chinese
Action Verb List
Accomplishments	    conferred        created             assisted         developed      Organization	   guided
achieved            consulted        customized          cared for        directed       &	Detail	       influenced
benchmarked         contacted        designed            clarified        dispatched     approved        informed
completed           conveyed         devised             coached          disseminated   arranged        instilled
expanded            convinced        developed           contributed      diversified    catalogued      instructed
exceeded            corresponded     directed            cooperated       eliminated     categorized     motivated
improved            debated          displayed           counseled        emphasized     charted         persuaded
pioneered           defined          drew                demonstrated     enforced       classified      set
reduced (losses)    demonstrated     entertained         diagnosed        enhanced       coded           simulated
resolved (issues)   described        established         educated         enlisted       collected       stimulated
restored            developed        fashioned           encouraged       ensured        compiled        taught
reversed            directed         formulated          ensured          established    contained       tested
spearheaded         discussed        founded             expedited        examined       coordinated     trained
succeeded           dissuaded        illustrated         facilitated      executed       corrected       transmitted
surpassed           documented       initiated           guided           explained      corresponded    tutored
transformed         drafted          instituted          helped           founded        distributed
                    edited           integrated          insured          generated
won                                                                                      executed        adapted
                    educated         introduced          intervened       governed       expedited
Analytical	         elicited         invented            motivated        guided
                                                                                         filed           analyzed
&	Research	         enlisted         modeled             prevented        headed         generated
analyzed                                                                                                 applied
                    established      modified            provided         hired          implemented
assessed                                                                                                 assembled
                    explained        originated          referred         hosted         incorporated
calibrated                                                                                               automated
                    expressed        performed           rehabilitated    improved       inspected
clarified                                                                                                built
                    formulated       photographed        represented      incorporated   logged
collected                                                                                                calculated
                    furnished        planned             resolved         increased      maintained
compared                                                                                                 coded
                    illustrated      revised             simplified       influenced     monitored
conducted                                                                                                computed
                    incorporated     revitalized         supplied         initiated      obtained
critiqued                                                                                                computerized
                    influenced       shaped              supported        inspected      operated
detected                                                                                                 conserved
                    informed         solved              volunteered      inspired       ordered
determined                                                                                               constructed
                    interacted                                            instigated     organized
diagnosed           interpreted
                                     Financial	&	Data	   Interpersonal	   instituted
                                     administered        &	Teamwork	                     planned         converted
evaluated           interviewed                                           instructed
                                     adjusted            advised                         prepared        debugged
examined            involved                                              integrated
                                     allocated           collaborated                    processed       designed
experimented        joined                                                introduced
                                     analyzed            enabled                         provided        determined
explored            judged                                                launched
                                     appraised           focused                         purchased       developed
extracted           lectured                                              led
                                     assessed            initiated                       recorded        diagnosed
formulated          marketed                                              lowered
                                     audited             interacted                      registered      drafted
gathered            mediated                                              managed
                                     balanced            involved                        reserved        engineered
identified          moderated                                             merged         responded
inspected                            budgeted            listened                                        fabricated
                    negotiated                                            modified       restructured
interpreted                          calculated          mediated                                        fortified
                    observed                                              motivated      reviewed
interviewed                          computed            mentored                                        identified
                    outlined                                              organized      routed
invented                             conserved           moderated                                       implemented
                    participated                                          originated     scheduled
investigated                         controlled          negotiated                                      inspected
                    persuaded                                             overhauled     screened
located                              corrected           partnered                                       installed
                    presented                                             oversaw        set up
measured                             cut                 teamed                                          located
                    promoted                                              pioneered      standardized
observed                             decreased                                                           maintained
                    proposed                             Leadership	&	    planned        submitted
organized                            determined                                                          monitored
                    publicized                           Management	      presided       supplied
proved                               developed                                                           networked
                    published                            accomplished     prioritized    updated
researched                           estimated                                                           operated
                    reconciled                           acted            produced       used
reviewed                             managed                                                             overhauled
                    recruited                            administered     proposed       validated
searched                             marketed                                                            prevented
                    referred                             advanced         recommended    verified
screened                             measured                                                            printed
                    reinforced                           advised          recruited
solved                               planned                                             Teaching	       programmed
                    reported                             analyzed         reorganized
specified                            prepared                                            &	Training	     proposed
                    resolved                             appointed        replaced
summarized                           programmed                                          adapted         recorded
                    responded                            approved         represented
surveyed                             projected                                           advised         rectified
                    solicited                            assigned         restored
tested                               purchased                                           appraised       regulated
                    specified                            attained         reviewed
validated                            reconciled                                          clarified       remodelled
                    spoke                                authorized       saved
                                     reduced                                             coached         repaired
Communication	      suggested                            chaired          scheduled
                                     researched                                          communicated    replaced
&	Persuasion	       summarized                           completed        secured
                                     retrieved                                           conducted       restored
addressed           synthesized                          considered       selected
                                     tabulated                                           coordinated     retrieved
advertised          translated                           consolidated     shaped
                                     trimmed                                             critiqued       solved
arbitrated          wrote                                contracted       solidified
                                     tracked                                             demonstrated    specialized
arranged                                                 controlled       stimulated
                    Creative	        quantified                                          developed       specified
articulated                                              converted        streamlined
                    acted                                                                educated        standardized
authored            adapted
                                     Helping	            coordinated      strengthened
                                     adapted             counseled        supervised     enabled
clarified           began                                                                                supported
                                     advocated           decided          terminated     encouraged
collaborated        combined                                                                             trained
                                     aided               decreased        trimmed        evaluated
communicated        composed                                                                             troubleshot
                                     answered            delegated        verified       explained
composed            conceptualized                                                                       upgraded
                                     arranged            determined                      facilitated
condensed           condensed
                                     assessed                                            focused

                                                                        act	as	a	reference	for	you.	You	might	say	something	like:	
                                                                        “Dr.	Thomas,	I	will	be	graduating	in	May	and	will	be	
                                                                        seeking	a	full-time	position.	I	realize	how	important	
                                                                        references	can	be,	and	I	was	wondering	if	you	would	be	
                                                                        comfortable	serving	as	a	reference?”
                                                                        The answer will usually be positive. Be prepared to provide
                                                                        a brief (less than two minutes) idea of what you have been
                                                                        doing recently and the type of position you seek. With past
                                                                        co-workers or supervisors, you may want to state why you
                                                                        left that job since they are likely to be asked by the potential
                                                                        employer. Deliver to each reference a current copy of your
                                                                        resume so they will be familiar with your experiences and
                                                                        what you have highlighted for employers.

     A	less-than-enthusiastic	reference	at	a	                           How Many
                                                                        You	will	generally	be	asked	to	provide	from	three	to	five	
     critical	juncture	can	spell	disaster,	so	select	                   references.	It	is	a	good	idea	to	have	a	“backup”	or	two	on	
     your	references	carefully.	                                        the list in case one or more of your references is out of
                                                                        town when called.
     Resumes	and	cover	letters	win	interviews;	excellent	
     references can win job offers.                                     Where
                                                                        Do not include references on your resume. Names
     If	you	are	being	considered	for	a	job,	it	is	likely	that	the	po-   and contact information for references take up a lot of
     tential employer will speak with your references. Once you         space and usually have little meaning to a potential
     have gotten this far in your job search you must be certain        employer	at	the	“resume	stage.”	Make	a	separate	
     that your references will provide a good recommendation.           reference page. Be sure to include your name and contact
     A less-than-enthusiastic reference at a critical juncture can      information at the top. When delivered with your
     spell disaster, so select your references carefully.               resume and cover letter, the three documents should be
                                                                        complementary	and	professional.	It	is	a	good	idea	to	print	
     Who                                                                all three on the same high-quality bond paper.
     To identify as many potential references as possible,
                                                                        Include	reference’s	name,	current	title,	agency	or	organi-
     consider current and former bosses, professors, advisors,
                                                                        zation with which they are currently affiliated, address,
     volunteer coordinators, co-workers, and subordinates who
                                                                        preferred phone number(s), best time of day to call (be
     have first-hand knowledge of your work and abilities.
                                                                        sure to take into account time zone differences), and email
     Be sure to find references who know you well enough to
                                                                        address.	In	some	cases,	you	may	also	want	to	note	your	
     speak on your behalf. Roommates, friends, and family
                                                                        relationship to the individual (e.g., former supervisor at
     members do not make good references unless you have
                                                                        KU Library), particularly if your reference has moved to a
     worked with them in a professional relationship, e.g., you
                                                                        new	organization.	Be	certain	everything	is	correct!
     worked	for	your	mother’s	business	during	the	summers,	
     and she was your supervisor.
                                                                        Provide	your	reference	list	to	a	potential	employer	only	
                                                                        when requested.
     Next, call or meet with the people on your list who are
     likely to deliver a very positive report and have seen you         Be sure to thank your references at the completion of your
     perform well. Begin by explaining that you are in a job            job search.
     search, and then ask whether they would be willing to

Cover letters
Employers report that an impressive cover letter is often
more important than the resume when making a decision
whether to interview a candidate, so it can be a mistake
to focus too much attention on the resume and ignore the
potential value of a well-written letter. Like the resume, the
cover letter is not intended to get you the job—it is intended
to get you an interview (when you can convince the
employer face-to-face that you are the right one for the job).

A	cover	letter	should	work	like	                                 Highlight	your	qualifications	for	the	specific	position	
advertising	copy.	It	should:                                     you seek, clearly stating your interests and qualifications
                                                                 relative	to	the	employer’s	needs.	
•		 atch	the	reader’s	attention	                                 Always	customize	your	cover	letter!	Sending	out	a	general	
  (opening	paragraph)                                            cover letter and resume to hundreds of employers is rarely
                                                                 successful.	It	can	create	a	perception	on	the	employer’s	
•		 ommunicate	skills	and	experience	                            part that you are not a serious and thoughtful person, that
  (middle	paragraph)                                             you	are	desperate	for	a	job,	or	that	you	don’t	really	care	
                                                                 enough about their organization to learn about them or
•		 upport	your	statements	with	specifics	                       their needs.
  (middle	paragraph)                                             Your	letter	should	be	just	a	few	paragraphs	and	only	
                                                                 one page in length. While there is no “perfect formula”
•		 ompel	the	reader	to	act	                                     regarding length and what to include, keep it relevant
  (final	paragraph)                                              and relatively brief.

Whenever you cannot present your resume personally,
a cover letter should accompany it. A cover letter should          cover letterS : thingS to Avoid
always	accompany	a	resume	that	is	sent	by	U.S.	Postal	
Service	or	e-mail.	Whatever	you	write	in	your	e-mail	                 S
                                                                 	 •	 	 tarting	every	sentence	with	“I”	or	“my”
IS	your	cover	letter.	A	cover	letter	is	not	necessary	when	           E
                                                                 	 •	 	 xtraneous	words	and	wordy	phrases;	e.g.	“in	order	to”	
you deliver your resume to a potential employer at a                  and	“for	the	purpose	of ”
career fair.                                                          C
                                                                 	 •	 	 onfusing	and	complex	language	and	sentence	structure	
The purpose of the cover letter and resume package                    (HINT:	Read	your	letter	aloud	to	identify	awkwardness,	
is to motivate the employer to take action and invite                 then	correct	it)
you for an interview. When delivered together, the                    L
                                                                 	 •	 	 ong	sentences	and	paragraphs
two documents should be complementary and work                        P
                                                                 	 •	 	 assive	verbs	“to	be,”	“to	do,”	or	“to	work”
together to accomplish your purpose. The appearance
                                                                 	 •	 	 ont	sizes	smaller	than	10	point	and	larger	than	12	point
of	your	resume/cover	letter	package	will	be	enhanced	if	
both documents are printed on the same high-quality                   P
                                                                 	 •	 	 assive	statements	or	nondescript	phrases	such	as	
                                                                      “I	was	a	computer	lab	assistant.”	Instead,	say:	“I	provided	
bond paper.
                                                                      technical	assistance.”	“I	conducted	research	activities	
The most important aspect of a cover letter is employer               using	observation	and	data	analysis	skills	while…”	instead	
focus.	Present	the	employer	with	indications	of	your	                 of 	“I	worked	as	a	research	assistant.”
personality and style along with your skills and abilities.

     1234 Jayhawk Boulevard                                                              Your Address
     Lawrence, KS 66045
     September 15, 20xx

     Ms. Kathryn Smith                                                                   First and Last name or “Human Resources Manager” if name is unknown
     Director of Corporate Staffing                                                      Title of Contact Person
     Matrix Group                                                                        Employer Contact Information
     9010 Northeast Trafficway
     Temecula, CA 92390

     Dear Ms. Smith:                                                                     If employer name is not available, use Human Resources Manager,
                                                                                         Director, or Hiring Manager
                                                                                                                                                                     sample cover letter

     Please accept my application for the position of Account Manager at the Matrix
     Group. I learned of this opportunity from Daniel Green during the recent
                                                                                         First Paragraph:
     Career Fair at the University of Kansas. My strengths include extensive
                                                                                              • why you are writing
     experience in sales and leadership coupled with strong academic credentials in
                                                                                              • what position you are applying for
     Communication Studies and Business. After reviewing the position
                                                                                              • how you learned about the position
     announcement, I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to the Matrix
                                                                                              • who referred you (if applicable)
     Group team and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the position with
     you in more detail.

     Based on my research of your company, the Matrix Group is a growing
     company with a need for independent, entrepreneurial individuals. During my
     summer internship at Union Sales, I demonstrated these traits by exceeding the      Body:
     monthly sales quota by 30 percent. In addition, I had the opportunity to               •     why you are interested in the position
     analyze market research to assist the sales team with the development of a long-       •     what you can contribute
     term strategic plan for entering new markets in Latin America.                         •     how your qualifications would benefit the organization
                                                                                            •     your knowledge of the organization
     In the course of my studies at KU I was able to serve as a leader in several           •     how your skills and experience match their needs
     student organizations. I was elected President of my fraternity twice and
     successfully managed a charity event that raised over $10,000 for a local
     charity. As a founding member of the Marketing Club, I assisted in recruiting
     new members, secured funding from the University, and developed a marketing
     competition involving industry professionals as judges and sponsors.
                                                                                         Last Paragraph
     Currently I am completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with             • Refer to documents enclosed or available such as list of references
     a minor in Business at The University of Kansas. While working part-time and            • Give the phone number and time that you can be reached or when
     being an active student leader I earned a 3.5 GPA. I will call next Wednesday,               you will contact them
     the 24th, to see if additional information is required to complete my application       • Thank them for their time and consideration of your application
     and to discuss when we might schedule a personal interview. I can be reached
     at (785) 555-1234 or by email at Thank you for your time and          Or, “Respectfully”
                                                                                         Type your first and last name
     Sincerely,                                                                          Leave four spaces so you can sign your name in ink after it is printed
                                                                                         Leave only one blank line and type your name for emailed letters
     Ima Jayhawk
sample thank you letter

  500 Lawrence Avenue
  Lawrence, Kansas 66049
  March 1, 20xx

  Ms. Deborah White
  Data Systems, Inc.
  875 Knotty Pine Road
  Sacramento, California 95831

  Dear Ms. White:

  I enjoyed visiting with you yesterday regarding employment opportunities at Data
  Systems. I am extremely interested in the work your organization is doing and am
  impressed with the advanced technologies employed by your company.

  As I mentioned during our conversation, my past two summer positions were related to
  the development and design of software programs for corporate accounting applications.
  With my skills and interest in software design, I believe I could be of value to Data

  Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if I can provide
  additional information about my background. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  Steve Simpson


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