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									                                    125 S. Elliott Rd, Newberg
                                    Sports Department (503) 537-2909

April 12, 2011


Hagan Hamilton Ins. Extreme Soccer is for the 5th & 6th grade player
that provides additional learning, playing time, and enough fun
competition to keep busy. Players will keep their compete uniforms,
play some night games and Saturdays.
Who: grades 5-6
Fee: $86/$96 (early registration discount fee $76/$86)
Early discount registration ends 8/1
Registration closes 8/7
Activity #: Boys - 3182.291, Girls - 3182.290

Coaches meeting with team assignments and season information
8/15/11@ 6:00 pm in the District office conference room.

You may now register on-line. www.activenet.active.com/cprd

Soccer Swap Meet
This is an excellent opportunity to purchase soccer equipment for the upcoming
season at extremely reasonable price; there will be shoes, shin guards, practice t-
shirts, and other items available. If you have equipment that has been out grown
and wish to donate to this cause please bring them with you or contact CPRD at
Time: TBA
                 Chehalem Park & Recreation
                 Sports Department 503 537-2909
                 125 S. Elliott St., Newberg

       2011 CPRD Youth Soccer Calendar
DATE      ACTIVITY                      LOCATION                TIME    _
TBA       Coaches Training         Crater Sports Complex        6:30 pm
8/1       Early Registration Ends Aquatic Center                9:00 pm
8/1       Swap Meet                Aquatic Center               4:00 – 7::00 pm
8/7       Registration Closes      Aquatic Center               4:00 pm
8/15      Coaches Meeting “K-6” District office                 6:00 pm
8/17      K-2 Equipment pickup District office                  5:00 pm
8/??      K-2 Required Coach Training Jaquith Fields            6:00 pm
8/18      3-6 Equipment pickup     District office              5:00 pm
8/??      3-6 Required Coach Training Renne Fields              6:00 pm
8/16-20   Contact Team members
8/22      Schedule 2-practices/wk Coaches choice                Coaches choice
8/??      Soccer Officials Meeting District office              6:00pm – 8:00pm
9/1       Pickup Uniforms/Scheds District Office                5:30 – 6:30
9/10      Extreme Jamboree         Jaquith & Crater Parks       see schedule
9/10      K-5 League Play Begins Jaquith & Renne Parks          see schedule
9/17      Pictures w/schedules     Jaquith Park/Tennis Courts   see schedule
9/24      Pictures w/schedules     Jaquith Park/Tennis Courts   see schedule
11/05     End of Season            Turn in Balls & cones

                                                       Wednesday, April 13, 2011
                                Chehalem Park & Recreation
                                    Youth Soccer Rules
1. To provide an opportunity for youth to participate in a closely supervised and organized
   soccer program.
2. To encourage a sense of individual obligation to the team and program, and to emphasize
   fair play, sportsmanship, and teamwork.
3. To assure wholesome recreation and play that will provide maximum participation and
   individual player development.
4. All players must be registered within the C.P.R.D. Youth Soccer League to be eligible.
      Game Rules:
1. Length of games will be as follows:     K      4-8 minute quarters
                                           1-2    4-12 minute quarters
                                           3-4 2-25 minute halves
                                           5-6 2-30 minute halves
    All games are running time with a one-minute quarter substitution break for games
    played by quarters. Each half time will be five minutes in length.
2. Game sites are as scheduled.
3. Players per side
        K league (Red) – 3v3 per side (no keeper)
        1-2 league (Blue) – 4v4 per side (no keeper)
        3-4 league (Gold) – 6v6 per side (5 + keeper)
        5-6 league (Extreme) – 8v8 per side (7 + keeper)
4. Ball size: Red (K) & Blue (1-2) – size 3, Gold (3-4) & Extreme (5-6) – size 4
5. All soccer players must wear tennis shoes, soccer shoes or legal multi-purpose shoes.
    No street shoes or metal cleats allowed. Football cleats and baseball shoes are not
    allowed. It is required that all players wear shin guards, guards must be covered with
    socks. Players without shin guards will not be able to participate.
6. All players must be grade K-6 as of June 30th of the season they are playing. Players
    may petition the league (formal letter see Athletic Manual) for special circumstances.
7. Teams must wear team jersey of the same color on the outside during games. The
    goalie must wear a jersey of a different color than his/her own team and of the
8. Players must wear soccer clothes that are for athletic contests. Buckles, zippered
    sweats, jewelry, jeans with rivets or sharp objects will not be allowed.
9. All players shall play minimum of ½ of each game. Exceptions to this rule would be for
    disciplinary reasons pre-approved by CPRD Sports Coordinator.
10. Coaches may substitute when the ball crosses the end line. Substitution may be also
    made during possession throw-in or if the other team is substituting during their throw-
11. Off sides will be enforced in the Extreme League only!
12. There will be no official score or league standings records kept.
13. Players are to report to all games as scheduled. Games may be terminated by C.P.R.D.
    Soccer League Director and game officials only!
 General Rules:
 1. Coaches, players, and parents using abusive language or displaying unsportsmanlike
    conduct are subject to suspension. Ejections from a game for conduct will result in an
    automatic suspension from that game and the next scheduled contest. All other
    conduct issues will be directed and handled within the Code of Conduct with the current
    C.P.R.D. Sport Manual.
 2. Coaches and parents are not allowed to stand or sit behind the end line. Team members
    and coaches must remain within the team bench area.
 3. Upon entering the league all players, parents, and spectators agree to abide by the
    rules and regulations stated in this supplemental sheet and the High School Federation
    Rule Book. Rules on this supplemental sheet override those in the current Federation if
    differences arise.
 4. Players are allowed to play the ball back to the goalie except in the 3/4 (gold) and
    Extreme leagues. A direct kick violation will result.
 5. If a player cannot kick a goal kick out of the penalty area after three tries the referee
    will move the ball up halfway between the top of the penalty area and the mid field line
    for a drop ball.
 6. Any ruling not on this sheet may be referred to the current soccer rulebook of the
    National Federation of High School Associations.
 7. Spectators and parents (not coaching) are to remain on the opposite side of the field
    from their team/players or separate from the team ‘bench’ area.
 8. Teams must submit a team name no later than Aug. 26 of current season. Teams are
    required to select a name which is not offensive, discriminatory, reflect acts of
    violence, religion, or unsportsmanlike in nature. Teams are encouraged to submit
    preference list of team names. Teams should contact league directly if there is
    uncertainty. The league has the right to change any team name if it is inappropriate.
 9. Uniforms provided by C.P.R.D. may not be altered during season. Only team name, first
    or last name may be placed on back of uniform, no other decals or printing is allowed on
    uniform. No body painting is allowed during contests.
10. With the intent in keeping the with philosophy of State and National standards for the
    Red and Blue league level of play, Chehalem Park & Recreation and league coaches have
    adopted the following:
    No Red or Blue league team will utilize a goalie or goal area defender. It is the intent
    of the rule that players should be participating in the action, and not standing in front
    of their own goal or goal guarding. Any defender must remain a reasonable distance
    (officials discretion) from the goal unless he/she is chasing a loose ball or an marking
    opposing player.
    The first infraction will result in stoppage of play and a warning given to the
    coach/team in violation. The 2nd infraction will require a stoppage of play with the
    opposing team receiving a free kick on goal from 4 yds out in the Red league, and 5 yds
    in the Blue League. All remaining players must be no closer than 5 yards behind the
    kicker. The player taking the free kick may only play the ball once. Following a
    successful or missed kick, the defensive team will restart the game with a goal kick..

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