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					LFTT Stage 1 Listening, Talking and Writing Planning Guide
Grade: 2 Text Type: Review Length of Unit: 6 weeks
Teaching Notes English Modules Document

Foundation Statement
Students write simple literary and factual texts on familiar topics for known readers by planning and reviewing their writing. They write using basic grammatical features and conventions of punctuation, showing awareness of different purposes, audiences and subject matter. Students spell using knowledge of sight words, letter-sound correspondence and other strategies. They write using letters of consistent size and slope in NSW Foundation Style.

Students’ Needs Based on Pre Assessment Task


Language of opinion Language of Cause and effect Description

Questions Joint Construction Books and films Own personal experiences Guideline Questions Beginning of clause Sentences Nouns Evaluation judgement Adverbial phrases Sentence Structure Simple sentences Personal pronouns

Language Feature/Structures Language of opinion Liked / disliked My favourite part I enjoyed I think / I thought I also liked Language Feature/Structures Language of Evaluation / Judgement I recommend I believe Humerous / amazing / good / boring

Language Feature/Structures Language of Cause and Effect Because When Made me so Language Feature/Structures

Sentence Structure

Other Grammatical Features Paragraphs Capital letters Full stops Spelling

Listening, Talking and Writing Pacing Guide

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Text Type Discussion

Topic Pre LFTT

Teaching Focus


Book: Where the Forest Meets the Sea DVD? Book: Rosie Dock Independent Choice

Building knowledge of Personal Response / Review Language of Opinion Language of Evaluation / Judgement Language of Cause and Effect

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