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									                  Collective Consciousness and “Judgement Day”

       Recent disastrous events and the foretold "judgement day" are subject to our
       collective consciousness. Decadent Human Society is the cause of the most heinous
       disasters on this planet. Please use this article to break out of the collective focus on
       dark themes and help bring real goodness into your life.
Gerald O'Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has been in Israel for a
few weeks (as of this paper). He goes there to meditate. I'm guessing the holy land is especially
receptive to spiritual awakenings from God, or else why does he bother? I know other people who have
traveled to the Holy Land to accomplish the same, so who am I to judge
On 1 May 2011, Gerald had yet another spiritual awakening when he was in Jerusalum. Then he turned
around and put his spiritual awakening as well as he could in word language in his latest message to his
subscribers: Message from the One and Only, Jerusalem, May 1, 2011..
I'll admit it: This is tough reading. Even if it was intelligible for most people, it would be difficult to
swallow. Gerald is obviously communicating from an altered state of consciousness. He's not the first
one to do that (e.g. Genevieve Behrend's "Your Invisible Power" on the law of attraction).
The message seems to be a response to life positive people about their reward and life negative people
about their fate. I believe Gerald would agree with me that life negative people are described in Psalms
73 in the Holy Bible.
In terms of Psalm 73, Gerald's message is a response about people with beliefs based in arrogance, fear,
hatred, vengeance, and violence regarding God's Creation; it's a response to those who are short sighted
about life on this planet and the rest of the universe.
        We have to keep this in mind: We're just one speck of life floating around in an infinite
        universe of specks of life. From the earthly plane, "We are the World." From the
        universal plane, we're just one dot that's not central to anything - especially when we
        haven't made the most of our "dot."

Now, let me bring you up. The message also addresses people with beliefs based in love and respect for
Life, albeit, cryptically. Visit the depression page to see "left brain versus right brain" behavior. Gerald
wrote this message from the right brain which tends to be cryptic, so he meant it for "right brained
people" who more capable of understanding. "Right brained people" have more beliefs based in love
than fear; when we do this, we resonate with God.
We are few and far between, but we DO exist. To resonate with nature is to be One with God. (I believe
this is what Gerald is talking about in terms of "Oneness.") When we're life positive resonating with
God's Mind, God's Energy, and We're respectful of God's Creation, then we ARE central to God.
The problem standing in the way of that resonance and respect is the veil of darkness.

See the Veil To Remove It
The underlying message is on our collective focus. Let me ask you: Who or what has most of your
attention? Which information consumes you the most? Which feelings consume you the most?
On the surface, you might say, "I'm focused on my work." But what are your underlying feelings and
beliefs? Which thoughts are haunting you?
Go a little deeper and you might say, "I love my work, so I want to leave a legacy." Others might say,
"I'm working towards financial security," or "I just want to pay the bills," or "pay my way through
school, so I can do the work I love..."
In essence, your work is life positive because, one way or another, your work supports you and your
loved ones - including your abstract loves like a credential or information that helps you accomplish
what you want in the real world.
But there are things that stand in the way of all that goodness. Aren't there? There are personal
roadblocks and hurdles like lack of confidence or resources. What is at the crux of personal problems
and chronic ailments? Let's probe a little deeper.
There are much bigger roadblocks and hurdles that threaten our work, our loved ones, our legacy and,
indeed, all of humanity. What dark thoughts lurk in the back of your mind whenever you open
mainstream newspapers or turn on mainstream TV? It's the much bigger problems causing our personal
Isn't it obvious? Economic depravity? Money troubles? Careless industry practices? Disease? Industrial
toxins? Unstable people? Drugs? Violent criminals and more fear driven culture?
What about fear of Gov't? Less freedom? More inflation? Tightening controls on its own people?
Because... Why? Let's pick one example that has taken everyone's focus in "modern" society.
Let's face it: We would have been better off if NO ONE announced the death of Bin Laden. The world
would have been safer and more secure WITHOUT knowing the handiworks of our special forces.
They're not in the habit of making their missions public anyway. Interesting how it happened at O's
lowest point.
Instead, mainstream news got hold of it like mad dogs in a blood lust on a bloody kill. Now, look at the
repercussions - just to take the heat off one person - who's running the country - into the ground. It was
a "shot in the arm" for O when the other O was pronounced "dead."
Now, what's on your mind? I'm an insurgent? A rebel? A trouble maker? See how easy that was?
Where's your focus now? Are your beliefs still based in love? Or do you have hatred and vengeance in
your heart? Why didn't special forces capture and interrogate Osama? According to news sources, he
was unarmed - that is, if he was alive all that time.
If you have darkness in your heart now, that was WAY too easy. You've only been reading this a few
minutes. Imagine what all the darkness from mainstream culture is doing to you - every day of your
Oh, I'm the only one in darkness? Since when did the killing of one person become the high point in
"civilized" culture? There are plenty of homicidal maniacs. Why aren't we throwing a party at killing
everyone of them? Because that would be "uncivilized."
The lines are blurred in "modern" society: Between life positive and life negative, between good and
evil, between light and darkness. Our confusion is our darkness, the veil that deceives us.
Darkness is the veil. We must remove the veil before we can focus with our "spiritual eyes" upon the
truth. You must remove the veil before you focus with your heart on true understanding. We must
remove the veil to focus on solving bigger problems.
The bigger problems in society funnel down to all of us in terms of personal problems.
Do you understand? Personal problems always get replaced by other problems as long as the bigger
problems always exist. For example, You can't really get rid of your own depression when the
depression started with the people around you and they persistently share their culture of depression
and despair.
Therefore, we must remove the veil that obfuscates our vision from recognizing bigger problems, then
we can focus on solving those bigger problems. Like karate, we focus just beyond one target at an
envisioned target that's much bigger.
Skeptics say that "target" is imaginary; that it's all coincidence, conspiracy theory, delusional or
anything else demeaning that derides others while protecting their emotional securities and their way of
In reality, our collective focus is what matters. What also matters is how mainstream media within
decadent culture is influencing that focus. WE can say all we want that our personal convictions and
opinions are like the Rock of Gibraltar, but our (in)actions speak louder than our words.

Our (in)Actions Depict Our Focus
Are you a problem solver or a trouble maker?
You can lean one way or the other. Most people like to herd in the middle, the "status quo" or the
doldrums, wherein they want to keep things "the way they are" because they feel whatever they do
doesn't really matter, but, at the same time, they don't want to "rock the boat." They are like the frogs in
the pot of water that has been slowly brought to a boil.
They're not reading this, so let's not worry about them. This means you are either a problem solver or a
trouble maker.
Trouble makers have many tools at their disposal for wreaking all kinds of havoc. The main problem
with trouble makers is their intention which is to wreak havoc; they're not interested in order, BUT
they're usefulness is in breaking down ANY kind of order including that of darkness. Let's keep trouble
makers on the back burner.
Let's focus on you right now. Are you focused on healing this world beginning with yourself? As
Gerald has written: "Great sadness beseeches the One as He recognizes the iniquities and distortions
which man forces upon his family..."
What beliefs were forced upon you when you were younger? In turn, what beliefs have you forced
upon your family, your loved ones? Are your beliefs life positive or life negative? Are you so closed
minded that you don't know what I'm asking? Probably not - or you wouldn't be here.
According to the "message from Oneness" and certain bible thumpers, there's going to be a "judgement
day." There's even a full page ad that was taken out 14 May in USA Today on "Judgement Day,
beginning 21 May - at an apocalypse near you!.." I'm not sure what to think about that - except -
certain "judgement day" mongers want us to focus on destruction and devastation at certain times.
As for myself, I know I should focus on life positive behavior like healing ALL THE TIME and that I
should try to share my healing with others, but sometimes I allow the dark beliefs of others to influence
me, then I feel despair, the exact opposite of what this "Message from Oneness" wants. This brings me
to the next point.

Where does mainstream culture put our focus?
Did you know that Hollywood produces movies that gets their audience to subconsciously focus on
certain events before they actually happen? The theme of most sensationalistic movies is dark enough,
but there are also underlying, subliminal symbols.
These symbols tend to resonate with us and stick in the back of our minds. For example, here are
movies that show 9/11 symbols before 9/11 since 1978. The movie, "Knowing," played out an oil rig
explosion in the Gulf of Mexico before it actually happened.
Mainstream TV, newspapers, magazines, and mainstream web constantly feed us subliminal messages
on a regular basis. Most of those messages are based in fear. Sometimes, subliminal messages are
keyed to certain events like 11 September 01, 20 April 2010, 11 March 2011, 21 May 2011, and 11
November 2011, ad infinitum...
If people controlling mainstream media wants their audience to focus on trivial pursuit, fear,
destruction, or apocalypse, then that's what happens. USA Today is clearly more interested in money
than truth to sell a full page ad on "judgement day."
Of course, USA Today publishers might argue, "We believe in freedom of the press..." Oh yeah? Then
why don't you report on all the advanced energy and healing technologies that should be in the
consumer market to help advance humanity? Because the hard working inventors and researchers
behind that technology didn't pay you $1000's for a full page, national ad. Did they?
Remember: Mainstream media is more interested in money than truth and the advancement of
Mainstream media does not affect you because you only listen to music? OK. What kind? Pop music?
The chart toppers? I have something interesting to share with you. Here is an excerpt from Sign of the
Times for the Stock Market: Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl Show Socionomics explains how popular
music trends shed light on what is to come in the financial markets:
     The Coming Change

     Adjusting to the new mood will likely prove difficult for many artists. Just as nearly all the
     sing-songy Merseybeat groups fell off the pop music radar after the 1966 Cycle wave III
     top ("Popular Culture and the Stock Market"), the shift in mood at the developing Primary
     wave 2 top could have a similar effect on today's pop icons.

     One giant bull market icon, Michael Jackson, has already died in wave c. Other artists will
     simply fall from popularity or quit. At minimum, when social mood turns negative,
     lyrical themes will become dark and melody will diminish. Many performers who play
     discordant, experimental styles will find an audience. A genre even more aggressive than
     punk will ultimately emerge. This is also when the vibrant underground community of
     noise artists will have their best chance to break into the mainstream.

     If this sounds appealing to you, then you're in for a musical treat in the next wave down. If
     not, enjoy the melodic pop and upbeat hip hop songs while they last. The confusion and
     uncertainty of music will change for the firmly dark with the onset of Primary 3 down.

     (Please excuse all the Elliot Wave / Socionomics lingo, but these guys have always been
     right when predicting the stock market according to social mood.)

This means gothic rock will make a strong return (Yay, Amy Lee!), but where is our focus when our
feelings swim in dark lyrics and melodies?
Will it be my time to shine too? I'm an experimental noise artist. The Big Picture is definitely
experimental, but it has a positive, enlightening theme. OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States can have
a very dark underlying theme depending on the person using it(to help us see "ghosts"), so I imagine
that title would be on the rise.

Collective Consciousness
When a certain amount of people (or collective) are focused on the same symbol or theme, this creates
a resonant psychic energy with that symbol. When enough people are lambasted with dark symbols,
this leads to events like 9/11/01, 4/20/10, and 3/11/11.
The collective consciousness or social mood of people in "modern" civilization is guided by
mainstream media. This logic runs counter to socionomics concepts of social mood guiding mainstream
Some people say that celestial events are guiding our social mood. I say we're in control of our
faculties, or we should be, exactly because we are living variations of nature, stuff of the universe
become self aware to reflect the Mind of God. The article on Collective DNA Consciousness proves
that we control the health of our own DNA and that of our children through our feelings. Therefore, we
are in control of our own destiny through our intentions.
When we're not control of our faculties, its because mainstream media DOES influence the masses
through fear mongering, happiness mongering (through drugs), and dark symbolism that burns its way
into the subconscious through the Gestalt Effect

The Gestalt Effect
The Gestalt effect is the form-generating capability of our senses, particularly with respect to the
visual recognition of figures and whole forms instead of just a collection of simple lines and curves.
As human beings, we extrapolate information constantly - especially into our subconscious. The
subconscious processes information like a parallel processor in a computer, there is no gate keeper.
All information that comes our way is absorbed and processed through the subconscious due to the
Gestalt Effect. According to the way figures (symbols) and forms (themes) are presented to us, we can
extrapolate beliefs in love or fear. We can also extrapolate the culmination of an event in the future:
Good or Bad.
We extrapolate information consciously and subconsciously, but most information is processed
subconsciously. For this reason, most of our intuition is due to the Gestalt Effect. Thoughts and
attitudes are extrapolated and run deep exactly because of the themes presented to us. In terms of
mainstream media, this means mostly dark themes, discord, and chaos - bombarding our senses every
Intuitively, when our senses are subjected to iniquities on a regular basis, we form a cathexis; our
feelings become deadened to dark themes, discord, and chaos - even horror as we simply learn to live
with it. Collectively, we drink in all of the iniquities because of the Gestalt Effect; this leads to the "veil
of darkness."

Veil of Darkness vs. the Maharishi Effect
I want to show you how the Maharishi Effect is at one end of the spectrum of critical state psychic
energy whereas "the veil of darkness" is at the other end.
As you might know from your previous studies, the Maharishi Effect takes place when the square root
of 1% of the people on this planet are in a peaceful state of beings such as during meditation. The last
time our planet experienced a Maharishi Effect was on 30 April or "QiGong / World Peace Day." On 30
April, mainstream news had very little to "report" in terms of violence and disasters. Did you notice?
Conversely, when the square root of 1% of the people on this planet are (mindlessly) focused on dark
themes and symbols, we help to precipitate the events attached to those symbols. In essence, when
enough of us are (mindlessly) focused on dark themes and symbols, we help to precipitate and
perpetuate the more heinous disasters - which are man made. I call this effect "the veil of darkness."
At the time of this paragraph, the world population was 6,919,882,350. Therefore, all the people we
needed at that moment to accomplish either the Maharishi Effect or the Veil of Darkness was 8319
people; this is a very small number. Reaching a critical state of psychic resonance is very easy on this
planet and has been accomplished many times over. The proof is in the so-called paranormal events
which are discussed at Remote Viewing Alien Orbs, UFOs, and Spheres.
In terms of nuclear reactions, a critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a
sustained nuclear chain reaction. "Critical mass" also applies to the number of people during collective
consciousness wherein a sustained psychic chain reaction takes place among a necessary number of us
achieving a resonant state of consciousness. Let's call that state of resonance "critical state," ergo:
                            Veil of Darkness <<<<>>>> Maharishi Effect
                    Critical Mass (worse disasters) <<<<>>>>   Critical Mass (world peace)
                           critical mass (world) = sqr(world population x .01)
The collective consciousness of the people at "critical mass" always goes hand in hand either with
world peace or the worst disasters. Depressed, chaotic mind patterns preside during the worse disasters.
Peaceful, productive mind patterns preside during world peace.
Skeptics can argue that the March 2011 Tsunami in Japan was simply a natural disaster. True, but that
was a fleeting moment. Where's the chain reaction that should be happening along the rest of the Ring
of Fire?
The truly heinous disaster is the failed Fukushima Nuke with a decay rate beyond our life times. Unless
advanced technology for rendering ionizing radiation inert and harmless is implemented by Tokyo
Electric Power Company, we have yet to experience the most deleterious effects for years to come. The
heinous, man made disaster is perpetuated with dark mind patterns.
Like the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the "people" in charge help perpetuate the toxins by
ignoring real solutions. Instead, we have a mixture of toxins and despair more than a year later which
also causes a critical state feedback to our collective consciousness. Again, the heinous, man made
disaster is perpetuated with the help of dark mind patterns.

How to Stay in the Light
We cleanse ourselves of dark mind patterns by flooding the darkness with goodness. Depression and
despair are dark mind patterns. Chaos, fear, hatred, and vengeance are dark mind patterns. There are
many ways to disperse the darkness within our minds and hearts. Please choose the method that
resonates with you.
Imagine yourself in a city during a blackout at night time. Only a dark, overcast sky is above with mere
hints of moon glow and starlight behind the clouds. You look down at the sidewalk and see trails of
blood and garbage. People are running around in chaos and dread all around you as if it's the end of the
world. In the distance, you hear noise of screams, crashes, and sirens.
In this dark city, you are the only one with the power to turn on the lights and bring back order.
Because this city is in your mind, you have absolute power. You can do anything. Whatever you do in
this city is reflected in the real world.
What would you like to do? Move to a new city? What about healing this one? The blackout may
spread if you don't heal this one. For this example of healing:
    1. Use cleansing breaths as you imagine each breath causing the stars to glow brighter and the
       moon to shine in the sky. The dark clouds disperse with each cleansing breath. Soon you can see
       a clear night sky with twinkling stars and a full moon.
    2. As you shed more light in this city, imagine order returning. Look down a street and envision
       how your work is helping people to cleanse, relax and rejoice. Imagine the order that you bring
       to this city as the people calm down, care for each other, and become productive at their own
    3. As the people all breath in sync with you, imagine the sunrise bringing warmth and health to
       everyone. Bright sunlight and blue skies reveal wonderful colors and aromas. Imagine how you
       have helped people as they welcome you with open arms.
That's just one avenue of intense sensory visualization: Flood dark possibilities with love and caring.
You see, too many people like Harold Camping want us to flood our senses with the possibility of
destruction, devastation, and chaos because of "judgement day." That type of mind pattern only creates
a veil of darkness.
Harold Camping is part of mainstream media. As far as I can tell, he's a bible expert who is deluding
himself and his followers. That's all. He doesn't represent God at all with his calculated threats of
"judgement day:"
      "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass
      through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a
      witch,.." [Deuteronomy 18:10]

Therefore, Camping is more of a Cagliostro. The only ones who calculate destruction and devastation
are the illuminati. As you might know, they do it by the 11's. They even love to announce it by the 11's
on mainstream news.
But None of us need to flood our senses with dark thoughts; this is the source of despair. We need to
flood our senses with goodness and light.
One of the best ways to do that is through hope and faith. These are difficult traits to obtain in a
decadent, fear mongering culture, but here are a few tips for daily cleansing:
    • Remember to use cleansing breaths during breaks, before you go to sleep, and when you wake
    • Whenever you wash your hands, imagine the water washing away darkness from your body.
      The same goes for when you bathe.
    • Whenever you have a bowel or bladder movement, imagine darkness being excreted from your
      body each time.
    • Listen to spiritually uplifting music and brainwave entrainment like Christ Consciousness.
These tips should help you stay in the light no matter how much you are bombarded with darkness. Of
course, you may prefer something substantial that gives you hope.
A video was produced by Global Coherence Initiative, a division of the Heart Math Foundation. It's
called "Parallel Universes and how to change reality," an extremely fringe premise on Medical
QiGong Healing to be sure.
I'm not one to refute the premise of parallel realities in healing. I'll leave that to the skeptics who
believe humanity is nothing more than meatsacks born of an accidental, chaotic, lifeless universe.
The hope this video contains is of a QiGong Healing that shows a tumor shrink in a matter of minutes
during a focused meditation from a group (of doctors?) You can see the video at the original post of this

Could the Maharishi Effect with the proper amount concentration actually erase the evils? Is reality like
the mind wherein we can change it given the impetus?
These are remote influencing questions. They're answered in the remote influencing audio course from
Probable Future; this course is constructed to flood our minds with "light" and positive thoughts. Look
at one case from history. In biblical terms, remote viewing is known as intercession:
        Dion Fortune's "Society of Inner Light" during WWII had the threefold purpose of
        protecting Great Britain, blocking and destroying the evil which had taken over
        Germany, and laying the foundations for a better and more just world after the war. We
        must wonder about the still unresolved mystery of Hitler's fanatical deputy, Rudolph
        Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941
        bearing a peace offer. There are strong indications that far more forces were at work
        rather than a guilty conscience... (excerpted from Holy Life HealingMindN)
That's why I keep publishing works like this: My mind is flooded with hope for the human race to
progress and go forward because I know this is only one of many examples of one small group of
people making a difference. All it takes at this moment is just under 9000 people on this planet to
induce World Peace.
The human race should be much more advanced economically and technologically. We should all have
prosperity and life positive energy resources. We are all economically and technologically stuck in a rut
because most of us are spiritually stuck in a rut. For humanity to go forward, we must do it spiritually,
first. All kinds of things help us to do that like meditation and prayers on goodness, faith, hope, and
When you're ready to go a little deeper, then please try ARVARI Remote Influencing. We can get
together with GCI on their designated dates. We can wait once a year for World Peace Day on 30 April.
They all work towards the Maharishi Effect. But Sometimes, since we're individuals, we want to do
things on our own to affect personal changes in our own lives; that's the purpose of the remote
influencing course.
You can connect with life positive universal energy anyway you want - as long as YOU DO. Life
negative darkness on this planet is local and finite. Remember: We're only one "dot" in an infinite
universe full of goodness and life. We're all part of that infinite universe. Let's bring goodness back into
our lives by focusing on it. Shall we?
Thanks for your time.
Healing Thoughts,
Randolph Fabian Directo
HealingMindN Medicine Man

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