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Formulations for Today’s Technical Manufacturing

Manufacturers of Fluids for the Metalworking Industry Since 1958


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Cool-Tool II Cutting & Tapping Fluid - This product is stateof-the-art in biodegradable tapping fluids. Cool Tool II performs extremely well on stainless steel, inconel, aluminum, and all other metals. Cool Tool II will meet your safety standards, as well as your product expectations.

Astro-Clean A	-	The	key	to	achieving	long	coolant sump life is starting with a clean and neutral machine sump. For optimal performance, use Astro-Clean	A	before	charging	machine	tool	with	 coolant. Contact our technical department for disposal reducing tips. Astro-Clean D	-	A	mild	alkaline	parts	washing	 cleaner designed for spray booths or general parts cleaning. This product will remove coolant residues and light to medium soils. Astro-Clean E	-	A	d-limonene	based	natural	 solvent	for	heavy-duty	cleaning.	Characteristic	 orange odor. Astro-Clean Floor	-	A	non-foaming	alkaline	 cleaner designed for automatic cleaners, as well as mop and bucket cleaning.

SOluble OIlS

Grinding &light-duty machining

Grinding & med-duty machining

Grinding & heavy-duty machining

Grinding / heavy-duty machining & tapping on Ferrous & Aluminum

High Pressure machining


Astro Sol CF Astro Sol EP Astro-Cut A Astro-Cut C

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Astro-Cut B Astro-Cut BCL Astro-Cut High Pressure Astro-Cut High Pressure HD

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Astro-Cut SYN Astro-Cut Super SYN Astro-Grind A Astro-Saw A



Formulations for Today’s Technical Manufacturing
Astro-Cut SYN	-	A	great	multi-purpose	 synthetic	coolant	designed	to	be	nonfoaming	and	capable	of	heavy-duty	 machining and grinding. Superior finishes followed by excellent tool life. Astro-Cut Super SYN	-	A	heavy-duty	 synthetic machining and grinding coolant. This product will do it all, including aluminum machining. Astro-Grind A	-	Great	for	production	 grinding and Blanchard grinding. Excellent cooling and corrosion protection. Astro-Saw A	-	A	full	synthetic	sawing	 fluid for use on all metals except magnesium.	Capable	of	heavy-duty	sawing	 operations including cut off, band, power hacksaw, reciprocating, etc. Very clean running and long lasting.

machining and sawing operations. Astro-Cut High Pressure	-	A	very	clean	 running	and	long	lasting	semi-synthetic	 designed to be low foaming for use in high	pressure	and	through-the-spindle	 coolant delivery systems. Excellent on cast iron and most other metals. Astro-Cut High Pressure HD	-	A	heavyduty	semi-synthetic	that	combines	the	 lubricity	of	a	heavy-duty	soluble	oil	 with the cleanliness and long running capabilities	of	a	semi-synthetic.	 Designed for high pressure applications where foaming can be an issue. Excellent	on	Aluminum	operations,	 and applications where multiple metals are being machined.

Astro-Cut C	-	A	very	heavy-duty	 biostable soluble oil that performs operations including broaching and tapping. Contains a chlorinated extreme pressure agent for improved tool life and surface finishes. Great for	Aluminum	machining. Astro Sol CF	-	A	heavy-duty	soluble	 oil concentrate free of chlorine , but containing vegetable based lubricity additives for difficult machining operations.	Astro	Sol	CF	uses	a	 unique emulsifier technology that gives excellent corrosion and stain protection of all metals and is resistant to water hardness up to 1000 ppm. Astro Sol EP	-	A	very	heavy-duty	

Astro-Cut High Pressure Aero	-	This	is	 a	heavy-duty	semi-synthetic	that	is	very	 low foaming and utilizes biostable technology	for	long	life.	This	chlorinefree formulation is very effective on aluminum machining operations , and is particularly suited for the aerospace and other industries that restrict the use of chlorine.

soluble oil concentrate containing a chlorinated additive for difficult machining operations, and the machining	of	aluminum	alloys.	Astro	 Sol EP uses a unique emulsification technology that provides excellent stain and corrosion protection of all metals, as well as hard water tolerance up to 1000 ppm.

Astro-Cut B	-	A	biostable,	chlorine	– free	semi-synthetic	for	general	purpose	 machining and grinding. Excellent on cast iron and most other metals. Astro-Cut BCL	-	A	heavier	duty	version	 of	the	Astro-Cut	B.	This	bisotable	 semi-synthetic	contains	a	chlorinated	 additive for work on aluminum and other difficult to machine metals. Astro-Cut SS-250	-	An	economical	 semi-synthetic	used	for	general	

Soluble Oils
Astro-Cut A	-	A	heavy-duty	biostable	,	 soluble oil. Performs difficult operations without the use of chlorine. Particularly suited for use in the aerospace, nuclear or medical industries where chlorine is not tolerated. X-15 Mist Unit	-	Fully	adjustable	misting	 unit, designed for use with our synthetic metalworking	fluids,	such	as	Astro-Mist	A.

Technical Support
•	 	 ab	personnel	are	available	to	answer	your	questions	regarding	 L selection, application, safety and maintenance of all Monroe Fluid Technology’s products. •	 	 onroe	Fluid	Technology	provides	sample	bottles,	mailers	and	pre-printed	 M return	labels	for	routine	analysis	of	in-use	coolant	samples	at	no	charge. MONROE FLUID TECHNOLOGY, located outside of Rochester, New York has been manufacturing fluids for the metalworking industry since 1958. We began our journey with the formulation of “COOL TOOL “ cutting and tapping fluid, and based on the success of this product, developed a complete line of water extendible cutting and grinding fluids, as well as industrial cleaners to meet all your needs. •	 	 onroe	Fluid	Technology	can	provide	comparison	analyses	on	competitive	 M products to determine the best Monroe equivalent or improvement, based on machining processes and metals being machined. •	 	 onroe	Fluid	Technology’s	“Coolant	Maintenance	Guide”	is	available	on	 M our website to help you maintain our products for peak performance. – This brochure represents our most popular products. Contact our technical department or visit our website for our complete product listing.

Custom Blending Services
Monroe Fluid Technology can provide custom blending of metalworking fluids in	our	clean,	modern	blending	facility.		Our	multi-purpose	plant	has	a	fully	 staffed research laboratory. Our proven expertise and commitment to quality make us ideally suited to produce your coolant, using your formula or one designed by our experts.

We have been an ISO certified company since November of 1994, and strive to continually improve our process to manufacture the highest quality metalworking fluids.

Partnership Programs
We can work with your company to lower coolant related expenses, which can	ultimately	reduce	your	per-part	costs.		We	draw	from	a	great	deal	of	 experience in working with companies to improve their bottom line.

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