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									       Rebuild. Recover. Reclaim.

Louisiana asset ManageMent PooL, inc.   2005 AnnuAl RepoRt
Table of ConTenTs
President’s Letter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

Year in Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

Participants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Program Objectives & Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

LAMP, Inc. Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

Board of Directors/President’s Advisory Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Report
UBS Financial Services
Standard & Poor’s

Performance shown is historical and not indicative of future returns. An investment in the Louisiana Asset
Management Pool is neither insured nor guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any
other government agency. Although the Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per
share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the fund.
 laMP: WoRks foR loUisiana

 The Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP) operates under Louisiana

 law as a cooperative endeavor to assist local Louisiana governmental

 entities in the investment of cash balances. The objective of LAMP is to

 provide safety of principal and daily liquidity with a competitive rate of

 return through investments in obligations issued by the U.S. government,

 its agencies and instrumentalities, government-only money market

 funds rated AAAm by Standard & Poor’s, commercial paper of domestic

 United States corporations rated A-1 or A-1+ by Standard & Poor’s,

 and in repurchase agreements collateralized by those investments. All

 public entities, excluding the State of Louisiana and its departments, are

 eligible to participate in LAMP.

LAMP                                –1–
                        a leTTeR fRoM THe PResiDenT
                        Sound management. Decisive action. Positive results. These were the keynotes of 2005.

                        Dear LAMP Participant:
                        We all felt the impact of the terrible storms that ravaged New Orleans and much of coastal Louisiana in 2005.
                        The staff of LAMP, like so many other Louisiana citizens, responded immediately and effectively. With all our
       John kennedy     critical data backed-up, our LAMP team temporarily set up shop in Baton Rouge, Dallas and Birmingham.
      State Treasurer   We kept in contact, and kept at work. If you dealt with us during the height of the crisis, you know we really
President, LAMP, Inc.   didn’t miss a beat. Our management functions were uninterrupted. Participants had access to their funds
                        as always.
                        The effects of the hurricanes on the local and national economy are documented in our yearly review. I will just
                        note here that, in addition to the immediate stresses generated by the storms, we had to deal with external
                        factors ranging from rapidly increasing crude oil prices and fuel costs to limited growth in employment,
                        consumer uncertainty and lower than expected corporate profit margins.
                        How did we do?
                        At year’s end, we had increased our membership to 537 local government and agency participants. Managing
                        more than $945 million in assets, we opened the year at a 7-day yield of 2.00% and closed at 4.16%. Our
                        average yield of 3.06% compared favorably with 3.15% for 90-Day Treasury Bills, a 2.72% Government
                        Institutional yield, and a Louisiana Treasury 60-day rate of 3.03%.
                        LAMP participants—engaged in the work of rebuilding, reclamation and recovery—turned to us for the
                        stability and sound management they’ve come to expect. Our managers kept our portfolio short, taking
                        advantage of frequent increases in the Fed’s overnight rate to enhance our rate of return. Decisive action
                        enabled us to produce consistently positive results for our participants.
                        In 2005, LAMP received its 12th consecutive unqualified audit from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office
                        and maintained its AAAm Standard & Poor’s rating. We explored new technologies and upgraded services.
                        Our advisors, consultants, directors and staff worked seamlessly to preserve principal, offer daily liquidity and
                        same-day cash access, and provide competitive yields. All at a low expense ratio.
                        As always, I am grateful to everyone at LAMP as well as to our participants. Ours is truly a cooperative
                        partnership. While we bring economies of scale and high-end portfolio management capabilities to the
                        partnership, the government entities we serve give us the benefit of their own ideas and insights. That’s why
                        we genuinely welcome our participants’ input.
                        It’s true that 2005 was an exceptionally challenging year. Although much was lost, we gained a new sense of
                        unity and possibility. Together, we embarked on the first stage of the long process that will rebuild, recover
                        and reclaim our community identity.

                        John kennedy
                        State Treasurer
                        President, LAMP, Inc.
                        Please feel free to contact me at the State Treasury, 225-342-0010. Or call LAMP at 800-249-5267.
                        You can also visit our website,

                                   2005 laMP YeaR in ReVieW
                         Expectation and Performance in a Time of Challenge

LAMP began 2005 fully committed to maintaining its core mission:                finanCial & CoMPlianCe aUDiT
providing its participants safety of principal, daily liquidity, and a
competitive rate of return under an AAAm Standard & Poor’s rating.              LAMP received its 12th consecutive unqualified audit from the
In a time of challenge, LAMP responded with performance that met                Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office. A link to the entire report
both the needs and expectations of members.                                     is included with this document, and is available at:
The U.S. economy grew at a solid pace in the first quarter. Gross
domestic product (GDP) came in at a strong 3.8%. Fueled by
robust consumer spending and home building, GDP grew at a
3.3% annual rate during the second quarter and 4.1% in the third
quarter. A combination of factors—including the largest natural
disaster in American history, rising fuel costs and consumer
uncertainty—slowed fourth quarter growth to 1.1% (well short of
the projected 2.8%).

Despite some volatility in non-farm growth, the U.S. economy                    s&P RaTinG
generated a respectable 165,000 jobs per month. Unemployment
hit 5.1% in September because of hurricane-related job losses.                  LAMP has maintained its AAAm rating from Standard & Poor’s. Report
Losses were less severe than economists had forecast, indicating                information from that entity is included in this document. More
strong underlying job growth. Employers added more than 500,000                 information is available at
new jobs during the fourth quarter and unemployment returned
to its pre-hurricane level of 4.9%. Business activity remained
vigorous as the services sector—almost 90% of the economy—
expanded for the 33rd consecutive month.                                                                       2005 CoMPaRaTiVe YielDs

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised overnight rates
by 25 basis points on eight occasions during 2005, resulting in a        4.0%
Fed Funds target rate of 4.25% at year’s end. The Fed’s December
statement noted that inflation remained contained, but anticipated
the likelihood of “further measured policy firming” in 2006. As the
year closed, it appeared that the Fed was nearing the end of its
tightening cycle.                                                        3.0%

Despite the effects of the hurricanes, people in Louisiana had
access to employment, inflation was held at bay, and the oil and
gas sector rebounded, although high energy prices and consumer
uncertainty remained factors of concern. Over the course of the          2.0%
year, LAMP averaged more than $966 million in assets under
management. Year-end yields compared competitively with those
of 90-day T-Bills, Government Institutional 7-day net yields, and               JAN   FEB   MAR APR     MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOv            DEC
Louisiana Treasury 60-Day CDs.
                                                                                                                       LAMP 7-DAY YIELD
For LAMP, as for all of Louisiana 2005 ended on a note of                                                              90-DAY T-BILL RATE
commitment. The work of rebuilding reclamation and recovery had                                                        GOvERNMENT INSTITUTIONAL
begun. LAMP looked forward to continuing that work in partnership                                                      MFR AvERAGE 7-DAY NET YIELD
                                                                                                                       LOUISIANA TREASURY 60-DAY CD
with its participants in 2006.


                                                                                                                                 LAMP representatives
                                                                                                                                 participated in the following
                                                                                                                                 conferences, conventions and
                                                                                                                                 annual meetings in 2005:

                                                            2005 nUMbeR of PaRTiCiPanTs                                          Government finance officers’
1200                                                                             1155.00
                                                                                                                                 association spring & Winter
                                                                                                      537                        Workshops
                                                                                    513    1062.00   1051.00
                                                   458                                                                  962.00
                                                                                                                                 louisiana school boards
                                   425                                                                         864.00            association Conference
                                                            686.00                                                               louisiana Police Jury
                                                                                                                                 association Conference
 300                                               583.00

                                                                                                                                 louisiana assessors’
 400                                      339.00
                                                                                                                                 association Conference
                        224.00                                                                                                   louisiana association of
                                                                                                                                 Principals Conference

   0              2000             2001            2002             2003            2004             2005
                                                                                                                                 louisiana Clerks of Court
                                                                                                                                 association Conference

                                                                                                                                 louisiana association of
                                                                                                                                 school board officials (lasbo)
                                                                                                                                 spring & Winter Conferences
                                                                      2005 asseTs UnDeR ManaGeMenT
                                                                                                        $ Dollars in Millions    louisiana Municipal association’s
1,200                                                                                                                            Mayors Day & legislative

1,000                                                                                                                   $945
                                                                                                                                 louisiana Team City
                                                                                                                                 louisiana Rural Water
                                                                                                                                 association Conference
                                                                                                                                 louisiana District attorneys’
  400                                                                                                                            association Conference

                                                                                                                                 louisiana Municipal
  200                                                                                                                            association Conference

          0                                                                                                                      louisiana sheriffs’
               1994      1995     1996     1997     1998     1999         2000    2001      2002      2003     2004     2005     association Conference

                      loUisiana asseT ManaGeMenT Pool
                              PaRTiCiPanTs 2005
assessoRs                                           St. Mary Parish Clerk of Court
Assessor 3rd Municipal District Parish of Orleans   St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court                         As President of the Orleans Parish Board
Assessor 4th Municipal District                     Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court
Assessor 6th Municipal District Parish of Orleans   vermilion Parish Clerk of Court
                                                                                                              of Assessors when Hurricane Katrina
Assumption Parish Assessor                          vernon Parish Clerk of Court                              struck our city, I found myself suddenly
Avoyelles Parish Assessor                           West Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court                    faced with many demanding tasks. My
Beauregard Parish Assessor                          West Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court                      first priority was to contact the Assessors,
Bienville Parish Tax Assessor                       Winn Parish Clerk of Court
                                                                                                              locate our employees, and get our offices
Board of Assessors Parish of Orleans
Bossier Parish Assessor                             ConVenTion & VisiToR’s bUReaU                             up and running.
Cameron Parish Assessor                             Alexandria/Pineville Area Convention & visitor’s
Claiborne Parish Assessor’s Office                  Bureau                                                    Because of LAMP, and no one else, we
DeSoto Parish Assessor                              Baton Rouge Area Convention & visitor’s Bureau            were able to ensure the funding of
East Baton Rouge Parish Assessor’s Office           Houma Area Convention & visitors Bureau
Jefferson Davis Parish Assessor                     Jefferson Convention & visitors Bureau
                                                                                                              our offices. Our employees–stranded
Lafayette Parish Assessor’s                         Lafayette Parish Convention & visitor’s Commission        in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia and else-
LaSalle Parish Assessor                             Lafourche Parish Tourist Commission                       where– received paychecks that helped
Livingston Parish Assessor’s Office                 Livingston Parish Convention & visitors Bureau            them survive and begin working their
Louisiana Assessor’s Association                    Monroe-West Monroe Convention & visitor’s Bureau
                                                                                                              way back home.
Natchitoches Parish Assessor                        Shreveport Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau
Orleans 1st Municipal District Assessors’ Office    St. Mary Parish Tourist Commission
Pointe Coupee Assessor’s Office                     St. Tammany Parish Tourist & Convention                   I will be forever grateful for the quick re-
Richland Parish Assessor’s Office                   Commission                                                sponse and ongoing cooperation of LAMP.
Second Municipal District Assessor’s Office         SWLA Convention & visitor’s Bureau
St. Landry Parish Assessor                          Tangipahoa Parish Tourist Commission
St. Martin Parish Assessor                          West Baton Rouge Tourist Commission                       Assessor Tom Arnold
St. Mary Parish Assessor                            West Feliciana Parish Tourist Commission                  Orleans Parish Board of Assessors
St. Tammany Parish Assessor                                                                                   President 2004 and 2005
Tangipahoa Parish Assessor                          DisTRiCT CoURTs, DisTRiCT JUDGes & DisTRiCT
Tax Assessor: Parish of Iberville                   aTToRneY’s offiCe
Washington Parish Assessor                          4th Judicial District Court                              fiRe DisTRiCTs
Webster Parish Assessor’s Office                    11th Judicial District Court                             Bayou Blue Fire Protection District
West Baton Rouge Parish Assessor                    23rd Judicial District Attorney                          Bayou Cane volunteer Fire Department
West Feliciana Parish Assessor                      26th Judicial District Indigent Defender Board           Benton Fire District #4 Operating Account
                                                    29th Judicial District Indigent Defender Board           Caddo Parish Fire District #1
CleRks of CoURT                                     29th Judicial District, District Attorney                Caddo Parish Fire District #5
Acadia Parish Clerk of Court                        30th Judicial District Court                             Caddo Parish Fire District #6
Ascension Parish Clerk of Court                     32nd Judicial Law Clerk Fund                             Caddo Parish Fire District #8
Assumption Parish Clerk of Court                    City Court of Port Allen                                 Claiborne Parish Fire District #6
Bienville Parish Clerk of Court                     District Attorney, 1st Judicial District                 DeSoto Fire District #8
Bossier Parish Clerk of Court                       First City Court Constable for the City of New Orleans   District 6 Fire Protection District
Caddo Parish Clerk of Court                         Hon. Joseph L. Waitz, Jr. District Attorney 32nd         Fire District #6 Caddo Parish
Caldwell Parish Clerk of Court                      Judicial District                                        Fire Protection District #4
Cameron Parish Clerk of Court                       Indigent Defender Board of the 32nd Judicial District    Fire Protection District #4-A
Clerk of Court Parish of Pointe Coupee              Court                                                    Fire Protection District #6
Concordia Parish Clerk of Court                     Jefferson Davis Parish District Attorney’s Office        Fire Protection District #6 of the Parishes of
East Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court                Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office              Terrebonne & Lafourche
Grant Parish Clerk of Court                         Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court                          Fire Protection District of Jackson
Iberia Parish Clerk of Court                        Louisiana Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges      Fire Protection District #1 of St. Mary Parish
Iberville Parish Clerk of Court                     Louisiana District Attorney’s Association                Fire Protection District #1 of West Feliciana Parish
Jackson Parish Clerk of Court                       Sixteenth Judicial District, District Attorney           Fire Protection District #11
Jefferson Davis Parish Clerk of Court               Sixteenth Judicial District Court                        Fire Protection Sub District #2 of West Baton Rouge
Livingston Parish Clerk of Court                                                                             Parish
Madison Parish Clerk of Court                                                                                Jonesboro Fire District #1
Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court                                                                               Lafourche Parish Fire Protection District #2
Richland Parish Clerk of Court                                                                               Lafourche Parish Fire Protection District #5
Second City Court                                                                                            Marrero Ragusa volunteer Fire Company #3
St. James Parish Clerk of Court                                                                              Parishwide Fire Protection District of the Parish of

                       loUisiana asseT ManaGeMenT Pool
                               PaRTiCiPanTs 2005
East Feliciana                                            City of Morgan City                        Town of Iowa
Pointe Coupee Parish Fire District #5                     City of Natchitoches                       Town of Jean Lafitte
Sorrento volunteer Fire Department                        City of New Orleans                        Town of Kentwood
St. Mary Parish Fire Protection District #2               City of New Roads                          Town of Krotz Springs
St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District #1            City of Opelousas                          Town of Leonville
St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District #2            City of Ponchatoula                        Town of Livingston
St. Tammany Parish Fire Protection District #8            City of Port Allen                         Town of Livonia
Terrebonne Parish Fire District #8                        City of Ruston                             Town of Lockport
Terrebonne Parish Fire Protection District #5             City of Scott                              Town of Madisonville
Terrebonne Parish Fire Protection District #7             City of Shreveport                         Town of Maringouin
Winn Parish Fire District #3                              City of Sulphur                            Town of Olla
                                                          City of ville Platte                       Town of Ringgold
HosPiTals                                                 City of West Monroe                        Town of Sibley
Homer Memorial Hospital                                   City of Westlake                           Town of Sorrento
Hospital Service District #2 of the Parish of St. Mary    City of Zachary                            Town of St. Francisville
Lane Memorial Hospital                                    Town of Baldwin                            Town of St. Gabriel
Lafourche Parish Hospital Service District #1             Town of Brusly                             Town of St. Joseph
Pointe Coupee Home Bound Health and Hospice                                                          Town of Sterlington
- Hospital Service                                                                                   Town of Stonewall
  District No. 1 of Pointe Coupee, LA                                                                Town of vinton
St. Anne General Hospital                                We’ve been a LAMP member since 2000.        Town of Walker
                                                         Our experience has been very positive.      Town of Welsh
libRaRies                                                LAMP has always been readily available to   Town of White Castle
DeSoto Parish Library                                                                                Town of Wisner
                                                         assist us and LAMP personnel have been
East Carroll Parish Police Jury Library Fund                                                         Town of Zwolle
Green Gold Library                                       very professional and efficient. That was   village of Albany
Iberville Parish Library                                 especially true after the hurricanes.       village of Dubberly
Jackson Parish Library                                                                               village of Fenton
Jefferson Davis Parish Library                           We were having serious communications       village of Folsom
Lafourche Parish Library                                                                             village of Forest Hill
St. Bernard Parish Library
                                                         issues. But Theo Sanders managed to get     village of French Settlement
The Allen Parish Libraries                               through to me almost immediately. He        village of Grosse Tete
Tangipahoa Parish Library                                gave me his emergency contact numbers.      village of Morganza
Trailblazers, Inc.                                       He returned my calls in record time and     village of Natchez
West Baton Rouge Parish Library                                                                      village of Palmetto
                                                         handled my requests immediately.
West Feliciana Parish Library                                                                        village of Port vincent
                                                                                                     village of Rosedale
MUniCiPaliTies                                           It’s good to know you’re working with       village of Sun
City of Alexandria                                       people you can count on. That’s the way     village of Tangipahoa
City of Bastrop                                          I feel about LAMP.
City of Baton Rouge, Parish of East Baton Rouge                                                      oTHeR
City of Carencro                                                                                     Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory Commission
City of Covington                                        Julie B. Acosta                             Algiers Development District
City of Crowley                                          Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office          Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation
City of DeQuincy                                         Administrative Assistant to                 District
City of DeRidder                                                                                     Board of Trustees, Police & Relief Fund
                                                         Sheriff Mike Waguespack
City of Eunice                                                                                       Caddo Council on Aging
City of Gonzales                                                                                     Caddo-Shreveport Sales & Use Tax Commission
City of Grambling                                                                                    Coroner’s Office – Jefferson Parish
City of Gretna                                            Town of Cheneyville                        Creole Nature Trail National Scenic Byway District
City of Hammond                                           Town of Cullen                             East St. Tammany Event Center Commission
City of Jeanerette                                        Town of Delhi                              England Economic & Industrial Development District
City of Jennings                                          Town of Duson                              Evangeline Council on Aging
City of Lake Charles                                      Town of Fordoche                           False River Air Park Commission
City of Mandeville                                        Town of Golden Meadow                      Firemen’s Pension & Relief Fund of the City of Houma
City of Mansfield                                         Town of Grand Isle                         Florida Parish Juvenile Detention Center
City of Minden                                            Town of Homer                              Grant Council on Aging, Inc.
City of Monroe                                            Town of Hornbeck                           Iberville Chamber of Commerce

                       loUisiana asseT ManaGeMenT Pool
                               PaRTiCiPanTs 2005
Iberville Parish Sales & Use Tax Department              St. James Parish Council                                 Alexandria Senior High School
JEDCO                                                    St. John the Baptist Parish Council                      Allen Parish School Board
Livingston Council on Aging                              St. Landry Parish Police Jury                            Amite High School
Lockport Fall Food Festival                              St. Mary Parish Government                               Assumption Parish School Board
Louisiana Association of Principals                      Tangipahoa Parish Council                                Bayou Blue Elementary School
Louisiana Association of School Superintendents          Tensas Parish Police Jury                                Beauregard Parish School Board
Louisiana Community Development Authority (LCDA)         Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government                Bienville Parish School Board
Louisiana Conference of Mayors                           Union Parish Police Jury                                 Bolton High School
Louisiana Parish Engineers & Supervisors                 vermilion Parish Police Jury                             Bossier Parish School Board
Louisiana School Board Association                       Webster Parish Police Jury                               Brame Middle School
New Orleans City Park Improvement Association            West Baton Rouge Parish Council                          Broussard Middle School
New Orleans Public Belt Railway                          West Feliciana Parish Police Jury                        Brusly High School
Parish of St. Mary Sales & Use Tax Department                                                                     Caddo Parish School Board
Pointe Coupee Health Service District #1                 leVee DisTRiCTs & PoRT CoMMissions                       Calcasieu Parish School Board
Prison District 1 of the Sixth Judicial District of      Atchafalaya Levee Basin District                         Caldwell Parish School Board
Louisiana                                                Bossier Levee District                                   Cameron Parish School Board
Retired State Employees Association                      Caddo-Bossier Port Commission                            Carencro High School
Secretary/Treasurer’s Organization of the LA Police      Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission                      Carencro Middle School
Jury Association                                         Greater Krotz Springs Port Commission                    Central Lafourche High School
St. Charles Council on Aging                             Greater Lafourche Port Commission                        Chackbay Elementary School
St. Tammany Parish Economic & Industrial                 Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District                  City of Baker School System
Development District                                     Pointe Coupee Parish Port Commission                     Claiborne Parish School Board
Terrebonne Association for Retarded Citizens             Port of Iberia District Board of Commissioners           Comeaux High School
Terrebonne Council on Aging Inc.                         South Lafourche Levee District                           Covington Elementary School
Terrebonne Parish Communications District                South Louisiana Port Commission                          Covington High School
The Housing Authority of the City of Bossier City, LA    Terrebonne Levee & Conservation District                 Cut Off Elementary School
Webster Parish Police Jury Office of Community           vinton Harbor Terminal District                          Devall Middle School
Services                                                 West Calcasieu Port Harbor & Terminal                    East Baton Rouge Parish School System
Webster Parish Sales Tax Commission                      West St. Mary Parish, Port, Harbor & Terminal District   East Thibodaux Middle School
Welsh Gravity Drainage District #1                                                                                Florida Avenue Elementary School
West Baton Rouge Museum                                  ReCReaTion DisTRiCTs                                     Fontainebleau High School
West Calcasieu Airport Managing Board                    Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Recreation District #1      Fontainebleau Junior High School
West Calcasieu Parish Community Center Authority         Ward 4                                                   Galliano Elementary School
William Pitcher Scholarship Fund                         Cypress Black Bayou Recreation & Water                   Glynn H. Brock Elementary School
                                                         Conservation District                                    Golden Meadow Junior High
PoliCe JURies/PaRisH GoVeRnMenT                          Iberia Parish Recreation District #1                     Golden Meadow Lower Elementary
Acadia Parish Police Jury                                Iberville Parish Parks & Recreation District             Golden Meadow Middle School
Acadia Parish Police Jury – Solid Waste Facility Trust   Lafourche Recreation District #1                         Grant Parish School Board
Assumption Parish Police Jury                            Pontchatoula Area Recreation District                    Hammond High School
Bossier Parish Police Jury                               Recreation District #1 – St. Mary Parish                 Iberia Parish School Board
Caddo Parish Commission                                  Recreation District #4 – St. Mary Parish                 Iberville Parish School Board
Calcasieu Parish Police Jury                             Recreation District #1 – St. Tammany Parish              Jefferson Davis Parish School Board
Claiborne Parish Police Jury                             Recreation District #10 – St. Tammany Parish             Jefferson Parish Public School System
DeSoto Parish Police Jury                                Recreation District #12 - St. Tammany Parish             Lafayette High School
East Carroll Parish Police Jury                          St. Mary Parish Recreation District #3                   Lafayette Parish School Board
Evangeline Parish Police Jury                            Sulphur Parks and Recreation                             Lafayette Parish School Board, Sales Tax Division
Iberville Parish Council                                                                                          Lafourche Parish School Board
Jackson Parish Police Jury                               ReTiReMenT sYsTeMs                                       Lake Harbor Middle School
Jefferson Parish                                         Firefighters’ Retirement System of Louisiana             Larose Cut Off Middle School
Lafayette Parish Government                              LA Assessors’ Association Retirement Fund                Larose Lower Elementary School
Lafourche Parish Council                                 Louisiana Clerks of Court Retirement & Relief Fund       Larose Upper Elementary School
Livingston Parish Council                                Louisiana Sheriff’s Pension & Relief Fund – Drop         Lincoln Parish School Board
Ouachita Parish Police Jury                              Account Fund                                             Lockport Middle School
Plaquemines Parish Government                            Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of LA             Lockport Lower Elementary School
Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury                                                                                  Lockport Upper Elementary School
Rapides Parish Police Jury                               sCHools/sCHool boaRDs & UniVeRsiTies                     Loranger High School
St. Bernard Parish Government                            Acadia Parish School Board                               Magnolia Trace Elementary School
St. Charles Parish Council                               Acadiana High School                                     Mandeville Elementary School

                       loUisiana asseT ManaGeMenT Pool
                               PaRTiCiPanTs 2005
  Mandeville Middle School                  Ruby-Wise Elementary School                              St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office
  Mandeville High School                    Salmen High School                                       Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office
  McNeese State University Foundation       Sixth Ward Middle School                                 Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office
  Monroe City Schools                       Slidell High School                                      West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office
  Morehouse Parish School Board             Slidell Junior High School                               West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Department
  Natchitoches Parish School Board          South Lafourche High                                     Winn Parish Sheriff’s Department
  Nesom Middle School                       Special Education District #1
  Northshore High School                    St. Bernard Parish School Board                          UTiliTies
  Northside High School                     St. Charles Elementary                                   Assumption Parish Waterworks District #1
  Northwood High School                     St. Charles Parish School Board                          Bogue Lusa Waterworks
  Orleans Parish School Board               St. James Parish School Board                            Caddo Parish Sewerage District #7
  Ouachita Parish School Board              St. John School Board                                    Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Gravity Drainage District
  Paul Breaux Middle School                 St. Landry Parish School Board                           #4
  Pearl River High School                   St. Martin Parish School Board                           Consolidated Gravity Drainage District #1
  Pineville High School                     St. Mary Parish School Board                             Fourth Ward Water Association
  Plaquemines Parish School Board           St. Tammany Junior High School                           Gas Utility District #1 West Feliciana Parish
  Ponchatoula High School                   St. Tammany Parish School Board                          Iberville Parish Natural Gas System
  Pontchartrain Elementary School           Tangipahoa Parish School System                          Iberville Parish Water District #4
  Port Allen Elementary                     Tchefuncte Middle School                                 Iberville Parish Waterworks District #2
  Port Allen High School                    Terrebonne Parish School Board                           Jefferson Davis Central Waterworks District
  Raceland Middle School                    Thibodaux Elementary School                              Lafayette Parish Waterworks District South
  Raceland Upper Elementary                 Thibodaux High School                                    Lafourche Parish Water District #1
  Rapides Parish School Board               vernon Parish School Board                               Livingston Parish Communications District
  Red River Parish School Board             W. L. Abney Elementary School                            Louisiana Rural Water Association
  Richland Parish School Board              Washington Parish School Board                           Mosquito Abatement District #2
                                            Webster Parish School Board                              Mount Hermon Water District
                                            West Baton Rouge Parish School Board                     Natchitoches Waterworks District #1
The Sheriff’s Office handled the evacu-     West Feliciana Parish School Board                       New Orleans Regional Transit Authority
                                            West Thibodaux Middle School                             Plaquemine City Light & Water Plant
ation of Jefferson Parish and manned
                                            Winn Parish School Board                                 Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
the rescue and relief effort. Including     Woodlake Elementary School                               Southwest Allen Parish Water District
overtime and hazard pay, the cost of        W. S. Lafargue Elementary School                         St. Landry Parish Waterworks District #2 Rural
materials and supplies, and damage to                                                                St. Mary Drainage District #6
                                            sHeRiffs’ offiCes                                        St. Mary Parish Mosquito Control District #1
buildings, we incurred over $15.5 million
                                            Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office                           St. Mary Parish Sewerage District #5
in expenses.                                Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office                            St. Mary Parish Water & Sewer Commission #1
                                            Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office                       St. Mary Parish Water & Sewer Commission #2
We actually contacted LAMP in the hours     Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office                          St. Mary Parish Waterworks District #5
before Katrina made landfall. We hoped      Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office                            Sunset Drainage District
                                            Caldwell Correctional Center/Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s   Tangipahoa Mosquito Abatement District #1
that LAMP would be able to transfer         Office                                                   Tangipahoa Parish Sewer District
funds to cover our payroll. Despite the     Claiborne Parish Sheriff                                 Tangipahoa Water District
storm, LAMP executed the transfer and       DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office                           Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Waterworks District
our payroll checks (with a lot of over-     East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office                 #1
                                            East Carroll Parish Sheriff’s Office                     varnado Waterworks
time) were covered.
                                            Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office                        Waterworks District #1 Calcasieu Parish
                                            Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office                        Waterworks District #1 of the Parish of DeSoto
Working with LAMP was everything I          Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office                        Waterworks District #8 of Wards 3 & 8
expected it would be. We will always use    Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office                        Waterworks District #9, Ward 4
LAMP as an investment and manage-           Louisiana Sheriff's Association                          Waterworks District #11 of Wards 4 & 7
                                            Louisiana Sheriff’s Pension & Relief Fund                Webster Parish Communications District
ment partner.                               – Operating Fund                                         West Ouachita Sewerage District #5
                                            Madison Parish Law Enforcement District                  Winn Parish Communications District
Paul Rivera, CPA                            Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office
Internal Auditor                            Plaquemines Parish Law Enforcement District              537 as of December 31, 2005
                                            Port Allen City Marshal
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office
                                            St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office
                                            St. James Sheriff’s Office

                                                                  Convention & Visitors’ bureaus 0.58%

                                                                  Utilities 2.96%
   sheriffs’ offices 2.29%
                                                                  Retirement systems 3.26%
Recreation Districts 0.23%

     levee Districts & Port
      Commissions 3.01%

                                                   2005 Pool
             schools, school boards                asseTs bY                                         Municipalities 41.91%
             & Universities 20.60%
             $194,796,352.32                      PaRTiCiPanT                                        $396,214,402.66


                                      Police Juries/Parish Governments 16.19%

                               other Public entities 2.70%                                                 assessors 0.70%
                               $25,504,478.52                                                              $6,607,548.36

                               Hospitals 0.13%                                                             fire Districts 1.15%
                               $1,244,385.34                                                               $10,853,936.45
                               libraries 0.62%
                               $5,886,048.60                                                               District Courts, District Judges &
                                                                                                           District attorneys’ offices 1.16%
                               Clerks of Court 2.50%                                                       $10,995,888.93

        PRoGRaM obJeCTiVes & benefiTs

laMP was created in 1993 as a cooperative
endeavor to assist local louisiana
governmental entities in the investment
of their cash balances.
PReseRVaTion of PRinCiPal                                     participants to access their account information via
The primary goal of LAMP is to maintain a stable              Client Connection. It also contains information on
net liquid asset value in the pool so that principal          LAMP’s latest rates, participants, upcoming events,
is preserved.                                                 board members, staff and officers, as well as links to
                                                              interesting and informative sites of other Louisiana
liqUiDiTY                                                     associations, state agencies and national financial
LAMP offers same-day access to funds through                  information providers.
Client Connection online, or by a simple call to
the toll-free LAMPline at 1-800-272-8162 to make              PRofessional ManaGeMenT
transfers or investments with no transaction fees.            LAMP, Inc. employs a professional administrative
Participants may also fax instructions toll-free to           staff, contracts with a major Louisiana bank for
LAMP at 1-800-604-6988.                                       custodial services and with separate, nationally and
                                                              locally known investment managers, which follow
inCReaseD YielD                                               strict guidelines adopted by the board of directors.
The combined purchasing power of LAMP                         LAMP also employs an independent professional
generally attracts competitive interest rates                 investment consultant.
for LAMP participants.
                                                              aRbiTRaGe TRaCkinG
Municipalities, parish governments, school boards,            LAMP can track earnings on new bonds issued for
sheriffs, district attorneys, utility districts, local        LAMP participants and invest those earnings to
governments and other political subdivisions are              achieve attractive returns.
eligible to enroll in LAMP and enjoy all the program
benefits. By pooling assets and resources, local              loW CosT
authorities can benefit from the same level of                By aggregating the funds available for investment,
professional money management otherwise available             LAMP can reduce the administrative and custodial
to only larger institutions.                                  fees and maximize the yield on participants’
aDMinisTRaTiVe effiCienCY
LAMP participants have access to account                      VoTinG RiGHTs
information, performance and yields by calling the            LAMP participants maintain direct control of who
toll-free LAMPline at 1-800-272-8162.                         oversees the management of the investment pool
                                                              by electing the board of directors for LAMP, Inc. at
inTeRneT infoRMaTion                                          the annual membership meeting.
LAMP’s website,, allows LAMP

                                                         – 10 –
 THeoDoRe sanDeRs - Marketing Director

 As LAMP’s educator and marketer, Theo Sanders has seen how LAMP can benefit
 parishes, municipalities and related organizations first-hand:

 “LAMP offers our participants services that they would be hard pressed to find in
 other areas. Our participants benefit from the safety of their principal, daily liquidity
 and same-day access to resources. LAMP has a successful track record of delivering
 comparable yields. We want every eligible organization in Louisiana to know what
 LAMP does and how it can help their parish, town or organization.”

 Theo continues to spend weeks during the year visiting dozens of Louisiana public
 entities reviewing their investment goals and LAMP’s ability to meet those objectives.
 “We want to communicate face-to-face with our participants, as frequently as we
 can. We want them to know who handles their business and that their priorities are
 our priorities.”

 kRissY oRGeRon - Participant liaison/office administrator

 Investor service is the foundation for LAMP’s ongoing success, says Krissy.
 “We benchmark ourselves on meeting the needs of our participants. While our
 participants represent a diverse mix of public entities and related organizations,
 our investor service goals are the same for each of these valued members. We want
 all of our members to end the year better than they started it, when it comes to the
 services they receive from LAMP.”

 YolanDa f. anDReWs - administrative assistant

 Yolanda understands LAMP’s mission of investor service. “Every question has an
 answer. It’s my job to make sure that every LAMP participant has the information
 that they need to get an answer to their question, quickly and correctly. As
 technology has progressed, our participants want and need greater access to
 information. We are committed to providing that information to them.”

 Contact Information:
 louisiana asset Management Pool (laMP)
 228 St. Charles Avenue
 Suite 1123
 New Orleans, LA 70130-9957
 800-249-5267 toll-free

 For yield information, call the LAMPline at 800-272-8162.

                                    – 11 –
                                laMP board of Directors
                                The Honorable John A. Berthelot, Mayor                                 Mr. J. Charles Oubre, III, Senior Accountant
                                City of Gonzales                                                       St. Charles Parish Council

                                Ms. Erica Bryant, Director of Finance                                  Mr. Dietmar Rietschier, Executive Director
                                Caddo Parish Commission                                                Amite River Basin Drainage & Water Conservation District

                                The Honorable Bobby W. Edmiston, Assessor                              The Honorable David Riggins, Mayor
                                Bossier Parish Assessor’s Office                                       Town of vinton

               John kennedy
              State Treasurer
                                The Honorable Debbie D. Hudnall, Clerk of Court                        Mr. Milton Stiebing, Director of Finance
        President, LAMP, Inc.   East Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court                                   City of Mandeville

                                The Honorable James A. Laurent, Assessor                               Ms. Marcia St. Martin, Executive Director
                                Pointe Coupee Parish Assessor                                          Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
laMP inc. President
                                The Honorable Carolyn Louviere, Mayor                                  Ms. Gloria Washington, Director of Administrative Services
                                Town of Welsh                                                          Caddo/Bossier Port Commission
and state Treasurer

John kennedy

recognizes the                  President’s advisory board
                                The Honorable Lawrence “Football”              The Honorable Clarence W. Hawkins,            The Honorable Margo Racca, Mayor
                                Badeaux, Mayor                                 Mayor                                         Town of Iowa
                                village of Rosedale                            City of Bastrop
commitment and                                                                                                               Mr. Ron Randolph, Director of
                                The Honorable Paul Carmouche                   The Honorable W. J. “Bill” Hodge              Accounting Services
                                1st Judicial District, District Attorney       Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court                St. Tammany Parish School Board
knowledge of the                Caddo Parish
                                                                               Mr. Mark Kolwe, Assistant                     Mr. Richard Reid, vice President
                                Mr. Ron Caruso, Director of Business           Superintendent of Finance & Support           McNeese State University Development
                                Affairs                                        Services                                      & Public Affairs
members of the                  William Pitcher Scholarship Fund               Tangipahoa Parish School System
                                                                                                                             Mr. Robert L. Rust, Executive Director
                                The Honorable Paul D. Connick, Jr.             The Honorable James E. Mayo, Mayor            Municipal Employees Retirement System
board of directors              Jefferson Parish District Attorney             City of Monroe                                of LA

                                Mr. Roland Dartez, Executive Secretary         Ms. Charlotte Bennett Massey                  Ms. Earline R. Simoneaux,
                                Police Jury Association of Louisiana           Executive Director                            Administrative Assistant
and the advisory board.                                                        LA Clerks of Court Association                Assumption Parish Waterworks District
                                The Honorable Dudley R. Dixon, Mayor                                                         No.1
                                City of Westlake                               Mr. Osey “Skip” McGee, Jr.
                                                                               Executive Director                            The Honorable Gary Soileau, Mayor
Thank you for your              Mr. Lloyd Dressel, Director of Business        LA Sheriff’s Pension & Relief Fund            Town of Krotz Springs

                                & Finance
                                Louisiana School Board Association             The Honorable Curtis McCoy, Mayor             Ms. Elizabeth Washington, Director of
dedicated service.                                                             City of Mansfield                             Finance
                                Mr. Barry Dufrene, Director                                                                  City of Shreveport
                                St. Mary Parish Sales & Use Tax                Mr. Tom Ed McHugh, Executive Director
                                Department                                     Louisiana Municipal Association               Deputy Larche Watters, CPA, Comptroller
                                                                                                                             Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office
                                Mr. Don Gaudet, Business Manager               Chief Deputy Newell Normand
                                Lafourche Parish School Board                  Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office             Mr. Reginald Zeno, Finance Director
                                                                                                                             City of New Orleans
                                Mr. Joel Hancock, CPA, Fire Chief              The Honorable Stephen Prator, Sheriff
                                Fire Protection District #6                    Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office
                                East Baton Rouge Parish                                                                      Visit for board of director
                                                                                                                             and advisory board member photos.

                                                                           – 12 –
following are links to third-party reports
concerning laMP:

The louisiana legislative auditor

Ubs financial services, inc.

standard & Poor’s

Performance shown is historical and not indicative of future returns. An investment in
the Louisiana Asset Management Pool is neither insured nor guaranteed by the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the Fund seeks
to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money
by investing in the fund.

              loUisiana asseT ManaGeMenT Pool, inC.
       228 ST. CHARLES AvENUE, SUITE 1123, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130

LAMP                                   – 13 –

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