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									                                                 Barton Creek Elementary

                                              BCE EXPRESS
PHONE: 732-9180          V O L U M E     1 1 ,   I S S U E   1 1                N O V E M B E R      5 ,   2 0 0 9
FAX:     732-9189

                                   Top Ten Reasons to Stay in Your Car When
 November                             Dropping Off Your Child at School:
Fri 11/06                10. You will avoid dirty stares from other parents who you are holding up in the
  5th Grade Graduation
                         traffic line.
  Volunteer meeting
                         9. Because traffic will flow more smoothly, you will be responsible for more stu-
  9:00 am
                         dents getting to class on time…including your own.
Mon 11/9–                8. You will help make the student drop off routine more efficient and lessen parent
                         and staff frustration.
Wed 11/11                7. You’re child won’t hide her face with embarrassment as you are opening her
  5th to LOA             door for her and breaking a rule of which everyone is aware.
Tues 11/10               6. You will help the school maintain its safety record and steer clear of a costly
                         hospital and car repair bill by not stepping out in front of oncoming traffic. Refer to
  Community Forum
                         #10 above.
   6:00 pm
                         5. You will avoid the teachers’ wrath each and every morning. Trust me, this is a
Wed 11/11                good thing.
  BCBC Mtg 8:00 am       4. You can happily sit in your car in the drop off line knowing the honking and
  Veteran’s Day          finger pointing behind you is meant for someone else.
   Assembly 9:00 am      3. You can safely consider yourself a team player when it comes to doing what’s
                         best for the Barton Creek Elementary students.
Tues 11/17               2. You will avoid having to speak with Mr. Andrews. Who needs a flashback of
  Picture Retake         being summonsed to the principal’s office anyway!? Ugh!

Thurs 11/19              …and the #1 reason to stay in your car when dropping off your child at school is:
  BCE Family Action
  Network Coffee         1. You will be setting a good example for your own child(ren).
  8:00 am– BCE Library
Mon 11/23
 Little BJ Singers
 Morning Assembly
Wed 11/25–
Fri 11/27
 School Holiday

   School Hours
Office 7:00am-4:00pm
First Bell    7:40 am
Tardy Bell    7:45 am
Dismissal     2:45 pm
  We want to thank all the BCE families that have donated this
  year. We have raised over $30K from 200 families!!!! But we
 are still $5K short of our goal. It is not too late to donate. You
 can drop off your donation in the "No Hassle" office mailbox or
             online through the Booster Club website.

Jeff & Leslie Abbott, John & Shannon Abikhaled, Regan Agness, Stacy & Brett Agnew, Aarti Ahuja, 
Erol & Dara Akdamar, Anderson Family, Ellen & Lou Apostolakis, Mary Baldwin, Steve  and  
Marina Bird, Jack & Cindy Ball, James Barton, Jim Battey, Christopher & Heather Bauer, 

Sara Beechner, Janice Benzel, Ariane Bihan, Erin & Mark Bogar, Richelle Bonadero, Annette Bos‐
worth, Sandy Brockman, Carlos & Debbie Brown, Beth & Russ Buyse, Debbie & Justin Cannon, Car‐
vallo, Rekha Cardoza, Jennifer & Kevin Casey, Nicole Cave, Sarah Chamoun, Kirni Chandhoke, Samita 
Chatterjee, Guoyou Chen, Amy & Mark Clopton, Rebecca & Mark Coffey, Fraya Cohen, Vivian Cohn, 
Sheila & Kent Cooper, Elizabeth Cotter, Gina Cottle, Mark & Barbara Craig, Michael & Anastasia Cur‐
tis, Dao Family, Shelby & Karen Davenport, Maike Dealy, Laurie & Drew Duncan, Emily Dunlap, Erik 
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Dave Fournier, Cathy Fulton, Lisa & Geoff Furnish, Roger & Laura Gammon, Prasad Ganne,Garcia 
family, Linda Gardner, Rene Gense, Chris Germann Family, Crissi & George Gianakopoulos, Susan 
Glover, Laura & James Goodell, Brian and Deena Graham, David & Starla Gray, Candice Griebel, 
Mitch & Kerry Haws, Hunter & Amy Hillin, Denise Hirose, Hogan Family, Daniel Hollenbeck, Rex & 
Kathy Hoover, Heidi Huising & Rickey Chevrie, Jamail Family, Mark Jayawant, Torye Kambe, Kandik‐
onda, Kiely, Jeff & Elizabeth Kelley, Kimberly Kiely, Kimball, Brian Klass, Kobayashi Family, J.B. 
Kuang, Joel & Sandra Lange, Paul & Tatiana Leadbetter, Mark Lecuona, Nancy & Daniel Ley, Virginia 
Li, Hui Lin, Jung‐Fu Lin, Lijia Liu, Christopher & Theresa Livingston, Zuning Luo, Christine & Greg 
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Thompson & Tim Newan, Diane & Hayden Nicholas, Karen Harris Odama, Lourdes Oliveira, Mat‐
thew and Cydney Padon, Wasana Pangan, Michelle Craft‐Paniagua, Patel Family, Leonardo Pereira, 
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hart, Rozana Sims, Krishnaveni Sistu, Mark Skiles ( Pizza Nizza), Leemie Kahng‐Sofer, Tom & Mi‐
chelle Sonderman, Dan & Stoppenhagen, Melanie & Aron Strout, 
News from the Bird’s Nest . . . . . . a weekly student column

                   What Should I Be When I Grow Up?
                                          by Rhianna Rose
  Millions of kids ask themselves this question every day. And what are you going
  to be? Only time will tell that. But you can’t just become something. You have to
  work for it. But if you have no idea, here are some questions you can ask your-
  self to get some idea. First of all, what are you good at? What do you like do-
  ing? Do any of those answers match? Maybe you like writing, or math. Possibly
  science. Well, if you are good at something and like doing it, that is what will get
  you a job, because you like doing so you will work for it, and you are good at it
  too. Was one of your answers something you are learning in school? Well, if it
  was, you should give your teachers a big “Thank you!” for teaching you that.
  They work really hard every day just to help you. If one of your answers wasn’t
  something you are learning in school, you can always take after-school classes.
  I hoped this helped you!

                               -news - Eanes Education Foundation

                     Thank you to everyone who supported our first-ever Challenge Day last Friday! From
                     the beautiful weather for our morning pep rallies to the fabulous tailgate party to cap off
                     the evening, it was a wonderful one-day event in support of excellence. Many thanks to
                     the Challenge Day team for their hardwork in making Challenge Day a success: Cathy
                     Hoover, Cindy Cullers, Lisa Kirkpatrick, Brenda LaGuarta, and Christie Bybee. We are
                     still counting the proceeds, so watch this space for a report next week on the grand total!

Now it's time for the next great event that benefits EEF: the 3rd Annual Jam Fest!
Scheduled for November 14th at the Belmont, from 3-7pm, this event features
seven bands whose members range in age from 10-18. Some of the finest middle
school and high school musicians in Austin will be represented! Bands slated to
play are: South of Center, ThorBjorn, The Loose Wheels, Comintern, After Math,
Georgia Napolitano and The Fireants. Come out, enjoy some amazing music
from some superb young musicians, and support educational excellence in Eanes
at the same time!

Tickets for Jam Fest are available for $5 through the EEF Office (9am-4pm weekdays), and can be purchased
online for $7 through Frontgate Tickets (www.frontgatetickets.com). Concert t-shirts are also available through
the EEF Office for $10. Thank you to Dr. Randy Kunik and the Kids are Alright Festival for sponsoring this
fun event! Find out more about Jam Fest on its Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-TX/
Jam-Fest/141891094525?ref=ts or see the coverage at http://www.thekidsarealrightfest.com/.

EEF - Funding the gap between adequate and excellent. http://www.eaneseducationfoundation.org
The BCE Lego Bots Team, comprised of students from Barton Creek,
will participate in a Central Texas Qualifier on Saturday, November 14that West Ridge Middle
School to determine if it will be one of 60 teams to compete in the First Lego League Central
Texas Region Competition. The Qualifier begins at 9:00 a.m. and will end by 2:30 p.m. The
FLL International Program promotes problem solving, creativity, and contributing to society
through real-world engineering challenges. Nearly 15,000 teams with 150,000 children in grades
4-8 from across 50 countries participate in FLL. More information about this year’s challenge,
entitled “Smart Move”, may be found at http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/fll/
smartmove1.aspx .
The team members from Barton Creek are Brett Etter, Shrey Majmudar, Alvand Moini, Grant
Odama, and Manuj Shah. Their coaches are Brett Etter and Hiren Majmudar. Come and cheer
for the BCE Lego Bots and learn more about this wonderful robotics program that inspires
children from all over the world.

 Technology Corner
 Atomic Learning

 Log into Atomic Learning to find out how to do those things on your computer
 that you just can’t figure out. Eanes ISD has provide a subscription to all teach-
 ers, parents, and students in the district. You can log in with the username
 eanesblujays and password atomic. Some of the tutorials that are extremely
 helpful are Access, Excel, Garageband, iDVD, iPhoto, iTunes, and many oth-
 ers. These are broken into segments that are mostly less than two minutes.
 Check it out!

 No Bluejay Authors’ Collection this week again
  The classes have been SO active with technology these last few weeks that
  there has not been time to plan and record a podcast. We just finished three
  Videoconferences with 4th grade comparing our Monsters to the ones made by
  other schools from our instructions. The fifth grade has just completed a project
  using Voicethread, a blog, and Google Earth and is now starting another one
  making a campaign commercial with MovieMaker. Now Mrs. Alkire’s class is
  working on radio shows! The third grade has just finished intensive key-
  boarding. All of them learned to use the home row keys and made progress on
  their speed and accuracy. Now all they need is more practice! All of that and
  Veterans Day coming up! Keep in tune… we will be back!

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