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R4 Ultra 3DS is also called R4 3DS ultra card. It is a new R4 3DS flash card made by r4ultra.com, special designed for Nintendo handheld consoles..

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									              R4 Ultra 3DS card support Nintendo 3DS, DSi V1.4.1, DS

What is R4 Ultra 3DS

R4 Ultra 3DS is also called R4 3DS ultra card. It is a new R4 3DS flash card made by r4ultra.com, special designed for Nintendo
handheld consoles.. As the successor of the famous R4 flash card, R4 Ultra 3DS has good compatibility, it support Nintendo 3DS,DSi
V1.4.1,DsiLL,DsiXL,DS and DS lite. Up to 32GB memory card can be used in ultra R4 3DS card, which bring games and medias to
users without any lag.

R4 Ultra 3DS card evolution
                                       Support SDHC memory cards ( compatibility up to 32GB);
                                       The second generation pattern, enhance the stability of the product;
                                       A new core engine, continued upgrading, holding the highest compatibility of games in the
                                       Change language of menu as you want without any limit.

R4 3DS ultra card functionality
                                       Support SDHC memory cards ( compatibility up to 32GB) ;
                                       R4 3DS ultra card support multi-languages.
                                       As same size and thickness as original card;
                                       No need to flash. Build-in launch Slot-2 (gba) function;
                                       Support DMA read and no lag when using any microSD card;
                                       Support FAT16 and FAT32. Can transfer files with PC, PDA, Cellphone and Camera;
                                       Support clean rom and drag-drop to play. Fast loading;
                                       Support NDS and iDS games. Run iDS games on any version of DS;
                                       Write save files to TF card directly and no need manual backup or restore them;
                                       Auto save type detection and no need to update save type list database;
                                       R4 ultra 3DS support moonshell and home brew;
                                       Power saving design. Enter optimization mode automatically;
                                          Double screen UI. Support display thumbnails of games;
                                          Support button and touch operation both;
                                          Support Wi-Fi and rumble package and browser expansion;
                                          Support skin change and theme DIY.
                                          Support brightness adjust (DS Lite only);
                                          Support soft-reset; and AR cheat code.
                                          Support soft-reset of moonshell 1.6 (back to main menu of R4 Ultra) ;
                                          R4 ultra 3DS support DLDI auto-patching; and Download play.

R4 Ultra Kernel

R4 Ultra 3DS card use same kernel as R4i Gold v2.0 card. There are 3 kinds of R4ultra kernel available currently. The the r4u Kernel
(latest version is: R4ultra V1.56), AKAIO kernel (latest version is: AKAIO V1.8.6a) and YSMenu kernel. Users can download any of them
for installation. If the official website r4ultra.com is not available, users can download r4 ultra kernel from r4ids.com.

R4 Ultra 3DS card use guide

R4 3DS Ultra Setup Method

1. Download the latest kernel for official website, and unzip the patch.
2. Copy all files named "_DS_MENU.DA","_DS_MSHL.NDS" and "_DS_MENU.INI", the folder "_system_" and "_system_" to the root
directory of MicroSD card.
3. Copy some R4 3DS ROM to the TF card, such as games or medias for play..

R4 Ultra 3DS card Run DSi/DS games

1. Make sure microSD card with Kernel is inserted in R4 Ultra 3DS, then insert R4 Ultra 3DS card to SLOT-1 port of console. 2. Turn on
the console, Touch the "GAME" The first icon) to enter Game GUI; Press 'START' to go back to main menu. 3. There is a file list on the
top screen, and the detail of game that you choose. Press 'A' button or touch screen to run this game.

R4 Ultra 3DS card Multi-media functions

1.In the main menu, Touch the "Multimedia"(The second icon)to Entre MoonShell System。
2. MoonShell will display files on microSD card with file list. Press UP/DOWN button to move the cursor to choose the file you need. And
you can press A to the sub-folder, or Press the B button to be back.
3. Choose the *.txt *.mp3 *.jpg *.dpg files and press the A button to open.

R4 Ultra 3DS package
                                          1 X R4 3DS card from r4ultra.com
                                          1 X MicroSD reader / writer
                                          1 X hard protective case.

Buy R4 3DS card from:                  http://www.r4-3ds-r4.com

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