The Key to Artificial Insemination plunger by mikeholy


									The Key to Artificial

   Ms. Dixon
   Animal I
 Heifers or cows that show signs of
  estrus in the morning should be
  inseminated in the evening
 Heifers or cows that show signs of
  estrus in the evening should be
  inseminated in the morning.
 Please refer back to your estrous
  chart that was included in your
  anatomy handouts
1. Restrain the animal in a parlor or

2. Carefully remove the selected straw
   of semen from the liquid nitrogen
   tank using the straw tweezers

3. All semen should be thawed. Place
   the straw in the thawing unit, that is
   filled with water, until it reaches 95 –
   98 degrees Fahrenheit
4. Using a paper towel, dry the straw

5. Pull the inseminating gun back about
   4 -6 inches

6. Insert the straw and the cut the tip
   off of the end
7. Place the cover sheath over the end
   of the gun and secure it

8. Place inseminating gun inside your
   shirt to thermally protect the semen

9. Lubricate the glove using the non-
   spermicidal lubricant
10. Insert the gloved arm into the vulva
   and then clean out the rectum using
   a paper towel

11. Place a fold paper towel in the vulva

12. Locate the cervix
13. Using your free hand, carefully
  insert    the inseminating gun
  upward into the vulva to avoid injury

 14. Slide the inseminating gun
  through      the cervix

 15. Deposit the semen slowly into the
  uterus by pushing the plunger
 16. Slowly remove the inseminating

 17. Record the breeding information
Advantages of A.I.
 1. Maximum use is made of
  outstanding sires

 2. Certain physical handicaps of
  mating can be overcome

 3. Danger and cost of keeping a sire
  is eliminated
Disadvantages of A.I.
 1. Skilled technicians are required or
  producer/farmer has to take a A.I.
  class to learn technique

 2. May accentuate the damage of a
  poor sire

 3. A.I. breeding organizations require
  large investment of capital &

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