Professor Jailed For Activism by ert634


									VOL. 1 NO. 2                                                                                                                                                                    MAY 2009


Professor Jailed For Activism
                          Serving John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY

                                                                                                            By Amanda Aponte                   proceedings, charges, and letters from the
                                                                                                                                               archdiocese, Barrios’ expression was not
                                                                                                     “You could incarcerate my body, but       one of fear, but of pride. “I combined my
                                                                                                 you would never imprison my love for          academic activism and religious activism
                                                                                                 peace and justice, because my conviction      to impact society in a positive way,” he
                                                                                                 has made me free,” said Professor Luis        said.
                                                                                                 Barrios as he reenacted his appearance            It was a sunny day in Georgia, warm
                                                                                                 at the United States District Court in        with a cool breeze, the type of weather that
                                                                                                 Georgia.                                      entices a person to go out and take a walk.
                                                                                                     Barrios chairs the Department of Latin    This was exactly what Barrios and his
                                                                                                 American and Latina/o Studies at John         activist friends did. They took a one mile
                                                                                                 Jay and is a priest at St. Mary’s Episcopal   walk straight into the military base of Fort
                                                                                                 Church on West 126th Street in Harlem.        Benning. His entrance was nothing short of
                                                                                                 He is also a part of the SOA Watch, a         a walk in the park, as he pushed his veteran
                                                                                                 grassroots activist movement against the      friend, Al Simmons, in a wheelchair.
                                                                                                 School of the Americas. On November               Barrios explained that the lack of
                                                                                                 22nd, Barrios was arrested along with six     security was nothing but carelessness on
                                                                                                 other SOA members for trespassing at Fort     the military’s part, since they were only
                                                                                                 Benning, a military base in Georgia where     guarding the fences because they were
                                                                                                 the School of the Americas is located. The    worried about protesters.
                                                                                                 SOA is infamous for training Central and          “Once you get in, you have good fun
                                                                                                 South American soldiers in the methods of     there until they arrest you,” he said smiling.
                                                                                                 oppression and torture.                       “This is the purpose of civil disobedience,
                                                                                                     In March, three days before he was due    and you do something with all the intention
                                                                                                 to report to the Metropolitan Correctional    to violate the law, because you want to be
                                                                                                 Center for two months, Barrios described      arrested.”
                                                                                                 his activism and his trial in Georgia.            Barrios spoke passionately about his
                                                                                                     “We had a lot of fun that day,” Barrios   mission, and explained that everything he
Professor Luis Barrios.                                                   MANOLO DE LOS SANTOS   said with a smirk as he took out a stack of
                                                                                                 papers. Flipping through pages of court                  Continued on Page 2

One Stop Copes With Volume
                                                                            the entire John Jay community
                                                                            as well. With around fourteen
                                                                            thousand students, both graduate
                                                                            and undergraduate, it’s a wonder
                                                                            that One Stop has been able
                                                                            to accommodate the needs of
                                                                            everyone in an orderly fashion.
                                                                                 Even with the training and
                                                                            additional workstations, some
                                                                            students at John Jay, however, still
                                                                                                                                                                                PATRICK SCULLIN
                                                                            did not see any improvement.
                                                                                                                   John Jay’s 2009 Model U.N. Delegation: David Sabatelle, Mike
                                                                                 “It didn’t work,” said Alyssa
                                                                                                                   Rodriguez, Peter Cella, Eva H. Hernik, Patrick Scullin, Stephanie
                                                                            Justine Zayas, a sophomore.
                                                                                                                   Valerezo, Mark Benjamin, Marie Andree Barthelemy, Ama-Mariya
                                                                            “One Stop has the right intention
                                                                                                                   Ampah, Norhan Basuni, and Geeta Gangadeen.

                                                                                                                   UN Team Competes
                                                                            to help John Jay students, but it’s
                                                                            not effective. You have to go
                                                                            early in the morning if you want
Rick Ashley and Amanda Mbadiwe in line.               ELIZABETH BUCKNAM
                                                                            to get anything done.”
                                                                                 “There definitely is room                By Patrick Scullin             world. Over 3,000 students from
                                      precautionary efforts to help as      for improvement, such as more                                                29 countries and five continents
        By Jonathan Lin               many students as possible in a        hours and more available help,”            On Saturday, April 11th a         were there.
                                      timely manner. On particularly        said Slajanna Jean, a sophomore        sixteen member delegation from            “The conference itself is
    One Stop in North Hall, the       busy days, the five workstations      Criminology major. “It would           John Jay College of Criminal          quite amazing from the very
college’s consolidated student        at the One Stop counter may be        also help if One Stop listed all of    Justice ranked, once again, among     beginning,” said Eva Hernik, a
services center, was particularly     joined by a mobile cart and up        its specific purposes.”                the top 20% at the 2009 National      three year veteran of our team.
busy around the withdrawal            to four additional workstations            The lines at One Stop are         Model United Nations (NMUN)           John Jay has won an award for
deadline. Although the system         across from the counter.              known to become overcrowded            Conference held in New York.          five consecutive years.       This
has improved over time— with              “There is a lot of training       and to extend past classroom               My name is Patrick Scullin        year marks our first ever position
changes in both schedules and         involved,” said Lam. “With the        doors. At peak hours, the lines        and I am the current President        paper award, an award that
services— students still feel that    new CUNYFirst Project, we have        have extended past room 1304N.         of the United Nations Student         only goes to the top 10% of the
One Stop is not always up to par.     to instruct our current One Stop           “It’s the time frame that         Association at John Jay (UNSA).       competition. This is special since
    “It works in the sense that it    staff. Staff members don’t just       students do things in,” said               I have been preparing for         we accomplished this as a club.
benefits the students because it      come out of nowhere.” The             Lam, in regards to the student         this year’s conference since last     Most delegations who win these
consolidates the services,” said      new CUNYFirst Project will be         complaints. “It’s a large amount       April and I am grateful that our      awards spend an entire year in
Nilsa Lam, One Stop Services          replacing eSIMS as it is more         of students doing things relatively    team brought home three awards        classes preparing.
Coordinator. “It’s really a package   user-friendly.                        at a crunch time. Students have        for John Jay. The conference we
that we deliver to students.”             Not only does One Stop            to understand that we’re all           attend is the largest international         Continued on Page 2
    One     Stop      has     taken   have to deal with students, but       human.”                                collegiate competition in the

    ART WORKSHOP                        WRITING CENTER                            SCHOOL SPIRIT                        HOMELESSNESS                         SUMMER MOVIES
             Page 2                               Page 3                                   Page 4                                Page 5                                Page 6
BARRIOS                                          doesn’t even know who the hell you are,         trial, he was hit with the realization that his       Barrios did not choose civil
                                                 he’s joking.’”                                  activism might have impacted his teaching         disobedience as a life lesson, but as an
had ever believed in brought him to that             He was laughing hysterically as he          career and worried that the administration        action for change. His response towards
moment. “I accept that I am a transgressor,      climbed into the corrections bus. “I am         would take it away. To his surprise the           ignorance and indifference is the same
with all intention,” he said proudly. “A         going to call your daddy and tell him what      students, faculty, and administration were        response that he gave to Judge Faircloth.
transgressor of violating any unjust law,        you did to me, you arrested me, you’re not      very supportive.                                      “I came here because I wanted to be
any unjust law is not a law, and you have        supposed to do that, I’m a prince,” Barrios         Barrios believes in the John Jay slogan,      arrested; what I am trying to do, with my
to disobey it.”                                  recounted, laughing at the memory of the        “Educating For Justice,” and that is what his     intention to violate the law, is to bring the
    Next he described his annoyance              MPs facial expressions.                         actions follow. Still, some were annoyed          system on trial,” he said.
with the judge. He could not believe                 But the trial did not have the same         with Barrios, and the college did not pay             “We go on record that there is something
that someone of such authority remained          atmosphere of lightheartedness, and             his salary during his prison stay.                called the School of the Americas, and
indifferent to justice. In Barrios’ eyes         Barrios sighed at the memory of the                 The priesthood was another sector             what they are doing is wrong, and I have
indifference, or being “neutral,” contributed    anticipation and tension. According to          of Barrios life which could have been             a morally responsibility to go against it.”
to the crimes committed by the School of         Barrios, the protesters had to pay a fine and   impacted by his activism. Usually Father          Barrios wants the students to take his
the Americas.                                    return to Georgia for court on January 26th.    Barrios’ radical beliefs on activism cause        actions, not as a lesson in theory, but as an
    Barrios became angry as he recounted         Since their actions led to federal offences,    a bit of friction between him and the             example of “taking the street.”
his take on the SAO, “So when it comes           and within federal court the protest was        archdiocese. Surprisingly, though, they               On March 25th there was a protest in
to arresting people, torturing people, and       considered a misdemeanor, they were             only sent him a letter praying for him and        front of the Metropolitan Correctional
killing a person- No that is not acceptable,”    given a trial without a jury.                   his cause. They commended him for his             Center that addressed the mistreatment of
he clenched his jaw and continued.                   The Honorable Faircloth was their           morality even though they did not approve         Barrios. According to a letter from David
    “I have a moral obligation to God and        judge. Barrios portrayed him as a strict        of his methods.                                   C. Brotherton, Barrios had been thrown
to society to go against that.”                  protector of the law rather than a judge            When asked about his intentions in            into a maximum security section of the
    Instead of being afraid when he was          of moral obligation. All six members            prison, Barrios smiled and laid out his two       prison, denied communication, and held in
arrested, he joked around with the MPs,          including Barrios were found guilty.            month plan. “I want close the school, and         solitary confinement.
who were Puerto Rican. Both of them                  On March 9th Barrios reported to the        I am not going to pray, I am going to do              Dr. Jodie Roure briefly explained the
were around 18-years-old, and as soon as         Metropolitan Correctional Center. Despite       something. I am going to organize people          events, and said that the prison’s defense
Barrios found out they were Puerto Rican         the price of his action, Barrios remains        and give the prison system hell,” he said         was that it was all “standard protocol.”
he started to tease them. “‘I am going to        committed to his cause. “It doesn’t matter      leaning over his seat.                                Brotherton’s letter to the college
call your father when I get out of here,” he     the consequences. So if the consequence is          “I see myself doing volunteer jobs in         confirms this mistreatment, and states that
said. “The MP’s eyes were wide, and he           going to be prison, then I am going to go       the chapel and giving a radical mass. I           Barrios was denied medical attention for
turned to his partner and said, ‘He’s going      to prison, but we need to stop this,” said      want them to understand that the prison is        twelve hours, during which time he was in
to tell my daddy,’” said Barrios. “His           Barrios.                                        a business, and they each have a price on         an extreme amount of pain due to what was
partner rolled his eyes and responded, ‘He           When he got back to New York after the      their head.”                                      later diagnosed as kidney stones.

UN                                               friends not only from other parts of the
                                                 U.S., but also from Europe. I will also
                                                                                                 from the situation in Israel and Palestine,
                                                                                                 the rights of Children in Armed Conflict,
                                                                                                                                                   time employee, mother, or father. Mike
                                                                                                                                                   Rodriguez looks back on his experience, “I
    This means that the students who             cherish the beautiful and fun memories of       Climate Change, Economics, Regional               also really enjoyed working with students
represented our school were considered           gathering for dinner at 11:30 with the team,    Trade and Integration, as well as the             from other countries. I got to really value
some of the best writers at the conference.      as well as Professor Zommer’s Vitamin C         applicable law for the two cases before the       international opinion because this was
Delegates Marie-Andree Barthelemy and            packets.”                                       ICTR.                                             my first time ever working closely in an
David Sabatelle won a peer nominated                 The sixteen member team was selected            Mike Rodriguez describes his                  academic setting with students from other
outstanding     delegation    award     for      out of a pool of roughly fifty students by      experience, “The first committee session          countries.”
their tremendous work on the African             faculty advisors Mathew Zommer, Jacques         was overwhelming for a first-timer,                   The team was: Patrick Scullin and
Development Bank Committee.                      Fomerand, George Andreopoulos and               however, my partner did an exemplary              Rennae Francis on the Security Council;
    In September I started advertising for       myself. Because of the limited size of our      job of calming my nerves and urging me            Gabriele C. Ursitti and Mark Benjamin on
applicants to join me and our executives         team we selected the most qualified students    to assert myself in the committee despite         the ICTR; Eva Helena Hernik and Stephanie
on the team (keep your eyes out for              to proudly represent John Jay as delegates      my inexperience. Once the conference              Valarezo on General Assembly Plenary;
universal emails). Those interested in the       from Burkina Faso. We were represented          got rolling, I was enamored with the              Norhan Basuni and Mike Rodriguez on
United Nations and in a great academic           on seven different U.N. committees and as       complexity of multilateral cooperation            GA 1st; Beyi Polanco and Ama-Mariya
challenge applied and endured a rigorous         an independent advisory justice and clerk       and the difficulty of achieving consensus         Ampah on GA 2nd; Geeta Gangadeen and
process to make it on to the team. It is a       on the International Criminal Tribunal for      support for a resolution.”                        Peter J. Cella on GA 3rd; Marie-Andree
great experience and totally worth the           Rwanda. In preparation for the conference           Being a part of this team was                 Barthelemy and David Sabatelle on the
effort. Eva Hernik reflects on her work          we were required to extensively research        voluntary, and took many hours of hard            African Development Bank; and Jennifer
with our team, “This experience has given        the national, regional and international        work and determination while being a              Shim and Natalia Lysetska on the World
me a new family at John Jay, tons of new         policies of Burkina Faso on topics ranging      full-time student, and, for some, a full-         Trade Organization.


                   Care of:
                                                 Visual Arts Club Holds Workshop
            Department of English
     John Jay College of Criminal Justice                     By Jonathan Lin                    photograph to create a piece of art similar       interesting and helpful [for] learning how
        City University of New York                                                              to the Obama Hope and Obama Progress              to use Photoshop to create wonderful
          619 West 54th Street #711                  On March 12th, eighteen students            pieces done for President Barack Obama’s          pieces of work,” said Tracy Dong, one of
            New York, NY. 10019                  initially met in room 1304N to participate in   campaign.                                         the two participants who remained for the
                 a workshop with Professor Bill Pangburn,            Work was done to adjust a photograph          entire workshop. “I would like to learn
                                                 instructor of the Introduction to Drawing       of William Jefferson Clinton, former              more techniques that I can use to improve
    Contributors:                                and Painting course (ART 111). Students         president of the United States. Some              my artwork.”
    Amanda Aponte                                who attended this workshop were educated        of the processes covered included using               One work from Dong (“Girl and
    Elizabeth Bucknam                            in creating computer generated art using        the computer to desaturate, brighten the          Bunny”) and one from Karen Carbajal
    Masoud House                                 Adobe Photoshop CS3 from 5:00 p.m. to           contrast, and posterize the image. This was       (“Firegirl”), the other participant who
    Jonathan Lin                                 7:00 p.m.                                       a planned workshop for all participants, but      remained for the entire workshop, will be
    Leslie Larson                                    “My goal for this workshop is to            to the Visual Arts Club (VAC), it was also        used to promote the Visual Arts Club and
    Lauren Meyer                                 basically have people interact in graphic       something else.                                   other workshops. According to Zayas,
    Yvette Pelaez                                arts, computer arts, and for them to not            In addition to the members of the VAC,        these promotions are used to “push the
    Patrick Scullin                              only be aware, but also create new skills       new participants and members of other             Visual Arts Club to the next level.”
    Karen Tabin                                  and develop the ones they already have,”        clubs appeared at the workshop as well.               John Jay, which supports an Art Minor
                                                 said Alyssa Justine Zayas, President of             “The Keep A Child Alive Club, Poetry          and an Art Department, does not have an
    Faculty Advisor:                             the Visual Arts Club and self-proclaimed        Club, and the Asian Students Association          Art Major. According to Zayas, the main
    Devin Harner                                 “artivist” (art activist).                      were here,” said Zayas.                           goal of the Visual Arts Club is to push John
                                                     “Art is multi-purposed and this                 “These clubs were here because not            Jay toward the creation of this Art Major.
    We welcome letters to the editor and         workshop was to help drive artistic             only they’re interested, but they want to             “I get asked that a lot, why John Jay,”
    stories relevant to the John Jay Col-        innovation. You can use the stuff you learn     implement what they learned to their club.        said Zayas. “I wanted to show people
    lege community, to New York, and to          here for other things.”                         So it’s kind of an art education, a hands-on      that even though John Jay is for Criminal
    our nation and world. If you would               Students were stationed in front of         multipurpose workshop. We also had new            Justice in itself, there’s more to it than that.
    like to write for us, then drop us a line.   computers and followed the “fourteen            students come today, approximately five or        There is a lot more to John Jay than just
                                                 step” process (as explained by the club         six new people.”                                  Criminal Justice, not only in the arts, but
                                                 advisor, Professor Pangburn) for editing a          “I think the workshop was really              humanities as well.”

Writing Center Helps Students Help Themselves
                                                we’re always swamped, and we have less
            By Masoud House                     funding and less staff.”
                                                     Still, the tutors work with great
    “Our job is to work with the students,      proficiency, a literary version of Spartans
not to do the work for them,” said tutor        tackling an overwhelming workload and
Angelica Blazina.                               still making it through stronger than ever.
    The room is off-white; every nook and       Tutors themselves are hand-picked and
cranny of the space available is used for       go through a long path to becoming a full
desks, chairs, or computers. At the front       tutor. “It’s based on recommendation, you
of the room, just a few feet ahead of the       have to take a year course before you’re
entrance, is the desk where I was promptly      allowed to teach and tutor,” said Zully.
greeted. Even late at night the room is              “There’re two courses, varying types
buzzing with activity. This is the Writing      of grammar, varying types of teaching
Center in room 2450 North Hall, directed        skills, and public speech. It’s pretty, pretty
by Professor Livia Katz, where students         intense.”
don’t come to have their papers simply               These courses are not open to any
edited or graded. They come to improve          student either, but reserved for the tutors
their writing style and thinking processes.     through independent study, which earns
    “I’m taking it for English,” said Tracy     credit.
Raysor, a sophomore who has been coming              Tutors receive additional training as
to the Writing Center since the beginning       well. “Everyone is training to work in           Andrei Petrovitch and Katharina Rollins work on a paper.
                                                                                                                                                                              ELIZABETH BUCKNAM

of the semester. “My trouble area is            every discipline, tutors in training are not
organizing my thoughts in my writing and        allowed to teach the CPEs, and very rarely       need to know we’re not doing their work.        can get,” said Barnwell. “When you get
grammar and mechanics,” said Raysor.            will anyone see a tutor in training teaching     Students come in here and they think we’re      students who come in and say ‘I don’t want
    The Writing Center isn’t only for           since they’re in training, they’ll really be     being mean and assume we’re being lazy          to be here,’ it’s just horrible. It can make an
students with minors in English, or             observing,” said Zully.                          and we don’t want to do our work and why        hour session feel like forever.”
students in the new English Major, as some           But tutors aren’t just glorified students   we’re repelling them, it’s because we’re not        “To have a student come back and say
commonly believe.                               with a knack for writing and simple              in charge of interpretation, the process you    thank you for the help, it always makes you
    Sitting nearby was long-time tutor and      patience. Many are graduates, and,               bring to us is the final product. We can help   feel good,” adds Sejarto.
supervisor Kennesha Barnwell, surrounded        according to Barnwell, “more than half of        you enhance it and make it better, but it’s         “I had one at graduation, who dragged
by other tutors Blazina and Roxanne             the permanent staff have a Masters Degree,       still up to you to interpret your assignment.   me to meet her mom and dad and
Sejarto, who’ve worked there for about          or is working toward one.”                       It’s your work. We can’t write it for you.”     grandmother, and her mom said, ‘you’ve
seven years.                                         Some have even gone into teaching,               It doesn’t end there either. Often, like   helped her so much’, and I was like ‘oh my
    During the times of the CUNY                like Blazina. The transition from student        police officers, the tutors find that they’re   god, I feel so happy,’” said Barnwell.
Proficiency Exam, mid-terms, and finals,        to tutor is smooth, according to the tutors,     never off duty. “Someone hands you a                At the end of the day, through the long
the tutors find themselves with more            and Sejarto adds “you feel good, coming          paper at the store and asks you to read it,     workloads and difficult sessions, the group
students and appointments than they can         full circle.”                                    or you’re walking home to the subway and        seems to draw it’s energy from each other.
handle.                                              Sometimes they have to deal with            someone hands you a paper because they          As some tutors head home, many hug
    “We’ve had over a thousand students         troublesome students, but experience             recognize you,” said Barnwell.                  or kiss cheek to cheek farewells, saying
come in for individual appointments.            makes doing so easier.                                “It’s New York, you can’t miss that,       goodbye until the next day.
And for the workshops, we have seven                 When I first became a tutor, I guess        there’s always something interesting,”              “I’ve met some of my best friends from
workshops a day, full with 30 people, 40        I was a little naïve. I was a little too nice    Zully said, laughing. “We get the worst, the    this staff,” Sejarto said excitedly, beaming
people,” said Barnwell, shaking her head        and she started coming with big piles of         best, the crazy people, the perfectly sane      a grin to her friends.
as she leaned back in her seat.                 research, to leave them for me to read, so I     people. We get the whole line.”                     “We’re all enjoying our time together
    “It’s absolutely impossible because         could tell her what I read and tell her what          All of the tutors gathered agree on one    because it’s a great group of people to work
the CPE, the exam, is happening now, but        she should read,” said Blazina.                  thing. “When you get a student in here and      with,” said Barnwell. “We’re definitely
during testing time, mid-terms, and finals           Barnwell added firmly, “Students

Health Center Relocates In North Hall
                                                                                                 they want to improve, they’re the best you      family.”

             By Yvette Pelaez                   check-ups, information about flu clinics,
                                                nutrition, health, and we give out smoke
    The location of the Student Health          patches. We even have a private room
Office has changed, but the same helpful        for those students that need it for medical
and necessary services are provided. The        reasons,” said Reyes.
center has moved to room 1292 North Hall,            The new office does not seem as
one floor down from its previous location.      spacious as the old office, but the faces are
    “Hey, what do you need help with            still the same. The room is filled with many
today?” is the first thing students hear when   different pamphlets on the wall. Every
they enter the room for help. Baury Reyes,      issue from HIV testing to weight control to
a student at John Jay College who was           pregnancy information is available.
hired as a college assistant to work in the          Not knowing anything about the
Student Health Center, greets the students      Student Health Center is very common
as they enter the center.                       among students at John Jay. “I have only
    The services provided at the center are     been there for band-aids and pads. I have
consistent despite its new location. “We        never really been there for anything else,”
have the same services as always. We offer      said senior, Shakera Ebanks. “I’d just rather    Director Stacey Grant at the Health Office.                                  ELIZABETH BUCKNAM
HIV testing, STD testing, immunization          go to my doctor.”
shots, and we also offer over-the-counter            “I only went there to hand in my            to the health office because I don’t know       low cost clinics and health insurance,” said
medicine and condoms,” said Reyes as he         immunization records in my freshman              what they do there. They don’t really           Reyes.
handed a clipboard to a student who was         year but I never went back again,” said          advertise anything about it. If I knew what         “Sometimes fifty students come in a
signing up for the next HIV testing.            Francisco, another senior at John Jay.           services they had, I would probably go,”        day, sometimes more, and sometimes less,”
    “Everything is confidential. The            “I never felt the need to go back,” said         said Lopez.                                     said Reyes as he greeted the next student
pregnancy tests given are so secretive I        Francisco.                                           However, the staff at the Health Student    on line.
don’t even know about them,” Reyes said,             Many students are not entirely informed     Center claim otherwise.                             Those students who do know about
smiling, as he looked over at the health        about the services or benefits of the health         “We try a lot to inform everyone about      these health services do take advantage
center director. “We even have residential      office either. Even students who spend a lot     the center. We have tablings, where we set      of them. Danny, who is a senior at John
nurses that work here part-time every day,”     of time at the college are not always aware      up a table in the North Hall lobby and give     Jay, does exactly that. “Yes I have gone
said Reyes.                                     of what the center offers. Eddie Lopez, a        out information about the health center.        there several times. I live on my own and I
    “We try to provide every service a          senior at John Jay, and a part-time tutor        We have health and nutrition workshops          don’t have insurance, so I need those free
student would need. We offer regular            at the Writing Center, agreed. “I don’t go       and we give out information about free or       services,” said Danny.

    Urban School Spirit? Market Impacts Grads
             By Leslie Larson                   can find John Jay club rooms in North Hall                      By Lauren Meyer                        Dr. Ehrenreich’s insight certainly
                                                full of student clubs and organizations,                                                           suggests a troubling future for soon-to-be
    At state schools with large campuses,       though each club targets a niche audience,             It may have seemed as if everything         graduates. Is this the reality for all, though?
tailgating traditions, and championship         not the student body as a whole. Some              was done correctly. Degree? Finished it.        For junior Danielle Charbonneau the future
football teams, students deck out their         call this the tribalization or iPodization of      Internship? Did it. Connections? So many.       holds unlimited opportunities. “I feel that
dorm rooms in school colors, camp out all       student life.                                      Regardless of our immaculate resumes,           given the amount of education I am going
night to buy sports tickets, and tattoo their       “Since John Jay is a commuter school,          recent and soon-to-be grads continue to         to have behind me and experience that
mascots on their foreheads.                     students can use the club rooms to hang            face a common dilemma, unemployment.            I have, I will be able to find a job in this
    This isn’t really the norm at John Jay.     out in between classes. At other colleges,         How does one define this problem?               field,” she said. “If I do not continue onto a
    It’s challenging to find school spirit in   people might go to their dorms,” said Ming             Perhaps it’s reasonable to attribute our    master’s program, I do feel that I will have
the City. Manhattan is not a college town.      Zhang who works in the Office of Student           job search struggles to the current economic    a very hard time getting a job. The criteria
John Jay students share their Upper West        Activities and serves as Secretary for the         climate. While multiple organizations have      for this field are so specific.”
Side location with professionals at Time        Asian Student Association.                         admitted to negative financial forces, even         And what of those walking away with
Warner Center, Lincoln Center, Fordham              Perez describes how her club sees a            major businesses, like the New York Times,      secondary degrees? “I feel that I have
Law School and the rest of Manhattan.           need to help bring about student unity since       have settled into the industrial downturn       gained so much knowledge in the graduate
    Once you leave North Hall or Westport       “for commuter students it’s hard to feel           with aggressive cutbacks. The Times has         program here at John Jay even though it
or the T-building you’ve left John Jay.         that sense of belonging, many [students]           threatened to close its cousin conglomerate,    does not settle the fear of not being able to
    “School spirit at John Jay is close to      are parents, work full-time, and are also          the Boston Globe, unless nearly $20 million     find a job,” said Amanda Rieder, a Criminal
extinction,” said Kim Wei Goh, a third year     students full-time” wrote Perez in their           in cutbacks can be arranged.                    Justice graduate student preparing for
John Jay student. “There is about 10% or        club’s mission statement.                              However, this problem is hardly             graduation in May. “All you can do is stay
less of the John Jay population involved            But beyond student clubs, what are the         generationally specific. Dr. Barbara            optimistic and make sure to build a network
with school spirit, the rest come and go.”      main sources of school spirit? I’ve got one        Ehrenreich, journalist, author, and activist,   in hopes that something will come along.”
Goh also feels that colleges in the middle of   word for you- sports.                              conducted a social experiment. By                   It can’t be all bad news. Perhaps the
nowhere where only “deers and trees stare           Larger state schools enjoy the luxury          stripping the Ph.D. from her resume, she        current economic situation paired with
back at you” don’t have to compete with         of successful, publicized sports teams to          set out to explore the difficulties of white-   the proliferation of job search web sites
city options that entice students away.         unite students and alumni. “The biggest            collar professionals seeking employment.        can be viewed as a positive challenge
    There is a “modest amount of school         contributor to Rutgers school spirit is the        Even though her resume represented how          for soon-to-be graduates. As difficult as
spirit,” explains Giancarlos Perez, a           Rutgers football team,” says James Boyd,           she did everything right, she still couldn’t    it may seem to submit one resume into
John Jay student and president of IVCF,         Assistant Director of Public Affairs at            land a job in her field. She recorded her       cyberspace after another, maybe we can
an evangelical campus mission serving           Rutgers University, a college known for            experience in her book, “Bait and Switch:       embrace this challenge. “Internet-based
college students. “John Jay students            school spirit.                                     The Futile Persuit of the American Dream,”      employment searching makes people very
have the potential for strong school spirit.        Even Condi Rice once noted “we need a          the sequel to her first book, “Nickel           marketable over a wide range of areas. If
Unfortunately, most of the students are too     common enemy to unite us.” Sports provide          and Dimed.” “My research on the book            more employers use these search engines, I
busy and never get the chance to cultivate      a healthy sense of rivalry and competition         showed me that college educated workers         feel they will have more applicants and can
that spirit.”                                   that connects people. “External threats            are extremely vulnerable to downward            be more selective,” said Danielle.
    John Jay isn’t the only metro college       promote internal solidarity, so a good             mobility, and often end up in the kind of           By returning to school and gaining new
challenged to create school spirit. Other       rivalry can go a long way,” Boyd adds.             low-wage jobs I had done for ‘Nickel and        skills, learning new languages, and landing
urban colleges face the challenges of               The John Jay Athletic Department did           Dimed,’” she stated on her website.             hard-to-get internships, students are
engaging students when real-world               not respond to my request for an interview,            Although many would argue our               shaping themselves into valuable assets.
responsibilities distract them, and when an     but athletics do not seem to be a unifying         economy has been spiraling out of control       Is it possible, though, that employers are
exciting city tempts them elsewhere.            force at John Jay like at other colleges.          for years, Dr. Ehrenreich’s book was            looking for something in particular?
    However, a metro environment                    While academics and research grants            published in early 2005. So then, what              Many young graduates are under the
provides great opportunities for internships    are great for the academic success of a            other factors impact young graduates’           impression that they are the competition,
and employment that a small town can’t          college, there’s that je ne sais quoi element      attempts at finding employment? “I was          the person to beat when interview day
provide. Matt Swift, a junior at Georgetown     to healthy competition. “You’re not going          amazed at the lack of jobs offered to           arrives. And usually, they are. Universities
University says that students at his school     to get together to cheer on the science            those in limbo between their bachelor’s         and colleges are producing sharp young
focus more on school work and getting           department. When you can people together           and master’s in New York City. It is            professionals with new knowledge and
good internships than they do lining up to      to cheer on the football team, that’s key to       becoming more apparent that in order to         cutting-edge perspectives.
buy football tickets.                           school spirit,” says Swift.                        gain employment, it’s necessary to obtain           However, is this enough? Media
    “The city reduces school spirit because         Though housing a college campus in             a specialized degree beyond a bachelor’s        conglomerates have suggested a return to
there are so many competing factors.            Manhattan is different, that doesn’t mean          degree, which can be extremely time-            school is a wise choice during this time of
Our neighborhood isn’t just for students,       John Jay can’t have school spirit. Sure, we        consuming and expensive,” said Rachael          global economic hardship. “I have always
we share it with offices and families and       may not have a football team, but we have          Mong, a first year graduate student in the      had the desire to change careers and get into
professionals, there aren’t those student       one of the most diverse, pulsating cultures        Forensic Psychology program at John Jay.        this field. It was only a matter of waiting for
hangouts you see in the movies,” said           around us.                                             “I definitely feel that having an           the right time and that time finally came,”
Swift. College campuses in the city face            This is New York– we may do it                 advanced degree will give me an edge            said Erin Macura, a graduate student in
the challenge of not having a gated campus      differently, our school spirit may not be          within this field. But I also feel that more    the Forensic Mental Health Counseling
to keep students and faculty in one place.      reflected in mass quantities of John Jay           and more these days, a master’s degree          program who returned to school after six
    It can be hard to connect students          sweatshirts– but we can still find a way           won’t get you very far,” said Mong.             years. But, she says, “The competition is
without a clearly defined space, “there         to make sure we’re part of the heartbeat               Prior to graduate enrollment, did the       extremely high right now with so many
are no boundaries, anybody can walk             of the city. There are three main ways:            future appear bright, or still somewhat         people having lost jobs. Inexperienced
in or out,” says Nick Logothetis, who           by contributing to the arts, helping the           bleak for Mong? “I felt like I would have       students are competing against seasoned
commented based on his experience as a          community around us through public                 no problem obtaining a job before I started     professionals in many areas.”
junior at George Washington University.         service, and leaving here with a diploma           graduate school. I was moving from New              So then, an ultimatum: if these
    While John Jay students don’t deck          and a drive to improve our own lives and           Hampshire to New York City, and thought         discouraging realities of financial fatigue
themselves out in school colors, The John       the life of the city. That’s true school spirit:   the job opportunities would be endless.         pose a dark and dramatic realization for
Jay Office of Student Activities tries to       giving back what we’ve received here at            Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case,” she       graduates, perhaps a return to school might
foster school spirit. During the week you       John Jay.                                          said.                                           just be that light at the end of the tunnel.

                                                         Need Money For College?

Video Games’ New Low Homeless Families Struggle
              By Karen Tabin                    not. They are crimes that should be taken                     By Masoud House                      get.”
                                                very seriously, but instead they are being                                                             “We have to check for contraband
    I am not someone who believes that          used as a sick ploy to make money.                   “The rents are ridiculous,” said Maureen      and weapons,” said his fellow officer,
listening to Marilyn Manson or playing              Aside from the utterly appalling fact        Petersen, an officer of the Department of         Gonzalez, as she checked the screen of an
Grand Theft Auto can create murderers or        that it has been made, it is shocking that it    Homeless Services. “The high cost of rent         incoming client’s bag. “All bags must go
brainwash people into committing crimes.        has not yet been shut down after its release     is what a lot of people come here for.”           through— if they beep, they get checked.”
However, there are certain moral lines that     in 2006. “Grand Theft Auto San Andreas”              PATH— or the Prevention Assistance            And while some may think this is a trivial
should not be crossed, but unfortunately        was removed from shelves because of a            and Temporary Housing— is a temporary             step, others would disagree.
have been. A Japanese company, Illusion,        sex scene buried within the game and was         placement connected to the EAU: an                    “When I was at the Men’s Shelter by
created “Rapelay” for release in Japan          not allowed back on until it was removed         Emergency Assessment Unit, under the              Bellvue Hospital, a man tried to come in
alone, which fortunately means that it is not   from the game. How is it that Grand              DHS, or Department of Homeless Services.          with a machete,” said Petersen, a long-
available in American stores. “Rapelay” is      Theft Auto and other shooter games are           Here DHS Officers and Employees take              time employee of the DHS. “Had it up the
a video game in which the player’s acting       not deemed too violent for sale, but those       care of a difficult task: trying to help          sleeve of his jacket.”
character is a convicted rapist who after       same gamers can portray a predator and           homeless families get homes. But it’s not             After passing the metal detectors,
serving his sentence for molestation, stalks    virtually rape women? There is a certain         easy.                                             families reach the Processing Stage. Here
and rapes his first victim again and then       sick mental factor that coincides with rape          With a rising cost of living— an effect       they must put in their information and the
rapes her family. That’s right, the object      and to expose people to this is extremely        of the nation-wide economic problems,             reasons behind their homelessness which
of this game is to rape, and it does not stop   dangerous. Think about it, sex offenders         many find that they don’t have enough             leads to a temporary overnight stay while
there.                                          who are now out of prison can buy this           money to keep up with rent, especially in         an investigation is made on the client’s
    There are other horrifying aspects of       game. This poses a great threat to society.      New York. A 2006 New York University              claims. After moving to Reception, more
this game. If any of the women that you         It certainly cannot do any good to the           study concluded that households making            information is needed to prepare the family
are stalking see you, you die. The women        world. You would not see a news story that       about $32,000, or 80% of the median city-         for the Family Worker who gives the family
that you rape can become pregnant, and if       shows a video of a woman being raped, so         wide income, would not be able to afford          a medical check.
your character does not force her to have an    it should not be acceptable to show it in a      many of the apartments in the city.                   Next employees of the Diversion
abortion your character dies. It seems that     game, whether the people are real or not.            Specifically the report stated that in a      Department try to see whether there are
this game states that the only way to stop          While it was only meant to be                span of three years there has been a loss of      other ways for families to go without
a rapist is to kill them. The player must       released in Japan, it has shown up in other      205,000 apartments that would have been           staying in the shelter system, but if things
do certain things with the women in order       countries. But thankfully there have been        affordable to the median, and majority,           are approved the family is given temporary
to unlock other sick features. So, while        some attempts to stop the circulation of         salary of New Yorkers. Also, the median           housing and a ten day placement. If they’re
playing, the gamer is encouraged to rape        the game. Ebay has banned it along with          price of unsubsidized apartments increase         found eligible, then the family will be
as much as they can, because they will be       The Amazon Marketplace in the UK, who            20% in this time— from $750 to $900.              guided to Tier 2 Housing: an apartment.
rewarded when they do. Like many other          removed it from their site after two copies      And it has increased since then.                  But if they are found ineligible according
games, once you have completed it you are       were found being sold. While it was                  “What makes it bad is that Guiliani           to varying circumstances, then the family
allowed a freestyle mode in which you can       released in 2006, New York has only now          had changed it all,” continues Petersen,          may have to start the process all over
do whatever you want with all that you have     taken a public stand against it. The New         referring to the state of her department.         again.
achieved and unlocked. In “Rapelay,” after      York City Council has joined with the New        Petersen, who has worked for the DHS                  In addition, guidelines and rules are
you rape all three women, you can go back       York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault        for more than a decade, has seen plenty of        constantly changing. “A lot of people
and rape them however many times you            and asked that all video game distributors       changes. “All boroughs had EAUs, but he           mess it up for others,” said Petersen. “One
want. How is this right? In my opinion          in the United States stop selling or refuse to   converged them all into one, this one, and        client can do something bad and it changes
“Rapelay” is the most offensive game that       sell the game. Let’s hope they listen.           made it more hectic. That’s why a lot of          everything for everybody else.”
has ever been made. It promotes nothing             What happened to the days when               kids are displaced out of school. If they had         One officer had an example. “[A
positive; it only encourages some of the        Pong was enough to occupy our minds for          an EAU in each borough, it’d be better.”          Family] can be at the end of their ten day
worst crimes imaginable.                        hours? Why have we escalated to games                “It’s the worst on kids,” another officer     placement period, and it can be eleven at
    As April, and Sexual Assault Awareness      with murder and rape? These games are            adds, who asked to remain anonymous.              night, and [they] can have kids; and they
Month, passes it is important to remember       being made for one simple reason: there is       Standing next to a family of four, including      have to get them out, instead of waiting till
what it stands for. Sexual Assault Awareness    a demand for them.                               a mother and her kids, the officer looks          morning.” The officer shakes their head in
Month is meant to educate people on how             These companies know that if they            on and frowns. “The process of [the kids]         disapproval. Unfortunately, this is not a
to prevent all types of sexual violence         make a game like “Rapelay,” then it will         going back and forth, the kids being shuffled     rare story for those arriving at PATH.
and raise awareness. With the creation          be sold. I do not know why there is such a       around, they might be in the Bronx, they              Naturally, the process can cause tension
and distribution of games like “Rapelay,”       demand for these heinous games, but I hope       might be in Brooklyn, y’know? It’s hard,”         between employees and clients. “I don’t
awareness and prevention become dulled,         that we do not continue down the road we         the officer adds.                                 like working here,” said another DHS
because the seriousness of the issues at        are on. If we are living in a world where            “It’s disgusting,” said one client, a         employee who’d rather stay anonymous.
hand are played down. These games make          virtual rape is legally available, I fear what   mother standing outside. She paces back           “These guys are assholes. They make
rape and murder a game, while they are          will be in ten years.                            and forth, shifting side to side in frustration   us feel like it’s us, like it’s our fault. But
                                                                                                 besides her friend. “I was just arguing           it comes from up high. They’re the ones
                                                                                                 with him on how f***ed up it is,” she             maneuvering everybody.”

    Want to learn to write for the newspaper?                                                    adds. “If we didn’t have no place to go, I
                                                                                                 wouldn’t be here.” There is no doubt that
                                                                                                                                                       Occasionally tempers will escalate to
                                                                                                                                                   the point of confrontation. Other times
                                                                                                 the children hurt the most. While standing        the DHS officers find themselves dealing
   The English Department is offering the following journalism electives                         there, countless children stand by their          with all sorts of situations. “It’s more
   for the Fall Semester 2009:                                                                   parents and older siblings as late as eleven      than just police work,” said Masullo, as
                                                                                                 o’clock, and beyond. “They’re missing out         he keeps his eyes trained on the clients
                                                                                                 on school cuz they have to be here,” said         entering the building. He grins and adds
   ENG233: “Introductory Journalism”                                                             another client. “That’s an ACS case but           “We’re translators, babysitters, referees,
                                                                                                 what can you do?”                                 everything.” The other officers smile
   Section 01:                                  Section 02:                                          Walking into the large stone building         grimly, nodding in agreement.
   1:55-3:10 PM Tuesday/Thursday                6:25-7:40 PM Tuesday/Thursday                    of the EAU, the first thing a family                  Whatever the case may be, one thing is
                                                                                                 encounters in the brightly lit building is        clear: the city’s cost of living is rising, and
                                                                                                 not warm meals and blankets, but metal            salaries aren’t following as closely. Worse,
   Prerequisite: ENG102 or ENG201                                                                detectors, though some would consider it          families, for various reasons that some are
                                                                                                 a necessity. “It’s different. Every day it’s      responsible for and others not, are getting
   Professor: Alexa Capeloto                                                                     different,” said Masullo, a DHS Officer           caught in a web of problems that can’t be
                                                                                                 standing ready at the metal detectors. He         solved until rents are stabilized and made
   ENG290: “Journalism II/Beat Reporting”                                                        takes a look at the monitors and shakes his       affordable not just for the rich, but for the
                                                                                                 head. “Never know what you’re going to            average New Yorker.

   Section 01:
   6:25-7:40 PM Thursday (hybrid section requires weekly work online)
                                                                                                                           Look for us in the Fall:
   Prerequisite: ENG233                                                                                        
   Professor: Devin Harner

Twitter Contributes To Collective Net Noise
             By Leslie Larson                   cousin or Office star Rainn Wilson.”
                                                    “I read tweets by some major CEOs
    Skeptical of friends announcing “eating     who communicate about trends and issues
a ham sandwich,” Matthew Alexander              in their industry,” said Alexander. “It’s like
didn’t see the point of jumping on the          I’m in on a private conversation they’re
Twitter bandwagon. Alexander, a new             having.”
media editor for a cable news network,              According to TechCrunch, a blog on
updates his profile on Facebook, blogs          online social networking, Twitter has
on Tumblr, uses an internal professional        over nine million users. While account
networking site at work and connects with       details are unknown, Hubspot, an internet
colleagues on LinkedIn.                         marketing blog, estimates that between five
    He didn’t have the appetite for yet         and ten thousand new Twitter users open
another social network site. He first joined    accounts everyday.
Twitter to hate on it- until he started using       There are those who tweet “drinking a
it. “Twitter is not about accumulating          Snapple” that nobody really cares about.
friends and microblogging your mundane,         But users also post up-to-date eye-witness
minute by minute activities, Twitter is         accounts on current events, like the attacks
about SEARCH, I use Twitter as often as I       in Mumbai or the USAir plane on the
use Google,” says Alexander.                    Hudson.
    Twitter is unique since users can read          “Tweets increasingly provide a platform
comments, known as tweets, written by           for citizen journalism; much like YouTube
everyone from CEO to Britney         does for video,” Alexander said.
Spears. Tweets are short and to the point, a        When the plane landed on the Hudson,                                                                                       ELIZABETH BUCKNAM
maximum of 140 characters. While it has         Janis Krums communicated on Twitter
only been around for three years, Twitter       about what he saw as a passenger on nearby       available to comment, it is unclear who at       do with recent school activities and instead
gained recognition as celebrities like John     ferry boat. Using his cell phone he tweeted      the school is responsible for overseeing         include random statements like “going to
Mayer, Ashton Kutcher and even Barak            “There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the       their profile.                                   play in an all day VB tourney at John Jay
Obama use it to communicate. People             ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.”           “I think it would be nice for John Jay       College” from one user.
magazine even started a weekly column           He then uploaded a photo of passengers           to have a Twitter account to communicate             John Jay could benefit from using
to highlight what celebrities are tweeting      standing on the wing of the plane. That          with students. Pretty much every company,        Twitter, suggests Alexander. In addition to
about.                                          photo ended up on many a front page the          agency, etc. has a Twitter now, so why not       event updates, he says, “colleges should
    The John Jay community seems                next day.                                        John Jay?” said Ghafoor.                         consider tweeting like they send text
ambivalent to Twitter. Some see it as just          Julie McAleenan, who analyzes                    CSI tweets an average of four times          messages in cases of emergency.” E v e n
another social network site. “I don’t use       social media as an Account Executive for         a day. Recent updates include “College           John Jay students who don’t use Twitter
twitter,” said Usman Ghafoor, a John Jay, explains how Gen              Job Fair in the Sports & Rec. Building”          see the benefit of using it to communicate.
student. “Personally, Facebook is enough        Y relies on communication from Twitter           to “Scholarship for Staten Island                “I don’t use Twitter, but I think it would be
for me, I don’t need Twitter.”                  for authentic information. “That can be          Valedictorians” to “Fall 2009 Applications       nice for John Jay to open it as an option to
    Twitter is clearly the next iteration of    scary for some companies, though,” said          now being accepted.” Students who opt-           have,” said Jane Shekhtman, a third year
online social networking because it removes     McAleenan.                                       in to follow CSI Twitter postings receive        student at John Jay.
barriers to entry present on Facebook and           Colleges, much like companies, seem          updates, much like the newsfeed on                   Hate it or love it, Twitter is a potential
MySpace. Unlike Facebook or MySpace             hesitant to embrace Twitter. The College         Facebook.                                        new communication medium to explore.
where pages and profiles can be private,        of Staten Island (or CSI) is one of the              Unlike CSI, John Jay does not have a         It’s immediate and open, and can be used
Twitter comments are public. You can            few CUNY schools managing a profile on           profile on Twitter. If you search the term       for more than announcing what you’re
follow or respond to tweets made by your        Twitter. Since the IT Department was not         “John Jay College” the results have little to    eating for lunch.

Summer Movie Preview
                                                                                                      “Away We Go” (June 5th), a comedy about a couple searching for the best place to
                                                                                                 raise their first child and “The Hangover” (June 5th), a comedy about three groomsmen
                                                                                                 who lose the groom during a drunken escapade both look very promising. Also in June
                                                                                                 is the remake of “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” (June 12th), starring Denzel Washington
                                      By Karen Tabin                                             and John Travolta. I think the highlight of the month will be when Shia LeBeouf and
                                                                                                 Megan Fox join with Optimus Prime again in the sequel “Transformers: Revenge of the
     With summer approaching, there are plenty of movies to watch out for. 2008 was a            Fallen” (June 24th).
blockbuster year for movies, and if all goes as planned it looks like this year will continue         July seems to be the month that has a little of everything. With the return of “Ice Age”
the fun. There are plenty of movies to be excited about this year, and many of the ones          anyone who enjoyed that little squirrel’s fight to the death to save his acorn will no doubt
you are most looking forward to will be out this summer. Here’s a list of what you should        enjoy the third installment of the series, “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” (July 1st).
keep your eyes open for.                                                                         On the same day you can catch Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in “Public Enemies”
     The month of May has a lot of long-awaited action releases. Starting off the month,         (July 1st), an exciting crime drama based on the real life story of when the Fed’s tried to
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (May 1st), is highly anticipated, with its in-depth look into         take down gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd during the
the rise of your favorite X-Men. For those of you who want their post-Oscar Hugh                 1930s crime wave. Remember Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilariously brilliant performance in
Jackman fix, Wolverine will definitely fulfill that. Another long awaited release is “Star       “Borat”? Good news, you can catch him again in “Bruno” (July 10th) where he plays the
Trek” (May 8th), with a promising cast that looks into Kirk and Spock’s earlier years.           second of the three characters he portrayed on his HBO show “Da Ali G Show.”
You can also catch Tom Hanks continuing his role as Robert Langdon in the “The Da                     For those of you who do not know this character, Bruno is an overly flamboyant
Vinci Code” prequel “Angels and Demons” (May 15th).                                              Austrian fashionista who comes to America. July’s climax will be the release of “Harry
     Now all you Terminator fans will finally get your wish with the much anticipated            Potter and the Half Blood Prince” (July 17th). With the all-star cast returning for the sixth
“Terminator Salvation” (May 21st) starring Christian Bale. May might have a lot of               installment of the series, the excitement of the fans could not be higher. July will end
action, but it has comedy as well. “The Brothers Bloom” (May 15th limited; May 29th              with a good laugh when “Funny People” (July 31st) hits theaters. With a cast of, yes- you
full) is a comedic crime movie starring Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody as the best                guessed it- funny people, this movie sounds like a sure win. Nothing bad can come when
con men in the world who take a beautiful heiress, Rachel Weisz, on the adventure of             you put Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann together.
a lifetime. If you have kids they will enjoy “Up” (May 22nd), a sweet and comical                      In August, when our solemn hearts are readying our goodbyes to summer, there will
animated movie about an old man who is surprised when his home takes sudden flight due           be some dramatic movies to match our mood, and others to pull us out of it. “Julie and
to balloons tied to his house, and even more shocked when he discovers he is not alone.          Julia” (August 7th), which stars Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, documents the life of
Another one that both kids and adults can enjoy is “A Night at the Museum: Battle of the         Julia Child. Okay boys, as I am sure that this will be of no interest to you, Paramount
Smithsonian” (May 22nd).                                                                         planned accordingly.
     With the success of the first one, they managed to pull even more stars into its already         Grab your favorite childhood action figure and sit him next to you so you can both
all-star cast. If you’re a fan of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Amy Adams or Robin Williams,         watch “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” (August 7th), starring Channing Tatum, Sienna
I strongly suggest seeing this movie.                                                            Miller, Dennis Quaid and Marlon Wayans. Last year he was aging backwards, this year
     June is going to be the month that will make you laugh, with many comedies like             he is killing Nazis, catch Brad Pitt in the Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”
“The Proposal,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (June 12th), which involves            (August 21st), where Jewish-American soldiers try to scare the Third Reich by killing
a marriage specifically arranged to escape deportation to Canada and “Year One,” with            Nazis. If you liked Rob Zombie’s remake of “Halloween,” watch out for his sequel “H2:
Jack Black and Michael Cera (June 19th), a story of two banished hunter-gatherers.               Halloween 2” (August 28th).
     No year would be complete without having laughed your head off because of Will                   As far as the summer goes, there are many movies that are worth working that summer
Ferrell, right? Last year it was “Step Brothers” and this year it will be “Land of the Lost”     job for. If you are looking to laugh, cry, be scared, or a little of each, then there are movies
(June 5th), where he, his assistant and a survivalist get sucked through a vortex and end        that will meet your needs. So, remember these dates and don’t forget to save up for the
up in an alternate universe where nothing is like it was back home.                              all too expensive concession stand. See you at the ticket booth.

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