Daisy Troop Meeting Guide

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					                        Daisy Troop Meeting Guide
                       A guide for incorporating the cookie sale
                              into your troop meetings.

The Girl Scout Promise and Law is the foundation of the Daisy handbook. Use The
Girl Scout Law for Cookie Sellers and these tips to incorporate the cookie sale into
your Daisy meetings.

Meeting #1 Honest and Fair
     Ask the girls what is Honest and Fair in a cookie sale
     Do you think it’s fair to start selling cookies before anyone else?
     Do you think it’s honest to keep money from a cookie sale for yourself?
     Daisy Flower Garden Journey p 55-60 Give each girl a turn to speak, just
     like the flowers!
     Daisy Flower Garden Journey p 65 if you want to be honest and fair like
     Lupe the Lupine, what would you do to be like her?

Meeting #2-Courageous and Strong
     Have the girls role play by asking each other to purchase a box of cookies.
     Some girls will need this time to become comfortable asking for sales.
     Daisy Flower Garden Journey p. 59 How is being brave with a bee flying
     into your garden like being brave to ask an adult friend to buy cookies? Play Daisy Bingo to learn about the types of
     Daisy Journey Between Earth and Sky p.92 What kinds of nuts are used in
     GS cookies? Find the word ‘nut’ on the order card. Some people can’t eat
     peanuts because they have an allergy. What cookies can they buy?

Meeting #3-Considerate and Caring
     Encourage the girls to talk about ways they can help each other during the
     cookie sale. How they can help others, such as donating cookies to a local
     food shelter?
     What are considerate ways to ask customers to buy cookies? What would be
     inconsiderate ways to ask?
     Daisy Journey Between Earth and Sky p.88 If you have many different
     ideas about your cookie sale, take the time to listen to every opinion and talk
     things out like the flowers on their journey. Firefly Award Share their skills.
     Daisy Journey Between Earth and Sky p.49 Mid-sale you can reevaluate
     your sale plan.
     Daisy Journey Between Earth and Sky Blue Bucket Award Use role
     playing to resolve conflicts, negotiate and be considerate.

Booth Sale: If you are going to do a booth sale, have he girls make a list of what to
take to the booth sale. Daisy Journey Between Earth and Sky p.20 Be prepared!
Also practice polite ways to ask customers to buy, and how to respond when
customers say no thank you!

Resources available:
Smart Cookies in the Daisy Flower Garden – GSUSA website
How to Guide Girl Scout Daisies Through Smart Cookies in the Daisy Flower Garden –
GSUSA website
Girl Scout Daisy Leader Volunteer Guide-Smart Cookie Connection – ABC Website
                            Tips for Daisy Families

During the Girl Scout cookie sale, as in all Girl Scout activities, your Daisy’s safety is
paramount. Below is a cookie sale FAQ that provides tips for guiding your Daisy
through the experience.
Is parental permission needed?
Yes. In order for girls to sell cookies, the adult in charge of your Daisy’s Girl Scout
group must have written permission from each girl’s family (permission forms are
available from your leader, Service Unit team, or council office). In addition:
       Daisies must always have an adult with them when they sell
       Girls and their families must observe all guidelines outlined in cookie training
How do Daisies take the lead as entrepreneurs?
To gain the benefits of the cookie sale experience, girls take part in the “ask” of all
cookies sales and the delivery of all cookies. Be mindful not to take over any of your
Daisy’s business duties. Let her lead the way!

Read a Daisy story together with the ‘Smart Cookies in the Daisy Flower Garden’ at This is an addition to the Daisy Journey program and books.

Leadership skills gained from the Girl Scout cookie activity
     Teamwork with peers: Girls work with their sister Daisies to achieve common
     goals, including deciding how to use their cookie sale earnings.
     Teamwork with adults: As your Daisy teams up with you or another family
     member, be sure that she always makes “the ask” to customers and explains
     the product, what will be done with the proceeds, and what she and her sister
     Daisies are learning from their cookie business. The adult is the keeper of all
     the sale money but Daisies can help you collect it from a customer and help
     count it.
     Goal Setting: Your Daisy will set both personal learning goals (for what she
     wants to be able to do well by taking part in the cookie sale) and age
     appropriate and reasonable sales goals (to be decided with her adult partner
     and tracked on her sales chart). GSEM is recommending that every Daisy sets
     a goal to sell at least 15 boxes of cookies, so she will earn the 2011 cookie
     sale patch.
     Money Management: Your Daisy may help count money with her adult
     partner in a secure and safe place - not in public.

Additionally, your Daisy will learn about her product and how its price “pays” for
several things:

      First, it pays for the product itself - the ingredients or materials and the time
      and effort that went into making the product
      Next, it goes toward GSEM services for all girls (such as program activities,
      program materials or equipment, improvements at Girl Scout camps and
      program centers).
      And then it funds the goals of your Daisy’s Girl Scout troop (which may include
      a project or trip inspired by their leadership journey, other group activities, or
      a service activity).