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					Nonresidential building. This lease made this _________ day of _________[year], between _________, for h—self, h— heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, as lessor, and _________, for h—self, h— heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, as lessee, witnesses: A. In consideration of the mutual agreements of lessor and lessee herein, lessor leases to lessee, and lessee leases from lessor _________[description of property leased] for _________ years, commencing _________[year], and until _________[year]. B. Lessee agrees as follows: 1. To pay lessor as rent for premises, at the office of lessor in the city of _________[or as the case may be] the sum of $_____ payable as follows: _________[state time when payments to be made as in forms in §5.4576]. 2. To use the premises only for _________, and not for any purpose calculated to injury the reputation of the premises or to impair the value of premises or of adjacent property. 3. To permit lessor to put up notices to rent and to show premises at reasonable hours for _________ days prior to the expiration of this lease, without interference by lessee. 4. To keep premises in good repair during the term of this lease at lessee's own expense. 5. To keep premises in clean and wholesome condition in accordance with the ordinances of the city of _________ and the directions of the government of the city. 6. To not assign this lease or sublet premises without written consent of lessor. 7. To give a valid and first lien on any property of lessee on leased premises as security for payment of rent. 8. To pay all water rates charged or assessed on premises. 9. To pay for removal of offal, garbage and night soil from premises, which may be ordered by city government or any of its officers during term of this lease. 10. To pay as additional and further rent any payments by lessor on default of lessee in making payments required by this lease to be made by lessee.

11. To waive any demand for nonpayment of rent, before forfeiture of this lease for nonpayment of rent. 12. To waive any right to any notice from lessor of the intention to forfeit this lease for breach by lessee of any of the terms of this lease. 13. To give possession of premises on expiration of this lease in as good condition as when entered on by lessee at commencement of this lease, loss by fire or inevitable accident or ordinary wear excepted. C. It is further agreed between the parties as follows: 1. Lessor shall not be liable for any damage done or occasioned by the bursting or leaking or running of any cistern, tank, water, steam, sewer, or other pipe in, above, on or about building or premises, or for any damage done or occasioned by water, snow or ice being on or coming through roof, any trapdoor, water closet, waste pipe, or otherwise. 2. If lessee shall abandon premises, or any part thereof, during continuance of the term, lessor may, without notice, and either personally, or as the agent of lessee, relet premises, or any part thereof, on such terms and for such rent as lessor may deem expedient or proper; and such reletting shall not operate as a waiver of any right whatever which lessor would otherwise have to hold lessee responsible for rent reserved; and in case premises, or any part thereof, shall be so relet, lessor shall collect the rent therefor from person or persons to whom the same shall be relet, and, after paying expenses of such reletting and collection, apply what remains of amount received on account of the rent due, or to become due, from lessee, under this lease. 3. Lessee shall pay and discharge all costs, attorney's fees and expenses that shall arise from enforcing the agreements of this lease by lessor. 4. All agreements contained herein shall extend to, and be obligatory on the heirs, executors, administrators and assigns of lessor and on the heirs, executors and administrators of lessee, and also on lessee's assigns, should this lease be assigned, or should the premises be underlet, as aforesaid. In witness whereof, the parties have hereunto set their hands [and seals] the day and year first above written. [Signatures, etc.]

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