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									                 Preposition Poem Project

   You are to write a prepositional phrase poem about
    your favorite place.
   Your poem must have a title (the place), be a
    minimum of 10 lines, be completely illustrated (at
    least 5 pictures correlated to the objects mentioned at
    the end of each line) and colored.
   Each line MUST start with a preposition, end with an
    object (noun or pronoun), and the last line must tell
    what you are doing. (See example poem on the back)
    Remember: Prepositional Phrases DO NOT contain
   Poems will NOT be accepted if done on notebook
    paper. The paper size used must be 8 ½ X 11.
    Students can use construction paper, computer
    paper, or stationary paper.
   Poems and drawings will NOT be accepted if done in
    pencil or pen. This is a project and should look like
    one! They may be typed or traced neatly with marker.
   Doing the minimum requirements (10 lines) will earn a
    minimum grade of 70. To get a 100, you must have
    at least 15 lines.
   This will be graded based on following directions,
    effort, accuracy of prepositional phrases, neatness,
    and the illustrations created for the poem.
   This will count as a major grade. This was
    assigned on October 13, 2010. The draft of the
    poem is due on October 19, 2010. The final project
    and illustrations are due on October 22, 2010, for
    a major grade.
             Preposition Poem Project

Example of a Poem:

                Destin, Florida

           Beside the blue salt water
             Under the basking sun
             On the warm, soft sand
            Next to the rolling waves
            With a cool, fresh breeze
    Across from the red and white lighthouse
      Beneath an enormous pink umbrella
              In a cozy beach chair
            Without any distractions
              Mrs. Young lounges.

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