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VOL. XXVI No. 5                The Floating Homes Association Newsletter                                  September/October 2009

                                                                                                    Fortuitous Circumstances
                                                                                                    By Stan Barbarich

                                                                                                    H       ow clever of this year’s
                                                                                                            tour organizers to not be
                                                                                                            deterred by the predic-
                                                                                                    tions that WPH construction
                                                                                                    would actually begin in 2009.
                                                                                                    They had alternate plans all
                                                                                                    made, in case it happened, of

                                                                              PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                                                    course, but, as it turned out, their
                                                                                                    crystal ball was the clearest one,
                                                                                                    and the tour is ready to launch!
                                                                                                       I hope that you have already
                                                                                                    volunteered to take a shift on
                                                                                                    tour day. With 20 homes on this
                                                                                                    year’s tour, a greater number of
                                                                                                    people are needed to serve as do-
                                                                                                    cents, monitors and the myriad of
                                                                                                    other positions. If you’ve never
                                                                                                    helped with the tour, it’s actu-
                                                                                                    ally a lot of fun to chat with the
                                                                                                    visitors, who continue to marvel
                                                                                                    at our homes and our lifestyle.
                                                                                                    The level of enthusiasm that the
                                                                                                    visitors bring can be a real eye
                                                                                                    opener for long-time residents,
                                                                                                    who may tend to take it all for
                                                                                                    granted after a while. For more
                                                                                                    recent floating-home dwellers,
                                                                                                    you’ll find it fun to satisfy their
                                                                                                    curiosity about the reasons you
                                                                                                    moved here and the joys of living
                                                                                                    here, surrounded by the natural
                                                         Photo by John Ryan                         world. The experience always
                                                                                                    reinvigorates me and renews my
Sea Lion Visits Yellow Ferry                                                                        appreciation of our special life-
Is this a harbinger for the return of El Niño?                                                                continued on page 6
Contributed by John Ryan

                                                                                                    President’s Message ...............1
        n adult California Sea Lion was stranded in the mud at Yellow

                                                                                                    El Nino is Here .........................2
        Ferry Dock in late August. Resident John Ryan speculates that it
        may have followed fish in towards the dock and forgot to check                              Dinghy Dame ...........................3
the tide tables. Yellow Ferry residents chatted with it for about 30 min-                           Membership News ...................4
utes until it was able swim away. Is it possible that this is an early sign                         Floating Homes Tour................4
of the return of El Niño? See Larry Clinton’s article on Page 2.                                    CERT News .............................4
                                   ♦♦♦                                                              Dock Talk .................................5
                                                                                                    Advertising ...............................7
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The Floating Times                                                                                                                       Page 1
El Niño Is Here                                            might find out of San Diego were being caught off
by Larry Clinton                                           Monterey,” said Jim Covel, a biologist with the

                                                           Monterey Bay Aquarium. In July, the Marin IJ re-
      ince spring, waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean    ported that albacore were already schooling off the
      have warmed up, leading researchers at the Na-       shelf. At Fort Baker pier, anglers were filling cool-
      tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-           ers with mackerel. White sea bass were hitting off
tion’s Climate Prediction Center to declare an official    Marin, thresher sharks were leaping just outside the
El Niño in early July. The agency said recently that       Golden Gate, and “a triggerfish on holiday from Baja
conditions appear to be strengthening, increasing the      was caught . . . near Santa Cruz.”
likelihood of at least a moderate El Niño through the          On the negative side, all that warm water can limit
2009-10 winter, following a three-year hiatus.             upwelling, the process by which cold ocean water
   South American fishermen who recognized the ar-         filled with plankton and other nutrients is pushed to
rival of a warmer Pacific around Christmas gave the        the surface, providing a smorgasbord for birds, fish
phenomenon the name El Niño, which means “little           and other marine life. Scientists think warmer El Niño
boy” or “Christ child” in Spanish.                         waters could be sending fish farther out to sea in search
                                                           of colder spots.
   During a strong El Niño, Pacific temperatures can
spike 8 degrees, shifting the jet stream from a roller-
coaster shape to a straight line. Powerful storms slam
into the U.S. West Coast, as in the last strong event,
which occurred in 1997-98. That winter brought 47
inches of rain to San Francisco, more than twice the
normal 22.5 inches, causing destructive storms, flood-
ing, mudslides and power outages.

   Fluctuations in ocean temperatures are accompa-
nied by even larger-scale fluctuations in air pressure
known as the Southern Oscillation. This occurs during
El Niño episodes, bringing abnormally high air pres-
sure In contrast, the positive phase occurs during La
Niña episodes, with abnormally low air pressure. A
low pressure front in January, 2005 caused San Fran-
                                                                                                      Photo by Ric Miller
cisco Bay to rise nearly a foot above predicted high
tides, and the resulting floods totaled several cars in    Parking lot flooding on Gate 6 Road.
our parking lots. La Niña occurrences don’t necessar-
ily follow El Niño years.                                     Cormorant numbers are down, leading biologists at
                                                           Point Reyes Bird Observatory to call this the worst
   Some side effects of El Niño are already being felt.    year in memory for breeding pairs in bay region nest-
Fire warnings are at high levels, because the shift in     ing colonies. Common murres nesting on the Farallon
ocean temperature patterns could increase lightning        Islands, the biggest breeding colony south of Alaska,
strikes. Northern California’s woods are drier than        are also in decline this year.
normal — even though this year was wetter than last           Hundreds of young sea lions that washed ashore
year. Fire fuels have been drying out, dying back and      malnourished and dying this summer may well be
increasing the potential for fires to spread.              the victims of El Niño, said Dan Costa, a professor
                                                           of ecology at the University of California-Santa Cruz.
   “Northern California is basically under extreme fire    By August, the Marine Mammal Center in the Marin
risk,” said Ron Neilson, a bioclimatologist for the U.S.   Headlands had taken in more patients than in any
Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station        other year; most were malnourished seal lion pups. In
and a botany professor at Oregon State University.         the severe 1998 El Niño, about 3,000 sea lions were
                                                           stranded, twice the normal number. If this winter’s
   Foresters, farmers and ski resort operators are hop-    turns out to be as severe, a large number of marine
ing that El Niño will bring an end to three years of       animals could starve next year.
drought. But El Niño conditions have dramatic ef-             It’s still too early to gauge the severity of this year’s
fects on fish, whales, birds, sea lions and other spe-     El Niño, with computer models ranging from rela-
cies. Warm water from the equator moves north along        tively weak to strong intensity. But the stronger the
California in the Davidson Current. With it come fish      conditions and the warmer the water, the greater likeli-
normally found only in warmer areas.                       hood, so it’s wise to keep attuned to ocean temperature
  “In the last big El Niño, they were seeing striped          So far the outlook is optimistic. “It looks very un-
marlin off San Francisco, and tuna species that you
                                                                             continued on page 6
The Floating Times                          September/October, 2009                                            Page 2
 Water you doing here?                                                                     By the Dinghy Dame

   Twenty two years ago Elana                                                      net Channel, a new online network
Yonah Rosen went to a party on                                                     for public purpose.(www.PIC.TV).
26 Issaquah, and thought “This                                                     On a lighter note, she is a former
is the coolest place on earth                                                      world champ ultimate frisbee play-
to live.” Ten years later, when                                                    er! I wouldn’t have expected less,
looking for a place to rent,she                                                    the way she throws herself into her
found only one available home                                                      life’s work. One neighbor, who has
in our community: 26 Issaquah!                                                     known her since childhood called
So she lived there blissfully until                                                her fearless, even then.
the landlord realized she had a                                                       From 96-98 Just Think served
cat and asked her to leave. An-                                                    as the intellectual partner for an
other ten years passed before she                                                  International Childrens’ Summit.
was ready to buy, and a realtor                                                    Elana brought 600 children from
friend in Kansas City found her                                                    50 countries together in Paris for
home on East Pier. She and her                                                     the 5 day summits. In 98 she also
son Ezekiel joined us 5 years                                                      set up the Zimbabwe Educational
ago. And they love it.                                         Photo: Dinghy Dame Exchange program. And she has
   Elana grew up in Lucas Val-                    Elan Yonah Rosen                 worked in Bhutan and the former
ley and has lived on all sides of                                                  Yugoslavia.
our country as well as abroad. She says she never has            Elana just returned from Rawanda,having em-
found a more interesting, remarkable sense of commu-         barked, under The Clinton Global Initiative, on the
nity as here in the floating home world. She feels “it is    first of 5 trips to Sub-Saharan countries also including
not just that we connect to the water, the sky, nature,      Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Cameroon. She then
but that we seem to have a universal prospective on          plans to go to Mexico, Asia, and perhaps Russia with
our lives.” She likened it to the closest thing to a com-    hopes to improve the quality of life of low- income and
mune, but you get to close your own door. Says she,          diverse people. She is a self described “hope-a-holic”
“It’s the community that’s the anchor.”                      and stresses that the importance of media in teaching
   Elana’s bio lists her as Senior Advisor of One Econ-      and learing is paramount. She teaches young people to
omy Corporation and One Global Economy which                 produce their own media messages about issues which
merged with Just Think in 2009. Elana co-founded Just        concern them, such as first ammendment rights, body
Think in 1995. This is a non-profit organization which       image, global warming, immigration, depression and
provides media literacy education and media produc-          suicide. She teaches them to take on community lead-
tion training to youth and teachers in the Bay Area and      ership opportunities, and most importantly to improve
beyond. During her 20 years experience in media and          their lives.
education she was a producer with KQED-TV and a                  Her work reflects Clinton’s belief that governments
contributing writer for Center for Investigative Re-         need collaboration from the private sector to help meet
porting. She was co-creator of Edutopia and served as        the challenges of global interdependence by helping to
senior associate with the George Lucas Educational           turn ideas into action in order to help our world move
Foundation. Elana co-founded the first national media        to a more integrated global community of shared ben-
education membership organization in the U.S. She or-        efits, responsibilities and values.
ganized national leaders to author the Core Principles           Since it’s inception, Just Think has reached more
of Media Literacy Education. She received an Emmy            than 7,500 students, parents, teachers and others
nomination for the documentary, “Czeslaw Milosz: A           through direct programs; over 35,000 individuals
Poet Remembers”. She is co-author of the guidebook           through screening exhibits, fairs and other commu-
“Changing the World through Media Education.”                nity events; and an additional 4 million lives through
(WHEW!! One wonders how she still finds time to              unique media touches. .....Just think.....
toot the kazoo with us.) And ....she is a 2008 recipi-           Elana is a relaxed, thoughtful, giving individual
ent of the Jefferson Award for Public Service. She also      with such hope for the world’s youth that I am still
was a runner up last year and a winner this year of the      reeling in her enthusiasm and hope for the future of
national Leader In Learing award. Winners are select-        our world.
ed from 47 finalists around the country. And in June,            We are fortunate to have her living amongst us.
‘09, she and other winners convened in Washington                Her roomate, Marcus Hays, is an interesting fellow
D.C where they met with Congress and cable and edu-          as well, and has agreed to chat with me in the future
cation leaders. She also received a cash prize, which        about his life as an inventor and artist. I look forward
was her first, from Cable in the Classroom. Elana            to sharing his story with you. Until then, I remain din-
won this award for integrating 21st century skills and       ghy and, last time I looked, still a dame.
knowledge into the U.S. and international based Digi-                                     ♦♦♦
tal Connectors cirricula and launching the Public Inter-
The Floating Times                           September/October, 2009                                          Page 3
Here Comes The                                             10:00 AM to noon. Capitan Engler will come and talk
Tour!                                                      to us again and answer any questions we might have
                                                           about fire safety and will also observe our fire drills.
By Linda Meyer                                             You will get hands-on training in the use of fire extin-

                                                           guishers, dockside fire hoses, and the FHA pumps.
        ur largest community                                   The CERT division supervisors are planning drills in
        event of the year is at                            conjunction with community events such as the forth-
        hand. On Saturday,                                 coming Floating Homes Tour. We are still in need of
September 26th, 21 homes                                   CERT volunteers from the floating homes community
will be open to the public                                 to work with volunteers from other CERT divisions
from 11 AM to 4 PM for the 24th Sausalito Floating         to provide safety and security patrols. This event is
Homes Tour. Many homeowners have agreed to do-             going to be used as a CERT crowd control and radio
cent their own boats, so they can answer questions and     communications training exercise. If this is successful
provide their own unique insights into their waterfront    and we get a positive response from the CERT person-
lifestyles. The Tour Committee has arranged for visi-      nel for this event, the concept will be extended to other
tor parking across the freeway at the Gateway Center,      events in other communities. The purpose of combin-
with free shuttle buses to the docks. The only impact      ing CERT drills with community events is twofold:
on residents should be from people strolling the docks     first we want to offer the CERT participants more op-
enjoying this beautiful place. On the Kappas green,        portunities for training and also experience in working
where the tour begins, food and soft drinks will be        together in ad hoc groups, and second we want to get
available and live music will be performed throughout      more exposure to the other first responders such as the
the day. Entertainment coordinator Michael Seaman          sheriffís department and the fire department so they
has lined up plenty of talent for all our enjoyment.       know they can rely on us in an emergency.
   Close to 200 volunteers are needed in order to en-          In addition to the CERT activities we are still offer-
sure a safe and pleasant experience. Volunteers may        ing Get Ready Marin courses so that people who are
take the tour free either before or after their 3-hour     not in the CERT program still have the opportunity to
shifts. Though we are approaching our needed num-          learn what they need in order to be ready for an emer-
ber, there is still an opportunity to join the fun and     gency. We recently offered a course for a 16 people
volunteer for a shift. If you are interested, call Joan    on Gate 6 1/2. If you would like a Get Ready Marin
Sheahan at 332-5523 or email her at USC1953@aol.           program for your dock and have a group of at least six
com.                                                       people, we will be happy to come to your house and
   We have set a maximum number of 1200 tickets in         teach a class. To schedule a class call Ray Dunaway
order to achieve the goal of a nice steady flow through    at (415) 332-5548 or send an email to rdunaw@att-
the homes, without huge waits. So please suggest the
tour to your interested friends and if possible they           While I’m on the subject of being ready don’t for-
should order the tickets ahead of time at www.float-       get to start getting ready for winter storms. Now is the There will be walk-in tickets available      time to have your lines checked, to look for anything
if we don’t sell out ahead of time.                        that could blow away and to make sure that all your
   The admission donations ($35 per person with ad-        leaks are repaired. I have found that it is much easier
vance reservations, $40 at the door) will partially ben-   to do these chores when the sun is shining rather than
efit the Friends of the Marin City Library and the Fam-    in the middle of a rainstorm or a 100 mph windstorm.
ily Service Agency of Southern Marin. As always,           There are several competent people who live on the
the tour is also the chief fund-raiser for the Floating    docks who can perform the winter check for you. If
Homes Association.                                         you are new to the docks, ask your neighbors who they
   We have a great group of homes on view, thanks          recommend, but by all means check.
to the gracious generosity of the homeowners. This is
our day to shine; for all the world to see how wonder-                                ♦♦♦
ful our community really is. If you have any questions
please feel free to contact me at        Membership News
or 775-846-9091. Thank you before hand for making
                                                           By Ann Duvall
this tour such a great experience for one and all. We

look forward to seeing everyone on tour day!                    he membership committee is here to recruit and
                          ♦♦♦                                   welcome new members and to serve current
                                                                members. Have you passed a new person on the
                   CERT News                               dock? Please inform them of the benefits of being a
                                                           FHA member and encourage them to join. Potential
By Ray Dunaway                                             members can contact your dock rep or Claudia (415)

A      fter the successful fire drill on 11 August I       272-5002 or Ann (415)-331-3224.
       talked with Captain Randy Engler at South-                                ♦♦♦
       ern Marin fire station about another drill for
the Floating Homes Community on 17 October from
The Floating Times                          September/October, 2009                                          Page 4
                                             D o c k Ta l k
New Documentary: “Houseboat Wars”                             Get Ready Marin Workshop
By Larry Clinton                                              By Larry Clinton

H       ouseboat Wars is a documentary-in-progress
        about the early days of the Floating Home
        Community. Featuring real stories from early
waterfront dwellers and archival footage, it chronicles
the idyllic early peace and love days of the late 60’s,
                                                              O      n August 10, CERT Captain Ray Dunaway
                                                                     presented a Get Ready Marin workshop for a
                                                                     dozen residents of Gate 6-1/2 at the home of
                                                              Jane and Larry Clinton.
                                                                 Attendees came away with tips and checksheets to
followed by the dangerous post-Haight Ashbury drug            help in planning to be self-sufficient for 5-7 days in
culture which brought on abatement proceedings that           the event of a local disaster.
led to the legendary Houseboat Wars.
   You can view a trailer and find out more about the                                    ♦♦♦
project at
                                                              Robbery Suspect Arrested on Gate 6 1/2
                                                              By Donna Lunsford

                                                              G       ate 6 1/2 awoke to some excitement Friday
                                                                      Aug 21st. Katherine Boschetto heard what she
                                                                      thought was raccoons in the mud around 5 AM,
                                                              but when she looked out the window, she witnessed
                                                              a man climbing out of the water onto the dock near
                                                              the freeway. She called 911, and then watched him
                                                              look around before he came down her pier. They dis-
                                                              patched a patrol car and stayed on the line with her.
                                                              Fortunately she was safe.
                                                                 He then went toward the parking lot, but when the
                                           Photo Saul Rouda   Sheriff’s unit arrived, he bolted down the dock and the
Eviction confrontation during the “Houseboat Wars.”           chase was on. Many of us woke to running and loud
                                                              voices and search lights.
   Filmmaker Marianne Dolan is currently filming                 According to the I.J. he had robbed a Babies R Us
interviews with townspeople, and needs about $7000            delivery man of his wallet, and they had been looking
to complete this phase of the project. If you’d like to       for him since 3 AM. He apparently has other convic-
help support this project, you can make checks out to         tions.
Houseboat Wars and mail it to: 300 Napa Street, Slip             They followed his muddy footprints and knew he
34, Sausalito, CA 94965. To donate services or any-           was still here. We watched as many as 6 officers search
thing you think might be useful, contact: marianne@           the water under the pier and under boats to no avail.                                               Finally they used Skip and Bonnie Hunter’s boat to
                           ♦♦♦                                go around the perimeter and found him hiding under
                                                              the back deck of Gabrielle Moore-Gordon’s home.
                                                                 Katie and Jung Vu awoke to hear someone shout
Business and Services Directory                               “Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” And of course they made
By Felicity Kirsch                                            a call to 911 as well.

                                                                 The officers were able to apprehend the suspect and
         ood News! The Floating Homes Members                 dragged him through the window of the downstairs
         Business and Services Directory is now up live       unit, causing a bit of a muddy mess. Apparently one
         on the internet the web address is www.Sausal-       of the officers fell into the water as well.                     But they saved the day, we all witnessed a glorious
   This is a great opportunity to get your business or        sunrise, and life on the docks goes on.
service listed at no charge. It’s not too late to be listed      Of note, Katherine received a call the next day
and if you are interested in participating you can go         thanking her for her call. Without her quick response
to and click on What’s New.             in reporting a suspicious person, they would not have
Next click on the “Business and Service Directory”            found him. Kudos to Katherine!
and fill out the form and e-mail it to Felicity Kirsch.
If you have any questions or if going to the website                                     ♦♦♦
seems too difficult, all you have to do is call me, Felic-
ity, at (415) 888–3919 and I will e-mail you the form.
                                                                                 continued on page 6
The Floating Times                             September/October, 2009                                       Page 5
                                                                                     President’s Message
  D o c k Ta l k                     (continued from page 5)                        (continued from page 1)
                                                                   style. You may not have the most expensive home in
Floating Homes on the Market                                       Marin, but the envy that is evident on the faces of the
                                                                   visitors couldn’t be much greater, if you did.
Compiled from Bay Area Real Estate Information Services.              This is the single most important day of the year

I f you are interested in knowing what floating homes              for our community. It funds all the activities of FHA,
  are currently for sale on the waterfront, below are              including the member party and the significant contri-
  the homes listed on the Bay Area Real Estate Infor-              bution to our CERT equipment (nope, the dues don’t
mation Services MLS as of 7/15/2009.                               cover it all, by a long shot). And it benefits worthwhile
                                                                   “neighborhood” charities as well. The community
    4 Liberty Dock ................................ $279,000       needs your help, and you will enjoy viewing the in-
    12 Kappas East ................................ $290,000       teriors of some of those homes that you have always
    18 Kappas East ................................ $355,000       been curious about, but never got invited to dinner,
    10 Issaquah Dock ............................ $369,000         somehow. So, if you haven’t signed up yet, get online
    11 Kappas East ................................ $379,000       now.
    7 Issaquah Dock .............................. $399,000        An update on Doyle Drive construction.
    10 A Dock........................................ $449,000        Continuing on the coming weekends of Septem-
    3 Kappas East .................................. $451,000      ber 19-20, and September 26-27, the off-ramps from
    3W Kappas West ............................. $465,000          Highway 101 to southbound Highway 1 will be closed
    9 Commodore .................................. $479,000        from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to conduct tree removal in
    10 Kappas West ................................. 528,000       preparation for the major construction beginning later
    17 Gate 6 1/2 ................................... $578,000     this year. Northbound Highway 1 will remain open.
    35 South Forty Dock ....................... $589,000           You will not be able to get to Park Presidio/19th Av-
    55 Liberty Dock .............................. $589,000        enue, from Doyle Drive. You will need to go through
    28 Main Dock.................................... $649,00       the Presidio, or find some other route (Best might be
    33 Kappas East ................................ $649,000       to exit immediately to the right from the toll plaza and
    43 Issaquah Dock ............................ $799,000         proceed through the Presidio).
    24 Gate 6 1/2 ................................... $825,000        These closures are just the precursor to more ex-
                                                                   tended ramp closures. Beginning early next year, the
                                ♦♦♦                                ramp connecting northbound Park Presidio to south-
                                                                   bound Doyle Drive into the Marina will be closed
Have an item for Dock Talk?                                        for approximately twelve months, all day long, every

D     ock Talk is a great place for neighborhood                   day of the week. The ramp connecting northbound
      news and items of interest to other dock deni-               Doyle Drive from the Marina to southbound Park
      zens. Please send your items to Bonnie Hunter                Presidio/19th Avenue will close early next year for ap-
at by the first day of                proximately 24 months, all day long, every day of the
any odd numbered month.                                            week.
                                                                      Needless to say, traffic patterns across the City will
                                                                   be impacted by this project. Let’s be sure to prepare
                              ♦♦♦                                  and plan our routes ahead of time. Check the Golden
                                                                   Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District web-
El Nino is Here                                                    site as well as
(continued from page 2)                                               See you.
likely that this will be a real strong event,” said Mike
Halpert, deputy director of the Climate Prediction
Center in Camp Springs, Md. Halpert said this win-
ter’s snow and rainfall will likely outpace that of the
weak El Niño in 2006-07, which brought well below
typical precipitation. That may have been true state-
wide, but the floating homes community experienced
parking lot floods and high winds that caused consid-
erable damage on the docks.
   While hoping for the best, it’s always wise to pre-
pare for the worst.
          [compiled from various news sources]


The Floating Times                                    September/October, 2009                                       Page 6
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                                                  Boats: engine/mechanical diesel & gasoline,
  FINANCIAL BENEFITS CREDIT                       electrical wiring/design, plumbing,             All Houseboat plumbing. Repairs,
  UNION                                           woodwork. Houseboats: interior, exterior        sewage pumps, float switches, holding
  Sausalito Floating Home Owners Explore          design/construction. Fire retardant             tank alert alarms. 332-2910
  Your Options - Purchase or refinance with       treatments, seal hulls, design/install solar
  25 and 30 year terms - No balloon note -        systems, lighting. Work guaranteed. Highest     BUYING OR SELLING
  Any hull type California’s most experienced     standards. 415 203 3836                         A FLOATING HOME???
  credit union lender.                                                                            With 25 years of waterfront living, I am
  (415) 332-1233 –                   CONCRETE HULL REPAIRS                           your neighborhood real estate agent.                              Using the Xypex(TM) system permanently          Contact Rachelle Dorris 380-4636
                                                  seals concrete from the inside out!             Frank Howard Allen
  SADLER AND CO., INC. INSURANCE                  Remodeling, Repairs, Deck 70.
  for Floating Homes                                                                              MARINE SERVICE
                                                  Morgan Construction
  Owner or tenant occupied Excellent rates.       Contractor’s License. # 548554.                 BOATS & HOUSEBOATS
  Also yacht, home, renters, auto, business,      415.531.5146                                    Concrete barge repair. ZINC ANODE
  life/health. Call Broker Dianne Chute or        Visit for details.     PROTECTION. Mooring lines, cleats,
  Laura Holst (415) 457-2400                                                                      new floats, decks, piling repair. 40 years
                                                  HOUSEBOAT PAINTING                              experience in community.
  Has your bank left you high and dry?            The time is now!                                Ted Eitelbuss 415-332-0145
  Call CIRCLE BANK for a floating                 I have painted over 5 dozen floating
  home loan In San Rafael John Connelly           homes, interior and exterior. References.
  415.526.5411                 All Marin Painting Company,

The Floating Times                                     September/October, 2009                                                           Page 7
FHA Voice Mail: (415) 332-1916                                                                       Website:
FHA OFFICERS                                                                       DOCK REPS and ALTERNATES
President                Stan Barbarich         332-7225    ADock                     Laslo Toth            332-9429
Vice President           Suki Sennett           331-6375         Alternate             Laurel Polarek        339-8964
Secretary                Richard Mickley        332-4135      Commodore                 Felicity Kirsch       888-3919
Treasurer                Ron Moreland           332-2429        Alternate             Bill Kirsch           888-3919
Director at Large        Henry Baer             331-9220           Co-op                     Michael Labate        331-5081
Admin. Coordinator       Lewis Shireman         331-8325                           East Kappas               Ed Tuescher           331-8183
                                                     Alternate             Rose-Meri Muldoon     331-5348
COMMITTEES                                                                         Gate 6 1/2                Larry Clinton         332-6196
Emergency Services       Ray Dunaway            332-5548          Alternate             Roy Grekin            332-6861
Environmental            Vacnt                  331-2997        Issaquah                  Mickey Allison        289-0805
Legal                    Pam Bousquet           331-3614                                         
Membership               Ann Duvall             331-3224             Alternate             Jon Sibaila           331-1344
                         Claudia Duncan         272-5002                           Liberty                   Christin Golden-Testo 505-1332
Newsletter Editor        Bill Duvall            331-3224           Alternate              Kate Michels          331-3944
                         Bonnie Hunter          302-5649                           Main Dock                 Tony Williams         332-6296
                                               Alternate              Peter Huson           332-6240
Tour Director            Linda Meyer            332-1803     South Forty               Flo Hoylman           332-1043
                         Debra Levy             332-1803        Alternate              Jack Sherwood         332-1043
Webmaster                Ric Miller             331-6116     West Kappas               Court Mast            331-1953
Classified Ads           Bonnie Hunter          302-5649                                                                 
                                                Alternate             Maggie Knibbs         887-9351
SERVICES                                                                           Yellow Ferry              Jill Stephens         289-0410
Emergency Line when using cell phones           472-0911                               Alternate             Debra Levy            332-1803
RBRAHarbor Administrator           Bill Price   289-4143                           GOVERNMENT
                                         Cell   971-3919     District 3 Supervisor     Charles McGlashan   499-7331
San Francisco Baykeeper Hot Line                567-4401                           Assemblymember            Jared Huffman       479-4920
Marin County Fire Dept. Non-emergency           446-4463                           San Francisco             BCDC                352-3600
Marin County Sheriff Non-emergency              332-5422                           FEMA                      800-462-9029
Harbor Equity Group (HEG)      Pam Bousquet     331-3614                           Army Corps of Engineers   332-0334
                                                  Sausalito Post Office     332-0258
WPH Residents (HEG) Liaison        Ric Miller   331-6116
Kappas Residents (KHA) Liaison Ron Moreland     332-2429

                                                                                   Sausalito, CA 94966
                                                                                   P.O. Box 3054
                                                                                   Floating Homes Association, Inc.

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