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             Growing Chinese Cabbage
    Chinese cabbage surprizes tastebuds with lettuce-like flavor.

        hinese cabbage is an orien-                                           control and pest control are the
        tal vegetable that can be            Chinese cabbage                  same as for cabbage or lettuce.
        grown in Georgia gardens           can be grown as an                    Spring crop planting…
and used in salads and                    early winter and mid-
sandwiches instead of lettuce. It’s                                                For a spring crop, start seed
also known as celery cabbage
                                           winter vegetable. If               in January in an protected area
because some varieties are tall the          planted too late in              or indoors where they will get
slender. Its a close cousin of            the fall or spring, the             plenty of light. When plants are
regular cabbage.                                                              three to four inches tall, set them
                                          heads often “bolt” or               out. The heads are ready to pick
      Most varieties produce                 send up a flower                 when they are firm. For home
oblong, firm, crisp heads. The               stalk before they                use, plant double rows so heads
leaves of Chinese cabbage are                                                 are 2 to 3 pounds. If spaced wider,
slightly wrinkled and are a lighter,         head up. You can
                                                                              they can reach 10 to 12 pounds.
brighter green than leaves of                  grow Chinese                   Wrap harvested heads in plastic
regular cabbage. The wide, white           cabbage from seed                  and they’ll last several weeks in
midribs of the leaves are crisp and        or from transplants.               the refrigerator.
have a nice flavor. The leaves
closely resemble lettuce in color             Seeds are sold                 Varieties recommended for
and texture. The mild flavor of             locally and by mail                    home gardens are:
Chinese cabbage is more like that                  order.                         Burpee Hybrid, Early Hybrid
of lettuce than that of cabbage.                                             G, Springtime, Summertime,
                                                                             Wintertime, Early Autumn and
  Seeds can be bought through mailorder.
                                                           Early Autumn and Early Top 16. The name may
     Chinese cabbage can be grown as an early              imply the season in which the variety matures, but
winter and mid-winter vegetable. If planted too late       all can be grown in either the fall or spring.
in the fall or spring, the heads often “bolt” or send
up a flower stalk before they head up. You can grow                    Great for salads or slaw…
Chinese cabbage from seed or from transplants.                     Chinese cabbage can be used as lettuce, but
Seeds are sold locally and by mail order.                  it’s also good in slaw. It’s good shredded and
                                                           cooked, too. Begin cooking the white midrib, then
             Fall crop planting…
                                                           add leaf blades after the midribs have cooked a
     Plant seeds directly in late August through           little. You might want to make relish sticks from raw
October for a late fall and early winter crop. Treat       midribs. Chinese cabbage is low in calories and
Chinese cabbage like lettuce or regular cabbage,           good source of vitamin C.
spacing heads one foot apart for larger heads and
                                                                For more information on growing Chinese
10 inches apart for smaller heads. Fertilization, weed     cabbage; contact your local County Extension

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