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                                                       GFWC JUNIOR WOMAN’S CLUB OF CHARLOTTE
                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2009 EDITION

                  Key Dates                                   Message from the President
                                                                         ALLISON YEZEK
 10/10 – District 3 Fall Meeting; Cardio Caffeine   “Hope arouses, as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the
 and Crafts; Dove’s Nest; Wing Haven Plant Sale     possible.”
 10/12 – Business Meeting
 10/26-10/27 – WFAE Fall Pledge Drive               Welcome to October…..also known as GFWC Junior
 11/9 – November Business Meeting                   Month! Did you know that GFWC established the “Junior
 11/10 – Southern Christmas Show Preview            Department” what is now known as Juniors, in 1932? I
 Night                                              didn‟t, but I found it out on! If you haven‟t
           Check us out on the web @
                                                    been our Federation‟s website in awhile, I encourage you
                  to check it out! There are pretty interesting as well as
                  CLUB CALENDAR                     impressive facts on there about our organization. Matter of
                                                    fact, here is a little virtual scavenger hunt for you…..the
                                                    first person to come up to me at the October Business
Meeting with the name of the notable clubwoman who wrote the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” will win a
prize! We will also be celebrating Junior Month at our meeting with some sugary treats!

Can you believe that Preview Night is a month away!? We have lots of work left to do on this fundraiser. If you
need help with hours or points, see Dawn or any of our Steering Chairs. There is plenty of work to be done and
the clock is counting down. I am very excited to hear Robin‟s Corporate Sponsorship update as well!! We are
halfway to our goal and I know we can reach it. Remember, that even if you‟re not an “asker” you can still be a
corporate sponsor star by writing Thank You notes or helping with invoices. To makes this “Taste of
Christmas” a success, we need as many “cooks in the kitchen” as we can get!

Please pay close attention to 1st VP Megan Landers report as well as her Co-Chairs for all our upcoming project
information. Additionally, our new provisional class is in full swing. Please introduce yourself to these new
members and make them feel welcomed! I have recently been reminded of what it‟s like to be the new member,
as I joined my church choir. It is a wonderful feeling to be warmly welcomed! Let‟s make sure we reach out to
these members and make them feel right at home.

We are beginning to think about our nominees for this club year‟s Bryant Citizenship Award and the Junior
Magic Award. Info. will be on the clipboard items at the October Business Meeting. Start making a list of all of
your community, church and extra-curricular activities and be prepared to share all of your dedicated
participation on the clipboard. For the Junior Magic Award, please read the Collect of Clubwomen found in the
yearbook (online). Who in our club do you feel most exemplifies the Collect? Nominate the Junior that
inspires you!

Sharing Hope Through Service

Logo created by MC Designs

      participating in
      the Susan G.
      Komen Race for
      the Cure on
      October 3rd!

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                                    ~ EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS ~

PRESIDENTS REPORT:   Allison Yezek                     
1ST VP REPORT:       Megan Landers                     
Co 1st VP            Anglea Knight                     
Co 1st VP            Hope Hockday                      

2nd VP REPORT:       Amy Alexander                     
Co 2nd VP            Bridgeitte Wright                 
Co 2nd VP            Sharyl Mitchell                   

3rd VP REPORT:           Dawn Gropp                    

4th VP REPORT:       Christi Gray                      

TREASURER’S REPORT: Leah Nazworth                      

RECORDING SEC:           Laurie Thomason               
(No report)

CORRESPONDING     SEC:   Carrie Powers                 
(No report)

JUNIOR ADVISOR:          Robin McLaurin                

                                      ~ BOARD AND NON-BOARD REPORTS ~

      Chaplain                    Chair       Kelly Cunningham
      ESO                         Chair       Betsy Chew     
      Finance                     Chair       Tracy Winkler  
      Juniorette Advisor          Chair       Susan Gawlik   
      PR/Community Liaison        Chair       Christi Gray   
      Requirements                Chair       Jessica Ferguson
      Scholarship                 Chair       Amy Penwell    
      Social Chair                Chair       Becky Hoech    
      Woman’s Club Liaison        Chair       Betsy Chew     
                                      1st Vice President’s Report
                                                    Megan Landers

Thank you to everyone who participated in voting on our 2009-2010 projects at the September Business
Meeting. We received a lot of instructive feedback! The votes came in deciding to eliminate these projects from
our 2009-2010 project roster: 1) Removing trash from the South Fork Catawba river, 2) Girl Scouts: Scouting
for the Cure and 3) Pet Palooza. Given the shift in projects, Angela, Hope and I will be reevaluating the
calendar and adjusting projects dates accordingly. More to come.

If you have not yet read the fall 2009 issue of the North Carolina Clubwoman magazine, do so quickly and skip
to page 16. Here you will find an excellently written article by our very own Jessica Ferguson. She recounted a
summer trip to Dove‟s Nest, including personal stories, sunny shades and friendly faces. Jessica can now add
“Published Writer” to her resume! (There is also a brief write-up of the trip on page 13.)

                   Visit our club calendar at:

        Date       Week Day               Time                      Event                       Location
      10/05     Monday            7 – 8 PM              General Board Meeting        Conference Call
      10/10     Saturday          8 – 10:30 AM          District 3 Fall Meeting      Spencer, NC
      10/10     Saturday          8 – 10:30 AM          Cardio, Caffeine, Crafts     Freedom Park
      10/10     Saturday          10:30 AM – 12 PM      Dove‟s Nest                  Charlotte
      10/10     Saturday          8:30 AM – 4:30 PM     Wing Haven Plant Sale        Wing Haven Gardens and Bird
                                                                                     248 Ridgewood Avenue
                                                                                     Charlotte, NC 28209
                                                                                     (704) 331-0664
      10/12     Monday            7:30 – 9:30 PM        Business Meeting – Bring     The Mint
                                  (Social @ 7 PM)       Education Freebie (school
                                                        supplies) and/or Home Life
                                                        Freebie (toiletries)
      10/26,    Monday,           6 – 8 PM              WFAE Fall Fledge Drive       WFAE – University Area
      10/27     Tuesday
      10/28     Wednesday         N/A                   POST Reports                 Submit to Carrie Powers
      11/09     Monday            7:30 – 9:30 PM        Business Meeting – Bring     The Mint
                                  (Social @ 7 PM)       Education Freebie (school
                                                        supplies) and/or Home Life
                                                        Freebie (toiletries)
      11/10     Tuesday           5:30 – 9:30 PM        Preview Night (Southern      The Mart
                                                        Christmas Show)              2500 E. Independence Blvd.
                                                                                     Charlotte, NC, 28205
                                                        MEMBERS ONLY MTG
      11/14     Saturday          8 – 10:30 AM          Cardio, Caffeine, Crafts     Freedom Park
      11/14     Saturday          10:30 AM – 12 PM      Dove‟s Nest                  Charlotte
      11/20-    Friday-Saturday   All Day               GFWC-NC Mid-Year Board       Greensboro, NC
      11/21                                             Meeting

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               1st VP Co-Chair Report: Arts, Conservation, and Education
                                              Angela Knight
Arts & Conservation: If you signed up to help with the Wing Haven Plant Sale and/or WFAE Fall Pledge
Drive, please be sure to arrive on time and ready to go. The organizations we volunteer with are counting on

Education: Wasn‟t Margaret Daple of McClintock Middle just wonderful? I really appreciate her dedication
and love for her students. Please remember to bring school supplies for your freebie. As you know, her
students lack the basic materials (pencils, pens, notebook paper, 3” three ring binders). This is such an easy
way to earn points, not to mention what it will do for her students.

   1st VP Co-Chair Report: Home Life, International Affairs, and Public Affairs
                                             Hope Hockaday
The Home Life, International Affairs and Public Affairs departments are rather quiet in October and November.
Please remember for the October meeting that the Home Life department continues to collect items for United
Family Services. United Family Services is a safe place for victims of domestic violence. Many of these
women and children arrive at the shelter with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some suggested items are
toiletries (want to get rid of those hotel samples of which many of you have an overabundance?), diapers,
coloring books, etc. Thanks for your generosity!

Hosting Meetings:
Please note: The Juniors assigned to host the meeting the months of October and November are:

              Christi Gray                                   Rachel Hidalgo
              Dawn Gropp                                     Hope Hockaday
              Cindy Harris                                   Becky Hoetch
              Sarah Hebert                                   Shea Howell

You will be receiving an email from me a couple of weeks before the meetings to organize food and drink.
Please remember to come a little early to set up and stay a little late to assist in clean-up.

We have posted an updated “Hosting List” to our website should you need to reference it.

                                     2nd Vice President’s Report
                                              Amy Alexander

Shoe Closet
We are one month into the school year, and I know you have missed one of our signature projects, shoe closet!
Exciting progress has been made in giving our 40-year old project a makeover.

                                                                                           Return to Leap
Shoe Closet will resume shortly so look for more information and dates! We will continue to work with
Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools as we traditionally have with dates sent to you well in advance. We will be
adding a trip for McClintock Middle School – this is the school where my Aunt, Margaret Dalpe teaches and
that we have been generously contributing to through our freebies. Hopefully some of you will be able to adjust
schedules and participate in this rewarding program! Also, shoe closet would be available to at-risk children in
Harrisburg, Concord and Kannapolis on a Saturday with transportation to a shoe store of our choosing.
Something new for us! I‟ll keep you posted.

Dove’s Next~ Bridgeitte Wright
While on my honeymoon, Shea Howell chaired Dove's Nest. Unfortunately, the Juniors were not able to do
their project as the Dove's Nest floors were being repaired. No worries, we still have the crafts for next month.

St.Peter’s Soup Kitchen – Sharyl Mitchell
Thanks so much to Amy Alexander for coordinating the September St. Peter‟s Soup Kitchen lemonade event as
I was out of town. I really appreciate her stepping up for me so I could fly out of town. I also want to thank the
following women for coming out to support the event and Amy: Robin McLaurin, Jessica Ferguson, Kelly
Cunningham and her daughter, Megan Landers and Jen Sullivan. The next St. Peter‟s Day is November 21st at
10:45 am and that is the last one for the 2009 calendar year. I am working on obtaining the dates for 2010 and
to see if we are still on for every other month or if any changes have been made to the process for 2010. I will
include the dates in the next POST report so they can be posted to the web for 2010.

In addition, if you have any freebies that you have around the house (i.e. samples of shampoo, lotion, baby
stuff) that you will not use, please feel free to bring them to the next club meeting and we will donate them to
St. Peter‟s at the November event or sooner.

Also, we have a budget for this project and we have not had to use it yet due to leftover supplies from last club
year, so there is no need to bring any lemonade or cups to meetings in the future. We are going to use up what
we have since a lot of it are odd-sized cups and lemonade and then I will purchase what we need going
forward. Thanks to everyone for their donations in the past.

                                      3rd Vice President’s Report
                                                 Dawn Gropp

What an exciting time for our club!!
Southern Christmas Show Preview Night is a month away and there are some superstar women in our club
raising money, selling tickets and surpassing all requirements. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Let‟s all ramp
up for these last few weeks and wrap this fundraiser up with a BIG BLUE BOW!

I would like to summarize a few important things to remember this year about Preview Night and address some
concerns directly.
   1) In this tough economic time we may not receive a yes each and every time we ask for donations, but the
       key is to ASK
   2) Yes, things are different and a lot has changed from years past, but the promoters for the Southern
                                                                                       Return to Leap
       Shows are THRILLED with our changes, efforts and new ideas.
   3) If you have questions, any questions whatsoever about the Preview Night, the women you should reach
       out to are myself and your Steering Committee members. We are all working very hard this year to
       facilitate the new changes and make this year profitable and successful – so call US, email US and talk
       to US about your thoughts, concerns and questions.

It is important the entire club really promote online donations – such an
easy way for friends and family to donate

Unfortunately, there are still some folks who have not signed up to be on a committee. If you are one of those
people please see the sign up sheet at our October meeting. We encourage all members to join a committee, plus
this is a great way to achieve your hour requirements for the show.

If you have any concerns regarding your requirements please make sure to read the requirements report from
Jessica Ferguson in detail; also remember you can track hours and points for both the corporate sponsorship
dollars and raffle items you collect. For example, if you reach out to a company and they donate $100, you can
track one hour and 3 points.

The way you can help out this year with all the changes to the show is very simple. Sell your ticket
requirement, collect food donations in large quantities, ask companies for raffle items and of course clear your
calendar for the night of November 10 from 5 – 10pm. Also please remember - When it comes time that we
need help with simple tasks such as letter writing and raffle item packaging, we will reach out to the club.

Below please take the time to read each of the Steering Committee updates in detail.

Tickets – Christi Gray

As of the end of September, 485 show tickets and 592 raffle tickets have been distributed! There are still 4
Juniors who have not been allocated their tickets (Lara Bista, Laura Caldwell, Melissa Freidman, Bridgette
Wright), please reach out to me to collect your tickets in order to meet your requirements. If you think you are
not able to sell 10 show and 10 raffle tickets you, please reach out to me for ideas how to generate interest!
Thanks and keep selling!

Raffle – Hope Hockaday

Remember to continue to collect the wonderful raffle prizes you secured last year and ask for new additions to
our list! Ask for raffle prizes at places you frequent such as your hairstylist or local restaurant. Ask at any
place you visit when you pay your bill – as I learned last year, often than not, the answer is yes! Remember for
all items collected (including tickets) make sure the expiration date is well beyond November 10th, since we
will be drawing the raffle winners the night of the show.

If you are not planning to reach out to a donor that you reached out to last year, please email me so we can
distribute some of our larger contacts to members of the raffle committee and avoid losing some of these
generous donor relationships. Also, if you would like to reach out to a new donor, please contact me to ensure
another Junior isn‟t planning to ask the same donor.

As you know by now, raffle tickets are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. This will be another “slam dunk” to achieve your
points, since raffle tickets are worth a point each! Raffle tickets are available for you to pick up through Christi
Gray. Continue to sell those tickets to achieve your raffle ticket sales requirement of 10. Why don‟t you make it
easy on yourself and sell your raffle ticket and preview night tickets as a combo deal - $25 gets you a ticket to
the show and 3 raffle tickets – what a deal!

We will be announcing new raffle items at the business meeting so if you have secured any prizes, please let me
know as soon as possible.
Thank you for continuing your hard work! Remember raffle dollars are dollars in our pockets!

Volunteer Management – Maria Wurtzbacher
Thanks to those of that have already signed up to work on Pre-View Night! The show is Tuesday, Nov. 10th and
we need volunteers from noon all the way to clean up (which I hope to be by 10:00 the latest…we‟ll see!)
There will be sign up sheets at the meeting. Each Junior is required to work at least 3 hours at the show. Please
be sure to contact me if you have special circumstances, can only work at a particular time, etc.
Here is the schedule thus far:

12 pm – 3 pm                  Cindy Harris                   Robin McLaurin               6:30-9:30 pm
Carrie Powers                 Susan Gawlik                   Allison Yezek                Sarah Combs
Laurie Thomason               Lisa O‟Herron                  Leah Nazworth
Jessica Ferguson              Sharyl Mitchell                Megan Landers                9 pm – Done
Hope Hockaday                                                Cindy Harris                 Leah Nazworth
                              5 pm – 8 pm                    Pam P.                       Robin McLaurin
3 pm – 6 pm                   Tracy Winkler                  Amy A.                       Allison Yezek
Rachel Hidalgo                                               Christi Gray                 Cindy Harris
Allison Yezek                 6 pm – 9 pm                    Amy Penwell                  Christi Gray
Jennifer Sullivan             Rachel Hidalgo                                              Angela Knight
Kelly Cunningham              Amy Penwell

Food and Beverage – Cindy Harris

Food & Beverage = KISS (Keep it Simple & Sugary!)
We are moving along nicely with this year‟s SCS Preview Nights "Taste of Christmas" "DESSERTS” themed
event. We also need beverages, prefer donated items, such as lemonade or water. If you have any connections
please get with me so we can make contact. Thank you for all you are doing for our „sweet‟ fund raiser!

The following items have been pledged to this year‟s Show:

       Company                             Items Promised                 Junior
       Suarez Bakery                       Brownie tray ($150             Leah Nazworth
       Great Harvest Bread                 Sweet Breads                   Hope Hockaday
       Rotelli’s                           Desserts                       Maria Wurtzbacher

The following are items pledged by our fellow Juniors:                                  Return to Leap

       Junior                                         Items Promised
       Laura Hollis Starnes & her band of merry women 50 Dozen “sweet” desserts

Entertainment/Publicity – Angela Knight
Thank you to my Publicity Committee: Bridgette Wright, Nicole Markle, Lisa O‟Herron, Sarah Combs,
Jennifer Sullivan, Cindy Harris, Maria Wurtzbacher and Dawn Gropp. These ladies are busy getting the word
out by posting flyers and contacting local media.

The Salvation Army Band will start at 6 pm followed by the Harris YMCA Dance Group at 7 pm. We have a
new group performing called the Ballantyne Brass Quintet and they will perform after the dancers (around

Corporate Sponsorship – Chair: Robin McLaurin
                       Co-Chair: Sharyl Mitchell

Can you believe we are already in October? Where does the time go? The great news is that we have almost
obtained half of our corporate sponsorship goal! So keep at it, ladies! We have a little over a month left so
please work all those angles so we can reach our $12,000 corporate sponsorship goal this year!!

A couple of deadlines to keep in mind…

October 5, 2009, for sponsorship inclusion in print media
October 23, 2009, for signage recognition at event

Please make sure to ask your corporate sponsors, when they agree to give us loads of cash, if they want their
Preview Night tickets (then let me know so I can hold them at Will Call) and remind them of our deadlines for
signage recognition. Also, we have been putting our corporate sponsors on our website so please make sure to
get logos from our donors! 

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for getting out there and soliciting donations. You all are
awesome Juniors!!!

Congratulations to our Juniors who have currently donated and/or obtained the following sponsors:

                                                  Betsy Chew
                       Date                            Company                        Gift
                    7/13/2009         Loyalty Circle                                        $30.00
                    7/13/2009         BAC Matching Gift                                     $30.00
                     8/3/2009         Bank of America                                       500.00
                                               Kelly Cunningham
                         Date                            Company                     Gift
                      7/13/2009           Loyalty Circle                                    $25.00
                                                Melissa Friedman
                         Date                            Company                     Gift
                      8/23/2009           Loyalty Circle                                    $25.00
                                               Jessica Ferguson
                         Date                            Company                    Gift
                      8/17/2009          Loyalty Circle                                    $25.00
                                                   Christi Gray
                       Date                           Company                       Gift
                    7/21/2009        Bank of America                                         Return to Leap
                    8/3/2009         Loyalty Circle                                      50.00
                    8/3/2009         BAC Matching Gift                                   50.00
                                                   Dawn Gropp
                         Date                            Company                     Gift
                      9/15/2009           Loyalty Circle                                    $25.00
                                                   Cindy Harris
     Date                              Company      Gift
   8/3/2009            Loyalty Circle                      $25.00
                                  Sarah Hebert
       Date                              Company    Gift
    9/15/2009             Loyalty Circle                   $25.00
                                 Rachel Hildago
     Date                               Company      Gift
  7/13/2009           Loyalty Circle                    $25.00
  7/13/2009           President's Circle                $50.00
  8/21/2009           Lois Meyer                          25.00
  8/31/2009           Dr. Lori Pappert                  500.00
                                 Hope Hockaday
    Date                              Company       Gift
 7/21/2009         Bank of America                     $500.00
 8/3/2009          Loyalty Circle                        25.00
 8/3/2009          BAC Matching Gift                     25.00
                                  Becky Hoech
       Date                              Company    Gift
    7/13/2009             Loyalty Circle                   $25.00
    8/17/2009             Anne Smith                       250.00
                                Shannon Howell
   Date                                Company         Gift
7/13/2009        Loyalty Circle                         $25.00
8/24/2009        SPX Corporation                        300.00
8/31/2009        Kathy Wang (first giving)                20.00
                                 Angela Knight
       Date                              Company    Gift
    8/31/2009             Loyalty Circle                   $25.00
    9/24/2009             Family Dollar                    500.00
                                  Quinn Marvin
     Date                              Company      Gift
   8/3/2009            Loyalty Circle                      $50.00
                                Robin McLaurin
    Date                              Company       Gift
 7/10/2009         Bank of America                     $500.00
 7/10/2009         President's Circle                    50.00
 7/10/2009         BAC Matching Gift                     50.00
                                 Leah Nazworth
    Date                                Company      Gift
 7/13/2009         Loyalty Circle                      $25.00
 8/27/2009         Private Placements                  250.00
                                  Lisa O'Herron
       Date                              Company    Gift
    9/15/2009             Loyalty Circle                   $25.00
                                 Carrie Powers
   Date                              Company        Gift
 8/3/2009        Loyalty Circle                         $25.00
 8/3/2009        BAC Matching Gift                      $25.00
 8/3/2009        Bank of America                       $500.00
                                  Naida Sergel
     Date                               Company      Gift
  9/15/2009          President's Circle                 $50.00
                                Jennifer Sullivan            Return to Leap
       Date                              Company    Gift
    9/15/2009             Loyalty Circle                   $25.00
                               Laurie Thomason
   Date                                Company         Gift
8/31/2009       Loyalty Circle                          $25.00
8/31/2009       American Health Research                100.00
                                 Tracy Winkler
                       Date                            Company                        Gift
                    7/24/2009        Bank of America                                    $500.00
                    7/24/2009        Loyalty Circle                                        25.00
                    7/24/2009        BAC Matching Gift                                     25.00
                                               Maria Wurtzbacher
                        Date                            Company                      Gift
                      8/3/2009          Loyalty Circle                                      $25.00
                                                  Allison Yezek
                      Date                              Company                       Gift
                    8/3/2009         President's Circle                                  $50.00

                                               Total: $5,930
All of the information for Corporate Sponsorship was distributed at the July meeting, via email, and is on our
web site. However, if you have any questions or concerns or need me to resend it to you, do not hesitate email

                                     4th Vice President’s Report
                                                Christi Gray
Event Communication Reminder: Monthly we update the Junior Roster on the website. Please us that list
when communicating to your fellow Juniors. There are also now instructions posted on how to copy/paste the
emails from the list on our website into an email – for those “computer challenged.”

Be sure to bring new recruits to our October meeting as we will be hosting a Members and Provisionals
Only November Business meeting. We have a great group of women and I know there are others out there in
Charlotte that want to be a part of our phenomenal volunteerism. Bring someone to one of our volunteer events,
meet someone in your neighborhood bring them to a meeting and post info about joining our club at work –
Keep Juniors on your mind!

Also as always - if you see any new faces at a meeting - welcome them with a smile and a hello and invite them
to sit at your table.

Do you know this Junior? Counties…She is the first VP co-chair, helping to plan our events and she emails
you when you need to bring food to the meetings.
Also she is the Raffle Chair for our upcoming fundraiser – it‟s Hope Hockaday!
2 statements below are truths and one is a lie – when you sign in at the business meeting – guess the “lie”
1) I ran out on the football field after the 2007 LSU National Championship win
2) I lost 105lbs over the course of 18 months                                              Return to Leap
3) My 2010 goal is to drink 200 different beers
                                    Treasurer’s Report
                                      Leah Nazworth

                                     Treasurer's Report

Project Account
Opening Balance per Bank (9/1/09)                                               $ 14,980.42
                                                                                    $          -

    Cleared Checks Payee:                     Check #            Purpose
Margaret Dalpe                               4576     Education Dept Donation   $   (100.00)
Race for the Cure                           ck card   Presidents Discretion     $   (100.00)

    Cleared Online Billpay:
                                                                                $          -

Ending Account Balance per Bank (9/30/09)                                       $ 14,780.42
 Uncleared Transactions:

Ending Account Balance (9/30/09)                                                $ 14,780.42

Working Account
Opening Balance per Bank (9/1/09)                                               $ 13,063.90

    Cleared Checks Payee:                    Check #            Purpose

    Cleared Online Billpay:
    Christi Gray                             5063         Membership Supplies   $       (74.51)

Ending Account Balance per Bank (9/30/09)
  Uncleared Transactions                                                        $ 12,989.39
                                                                                $       -

Ending Account Balance (9/30/09)                                                $ 12,989.39

Foundation Account
Opening Balance (9/1/09)                                                        $ 3,100.00

Ending Account Balance (9/30/09)                                                $ 3,100.00
                                         Woman’s Club Liaison
                                            Betsy Chew
The Woman's Club of Charlotte will be meeting on Tuesday, October 20th at 7 PM at Troyann Doughery's
house. I cannot attend, but this would be a great chance for a Junior to attend and sell her show and raffle
tickets! If you are interested, let me know and I will send you the details. Plans are in the works for a joint
meeting or social in the near future. More information will follow at future meetings.

                                              Kelly Cunningham
Please keep Susan Gawlik in your thoughts and prayers as she awaits treatment and surgery for her recent
diagnosis of breast cancer. We will be providing her a CARE meal in October. There will be a sign-up sheet at
October's business meeting. Also, keep in your thoughts and prayers, Carrie Powers and family. Her paternal
grandfather passed away October 1st.

Thank you to Amy Alexander, Dawn Gropp, and Bridgette Wright for providing a meal to Laura Hollis Starnes
in October. Robin McLaurin and Melissa Friedman will provide a meal for her in November. Continue to keep
Laura in your thoughts.

Congratulations to Melissa Friedman who ran her 1st 5 K Labor Day weekend and placed 3rd in her age group.
Congratulations also to Maria Wurtzbacher who recently completed her 1st triathlon, the Ramblin' Rose in

Another congratulations goes out to Robin McLaurin and Tracy Winkler; both are expecting their second child
in March. Tracy is due March 9th, and Robin is due March 31st. Congratulations to Amy Penwell as she‟s
expecting her 1st child. Amy is due March 15th!

"One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people." Dick

                                               Junior Advisor
                                               Robin McLaurin
Please make a special effort to welcome our newest Provisionals and make sure to add them to your distribution

Sandra Calhoun -
Nicole Markle –
Quinn Marvin –
Megan O‟Hara –
We had a wonderful Provisional meeting Monday, September 28th and the newest members learnedLeap deal
                                                                                         Return to a great
about our club! Those of you that were unable to attend I will make sure to touch base with you separately so
we can go over the details.
Provisionals – A few things to remember…please make sure that you write down your projects and
participation and turn that information in to me (and not Jessica) so that I can keep track for you during your
provisional period. We are also going to plan a Provisional Project and a get together sometime this fall so be
on the look out for an email from me coming soon!

Great to have you ladies – we are looking forward to sharing our wonderful club with you!

                                                 Becky Hoech
The vote is in for the Juniors Holiday Party – we will be announcing the winning Location and Date at the
October business meeting – STAY TUNED!

Upcoming Social Events:
Saturdays before Dove‟s Nest: Cardio- Caffeine- and Crafts (next event, October 10th)
       Booty Loop Walk – meet at 8:30 AM
       (Gravel parking lot across from East Blvd park entrance (corner of Lombardy and East)
       Coffee at Caribou – 9:30A – 9:45A…then off to Dove‟s Nest

December:       Holiday Party (Members/ Provisionals Only) – to be announced soon!!
April:            Cajun Canvas (Painting) – Social

                                                  Betsy Chew

Hey book fans! A special thanks to Amy Alexander for hosting our last book club meeting. Great food, wine,
conversation and dessert were shared as we discussed our last two books. Our next book club will meet on
Thursday, October 22nd at Leah Nazworth's house at 7 PM. We are reading Gaudy Night by Dorothy L.
Sayers, who wrote in England during the 1930s. Please join us for an evening of conversation about books, life,
and what-have-you. If you read books, magazines, cereal boxes, TV guide, it does not matter - join us! You
will have a great time. The book can be purchased from (I found mine at Borders).
Here is a brief synopsis:

"The women of Harriet Vane's alma mater, Shrewsbury College (a thinly veiled take on Sayers' own Somerville
College[1]), have invited her back to attend the much anticipated 'Gaudy' celebrations. However, the mood soon
turns sour when a malicious lunatic begins defacing the all-female establishment with obscene graffiti, as well
as destroying important manuscripts, sending dark messages to several people and crafting vile effigies.
Desperate to avoid a possible murder on campus, Harriet asks her old friend Wimsey to investigate"
A book review adds more background:

"Although no murder occurs in Gaudy Night, it is not without a great deal of suspense and psychological thrills.
The narrative is interwoven with a love story and an examination of women's struggles to enlarge their roles and
achieve some independence within the social climate of 1930s England, and the novel has been described as
"the first feminist mystery novel."[2]
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"Gaudy Night is a remarkable achievement. Harriet Vane and the grown-up nephew of Lord Peter help give
variety, and the college scene justifies good intellectual talk. The motive is magnificently orated on by the
culprit, a scene that in itself is a unique bit of work. And though the don-esses are sometimes hard to keep apart,
the architecture is very good. Note a reference to C. P. Snow's The Search, and sound views on counterpoint
versus harmony
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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