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                 IN JAPAN
                  IN JAPAN

IN JAPAN DEADLY                                                                                               REACTORS

       Those of us who have nightmares about nuclear accidents have never had a nightmare
            this big. Dante would have never been able to imagine an inferno like this.
                                                      IN JAPAN

       Dan Hirsch is director of the Com-                                   for a long time and the fire continues
       mittee to Bridge the Gap. He has                                     without control.
       tirelessly fought for a nuclear free                                   Let me explain that the radiation
       world, and by exposing the lies of                                   from just one of these pools is so
       his adversaries in the nuclear in-                                   intense, when you lose water, that
       dustry, has shut down three nuclear                                  a worker trying to approach it with
       facilities. The following interview                                  a fire hose would get a lethal dose
       took place on March 18, 2011.                                        within 17 seconds. It is one of these
                                                                            accidents that are impossible to halt,
       Agitator: Regarding the Japanese                                     well not impossible, but extraordi-
       nuclear disaster, what is the worst-case                             narily difficult.
       scenario, and is it likely to happen?                                Agitator: So, this situation will go
       Dan: We are already in a bad                                         on and on?
       situation. The nightmare for people                                  Dan: Certainly it can go on for
       concerned with nuclear safety has                                    weeks. Eventually you lose enough
       always been what is called a station                                 of the heat, from the reactor cores at
       black-out accident, which means that                                 least, that they will re-solidify. But
       the reactor facility loses its off-site                              as you remember in Chernobyl, long
       power—it cannot run pumps to cool                                    after the accident they had to try and
       the fuel. In such an emergency, plant                                build a concrete sarcophagus around
       operators have to rely on diesel gener-                              it to try to reduce the releases.
       ator back-up, and in this current situ-                              Agitator: How would you compare
       ation, those back-ups also failed.                                   and contrast this situation with Cher-
          Without power, you cannot pump
       water, and without pumping water,
                                                      Chernobyl was a       nobyl and Three Mile Island?
                                                                            Dan: Well, despite what has been
       the fuel rods melt. Initially, what           horrible accident,     said, it is vastly worse than Three
       they were doing was trying to put
       water back in, but it would then flash     because of the reactor    Mile Island. Three Mile Island in-
                                                                            volved only one reactor, not three,
       steam, build up excess pressure, and
       the radioactive steam would have to           fire. Radioactivity    and no spent fuel pools. They were
                                                                            able to finally figure out what went
       be vented into the atmosphere.
         This left fuel rods uncovered,            was lost high into the   wrong and get coolant over the fuel
                                                                            rods about a half an hour before there
       zirconium cladding (coating the rods)
       re-acted with steam and released
                                                    atmosphere. But it      would have been a complete melt-
                                                                            down. The containment structure
       hydrogen, which then exploded and
       blew the tops off two of the reactor
                                                  was only one reactor,     held, so relatively little radioactivity
       buildings. Two of the containment          without the spent fuel    was emitted into the environment.
                                                                               Chernobyl was a horrible accident,
       structures seem to have had holes
       punched in them and radioactivity is       problem. The amount       because of the reactor fire. Unlike
                                                                            our reactors and Japanese reactors,
          But the most serious thing is the            of radioactivity     theirs was made out of graphite,
       spent fuel pools. When you take                                      which burns. And when it burns, it
       fuel out of a reactor, it is still very     available for release    burns for days. Radioactivity was
                                                                            lost high into the atmosphere. But
       radioactive, and so it is placed in a
       pool, like a swimming pool, to cool
                                                     in Japan might be      it was only one reactor, without the
                                                                            spent fuel problem.
       it down. They have been jamming
       more and more fuel into those pools.
                                                   tens of times larger        The amount of radioactivity avail-
       And apparently, one, two, or more of         than in Chernobyl.      able for release in Japan might be
                                                                            tens of times larger than in Cherno-
       the spent fuel pools have lost some
       or all of their coolant. When that          The spent fuel pool      byl. The spent fuel pool fire could
                                                                            be comparable as a mechanism for
       happens, the fuel can actually catch
       fire, releasing radioactivity into the            fire could be      release. So, the situation could be
       atmosphere, with the fire driving the                                somewhat less serious than Cherno-
       radioactivity into the environment.            comparable as a       byl, or it could end up being much
                                                                            more dangerous. Perhaps catastrophic.
       The spent fuel pools have much more
       long-life radioactivity than the reac-
                                                       mechanism for        Agitator: Is there anything that can
       tors themselves—several Chernobyls’
       worth in each spent fuel pool.
                                                       release. So, the     be done to prevent a full meltdown?
                                                                            Dan: They are trying to do, very
          So, those of us who have night-            situation could be     courageously, what they can, with
                                                                            fire hoses and helicopter air drops,
       mares about nuclear accidents have
       never had a nightmare this big; it is      somewhat less serious     none of which seem to have been
       a nightmare squared or a nightmare                                   very effective. They are talking
       cubed. Dante would have never been         than Chernobyl, or it     about trying to restore the off-site
                                                                            power, which they might do tomor-
       able to imagine an inferno like this.
          The worst-case scenario is that they      could end up being      row. It is not clear why they did not
                                                                            do that much earlier. But it is also
       lose control of one or more of those
       reactors completely so there is a com-
                                                  much more dangerous.      unclear whether, even if power is
       plete meltdown. Or, another worst-
       case scenario is that one or more of
                                                  Perhaps catastrophic.     restored, after exposure to sea water
                                                                            and hydrogen explosions and earth-
       the spent fuel pools remain uncovered                                                  Continued on page 6


                                                                                                           CATHOLIC AGITATOR / 1
                                                                  REQUIEM FOR PAUL GROSS AND MIKE COOKSEY

                               SKIN                                                               PAUL GROSS 1952-2011                                                 SANG HIS
                               BONES                                                                                                                                   SPIRIT ON
Photo by Mike Wisniewski

                                                                                                                                                                       By THEO KAYSER
                               One of our guests, Michael Cooksey,
                               died in our home on January 28,                                                                                                         Do not let your hearts by troubled.
                               after a long battle with cancer. Com-                                                                                                   You believe in God, believe also in
                               munity member Alecia Stuchlik was                                                                                                       me. My Father’s house has many
                               one of his primary caregivers during                                                                                                    rooms; if that were not so, would I
                               his last days. This is her reflection.                                                                                                  have told you that I am going there
                                                                                                                                                                       to prepare a place for you? And if I
                               By ALECIA STUCHLIK                                                                                                                      go and prepare a place for you, I will

                                                                                                                                                                       come back and take you to be with
                                         e sits, edge of the bed, Prin-                                                                                                me that you also may be where I am.
                                         cess Pea blankets thick and                                                                                                   You know the way to the place where
                                         layered. Paper doll legs                                                                                                      I am going.

                                         dangle down, clothed in
                               baggy thermal underwear meant for                                                                                                            read these words from the
                               a fuller man. The bulging tumor in                                                                                                           Gospel of John at a bedside

                                                                           PAUL GROSS PRESENTE!
                               his left cheek and on his neck, soft                                                       !                                                 prayer service the day before
                               oozing of blood and pus, has stolen                                                                                                          Michael Cooksey passed away. I
                               his voice, rendering him silent except                                                                                                  sat there with my friend and commu-
                               for raspy, half-intelligible syllables.                                                                                                 nity member Clare Bellefeuille-Rice,
                               He gave us Catholic Worker women            By FAUSTINO CRUZ                                our friends inquiring about how Paul        and sang him songs and prayed with

                               shiny silver jewelry, earrings and                                                          was doing. And I am sure that from          him, knowing that his time was soon,
                               bracelets laid on a spongy bed of syn-                  e received the call early in        his time working at Povarello House         but not sure of how soon. He was
                               thetic fibers in silver boxes that glint                the week—former com-                in Las Vegas, and the St. Joseph Cen-       to die the very next evening—a date
                               in light untarnished by the weight of                   munity member Paul                  ter in Venice Beach, many of God’s          I will not soon forget, my birthday,
                               gravity.                                                Gross, beloved of many of           poor are grieving and sending up            January 28.
                                  He was a brilliant man, and an in-       our friends on Skid Row, was fast ap-           prayers for the repose of Paul’s soul.        These very same words were then
                               credibly giving one. His time on the        proaching his final hours. At midday               For Paul did indeed give glory to        read again a couple of weeks later
                               streets did nothing to diminish that        of midweek we piled into our van and            God in his service to the suffering         at our regular Wednesday Liturgy,
                               aspect of his character. At his mem-        drove to Marina del Rey to gather one           members of God’s family—through             dedicated that week to the memory
                               orial service, folks from all walks         last time about his sickbed. Clare              his matchless hospitality to the poor       of Mike. An unlikely cast of people
                               of his life came and stood to share         opened with a defiant a capella                 at our garden, his calming presence         “sang his spirit on” by playing songs
                               stories of how he affected their own        version of that old favorite Precious           as he worked with our dentist, Rich         that he had chosen before he passed
                                                                           Lord and we prayed and sang might-              Meehan, his tender care of those            and sharing stories of times spent
                               stories.                                    ily. As our voices soared I had a
                                  We had the privilege of holding his                                                      dying in hospice in our home, his           with him. I was reminded of when
                                                                           great dream from heaven last night.             faithful service in keeping the garden
                               hand in the week before he died, and        The angels in heaven escorted me                                                            we had prayed over him with out-
                               watching the slow decline helped us                                                         open for the needle exchange and re-        stretched hands a couple of months
                                                                           home…, Paul, always awake and                   freshments, the hundreds of blankets
                               allow our grief to fade a little with his   semi-alert, joined in, mouthing the                                                         earlier at a similar Wednesday service
                               life, understanding that when he died,                                                      passed out, the thousands he greeted        before his cancer kept him from get-
                                                                           lyric verses that would surely soon be          with a grin, a “good morning,” and
                               it would be a new beginning for all of      fulfilled.                                                                                  ting around.
                               us. We prayed with him and sang old                                                         the promise of a steaming hot plate           I do believe that Mike is now in
                                                                             Of course until that time, even after         of sustenance. His life was indeed an
                               folk and gospel songs by his bedside,       having sung these songs so many                                                             a place that has been prepared for
                               for he so loved music. A new record                                                         offering of service.                        him. He had a place in our home,
                                                                           times before, we had never put much               When mother and father forsake
                               player, now it its box, gave sound to       thought into what they actually say or                                                      but there are many others who do not
                               old records and he would turn the                                                           me I know                                   have such a place. The houses of this
                                                                           mean. For wasn’t our brother Paul,                The angel in heaven escorted me
                               music up loud on the TV so that it          always healthy and hale, even in                                                            world are often closed to those who
                               echoed in the hallway.                                                                      home.                                       are most in need. There is a whole
                                                                           sickness, jovial and confident, with a            Paul, the beloved Peekay of his
                                  Skin and bones.                          quick wide smile and gravelly deep                                                          segment of society whom we turn
                                  I know nothing of pain or of cancer.                                                     mother, father, brother, sisters, and       away on a regular basis, telling them
                                                                           laugh, destined for a longer life and a         grandmom, was born in the hard-
                               Nothing of the pain cancer brings to        quiet death surrounded by grandchil-                                                        that we have no room for them, no
                               the body that holds it; the body that                                                       scrabble region of southern Indiana.        place to house them, even though we
                                                                           dren and perhaps even great grand-              He joined the Navy, leaving behind
                               wastes slowly away as the cancer            children? He never seemed that sick,                                                        have built towering buildings in dedi-
                               grows and consumes life, mortal                                                             the small town country life of his          cation to the gods of finance—build-
                                                                           albeit diminished, slower perhaps,              youth, to see what world lies beyond
                               enemies that cannot exist together.         even the oxygen tubing more of a nui-                                                       ings in whose shadows thousands
                               Breathe together.                                                                           the horizon. He acquired his famous         slept last night on a bed of concrete.
                                                                           sance rather than a serious impedi-             Buddha of good fortune tattoo on his
                                  I know nothing of having my dig-         ment. Recently wed, last October,                                                             Michael was one of those persons.
                               nity stolen from me and enslaved by                                                         belly, and returning home, became           He was sick, but did not have a place
                                                                           looking so fine in his immaculate               one of those rarest-of-the-rare—a
                               a body that can no longer function          white guayabera, and now so soon,                                                           to go; he was dying, but did not have
                               as a healthy person, rendering me                                                           veteran working for peace and a             anywhere to rest his head, and so the
                                                                           too soon, facing the final journey that         seeker of the knowledge of God’s
                               dependent on others to help me with         all mortals must take.                                                                      L.A. Catholic Worker opened our
                               my meds, change my bandages, bring                                                          will for the well-being of all of the       house to him. In an attempt to make
                                                                             Singing glory to Jesus who saved              beloved community. He fell in love
                               me food, help me use the bathroom.          us from sin.                                                                                632 North Brittania Street more like
                               Or the suffering it brings to loved                                                         with Lisa and they became the two           the Kingdom of God, the community
                                                                             Glory to Jesus our freedom’s in               blessed people in the world. After
                               ones. How they must watch, sister,          him.                                                                                        invited Mike in to die, as they had
                               father, brother, mother, son, daughter                                                      living and working in community
                                                                             It has been said that if you really           with the L.A. Catholic Worker for           done with many people before him.
                               succumb to the burning river that ac-       want to get to heaven, you had best                                                           There are many more like Mike
                               cepts no quarter and offers no mercy.                                                       about 8 years, he left, but continued
                                                                           have a letter of recommendation                 practicing works of mercy at St.            on Skid Row, people who are dying,
                                  Skin and bones.                          from the poor. I can assure you that,                                                       some quickly and others slowly,
                                  I began to understand that pain                                                          Joseph’s Center until his battle with
                                                                           judging by the great outpouring of              cancer turned him to his journey            without a house, without a home.
                               the day you stood in our kitchen,           sympathy and concern from the poor                                                          Not so many weeks ago, I talked to a
                               distraught and sobbing, as you made                                                         home.
                                                                           of Skid Row, Paul was not lacking in              And God kept singing a song of his        woman as I worked at our foot care
                               an egg sandwich and heated up               that aspect. During his long illness,                                                       clinic that told me she was undergo-
                               tamales on the stove. As if you have        not a day went by without several of                            Continued on page 6         ing treatment for cancer. She told
                               not suffered enough in your life:                                                                                                       me she had little hope of winning
                               Heroin. Homelessness. Jail. And                                                                                                         her fight and that she had been
                               the struggle’s slow ascent to a better                                                                                                  sleeping on the street. I wondered
                               life. Now this. The one you loved                           C AT H O L I C                           APRIL 2011Vol. 41/No. 2            what kind of society it is we live in
                               and then estranged. The one you                                                                                                         where even the dying are not given
                               love still. You told me how you used                                                                                                    proper housing, where the sickest of
                               to wear red panties and a red bra for                                                                                                   the sick do not have a bed to sleep
                               him. You said the two of you would                         Editors: Jeff Dietrich, Martha Lewis, and Mike Wisniewski                    on after undergoing treatment for a
                               lie in bed all day and dream about the                     Staff: Donald Nollar, Faustino Cruz, Clare Bellefeuille-Rice,                debilitating illness? Does anyone
                               future, about better times. Now those                                 Sarah Fuller, and Rev. Elizabeth Griswold
                                                                                                                                                                       really expect that this woman will
                               dreams seem to have passed with his                      The Catholic Agitator (ISSN-0045-5970) is published bi-monthly
                                                                                                                                                                       recover? Do we really expect her to
                               body.                                                February, April, June, August, October, and December for $1 per year by the
                                                                               Los Angeles Catholic Worker, 632 N. Brittania St., Los Angeles, CA 90033-1722
                                                                                                                                                                       have hope that she can win? Do we
                                 You said you had wished he did not                                                                                                    really expect her to pull herself up
                               have to suffer. Why him? You said                                                                                                       by her bootstraps? Do we expect the
                                                                                                    Periodical Postage paid at Los Angeles, CA
                               you were angry at God for taking a                                                                                                      magic of the capitalist system to find
                                                                                                    POSTMASTER: Send address changes to:
                               good man. Why him! You burned                                                                                                           her a place to stay tonight? Will the
                                                                                    The Catholic Agitator, 632 N. Brittania St., Los Angeles, CA 90033-1722
                               your tamales. Roger told you you               The LACW is not a 501(c).(3) non-profit organization and donations to the LACW are not   invisible hand of the market help her
                               were a bad cook as black soot formed              tax-exempt. Editorial communications, new subscriptions, and address changes to:      die with dignity when the time does
                               across the bottom of the pan and                          632 N. Brittania St., Los Angeles, CA 90033-1722                              arrive? The only place our current
                               crusted over like lava. We had to               323-267-8789 • •                  system would see this woman sleeping
                                                  Continued on page 6                                                                                                                   Continued on page 6

                           2 / APRIL 2011
                          God’s providence is abundant in this place. I am so thankful to be able to share what
                          has been given to me through no merit of my own beyond simply climbing over a fence.
                                                                                    IN FEDERAL PRISON

                          SURROUNDED BY ANGELS
                          LACW community member Michael
                          David Omondi, along with Fr. Louis
                                                                                                                                                              Marshall unit has six pods and today
                                                                                                                                                              Alfred Macintosh, the Jamaican I
                          Vitale, OFM, Chris Spicer, and                                                                                                      grew close to at Ocilla, who swears
                          Nancy Smith, received a six-month                                                                                                   up and down he is going to Kenya
                          prison sentence for an act of civil dis-                                                                                            and with whom I intend to visit in
                          obedience at Fr. Benning, Georgia,                                                                                                  Jamaica (Bob’s relative) was moved
                          in protest against the School of the                                                                                                out of the SHU into one of the other
                          Americas/WHINSEC. Letters to David                                                                                                  pods. So we finally have been able
                          can be sent to the LACW, as he is                                                                                                   to reconnect for real in person, which
                          now being transferred to a prison in                                                                                                is nothing short of wonderful. God’s
                          California. Check to                                                                                                    providence is abundant in this place.
                          track David’s destination. Excerpts                                                                                                 I am so thankful to be able to share
                          from letters written to LACW com-                                                                                                   what has been given to me through
                          munity member Rebecca Casas follow.                                                                                                 no merit of my own beyond simply
Graphic by Sarah Fuller

                                                                                                                                                              climbing over a fence. Being here
                          January 20, 2011                                                                                                                    is so much like being in boarding
                             I am sure that whenever this gets                                                                                                school, it is uncanny. In fact it does
                          to you, you will already know that I                                                                                                not feel like prison anymore com-
                          have been transferred to McRae. I                                                                                                   pared to my experience over the last
                          am doing alright, adjusting to this                                                                                                 two months. Cannot believe I am
                          new situation with so many unfore-                                                                                                  almost halfway through my sentence.
                          seen twists and turns. I was unable                                                                                                 So much has happened and is hap-
                          to complete and send out the last let-                                                                                              pening—so much more than I could
                          ter I was working on, and am trusting                                                                                               ever hope to capture in words to the
                          the BOP will forward that and a                                                                                                     point that I have kind of given up try-
                          whole bunch of stuff to me.                                                                                                         ing. I am just thankful.
                             I am in the hole awaiting a bed in                                                                                               February 20, 2011
                          general population, for about two                                                                                                     I am in the library for the first time.
                          weeks they say. Basically the same                                                                                                  I am adjusting to the newness of this
                          as USP Atlanta, but a little worse                                                                                                  environment, seeing what is available
                          in some ways. No phone calls for a                                                                                                  and learning what I can and cannot
                          week. No computers. I will explain                                                                                                  do. Probably the hardest part about
                          all this and more in a larger letter to                                                                                             writing in prison is concentrating
                          come.                                                                                                                               on the actual writing when there is
                             It was a rather sudden transition—                                                                                               so much more going on to keep the
                          only had 15 minutes to get ready and                                                                                                mind occupied—the mental energy
                          I really was expecting more. I should                                                                                               required for survival sometimes does
                          have been better prepared, but I am                                                                                                 not afford much extra. Everything
                          very glad that I was able to gather the                                                                                             is an adjustment it seems. But as I
                          most important documents/pictures                                                                                                   sit here I can feel my mind and body
                          etc. before I left, and leave my new                                                                                                settling. Peace is possible—and I
                          celly with such a pleasant situation                                                                                                now know that I have found another
                          (my commissary included) for his                              POLICE ON SKID ROW                                                    refuge.
                          stay at USP Atlanta. At the moment,
                          this really isn’t much better, but I
                          am trusting God that this is what I
                          need. It is quite, and an experience
                                                                     “LIKE A PACK OF VULTURES”
                                                                     By ALECIA STUCHLIK                            Long gone are the days when the
                                                                                                                                                                I am keenly aware that there is
                                                                                                                                                              Divine grace and gift permeating
                                                                                                                                                              every aspect of my existence and
                                                                                                                                                              movement at McRae. I have been

                          being amongst so many Central and                                                      police and security guards in the            placed in a dorm full of Latinos,
                                                                               n a Thursday morning              business district might have operated
                          South Americans. I hope to make                      towards the end of February                                                    being forced to go against the grain
                          the most of the peace and quiet that                                                   under a better sense of propriety, care-     of typical prison culture in almost all
                                                                               at the Hippie Kitchen, police     fully marking abandoned carts first,
                          I must remain in this week (one hour                 came out of nowhere, ac-                                                       my interactions. Young black man
                          rec, shower Monday/ Wednesday/Fri-                                                     then returning later to take them if the     with dreadlocks and American ac-
                                                                     companied by Red Shirt security             owner had not reclaimed their belong-
                          day, none on weekends). Seems my           guards, a front-loader tractor, and                                                      cent, of East African origin no less,
                          birthday will pass here in the hole. I                                                 ings. Now police saunter down the            is not supposed to be so friendly and
                                                                     dump trucks. Like a pack of vul-            streets, ignoring existing laws that at
                          will write more, but need to get this      tures, they swooped down, snatching                                                      close with the “migos”—not in the
                          sent—I am thinking of and praying                                                      least try to retain a shred of dignity for   manner that I have become, sharing
                                                                     Catholic Worker street legal shopping       the folks of Skid Row, functioning
                          for you all.                               carts and peoples’ belongings. We                                                        my meals and commissary as much
                          February 3, 2011                                                                       instead on the theory of “broken             as possible wherever I am able to find
                                                                     Catholic Workers stood alongside            windows,” whereby stopping small
                             It is 4 Thursday morning. I have        the owners of the possessions being                                                      a genuine need. I am amazed at the
                          been up for a couple hours doing           taken, watching in shock, not because
                                                                                                                 crime, worse crimes can be prevented.        resilience, patience and ingenuity of
                          some final washing and paperwork           this sort of thing never happens; on        Police stop people and immediately           some of the men of my dorm.
                          arranging before our anticipated de-       the contrary, such incidents occur          ask them if they are on parole, cuff           Anyway, all this is to say I am truly
                          parture from the SHU today. God’s          with disconcerting regularity. No, we       them, pat them down, and often take          blessed, and delight in partaking in
                          perfect timing has come through yet        were shocked because the raid hap-          carts and possessions whether or not         and sharing God’s abundance, mate-
                          again—last night my documents and          pened right in front of our kitchen on      someone is watching them. Perhaps            rial and relational, with those who
                          a couple books arrived from USP            the corner of 6th and Gladys Streets,       this tactic of enforcing the Safer           are genuinely in need and genuinely
                          Atlanta. Despite being heavily rifled      and we felt powerless to stop it.           Cities Initiative has resulted in more       appreciative. It is impossible to re-
                          through (at both ends I’m sure), I           One of their stated reasons for the       tickets being issued, more people            late all the big and small ways I ex-
                          now have all your letters and my           police raid in front of our kitchen         hauled off to jail, but underneath the       perience God’s goodness and grace
                          family’s letters back in my posses-        was that they were trying to stop           surface, things are only getting worse       each and everyday. I frequently have
                          sion, as well as all the pictures and      crime and drug dealers, stating that        for the citizens of Skid Row.
                                                                                                                   It makes you wonder why our tax            gratitude attacks during which I lay
                          can you believe it—a whole book of         the dealers placed the carts like a                                                      on my top bunk, quiet, still, and ex-
                          stamps! I don’t know how on earth          blockade between themselves and the         money goes to harass the homeless
                                                                                                                 in hopes that the problem will just          perience peace in the depths of my
                          those got through—probably they            street. Their other reason was that                                                      being.
                          were too overwhelmed by everything         homeless folks who use the shopping         disappear, rather than going toward
                                                                                                                 structural changes and programs that         February 25, 2011
                          in those envelopes to pay attention to     carts to carry their life possessions                                                      It is another beautiful and blessed
                                                                     and important documents and IDs             will attempt to repair the gross injus-
                          a few stamps.                                                                          tices dealt out by an unequal system.        day here at McRae. I am fasting
                          February 10, 2011                          had left their property unattended as                                                    today—feeling calm, peaceful and
                                                                     they stood in line to eat at our kitchen.   While such realities seem a forlorn
                             It is now midnight, I wrote the                                                     conclusion, they bring into sharp re-        content. I still have a lot of writing
                          first two paragraphs early in the          One man came running out of our                                                          to catch up on, but am taking it easy
                                                                     garden to take back one of his bags         lief the role and purpose of the Hippie
                          afternoon. This day has been full of                                                   Kitchen on Skid Row as a peaceful            today; intending to do more writing
                          blessedness—I feel well settled into       as it sat in the street, but the police                                                  over Saturday and Sunday. Once
                                                                     stopped him, telling him that he was        oasis where folks can come and be
                          this dorm, and am slowly getting                                                       treated with dignity and respect, as a       again I am finding that there is so
                          accustomed to the schedule. Once           not in control of his property, there-                                                   much I could say, about the events
                                                                     fore they were taking it. He repeat-        human being and not as a problem. Ω
                          again I am surrounded by angels—I                                                                                                   and people here, but all that really
                          do not feel the least bit unwelcome        edly pleaded, unsuccessfully, just to                                                    matters is that I know God is present
                                                                     retrieve one particular bag containing      Alecia Stuchlik is a Los Angeles
                          even though I am the only non Lat-                                                     Catholic Worker community member.            and guiding me. I am exceedingly
                          ino/Spanish speaker in the pod.            long-held memories.                                                                                        Continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                                                     CATHOLIC AGITATOR / 3
                                                                                                                         PEOPLE OF NORTH AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST DEMAND DEMOCRACY
                            We cheered as nonviolent protestors refused to be detoured by the violence of the national police and paid thugs. Rather, they stood their ground rejecting violence and standing fast in solidarity. We gleefully

                            REVOLUTION IN NORTH AFRICA AND MID EAST
                            gloated as professional pundits, secretaries of state and defense, even presidents and their spy guys professed ignorance and non-importance in the face of this unprecedented and unpredicted nonviolent uprising.

                            EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION                     Middle East, were not haphazardly         hold power, so he sought support                                                                                                                         GENE SHARP                                                    The necessary first step toward

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PROPHET OF NONVIOLENCE
                              We were all taken by surprise by        nonviolent; they were actually the        from the U.S., which demanded                                                                                                                                                                                       changing an unjust regime, Sharp
                            the uprising in Egypt. We watched         deliberate and thoughtful result of       Egypt’s transition to neo-liberal                                                                                                                                                                                   emphasizes, is for people to reject the
                            in rapt attention as tens of thou-        the study of the now 83-year-old          capitalism. Inequality and poverty                                                                                                                                                                                  self-fulfilling view of themselves as
                            sands, even millions of people rose       unassuming American scholar of            slowly increased, until Mubarak’s                                                                                                                                                                                   weak; after all, even the most brutal
                            up demanding freedom and democ-           nonviolence, Doctor Gene Sharp.           crony class of western-educated                                                                                               By JOHN HORGAN                             garner national and international          tyrants must rely to some extent on
                            racy. We cheered as nonviolent              We have been fans of Gene Sharp         werewolves sharpened their privati-                                                                                                                                      support and to lead to democratic,         the cooperation of citizens, not just
                                                                      since the 1970’s when his book, The       zation teeth and ripped the flesh off                                                                                         The following article is reprinted         non-militarized regimes.                   in the military but throughout the
                            protestors refused to be deterred by                                                                                                                                                                              from the Scientific American website,
                            the violence of police and paid thugs,    Politics of Nonviolent Action be-         the economy.                                                                                                                                                                Nonviolent resistance, Sharp            society. Sharp is not the first scholar
                                                                      came required reading for the peace          In 1991, Mubarak accepted IMF/                                                                                             dated February 11, 2011.                   acknowledges, requires enormous            to offer this insight. The Scottish

                            and standing fast in solidarity, re-
                            jecting violence. We gloated as           movement. Sadly, we have not been         World Bank loans and “structural                                                                                                            hereas most pundits have     dedication, courage, and hard work,        philosopher David Hume wrote:
                            professional pundits and secre-           as adept in our application of Dr.        adjustments.” By 2005, 209 enter-                                                                                                           focused on the role of       all of which may culminate in fail-        “Were you to preach, in most parts
                            taries of state and defense, and          Sharp’s strategies as our Egyptian        prises, more than half of all public                                                                                                        social media in Egypt’s      ure, including the death of resistors.     of the world, that political connec-
                            even presidents and their spy guys        sisters and brothers.                     enterprises, had been sold off.                                                                                                             revolution, what im-         But nonviolent resistance has played       tions are founded together on mutual
                            professed ignorance and impotence           The following article by Ernest         Hundreds of thousands lost their                                                                                              pressed me most was that one of the        a much more significant role in human      consent or a mutual promise, the
                            in the face of this unprecedented         Savage presents a cogent and              jobs. Law 96 ended agricultural rent                                                                                          most powerful, entrenched regimes          history than is generally acknowl-         magistrate would soon imprison you,
                            and unpredicted nonviolent upris-         thoughtful critique of the non-           control. Rents tripled and hundreds                                                                                           in the world was toppled by a non-         edged by historians. “Using nonvio-        as seditious, for loosening the lies
                            ing that toppled the thirty-year          violent revolution. We are always         of thousands of subsistence farmers                                                                                           violent uprising. Does anyone doubt        lent action, people have won higher        of obedience, if your friends did not
Graphic by Sarah Fuller

                            regime of Egyptian president Hosni        pleased to have Ernest write for the      were evicted and millions lost access                                                                                         that if the protesters had resorted        wages, broken social barriers, changed     before shut you up, as delirious, for
                            Mubarak.                                  Catholic Agitator. Ernest’s critique      to cheap food. But that was the good                                                                                          to violence, they would have been          government policies, frustrated in-        advancing such absurdities.”
                              I am sure you heard, as I did,          of the revolution in Egypt does not,      old days.                                                                                                                     violently crushed by Mubarak?              vaders, paralyzed an empire, and dis-        Asking how 30,000 Englishmen
                            how this was an Internet revolu-          however, entirely reflect our own            As “guided” by the World Bank,                                                                                               Egypt represents an extraordinary        solved dictatorships,” Sharp wrote.        “subdued” 200 million Indians, Tol-
                            tion, organized by young people on        position. Nevertheless, we highly         Egypt became heavily dependent on                                                                                             vindication of the philosophy of Gene         In 494 BC, working-class plebeians      stoy responded: “Do not the figures
                            Facebook and Twitter. And while           respect his analysis of the impact        merchandise exports. The E.U. is                                                                                              Sharp, a political scientist whose work    in Rome, protesting their treatment        make it clear that it is not the English
                            that is no doubt a truism, the real       of global capitalism that we felt         Egypt’s largest trading partner, but                                                                                          I described last July. For decades,        at the hands of the Roman consuls,         who have enslaved the Indians, but
                            and startling information went un-        compelled to share it with you. We        after the recent financial collapse                                                                                           Sharp has argued that nonviolence is       staged a kind of sit-down strike on        the Indians who have enslaved them-
                            derreported. These events in Egypt,       hope that you find it as illumining       decreased global demand, Egyptian-                                                                                            the best means of overthrowing cor-        a hill near the city, later called the     selves?’ Gandhi, Sharp’s most im-
                            and throughout North Africa and           and informative as we have.               E.U. exports dropped by half. As the                                                                                          rupt, violent, repressive regimes. He      Sacred Mount. They remained there          portant influence, said his campaigns
                                                                                                                global economy contracted, hundreds                                                                                           disseminates his ideas through books       for several days, disrupting everyday      against British rule required convinc-
                            By ERNEST SAVAGE                                                                    of thousands of Egyptians work-                                                                                               such as From Dictatorship to Dem-          life, until the consuls agreed to many     ing his fellow Indians to “consider it
                                                                      advisors in charge of Syria. He de-       ing abroad lost their jobs. Millions                                                                                                                                     of their demands. Roman soldiers           a shame to assist or cooperate with a

                                                                      clared to a gathering of Arab world                                                                                                                                     ocracy: A Conceptual Framework
                                    ix months ago, I was asked to                                               of Egyptians had survived on their                                                                                            for Liberation (1993), which has been      employed a similar nonviolent strat-       government that had forfeited all title
                                                                      leaders that he was the nationalist       remittances, which dropped by 18%                                                                                                                                                                                   to respect or support.”
                                    speak at the Los Angeles          revolution, and if they did not accept                                                                                                                                  translated into 24 languages, includ-      egy more than 200 years later to win
                                    Catholic Worker. Using a                                                    from 2008 to 2009. Enter the food                                                                                             ing Arabic, and can be downloaded          concessions from the Roman Senate.           Millions of Egyptians apparently
                                                                      him as the supreme leader they could      bubble.                                                                                                                                                                                                             reached a similar conclusion about
                                    history of struggles and vic-                                                                                                                                                                             from the web site of The Albert               Nonviolent resistance even worked
                                                                      leave.                                       Monopoly agriculture, “free trade,”                                                                                                                                                                              the Mubarak regime. Even Sharp
                            tories, I tried to demonstrate the                                                                                                                                                                                Einstein Institution, a tiny nonprofit     in Nazi-occupied Norway. In 1942,
                                                                        When Israel crushed Egypt during        and now speculation have destroyed                                                                                                                                       Norway’s puppet leader Vidkun              seemed taken aback by the success
                            objective fact that social justice will   the Six Day War, Nasser resigned on                                                                                                                                     founded by Sharp in 1983.
                            triumph. Months before the cur-                                                     the ability of developing nations to                                                                                            Sharp is not a moralist but a prag-      Quisling ordered teachers to join a        of the Egyptian uprising. “I would
                                                                      live television. Did people cheer?        feed themselves or stock strategic                                                                                                                                       “corporation” that would promote           not have predicted this,” he told the
                            rent upsurge in the Middle East, I        Millions protested in the street—                                                                                                                                       matist, who bases his claims on an
                            said that even under repressive Iran                                                reserves. Heavily subsidized, artifi-                                                                                         empirical analysis of history. He as-      fascist principles. As many as 10,000      National Catholic Reporter ten days
                                                                      refusing his resignation. At his          cially low-priced U.S. wheat flooded                                                                                                                                     of Norway’s 12,000 teachers refused        before Mubarak’s resignation. Sharp
                            and Egypt, people rise up. Am I an        funeral, five million people in Egypt                                                                                                                                   serts that violence, even in the serv-
                            expert on the Middle East? Not by a                                                 Egyptian markets during the ‘80s                                                                                              ice of a just cause, often results in      to join the organization and signed        said the Egyptian revolution may
                                                                      spontaneously rallied. The Arab           and ‘90s, while USAID, the IMF,                                                                                               more problems than it solves, leading      statements of protest. Quisling had        be “the most powerful example of
                            long shot. But I have studied revolu-     world came to a standstill as millions
                            tions for over a decade and I believe                                               and World Bank directed Egypt                                                                                                 in turn to great injustice and suffer-     1,000 teachers arrested and sent to        ‘people power’ in world history.”
                                                                      more wept. Visiting dignitaries had       toward export-oriented agriculture.                                                                                           ing; hence, the best way to oppose an      concentration camps, but the others        May Egypt—and the writings of
                            they usually conform to a set of laws.    to be rushed away from his casket
                              The four most important for this                                                  In the 1960s, Egypt produced enough                                                                                           unjust regime is through nonviolent        maintained their resistance. Quisling      Gene Sharp—help other people fight-
                            series are: (1) Systems based on          because the army could not prevent        wheat to meet its needs; now it is                                                                                            action. Nonviolent movements are           finally gave in, allowing the impris-      ing injustice recognize the power of
                            competition always lead to a severe       ordinary folks from stampeding his        the world’s biggest wheat importer,                                                                                           also more likely than violent ones to      oned teachers to return home.              nonviolence.                           Ω
                            inequality that either collapses the      pallbearers. Why such love for a          becoming severely exposed to the de-
                            system or engenders agency that           despot?                                   regulation of food “futures.”
                                                                        One obvious reason is that, under                                                                                                                                     million people lost access to food,        military’s top brass, who have been        through Internet and gaming cafes,
                            overthrows the system. (2) United                                                      What is a “future”? Farmers and                                                                                            hundreds of protestors were killed,        bought off and enriched through            laundry services, microbuses, small
                            fronts can win substantial gains for      his leadership, direct British control    traders used to have a symbiotic rela-
                                                                      of Egypt ended. Then there is the                                                                                                                                       while an untold number, perhaps a          concessions like luxury resorts, gated     gyms, etc.
                            all, but ultimately each class and                                                  tionship. Every year a farmer would                                                                                           million, were pushed into or closer to     communities, shopping malls, etc.            According to many reports, the po-
                            group must fight for its own libera-      secret that seems to evade CAN-           agree to sell his crops to a trader at a
                                                                      VAS, Gene Sharp, Freedom House,                                                                                                                                         the grave.                                 The generals love nice cars and man-       lice systematically extorted bribes,
                            tion. (3) When the administrative                                                   specific price and time before the                                                                                                                                       sions, and have become a class of          and beat or tortured shop owners that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Egypt paid $2.67 billion in 2008

                                                                                                                                                           LYBIA: THE FOURTH
                            sector of a society, the educated         or any of the other tight knit group      harvest. High harvest yields benefit-
                                                                      of “democracy” activists that have                                                                                                                                      for wheat, an increase of $850 mil-        nationalist businessmen who also do        would not pay, as was common in Tu-
                            upper middle class, can no longer                                                   ed the trader, who paid less for more                                                                                                                                    not like Mubarak and his cronies—
                                                                      dominated the narrative. Nasser’s         crops; low harvest years benefited the                                                                                        lion in a single year! Price inflation                                                nisia. Fatal silver bullets were fired
                            be absorbed into the government or                                                                                                                                                                                for other foods grew by as much            the country-selling neo-liberals.          in a moment Paul Amar describes:
                                                                      regime was not just autocratic, it was

                                                                                                                                                           U.S. MID-EAST WAR?
                            private sector, they become a power-                                                farmer, and this stabilized the price                                                                                                                                    Watching international financial
                                                                      socialist—nationalizing the Suez          of food. With limited exception, like                                                                                         as 17% a year since 2006. Forty                                                       “Police demanded ID and a bribe
                            ful revolutionary force, often creating                                                                                                                                                                           percent of Egyptians survive on less       netherbeasts plunge their fangs into       from Khalid Saeed, who was typing
                            the tipping point. (4) If revolutionar-   Canal, the banks, and more than half      pork bellies, you had to be directly
                                                                      of all major industries.                                                                                                                                                than $2 a day and spent almost 60%         the jugular of the Egyptian economy        away in a small Internet café that he

                            ies attempt to redistribute a signifi-                                              involved in the production or distrib-                                                                                                                                   just didn’t sit right with the Generals,
                                                                        According to comprehensive re-          ution of food to participate in this                rationale often used to         keep count), but we have maimed,          of their income on food. So as work-                                                  partially owned…he refused, and the
                            cant amount of wealth, and cannot                                                                                                                                                                                 ers lost jobs, pensions, profit sharing,   nor did watching the few leftovers
                            militarily defend themselves from         search by Dr. Joel Beinin, professor      relatively small commodities futures                justify our going to war with   tortured, driven mad, made into refu-                                                                                           police beat him to death, crushing his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              healthcare (through privatization),        fall into the claws of Mubarak’s           skull to pieces while the whole com-
                            internal and external elites, they will   of Middle East history at Stanford        market. In the 1990s this was dereg-                Libyan Colonel Muammar          gees, or traumatized with midnight                                                   family and a handful of his furry
                            be overthrown.                            University, Arab socialism under          ulated and finally placed virtually                 Gaddafi is that he must be      home invasions, millions more.            the cost of everything skyrocketed.                                                   munity watched in horror.” Saeed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Even nationalist-leaning Egyptian          friends—Ahmad Ezz, NDP past                also was killed because he had down-
                               Part 1: Unsustainable Neo-Lib-         Nasser dramatically improved the          outside the law in 2000 by the Com-        stopped from killing civilians.            Now at war in a fourth North                                                       General Secretary and steel magnate;
                            eralism, nepotism, and repression         lives of ordinary Egyptians. Nasser       modities Futures Modernization Act.           Would that we were that concerned.    African/Middle Eastern country,           elites lost wealth.                                                                   loaded a video circulating around the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                According to U.C. Santa Barbara          Zohayr Garana, Tourism Minis-              Internet that supposedly caught the
                            in Egypt                                  redistributed land, created minimum           Now it is legal for pigs like Gold-    For almost ten years in Afghani-         and with Special Operations troops                                                   ter; Ahmad al-Maghrabi, Housing
                               Once upon a brief time, Egyptians      lease agreements, rent control, and       man Sachs to buy large amounts of          stan, over eight in Iraq, and several    in secret wars around the globe, the      International Studies professor Paul                                                  Al-Shurta dealing drugs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Amar, “On Monday, 31 January, we           Minister; and Habib Adli, Interior
                            had the right to food, education,         doubled the minimum wage, causing         food and horde it, so they can make        in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia,         words of Martin Luther King, Jr. are                                                 Minister—who have collectively sto-          Just leaving the middle class to
                            health care, and a better life for        real wages to rise by a third! The        a fortune when prices skyrocket. A         U.S. forces have ceaselessly killed      still true, that “the greatest purveyor   saw Naguib Sawiris, perhaps Egypt’s                                                   fend for itself is often enough to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         len tens of billions of dollars. These
                            their children. Throughout the Arab       workweek declined by 10%, giving          Harper’s Magazine report entitled          civilians.                               of violence in the world is my own        richest businessman and the iconic         werewolves manufactured their own          spark an uprising, but Mubarak used
                            world, no one represented freedom         Egyptians almost a weekend (many          The Food Bubble: How Wall Street             The very decision to engage in         government.” The alternative to the       leader of the ‘nationalist capital’ fac-   silver bullets by siding with the neth-    them as charcoal to fuel his security
                            and dignity more than Abel Gamal          had at least part of Friday off to        Starved Millions and Got Away with         modern warfare means we have             massacre of innocents that is modern      tion in Egypt, joining the protesters      erbeasts, and Mubarak loaded the           machine. It was only a matter of
                            Nasser, a former colonel in the Egyp-     pray). If the private sector could not    It illustrated a sickening example:        made our peace with large-scale          warfare is to study and practice the      and demanding the exit of Mubarak.         guns by squeezing out the educated         time before the netherbeasts left the
                            tian military. Even today, his photo      provide you a job, the state would.       “red wheat generally trades between        killing of civilians. Invading and       relentless nonviolent resistance for      During the past decade, Sawiris and        upper middle class.                        werewolves to fend for themselves.
                            is held high during pro-democracy         Aside from building hospitals and         $3 and $6 per sixty-pound bushel           occupying countries with unseen and      which King, Jesus, and Gandhi gave        his allies had become threatened by          Mubarak nurtured his own internal          Read upcoming part 2 to find out
                            protests—quite an irony, since he was     schools, Nasser introduced a consti-      [by] February 25, 2008, hard red           unknown enemies means our troops         their lives; to disarm and organize       Mubarak-and-son’s extreme neo-lib-         security apparatus, separate from          how labor, an anti-police brutality
                            a ruthless tyrant. He killed thousands    tution and national charter calling for   spring futures settled at $25 per          are permanently in atrocity-produc-      ourselves instead to lead the world in    eralism and their favoring of West-        the military, the Central Security         movement, the Muslim Brotherhood,
                            of people, including brave comrades       universal health care and an increase     bushel.” 2008 was the greatest             ing situations, with every civilian a    overcoming evil with good, false-         ern, European, and Chinese investors       Services (Amn al-Markazi) and the          “Facebookers,” and others united to
                            in the Free Officers Club who helped      in women’s rights, including family       wheat-producing year on record, so         target. War from the air or via cruise   hood with truth, and hatred with          over national businessmen.” Sawiris        Al-Shurta, the official police. The        push the most beautiful expression
                            overthrow the English-backed mon-         planning, gender-mixed schools, and       prices should have decreased based         missiles means adopting “accept-         love—refusing to kill, no matter the      is forming a “council of wisemen”          Al-Shurta were allowed to enhance          of freedom in my lifetime against a
                            archy.                                    more female-friendly divorce laws.        on real world supply and demand.           able” civilian death rates in pursuit    cost.                                Ω    made up of other nationalist-leaning       their salaries through creative fund-      military that wasn’t ready to fire. Ω
                               When Nasser assumed power, he            Starting with Anwar Sadat, Nasser’s     Banksters artificially drove up prices     of high-value targets. Not only have                                               elites in conflict with transnational      raising. As unemployment rose
                            outlawed all political parties except     successor, the majority of Egyptians      on almost every staple from 2006 to        we killed hundreds of thousands of                Steve Baggarly                   capital.                                   among educated, formerly middle-           Ernest Savage is a filmmaker and
                            his own. When Syria and Egypt             were no longer guaranteed the right       2008 and riots broke out in 60 coun-       civilians (we purposely do not                    Norfolk Catholic Worker            This split may not have been so          class technocrats, this class forged an    activist and a friend of the Los Ange-
                            formed a union, he placed his close       to life. Few thought Sadat would          tries, including Egypt. Globally, 200                                                                                         meaningful if not for the Egyptian         informal micro-business economy            les Catholic Worker.

                       4 / APRIL 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       CATHOLIC AGITATOR / 5
                                                   NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE IN JAPAN
    HIRSCH, Cont’d from p.1                  is not like a log in the fireplace of     the light from a star that reaches        spokespersons have said that such an
    quakes and tsunamis and huge             your house. If you put water on a         you today is old. However, as the         accident could never happen here,
    amounts of radiation steam releases,     burning log, you can quench it and        days proceed the plume is capable of      that we have redundant systems. Do
    they could get the pumps to start        that heat goes out, because there is      carrying with it ever increasing ra-      you think something like this could
    working again.                           nothing generating new heat. But          dioactivity, because more is released     happen to the two plants in Califor-
    Agitator: If they get the pumps          in the spent fuel, and in the reactor     as the crisis worsens.                    nia?
    working again, would they bring it       fuel, new heat is constantly generat-       The statement that there is no po-      Dan: Yes. Definitely. The accident
    under control?                           ing from the decay of radioactive         tential harm is completely false—         in Japan is a station blackout event,
    Dan: “Under control” is perhaps          materials. You cannot stop the            the agencies know that there is no        when you lose off-site power and you
    too hopeful, but they could reduce       decay. You cannot put water on it,        safe level of radioactivity, no thresh-   lose your generators. Precisely that
                                             quench it, and walk away. You have        old below which there is no harm.         accident can happen here in Califor-
    the out-of-control nature.               to keep water on it, because it keeps     And we are completely blind as to
    Agitator: The most hazardous as-                                                                                             nia. Both San Onofre and Diablo
                                             getting hot. That is how it works—        how much risk there is, because we        Canyon are located very close to
    pect, then, is the spent fuel rods?      it is a controlled A-bomb designed        are not being given real data—we
    Dan: In terms of long-life radioac-                                                                                          very large earthquake faults, and a
                                             to boil water and make steam. It          are being given bland assurances.         large earthquake could stop the cool-
    tivity, yes.                             continues to produce heat even when         I am deeply troubled that the Nu-
    Agitator: And if those spent fuel                                                                                            ing and cause a meltdown.
                                             you shut it down, because radioac-        clear Regulatory Commission has           Agitator: I know you are really
    rods start burning, they release high    tive materials keep decaying.             been given control of the response,
    amounts of radioactive material into                                                                                         busy right now. What have you been
                                             Agitator: You mentioned that there        though the law says that responsibil-     doing?
    the atmosphere?                          are still workers in the plant? Could     ity belongs to the U.S. Environmen-
    Dan: Correct. Let me give you a          you comment on their health situa-                                                  Dan: Lately I have been doing a
                                                                                       tal Protection Agency. The NRC’s
    couple of numbers—the amount of          tion?                                     radiation standards are a hundred         large number of media interviews. I
    long-life radioactivity in each one      Dan: The dose rates are high              times weaker than the EPA’s. The          have been interacting with agencies
    of the reactors is about 500 to 1,000    enough that workers are at risk of        NRC has said we are ok, we are            about emergency response planning.
    times long-life radioactivity as was     acute radiation syndrome—the              only being given a fraction of the        I am to testify on Monday before
    in the Hiroshima bomb. Each spent        kinds of immediate failure of organs      permissible level, but that fraction      a state Senate committee looking
    fuel pool has some multiple of that,     that accompanied radiation expo-          could still be higher than what the       at the implications of the Japanese
    at least two to six times as much as     sures at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.          EPA thinks is acceptable risk.            disaster for California reactors.
    in the actual core. These are astro-     At a greater distance, the public is at   Agitator: The United States is            Agitator: If you had a meeting with
    nomical quantities of radioactivity.     risk of increased cancers.                about to embark on a renewed              President Obama tomorrow, what
    Agitator: Once they start burning,       Agitator: Today the nuclear plume         nuclear power plan. Would you             would you say to him?
    what happens then?                       was supposed to hit the U.S. West         comment on that in light of the cur-      Dan: Mr. President, greatness
    Dan: As they burn, they drive            Coast. Authorities say there is no        rent situation?                           involves admitting mistakes. Your
    radio-active materials like Cesium       significant health danger here. Do        Dan: One would think that the             support for expanded nuclear power
    and Strontium into the atmosphere.       you agree?                                Japanese disaster would put the final     is a grave mistake. The Japanese
    They keep on doing that as long as       Dan: Today we will encounter the          end to any fantasy about expanding        tragedy is a teachable moment. You
    they have no covering of water.          leading edge of the plume, which if       nuclear power and would lead us,          should announce to the American
    Agitator: Does that happen indefi-       it contained anything, it contained       instead, in the direction of a prompt     public that we are not going to build
    nitely?                                  radioactivity from the first day or so,   phase out of all the reactors we have.    any more nuclear plants, and we are
    Dan: No, not for tens of thousands       when very little was being released       Agitator: Could you comment on            going to phase out the ones we have.
    of years, but the fire could go on for   compared to what is being released        the nuclear power plants here in          Agitator: Thank you for all your
    many, many days. Understand, this        now. It is a little bit like astronomy—   California? Numerous Edison               good work, Dan.

    STUCHLIK, Cont’d from p.2                And we continued to sit, alert on         heavenly Mother’s house might look        airport to lock-up without even set-
    soak it in hot water and baking soda     our watch until the day death too         like, where those who suffer can          ting foot on U.S. soil as a free man),
    before it would come off.                soon came walking, exchanging             find comfort.                    Ω        or batteries for an Ecuadorian friend
      I didn’t know what to tell you. I      the suffering body with a new kind                                                  in a similar situation. The list is end-
                                             of pain that had already begun to         Theo Kayser is a member of the Los        less. It takes quite a bit of patience
    don’t know how to translate my own                                                 Angeles Catholic Worker community.
    sorrow into words that can comfort       overshadow everything. A pain that                                                  to be able to recognize genuine need
    you. So I hugged you while you           never completely disappears and                                                     sometimes. It is hard to describe
    cried tears that did not know how        must be absorbed into the fabric          OMONDI, Cont’d from p.3                   how the prison mentality comes into
    to run dry. I told you that you were     of our daily existence, granting us       grateful for the time I am able to        play so often in these situations—
    beautiful and that life would not end    gravity and a greater capacity for        spend in peaceful silence in the          there is a constant expectation of a
    when he died. He once made you a         love. Grief.                        Ω     mornings and evenings when the            quid pro quo—nothing is free, and
    better woman and he can make you                                                   dorm is relatively quiet. I am            if it is, there must be some catch,
    a better woman still, though memo-       CRUZ, Cont’d from p.2                     grateful for all the prayers I have       some favor to be asked down the
    ries seem to be all that remains, as                                               received in the mail—I am always          road. Yet with patience and prayer,
                                             love.                                                                               I know God is showing me the right
    even his smell and the sound of his        I know someday I’ll be singing          spoiled for choices as to what to
    voice diminished from this life.                                                   read to assist in prayer and medita-      way to use what has been given
                                             above.                                                                              to me, the right relationships to
      Skin and bones.                          Today we gathered in our garden         tion, but my favorites right now are
      Death wears many masks, cor-                                                     the prayers from Kenya that Cath-         cultivate, and the humility to receive
                                             dining area right next to the place                                                 from others openly and gratefully.
    rupt, seductive and final; mas-          where Paul stood at the head of the       erine sent, and the book from the
    querading like weeds in the flower                                                 library (where I am now) by Mother        March 6, 2011
                                             line for five years greeting every                                                    10:30 pm. I am sitting in the day
    bed, growing among the flowers           person who ate at our kitchen. I can      Teresa: Total Surrender. Total
    and choking them out. Yet they                                                     Surrender—a daily practice and les-       room while the rest of my dorm
                                             think of no better place to reflect                                                 mates are watching TV or going to
    are weeds only because they grow         the spirit of this man—a bear of a        son in God’s grace and abundance.
    where they are not wanted. Cancer                                                    As always, food seems to be at the      sleep. It is peaceful and quiet—and
                                             man, full of life’s joys and travails,                                              I have a sense of deep joy, peace and
    takes the form of biological death,      a compassionate man who heard             center of so many of the dynamics
    and brings not only the sick, but                                                  and relationships I experience in         gratitude. I have, over time, become
                                             the cries of God’s poor, a patient                                                  accustomed enough to the ebbs and
    those around them, face to face with     ear who turned aside from the             prison. Not only am I continuing to
    their own mortality. But there is                                                  find that curbing my own tendencies       flows here that I can actually sit here
                                             mainstream path, one who rejected
    incredible peace waiting when one                                                  toward greed and overconsumption          and write in peace. Two hours of
                                             violence in favor of building up the
    embraces the reality of death and        Beloved Kingdom. A man who                is a spiritual discipline—the sharing     checkers with Ecuador (Francisco
    moves past its certainty and into the    proclaimed jubilee release for the        of food is the simplest method avail-     Montezuma) was exactly what I
    realm of life—life, not as a dual-       captives and the sharing and break-       able for establishing and developing      needed, followed by a phone call
    ity and opposite to death, but as a      ing of the bread. A man welcomed          relationships, and over time specific     to you, my dear beautiful Rebecca,
    state of being present to joy. Even      home to join with the glorious cloud      areas of need in a given relationship     then count, then a phone call to
    though our eyes and the eyes of          of witnesses. And during this oc-         become more readily apparent. Es-         Kenya to wish my father a happy
    those who loved him charted Mike’s       tave of the feast of Monsignor Oscar      pecially in my immediate surround-        birthday. My only ambition for
    decline, we were not blind to the        Romero, another man of peace, I           ing in F-pod, Marshall unit, where I      tonight is to do a little more writ-
    beauty and the peace that remained       have only one last thing to say to        am the only fluent English speaker,       ing and get to sleep soon so that I
    despite his wasted body and inar-        you: Paul Gross, Presente!
                                                                                  Ω    communion around food immedi-             can spend the majority of tomorrow
    ticulate syllables.                                                                ately transcends linguistic and           writing in the library before the
      Perhaps pain and suffering is a        Faustino Cruz is a Los Angeles            cultural barriers—and opens doors         mail comes in after 4:00 count. I
    mindset as much as it is a physical      Catholic Worker community member.         towards increased friendliness and        know it is not fair that I am in such
    reality. But who is to say that when                                               companionship in all other areas of       a joyful and peaceful place when
    your world goes dark, the demons                                                   prison life.                              there is so much suffering, injustice
    you face are not real? Who is to say     KAYSER, Cont’d from p.2                     I believe it no coincidence that        grief, and sickness all around—but
    that when our souls become skel-         is on Sixth Street or six feet under      my bunk in F-pod is across the            then again, what good does it do the
    etons, weak and emaciated by the         or maybe on cell block 6.                 aisle from one “Jose Sanchez” who         world for me to be sad if I can be
    cancer of pain, that everything is         So, I look back and realize that        runs a plentiful store (using stamps      joyful and still maintain conscious-
    not all skin and bones? That hope,       Mike was fortunate to have the            as currency). With the abundance          ness/awareness and prayerfulness
    fleshy, warm bread pulled hot from       LACW, but mostly we were fortu-           that has been afforded me though          for the rest of the world. I know
    the oven, exists even still? For him,    nate to have Mike. We were blessed        support for my witness, I am able to      that this joy is a precious gift—and
    hope, life became a sinking ship.        to have a teacher such as he, some-       enact some just re-distribution quite     that it both arises from and enlivens
    So we sat by his bedside, day and        one who embraced life for as long         efficiently— perhaps purchasing           my commitment to selfless service.
    night, while he nodded off when the      as he was able. We were blessed to        milk for a Nigerian friend who is re-     Love is so powerful. And it breeds
    drugs took him into blissful oblivion.   have someone to show us what our          ally hard up (went straight from the      more love.                            Ω

6 / APRIL 2011
THE LINE                                    ments accountable for their actions.          is forced to spend nights and part of      the Libya mission show the Defense
   ACTIVISTS SENTENCED                      Snorre Valen, a legislator from Nor-          the day completely naked. Prolonged        Department spending more than 60 per-
                                            way’s Socialist Left Party, told The          isolation (23 hours each day), no sheet,   cent of the $550 million on bombs and
The five Disarm Now! Plowshares acti-       Associated Press he handed in his             covers or pillow, sleep deprivation, and   missiles, the rest of the costs, “are for
vists that entered the Kitsap-Bangor        nomination in person on the last day to       nudity, constitutes torture, which are     higher operating tempo of U.S. forces
                                            put forth candidates. “I think it is im-      part of the CIA’s “enhanced interroga-     and deployment costs.” —
Navy Base on the feast of All Souls,        portant to raise a debate about freedom
November 2, 2009, to symbolically dis-      of expression and that truth is always        tion” tactics used in Guantanamo, Ba-
arm the largest stockpile of nuclear        the first casualty in war,” Valen said.       gram, Abu Ghraib, and other “black”               U.S. HUMAN RIGHTS
weapons in the U.S., were sentenced on      “WikiLeaks wants to make govern-              sites. President Obama approves of
March 28 in the Tacoma, WA federal          ments accountable for their actions and       this treatment. CHANGE WE CAN              On March 18, 2011, at a U.N. review
court. Sentenced were: Sr. Anne             that contributes to peace.”                   BELIEVE IN? —           of U.S. human rights record, the U.S.
Montgomery, 83, a Sacred Heart sister         Also, attorneys representing the                                                       disavowed torture and pledged to treat
from New York – 2 mos in federal prison     WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange,                  FR. ROY BOURGEOIS                    terror suspects humanly, but rejected
and 4 mos electronic home confinement;      have filed an appeal against his extra-             ORDERED REMOVED                      calls to drop the death penalty. The
Fr. Bill Bischel, 81, a Jesuit priest and   dition from Britain to Sweden to face                                                    U.S. agreed to improvements in areas
Catholic Worker from Tacoma, WA –           allegations of rape and sexual assault.       Maryknoll priest Fr. Roy Bourgeois,        ranging from civil rights to national se-
3 mos in prison and 6 mos electronic        No date has been set for a hearing. He        the longtime peace activist and founder    curity to immigration, including intol-
                                            faces extradition to Sweden within 10         of SOA Watch, received a letter from       erance of torture and humane treatment
home confinement; Susan Crane, 67,          days if his appeal is unsuccessful. If
a member of Jonah House community                                                         his order giving him 15 days to “pub-      of suspects at Guantanamo.
                                            extradited to Sweden, extradition to          licly recant” his support of women’s                           —
in Baltimore, MD – 15 mos in prison;        the U.S. is certain where he likely will
Lynne Greenwald, 60, a nurse from           face charges resulting in the death pen-      ordination or face dismissal from the      (For the hypocrisy and lies, see Brad-
Bremerton, WA – 6 mos in prison; Fr.        alty.                —          Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. The        ley Manning update above.)
Steve Kelly, 60, a Jesuit priest from                                                     letter, dated March 18, is signed by
Oakland, CA and Catholic Worker in                                                        Maryknoll superior general Fr. Edward             SOCIAL MEDIA SPY
                                             BRADLEY MANNING UPDATE
Guadalupe, CA – 15 mos in prison.                                                         Dougherty, and secretary general Fr.
                                                                                          Edward McGovern. It warns Bourgeois        The U.S. military is developing soft-
They also were ordered to pay $5,300        The military has opted to charge PFC.                                                    ware (called “Sock Puppet”) that will
each and serve an additional year on                                                      that his dismissal also will be forward-
                                            Bradley Manning with an additional            ed to the Vatican’s Congregation for       let it secretly manipulate social media
supervised probation. Bischel and           22 charges, including the capital of-                                                    sites by using fake online personas to
Greenwald also are active members                                                         the Doctrine of Faith “with a request
                                            fense of “Aiding the Enemy.” The op-          for laicization.” Bourgeois said he        influence internet conversations and
of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent        tion to execute Bradley is now on the                                                    spread pro-American propaganda. It
Action in Poulsbo, WA, a community                                                        told Dougherty he could not, “in good
                                            table. It is beyond ironic that leaked        conscience,” recant his support of         will allow the U.S. military to create
resisting Trident nuclear weapons since     U.S. State Department cables have                                                        a false consensus in online conversa-
1977. Get more info and addresses at:                                                     women’s ordination. The peace activ-
                                            contributed to revolution and revolt in       ist said he tried to recognize in their    tions, crowd out unwelcome opinions
— http://disarmnowplowshares.               dictatorships across the Middle East                                                     and smother commentaries or reports                                                                             discussion that “we are all in different
                                            and North Africa, yet a U.S. citizen          places.                 —     that do not correspond with its own ob-
                                            faces execution, or at best life in prison,                                              jectives. A Californian corporation has
      WIKILEAKS UPDATE                      for being the primary whistleblower.          LIBYA MONETARY PRICE TAG                   been awarded a contract to develop this
A 26 year-old Norwegian lawmaker has        Millions of people around the world                                                      “online persona management service.”
nominated WikiLeaks for the 2011            clearly understand the contribution           The Pentagon stated it has spent over                           —
Nobel Peace Prize, saying that its dis-     of PFC. Manning towards not only              $550 million on U.S. military opera-
closures of classified documents pro-       freedom of information, but literally         tions in Libya between March 19 and          On The Line is compiled and
mote world peace by holding govern-         freedom itself. PFC. Manning also             March 28. Details of expenditures on       edited by Mike Wisniewski.

                                            fresh cooked southern style greens,           the Reverend Elizabeth Griswold            garden. Catherine presided over a
                                            steamed broccoli, corn, cauliflower,          proved a more than brilliant example       lovely service.
                                            toasted garlic bread, along with the          of the benefit of having a matriarchal       Rebecca and Sarah attended volunteer
                                            other ubiquitous snack food, includ-          influence. Some of us will be returning    and chant leader Rufo Norieaga’s punk
                                            ing Faustino’s famous guacamole and           home to celebrate a Sabbath meal in        band concert at the infamous Club
                                            fresh cut pico de gallo. Who really re-       early April and others will be headed      Bahaia. They were suitably impressed
                                            members the score; but all our guests         off to the mountains to camp with          by the well-dressed black hipster-goth-
                                            had a delightful time.                        them. We look forward to a continued       hispanic crowd.
                                              After attending Ched Meyer’s                working relationship with Sam, Paul,         Returning summer intern, Ross
                                            Bartimeaus Bible Institute in beautiful       Rev. Elizabeth and Shoshona.               Weaver has dropped in again to work
                                            Ojai, Calvin and Nelia Kimbrough                We were visited by Sandy and Mark        with us after his rigorous training at the
                                            came for a visit where they regaled           Fuller, Canadian snowbirds that flew       Christian Peacemaker Teams, where it
                                            with their stories and beautiful music.       in to visit their beloved daughter         was determined he was overqualified
                                            They truly are partners of the King-          Sarah. They enjoyed working at the         for the position.
                                            dom at our sister house, The Open Door,       kitchen and serving on the coffee line.      Entering the 10th year of U.S. impe-
                                            in Atlanta, Georgia, and we hope they         We also were able to score some free       rial occupation of Afghanistan and
                 THE                                                                                                                 the 8th year in Iraq (along with other

                                            had a short rest from the difficult work      tickets to the beautiful Huntington Bo-
                                            of combating the heartless forces of          tanical Gardens and showed them how        incursions) the annual Hollywood anti-
                                            empire which threaten God’s poor.             California, unlike Canada, is not cov-     war march and rally was attended by
                                              Sybilla’s sister, Zoe Bryson, visited       ered in a thick layer of ice and snow,     LACW community members.

JOURNAL                                     us exchanging the freezing cold Indiana       but is instead swathed in blooming           We congratulate community member
                                            winter for sunny California clime and         buds and blazing flowers and all sorts     Grace Morningstar Hill-Speed who
                                            serving the poor. Zoe loved passing           of beautiful enchantments for the eyes.    married Jayme Kronmiller. The cere-
                                            out plates at the Kitchen and passing           We were greatly saddened by the          mony was beautiful and moving, offici-
                                            out fruit and eggs on our coffee line.        recent passing of former community         ated by Reverend Elizabeth Griswold
 Prior to celebrating their 37th wed-       Joanna Nueson also dropped by for a           member, Paul Gross. His wife, Lisa         and our beloved matriarch, Catherine
ding anniversary, Jeff and Catherine        night and joined the Bryson-Morrow            Redman and their families continue         Morris. Flowers were provided by
enjoyed a lovely vacation in beautiful      clan, Rebecca, Alecia, and Theo for           to grieve his passing. We hope that in     Thursday volunteers Michael Patin
Cayucus, where Jeff enjoyed running         a trip to the local pizzeria, Purgatory       some small way, our presence at his        and James Bergland. Ann Boden
and putting the finishing touches on        Pizza; though the food was good, the          memorial service and at the interment      was the Madrina del Pastel. The menu
his soon-to-be published memoir titled      name aptly describes the quality of           of his ashes beneath the Celtic Cross      was delicious East L.A. tamales, beans,
Forever Young. Catherine enjoyed            service.                                      in the Hippie Kitchen garden may           rice, fresh salsa, and salad. They will
snoozeful days. While they were out,          Our favorite former community               comfort them.                              embark on an extended honeymoon,
                                            member, hard working Donald Nollar              We celebrated Dr. Pat Heffron’s          visiting her family in Oregon and his in
the younguns ran the farm, throwing                                                                                                  Kansas, then travel throughout the
a delicious super mashed potato gravy       organized a car pool to Pomona to             birthday and return from Sri Lanka,
                                            attend a fundraising concert for our          which coincidentally fell on the week-     U.S.A. in a van and trailer as itinerant
party at our downtown soup kitchen;                                                                                                  preachers and doers of the Word. We
the steaming piles of buttered mashed       sister house, Casa Colibri, in Hosto-         end before Mardi Gras. We attended
                                            tipaquillo, Jalisco, Mexico. Everyone         the annual, happening place to be, All     wish them the best with many blessings.
potatoes with thick porcine gravy drip-                                                                                                We look forward to the day when
ping off the edge of the plate combined     enjoyed the music, delicious snacks,          Saints Episcopal Church in Highland        there will be no more nuclear weap-
with crisp salad and tasty garlic dress-    and community member Rebecca Ca-              Park. The hurricanes were flowing, the     ons, no more war, no more violence,
ing and topped with a buttered slice a      sas caught the eye of the folk musician       jambalaya was stirring, the red beans      no more oppression of our sisters and
bread left many a satisfied guest.          and had a song dedicated to her. Next,        and rice were steaming and all manner      brothers forced to live on the streets
 In full observance of the U.S.A.’s true    a large contingent of Catholic Workers        of delights for mouth, eyes, and ears      because of the broken “filthy rotten
religious holiday, the Super Bowl, we       accepted the gracious hospitality of the      were present.                              system”, which places money and pos-
invited an assortment of fellows and        Burning Bush Center for the Work-               We celebrated Ash Wednesday at our       sessions over people. God forgive US.
gals from the street into our home,         ing Poor as they attended a hootenanny        home liturgy, where we also interned
where we prepared a delicious slow-         a la Pete Seeger. Alecia, Rebecca and         the ashes of our former guest Mike           House Journal is written by
cooked beef brisket, tasty potatoes,        Theo sang their little hearts out and         Cooksey in our backyard memorial           Faustino Cruz.

                                                                                                                                            CATHOLIC AGITATOR / 7
Catholic Worker Upcoming Events                                                                                                  C AT H O L I C

             GOOD FRIDAY                                                                                                    APRIL 2011 Vol. 41/No. 2

    ANTI-WAR STATIONS OF THE CROSS                                                                                  SISTER HOUSE NETWORK:
                                      April 22 • 3:00pm                                                             LOS ANGELES CATHOLIC WORKER:
     Please join the LACW for our annual Stations of the Nonviolent Cross.                                           1. Ammon Hennacy House of Hospitality
                                                                                                                          632 N. Brittania St., Los Angeles, CA 90033-1722
          Meet at Downtown Federal Building, 300 N. Los Angeles St.                                                      (323) 267-8789
                                                                                                                      2. Hospitality Kitchen

                       SEDER OF LIBERATION
                                                                                                                          821 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90021
                                                                                                                         (213) 614-9615
                                                                                                                    ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY

                        Sunday, May 1 • 3:00 - 8:00pm                                                               500 W. VanBuren St., Las Vegas, NV 89106
                                                                                                                    (702) 647-0728
                                                                                                                    ISAIAH HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY
All Saints Episcopal Church—Highland Park—5619 Monte Vista St., L.A. 90042                                          316 S. Cypress Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92701
                                                                                                                    (714) 835-6304
Please call 323-267-8789 to reserve a seat and sign up to bring either a salad or dessert.                          SADAKO SASAKI HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY
                                                                                                                    1321 W. 38th St., Norfolk, VA 23508
                                                                                                                    (757) 423-5420

                                    JOIN US AT THE                                                                  SR. PETER CLAVER HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY
                                                                                                                    430 W. Jefferson St., Philadelphia, PA 19122

PALM SUNDAY PEACE PARADE                                                                                            (215) 232-7823
                                                                                                                    HOUSE OF GRACE CATHOLIC WORKER

                                      April 17 • 3:00pm
                                                                                                                    1826 E. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125
                                                                                                                    (215) 426-0364
                                                                                                                    PETER MAURIN CATHOLIC WORKER
          The annual Palm Sunday Peace Parade will gather outside                                                   1149 Crestwood St., San Pedro, CA 90732
                                                                                                                    (310) 831-3480
    Messiah Lutheran Church, 570 E. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, 91104                                             KIERAN PRATHER HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY
                                                                                                                    672 2nd Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066
 Committed individuals will come together to march in witness against the worldly authorities                       (650) 827-0706
  that steal from and make war against God’s poor, and as witnesses for justice and peace.                          BEATITUDE HOUSE
                                                                                                                    4575 9th St., Guadalupe, CA 93434
Sponsored by: The Peace & Justice Academy, Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries, Pasadena Mennonite Church,            (805) 343-6322
 All Saints Middle East Ministry, Church for Others, Knox Presbyterian Church, Urban Village of Pasadena,           ST. BENEDICT HOUSE OF HOSPITALITY
    The Los Angeles Catholic Worker, and Progressive Christians Uniting. This is a family-friendly event.           4022 N. Cheryl Ave., Fresno, CA 93705
                                                                                                                    (559) 229-6410 —
                                                                                                                    HIGH DESERT CATHOLIC WORKER
CAPTIVITY: A BOOK SIGNING WITH JAMES LONEY                                                                          P.O. Box 3157, Apple Valley, CA 92307
   James Loney is a Canadian Catholic Worker who, for years, has worked with Christian Peacemaker Teams in          (760) 247-5732 -
                                                                                                                    CASA COLIBRÌ CATHOLIC WORKER
   Iraq and Palestine. On November 26, 2005 he was kidnapped in Baghdad along with three others. The widely
 publicized hostage crisis ended March 23, 2006 when Loney and two others were rescued in a clandestine military    011-52 - 386-744-5063 -
     operation lead by British Special Forces. The U.S. citizen on the team was killed two weeks prior to rescue.   OAK VIEW CATHOLIC WORKER
                                                                                                                    93 Prospect St., Oak View, CA 93022
  Thursday, April 14, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm, 474 South Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105                                 (805) 931-6829 -
              Free admission. RSVP at:

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