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					                                                                                                         Human Resources Branch

                                                                    University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2010—2013

                                                                                                      Information Sheet

                                                             Casual Employment
 Clause 3.11 of the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2010—2013, deals with proposed terms and condi-
 tions for casual employment for professional and academic staff at the University. This information sheet pro-
 vides a summary of key aspects of this clause.

What do we mean by Casual Employment?                                                         What if I need more information?

Staff engaged as casuals are employed on an hourly basis                                      Please consult the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agree-
and are paid a casual loading as compensation for the                                         ment 2010—2013.
irregular nature of their employment and inability to ac-
                                                                                              If you have any questions about the Casual Employ-
cess annual leave and personal leave.
                                                                                              ment clause, please contact the HR Service Centre at:
What has changed?                                                                    or 8313 1111.

Casual staff receive an increased casual loading from 23%
to 25% in addition to their applicable hourly rate of pay .
This entitlement forms part of the new enterprise agree-
ment but was made effective on 1 July 2010 and will be
reflected in the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement

The University is obliged to make superannuation contri-
butions to casual staff who meet the income threshold
under the superannuation guarantee legislation. In the
proposed agreement, all casual staff will receive 9 % su-
perannuation contributions from the University. This en-
titlement was made effective as of 1 July 2010.

Provisions provided for in the Casual Employment Policy
and guideline have now been incorporated into the En-
terprise Agreement.

Who will be affected?

All casual staff currently employed by the University.

             This fact sheet is intended for use as a guide only and should not be applied without reference to the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2010—2013.
                                            You should consult the Human Resources Branch of the University for more detailed advice .

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