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                              SEO Hamburger?
You know you can compare a lot of SEO techniques and efforts to a steamy juicy off the grill hamburger. If
you are a vegetarian I truly apologize but these I think are the most important elements of a complete
search engine optimization campaign and ironically I have compared those elements to a hamburger. | 617-279-0027 |

Let’s go over what I mean about the various stages of the SEO hamburger:

Bottom Bun
The bottom bun of the SEO hamburger represents your on-site optimization efforts. This portion of the
project really acts as the foundation of all your future marketing efforts. Get this step wrong and it is like
cutting corners on your foundation when building a home. Each section of your webpages should always
be optimized 100%. That means custom written meta tags along with descriptions, targeted
keywords per page specific to the content, along with optimized image tags are all very important for all
these searches being conducted each and every day.

The Meat
You can’t expect to grow a business without having a little bit of meat and substance in the equation. If
you were grilling a nice juicy hamburger you wouldn’t just throw it out there to cook you would most
likely season it with your best spices & flavors. An SEO campaign goes through the same notion. You
have to be robust with your approach and always keep your brand in check. An SEO campaign that lacks
any branding efforts is not much of a marketing campaign is it? You do realize that search engine
optimization is simply the process of marketing your business right? Things like news worthy press
releases, industry expert articles, heavy social media and consistent email marketing all help with the
overall SEO picture. The days of just hammering away at keywords on your website are long gone. There
is a whole new game in town and if you don’t want to utilize the tools around you will not last long

The Sauce
Your business along with your marketing approach needs to have some personality in it. You don’t want
to be this boring dry drone like of a company that makes it obvious that there is no room to have fun
and grow a successful business at the same time. Personality is also what will allow you to stand out
from your crowd. If you have a great deal of competition around you what is going to set you apart from
yourself and your competitors? Back your logo with a soul and watch your website grow in a whole new

The Lettuce
Don’t forget about the lettuce because everything is an ingredient to the overall picture. The bigger
picture of your website growth requires many different gears to be spinning at the same time. This
means that a consistent email marketing approach along with PPC marketing and things like affiliate | 617-279-0027 |

marketing will be vital to the success of your company’s online approach. Don’t find one technique and
beat it into the ground. The lettuce is the filler that allows you to strengthen your approach in the online
space. Don’t ignore the green leafs.

The Onion
This is probably one of my favorites. Social media marketing is probably one of the most important
efforts you can apply to yourself as a business. The onion fits this diagram nicely because if you abuse
your audience in the social networks you could quickly have a sour taste in not only your mouth but also
their mouths. It is important to take a well-rounded and structured approach to your social media and
always include personality to every approach. People always ask what is the secret sauce to internet
marketing? There is no secret sauce just try having some sort of personality.

The Top Bun
The top bun is often overlooked. I see it many times; a company will spend a great deal of money
marketing their business with little to no website conversion elements in place on a website. I’m not
talking about high end design although up to date design is always important but elements like lead
forms, and visible phone numbers are extremely important. What good is all that web traffic if you can’t
convert any of those visitors from a lack of conversion aspects? Website structure and layout is
important to the overall success of your external marketing efforts so don’t forget about it.

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