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                  Saturday March 26, 2011
                  Check in 9AM - Last bike out 10:00 AM
                       Start: Kettle Restaurant
                748 W Starr Pass (22nd west of I-10)
              End: La Gitana Cantina, In Scenic Arivaca
                        Last bike in by 1:30 PM
                    $15 Includes: Observation Run

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                     The Ride is all new for 2011
                   Cash-Raffles-50/50, Free lunch,

                    ABATE merchandise available.
            Can’t make the ride! Come to the after party!
All riders are invited. All brands and styles of bikes are welcome.
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       AZ Rider Motorcycle News      March 2011    HOME   
AZ Rider
      AZ Rider Motorcycle News and Entertainment
                                 P O Box 7375, Mesa, AZ 85216-7375
                                                                                                                            Editors Column
                                        Phone 480-921-0244                                                                     On the cover….. That’s Dr
             Owner / Publisher: Newkirk Inc. Editors: Bruce & Betsy Newkirk
                                                                                                                          Steve aka Painless, standing
                                                                                                                          outside his dentistry office on
                     March 2011 ✠ Volume 13, Issue 3 ✠ 137th edition
                                                                                                                          Brown Road in Mesa. Got a
                                                                                                                          troublesome tooth you need to
                                                                                                                          deal with ~ or you’re just due
       This Month’s Contributors:                                Advertising: Bruce & Betsy
                                                                                                                          for a good cleaning? Dr Steve
                     Beaux                                              Distribution:                                     and his staff can fix you up.
                  Lady Jewells                                       Beaux, Undertaker                                    Their contact info is on page
                    Margie                                   and friends throughout the territory                         12.
                                                                                                                               I’m sitting here at the com-
       Layout: Meltdown & Fallout                          Complaint Department: Meltdown                                 puter, typin’ this article and sippin’ on a cup o’ joe… And by now you’re
                                                                                                                          asking….. what’s so new about that???? This time I’m using this really
        AZ Rider Motorcycle News {AZR} is published twelve times per year. Submissions of articles, photos,
  and other interesting stuff are always welcome and will be considered for future issues. Deadline for                   cool AZ Rider coffee mug that Rick Henry of Mugs-n-Things made up.
  submissions is the 15th of each month. By submitting material for publication, you are certifying that it is an         He makes some really good looking, quality stuff… Not just mugs, ei-
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       Reprints with permission of the publisher and with attribution.                                                    just around the corner. Among those coming is the ‘Piss On The River’
        AZ Rider Motorcycle News is an independent publication with no affiliation to any motorcycling club.               hosted by the Viet Nam Vets - Legacy Vets MC in Lake Havasu. Get the
                                                                                                                          details on page 7.
                                                                                                                               The calendar is full of stuff to do, including quite a few with which
A farmer was selling his peaches door to door.......                                                                      our advertisers are involved. You’ll know those by their bolded print. We
    He knocked on a door and a shapely 30-something woman dressed                                                         hope you’ll support our Advertisers and their activities whenever you are
in a very sheer negligee answered the door.
                                                                                                                               Along with some established, bona fide events, we also hear at times
    He raised his basket to show her the peaches and asked, ‘Would
                                                                                                                          of some smaller or lesser-known runs. And we try to post as many as we
you like to buy some peaches?’ She pulled the top of the negligee to                                                      can. Plus of course y’all are always welcome to add events to our online
one side and asked, ‘Are they as firm as this?’ He nodded his head and                                                     calendar.
said, ‘ Yes ma’am,’ and a little tear ran from his eye.                                                                        Now, before anyone gets upset about what we’re about to say; we’re
    Then she pulled the other side of her negligee off asking, ‘Are                                                       not pointing fingers or saying anything negative toward any particular
they nice and pink like this?’ The farmer said, ‘Yes,’ and another tear                                                   one. BUT just as in the rest of society; there are those out there who want
came from the other eye.                                                                                                  to make a buck off the good hearts of the biker community. Unfortunate-
    Then she unbuttoned the bottom of her negligee and asked, ‘Are                                                        ly, scammers are everywhere and bikers cannot expect to be immune. So,
they as fuzzy as this?’ He again said, ‘Yes,’ and broke down crying.                                                      sometimes you may find yourself asking, ‘is this benefit legit…..?’
    She asked, ‘Why on earth are you crying?’                                                                                  Unfortunately, the way groups with bad intent often get found out is
    Drying his eyes he replied, ‘The drought got my corn, the flood                                                        by good people getting burned. Use good sense and caution when select-
got my soy beans, a tornado leveled my barn, and now I think I’m                                                          ing where your hard-earned donation dollars go. If your gut tells you to,
gonna get f**ked out of my peaches.’                                                                                      then check into the promoter / organizer. Confirm with the beneficiary
                                                                                                                          stated in the event description that this is a bona fide fund raiser. We don’t
        Click HERE online to visit our Forum                                                                              have the resources to back check each and every event that people try to
                                                                                                                          put together. It’s pretty much gotta be up to the person{s} attending to
         that’s been set up Just For Laughs                                                                               determine if they feel the event is on the up and up, and whether it’s a
                                                                                                                          cause to which they want to donate.
                Motorcycling Organizations Contacts
AACME [Antiques & Classics]             623-849-3049      H.O.G., Grand Canyon Chapter
                                                                                                                               Fortunately, AriZona never has a shortage of good, straight up gather-
                                                                                                                          ings to attend. So just pick a direction and get out there. We hope to see
ABATE of AZ [SMRO]                      602-867-9829      H.O.G., Mother Road Chapter          888-757-1981               you in our travels.
ACMC {AZ Confederation of Clubs}        520-426-0069      H.O.G., Phoenix Chapter              602-971-3400                                       Keep your butts on your putts!
American Cruisers MC of Phoenix         480-307-4309      H.O.G.. Superstition Chapter #1743 480-346-0626                                                                                  Bruce & Betsy
American Legion Riders:                                   H.O.G., Thunder Mountain             520-458-9500
ALR Post 26, Mesa                       602-320-5777      H.O.G., Yavapai AZ Chapter           928-632-4009
ALR Post 27, ApacheJunction             602-690-7808      H.O.G., Tucson Chapter               520-792-0111
ALR Post 32, Safford                    928-322-2580      Medieval Maidens MC                  623-341-2767
ALR Post 35, Chandler
ALR Post 36, Tucson
ALR Post 39, Gilbert
                                                          Modified Motorcycle Association AZ
                                                          Mountain Motorcycle Association
                                                          MRF -Motorcycle Riders Foundation 1-800-MRF-JOIN
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ALR Post 40, Chino Valley               928-759-9449      Nomaden MC                           520-227-4401
ALR Post 44, Scottsdale                 480-980-4347      Old Guard Riders                     602-885-7155             ABATE of Arizona                  15     Greasers Automotive                   14
ALR Post 86, Overgaard                  928-300-4582      Old Pueblo Riders                    520-419-5865             Acme Cycle Garage                  5
ALR Post 109, Corona de Tucson/Vail 520-731-2000          Patriot Guard Riders AZ              602-999-0632
ALR Post 117, Phoenix                   602-358-7370      Revolution Phoenix Motorcycle RC     602-370-3109             AZ Biker Leathers                  4     Forever Two Wheels                   12
AMA [American Motorcyclist Ass’n] 1-800-AMA-JOIN          Rez Riders IMC                       928-713-6328             Bike Tow                           4     Joeta’s Leather                      11
AMX Motocross Club                      602-881-7597      Riders of Fire MC                    520-266-3624
AZ Beemers                              480-987-9339      Rollin’ Knights MC                   602-214-2144             Chester’s H-D                      1     Law Tigers                           16
AZ Marine Riders Group                  480-217-9356      Rolling Thunder® Inc.                908-735-4861                                                      Logan’s Valley Motorcycles          11,12
AZ Sun Chasers MC                       602 689-3378      Sisters of Scota WMC                 928-458-6517
AZ Trail Riders                         602-766-1750      Soldiers For Jesus MC                623-203-3681
                                                                                                                        Choice Hotels                      2     MotoDad Leather                      14
Bikers Against Child Abuse, Phoenix 800-371-9755          Southern AZ Harley Riders MC         520-249-9299             CPA - Wayne Bradford              10     MRF, A&E                              6
Bikers For Christ Phoenix               480-570-0315      Southern Cruisers Riding Club        623-341-9477
                                                                                                                        Cycle Recycle                     14     Pappy’s Bar & Grill                  10
Born To Die M/M                         928-758-7717      Star Touring & Riding Ass’n          800-422-1041
Brothers of the Third Wheel             480-969-5199      STAR of Phoenix, Chapter 113         602-790-5090             DCI Direct Lift                    5     Piss On The River Run                 7
Christian Motorcyclists Association     623-334-8096      Stoned Sober MC                      520-730-6270             Del Mar Leathers                   6     Scott’s Customs                       4
Desert Road Riders MC                   928-716-7244      Sun Riders MC                        520-975-2907
Desert Thunder MC                       602-402-4970      Trike Riders Int’l, Mid-AZ           480-641-3067             Dentist - Vital, Dr. Steve        12     Str8 Up Custom Painting              12
Flying Wheels of Sun Cities [all bikes] 623-546 8521      Tucson Peacemakers                   520-574-2909             Evil Twin Customs                 10     What the Hell Bar & Grill             1
Gold Wing Touring Association           480-390-7739      Warrior Brotherhood VMC              602-317-5400
GWRRA [Goldwings]                       520-885-5709      Weasels, Black Mtn Chapter, AZ       602-320-1728
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Hell’s Angels MC                        602-448-0408      Women in the Wind, Desert Diamonds 480-241-3358               EV ABATE Valentines Party        pg 5    Community News                       pg 10
H.O.G., East Valley #0024               480-844-0803      Women on Wheels/Desert Zephyrs Phx 623-385-2097               Advertiser Review:                       Chester’s Charity Chili Cook-off      pg 11
      To have your organization listed, forward the name, phone # and website {if available} to us @                        Greasers Automotive          pg 6    SeamlessTransition                    pg 12 or P O Box 7375; Mesa, AZ 85216-7375 or call 480-921-0244.                            MMA’s 3-Ball Run                 pg 8    Calendar & Subscription Form       pg 13-14
             Visit for web links to these and other organizations                              Run to the Rez VII               pg 9    Ride For Love                         pg 15

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4                                                                                                             AZ Rider

                                                              Located in Surprise, AZ ➬ at Grand and the 303
                                                                           by appointment only
                                Walk-Ins Welcome
                                                                            40 years experience

                            1-866-99TOWIT                                 motorcycle & automotive
                            (866-998-6948)                    service ♦ repair ♦ special builds ♦ accessories ♦
                                                                       welding ♦ tires ♦ lights ♦ more

    virtual tour   
                          AZ Rider Motorcycle News      March 2011      HOME      
                                EV ABATE Valentines Party
AZ Rider                                                                                                                                                        5

    Has it been a year already? It must be, ‘cause      A door prize ticket also came along with your en-     there were no issues to take away from that.
we found ourselves riding out to the annual Val-        try. Margie and Shorty handled the announcements
entines Day Party hosted by ABATE’s East Val-           of those winners. A variety of items, donated by          Coming up….. East Valley ABATE’s Biker
ley Chapter. Held on Saturday night, February 12,       Chapter members and officers, were given away.         Ball challenge will be held on March 12 at Daley
the gathering place was again the Goathead Saloon       Music was provided by a good cover band called        Park on College Ave. between Apache and Broad-
on Country Club in Mesa. This location has a con-       ‘Plowed’ that we had not heard before.                way in Tempe. College is midway between Mill
venient bonus, as it is right next door to a Motel           Out to celebrate his birthday, our friends Jim   & Rural.. Members and non-members of ABATE
6. Even better, the motel will give a discount on       Silk and his lady Linette were among the familiar     are welcome to attend and participate. Event runs
rooms when you mention you’re at the event. So,         faces. Many happy returns to you.                     8a-6pm, ball game starts at 2pm. $5/head, picnic
those inclined can relax, tip a few {extra} back,            The $50 chili prize went to Redbone. The 50/50   lunch provided. T-shirt for the first 35. They have a
and have some fun; without worrying about how           was won by Russ Abshire. Robin Munn had the           beer permit and will have some there. If you want
to get home.                                            winning ticket for this year’s Romantic Get Away      to BYO, no glass containers are allowed in the
    We were greeted by Jess taking care of busi-        Weekend for Two. This includes 2 nights at the        park. Rain or Shine! Players, spectators, umpires,
ness at the door. Your $5 cover included the op-        Prescott Resort, a bottle of wine, and $100 spend-    scorekeepers, cooks are all needed. Bring Gloves,
portunity to be a judge in a chili cook-off ~ or just   ing cash. We hope you have a really nice time. Con-   Bats or Balls. Winner takes home the coveted Bik-
enjoy some good-tasting chili. Along with the chili     gratulations to you all on your winnings.             erBall Trophy. FMI: Redbone 480-326-7656
were cornbread and chips to munch on. A clever               Although attendance was lower than expected,         Until later ~
and popular treat for dessert were the panty &          it was nice to be out and see everyone who was                                              Bruce & Betsy
thong cookies brought by Animal’s wife, Karen.          there. Everybody was having a good time, and

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     Advertiser Review: Greasers Automotive
6                                                                                                                                            AZ Rider

    Greasers is a locally owned and
operated business; located at 1900 N
McClintock Drive, #3 in Tempe, AZ
85281. That’s the southwest corner of
McClintock/Hayden and McKellips
Road. This professional automotive
                                                                                                                         Motorcycle Riders
repair service specializes in both for-
                                                                                                                     Foundation Awareness &
eign and domestic vehicles.                                                                                             Education (MRFA&E)
    We know that you’re reading AZ                                                                                  was established to promote
Rider because you are part of the mo-                                                                                motorcycle awareness and
torcycling community. You’re not                                                                                     education due to an ever-
thinking about cars when you’re go-                                                                                 increasing rider population.
                                                                                                                     No one is more concerned
ing though these pages. But we also know that it      chase your AMSOIL products. The shop is open                   with rider safety than riders
is very likely that your household has at least one   Monday–Friday, from 8am until 5pm. Call them                   themselves, and obviously
cage… even if it’s just used once a week to do the    at 480-946-0890 or toll free at 1-866-724-2660.               those best suited to educate
grocery shopping. That’s where Greasers comes                                                                      newer riders are veteran riders.
                                                      Or visit them on the web at
    From computer diagnostics and electrical re-          Please let them know you read about them
pairs to scheduled maintenance, Greasers will pro-    here in AZ Rider Motorcycle News.
vide expert repairs and services for your car, SUV,
van, or light truck; at affordable
prices. All major name brand parts                                                                                   Promote awareness and
                                                                                                                   education in the motorcycle
and products are used for your re-
                                                                                                                     community to improve
pairs. The professionals at Greas-                                                                                        riders’ safety.
ers Automotive are not happy until
you are happy.                                                                                                           Please donate, we are a
                                                                                                                   501C3 Corporation. Your donation
    Greasers Automotive is also                                                                                    is tax deductible. To donate go to
your source for AMSOIL synthet-                                                                                    our web site listed at the bottom.
ic oil for your motorcycle. AM-
SOIL is The First in Synthetics®                                                                                    Motorcycle Riders Foundation
                                                                                                                 Awareness & Education (MRFA&E)
and ‘the best oil for your bike’.                                                                                 236 Massachusetts Avenue NE, #510
    Contact Greasers Automotive                                                                                        Washington, D.C. 20002
in Tempe for all your automotive                                                                                           (202) 546-0983
repair and service needs or to pur-

     Del Mar
     Leather Apparel
                                               East Valley’s Source for Biker Leathers
                                                     ALR Post 2
                                                                                                                                     virtual tour   

                                                     Legacy Run
    Motorcycle Accessories                          on March 19
                                                    Sign in HERE
     Wide variety of
       Saddlebags,                                from 9-10:30am
     T-Bags, Gloves,
        Tool Bags,
    Jackets, Chaps,
    Vests, Hats, Pins,

                                                                                                              Boots, Rain Gear,
                                                              4815 E Main St, Ste 24;                         Hoodies, Long &
                                                                                                              Short Sleeve Tee
                                                                 Mesa, AZ 85205                                Shirts, Patches,
                                                           in Main Street Plaza at 48th St, west of Higley         Eyewear,
                                                                                                             Collectibles, & more
                                                             Phone: (480) 325-0130                             Gift Certificates
    Tues-Sat 10a-6pm, Sun & Mon 10a-4pm                   Spring Special: All in-stock jackets 25% off
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AZ Rider                                                                7

              AZ Rider Motorcycle News      March 2011    HOME   
8                                                                                                               AZ Rider

                  MMA’s 3-Ball Run                                                       online, click the title
                                                                                          for more pictures
                                                                               So I think that I do a lot of rides and
                                                                          events, but it seems that every story I cover
                                                                          lately starts out with “This is the first time
                                                                          I’ve done this ride”, so to follow suit…
                                                                               This is the first time I’ve done MMA’s
                                                                          3 Ball Run, hosted by the Leather District;
                                                                          and it was great. MMA started this event 10
                                                                          years ago with 12 people in attendance. This
                                                                          year there were 80 people and every one of
                                                                          them had fun.
                                                                               This event was held on January 29. We
                                                                          started at Spuds, 3558 W. Northern Ave #A
                                                                          Phx, AZ 602.973.0011 then it was off to
                                                                          Amber Inn, Red Onion, and Maverick; end-
                                                                          ing at Charly’s 727 W. Camelback Rd. Phx.
                                                                          AZ. 602.264.0224
                                                                               The weather was good and there were
                                                                          no issues on the ride. There were riders from
                                                                          all walks of life, from Patch holders to MMA
                                                                          and ABATE members and independents.
                                                                          That’s what makes a good run; everyone
                                                                          partying together.
                                                                               Watching the pool players was defi-
                                                                          nitely entertaining. The winners all received
                                                                          very nice trophies with pool balls atop of
                                                                          them. First place was a tie and after a shoot
                                                                          off the winner was (drum roll please) Slip
                                                                          from MMA; second place went to Margie,
                                                                          ABATE, MMA; and third place went to
                                                                          Pete, ABATE. There was one more trophy
                                                                          presented as the Scratch Award, and that
                                                                          went to Buddha (Limey Riders).
                                                                               It was a nice change from the usual pok-
                                                                          er hands and you did not need to be a pool
                                                                          shark to enjoy yourself. This is a run I would
                                                                          recommend to all and I look forward to see-
                                                                          ing everyone there next year. Until then,
                                                                          please ride safe and look out for people not
                                                                          looking out for you.
                                                                                                               Margie F

    Be Sure YOU are working with an insurance agent with over 42 years experience.
              Receive personal service that you don’t get from a website.
               Call the GEICO Motorcycle specialists at 623-931-0766

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                Run to the Rez VII
AZ Rider                                                                                                                                                                   9

      The 2010 “Run to the Rez” held over the week-       begin the Run to the Rez, taking us to the “Tribute to     as she kept coming up to the both of us and gave us
 end of October 22-23, was special beyond words;          the Vets” at Burdette Hall on the Apache Reservation       little yellow flowers. She was so cute, I had to take
 uniquely spiritual in essence. From the beginning,       in San Carlos. When we all took off, there were just       her picture; the epitome of a beautiful Apache child.
 it was a Biker “Meet and Greet” like no other I’ve       under 500 bikes ridin’ thru town; and the folks there      From the lake, everybody was careful to get back to
 run across since I’ve been reporting for this Rag. All   loved the Police escort, with sirens wailin’ etc.          the Casino Hotel, so they could get ready to watch
 of the fine folks we met up there at the Apache Gold           At that ceremony, the Apache Color Guard pre-         “Grand Funk Railroad” at the pavilion later in the
 Casino, outside of Globe, were gracious and hospi-       sented the Flag and a touching rendition of the Na-        evening.
 table; welcoming all who showed up with open arms        tional Anthem. After that “Dr. John” Bush introduced             At 8pm Grand Funk Railroad began to play all
 and hugs of recognition. Brothers and Sisters, rid-      speaker Carol Slin, a local female Apache Veteran;         of their hits; including “American Band”, which
 ing for the “Pride of the Nations” and the “Greater      and 88-year old WWII Apache Veteran, Melvin Mull,          truly rocked the house. There was one little boy on
 Good”, are what this ride and event were truly about.    was presented with a Warriors/Memory Blanket.              his father’s shoulders who jammed so much he im-
 A lot of the Tribes were represented from New Mex-       Several other guest speakers, including another Viet       pressed everyone around. The lead singer from the
 ico, California, Arizona, and Nevada.                    Nam Vet, Leonard Reeder, were introduced. He gave          band gave him some drumsticks from onstage. You
      Friday night after registration, the band Grey      a moving explanation of why we were all there, and         should have seen the kid “light-up” then! At the end
 Wolf started jammin’ and the fun began. Philipe          paid a special tribute to those who led the way for        of the concert, more cash prizes were given out and
 Dawes and Frank Lewis, both PGR riders, were             him. This included another decorated Viet Nam Vet-         the 2010 Harley Dyna-Glide was raffled off. The
 among those we met and had a great time with that        eran who was there, sitting next to Leonard; who was       winner was Mike Madron, from Avondale, AZ. This
 night and throughout the entire event. Also, “Big        also part of the Honor Guard. One especially well-         Army Veteran was one happy, lucky dude.
 Mike” from Gallup, New Mexico, whom I call “Buf-         spoken speaker, Valleri Williams, is the local VA                This was the most fun and spiritual rides I’ve
 falo Head”. He gave me a special gift; a “Challenge      Native American Vet-Rep. She talked about how the          ever been on. If you ever get the chance, you should
 Coin” from the Legion Riders. I wish to thank every-     Viet Nam Vet has led the way to the healing process        make it to this one, as it is getting bigger every year.
 body who was involved with this, because now we          that’s in place for all those coming home NOW.             It’s the kick-off for the Veterans Day Season, to
 know some awsum new friends and fellow riders.                At the conclusion of this moving Tribute in San       which all the Native American Tribes have become
      Dr. John Bush was the Master of Ceremonies          Carlos, we all headed to Seneca Lake, about 30 miles       deeply, spiritually, honestly, and faithfully, devoted.
 thru the whole deal and did a bang-up job of it all.     away thru the rollin’ hills of the Apache Reservation.     Theirs is a Reverence and Patriotism that have be-
 Helping him were Nikki Duncan, Rod Kulstad, Vik-         It was kind of cool that day, but the hot chili, menudo,   come legendary thru time. For as we all know (or
 ki Ross, Michelle Lewis, and all of the coordinators.    and Indian Fry Bread warmed everybody up; along            should) the Apache and all other tribes, were the first
 Cash prizes, special edition Rez Rider jackets with      with some hot licks from the band First Born. Again,       line of self-defense in America, and the leaders in
 a picture of Geronimo on the back, and a real nice       “Dr. John” was there to help raffle off a leather jack-     “Gorilla Warfare”.
 $450 leather jacket were all raffled off that night. We   et, Run to the Rez jackets, cash, and a mountain bike;           As always, ride hard, be safe, and UHRAH to all
 won 2 of the Rez Rider jackets in blue jean denim,       all given away in high spirits, and contributing to the    the Veterans this month, “Well Done” and “Welcome
 and that was just the first night. Way cool, guys.        local Veterans Programs. This beautiful little girl was    Home”.
 Thanks.                                                  there and must have been enamored by me and Ross,                                                           Beaux
      The next morning was bright, clear and cool, to

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                                                               Community News
10                                                                                                                                                                       AZ Rider

                                                                  Happy Birthday Wishes to Dawn                                 know… it just comes as part of
                                                               Boardman, Linette Reid, B Paul Price,                            the report……..}
                                                               and Deb Butitta. We hope you each en-                               The driver of the Kia Optima

                Bar & Grill                                    joy your day, and many more.
                                                                         +   +   +    +   +
                                                                                                                                was evaluated for impairment.
                                                                                                                                It was determined impairment
                                                                                                                                did not play a factor in this
       LIVE BANDS                  POOL TOURNAMENTS               Cheryl and Jay, members of MMA’s                              collision.
       Friday & Saturday              Friday & Saturday        Leather District were involved in a                                 Our prayers go out to Jay and
     9:00 P.M. – 1:00 A.M.                7:30 P.M.            Fatal Traffic Collision on Thursday,                              their family as they deal with
                                      Sunday 3:00 P.M.         February 24, 2010. The accident re-                              this loss and his injuries. As
                                                               portedly took place at 3500 West Aco-                            news becomes available regard-
      Texas Hold ‘Em                                           ma, in the area of 35th Avenue be-                               ing services for Cheryl, we will
 Thursday 6:30 & 9:30pm             Wednesday Bike Nite        tween T-Bird & Greenway. Cheryl died                             post it to our Forum.
  Sunday noon & 3pm                 $2.00 Domestic Drafts      from her injuries and Jay is in the                                     +   +   +    +   +
                                    (we have great WINGS       hospital as of this writing.
 Breakfast Special $2.50                 – try them)              Following is the information we’ve                               As we were going to press we
   Saturday & Sunday                                           received from PIO Sgt Steve Martos of                            heard that Tommy Tennyson, of
                                          Hours:               the Phoenix Police Dept:                                         Flagstaff Hot Bikes, has passed
                                                                  On February 24, 2011, at approxi-                             on. He was active with ABATE and
     PAPPY’S BURGER                   open 10am - 2am          mately 5:30 pm., both victims were                               the Marine Corps Toys for Tots
      2 for 1 SPECIAL                                          traveling southbound on 35th Avenue                              program. We have little more
       Mondays all day                   Happy Hour :          on their Harley Davidson Motorcycle                              than that to share just now.
                                        Mon - Fri 4-7pm        when they collided with a 4 door Kia                             If we get any updates regard-
11801 N 19th Ave                           includes            Optima making a left turn to travel                              ing services and such, we will
19th Ave,                          $2.50 Domestic Longnecks
                                                               westbound at the intersection of Aco-                            post the info to our Forum. Our
                                                               ma Drive.                                                        condolences go out to Tommy’s
South of Cactus                          & well drinks            Victim 1: a white female, age 54.                             friends and loved ones.
602-944-3992                           Happy Hour Menu            Victim 2: a white male, age 56.                                      +   +   +    +   +
                                                                  Driver: a black female, age 33.
                                                                                                                                   Have someone you’d like to
                                                                  The female victim riding on the
                                                                                                                                  send congratulations or well
                                                               Harley Davidson was taken to an area
                                                                                                                                   wishes to? Have some news
                                                               hospital and was declared deceased.
                                                                                                                                   you’d like to share within
               JAMES STURTEVANT                                Her husband, also on the Harley
                                                               Davidson was taken to an area hospi-
                                                                                                                                  AZ’s Biker Community? Please
                                                                                                                                      send us an email to
                                                               tal in serious condition. Neither of
                                                               the victims were wearing helmets at                      
                                                               the time of the collision. {I know, I                              Subject line: Community News
      Certified Public Accountant
      1208E. Broadway Rd.             Ph. 480-317-9588

                                                                                                                            Hey There !!!
      Suite 120                           FAX 480-317-9592
      Tempe, AZ 85282       

                                                                                                                Get Your
                                                                                                             Message Heard!!!
                                                                                      Put Your Ad in AriZona Rider
                                                                                    Call to Find Out HOW!
                                                                   v-tour                480-921-0244
                                                                                 Motorcycle Checkpoints in Georgia During Bike Week
                                                                                 From NCOM Biker Newsbytes
                                                                                 Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

                                                                                       The state of Georgia has received a $70,000 federal grant to launch motorcycle-only check-
                                                                                 points in early March, just as Daytona Bike Week is getting underway. For most travelers, their
                                                                                 route will take them through Georgia and likely into awaiting roadblocks to check for such things as
                                                                                 proper license and current registration, insurance, DOT-approved helmets, EPA-approved mufflers,
                                                                                 working horn and lights, etc, etc.
                                                                                       “We were informed by unnamed sources that the Check Points would start in early March to
                                                                                 coincide with the Daytona Bike Week event,” said Dan Forrest, State Director of ABATE of Georgia.
                                                                                 “Most points of entry to Florida will be involved, so anyone traveling through Georgia to Daytona
                                                                                 might want to rethink their route.”
                                                                                       The US Defenders have issued a Call To Action regarding the proliferation of these motorcycle-
                                                                                 only roadblocks being funded by NHTSA grants, and are urging the motorcycle community to voice
                                                                                 their opposition to these so-called “Safety Checks” by contacting NHTSA, the U.S. DOT and most
                                                                                 importantly by asking your own federal legislators to support H.R. 1498 by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner
                                                                                 (R-WI) to retain a ban on NHTSA’s ability to lobby State Legislators using our federal dollars through
                                                                                 the “Motorcycle Law Enforcement Demonstration” grant program (DTNH22-10-R-00386).
                                                                                       “These roadblocks or checkpoints for motorcycles ONLY are being conducted illegally and are
                                                                                 discriminatory to say the least,” says Escondido Paul, National Lt. Commander of the US Defend-
                                                                                 ers. “This is one more piece of evidence of the constant profiling attempts targeting our community
                                                                                 at large.”

                                                                                 THE AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists
                                                                                  (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of
                                                                                   Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or

                                              AZ Rider Motorcycle News             March 2011                   HOME           
                    Chester’s Charity Chili Cook-Off
AZ Rider                                                                                                                                              11

    Chester’s 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off took place from          Not ready for a full-time addition to the family? They have a
11a-1p at Chester’s Harley-Davidson 922 S. Country Club          fostering program as well.
Dr. Mesa, AZ on Saturday February 12. For a $5 donation to            Adoption fees vary, but generally run $75-$100. All ani-
the Arizona Animal Welfare League, you could buy a spoon         mals are fixed, chipped, and have their shots. To care for each
and taste all the chili you wanted. We arrived about noon,       animal can cost as much $1000 while awaiting adoption;
greeted by a band playing some Jimmy Buffett, and some           for boarding, medical needs, etc. Donations, volunteers, and
very tasty-smelling aromas wafting from the competition          events like these keep this shelter, and these animals, alive.
area.                                                                 We learned from Jen at Chester’s H-D that an estimated
    There were 15 competitors, including several local           150-200 people attended; raising over $1000 for the AZ Ani-
businesses that brought chili entries along with information     mal Welfare League. She noted that it was a successful event,
about their companies. There was no fee to set up a booth        allowing companies to show off what they can do {including
and enter your chili into the competition. Flavors were all      chili-cookin’} while supporting a great cause like the AAWL
over the map, from mild to hot. Variations offered beans, no     no-kill shelter.
beans, ground meats and shredded. There was pretty much               Prizes were given in Chester’s Harley Davidson gift cer-
something for everyone’s taste.                                  tificates. The $50 ‘Best Display’ prize went to Bookmans En-
    While the serious business of chili judging was taking       tertainment Exchange. The $50 ‘Best Named’ and $75 ‘Most
place, entertainment was provided by the band ‘Tin Weasel’       Unique’ prizes went to Thunder Roads for their Thunder Butt
( They not only did a good job of          Chili. Theirs was a green chili rather than more traditional
covering the classics, they had a clever way of encouraging      red; and quite good. The $75 prize for ‘Hottest’ Chili went
audience interaction ~ by bringing air guitars for the fans to   to mother-to-be Christi for her ‘It’s a Boy’ chili... which had
    This day’s beneficiary was the AZ Animal Welfare              a warning sign stating it’s so hot it ‘may induce labor’ ☺.
League {}, a no-kill shelter located at 30 N         The $250 prize for ‘Best Overall Chili’ went to Melinda
40th Place in Phoenix, in the area of 40th St & Washington.      Donovan of East Valley HOG. Congratulations to you all.
Both dogs and cats are accepted, and available for adoption.                                                    Bruce & Betsy

                                                                   Clubs                                                                          

                                                                  Are NOT
                                                                   Gangs                                                           480-827-1868

                                             AZ Rider Motorcycle News                March 2011             HOME        
12                                                                                                                                   AZ Rider

                                                                       From Military To Civilian – A Seamless Transition
                                                                      When members of the Armed Forces of the United States finish at least
                                                                      one year of their tour of deployment they need to enroll in the Veterans
                                                                       Administration (VA) program to obtain any VA Health Benefits they
                                                                                             may be entitled to receive.
                                                                         Service members need to enroll PROMPTLY and do it NOW by
                                                                                                following these steps:

                                                                      •       Obtain a copy of your service medical records prior to
                                                                      discharge. Do not take any shortcuts when separating and do this
                                                                      immediately. Any idea of hurrying to get home may cost you time and
                                                                      money should you require VA Healthcare at any time in the future.
                                                                      •       A veteran has two years, after separation, to apply for medical
                                                                      conditions that are a result of their service in the military. After two
                                                                      years the process becomes more difficult.
                                                                      •       If you require medical assistance from the VA after separation/
                                                                      discharge, bring with you a copy of your medical records, a copy of
                                                                      your DD-214, and two forms of picture identification.
                                                                      •       Any injury or illness incurred while serving on active duty as a
                                                                      regular, reservist, or Federalized member of the National Guard needs to
                                                                      be noted in your medical records.
                                                                      •       Enroll in the VA IMMEDIATELY. Do Not Procrastinate!!
                                                                      Know your rights and your responsibilities. If you are not sure, ASK-
                                                                      ASK-ASK-ASK-ASK!!! Ensure that your transition is smooth. Know
                                                                      what you need to do, and DO IT!
                                                                      •       Join a veterans service organization - American Legion, DAV,
                                                                      Rolling Thunder®, VFW, AMVETS, etc.
                                                                                            IT’S YOUR DUTY TO DO SO!
                                                                             “WELCOME HOME, CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB
                                                                                         WELL DONE, AND GOOD LUCK”
                                                                                                                             Michael DePaulo,
                                                                                             National Parliamentarian, Rolling Thunder®, Inc.
                                                                                                                          Plt. Sgt. USMC, RVN

 If you can’t tell the difference between                                          GENERAL DENTISTRY SERVICES
    Lefty Loosey and Lucy                                                         Stephen J. Vital D.M.D.
                                                                                           American Legion Rider

You need the friendly folks at                480-406-8281
6350 E Main St, Ste 7;
Mesa, AZ 85205                                          v-tour

                                                                                      PAINFUL or BROKEN TEETH?
                                                                                    FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION
                                                                                              Offer Valid With This Ad

                                                                                   ✠ more than 24 years experience
                                                                       ✠ payment plans available ✠ most insurance plans accepted
                                                                                ✠ specializing in ‘The Art of Dentistry’
                                                                                       ✠ BIKER FRIENDLY ✠
                                                                               3505 E. Brown Rd., Suite 102; Mesa, AZ 85213
                                                                               on the south side of Brown, just west of Val Vista

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AZ Rider
                   Run Calendar                                                                                                                                                         13

                                                             online, click title above for more calendar entries and event details
Every Thursday: Evil Twin Custom Cy-            3/5 Crazy Earls 5th annual Red &White                                                            3/20 {Sun} “Bikers & Bulls” at Buffalo Chip
                                                                                              3/12 2nd Annual Pima County BACA Poker             in Cave Creek, 7-10pm. Biker bull riding,
cles hosts Bike Nite 6-10pm @ El Do-            Support Run & Bike Show from 9a-4pm.          Run hosted by Bikers Against Child Abuse.
rado Bar & Grill 8708 E. McDowell Rd.,          Sign in at Bobby’s Territorial H-D, 2550                                                         music & more. FMI www.buffalochipsa-
                                                                                              Sign-in 9am at Merle’s Auto Supply, 4015  or Neil -,
Scottsdale, AZ 480-945-2606. Food &             E. Gila Ridge Rd., Yuma AZ from 9-11am.       Dodge Blvd, Tucson, AZ. All proceeds go
drink specials, music by UNKnown AS-            Featuring METAL MULISHA jump show!!!                                                             480-488-9118 {J}
                                                                                              to helping children of Pima County who
Sociates, and more FMI: Evil Twin 480-          Mondo from Denver Choppers, Love              are victims of all forms of child abuse with
784-0040 {H}                                    Choppers. $250 gift card for best hand. All                                                      3/25-4/3 Arizona Bike Week www.azbike-
                                                                                              therapy, clothes and any other thing they or Suzy at 480.644.8191 {W}
                                                vehicles welcome. $20 donation includes       might need. Please help us help our future.
Motorcycles on Main is ON - the first Fri-       Run Pin for the 1st 200, door prize ticket,   Last stop at Marine Corps League in South
day of the month. This is a Sturgis-style       catered lunch, entry to bike show and bike                                                       3/25 Chester’s Harley-Davidson Back-
                                                                                              Tucson. FMI: Poison Ivy at 520-300-0500            stage Biker Bash V featuring Gretchen
Bike Night from 6-10pm. Cruise Main             games. FMI: 928-782-1931 {C}                  or {J}
Street in Downtown Mesa. Beer Gardens,                                                                                                           Wilson. Tickets $20. Gates open at 4pm.
Live Bands, park & show your bike. Every        3/5 4th Annual Car & Bike Show at                                                                922 S. Country Club Dr, Mesa AZ. FMI:
                                                                                              3/12 The Hooligans & Lost Dutchman MC     {H}
1st Friday. Vendors call Christy at 480-        American Legion Post 35, 2240 W Chan-         host 1st Annual St. Patrick Day “Sham-
890-2613 {H}                                    dler Blvd, Chandler. Free Admission. All      rocks & Shenanigans” Run. Sign in11a-
                                                proceeds benefit Madison Street Veter-                                                            3/26 {Sat} ABATE Southern AZ Chapter
                                                                                              1pm at 7962 W. Market Place St. Peoria.            Observation Run. Sign-in 9-10am at
3/04 {Fri} Rollin Knights MC hosts 4th an-      ans Ass’n, http://madisonstreetveterans.      Last bike in by 4pm. $10/sgl, $15/cpl. FMI:
nual Meet & Greet from 7:30pm – until ? at      org/. Vendor Fee=$25, Car or Bike En-                                                            Kettle Restaurant, 748 W Starr Pass
                                                                                     {C}                       (22nd west of I-10), Tucson; ends @ La
The Rollin Knights’ Castle 1134 W Grant         try=$20. Register 9-11am, judging 11a-
Ave, Phoenix. Bring your friends. FMI:          2pm, trophies at 3. FMI: 480-322-0269,                                                           Gitana Cantina, in scenic Arivaca. $15/
                                                                                              3/12 Meet 10a-12pm at Superstition HD              pp, last bike in 1:30pm. FMI: Ron 520-
Matrix:, 602- or Sue             on W. Apache Trail in AJ for 1st Annual
214-2144, {J}           Ashe at {J}                                                                       203-2323, {E}
                                                                                              Benefit Ride hosted by Independent MC,
                                                                                              “a charitable motorcycle club... members           3/26 1st Annual Lost Dutchman State
3/5 {Sat} 5th annual Ride to the Ruins          3/6 {Sun} Biker Sunday at Scottsdale First    consist of military, law enforcement & like-
during Coolidge Cotton Days Benefits             Nazarene Church, 2340 N Hayden. Starts                                                           Park Observation Run. This Park has
                                                                                              minded individuals”. Proceeds to The 100           been affected by Arizona’s budget crisis
Family Advocacy Center of Pinal Coun-           at 10:30a. Guest speaker Cliff Stringham,     Club. $25/driver +$10/rider. Last bike in by
ty. Register 7:30-9:30am at Coolidge            CMA. Coffee before / lunch after services.                                                       & could close due to budget restraints. All
                                                                                              3pm at San Tan Flats 6185 W Hunt Hwy,              proceeds will benefit the Lost Dutchman
Chamber of Commerce, San Carlos                 FMI: Kelly 480-369-3286 {E}                   Queen Creek FMI: 480-346-0600 {J}
Park, 320 W Central Ave, Coolidge.                                                                                                               State Park, to keep this park open for all
KSU 9:45am. $15/pp, $20/2-up. Patch-            3/12 {Sat} ABATE of AZ Yavapai Chapter                                                           to enjoy. All Welcome! Exhibitors - Music
                                                                                              3/12 Mystery Poke-her Run sponsored                - Food! FMI: {H}
es / shirts available. ≈170-mile run w/         Membership Drive & Poker Run leaves           by MMA Westsiders. Meet at the Moose
police escort. Return for bike games,           from Jackass Bar & Grill, 8156 E. Valley      Lodge on Cotton Ln (south of Yuma Rd)
bike show, beer garden, entertainment,          Rd. Prescott Valley. Meet 9a, ride 10:15.                                                        3/26      Rough Riders M/C, Black Jack
                                                                                              in Goodyear. Starts w/ breakfast at 0800-          Chapter celebrates 2nd Anniversary at
& more. FMI: 520-723-3009 or www.               End party at the Drunken Lass down-           0930. KSU 1000 hr. Run supports NCOM. {H}                         town Prescott. $5pp includes lunch                                                               PC’s Lounge, 4700 E Hwy 90, Sierra Vista,
                                                                                              FMI: {J}                           AZ, starting at 5pm. Live Music by Tickle.
                                                & free poker run. FMI: 928-830-6356,
3/5 Miracle in the Desert fundraiser at {C}                                                                               $10/pp or $15/cpl. FMI: Botch 520-780-
                                                                                              3/13 {Sun} 4th annual Riding for the               0200 or {J}
Sunshine Acres Children’s Home with
                                                                                              Wounded hosted by Leathernecks MC
CMA. Annual Day at SACH with the Chris-         3/12     2nd Annual Colon Cancer “Ride        & Sandbar Mexican Bar & Grill. Raffles,             3/26 Motorcycle Show Benefits the
tian Motorcyclists Association. Bike show       a Bike Save a Butt” Ride. Reg 9am at          50/50, high hand. MI: www.azleathernecks.          American Legion Legacy Scholarship
for the kids, baked goods auction, games        Chester’s HD, 922 S. Country Club Dr.         com, {J}                  Fund & ALCWF. Sponsored by SAL
with the kids, bike blessing, and tours. $10/   Mesa. KSU at 11a. $25/sgl, $30/dbl in-
pp. All proceeds go to Sunshine Acres.          cludes ride tee to 1st 100, entry to Party                                                       and ALR Post 58, 16837 E. Parkview
                                                                                              3/18-20 {Fri-Sun} 3rd Annual (BTW) Broth-          Ave., Fountain Hills, AZ. Open to Pub-
FMI: Jim Cionci -,          at Buffalo Chip, ride pin. All Welcome.       ers of the Third Wheel Region 9 Triker             lic. “Ride in” Bike Show, reg 9a-Noon, {C}                          $10 at door for non-riders. FMI: http://      River Run at Riverside Resort Casino in            fee $10/bike. Vendor spaces $25; con-
3/5 Rough Riders M/C Papago Chapter   , Sheila 602-         Laughlin NV. Trike/Bike Show, Games, Fun
                                                320-4065 {W}                                                                                     tact Dave: BikeShowPost58@yahoo.
hosts annual “In Memory Run” to benefit                                                        Run, Pot Luck Dinner & more. FMI, room             com. Music by Hemi Dave and the UN-
the Veterans of AZ. Sign in at Spud’s Bar                                                     details, etc Lynne 520-591-7755 {J}                Known ASSociates. FMI: 480-399-6087,
& Grill, 3558 W. Northern Ave Phoenix           3/12      BikerBall 2011 hosted by East
                                                Valley ABATE at Daley Park on College                                                  ; 480-276-
from 1100-1300 hours (11a-1pm). $10 do-                                                       3/19 {Sat} ALR – Post 2 hosts 3rd An-              4551, {F}
nation, $5 w/ any Military ID, last card in     Ave {between Mill & Rural} between            nual Legacy Run. Sign-in 9-10:30am at
at 1600 hours (4pm). FMI: Swett 928-503-        Apache & Broadway in Tempe. From 8a-          DelMar Leathers 4815 E Main St, Mesa,
                                                6pm, game starts 2pm. $5/head, picnic                                                            3/26 5th Annual Legacy Scholarship Rally
1764 or {J}                                                               AZ. Scavenger Hunt includes Florence,              hosted by the American Legion Riders of
                                                lunch provided. T-shirt to 1st 35. We         Coolidge; ends at American Legion
                                                have a beer permit and will have some                                                            Post 29, 6822 N 57th Dr, [just south of
3/5 Rollin Knights MC 4th annual Picnic &                                                     Post 2, 2125 S Industrial Park Ave, Tem-
                                                there. If you BYO, no glass containers                                                           Glendale Ave.] Glendale, AZ. Proceeds
Dance. Picnic noon– 4pm at Ninos Park,                                                        pe. $20 donation requested. Fools Life
                                                are allowed in the park. Members and                                                             support children of fallen military heroes.
14th Ave & Sherman, Phoenix --1 block                                                         Band, 50/50 (1,000 tkts, $1/ea, on sale
                                                non-members welcome. Rain or Shine!                                                              Music – Food – Door Prizes. 1st prize
south of Grant. Dance at the Rollin Knights’                                                  now), raffles, food. Open to All. 602-501-
                                                We need players, spectators, umpires,                                                            $250, Worst=$100. Reg 8-10am, 1st Bike
Castle 1134 W Grant Ave in Phoenix 9pm                                                        7940, or {H}
                                                scorekeepers, cooks. Bring Gloves,                                                               out 9a, Last Bike in 2pm. $20/bike + $10/
~ ? Live entertainment, food, drinks, best
                                                Bats or Balls. Winner takes home the                                                             passenger includes lunch. FMI: Vern 602-
Pole Dance, 50/50 & other contests… FMI                                                       3/19 2nd Annual ‘Face What Consumes
                                                coveted BikerBall Trophy. FMI: Redbone                                                           978-3930, {C}
Matrix:, 602-                                                      You’ Ride for Multiple Sclerosis. Reg. 9am
214-2144, {J}           480-326-7656 {H}                              at ALR Post 107, 20001 N. Cave Creek               3/26    Buddy Stubbs HD hosts 7th an-
                                                                                              Rd. in Phoenix. KSU 10:30am. Last Bike
Subscription Form                                                                             3:30pm. Raffles, silent auction, live band.
                                                                                              T-shirts for 1st 100. Proceeds to MS Foun-
                                                                                                                                                 nual Bike Week Bash from 11a-8pm at
                                                                                                                                                 13850 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix. Free
                                                                                                                                                 admission.     Entertainment, vendors,
  AZ Rider Motorcycle News                                                                    dation. FMI: KC - {C}           booze, bike giveaway, & more. FMI: 602-
                                                                                                                                                 971-3400, {E}
 Name:___________________________________________________                                     3/19 MMA-Eagle District hosts “Farkle
                                                                                              Dice Run”. Sign-in 11a-Noon at Glenfair            3/26 Howler’s Bike Night with Phoenix
 Address: _________________________________________________                                   Bowling Lanes, 6110 N. 59th Ave in Glen-           Coyotes vs. San Jose Sharks at 6pm to
 City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________                                dale, AZ. $15/cpl, $10/sgl. 4-Stops around         benefit American Diabetes Association’s
                                                                                              the Southwest Valley and then back to              Rip’s BAD Ride. Tickets: $25, Yotes
 Phone: __________________________________________________                                    Glenfair Lanes. FMI: n/a {J}                       make a $10 donation to ADA for every
 Email: __________________________________________________                                                                                       ticket! Exclusive bike parking & VIP pre-
                                                                                              3/19 Mesa 81 Spring Break Out at the Rub           game party on the Coyotes terrace. FMI:
                                    please print legibly
                                                                                              Sports Grill 2103 W Guadalupe Rd, Mesa.            Mikel Robinson, BAD Ride Chairman
   6 print issues per year delivered via US Mail for $10, for delivery within the USA         All bikers welcome. Support Mesa Red &    {C}
                         Mail check or money order payable to                                 White. Bike wash, ring raffle, live music,

                               AZ Rider Motorcycle News
                     Mail to: P O Box 7375; Mesa, AZ 85216-7375
                                                                                              support merchandise. Starts at Noon $5
                                                                                              bucks gets you in the door. FMI: n/a {Z}                    continues on page 14

                                                   AZ Rider Motorcycle News                     March 2011               HOME             
         Run Calendar
14                                                                                                                                                                      AZ Rider
                                                                                                                                                             from page 13
                                                     online, click title above for more calendar entries and event details
3/26 Moose March Madness Bike Run            3/27     The Rollin Knights MC and Help-        3/27 16th Annual Trifecta Custom Bike Show       4/8-10 {Fr-Su} 3rd annual Pre-
hosted by Thunder Mtn Moose Riders.          ing Hands charity ride starts at ASU West       & Blowout at the Steel Horse Saloon, 1818        Easter Bash at Winkelman Flats, AZ
Starts/ends at Thunder Mountain Moose        and ends at the Rollin Knights Castle 1134      W. Bell Rd. in Phoenix. Gates open at 10am.      hosted by Loners MC. Weekend pass
Lodge - 2442 S. Harrison Rd, Tucson, AZ.     W Grant, Phoenix AZ. Food and Live En-          Vendors, Live Music, Bikes, Babes, All Ages,     $15/sgl, $25/cpl. $10 day pass. Every-
Sign-in 9-11am; $15/sgl, $20/dbl. High       tertainment. Benefits single mothers going       Alcohol w/ID. Tattoo Contest & more. FMI:        one’s welcome. Let’s party! FMI: Smurf
hand $200, Low hand $150. Band from          back to school to get their education. FMI      602-942-8778 {J}                        {C}
4-8pm. Drink specials, burgers, and Brats.   Matrix:, 602-
All Proceed benefit Community Food Bank       214-2144 {J}                                    3/30 {Wed} 11th annual Wednesday Rid-            4/9 {Sat} Evil Twin Custom Cycles
of Tucson and Mooseheart. FMI: 520-990-                                                      ing For Kids. Reg 6-10am at Buddy Stubbs         2534 W Broadway, Mesa hosts Cus-
0467, {J}                3/27      Kensi’s Ride starts at Chandler       H-D 13850 N. Cave Creek Rd Phoenix, AZ.          tomer Appreciation Party from 10a-
                                             Custom Cycles, 2775 N Arizona Ave, Chan-        280-mile ride, ends w/ entry into Cyclefest at   4pm. Free food, beer, soda; live mu-
3/27 {Sun} Born 2B Wild Fundraiser.          dler. This ride is to raise money to help pay   WestWorld. $35/pp. Prizes drawn at 7pm. All      sic, vendors, raffles, & more. FMI:
Sign up 9-11am at NEW LOCATION Lo-           medical bills for 10-year old Kensi, a can-     proceeds go to Camp Courage Burn Camp for        480-784-0040, www.eviltwincustom-
gan’s Valley Motorcycles 1440 W. Main        cer patient who survived a cancer on her        Kids. Pre- register at FMI: {H}
St. Mesa. Final Stop at Cody’s of Cave       kidney, but has now been diagnosed with         Mark Bryant at 623-866-3485 or www.hog93.
Creek. Last in 3pm. $25/pp, $40/cpl in-      cancer in both lungs. Mom is a teacher &        com. {J}                                         4/9 1st annual Skin & Steel Bike Show
cludes am Donuts/coffee, 1 raffle tkt, 1      single parent of 2. Register 9-11am. $15/pp                                                      & Tattoo Contest, hosted by & American
                                             includes lunch at last stop, San Tan Flat.      4/2 {Sat} Torch Ride 2011 for Special
door prize tkt , lunch at Cody’s, music,                                                                                                      Legion Riders Post 2, 2125 S Industrial
                                             Silent auction. All vehicles welcome. FMI:      Olympics departs from Chester’s HD, 922
& more. Send check to Liberty Wildlife                                                                                                        Park Ave, Tempe, AZ from 10a-4pm.
                                             Harold 480-497-3573 {H}                         S. Country Club Dr, Mesa for ride to Cycle-
Born 2B Wild POB 14345 Scottsdale, AZ                                                                                                         Benefits the Legacy Scholarship Fund.
                                                                                             Fest at WestWorld in Scottsdale. FMI: www.
85267 Credit cards ok. All vehicles wel-                                                                                                      Free admission. Vendors, contests,
                                             3/27      8th Annual American Red Cross {H}
come. FMI: 480-998-0230, 602-568-5313,                                                                                                        auction, music. Food available. FMI:
                                             ‘Ride for the Red’ Motorcycle Charity Run; {C}                                                             4/3 {Sun} Logan’s Run Charity Poker Ride         480-600-4056 {B}
                                             presented by ARC Southern AZ Chapter.
                                             Starts 8am at ARC, at 2916 E. Broadway          hosted by Logan’s Valley Motorcycles.
3/27     Lost Dutchman MC “Goldrush                                                          Unescorted 110-mile ride thru the Sonoran        4/9 Kickstands Up For K-9s fundraiser
                                             Blvd; Tucson, AZ. $25/pp. After party in
Poker Run” starts at the LDMC Mesa’s                                                         Desert; starts/ends at ABW CycleFest at          for the Chandler K-9 Unit. Ride starts/
                                             Tombstone. This Ride raises $$ to fund
Clubhouse. Doors open 8am, entry still                                                       West World. Proceeds benefit “Crusaders           ends at American Legion Post 35, 2240
                                             Red Cross services in Southern AZ, includ-
only $10/pp. 75-mile ride w/ last stop at                                                    for the Children” & their list of local chil-    W Chandler Blvd, Chandler. Register 8-
                                             ing relief efforts for those who experience
Rawhide Western Town in Chandler. High-                                                      dren charities. $25/pp includes entry into       9am; $25/sgl, $30/dbl. Music, K-9 demo
                                             house fires & other disasters. All bikes are
est hand wins pure gold. Live music, ven-                                                    Cyclefest, lunch @ Iguana Mack’s, pin, &         3:30pm, beer garden & more. FMI: 480-
                                             welcome!, 520-
dors, food, beverages, 50/50, bike show,                                                     free poker run entry. $1000 in cash prizes.      821-0002 {F}
                                             318-6740, {J}
and AZ’s most acclaimed Wet-T Shirt. All                                                     Mogollon plays in the HandleBar from 3-6p.
types of Motorcycles and People are wel-
come. FMI, vendors:;
                                             3/27 3rd annual Renegade Memorial Run
                                             from 1-6pm at Red Garter Saloon 3143 E.
                                                                                             Pre-reg at Logan’s, 1440 W. Main St., Mesa,
                                                                                             or online at or www.                Please Let Businesses
directions / maps: www.lostdutchmanmc.
com {C}
                                             Speedway Blvd, Tucson. Donations for the
                                             family accepted!! Food & Drink Specials.
                                                                                   ; or day of
                                                                                             at CycleFest from 10a-1pm near the main              Know You Saw Them in
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                  Ride For Love
AZ Rider                                                                                                                                            15

     Sunday February 13, 2011… February ‘tis the
season for Love, and in my opinion there’s no better
way to celebrate that love than by attending the an-
nual Ride For Love. The Ride for Love was started
in ‘08 by Jim and Joni Baginski, fondly nicknamed
“Bags and Princess”, to raise money for their grand-
daughter. Back then, she was sick with aplastic ane-
mia and in need of a bone marrow transplant and
mostly living in a hospital bed. Today she is in re-
mission and doing wonderfully.
     Now Joni and Bags continue this ride to ben-
efit other children. The 3rd Annual Ride For Love
was dedicated to Maverick, a son of an American
Legion Auxiliary Member from Post 134. Maverick
is a 15-year old boy who needs open heart surgery
for a bacteria infected Heart Condition called En-
docarditis. Maverick was too sick to attend; but to
show his appreciation, his mother handed out a slew
of authentic fancy red poker chips that Maverick had
     The event started at Evil Twin Custom Cycles,
located at 2534 W Broadway, in Mesa. It was a clear
day for a ride, with a bit of chill in the morning air.
Run stops included American Legion Post 39 in Gil-
bert, Post 91 in Chandler, Post 2 in Tempe, and the
Rogue Bar in Scottsdale; with the last stop at the
D.A.V. in Scottsdale. About 125 bikers signed in and
others showed up at the last stop.
     Live music was provided by the band, Still
Cruisin’. Low hand was won by Mike Handy and
the high hand was won by Van Evera. Nytro won the
50/50 and donated her share of $106 back to Maver-
      My daughter, Amanda and I had a great time.
Amanda played shutterbug while I mingled among
the crowd. In between pictures, we bee-bopped to
sounds of the golden oldies. It was a great party. I
know Maverick’s Mom felt very blessed by the
whole affair.
                                          Lady Jewells


      American Brotherhood Aimed Toward Education
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  protect the Freedom of the Road and reduce motorcycle
                                                                                 JOIN ABATE TODAY and help
     accidents through Rider Education and Awareness
      Programs, regardless of Machine, Gear, Club or
                                                                                  protect your rights as a rider.
       Organization affiliation. Join us and help save                              Visit ABATE on the web at
           motorcyclists and motorcycling in AZ!                            
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            Education                                                      is that all motorcycle riders have the right to choose not only the machine
                                                                             they ride but also what gear they will wear or not wear. We also Lobby
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                                                                                             motorcycling in a safe and positive image.

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