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Cambridge University Newsletter JulyAugust

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									 JULY/AUGUST 2006



    Six Universityl
    ways to bel
 Plus: Cambridge research saves sight | Who’s coming, who’s going | What’s on
Business savvy: Oliver Griffin,
a Programme Manager at the                               CONTENTS
University of Cambridge International
Examinations (CIE), being presented                      3-6
with an award for coming up with the                     What’s new
best business project. He was taking                     A round up of recent developments
part in the Summer School of the
Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning,                     7
part of Judge Business School. Yupar                     Feature: Nanoland
Myint is presenting the award to                         The beautiful world of the
Oliver.                                                  microscopic

                                                         Cover story
                                                         Six University ways to be green
Helping hand: This ‘bionic’ glove
helps visually impaired people to                        10
sense the world around them using                        Cambridge knowledge
ultra-sound, rather like a bat. The                      Highlights of research findings, with
glove has a small vibrator which turns                   a focus on a medical breakthrough
this signal into a physical sensation
that the wearer can feel. It was                         12
invented by engineering students and                     Prizes, awards and honours
displayed at the Department’s annual                     Cambridge excellence recognised
design show this summer.
                                                         People coming and people going

Hot metal: The world of the private                      Advertisements
press is on display at an exhibition                     Rent a house in Umbria or pick up
which has just opened at the                             an exercise treadmill!
University Library. See a triangular
book, a book bound in stone, and                         16
a ‘deconstructed’ book reduced to                        What’s on highlights
an illegible object – a shredded text                    … plus curious Cambridge facts
in a polythene bag.
                                                         COVER IMAGE BY JONATHAN HORDLE/REX FEATURES

                                                         Newsletter is published for the staff of the
                                                         University of Cambridge and is produced by
                                                         the Office of Communications.
Beam me up: The Chancellor is
shown some of the latest prototype                       Your contributions and comments are most
televisual displays on a visit to the                    welcome. Please send them to the editor
new building for Electrical                              Tel: 01223 332300.
Engineering in West Cambridge.
The special feature of this display is its               The deadline for the next edition is August 18.
compactness in that the image is
                                                         Editors: Charlotte Sankey, Nicola Rogers
transmitted from underneath the
                                                         Contributors: Gregory Hayman, Tim Holt,
screen. On the left is Dr Adrian Travis,                 Genevieve Maul, Nicola Buckley, Alex
lecturer in the Photonics and Sensors                    Buxton, Leila Coupe, Lucy Close, Nerissa
Group, at the Centre for Advanced                        Hannink, Suvi Tenkanen.
Photonics and Electronics (CAPE).
                                                         Designers: Esterson Associates
                                                         Printed by: Cambridge Printing Park
                                                         Printed on paper made from elemental chlorine
                                                         free wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests.

                                                                                              Your comments and contributions are always
                                                                                              welcome. Please send them to the Editor at
                                                                                              The deadline for the next issue is August 18.

Stephen Fry joins                                                                              ALL NEW…
                                                                                               Lifts                     The School of Humanities and Social

Prince of Wales in bid                                                                           `
                                                                                                                         Sciences has improved its labyrinthine
                                                                                                                         complex at 17 Mill Lane to make it
                                                                                                                         accessible to disabled colleagues

for better teaching                                                                                                      thanks to two new lifts. The project is
                                                                                                                         part of a university-wide programme
                                                                                                                         to comply with the Disability
                                                                                                                         Discrimination Act. The new system
IRONY IN Shakespeare and fiction                    Secretary, will be Chairman of the                                   was tested by Judith Jesky (pictured),
in Victorian times were among the                   charity. He said: “It is clear from                                  University Disability Adviser, who
subjects discussed in Cambridge in                  listening to teachers of English and                                 pronounced it a success. Wheelchair
June by celebrities, in a bid to                    History that there is a gap in the                                   users wishing to access 17 Mill Lane
encourage History and English                       market for career development                                        should contact Matthew Ham
teachers to stretch their pupils more.              which focuses on the content of what                                 ( to get their
   This is the latest initiative from the           is taught in the classroom, rather                                   University card activated.
Prince of Wales who has joined                      than on professional skills.”
                                                                                               Book for                  A guide for university staff and
forces with the University in a new                    More than 80 teachers attended                                    students wanting to start a
development of the Prince of Wales’s                the 2006 Summer School. The guest          entrepreneurs             technology company has been
Education Summer School, now in                     speakers included Melvyn Bragg,                                      published by Cambridge Enterprise.
its fourth year.                                    Stephen Fry, Michael Morpurgo,                                       Starting a Technology Company
    The new partnership offers                      Lynne Truss, Kate Adie, David                                        provides valuable insights into starting
training to state school teachers of                               Starkey and academics                                 a science-based business. It draws on
English and History, encouraging                                        from the                                         Cambridge Enterprise’s experiences of
them to set more challenging books                                         departments of                                starting businesses with University
and historical topics for school                                              English and                                researchers, with input from external
                                                                                                                         contributors. It covers the whole
pupils. The Education Summer                                                   History
                                                                                                                         process of launching a company, from
School provides an annual forum for                                             at the                                   establishing objectives and building a
teachers to step away from the                                                  University.                              team, to an overview of product
classroom, hear from an                                                                                                  development and accounting. Teri
inspirational range of speakers, and                                                                                     Willey, the new director of Cambridge
rediscover the depth and breadth of                                                                                      Enterprise, said: “I hope individuals
the subjects they teach.                                                                                                 will feel inspired to bring science
   A new charity is also being                                                                                           forward to benefit the wider world”.
formed, the Prince’s Cambridge                                                                                              The guide, sponsored by the
Programme for Teaching, and at its                                                                                       Cambridge-MIT Institute, is available
                                            JOHNNY BOYLAN

                                                                                                                         free as a PDF on Cambridge Enterprise’s
heart will continue to be an annual
residential course. Lord Wilson of
Dinton, Master of Emmanuel                                                                                               A new addition to the work on display
College and former Cabinet
                                                                                                                         in the Fitzwilliam Museum courtyard
                                                                                                                         is a bronze by contemporary artist,
                                                                                                                         William Turnbull. The piece, called

Your chance to become                                                                                                    Large Blade Venus, stands 3m high
                                                                                                                         and was donated by the Art Fund,
                                                                                                                         the country’s largest independent
a ‘superworker’                                                                                                          art charity. It is the first example of
                                                                                                                         Turnbull’s work to be acquired by the
                                                                                                                         museum. The gift was made in honour
A COURSE FOR high-achievers is                      Leadership at Lucy Cavendish                                         of the Art Fund’s former chairman,
being offered to members of the                     College. “Essentially it’s a mini                                       Sir Nicholas Goodison, who has
University for a reduced price of                   course in positive psychology,” she                                            been a long-standing admirer
£600 (standard price £950). Called                  said, “that will teach participants to                                                of Turnbull’s work and a
‘Superworking’, the workshop will                   maximise use of their brains and                                                       strong supporter of the
use latest research on brain function               cope with conflicting demands.”                                                        Fitzwilliam Museum.
to teach participants how to perform                  Open to men and women, the                                                          Over the years, Sir
more effectively and creatively. The                course is spread over four weeks and                                                 Nicholas and his wife
course is run by Mary Sharpe, a                     runs in September and October.                                                      have donated
                                                                                                                                       50 pieces of
consultant who is a visiting scholar                  More details at
                                                                                                                                      contemporary art.
at the Centre for Women and                         or contact

                                                                                                            JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 3

Cambridge: the home of football?
                                                                                                                     Eton would come to Parker’s Piece
                                                                                                                     to play but had no consensus on
                                                                                                                     how to play. In 1848 a list of 12
                                                                                                                     basic rules was drawn up by
                                                                                                                     University students to overcome
                                                                                                                     this. Copies of the rules were
                                                                                                                     displayed on trees around Parker’s
                                                                                                                        The 1840s ‘Cambridge Rules’
                                                                                                                     were quickly taken up by teams in
                                                                                                                     the surrounding area. When the
                                                                                                                     Football Association was formed in
                                                                                                                     1863, they used them as guidelines
                                                                                                                     for the new FA rules.
                                                                                                                        Cambridge can also lay claim to
                                                                                                                     having the country’s oldest football
                                                                                                                     club. Cambridge University FC was
                                                                                                                     active in 1857 – a year earlier than
                                                                                                                     the formation of Sheffield FC, long
                                                                                                                     thought to be the oldest club in the
                                                                                                                        To mark this the Zion Eagles,
                                                                                                                     a team drawn from the city’s
                                                                                                                     homeless, held a commemorative
AS WE LICK our wounds over the              known as the ‘Cambridge Rules’,          History revisited: a            football match in 2000 and called
                                                                                     commemorative match
World Cup, it may provide some              that laid the foundations for                                            for a permanent memorial to
                                                                                     between the University
small comfort to remember that the          modern football.                         (in blue and white) and the     Cambridge’s historic links with
University played a key role in               In the early days football was a       Zion Eagles, a team drawn       football. This has yet to be agreed
shaping the game of football that we        rough game with few rules. Physical      from the city’s homeless        but in the meantime a small plaque
know today. For Cambridge was the           force prevailed and brawls, fights                                       on a tree near the fire station reads:
place where the rules of football           and injuries were common. By the                                         “Here on Parker’s Piece, students
were first invented.                        mid-1800s various different                                              established a common set of rules of
   In the 1840s a group of University       versions of the game had evolved.                                        simple football rules emphasising
students drew up a list of rules,           Public schools such as Harrow and                                        skill above force.”

How does Cambridge perform on race equality?
THE STAFF Race Equality                     Amendment Act 2000 also requires                                         to promote race equality, with an
Advisory Group (REAG) is calling            universities to promote good                                             initial random sample of ethnic
on all staff to take part in a survey       relationships between people of                                          minority staff members. It is
about their experiences of race             different racial groups.                                                 supported by the Vice-Chancellor
relations. This is the first survey            The survey will be entirely                                           and Pro-Vice-Chancellors and is part
of its kind to be created internally.       confidential and give a voice to all                                     of the University’s desire to improve
It will be launched this autumn and         staff members. REAG member Joan                                          the experience of its employees and
every member of staff will be invited       Koehler said that the survey will help                                   students in respect of race equality.
to participate.                             provide “an overview of problems         Promoting equality: Joanne      REAG would like to thank all staff
   The project is a mapping exercise        regarding any race issues”. Gordana      Koehler, left, Library          in advance for their help in this
                                                                                     Assistant at the University
to gain an understanding of good            Najdanovic added: “It is important       Library, and Huen Swee Kim
and bad practice in the University.         to have as many members of staff         of the Race Equality Advisory     If you would like to know more,
It falls in line with the core values of    participate as possible, as that will    Group                           contact the group’s secretary Huen
the University – freedom of thought         help make the survey results valid                                       Swee Kim, Personnel Division, at
and expression, and freedom from            and reliable”.                                                 , tel:
discrimination. The Race Relations             REAG was started two years ago                                        (7)65807.

                                                                                      Your comments and contributions are always
                                                                                      welcome. Please send them to the Editor at
                                                                                      The deadline for the next issue is August 18.

Changes at the UAS                                                                     ALL NEW…
A SERIES OF proposals to enhance           Administrative Services Division;           Name                      CareerStart@cam is the catchy new
the services delivered by the              integrating teaching and research                                     name for the University employment
University’s central administration        administration within a renamed                                       scheme formerly known as the Young
(Unified Administrative Service or         Academic and Student Services                                         Employees Programme (YEP).
                                                                                                                 CareerStart@cam offers support and
UAS) were sent to staff earlier this       Division; ensuring that the
                                                                                                                 training to employees working in the
month by the Registrary, Tim Mead,         relationships between the                                             University and Colleges in the early
and discussed at an open meeting on        University’s various Senior Officers                                  stages of their career. The name
July 4.                                    are seamless; enhancing                                               change reflects new legislation on age
    The overall push behind the            administrative service delivery at                                    discrimination which comes into force
changes is the desire to enhance the       School level and support to                                           this autumn.
University’s ability to compete out in     departmental and faculty                                                Based at the Staff Development
the world, “while also preserving the      administrators; and, tying in to the                                  office in Trumpington Street,
reality of a self-governing academic       whole those institutions that supply                                  CareerStart@cam supports an average
community,” says Mead. He stresses         discrete services to students and staff                               of 20 staff who are either new to the
                                                                                                                 workplace or new to the University.
the need for the UAS to be as involved     (Careers Service, Physical Education
                                                                                                                 The programme offers vocational
with academic units as it is with the      and Sport, the several Health Services).                              training and informal support.
senior policy committees, and for the         At the open meeting the Registrary                                    For more information go to
UAS to be trusted by academics as          reassured staff that the changes are                        
“being on their side” and not “of the      not about cutting jobs but about                                      personnel/jobs/careerstart
centre”.                                   making the administration more
    Since the UAS was created in 1996,     effective and efficient, although he        800th book                A book celebrating the 800th
much has changed. The roles of             said it was “impossible to guarantee                                  anniversary of the University – its past,
Treasurer and Secretary General have       that no jobs will disapear as a                                       present and future – is being published
been discontinued, and Pro-Vice-           number of jobs will have their                                        in September 2008. It will be a mixture
                                                                                                                 of alumni reminiscences and academic
Chancellors are now very much part         content changed in part or
                                                                                                                 articles. Alumni and staff are invited
of the scene, leading strategic and        completely”.                                                          to subscribe early; in return their name
policy development. The demands on            The University Council agreed the                                  will be printed in the book. It is being
the University from outside have also      proposals in outline on June 19. The                                  produced by Third Millennium
increased dramatically, massively          detail will be worked out through a                                   Information who have produced
increasing the burden on                   process of planning and consultation                                  similar works for individual colleges.
administration. This drives the            over the Michaelmas Term. It is                                       The Vice-Chancellor is chair of the
University to be increasingly              hoped the changes will be fully                                       editorial board. The next issue of CAM
coordinated and purposeful, knowing        operational by Michaelmas 2007.                                       will include a brochure inviting alumni
where its interests lie.                     If you would like a copy of the                                     to subscribe and submit stories and
                                                                                                                 photos. To subscribe contact the
    The creation of the UAS only went      Registrary’s paper email Angela
                                                                                                                 University Development Office, tel
so far in rationalising the University’s   Faulkner at                                     32288,
complex system of administration
and academic support, and adapting                                                                               A brand new building for the
it to modern expectations. Mead
                                                                                                                 Department of Biological
observes: “There was ample evidence        Arts funding                                                          Anthropology has just been opened
that the time was right to take a                                                                                in Fitzwilliam Street, opposite the
dispassionate look at the way the          THE SCHOOLS OF ARTS and                                               Fitzwilliam Museum. Designed by
administrative system as a whole was       Humanities and Humanities and                                         architects Sheppard Robson, it blends
functioning.”                              Social Sciences have announced a                                      in sensitively with one of the most
                                                                                                                 beautiful examples of historic
    The Registrary’s paper proposes        second year of early-career
                                                                                                                 terracing in the city. Named the Henry
around 20 changes. They include:           fellowships for teaching officers                                     Wellcome Building, it is home to the
reducing the number of UAS divisions       wanting time off to pursue research.                                  Leverhulme Centre for Human
reporting direct to the Registrary         This is launched in association with                                  Evolutionary Studies. This was
from eight to six, one of several          the Centre of Research in the Arts,                                   established in 2000 (but without a
measures to rationalise the work load      Social Sciences and Humanities.                                       site) by Dr Marta Mirazón Lahr and
of Senior Officers, allowing them to          The scheme allows University                                       Professor Robert Foley. The Centre
give due attention to strategic issues,    teaching officers and college                                         brings together fields such as the
and prevent against them “becoming         teaching officers to apply for an                                     study of fossils, genetics, cultural
part of the problem rather than part       additional term of research leave.                                    diversity and linguistics. The launch
                                                                                                                 was attended by eminent anthro-
of the solution”; creating five key           Contact CRASSH for further
                                                                                                                 pologist Richard Leakey (right).
professional Divisions and one             details on tel: (7)65276.

                                                                                                    JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 5

A Cambridge honour
IN A CEREMONY that dates back                  The Governor of the Bank of
to 1493 the Chancellor of the               England, Professor Mervyn King
University, HRH the Duke of                    Novelist, Margaret Drabble
Edinburgh, conferred honorary                  University of Cape Town Vice-
degrees this June on seven                  Chancellor, Professor Njabulo
distinguished individuals at a              Ndebele
congregation at the Senate House.              Dr Charles Vest, former President of
   The Congregation of the Senate           the Massachusetts Institute of
House was conducted entirely in             Technology
Latin, and the ceremony was                    Professor Edward Witten, Charles
accompanied by the combined choirs          Simonyi Professor of Mathematical                                        Novelist Margaret Drabble at Clare College
                                                                                                                     before the ceremony
of Gonville and Caius and St                Physics at Princeton
Catharine’s Colleges.                          Professor Ahmed Zewail, Linus          The Chancellor ascending the
                                                                                      steps into Clare College
   The seven recipients were:               Pauling Professor in Chemical Physics     dining hall where a lunch
   Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr             at the California Institute of            was held before the
Rowan Williams                              Technology.                               ceremony

                                                                                                                     Professor King and the Archbishop of
                                                                                                                     Canterbury in procession before the degree
                                                                                                                     Congregation in the Senate House

                                                                                                                     Professor Ahmed Zewail, an Egyptian-
                                                                                                                     American chemist who won the 1999 Nobel
                                                                                                                     Prize for his work on femtochemistry

Professor Ndebele responded to the          programme to do the English Tripos                                       admission, when it came, was
Chancellor’s toast at a garden party        in two years, coming from a country                                      simultaneously an experience of self
following the Congregation. He              where every day was an assault on                                        worth and an opening up of the
spoke of when he first came to              one’s self-confidence. I remember                                        world. To then go on to qualify for
Cambridge:                                  agonising over whether I was good                                        the Southern African Bursary Fund at
   “Some 33 years ago I arrived at          enough even to write a letter of                                         Churchill College for deserving
Churchill College just in time for the      application for admission to a world      “I remember agonising over     victims of a country against its own
Michaelmas Term, a recent graduate          university such as Cambridge. And so      whether I was good enough      people, was an act of unimaginable
                                                                                      even to write a letter of
of the University of Botswana,              it was that one was conditioned to        application for admission to
                                                                                                                     validation. It could not be otherwise
Lesotho, and Swaziland at the Roma          self-select oneself out of seemingly      a world university such as     that coming to study at Cambridge
campus in Lesotho. I still smelled of       improbable opportunity.                   Cambridge”                     was for me and my family, a most
undergraduate milk at the start of a           “That is why the letter of             Professor Ndebele              liberating experience.”


The magic of the microscopic, captured by the Department of Engineering

Images from nanoland
us into the hidden world inside
matter, a world of unsuspected
beauty. It is a place to which we
rarely get access, and one which
inspires no small degree of awe
and wonder as we encounter the
magic of the microscopic.
   The images are the products
of a photographic competition
for staff and students in the
Department of Engineering
earlier this summer. The
University of Cambridge Epson
Photography Competition is now
in its second year, with prizes of
professional printers worth
£1,000 going to the best entries.
To see other entries in the
competition go to

First prize went to Dr Steve Hoath for
his Tails from the Nozzle Bank. He is a
Research Associate at the Inkjet Research
Centre. The image was taken during
experiments to investigate printer
performance. Dr Hoath used a very short
flash time of 20 nanoseconds to capture
the ink droplets as they hurtled towards
the page at 6 metres per second. The
whole image is only 2.3 mm wide and
each droplet’s tail is 10 times thinner than
a human hair.
                                                                                                             In third place is a remarkable image
                                                                                                             which shows a ball only ~65µm across
                                                                                                             (about 20 times smaller than the head of
                                                                                                             a pin) captured in the cage of a
                                                                                                             microgripper. Entitled Nanohand and its
                                                                                                             captured ball, the image was taken using
                                                                                                             a scanning electron microscope by
                                                                                                             Research Associates Dr Jack Luo and Dr
                                                                                                             Yong Qing Fu. The nanohand is suitable
                                                                                                             for trapping and holding biological
                                                                                                             specimens such as cells without applying
                                                                                                             force to it, thus avoiding damage. A
                                               In second place, student Laura                                current can also be applied to the cage to
                                               Harrison’s untitled photo is of a                             allow it to open and close. It is hoped to
                                               microscopic chain mail. Laura is a 4th year                   use the nanohand in cancer research,
                                               manufacturing engineering technology                          where it could hold a cell to enable
                                               student at the Department’s Institute for                     removal of its nucleus for study. Another
                                               Manufacturing (IfM). It was taken to                          application may be drug testing, where a
                                               investigate the potential for using the                       cell could be held in place during
                                               process ‘selective laser sintering’ for new                   exposure to specific drugs.
                                               garment manufacturing techniques. This
                                               chain-link structure enables the creation
                                               of flexible textiles from rigid materials
                                               which will be useful in sporting and
                                               military applications.

                                                                                             JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 7

With nearly 9,000 staff the University uses a great deal of energy. However, staff are constantly
coming up with new initiatives in the effort to be greener. Here are six you can get involved in

Six University ways
to be green
CLIMATE CHANGE is prompting                 University has now drawn up a
us all – institutions and individuals –     detailed action plan and set
to look long and hard at the                ambitious goals, most significantly
environmental impact of our                 the reduction of carbon emissions by
actions. There’s much that we can           10 per cent over the next five years.
do, whether it’s to reduce our carbon       This is despite an expansion of
footprint, cut our water usage, cycle       housing stock in the University.
to work, or make use of recycling           The University has already signed a
facilities.                                 contract to get 97 per cent of its
   The University, as a large               energy from non-fossil fuel sources.
institution and a major user of                Clearly if we all act collectively,
resources, is taking these issues           our small actions can make a big
seriously. On the macro scale it is         difference. Make it an automatic
part of a universities’ initiative run      gesture to turn off your computer
by the Carbon Trust, a body that            screen every night, and switch off
helps organisations to reduce               lights you don’t need.
emissions and develop low carbon               In addition here are six simple
technologies.                               ways you can help make the
   To meet Carbon Trust targets, the        University a greener place.

Get on your bike: free cycle loans          outside the city, a one-off payment

1   There are now more reasons than
    ever to travel by bike. You get
around far more easily in the city
                                            of £1 enables staff to use the Park &
                                            Cycle facility off Madingley Road.
                                            Park each day in the free camera-
centre, most of which was built long        secured car park, retrieve your bike
before the invention of the car.            from your personal locker, and ride
What’s more, the University will            into the city centre along a pretty
lend you the money to get a set of          route that follows the Coton
wheels. In tune with its sustainable        footpath and Garret Hostel Lane.
policy, the Travel to Work Loan
scheme offers loans to help                 Don’t drive in alone
employees with the cost of buying a
bike. Loans are offered, interest free,
to the value of the employee’s
                                           2    If you drive to work, think about
                                                joining up with other people
                                            living in your area to travel together.
monthly pay, to be repaid over ten          Car sharing saves money, is more
months.                                     sociable, and most importantly better
   The scheme, which also offers            for the environment. The University
loans for annual bus and rail tickets,      subscribes to CamShare, an electronic
was introduced two years ago and            car sharing database for employees of
has become increasingly popular.            Cambridge organisations, operated
Roughly four to seven University            through the Travel For Work
employees a month apply for bike            Partnership. University staff can
loans. For more information, email          register as users and search for car or              sharing partners; it is free to staff.
phone (3)32348.                             More details are available on the
   For those commuting from                 CamShare website (below) where

Travelling by bus is clearly a green                                               University card holders now pay
choice. The subsidised bus service                                                 a nominal 50p per journey on the
which links West Cambridge with                                                    uni 4, substantially less than a normal
the city centre and Addenbrooke’s                                                  fare of £1.80.
Hospital remains one of the                                                           It should not be confused with
University’s priority travel schemes.    same route from Madingley Road            citi 4 which is now the brand name
   Now that the initial contract for     Park & Ride and West Cambridge            for the normal, non-University,
citi 4 with service provider             to Addenbrooke’s, via Silver Street,      service from Cambourne to
Stagecoach has come to an end, a         throughout the working week.              Cambridge city centre, not subsidised.
new agreement, also with                    The cost to the University of             Looking ahead, there are plans
Stagecoach, has been negotiated          subsidising a bus service has risen       to introduce a trial 50p fare for
and comes into effect in July.           significantly, largely due to the end     university card holders on all
   The new service, named uni 4,         of ‘pump-priming’ funding from the        Stagecoach routes across the city
runs every 20 minutes along the          City and County Councils. As a result,    to prompt greater bus usage.

you can find partners and get            Recycle your old computers                An unused mobile
advice. For those interested in              It is now illegal to dump
occasional car sharing, the informal
                                         5   computers in general waste, but
                                         you can get your outdated machine
                                                                                   phone charger that is
                                                                                   still plugged in uses 85%
sharing is a University-wide forum       collected by a specialist contractor      of full power, and some
used by those offering or seeking        (see below). Good quality
lifts. More at         equipment is refurbished and              TVs up to 100%
and             offered for re-sale after hard drives
                                         have been wiped to remove all
Switch it off: the curse of standby      remaining data. Older equipment

3 ManyTVs andareenergy whenuse

the same amount of
                   not aware that
                 DVD players
                                         is dismantled and component
                                         materials – such as lead, aluminium,
                                         copper, precious metals, glass and        GREEN ACHIEVEMENTS
they are on standby as when they         plastic – are recovered for re-use.
are on! And a mobile phone               To get your computer collected go            Some 97 per cent of electricity
charger that is still turned on at the   to                   used by the University is now
plug uses 85%. So remember to            only/offices/environment/                 obtained from non-fossil sources.
switch them off fully. Last October      guidance/it.html                             Water usage has been cut by 53 per
the University took part in a Switch        Alternatively, a charity called        cent since 1988, despite a building
Off Day when staff were asked to         Computer Aid will take relatively         stock increase of 25 per cent.
make sure they turned everything         new computers (Pentium 111                   All new buildings are assessed for
off rather than leaving them on          upwards) and send them overseas;          their BREEAM (Building Research
standby. The effect was a staggering     to date it has sent 65,000 PCs to 101     Establishment Environmental
5 per cent saving on total electricity   countries.            Assessment Method) rating.
consumption over the following                                                     Buildings which rate highly include
seven days. So before you leave the      Skip the skip                             the Faculty of Education, Plant
office each evening, turn off
monitors, printers and
                                                    department or college
                                         6 If yourdon’tequipmentConsider
                                            has surplus
                                         furniture,     chuck it.
                                                                                   Growth Facility at the Botanic
                                                                                   Garden, the William Gates building
                                                                                   and the Centre for Mathematical
                                         whether it might be useful to             Science.
Think before you bin it                  someone somewhere – phone local              There are now around 100
              more than
4 There arebins across 100 large
   recycling              the
University to collect cardboard,
                                         charities for advice. Another option
                                         is the Community Giveaway Board,
                                         a free service to University
                                                                                   recycling points around the

paper, plastic, glass and aluminium      Departments and colleges. Post a          Still to be done…
cans. General waste bins are             message on the board advertising            International air travel by
normally blue; bins for recyclable       any items you wish to give away.          University staff has been identified as
materials are usually green or silver.   Community groups can see what’s           an activity with significant impact.
Last year 120 tonnes of paper and        on offer and get in touch. No money         The University has drawn up an
135 tonnes of cardboard were             changes hands and the group itself        ambitious plan to reduce carbon
recycled. In addition, mercury,          is responsible for collecting the item.   emissions by 10 per cent over the
metal and glass are recovered from       This service reduces waste and the        next five years, despite continuing
12,000 old fluorescent tubes every       cost of removal. See www.giveaway         expansion and demand for energy.
year. A local charity called OWL You could also            A carbon footprint is being
(Opportunities Without Limits)           contact the Cambridgeshire                developed to look at all aspects of
collects aluminium cans and intends      Materials Exchange at                     energy use, including waste, travel
to set up a cycle renovation project.                  and water.

                                                                      JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 9
Cambridge scientists have come up with a solution to tackle one of the
scourges of the developing world. What is more, it is cheap

Third World
A BREAKTHROUGH in the                                                                 The new wafer thin dipstick
                                                                                      is trialled on people living in
diagnosis of trachoma, an infectious
                                                                                      the Mount Kilimanjaro area
disease of the eye and one of the                                                     of Tanzania. The dipstick is
world’s leading causes of preventable                                                 touched on to the eye and
blindness, is at hand. Thanks to                                                      detects whether trachoma
scientists from Cambridge, the first                                                  bacteria are present in a
                                                                                      very short time. It is an
cheap, reliable and easy-to-use test                                                  adaptation of the award
has been developed which can be                                                       winning ‘FirstBurst’
used out in the field.                                                                diagnostic test used to detect
   The breakthrough relies on a                                                       the sexually-transmitted
                                                                                      form of chlamydia. The test
wafer-thin dipstick which is used to       than half an hour, and could have a
                                                                                      was developed at the
touch the eye to detect whether            dramatic impact on the treatment of        Diagnostic Development
bacteria are present. It is an             the disease, as it can be used where       Unit at the University.
adaptation of the award-winning            trachoma-induced blindness is most
‘FirstBurst’ diagnostic test used to       prevalent, namely in countries in the
detect the sexually-transmitted form       developing world where there is a
of chlamydia. The test was                 lack of sufficient resources for
developed at the Diagnostic                testing. In these areas diagnosis relies
Development Unit at Cambridge              on clinical observation by health
University, with funding from the          workers which is far less accurate.
Wellcome Trust.                               In a trial involving over 600 Masai
   The test produces results in less       children in Mount Kilimanjaro,

ALL ABOUT TRACHOMA                                                                    It took just one                  Tanzania, the test was shown to have
                                                                                                                        97% accuracy in diagnosing the
   Trachoma is thought to be one of        and South America, Australia and
                                                                                      hour to train                     infection. This compared with only
the oldest infectious diseases known       the Middle East.                           local health                      47% accuracy when diagnosis relied
to mankind, dating back several               The word Trachoma means ‘rough          workers to                        on purely visual checks. It took just
thousand years. It was first observed      eye’. After years of repeated                                                one hour to train local health
some 3,500 years ago in Egypt. It          infection, if left untreated, scarring     carry out the                     workers to carry out the tests which
came to the attention of European          of the eyelid can occur when the           tests which                       were then evaluated in a village
surgeons during the Napoleonic             eyelid turns inward and the lashes rub     were then                         ‘office’ without electricity or running
campaigns in Egypt when soldiers           on the eyeball. This can lead to visual                                      water, using makeshift lab benches.
brought the disease back to Europe.        impairment and, in severe cases,           evaluated in a                       Trachoma is an infectious disease
Its spread was fuelled by the              blindness.                                 village ‘office’                  of the eye caused by the bacterium
crowded, unhygienic living                    Trachoma today affects about 84
                                                                                      without                           Chlamydia Trachomatis and is
conditions during the Industrial           million people, leading to visual                                            spread by the bazaar fly, particularly
Revolution.                                impairment in over 8 million and           electricity or                    in areas of poor sanitation and
   By the end of World War II,             blindness in over one million.             running water                     crowded conditions. Of the 84
trachoma had disappeared from most            The infectious agent causing the                                          million people world-wide requiring
developed countries, but persists          symptoms of the disease was first                                            treatment, the WHO estimates that
today in the poorest regions of the        visualised in 1907, and the bacteria                                         90% of cases are in the developing
world such as Africa, Asia, Central        isolated in Peking by T’ang in 1957.                                         world, often striking the most

                                                                               For more stories about breakthroughs in the
                                                                               sciences and the arts by Cambridge researchers
                                                                               go to

                                                                               OTHER RECENT
                                                                               Literature and                         exclusive licence has been
                                                                               psychoanalysis                         signed by CMI and
                                                                                                                      OrthoMimetics Ltd – the first
                                                                                  Department: Centre for              technology company to
                                                                               Research in the Arts, Social           emerge from the collaboration
                                                                               Sciences and Humanities                between Cambridge and MIT –
                                                                               (CRASSH)                               to commercialise the products.
                                                                               A new book has been
                                                                               published by the Director              Birds act like spies
                                                                               of CRASSH, Professor Mary
                                                                               Jacobus. The Poetics of                   Department:
                                                                               Psychoanalysis explores the            Experimental Psychology
                                                                               literary aspects of the 20th           Cambridge experimental
                                                                               century psychoanalytic                 psychologists have found that
                                                                               tradition that has come to             western scrub-jays use
                                                                               be known as British Object             counterespionage tactics to
                                                                               Relations psychoanalysis.              protect their food from
                                                                               It focuses on Melanie Klein's          competitors. Drs Joanna Dally
                                                                               legacy to psychoanalysis               and Nathan Emery and
                                                                               between the 1930s and 1970s.           Professor Nicola Clayton have
                                                                               Jacobus breaks new ground              discovered that the western
                                                                               by giving a central place to           scrub-jay (a relative of the
                                                                               the literary and aesthetic             raven) remembers which
                                                                               concerns of the British Object         individual birds watched them
                                                                               Relations tradition. The               when they were hiding their
                                                                               Poetics of Psychoanalysis              food, and uses this information
                                                                               argues against the separation          to decide how and which
                                                                               of British and continental             caches of food to protect. Dally
                                                                               traditions and for the                 and colleagues caution that
                                                                               continuing links between               these newly discovered abilities
                                                                               psychoanalysis and aesthetics.         do not necessarily require a
                                                                                                                      human-like theory of mind.
                                                                               Progress on joint                      They do say that the behaviour
                                                                               replacements                           must be the result of learning
                                                                                                                      ‘conditional rules’.
                                                                                  Departments: Materials
                                                                               Science and Metallurgy/                Milky Way is a ‘cannibal’
vulnerable members of communities.       important advance in the fight        MIT/CMI/Cambridge Enterprise
                                                                               A revolutionary technology to             Department: Institute of
The infection has led to blindness in    against trachoma. The new test will
                                                                               reduce the need for joint              Astronomy
more than one million people.            enable programme managers to find     replacement surgery has been           Our galaxy, the Milky Way,
  Once diagnosed trachoma can be         out for themselves which              developed by a team led by             grows by ‘cannibalising’
simply treated with the antibiotic       communities still harbour the         Professor William Bonfield             smaller galaxies say researchers
azithromycin. Current treatment          infection, and thus to focus          (Department of Materials               at the Institute of Astronomy.
focuses on mass treatment of             treatment.”                           Science and Metallurgy) and            They have used the major
suspected infected communities with         The team at Cambridge is being     Professor Lorna Gibson (MIT).          project, the Sloan Digital Sky
azithromycin, repeated at intervals.     led by Dr Helen Lee of the            New sponge-like ‘tissue                Survey II (SDSS-II), to trace the
However, this can result in many         Department of Haematology.            scaffolding’ guides and                trails of stars left behind by the
people being repeatedly given the        Dr Lee has set up a spin out          supports the body’s natural            Milky Way. These show that, as
                                                                               repair mechanisms, encouraging         galaxies orbit the Milky Way,
drug unnecessarily. What is more,        company, Diagnostics for the Real
                                                                               cartilage, ligaments or tendons        their stars are torn off by the
the amount of azithromycin pledged       World, whose goal is to improve       to regenerate concurrently             massive, gravitational forces of
by the manufacturer Pfizer is not        health in resource-poor settings by   with the bone which anchors            the Milky Way. The stars spiral
sufficient to treat everyone living in   developing badly needed diagnostic    them in place. The technology          inwards leaving the night sky
endemic communities.                     tests for a range of neglected        allows patients to either              criss-crossed with their streams.
  Professor Mabey of the London          diseases. Equity holders in the       postpone joint replacement             SDSS-II researchers Vasily
School of Hygiene and Tropical           company include scientists in her     surgery until their first implant      Belokurov and Daniel Zucher
Medicine who was a collaborator on       group, the University of Cambridge    can last the rest of their lives, or   captured a new image of this,
the trial said: The test is an           and the Wellcome Trust.               avoid it altogether. An                named the ‘Field of Streams’.

                                                                                              JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 11
Seven Cambridge Fellows                                                                                                    University, but other students,
                                                                                                                           international colleagues and school
of the Royal Society 2006                                                                                                  pupils. Between them, they have
                                                                                                                           helped bring to life everything from
SEVEN CAMBRIDGE scientists have                                                                                            French Medieval literature to complex
been elected to the Fellowship of the                                                                                      molecular structures.
Royal Society. The Royal Society is                                                                                           Christine Counsell of the Faculty of
the world’s oldest scientific academy                                                                                      Education

                                                                                                            MIKE CAMERON
and has been at the forefront of                                                                                              Dr David Pyle of the Department of
discovery since its foundation in                                                                                          Earth Sciences
1660. The backbone of the Society                                                                                             Allan McRobie of the Department of
is its Fellowship of eminent scientists,                                                                                   Engineering
elected by peer review for life and                                                                                           Dr Keith Johnstone of the
entitled to use FRS after their name.      The eleven Pilkington   Fluid Dynamics in the Department of                     Department of Plant Sciences
                                           prize winners
They are:                                                          Applied Mathematics and Theoretical                        Dr Nicholas Bullock of the
    Professor Andrew Hopper,                                       Physics, is recognised for his                          Department of Architecture
Professor of Computer Technology,                                  contributions to nonlinear convection                      Dr William Burgwinkle of the
is a world leader in computer network                              theory and to the understanding of                      Department of Modern and Medieval
design and mobile computing. His                                   fluid dynamos. With WVR Malkus,                         Languages
vision of ‘sentient computing’,                                    he was the first to elucidate the so-                      Dr Nick Hopwood of of the
involving the movement of people and                               called Malkus-Proctor-effect and                        Department of History and
sensors, has widely inspired academic                              showed that appropriate scaling for                     Philosophy of Science
research.                                                          geomagnetic equilibration is                               Dr Mark Arends of the Department
    Professor Richard James Jackson,                               independent of viscosity.                               of Pathology
Professor of RNA Biochemistry, he is                                  Professor Austin Gerard Smith,                          Dr John Benson of the School of
distinguished for his contributions to                             MRC Professor at the Institute for                      Clinical Medicine
understanding the mechanism and                                    Stem Cell Research at the University                       Dr William Nolan of the Department
regulation of initiation of eukaryotic                             of Edinburgh and Chair of the                           of Chemistry
messenger RNA translation. He co-                                  Institute for Stem Cell Biology at the                     Dr Philip Stiles of the Judge Business
discovered the regulation of                                       University of Cambridge, has carried                    School
translation initiation via                                         out path-breaking work on the                              The Pilkington Prizes were set up by
phosphorylation of a translation                                   mechanisms of self-renewal and                          the late Sir Alastair Pilkington, former
initiation facto.                                                  lineage commitment in mammalian                         Chairman of the Cambridge
  Professor Ruth Marion Lynden-Bell                                pluripotent embryonic stem cells.                       Foundation. The prizes are supported
of the Cambridge University Centre                                   Professor Nicholas Ian Shepherd-                      and hosted by Cambridge University
for Computational Chemistry is the                                 Barron, Professor of Algebraic                          Press, and are awarded annually by
only woman from Cambridge to be                                    Geometry, is one of the world’s                         the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alison
elected this year. She is an Emeritus                              leading algebraic geometers. He has                     Richard.
Professor at Queen’s University                                    had a major impact on classification
Belfast and Emerita Fellow of New                                  of higher dimensional varieties and                     OBEs go to Frances Sword
Hall. Her research has involved using                              provided remarkable solutions to
computers to model liquids, solutions                              deep and difficult problems across
                                                                                                                           and Professor Andrew
and surfaces. Currently her main                                   a broad range of topics in algebraic                    Fabian
interests are understanding the                                    geometry and number theory.
properties of room temperature ionic                                                                                       THE HEAD OF Education at the
liquids and those of water.                                        Eleven lecturers                                        Fitzwillam Museum and an eminent
   Lord Browne of Madingley, a                                                                                             University astronomer have both been
Cambridge graduate and chairman of
                                                                   rewarded for teaching                                   honoured with an OBE in the 2006
the Judge Business School’s Advisory                               excellence                                              Queen’s Birthday Honours List.
Board, is Group Chief Executive of                                                                                         Frances Sword has worked at the
BP plc and is distinguished for his                                ELEVEN University of Cambridge                          Fitzwilliam Museum for 20 years,
application of science, particularly of                            lecturers have been recognised for                      creating an award-winning education
earth science, to the transformation of                            their excellence in teaching, at an                     service. Professor Andrew Fabian FRS
a major UK company, BP, and thus                                   award ceremony for the 2006                             (1996) has been a Royal Society
improving peoples’ way of life, also                               Pilkington Prizes earlier this month.                   Research Professor at the Institute of
for his leadership of the climate                                  All have made outstanding                               Astronomy since 1982, researching
debate.                                                            contributions to teaching in their                      clusters of galaxies, accreting black
  Professor Michael Richard Edward                                 departments. Their work has had an                      holes and other topics in X-ray
Proctor, Professor of Astrophysical                                impact not only on students at the                      astronomy.


The Girton Library, which has won a 2006 RIBA award, succeeds in integrating an uncompromising modern style into a neo-Gothic setting
    Physical sciences: Professor                                               of using pearl mussels to purify                    Organic chemistry: Professor
Michael Kelly of the Centre for                                                polluted water in China.                        Steven Ley Cambridge Professor of
Advanced Photonics and Electronics                                                All fields: Professor Patrick Bateson        Organic Chemistry Steven Ley has
(CAPE), Department of Engineering,                                             and Professor Colin Renfrew Two                 received the prestigious Nagoya Gold
has been awarded the Hughes medal                                              leading Cambridge academics have                Medal Award for 2006. The Nagoya
by the Royal Society. His research                                             been honoured with membership                   Medal Prize is awarded each year to
advanced the physics of tunnelling                                             to the American Philosophical Society.          an organic chemist whose research
and hot electron injection in                                                  The society, founded in 1743 by                 has been both original and
                                               Lynn Gladden
semiconductor multilayers, leading                                             Benjamin Franklin, promotes                     significant. This is the first time the
to two new generation microwave                                                knowledge by supporting research                award has been made to a British
devices now in production. The medal                                           and innovators in all fields of study.          chemist working in the UK.
is awarded annually for an original                                            Famous members include George                       Economics: Dr Petra Geraats of
discovery in the physical sciences.                                            Washington, Albert Einstein, Charles            the department of Economics
    Chemistry: Professor Jean-Pierre                                           Darwin and Louis Pasteur.                       received the Klaus Liebscher Award
Hansen, Head of Theoretical                                                       Materials science: Alex Mischenko            2006 for her paper The Mystique of
Chemistry, has been awarded the                                                PhD student Alex Mischenko has won              Central Bank Speak.
Rumford Medal by the Royal Society.                                            the Royal Institution’s Graduate                    Biophysics: Dr McMahon
                                               Professor Lord Renfrew
The Rumford Medal is awarded                                                   Student of the Year competition for             Dr Harvey McMahon of the MRC
biennially in recognition of an                                                his presentation on materials science.          Laboratory of Molecular Biology has
outstandingly important discovery                                              Out of the 140 applicants he won the            won the 2006 Raymond and Beverly
in the field of thermal or optical                                             award which includes a life                     Sackler International Prize in
properties of matter. It recognises his                                        membership to the Royal Institution.            Biophysics. The prize recognises
pioneering work on molten salts and                                               Chemical engineering: Professor              his seminal contributions to the
dense plasmas which has led the way                                            Lynn Gladden The Engineering and                discovery of structural mechanisms
to a quantitative understanding of                                             Physical Sciences Research Council              of clathrin-mediated endocytosis, a
strongly correlated ionic liquids.             Steven Ley                      (EPSRC) has appointed Professor Lynn            process crucial for a broad range of
Previous recipients of the medal                                               Gladden to its governing council.               vital cellular functions.
include Louis Pasteur.                                                         Professor Gladden is currently the                  Safety: University’s Health and
    Science and the media: Dr                                                  Shell Professor of Chemical                     Safety Division University’s Health
Jonathon Wood Dr Wood, a                                                       Engineering at the University of                and Safety Division was a top
Cambridge PhD graduate in Physics,                                             Cambridge.                                      contender in a national competition
won FameLab 2006, an event where                                                  Architecture: Girton College and             run by Building Magazine. It was
young scientists from across the UK                                            Archive, designed by Allies and                 chosen as one of five finalists for
present their research in front of a                                           Morrison, is one of two new buildings           employers’ commitment to safety,
TV audience. He beat 150 other                 Petra Geraats                   in the East of England to be given a            being beaten by BAA.
young scientists to become the best                                            2006 Royal Institute of British                    The Health and Safety Division
new talent in science communication.                                           Architect (RIBA) Award. The jurors              employs a staff of 24 people who
He won the crowd using comic book                                              praised the “extraordinarily difficult          together have more than 100 years
hero Spiderman to discuss the                                                  piece of integration into a neo-Gothic          of expertise. The division prepares
strength of spider’s silk.                                                     setting” of the building, which has             University safety policy, directs its
    Environment: Dr David Aldridge                                             been carried out in uncompromis-                strategy, and advises senior
won a prize at the prestigious World                                           ingly modern style. Other new                    personnel on health and safety.
Bank Development Marketplace.                                                  Cambridge buildings shortlisted                 Its website receives around 40,000
Grants of up to $200,000 go to                                                 included the Faculty of Education               hits a month. “We cover everything
innovative solutions to                                                        on Hills Road, the Institute of                 from accidents to zoonoses [animal
environmental and energy problems                                              Criminology on the Sidgwick Site                diseases communicable to humans],”
across the world. Out of 118 finalists,                                        and the Plant Growth Facility at                said Sara Cooper, the Department’s
Dr Aldridge won a grant for his idea                                           the Botanic Garden.                             Director.

                                                                                                               JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 13
Sir Alan Wilson becomes Master of Corpus Christi                                                                    Ross Harrison
                                                                                                                    elected Provost
IN SEPTEMBER, Professor Sir Alan              A passionate supporter of
Wilson, the Director General of            widening opportunities, Sir Alan                                         KING’S COLLEGE is delighted to
Higher Education, will become              collaborated with Sir Roger Ogden                                        announce the election of Professor
Master of Corpus Christi College,          to launch a scholarship scheme to                                        Ross Harrison as the College’s next
succeeding Professor Haroon                help children from disadvantaged                                         Provost. He will take up office this
Ahmed. An outstanding academic,            areas of South Yorkshire stay in                                         autumn. Professor Harrison is a
Sir Alan is a mathematician with a         education. The scheme was a                                              Fellow of King’s, and in the past has
passion for widening access to higher      precursor of the Government’s                                            served both as Director of Studies
education, who has been adviser to         Education Maintenance Awards.             “There is no greater honour    and Admissions Tutor in the College.
                                                                                     than to be invited to be
Ruth Kelly and Charles Clarke in the          Sir Alan was appointed first                                             Professor Harrison is a philosopher
                                                                                     Master of one’s old college”
government.                                Director General for Higher               Sir Alan Wilson                who has taught in Cambridge (where
   He studied Mathematics at               Education in 2004. He was key                                            he was also Chair of the Faculty
Corpus Christi, worked at the              adviser to Charles Clarke and then                                       of Philosophy), Bristol, Berkeley
Rutherford Laboratory, then moved          Ruth Kelly, and has played an                                            (California), and most recently
on to the University of Oxford’s           important role in the government’s                                       University College London. He has
Institute of Economics and Statistics,     drive to widen participation in higher                                   worked in several branches of
then to Head of the Mathematical           education.                                                               philosophy; his most recent major
Advisory Unit at the Ministry of              He was elected to the Fellowship                                      publication is Hobbes, Locke, and
Transport in London. As Professor of       of the Royal Academy in 1994,                                            Confusion’s Masterpiece (CUP 2003).
Urban and Regional Geography at            knighted in 2001 and made a Fellow                                          The Acting Vice-Provost, Peter
the University of Leeds, he developed      of the Royal Society in 2006. “There                                     Jones, says of Harrison’s election:
an international reputation. In 1991       is no greater honour than to be                                          “Ross brings both academic
he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of        invited to be Master of one’s old                                        distinction and proven powers of
Leeds.                                     college,” said Sir Alan. “I accepted                                     leadership.”

EMBS gets new                              in development projects to the tune                                      University estate, financially as well
                                           of around £600 million.                                                  as environmentally,” he said. “It is
Director                                   Formerly Deputy Director and Head                                        vitally important that the University
MICHAEL BIENIAS has been                   of Major Projects at EMBS, Bienias                                       continues to make a significant and
appointed Director of the University       has overseen a number of key                                             positive contribution to the
of Cambridge Estate Management             developments, including the first                                        architecture of Cambridge.”
and Building Service (EMBS),               stages of the implementation of the                                         Educated at Swavesey Village
succeeding David Adamson who has           West Cambridge Master Plan.                                              College, Bienias studied at the
gone to work for central                      Bienias is a qualified architect and                                  Oxford School of Architecture and
government. He heads a team of             landscape architect. He was Chief         Michael Bienias                Manchester University. He is a Fellow
almost 250 staff responsible for the       Architect at Cambridge City Council                                      of Wolfson College, Cambridge, a
upkeep of more than 300 buildings          for seven years before joining the                                       Governor of Swavesey Village
and a variety of major building            University in 1996. “The priority is                                     College, and a Board Member of the
projects. EMBS is currently involved       to ensure sustainability of the                                          King Street Housing Society.

                                              Early in his career his head of                                       was appointed to the position of
Technician retires                         department noted: “Barlow is 20. He                                      Principal Assistant, the department’s
after 46 years                             is by far and away our brightest boy                                     senior assistant staff position. Peter’s
PETER BARLOW retired in March              and the best spec for the future that                                    outstanding ability to fulfil technical
2006 from the Department of                we have.” According to Professor                                         and administrative responsibilities
Zoology after 46 years of service.         Malcolm Burrows, current head of                                         has always been evident. He was
His long career in the department          department: “This was a prescient                                        also particularly known for showing
began when he came as a student            assessment even if the language used                                     a concern for students as individuals.
technician on day release, and             seems from a distant age.”                                                  In wishing him well in retirement,
finished in the role of Principal             Barlow took on a series of growing     Peter Barlow                   Professor Burrows commented:
Assistant. Over the years he carried       responsibilities over the years. He                                      “Peter’s sense of duty and loyalty
out a huge variety of tasks to support     was promoted to Assistant in Charge,                                     to the department are unsurpassed.
the study of animals, ranging from         then to Senior Laboratory Technician,                                    His huge knowledge of, and
the behaviour of worms to that of          then Group Assistant for the Neuro-                                      commitment to, the department
crabs and fish.                            biology research group. In 1989 he                                       will be much missed.”

Advertising on this page is open to University staff. The cost is £15 for a single insertion or £75 for six insertions (six for the price of five). The deadline for the
September/October issue is August 25. Maximum word count is 70 words. Send your copy to the editor at or call 01223 332300

ACCOMMODATION TO LET                         farmhouse in the countryside of Poitou-         MG Midget                                 in ‘Preparing for Patients D’, a
                                             Charentes region of sunny SW France.         Due to imminent move, 1972 MG                programme for third-year medical
   Cambridge, Lyndewode Road                 Set in 3 acres peaceful gardens, open        Midget with full MOT for sale. A good        students who visit and talk with
Semi-detached house for rent in              paddocks and orchards. Main house            runner with new additions, including:        women at home to learn about
Lyndewode Road, for academic year            offers 3 en-suite, spacious rooms on a       full set of tyres, new hood, clutch system   women’s experience of pregnancy and
2006-7. Easy access to city centre,          B&B basis, and attached to the main          etc. Good quality maintenance and            childbirth? Contact: Joanna Griffiths,
swimming pool, gym, railway station,         house is a 2 bedroom s/c gite. For           serviced regularly. Road tax exempt and or 01223
schools. Suits couple or family. 3           holidays or short breaks, couples,           owner can usually benefit from a very        586643
bedrooms, living room (with grand            families of 4 or parties of up to 10.        good deal on insurance and breakdown            USSC Anglers
piano), kitchen-diner, study, bathroom,      Contact:                  cover from the MG Owners Club. £3,400        Private fishing on the River Cam and
separate toilet, utility room, patio,           France, Pyrenees                          ONO Contact: Tom Kendon on                   Bourn Brooke at Cantelupe farm,
south-facing garden, broadband access.       Two traditional stone houses, 850m,          07971242933 / 01223 840738 or                Grantchester is available to USSC
£1250 per month. Contact: 01223              wonderful views (Chateau de         or                       members (University card holders, etc)
503159 or 01896 860314 or                    Montsegur). Ideal for walking and                            £11 for the season, non-members £12,                           relaxing. From £200 p.w. 1.5 hours from         Penthouse, Spain                          concessions £6. Include the Fen
   Cambridge, Trumpington                    Carcasonne. Contact: Tel                     Luxury 2 bed penthouse in Mar de             Drayton fishery comprising the Great
Modern, 3 bedroom, terrace house to          0033561013046 for photo’s and info           Cristal, Costa Calida, Spain. Fully          Ouse, Holywell Lake, Holywell pond,
let in Trumpington. Unfurnished or              Italy, Rome                               furnished inc. white goods, air              and Swavesey Lake for an extra £8
partly furnished. Gas central heating,       Luxury apartment, 5th floor, vast            conditioning, and terrace with patio         (optional). Season tickets are available
UPVC double glazing, Kitchen/diner           terrace, air conditioning, near British      furniture, solarium roof with sun            from the USSC, Mill Lane, Cambridge,
with patio doors. Large living room.         School available for weekly rentals.         loungers and secure private parking -        ( Contact: Mark
Small back garden. Garage. Quiet cul-        £300 per week or £1,000 per month.           EUR195.000. A mortgage is also               Leach
de-sac location. Easy access for             Pictures and fuller description available    available – subject to approval. Further        Volunteer in Mexico/India/plant
Addenbrookes, City and M11. Available        on request. Contact:         information available. Contact: Val          trees in Africa?
mid/end August. Rent: c.£900 per                Italy, Umbria near Perugia                01223 564034 or Dave 00 34 686 394 916       Non profit making company working
month Contact: Dr Kate Wilson, work          Three independent stone farmhouse               Treadmill                                 on conservation projects in rain/cloud
01223 763362, home 01480 392791 or           cottages with stunning views and             Do you want to exercise? Excellent if        forests in South and Central America/                              tranquil position, sleeping 2, 4, 4.         you want to exercise without leaving         humanitarian projects in India/
   London WC1                                Magnificent hillside setting near            your house. The Horizon treadmill has        planting trees in Africa needs
1 bed flat in portered block, available      Perugia. 15m pool. Available for weekly      pulse measurement, heart rate control        volunteers, sponsors or even kind
for short lets. 4 minutes walk from          or long-term lets during winter months       and 8 present programs. 1 year of use.       benefactors! Ideal for gap year or even
British Library: get a seat before the       and weekly during the summer months.         Treadmill folds into a vertical position     a break from the office! Take a look at
crowds. Rent £250 pw. Contact:               See Contact:          and fits in any space. Less than half        the webpage http://www.down2 or 01223 361923              Carol Todd on                purchase price! Contact: Vania 01223 Contact:
   North Yorkshire Coast                        Spain, Barcelona                          767050 or vac29@cam.acuk           
Comfortable, well-equipped Georgian          2 bed apt, sleeps 6 with balcony                Volkswagen Jetta GX
house to let in Robin Hoods Bay.             overlooking swimming pool available          1991 (J). Recently serviced, 93,000 miles,   SERVICES
Garden, sea views, central heating and       for short lets. Prices from £55 per night.   10 months MoT, 4 months tax. £550.
private parking. Sleeps up to 7. Contact:    Contact: Mary Aldridge,                      Contact: Will Graham; 01223 249088 or           Transcription service
Val Everton on 01223 515970.        or                                             An established Cambridge-based
   North Yorkshire Moors                                    Triumph Spitfire 1500                     service, Academic Transcriptions
Cottage in Low Mill, Farndale, with             Spain, Galithia                           1979 white overdrive. Good condition,        specialises in the transcription of
sitting- , dining- and play room, kitchen,   Explore this historic and beautiful          new hood and exhaust, unleaded               recorded interviews, lectures, seminars
4 beds, 2 baths and garden with lovely       region of Spain bordering Portugal. Self     conversion, loads spent. Tax and MOT.        and conference proceedings for
views. Sleeps 7. All mod cons. Fabulous      catering accommodation sleeps up to 7        Genuine reason for sale. £3,000.             academics and researchers. Also
walks in all directions. Near Rievaulx,      in owner’s traditional style cottage. Use    Norfolk. Contact: 07801 462027               research-related data processing tasks
Castle Howard, Runswick Bay.                 of 10m pool. Visit ancient towns. Three                                                   and secretarial services. See
£340/week. Contact: Horace or Miranda        golf courses within 45 minutes. Contact:                                        
Barlow on 01223 366618/333813 or    or                                                              Contact: 01223 872291 or                                       Free accommodation for research 
   France, Chamonix                          Tel 0034 647233474                           Healthy non-smoking volunteers                  House and pet sitting
New high quality apartment situated in                                                    needed for a 7-week study on food            House and pet sitting in or near
the French village of Les Houches in the     FOR SALE                                     starting 26 July. Participants can follow    Cambridge, by professional woman.
Chamonix valley. Good for all types of                                                    their usual occupation but must live in      Refs available. Contact: 01954 252860
activity holidays summer and winter,            Adult tricyle                             at the volunteer suite in the MRC            or
situated at the bottom of a ski lift. See    Custom-built, 26" wheels, child seats.       Dunn Human Nutrition Unit on the                Legal services
www.apartment                                Sturdy and safe transport for parent         Addenbrooke's site. Volunteers receive       Michaela Overton, Fellow of the for more details Contact:       and two toddlers. £100.                      free accommodation in own en-suite           Institute of Legal Executives, offers                      Contact: Kate Graham 01223 249088 or         room; all food provided plus payment         10% discount on all usual fees; wills,
   France, Nice                                                of £10 per day with an additional £30        probate assistance, powers of
Quiet two-room apartment in centre of           Cottage in Lot, France                    payment for completing the study.            attorney. Unit 8 William James House,
Nice. Sleeps 2 in d/b + 2 on sofabed. 10     Restored stone cottage with swimming         Contact: The MRC Dunn Human                  Cowley Road, Cambridge. Contact:
minutes from airport and short walk          pool and stunning views across               Nutrition Unit volunteer suite on            01223 395533 or
from lovely beach. Frequent flights          vineyards. Bergerac and Toulouse             01223 252740 or email diet-        
from Stansted. Contact: Robin Spence         airports approximately 1.5 hours away.
on 01223 312254 or        Master bedroom with dressing room               Pregnant?
   France, Poitou-Charentes                  and en-suite shower, 2 beds, bathroom,       Are you expecting a baby between             The University of Cambridge accepts
La Sauvagère, a beautiful recently           lounge/diner, and kitchen. Contact for       December 06 and early March 07?              no responsibility for the advertisements
renovated, traditional French 1800s          further details. Contact:    Would you be interested in taking part       or their content.

                                                                                                                   JULY/AUGUST 2006 | CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER | 15
                                                                                                                      You can find more details about all
                                                                                                                      events below and full listings in the
                                                                                                                      What’s On brochure. This lists all
                                                                                                                      University events open to the public.
                                                                                                                      To submit an event email

1. Lines of Enquiry at Kettle’s Yard       reformulations of Einstein’s                                               organised by the Autism Research
                                           relativity equation, to Sir John                                           Centre (ARC) at the University of
Even in our hi-tech age, sometimes         Sulston’s human genome                                                     Cambridge to raise funds for their
grabbing a pen and paper is the only       explorations.                                                              research into autism. Around
way to explain yourself. Lines of          Kettle’s Yard, until 17 September                                          535,000 people have an autism
Enquiry is a fascinating show at                                                                                      spectrum condition in the UK, a
Kettle’s Yard over the summer. It is       2. Jools Holland concert in aid                                            term for a range of conditions that
all about drawing, not by expert           of autism                                                                  share characteristics, such as
draftsmen or artists, but drawings                                                                                    difficulties in social interaction and
by ‘thinkers’ – all of whom have           Musician Jools Holland is hosting a                                        unusually strong, narrow interests.
used drawing in some way to help           concert performed by people with                                           Around 40% of children with
them think. Many of the                    autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.                                            autism wait more than three years
contributors have a connection with        Performers range from a seven-                                             for a clear diagnosis. The ARC works
the University. Exhibits range from        piece band, a 13-year-old classical                                        to improve the understanding of
Tariq Ahmad’s drawings for plastic         cellist and the talented, blind jazz                                       autism. For tickets call 01234 328330
reconstruction surgery, Richard            pianist Derek Paravicini. There is        John Sulston’s jottings of the
                                                                                                                      or see
Seymour’s 360º drawing of Piccadilly       also an auction of art, with work by      cell lineage of the nemotode     West Road Concert Hall,
Circus and Sir Roger Penrose’s             20 artists. The event is being            worm, 1980.                      Sunday 17 September

For children                                Turn botanical plants into beautiful                                      Quartet perform at Madingley Hall.
Make 3D art from scrap metal.               prints at the ‘Printing with Plants’                                      Works by Mozart, Beethoven and
Workshop for 5-8 year olds at               two-day workshop at the Botanical                                         Brahms. 23 July
Kettle’s Yard. 2 August                     Gardens. 23 and 24 September                                              Lectures
Be a dinosaur detective… A family           Travel the world with Cambridge                                           Art, science, theatre and history at
day of fossil crafts and activities at      museums, and win a prize. Pick up                                         the summer plenary lectures.
Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.          the ‘Travel the World’ sheets from                                        Contact the Institute of Continuing
19 August                                   any Cambridge museum this                                                 Education on 01954 280280 for
Cool off with Antarctic Volcanoes           summer and visit them all to win!                                         further details.
Find out about Antarctica at the            Call Liz Hide on 336684 for              The Britten Sinfonia             Globalisation and Chinese
Museum of Zoology’s ‘Antarctic              details.                                 performs Beethoven               literatureWang Ning, from the
                                                                                     on 28 Septemeber
Summer’. Until 23 September                 For charity Join over 2,500 people                                        Tsinghua University, Beijing, will
Art and culture                             on the Bridge the Gap Charity                                             speak at on ‘Globalization and
See intricate woodcuts by Albrecht          Walk. The walk around the city                                            Current Chinese Literary &
Altdorfer. These finely wrought prints      and colleges will raise money for                                         Cultural Studies’. At CRASSH, 17
are on display at the Fitzwilliam           charity. Starts Jesus Green.                                              Mill Lane, Cambridge. Open to all.
Museum. Until 5 November                    10 September                                                              5pm, 25 September
Be enthralled with a visual account         Music                                                                     Book ahead for…
of life ‘Due South’. John Kelly’s           See how the University Bells are                                          Britten Sinfonia This top orchestra
drawings and photography reveal his         rung at demonstrations of ‘change                                         performs Beethoven’s piano
experience of Antarctica at the             ringing’ at Great St Mary’s Church.                                       concertos 1 and 2 at the Cambridge
Museum of Zoology. Until 23                 Until 30 July                                                             Corn Exchange. West Road.
September                                   Hear the world renowned Alberni                                           28 September

I NEVER                          What is the origin of being           date. It was lowered from the gallery          expressions now in general
KNEW                             given ‘the wooden spoon’?             in the Senate House as he went                 use in the English language.
THAT…                                                                  forward to be awarded his degree.              The Lady Margaret Boat Club
                                 At Cambridge a wooden spoon           Sadly the spoon is no longer awarded           was founded in1825 by St John’s
                                 used to be awarded every year to      but the expression is still around.            College. It was the first University
                                the man who came bottom in the                                                        Club to wear boating jackets
                               Mathematical Tripos. The spoon          Why is a blazer called a blazer?               in college colours, and the
                              was a glorious thing, about five feet                                                   St John’s colour was bright red.
                             long, painted with the arms of the        The answer is here in Cambridge, as is         As a result the jackets became
                             winner’s college, his name and the        the case for many words and                    known as blazers.


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