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                                                             American Hotel & Lodging Association
                                                                 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt
2010 AH&LA officers
David Kong
President and CEO, Best Western International
John Campbell
Vice Chair
General Manager, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
Nancy Johnson
Executive Vice President, Development, Carlson Hotels
Joe Martin, CHA
Immediate Past Chair
Owner, Stillwater Hospitality, LLC
Joe McInerney, CHA
President and CEO
American Hotel & Lodging Association

2010 AH&LeF officers
Minaz Abji
Chairman of the Board
Executive Vice President, Asset Mgt., Host Hotels & Resorts
Michael Davidson
Vice Chair
Vice President, National Circulation Sales, USA TODAY
Marc J. Gordon, CHA, FMP
President and CEO, Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association
Jay Witzel
Immediate Past Chair
Consultant, and former President and CEO of Carlson Hotels
Joe McInerney, CHA
President and CEO
American Hotel & Lodging Association

Joori Jeon, CPA, CAE
President and COO
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation
Robert Steele
President and COO
                                                                lasic elected Secretary/treasurer
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute                Ron Vlasic, regional vice president of hotels, Kimpton
                                                              Hotels & Restaurants, was elected secretary/treasurer,
                                                              and will serve as association chair in 2013.
                                                              Vlasic provides operational support to Kimpton’s prop-
                                                              erties in the Midwest, Mountain states, and Pacific
                                                              Northwest, and acts as the liaison between the various
                                                              hotel ownership groups and the Kimpton home office.
gRowing A LegAcy.
The culmination of 100 years. And the start of a new legacy to come. For the
American Hotel & Lodging Association, 2010 was about celebrating the as-
sociation’s milestone and new victories, while paying tribute to our industry’s
rich history.
 “Celebrating 100 years of hospitality; continuing the legacy,” was more than
our centennial slogan; it is our mission. We celebrated our milestone at nearly
every event, intriguing members with stories from the past and sharing lesser
known secrets of their industry heritage. It was also a celebration when the busi-
ness traveler returned over the summer and occupancy was on the rise after a
two-year decline.
Continuing the legacy means having the talent to support another 100 years,
and so we made it our mission to visit 100 schools in 2010 and expand student
involvement with the association through chapters at universities and colleges.
2010 Student membership more than doubled, and both the Under 30 Gateway
and Women In Lodging membership groups grew substantially as well. The
Foundation also had a record-breaking year, raising $131,000 through the
Annual Giving campaign and $140,000 from the Big Apple Silent Auction, with
proceeds supporting scholarships, grants, and workforce initiatives.
Continuing the legacy means taking care of mother nature to ensure we have re-
sources for the future. So we planted more than 1,000 trees, expanded our green
guidelines for hotels, and partnered with Green Key Global to offer members          David Kong
an exclusive discount on certification. And we received a grant from the Turner      2010 AH&LA chair
Foundation to further our green efforts in 2011 and 2012.                            President and CEO
Continuing the legacy means ensuring the political landscape is favorable to         Best Western International
the lodging industry. 2010 boasted several victories, including the passage of
the Travel Promotion Act and the blockage of the Employee Free Choice Act,
as well as the creation of a new coalition to oppose the Internet Travel Tax
Fairness Act. With $360,000 raised for HotelPAC and a new Leader of the PAC
initiative to recognize state contributions, we created a strong foothold for the
new Congress in 2011.
Continuing the legacy means protecting employees, guests, and properties. We
teamed up with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to launch their
critical “If you see something, say somethingTM” campaign in hotels nation-
wide, with materials available for purchase in January 2011. The Educational
Institute also began working with DHS to create a series of security training
modules and materials to prepare hospitality’s workforce according to the high-
est standards.
Our celebration and legacy will be immortalized in our Time Capsule, filled
with association and member contributions, which will not be opened for an-
other 25 years. This report you’re reading is the final addition.
Our legacy certainly has grown this year. Seeing the industry gather around our
100-year anniversary was not only touching, but also telling. New leaders are
about to emerge, technology is changing, and the sky is the limit. Read about
the association’s 2010 legacy and make your own predictions about what’s next
to come…

                                                                                     Joe McInerney, CHA
                                                                                     President and CEO, AH&LA

                                                 AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                         1
    tHe LegAcy oF AH&LA
    Vision: AH&LA is the voice of the U.S. lodging industry, its primary advocate, and indispensible resource.
    Mission: To serve the lodging industry by providing representation at the national level in governmental affairs, education,
    research, communications, diversity, and value-added services.
    Core Objectives:
           1. Ensure retention, growth, and diversity of our membership.
           2. Be the voice of the industry and provide value-added services to all members.
           3. Provide legislative and regulatory advocacy to strengthen, promote, and protect our industry.
    100 years ago, 60 hoteliers sat around a table in Chicago’s Palmer House hotel. They were concerned about dead beats, check
    forgers, and crooks of all kinds wreaking havoc on their business. Together they formed the American Protective Association. It
    would change its name three times before settling on the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA).
    Now headquartered in Washington, D.C., AH&LA is still here to protect the industry, but in a variety of ways. We do this through
    national advocacy on Capitol Hill, by offering our members cost savings opportunities, providing operational resources, and keep-
    ing members on the pulse of the latest news, trends,
    and information. In other words, we exist to help
    hoteliers be more successful.
    Through strategic partnerships with 41 state-level
    associations, also referred to as partner state associa-                he 2010 Lodging industry Landscape
    tions (PSA), property members in these states get an
    automatic dual membership and receive the added                      Numbers for year-end 2009, according to Smith Travel Research:
    benefits their state affiliate provides.                             Supply: 3.2%
    For one hundred years we’ve been creating a legacy.                  Demand: -5.9%
    And with your involvement and support we can do so                   Occupancy: -8.8% (55.0% actual)
    for another hundred and beyond.                                      ADR: -8.9% ($97.30 actual)
                                                                         RevPAR: -17.0% ($53.52 actual)
                                                                         By the end of 2010, other than demand and supply growth,
                                                                         which peaked in 2009, metrics will be slow to improve
                                                                         throughout the year.
                                                                         Supply: +1.8%
                                                                         Demand: +1.6%
                                                                         Occupancy: -0.2% (54.9% actual)
                                                                         ADR: -3.4% ($93.99 actual)
                                                                         RevPAR: -3.6% ($51.60 actual)

2                                                                gRowing A LegAcy
 AH&LA members at a glance:
 Member Type


 Corporate/Multiunit Owner





 Under 30 Gateway
                 you ARe pARt oF ouR LegAcy.
                             Who Can Join

                             Lodging owners and general managers

                             Brands, hotel franchisors, management companies, and multiunit owners

                             Properties and organizations headquartered outside the United States

                             Schools having a focus in the field of hotel management

                             Those studying hospitality as a future career

                             Companies that do business with the lodging industry

                             Hospitality professionals under age 30

                             Staff at member organizations looking to advance their career or
 Women In Lodging

                             women’s roles within the industry

                 or one hundred years we’ve been creating a legacy. And with your
                 involvement and support we can do so for another hundred and
                                                     University       International
                                                        2%                 1%


                                 3%                                      Property

                                      AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                       3
you ARe pARt oF ouR LegAcy.

    ontinuing the legacy was part of our mission for the year.
    So it was only fitting we focused our efforts
    on building tomorrow’s leaders.

    under 30 gateway and an educational Seminar
    Dedicated to serving the professional and personal needs of young
    hospitality professionals, this membership group is more than 700
    members strong. In 2010, the Gateway hosted four free Webinars for
    members during the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, as well as
    the 3rd Annual “Not Your Boss’s Party” networking reception in
    New York City during the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show.
    The Gateway started launching state chapters in 2009, and added three
    more in 2010, providing local networking and educational opportunities
    for members.
    Six active state chapters are now found in:
    New York

    women in Lodging
    Accelerating the career path for women is what this membership group is all
    about. To fulfill this mission in 2010, WIL held educational sessions at the
    AH&LA Summer Summit in June and Fall Conference in November, including the
    highly-attended student luncheon.
    Additionally, as part of an industry priding itself on networking as the ultimate career catalyst, WIL
    launched a series of state chapters in 2010 to facilitate local relationships. Dozens of chapter events
    were held throughout the year, and WIL membership at the national level nearly doubled to 750.
    10 active WIL chapters are now found in:
    New York/New Jersey

4                                                                 gRowing A LegAcy
 AH&LA Student chapters
 2009 marked the beginning of this initiative with six pilot chapters, but April of 2010 is when the program opened to the masses.
 By November, 14 schools were official AH&LA Student Chapters, representing more than 700 AH&LA student members. Four
 chapters joined AH&LA’s Legislative Action Summit in March, with representatives from 11 chapters attending the November
 Fall Conference and second annual AH&LA Student Chapter Presidents Breakfast in New York City. AH&LA staff and officers
 have or will visit each chapter, and look forward to the more than a dozen schools working towards forming a chapter.
 There are Student Chapters at the following schools:
 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
 DePaul University
 Florida International University
 Georgia State University
 Johnson & Wales University
 Kirkwood Community College
 Oklahoma State University
                                                           Penn State University
                                                           Purdue University
                                                           San Diego State University
                                                           Temple University
                                                           University of Central Florida
                                                           University of New Orleans
                                                                                     you ARe pARt oF ouR LegAcy.

                                                           University of Wisconsin - Stout

                         Hcareers has actively been contributing to the professional development of students and emerging
                         leaders, and AH&LA salutes their generous support.

 y november, 14 schools were official AH&LA Studentchapters,
 representing more than 700 AH&LA student members.

 Although a vast improvement over 2009, 2010 certainly had its own set of challenges. So AH&LA created a high profile
 campaign to help hoteliers optimize their operational strategy and be in the know about pressing issues.

 Doing More with Less
 Surviving 2009 was an accomplishment, but hoteliers were still watching every
 dime. However, travelers slowly started coming back, so hoteliers needed to be
 equipped to meet the expectations of their growing customer base.
 To help members transition from cutting budgets to enhancing their operations,
 AH&LA devised the “Doing More With Less” initiative. This multi-media infor-
 mational campaign announced six ways to do more with less, based on insight
 from industry experts, and presented additional resources just for members, which
 you can find at www.ahla.com/more.

                                             AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                5
    MAking it poSSibLe FoR
    tHe LegAcy to continue.
              010 has been a year
              of victories and formidable
              challenges, but with each
              challenge a victory is close behind.
    Victory: the travel promotion Act (tpA)
    At long last, the U.S. will now have the funds and
    infrastructure to promote itself internationally
    as a premier travel destination. AH&LA
    was instrumental in leading this effort, with
    President Obama signing the bill into law on
    March 4, 2010. With the board for the Corporation for Travel Promotion in place as of September 10, hoteliers can expect to see
    an influx of international travelers as new strategies are put into place in the near future.

    challenge: Department of Labor (DoL) Audits
    After being labeled a “high risk industry” by DOL, hotels were announced as a target for audits by the Wage and Hour division of
    the Labor department. Additionally, DOL proposed higher H-2B wages, which would ultimately price seasonal workers out of the
    job market. Industry concern quickly grew around the implications of such threats, and so AH&LA stepped in with guidance and
    corrective action on Capitol Hill. In addition to comprehensive resources online to help members prepare for an audit, members
    were also invited to participate in a free Webinar addressing the audit process and answering questions. At the same time, AH&LA
    submitted comments on the proposed H-2B wage changes and continues to educate members of Congress about the damage such
    legislation could effect.

    Victory: travel Regional investment partnership (tRip) Act
    Similar to TPA, TRIP will increase travel on the domestic level by promoting local destinations. An opportunity to stimulate the
    hotel industry and the national economy, AH&LA worked with Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) and Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) to intro-
    duce this legislation.

    challenge: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    With new Accessibility Guidelines enacted in late 2010 that have the potential to cost hoteliers millions, AH&LA worked diligently
    with expert counsel to understand the full implications of the changes and educate our members on next steps. Since new require-
    ments affect bathrooms, pools, health clubs, reservations, Websites, and employee work areas, AH&LA organized a Webinar to
    explain what needs to happen now and in the future.

    Victory: Small business Jobs and credit Act of 2010
    Still feeling the effects of the 2008 credit crisis, accessing funding has been difficult to obtain for hoteliers looking to grow their
    business or make capital improvements to their properties. To alleviate roadblocks, AH&LA helped secure the passage of this bill,
    which makes it easier for hoteliers to obtain credit and stimulate investment.

6                                                                 gRowing A LegAcy
 challenge: Healthcare Reform
                                                         MAking it poSSibLe FoR tHe LegAcy to continue

 While certain aspects of the new 2,000-page law will benefit hotel owners and operators, there are many that will impair business.
 To help hoteliers understand immediate and long-term changes, AH&LA hosted a Webinar on May 12 that mapped out the key
 provisions. AH&LA continues to work with Congress to amend healthcare reform to meet the needs of the business community.

 Victory: So-called employee Free choice Act (eFcA)
 Blocking a bill that would strip employees of their right to a secret ballot when voting whether or not to unionize, AH&LA and
 its coalition partners evoked a loud, compelling voice on Capitol Hill. Proponents of card check are now looking to the National
 Labor Relations Board, among others, for backdoor changes to union organizing, but AH&LA is remaining vigilant and actively
 fighting these actions.

 challenge: 2011 per Diem Rates
 Hoteliers were troubled by the 2011 government per diem rates, which—with the exception of a few cities—were less than the
 2010 rates. So AH&LA reached out to GSA to express concerns that data was culled at the height of the recession to determine
 per diems and therefore not indicative of current rates. The association has been assisting states and localities with rate drops in
 working towards a resolution with GSA.

 Victory or challenge? internet booking tax
 The jury is still out on this issue—literally. After online travel companies (OTC) drafted legislation that would exempt them from
 paying occupancy tax, numerous lawsuits have taken place or are in the process. Hotels have been on both sides of the verdict, and
 AH&LA in partnership with major hotel companies are leading the fight to prevent a national law from taking form that would
 grant OTCs a preferential tax treatment. If passed, this legislation could cost the hotel industry millions of dollars, so AH&LA
 will not stop educating the industry, the public, and Congress about its detriments until we are victorious.

 Our members worked to ensure the industry was heard loud and clear.

 AH&LA Legislative Action Summit
 225 industry leaders from 35 states congregated on Capitol Hill to give legislators the lodging industry’s perspective on the oc-
 cupancy tax issue, card check, and healthcare. More than 200 Congressional offices were visited, and the event was highlighted by
 keynote addresses from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

             The association’s longest-standing partner and allied member, American Express has been making LAS possible
             since its inception.

 As the industry’s bipartisan political action committee, HotelPAC is entirely funded by member contributions and solely focused
 on supporting the election and re-election campaigns of candidates who support the lodging industry. This year, HotelPAC held a
 series of fundraisers across the country, including the annual Broadmoor Golf Classic in Colorado Springs, which raised a record-
 breaking $108,410. In addition, the “Leader of the PAC” initiative was introduced, which rewards states with the highest number
 of board contributions. Overall, HotelPAC raised $360,000 in 2010 thanks to the generosity of our members.
 By ensuring hoteliers’ best interest is understood and considered when members of Congress contemplate new laws, AH&LA and
 our members really do make it possible for our industry’s legacy to continue.

 For more information about these issues and events, visit www.ahla.com/government.

                                              AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                  7
    pRotecting tHe LegAcy.
    courses of action.

    Sex offenders staying at hotels.

    Don’t fall for it.

    the association is posted for everyone to see.
    Scandals. Scams. Scares. Without a shoulder to lean on, 2010 could have been damaging for hoteliers. But AH&LA stepped in
    with guidance and expert resources, and leveraged the power of our membership network to inform the masses about necessary

    In true Sweepsweek fashion, the media released a series of investigative reports spotlighting people (including sex offenders) be-
    ing paroled and given vouchers to check into hotels. AH&LA quickly alerted members about this campaign, as well as dispersed
    the association’s official statement on the matter. Members were advised to review their safety and security policies, and AH&LA
    played a key role in fielding calls from members and the press, and thwarting the progression of similar stories.

    Often times one hotel is the target for a scam, and then the incident repeats itself. But simply by being aware of the scam, hoteliers
    can be sure it doesn’t happen to them. So AH&LA created a new section in the members only Website where any scam reported to

    bed bugs make headlines.
    Fear from hoteliers and guests swept around this issue, as bed bugs infested New York City and infiltrated hotels nationwide. By
    teaming with experts from the National Pest Management Association, Orkin, and Ecolab, AH&LA disseminated an official state-
    ment and was able to provide members with prevention and informational resources for their entire staff, as well as offer guidance
    for coping with an outbreak. A free Webinar was hosted in September to allow members to anonymously gain additional insight
    and have their questions answered. Extensive resources are still available in the members only section of www.ahla.com.

8                                                                gRowing A LegAcy
                   DRiVing A SuStAinAbLe LegAcy.
 It’s more than a marketing tactic, more than a way to save money; it’s the right thing to do. But going green encompasses all these
 things. So AH&LA worked hand-in-hand with the Green Guru and the AH&LA Green Task Force to create meaningful programs
 and resources for members.

 expanded green guidelines
 The association released 10 new green guidelines and case studies in 2010 that are accessible via the Level 2 section on the Green
 Resource Center:
         1. Replace T12 fluorescent tubes with high performance T8 lamps and electronic ballasts.
         2. Replace incandescent and fluorescent exit signs with LED exit signs wherever possible.
         3. Install occupancy sensor controls on lighting systems in meeting rooms and in back-of-house areas where possible.
         4. Implement a scheduled HVAC filter replacement program in all guestrooms.
         5. Install smart vent hoods in the kitchen.
         6. Lower power factor penalties.
         7. Conserve water with a landscape irrigation system.
         8. Implement a food and resource conservation program.
         9. Implement a refillable amenity dispenser system.
         10. Purchase non-VOC products to improve indoor air quality.
 The accompanying case studies include longer explanations, ROI information, and/or additional resources. Discover these guide-
 lines and more at www.ahla.com/Green.

 A new partnership
 Green certification shone with importance in 2010, except many hoteliers felt overwhelmed with who to trust. With hundreds of
 certification companies to choose from, the AH&LA Green Task Force vetted the masses to champion one company with univer-
 sal appeal to members of different sizes and budgets.
 Ultimately Green Key Global was chosen for its flexibility and reputability, and its commitment to working with AH&LA
 members to offer an exclusive discount. With savings up to 45% depending on property size, members can capitalize on this
 opportunity to earn their green certification.

 the energy Slasher challenge
 With the support of HD Supply, AH&LA launched the Energy Slasher Challenge on Earth Day, which helps hoteliers track and
 manage their energy and natural gas consumption, and challenges them to reduce their usage over a one-year period. The winner
 will be announced in 2011 and awarded prizes from HD Supply, in addition to receiving a full-day consulting session with the
 Green Guru.

                                             AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                  9
     teAcHing tHe LegAcy.
            o leave a legacy, you must first learn how to become one.
            Leveraging a new branding initiative to expand its reach,
            AHLei spent the year spreading the highest quality in
            hospitality education around the world.
     new in 2010

     A fresh brand image – AHLEI launched a new tagline, “The Next Generation of Hospitality,” reflecting the changes in products
     and communication. To complement this effort, a new Website and shopping cart was launched to create a more user-centric

     The Hospitality iCoach – This free application, available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, provides hospitality training tips
     in the categories of leadership, front office, housekeeping, maintenance, and F&B.
     Online training resources – Now available online are the Certified Food and Beverage Executive assessment tool and Risk
     Management for Spas course, as well as compliance courses for PSI DSS, technology security awareness, and Title 26 and Title
     31 reporting for casinos.
     Book titles – Seven new books were released, covering topics from accounting to convention management to marketing.
     Digital textbooks – College students can now access five textbooks digitally, with more titles coming soon in 2011.

     on the Road
     College visits – Committed to making personal connections with the faculty and administration that purchases its textbooks and
     courses, AHLEI staff visited dozens of schools and academic clients throughout the country.
     International visits – Client and potential client visits were made to 11 countries spanning the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and
     Great Britain.
     India expansion – With an office in India, AHLEI was able to develop partnerships with the Hotels & Restaurants Association
     of Western India and the Federation of Hotels & Restaurants of India, as well as with Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, as their
     provider of online learning.

     new partnerships
     Alliance to prevent bed bugs – In response to the bed bug epidemic making headlines, AHLEI partnered with Ecolab and Safety
     Source to provide hotels with the necessary strategies to combat an outbreak. Collectively with Ecolab, a free digital toolkit was
     launched at www.bedbugtoolkit.com featuring downloadable materials on how to train staff to detect bed bugs early and what to do
     if infestation is suspected, as well as a fact sheet, poster, instructional video, and a convenient pocket card for housekeeping staff.
     Additionally, AHLEI is selling the Safety Source video, Bed Bugs: Facts and Prevention.
     New licensees – Three new Hospitality Education Program (HEP) partners were added this year in the Philippines, the Caribbean,
     and Vietnam, with 11 new Global Academic Program (GAP) licenses issued in Turkey, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Myanmar, Antigua and
     Barbuda, St. Lucia, the Cayman Islands, Macau, China, and Israel.

10                                                                 gRowing A LegAcy
                                                          FunDing tHe LegAcy
 As the charitable fundraising and endowed fund-management subsidiary of AH&LA, the Foundation identifies, cultivates, and
 supports the human talent, research, and initiatives most vital to the progress and prosperity of our industry.
 In 2010, the Foundation distributed almost $800,000 towards scholarships, educational programming, workforce development,
 funding cutting-edge research projects, and grants. AH&LEF is funded solely through the generosity of progressive industry lead-
 ers and companies and through a portion of the proceeds from the Americas Lodging Investment Summit.

 2010 At a glance

  Amount           Program/Initiative
                                                  even scholarship recipients
                                                  were selected to attend the 2010 Lodging Conference to network with in-
                                                  dustry leaders and learn about important industry issues. Harry Javer and
                                                  Morris Lasky generously donated the students’ registrations and AH&LEF
                                                  provided funds for travel stipends and the hotel stay.


                                                                          292 hospitality management students from
  $402,000         Academic scholarships
                                                                          101 schools

                   Workforce development and school-to-career
  $171,000                                                                680 high schools and 154 workforce sites

  $98,500          AH&LA’s Green Initiative Program                       AH&LA member programs

                   Alumni program, AHLEI support, and                     Previous scholarship recipients, AHLEI,
                   discretionary grants                                   various industry organizations, and initiatives

                   The Power and Opportunity of Multicultural
  $27,500                                                                 AH&LA’s Multicultural & Diversity Council

                   Economic Significance Study of the Meetings,
  $25,000                                                                 Convention Industry Council
                   Exhibition, and Events Industry
 [Chart call outs]
  $20,000          Support of Partner State Associations (PSA)            PSA executives and staff

                   Professional development scholarships for              8 hotel employees received new scholarships and 5
                   certification or distance learning through AHLEI       continued distance learning studies

                                            E    ducational support of the partner State
                                                 Associations (pSA)
                                                 through sponsorship of the International Society of Association Executives’
                                                 Winter Conference and AH&LA Membership Recruitment &Retention
                                                 Workshop and 14 travel stipends to PSA executives to attend. Additionally
                                                 five scholarships were awarded to PSA staff members to attend the Institute
                                                 for Organizational Management, a series of one-week seminars on associa-
                                                 tion business management conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

                                            AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                11
FunDing tHe LegAcy.

     S    ince 2003 more than 1.5 million dollars






                                          2010 conference proceeds

                                          2010 Annual Giving Campaign
          has been expended through the Foundation’s workforce development and high school program initiatives. The Lodging
          Management Program (LMP), a program that immerses students into the world of hospitality, was implemented into the
          curriculum of 680 schools. Each year the top performing schools meet in Orlando for two days of intense competition that
          puts students’ real world knowledge of the industry to the test. This year, the winning team was Monroe Career & Technical
          Institute in Pennsylvania. Additionally, 10 teachers were sponsored to attend the Certified Hospitality Instructor Summer

                                                                                        Americas Lodging Investment Summit

                                                                                        173 individuals and companies

     $109,000 net proceeds
      • $423,000 retail value of the                                                    363 individuals and companies
                                          Big Apple Silent Auction
        402 donated items                                                               204 winning bidders
      • $140,000 gross sales

     $76,000 net proceeds                 AH&LEF Golf Classic                           16 sponsors and 99 golfers

     $26,000 net proceeds                 Dinner Tribute                                220 attendees and 16 sponsors

12                                                             gRowing A LegAcy

 Additionally the Foundation also received interest and capital gains from four board-designated funds, two previous
 capital campaign proceeds, and the following 19 named scholarship funds:

 AH&LA Allied Member Fund
 Established: 1989
 Awards to date: $374,500 to 476 students
 American Express Scholarship Fund
 Established: 1994
 Awards to date: $273,652 to 234 students and
 Steven Belmonte Scholarship
 Established: 2001
 Awards to date: $11,000 to 10 students
 Melinda Bush Scholarship
                                                                   Awards to date: $41,000 to 36 students
                                                                   J. Willard Marriott Memorial Scholarship
                                                                   Established: 1989
                                                                   Awards to date: $340,000 to 256 students
                                                                   Karl Mehlmann Scholarship
                                                                   Established: 1978
                                                                   Awards to date: $172,000 to 134 students
                                                                   Curtis C. Nelson Scholarship
                                                                   Established: 1996
                                                                   Awards to date: $45,000 to 20 students
                                                                   Arthur J. Packard Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                                     FunDing tHe LegAcy.

 Established: 2006
                                                                   Established: 1974
 Awards to date: $12,500 to 6 students
                                                                   Awards to date: More than $250,000 to 80 students
 John Clifford Memorial Scholarship                                (since 1987)
 Established: 1981
                                                                   Pepsi Scholarship
 Awards to date: $43,000 to 53 students
                                                                   Established: 2002
 Cecil B. Day Memorial Scholarship                                 Awards to date: $82,000 to 33 graduates of the
 Established: 1981                                                 Hospitality High School in Washington, D.C.
 Awards to date: More than $756,000 to 668 students
                                                                   Rama Scholarship for the American Dream
 Ecolab Scholarship                                                Established: 1998
 Established: 1996                                                 Awards to date: $517,450 to 307 students
 Awards to date: More than $276,000 to 199 students and
 professionals                                                     For more information about these funds, including eligibility,
 Handlery Hotels Scholarship                                       visit www.ahlef.org.
 Established: 1982

 Awards to date: $350,000 to 247 students
 (since 1989)
 Creighton Holden Memorial Scholarship
 Established: 2005
 Awards to date: More than $25,000 for                              he following donors have continued to
 Michigan State University students
                                                                    invest in the industry’s future leaders
 Conrad N. Hilton Memorial Scholarship
 Established: 1995                                                  by making contributions this year ear-
 Awards to date: $523,000 to 471 students
                                                                    marked specifically for scholarships:
 Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging
 Management Students                                                Ecolab .......................................................................... $25,000
 Established: 1988                                                  Handlery Foundation ................................................. $10,000
 Awards to date: $528,000 to 264 minority students
                                                                    Carlson & The Carlson Family Foundation .............. $5,000
 Steve Hymans Extended Stay Scholarship
 Established: 2006                                                  Richard Kelley .............................................................. $3,000
 Awards to date: $51,500 to 29 students
 Richard Kessler Scholarship
 Established: 1985

                                            AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                                            13
FunDing tHe LegAcy.

     The Annual Giving campaign is AH&LEF’s key yearly fundraising initiative, garnering necessary funding to provide scholarships
     to hospitality management students, support research efforts, promote hospitality as a career of choice, and champion workforce
     development initiatives. The 2010 campaign was chaired by Anthony Falor, chief operating officer of the Focused Service Hotel
     Group at Hodges Ward Elliott, Inc., and through record-breaking donations, was able to raise $131,000. Contributing to this suc-
     cess was Carlson and the Carlson Family Foundation’s $25,000 donation, which set a record high for a single donation given to an
     annual giving campaign.
     Initiated in 1997, Annual Giving has collected more than $1.1 million in charitable donations from the industry. The Foundation
     would like to thank the following 175 donors for making 2010 a banner year:

                                                              Hospitality eBusiness Strategies           The Breakers
     ($5000 +)                                                Hostmark Hospitality Group                 Richard Brush
                                                              IAHI, The Owner’s Association of           Gary Budge
             Carlson & The Carlson                               InterContinental Hotels n               Michael and Ann Bullis
              Family Foundation                               Paul Kirwin                                John Campbell
                                                              PBH Associates, Inc.                       Ron Cichy
                      Minaz Abji                              Schahet Hotels, Inc                        Coakley & Williams Hotel Management
              The Robert Alter Family                         Sunburst Hospitality                          Company
                                                                                                         Marlene Colucci
               Ruth & Joe McInerney                                                                      Colwen Management
                                                              ($500 to $999)                             Caroline Cooper
               The Wall Street Journal n                                                                 Bob Craycraft
                                                              John Adams
                                                              Aimbridge Hospitality                      Crowne Plaza Louisville
                                                              Steve Belmonte n                           Tom Curley
                                                              Big Cedar Lodge                            Supra Dey
                                                              Canyon Equity n                            David Dittman
                                                              Denise Coll                                Monique Donahue
                            n                                                                            Enchantment Resort
                                                              Douglas and Michelle Geoga
                                                                                                         Fairmont Olympic Hotel
                                                              Pam Hewlett Inman
                                                                                                         Anthony A. Falor n
                                                              Home Box Office n
                                                                                                         George Fischer
                                                                                                         Financial Independence Co. Insurance
                                                              Joori Jeon                                    Services n
                                                              Don Johnson                                Nancy Gray
                                                              Nancy Johnson                              Ramesh Gokal
                                                              Metropolitan Memphis Hotel & Lodging       Marc Gordon
                                                                 Association - In Honor of Pam Hewlett   Hilton Omaha
                                                                                                         Hotel Equities
                                                              Lynn Mohrfeld
     ($2,500 to $4,999)                                       New Yorker Hotel
                                                                                                         Hotel & Lodging Association of Greater
                                                              Kirby Payne                                Hoteliers Ink n
                                                              Rim Hospitality                            iBAHN n
                                      Munson Associates
                                                              Norma & Roger A. Saunders and The Lenox    Jon Inge
                                                                 Hotel of Boston                         JAGH Hotels
                                                              Sealy, Inc n                               Paul Jinneman
                            n                                 Bob Slater                                 Terri Haack
                                                              Standard Textile Co. Inc n                 Eileen and Saul Hymans
                                                              Gaines Sturdivant                          Arnie and Pat Karr
                                                              Texas Hotel & Lodging Association          Mo Kennedy n
                                                              Winegardner & Hammons, Inc.                King Hotel Miami
                                                                                                         Gene Kordoban
                                                                                                         Dorraine Lallani n
     ($1,000 to $2,499)                                       ($100 to $499)                             William Langkopp
     A-1 Textiles & Hospitality Products n                    Brad Aldrich                               Charles Lathem
     Dhakad Associates, Inc                                   Wes Ardis                                  Chun Lee
     First Hospitality Group                                  Pennie Beach                               Bree Lewis n
     Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors                    Jordan Beckner n                           Patrick Maher n
        Bureau                                                Beverly Coat Hanger Co. n                  Joe Martin

14                                                                         gRowing A LegAcy
                                                                                                         FunDing tHe LegAcy.

Kimberly Miles                               Jack Rush                                     George Glazer
Miller Law Group n                           Charles Satkewich                             Nicholas Hadgis
Ruth & Joe McInerney - In Honor of Richard   Sebasco Harbor Resort                         Chris Jack
   Nelson                                    Jay Shah                                      Bill Liedholm
Paul Monte - In Honor of Nick & Angelo       Sheraton Sand Key Resort                      Manor Vail Resort
   Monte                                     Sofitel Washington DC                         Asha Mathew
Brenda Moons                                 Staed Family Associates                       Anuraag Mullick
John Murtha                                  David Stipanuk                                Hemant Patel
Tom Negri                                    True North Hotel Group                        Jags Patel
Oheka Castle Hotel & Estate                  Waterford Group Charitable Foundation         Rambhai Patel
Sunny Patel                                  Michael Watkins                               Vibhuti Patel
Vinay Patel                                  Carl Winston                                  Vinaykumar Patel
Pacific Hospitality Design, Inc. n           Edward Xanders                                Christine Payne
Leslie Pchola                                                                              Trisha Pugal
Plan B Hospitality                                                                         Linus Raines
PMZ Realty Capital                           ($99 and under)                               Donna Riccio
Michelle Poinelli                            Anonymous                                     Kira Sanborn
Nancy Poor
Kathryn Potter                      We Salute Stewart Bainum, Our Founder,
                                             Linda Beltran
                                             Best Western Mission Inn
                                                                                           Steve Sasso
                                                                                           Rolfe and Judith Sick
Ron Pincus                                                                                 Kasithasan Sivathasan
Ponte Vedra Inn & Club              Whose Leadership Has Given Us a Proud
                                             Brenda Wedge-Boyd
                                             Carriage House Las Vegas                      Victory Van Corporation n
Lori Raleigh                                 Crowne Plaza Hotel Kuwait                     Roy Watson
Ramada Inn Hollywood                History and a Bright Future.
                                             Fred DeMicco                                  Lydia Westbrook
Raphael Hotel Group                          Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda                 Susan Wolfla
Thomas Ruff                                  Georgia State University
                                                                                                  AH&LA Allied and
                                                         FOR STEWART BAINUM’S years of dedication, service Member
                                                         leadership – thank you – from the entire Choice Hotels family.
Special events                                          From the first hotel he opened in 1957 to one of the largest hotel franchise
                                                        companies in the world, Stewart Bainum’s leadership and legacy have
AH&LEF TRIBUTE DINNER HONORING                          contributed not only to the success of CHOICE HOTELS
                                                       STUART BAINUM, FOUNDER,Choice Hotels, but also to that
INTERNATIONAL                                           of an industry.

More than 200 hoteliers gathered in Washington, D.C. to salute the lifetime achievements of visionary Stuart Bainum as he re-
                                                        His vision – guiding business to be the best it can be for people and
ceived the Hospitality Heritage Award. Franchising his first motel in 1963, Bainum is the man behind the more than 6,000 Choice
                                                        communities. His ethic – respecting hard work and initiative. And his
                                                         rare honor. In fact, the Foundation has only given all. awards in the
properties worldwide today and widely deserving of thisgenerosity – supporting educational opportunities fornine For these gifts past
11 years. The award is given to a person, family, or company only when an industry legacy truly stands out. and on.
                                                        and so many more over the years, our gratitude goes on

              Event Sponsors                                                          Sponsored Tables
                                                                          ChoiCe hotels international

                                                                 ChoiCe hotels international Foundation
  Tables of 10                                                               Program Sponsors
  American Hotel Register Company                                            1888 Mills
  AS Hospitality                                                             Accor Hospitality
  HD Supply                                                                  Choice Hotels Owners Council
  Simmons Hospitality Group                                                  Carlson Hotels Worldwide
  The Wall Street Journal                                                    Commonweal Foundation
  Media Partners
                                                                             Heartland Payment Systems
  Hotel Business
                                                                             Hilton Worldwide
  Hotel & Motel Management
                                                                             Interstate Hotels & Resorts
  The Wall Street Journal
  Sponsored Tickets                                                          Starwood Hotels and Resorts
  1888 Mills                                                                 Sysco Guest Supply
  Carlson Hotels Worldwide                                                   Wyndham Hotel Group

                                             AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                   15
FunDing tHe LegAcy.


     For the 23rd year in a row, the AH&LEF Golf Classic brought together industry golfers in the name of charity. More than 100
     attendees gathered at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for four days of golf, networking, and fundraising. Thanks
     to attendees and generous sponsors, the Foundation raised $76,000.

                                                            Event Sponsors

                 CONSTRUCTION GROUP

     Foursomes                                  Welcome Gifts & Prizes                      La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
     Aimbridge Hospitality                      The Broadmoor                               The Legacy Golf Resort
     Best Western International                 Harbor Linen                                The Lodge of Four Seasons
     Carlson Hotels Worldwide (2)               Marietta                                    Marina Cay Resort
     Choice Hotels International                SAFLOK/ILCO                                 Marriott Evergreen Conference Resort
     HD Supply (2)                              Sealy Inc.                                  Montage Laguna Beach
     Hyatt Hotels Corporation                                                               The Monteleone Hotel
     Hyphen Construction                        Vacation Package Donors                     The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
     LG Electronics                             Allegro Chicago                             Ocean Reef Club
     Minibar Systems                            Amelia Island Plantation                    The Otesaga Hotel
     Phillips Lighting                          Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa               Pinehurst Resort
     RDI                                        Atlantis Paradise Island                    Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club Carmel
     SAFLOK/ILCO (2)                            Basin Harbor Club                           The Ritz-Carlton, Naples
     Towne Park                                 The Breakers                                Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge
     VingCard Elsafe                            Curtain Bluff Hotel                         San Luis Resort, Spa & Convention Center
                                                Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa                     The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort
     Twosomes                                   Disneyland Resort Hotels                    Sebasco Harbor Resort
                                                                                            Snowshoe Mountain
     Daikin McQuay                              Enchantment Resort & Miiamo Spa
                                                                                            Spring Creek Ranch
     Grainger                                   Vacation Package Donors
                                                                                            Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa
     Heartland Payment Systems                  Fairmont Banff Springs
                                                                                            Suncadia Resort
     Hersha Hospitality Trust                   Fairmont Southampton
                                                                                            Terranea Resort
     Lodging Magazine                           Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club
                                                                                            Tradewinds Island Resorts on St. Pete Beac
     Marietta                                   Fitzpatrick Hotel Group
                                                                                            Vail Cascade Resort & Spa
     S&D Coffee                                 Gaspirilla Inn & Club                       The Wentworth
     Safemark                                   Grand Hotel                                 The Westin Crown Center
     Standard Textile                           Grand Wailea Resort                         The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
     TTI Technologies                           Gulf Shores Plantation                      The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa
     USA TODAY                                  Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch                Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa
     U.S. Foodservice                           The Heathman Hotel                          Xanterra Parks & Resorts
                                                Heidel House Resort
     Single Players                             The Homestead                               Tee Sponsors
     INNCOM (3)                                 The Homestead Resort                        Hyatt Hotels
     Lexington Collection                       Horseshoe Bay Resort                        Marriott International
     R.A. Rauch                                 Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa       Starwood Hotels & Resorts
     SAFLOK/ILCO                                Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort                Strategic Hotels & Resorts
                                                The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center     Wyndham Hotel Group

16                                                              gRowing A LegAcy
 A perennial favorite, this auction has been held during AH&LA’s Fall Conference and in conjunction with the International Hotel,
 Motel + Restaurant Show since 1993. This was a record-breaking year, featuring 402 donations valued at $423,000, including the
 coveted full-page USA Today ad, retailing at $119,000. More than 375 bidders participated in the online auction which generated
 gross sales of almost $140,000 and netted $109,000 for the foundation’s programs.

 A-1 Textiles & Hospitality Products
    (2 Donations)
 Amelia Island Plantation
 American Hotel & Lodging Association
    (4 Donations)
 American Hotel & Lodging Educational
    Institute (8 Donations)
 Ames Hotel
 Amway Hotel Collection
 Annapolis Marriott Waterfront
 Aqua Hotels and Resorts
 Arctic Club Hotel
 Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa
 Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
                                                The Columbia Club
                                                Comfort Suites Chincoteague
                                                Cornell University
                                                Courtyard by Marriott JFK Airport
                                                   (2 Donations)
                                                Courtyard by Marriott Williston
                                                Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts
                                                Crestline Hotels & Resorts
                                                Crowne Plaza Irvine
                                                Crowne Plaza Miami International Airport
                                                Crowne Plaza San Antonio Airport Hotel
                                                   (2 Donations)
                                                Crowne Plaza Seattle
                                                                                             Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center
                                                                                             Gideon Putnam Resort
                                                                                             Grand Canyon Railway
                                                                                             Grand Hotel
                                                                                             Grand Hyatt San Antonio
                                                                                             Grand Hyatt Washington
                                                                                             The Grande Colonial Inn
                                                                                             Greater Boston Conventions & Visitors
                                                                                                          FunDing tHe LegAcy.

                                                                                             Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa
                                                                                             Groveland Hotel at Yosemite National Park
                                                                                             Gurney’s Inn Resort & Spa
 Audubon International                          The Curtis - a Doubletree Hotel              Hampton Majestic Chicago Theatre District
 The Back Bay Hotel                             Days Inn Chicago                                (2 Donations)
 Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at             Delta Chelsea Hotel Toronto                  Handlery Hotels, Inc.
    Camden Yards                                The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center        Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel
 Barton Creek Resort & Club                     DirecTV, Inc.                                Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
 Beacon Hotel                                   Disneyland Resort Hotels (2 Donations)       The Harraseeket Inn
 The Beacon Hotel                               Don CeSar Beach Resort - A Loews Hotel       Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki & Golf Club
 Alan Benjamin                                  Doubletree Chicago Oakbrook                  Hersha Hospitality Trust
 Bernardus Lodge                                Doubletree Guest Suites Houston              Hilton Chicago/Northbrook
 Best Western Evans Hotel                       Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport             Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel
 Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn           Dover Downs Hotel & Casino                   Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina
 Bienville House                                Drury Hotels                                 Hilton Garden Inn Chicago Midway Airport
 Biltmore Coral Gables-Miami                    East West Resorts                            Hilton Garden Inn Freeport
 The Boar’s Head                                The Ellis Hotel                              Hilton Garden Inn San Diego Del Mar
 Borgata Heart & Soul Foundation                Embassy Suites Atlanta                       Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa
 Boston Marriott Long Wharf                     Embassy Suites Hotel Memphis                 Hilton Memphis
 Boulder Outlook Hotel & Suites                 Embassy Suites Phoenix - Biltmore            Hilton Nashville Downtown
    (2 Donations)                                  (2 Donations)                             Hilton Omaha
 Boykin Management Company                      Embassy Suites Phoenix North                 Hilton Saint Petersburg Bayfront
 Bradford Renaissance Portrait Corp.            Embassy Suites San Diego                     Hilton San Diego Bayfront
    (4 Donations)                               Embassy Suites Tucson Paloma Village         Hilton San Francisco
 Branna Cottage Inn                             Erie South Hampton Inn                       Hilton Santa Fe Golf Resort & Spa at
 The Breakers Palm Beach                        Experience Grand Rapids                         Buffalo Thunder
 The Broadmoor                                  Fairfield Inn by Marriott Anaheim            Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas
 The Brown Hotel                                Fairmont Banff Springs                       Hilton Woodcliff Lake
 The Brown Palace                               Fairmont Dallas                              Historic Inns of Annapolis
 Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa                 Fairmont Scottsdale Princess                 Holiday Inn Albany (2 Donations)
 Bungalow Beach Resort                          FiberBuilt Umbrellas                         Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza Sacramento
 The Burnsley All Suite Hotel                   John Fitzpatrick – Fitzpatrick Hotel Group   Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza Hotel
 BWI Airport Marriott                           Floridays Resorts Orlando                    Holiday Inn Golden Gateway
 The Cardinal Hotel                             Four Points by Sheraton Tucson               Holiday Inn Oceanfront
 The Carriage House                                University Plaza                          Holiday Inn Select Vanderbilt
 Casa Monica Hotel                              Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale At            Home Box Office
 Cavallo Point - the Lodge at the Golden Gate      Troon North                               The Homestead Resort
 Chaparral Suites Resort                        Four Seasons Resort Vail                     Homewood Suites by Hilton
 Chase Suite Hotel Baton Rouge                  The Garden City Hotel                        Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago
 Cheyenne Mountain Conference Resort            The Gasparilla Inn & Club                       Downtown
 Colorado Springs                               Gaylord National Resort & Convention         Horseshoe Bay Resort (2 Donations)
 Chicago Marriott Downtown                         Center                                    Hotel Allegro Chicago - A Kimpton Hotel
    Magnificent Mile                            Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center     Hotel Andaluz

                                                AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                  17
FunDing tHe LegAcy.


     Hotel Andra
     Hotel Beacon
     Hotel Bethlehem
     Hotel Boulderado
     Hotel Burnham Chicago
     Hotel Edison New York City
     Hotel Indigo Sarasota
     Hotel Mar Monte
     Hotel Monaco Baltimore
     Hotel Monteleone
     Hotel Murano
     Hotel Palomar Atlanta
     Hotel Palomar Chicago
     Hotel Renew
     Hotel San Carlos
     Hotel Viking
     Hotel Vintage Park
                                                   The Liaison Capitol Hill, an Affinia Hotel
                                                   Live Oak Lodging
                                                   Neil Locke
                                                   The Lodge of Four Seasons
                                                   Lodging Magazine
                                                   Loews Hotels, Inc.
                                                   Loews Annapolis Hotel
                                                   Loews Coronado Bay Hotel
                                                   Loews Philadelphia Hotel
                                                   Loews Portofino Bay Hotel
                                                   Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Nashville
                                                   London Bridge Resort
                                                   LRP Publications
                                                   Maine Innkeepers Association
                                                   Mandarin Oriental, Miami
                                                   Mandoki Hospitality, Inc.
                                                   Manhattan Beach Marriott
                                                   The Marcus Corporation Foundation
                                                                                                 Pan Pacific Hotel
                                                                                                 Paramount Hotel
                                                                                                 Park Hyatt Chicago
                                                                                                 Peabody Hotel Memphis
                                                                                                 The Pfister Hotel
                                                                                                 Philadelphia Downtown Courtyard by
                                                                                                 Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
                                                                                                 Philips Hospitality
                                                                                                 The Pierre New York, A Taj Hotel
                                                                                                 The Point Orlando Resort
                                                                                                 Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort
                                                                                                 Port Royal Ocean Resort & Conference
                                                                                                 Portola Hotel & Spa
                                                                                                 Project Planet
                                                                                                 Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club
                                                                                                 Radisson Hotel Gateway Seattle -
                                                                                                    Tacoma Airport
     Hutton Hotel                                  The Marmara Manhattan
                                                                                                 Radisson Hotel Opryland
     Hyatt Place Atlanta Buckhead                  Marriott Anaheim Hotel
                                                                                                 Radisson Suites Tucson
     Hyatt Regency Baltimore                       Marriott Atlanta Midtown Suites
                                                                                                 Radisson Woodlands Hotel
     Hyatt Regency Boston                          Marriott Dallas/Plano at Legacy Town Center
                                                                                                 Red Lion Hotel at the Park
     Hyatt Regency Chicago                         Marriott Denver City Center
                                                                                                 Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue
     Hyatt Regency Denver Colorado Convention      Marriott Hartford Downtown
                                                                                                 The Regency, A Loews Hotel
         Center                                    Marriott Marina Del Rey
                                                                                                 Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel
     Hyatt Regency Long Beach                      Marriott Wardman Park Hotel                   Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel
     Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Chicago         Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association          Renaissance Dallas Hotel
     Hyatt Regency Philadelphia                    Mascioni Hospitality
                                                                                                 Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
     Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at      Massachusetts Lodging Association
                                                                                                 Renaissance New York Times Square
         Gainey Ranch                              Joseph McInerney                              Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention
     Hyatt Westlake Plaza Hotel                    Memphis Marriott Downtown                        Center Hotel
     The Inn at Penn, a Hilton Hotel               Miami Airport Marriott Campus                 Renaissance Schaumberg Hotel &
     Inn and Spa at the Colonnade Baltimore -      Michigan Lodging & Tourism Association           Convention Center
         a Doubletree Hotel                        Mirror Lake Inn                               Residence Inn by Marriott Saratoga Springs
     Inn by the Lake South Lake Tahoe              Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa                    Riegel - Mount Vernon Mills (3 Donations)
     InnSuites Hospitality (2 Donations)           The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club            Rim Hospitality
     Intercontinental at Doral Miami               National Appeal                               The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta
     Intercontinental New York Barclay             Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa              The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead
     Interval International (2 Donations)          New Castle Hotels (8 Donations)               Riveredge Resort
     The Inverness Hotel & Conference Center       New Mexico State University,                  The Roosevelt Hotel
     Island House Hotel                               School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism    Royal Palms Resort and Spa
     Jefferson Clinton Hotel                          Management                                 Rubbermaid Commercial Products
     JW Marriott Hotel Buckhead Atlanta            New York Marriott Downtown                    Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge
     JW Marriott Hotel Washington DC               The New Yorker Hotel                          S&D Coffee, Inc.
     JW Marriott New Orleans                       Nonantum Resort                               The Saint Paul Hotel
     JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort   Northcott Hospitality                         San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Marriott
         & Spa                                     Ocean Reef Club                               The San Luis Resort, Spa & Convention
     The Kahala Hotel & Resort                     Oheka Castle Hotel & Estate                      Center (2 Donations)
     Kerzner International Bahamas                 Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association          Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center
     King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel            Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation               Sealy Inc.
     The Kitano New York                              Department                                 Seattle Marriott Waterfront
     La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club                  Omni Berkshire Place                          Seaview Resort & Spa
     La Playa Hotel                                Omni Parker House Boston                      Sebasco Harbor Resort (2 Donations)
     La Quinta Inns & Suites                       Omni Royal Orleans Hotel                      The Seneca Hotel & Suites Chicago
     The Langham, Boston                           Orlando World Center Marriott Resort &        Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
     Lawai Beach Resort                               Convention Center (2 Donations)            Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel
     The Legacy Golf Resort (2 Donations)          The Otesaga Hotel                             Sheraton Gateway Atlanta Airport
     LH (Lodging Hospitality) Magazine             Pacific Beach Hotel - HTH Corporation         Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX Los Angeles

18                                                                 gRowing A LegAcy

 Sheraton Kauai Resort
 Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
 Sheraton Suites Galleria
 Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel &
     Conference Center
 Sheraton Tarrytown Hotel
 Sheraton Universal Hotel
 Sheraton Waikiki
 The Sherry-Netherland Hotel
 Skytop Lodge
 Sofitel Miami
 Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square
 Southern Belle Chattanooga Riverboat
 Southernmost Hotel Collection (3 Donations)
 Spa Resort Casino
 Spring Creek Ranch
 Springhill Suites by Marriott (2 Donations)
 Spur of the Moment Ranch
                                               Stein Eriksen Lodge
                                               Stoweflake Resort & Conference Center
                                                  (2 Donations)
                                               STR (2 Donations)
                                               Sunrise Basic Training
                                               Swank Audio Visuals
                                               Tahoe Beach & Ski Club
                                               Terranea Resort
                                               Tradewinds Island Resorts
                                               The Tremont Chicago
                                               Trinchero Family Estates
                                               Trump International Hotel & Tower,
                                                  New York
                                               Tween Waters Inn
                                               USA TODAY
                                               Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.
                                               Vantage Hospitality Group
                                               Ron Vlasic – Kimpton Hotels
                                               WageWatch, Inc.
                                                                                                       FunDing tHe LegAcy.

                                                                                          Washington Hilton
                                                                                          Waterford Group Charitable Foundation
                                                                                          Wellington Hotel New York City
                                                                                          Westin Atlanta Airport
                                                                                          Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites
                                                                                          Westin Crown Center Hotel
                                                                                          Westin Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego
                                                                                          Westin Hotel Copley Place
                                                                                          Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa
                                                                                          Westin Los Angeles Airport
                                                                                          Westin National Harbor
                                                                                          Westin Nova Scotian Hotel
                                                                                          Westin O’Hare Hotel
                                                                                          Westin Seattle
                                                                                          Westwood Shores Waterfront Resort
                                                                                          Wild Dunes Resort
                                                                                          Wyndham Hotel and Resorts
                                                                                          Xanterra Parks & Resorts
 St. Gregory Hotel                             Waikiki Parc Hotel                         Ypartnership
 Stanford Terrace Inn                          Waldorf Astoria Orlando                    Z Ocean Hotel South Beach
 Star Linen & Supply (2 Donations)             Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

                                                  SCHOLARS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (SAA) BREAKFAST
                                                  SAA is an exclusive group of AH&LEF scholarship recipients. Each year during
                                                  AH&LA’s Fall Conference, SAA members gather for a breakfast featuring notable
                                                  industry leaders. This year’s event achieved record attendance—10 industry execu-
                                                  tives and 50 current or past scholarship recipients.

                                                 8            0 high schools have implemented AH&Lei’s
                                                              program, Skills tasks & Results training
                                                              (StARt) program, with an additional 150
                                                              workforce development StARt programs
                                                              also in place.

FunDing tHe LegAcy.

     2010 grants

     one of several organizations to provide funds for this project which cost approximately $500,000.

     Transgender (GLBT), and females. The results are expected in early 2011.

     new publications
     2010 LODGING SURVEy
     Following a $25,000 grant in 2009, a second $25,000 grant was made to the Convention Industry Council for the Economic
     Significance Study of the Meetings, Exhibition, and Events Industry, bringing the total allocation for this project to $50,000. The
     study will provide data at the national level to articulate the economic driver that meetings and events represent. AH&LEF was

     A grant in the amount of $27,500 was approved for AH&LA’s Diversity Council to conduct a study to produce top line travel
     data and a few case studies for five multi-cultural markets (African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/

     Designed to track the size, scope, and emerging trends of the lodging industry, this survey is a compilation from more than 8,500
     respondents and features more than 120 topics. Considered the industry’s most thorough piece, the survey is conducted every two
     years by STR.

        A    H&LeF has granted more than $250,000 for activity related to the lodging
             industry’s response to the u.S. Department of Justice changes to the
             Americas with Disabilities Act. efforts are still continuing to negate pro-
             posed additional regulations concerning furniture, equipment, and internet

     This technology primer offers guidance on ensuring your online strategy meets the needs of disabled travelers, while helping
     increase business, boosting loyalty, and complying with the new ADA regulations.
     Both publications are available for members to download at no cost in the members only section of www.ahla.com. AH&LEF
     has funded additional studies on H-2B and J-1 visas and the Employee Free Choice Act, as well as the impact of unionization on
     hotels. For more information about these reports, contact AH&LA Governmental Affairs Department.

20                                                                gRowing A LegAcy
 Each year AH&LA hosts a series of events to introduce members to the latest trends, ideas, and data, and the people responsible
 for creating them. This year, as part of our mission to continue our legacy, we planted one tree for each attendee at all AH&LA
 events to help offset the carbon footprint.

 Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS)
 January 25-27
 Hilton San Diego Bayfront
 San Diego, CA
 The largest hospitality investors conference on the West coast,
 this event is held in partnership with the Burba Hotel Network
 and attracts the individuals who buy and sell hotels, as well as
 those with a stake in the lodging real estate market.
 AH&LA Legislative Action Summit (LAS)
 March 15-16
                                      cReAting tHe FoRuM FoR
                                            LegAcieS to begin.
                                                                    AH&LEF Golf Classic
                                                                    August 29-September 1
                                                                    The Broadmoor
                                                                    Colorado Springs, CO
                                                                    A key fundraiser for the Foundation, this event brings together
                                                                    more than a hundred golfers for intimate networking over
                                                                    friendly competition. This year the event raised over $70,000.
                                                                    HotelPAC Broadmoor Classic
                                                                    September 1
                                                                    The Broadmoor
 J.W. Marriott                                                      Colorado Springs, CO
 Washington, DC                                                     This one-day golf outing raised $108,410 in 2010, and is an
 Through Congressional addresses and expert panelists, mem-         annual tradition at the Broadmoor.
 bers learn about the current legislative issues impacting the
 industry and then lobby their representatives on the industry’s    AH&LA Fall Conference held in conjunction with the
 position.                                                          International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show
                                                                    November 12-16
           Thanks to AH&LA’s longest-standing allied member         Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
           for making this event possible.                          New York, NY
                                                                    Featuring educational sessions, committee meetings, and high-

                                                                    profile events, this event draws over 30,000 attendees and is the
                                                                    world’s largest hospitality tradeshow.
                                                                    Members were able to participate in a series of Webinars at
        onoring a living legacy.                                    a discounted rate. To access a recorded version of any of the
                                                                    following, contact Barbara DiRocco at bdirocco@ahla.com or
        In a rare public appearance on March 16, Choice             (202) 289-3164.
        Hotels founder Stuart Bainum personally ac-
        cepted AH&LEF’s Hospitality Heritage Award,                 Healthcare Reform and Lodging: What Now?
        an honor selectively bestowed upon a person,                Hosted by Seyfarth Shaw LLP
        family, or company that has demonstrated                    May 12
        exceptional leadership within the industry.                 your Website: Drive Traffic, Drive Profits in an OTC World
                                                                    Co-hosted by AH&LA and TIG Global
                                                                    June 30
 AH&LA Summer Summit
                                                                    Department of Labor Targeting Hotels for Audits: Be
 June 15-16
 The Arizona Biltmore                                               Hosted by Ogletree Deakins
 Phoenix, AZ                                                        July 28
 The site of the Stars of the Industry awards luncheon, Lodging
 Industry Summit, and AH&LA board meeting, more than a              Bed Bugs: Separating Fact from Fiction
 dozen committees also hold their biannual meetings here.           Hosted by AH&LA and Orkin
                                                                    September 28
 ALIS Summer Update
 July 13                                                            The Hotelier’s Guide to New ADA Regulations
 J.W. Marriott, Los Angeles LA Live                                 Hosted by Seyfarth Shaw LLP
 Los Angeles, CA                                                    October 14
 This mid-year conference allows attendees to participate in
 person or via a live Webcast to learn about the state of the

                                             AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                   21
     HonoRing tHe eVeRyDAy LegAcieS
     AMong uS.
     AH&LA Stars of the industry
     Outstanding Employee of the year
     Graham Adams, Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee, WI
     Leticia Gamiao, Aqua Waikiki Wave, Honolulu, HI
     Wade Heath, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA

     Outstanding Manager of the year
     James Cummings, Best Western Mesa Inn, Mesa, AZ
     William G. Johnson, Best Western Evans Hotel, Grovetown, GA
     James Valona, Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee, WI
     Leonard Hudson, Courtyard by Marriott, Chattanooga, TN
     Christina Gregg, Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center,
     Kissimmee, FL
                                                                         AHLei Awards
                                                                         Arthur Landstreet Award

                                                                         Carlson Hotels Worldwide

                                                                         Anthony G. Marshall Award

                                                                         Lamp of Knowledge honorees:
                                                                         Jay S. Witzel, CHA, consultant, and former president and CEO of

                                                                         Richard Ghiselli, Ph.D., associate professor at the School of
                                                                         Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue University

                                                                         Outstanding Educator (International) - Ramesh Takulia, CHE,
                                                                            director, learning and development, Luxury Division, for the
                                                                            Taj Hotels, Resorts, and Palaces, India
                                                                         Outstanding Educator (U.S.) - Jennifer Calhoun, CHE, assistant
     Outstanding General Manager of the year                                professor and director for the Hospitality and Tourism Institute at
     Kathy Blakley, Best Western Mark Motor Hotel, Weatherford, OK          Prince George’s Community College, Largo, Maryland
     Marylouise Fitzgibbon, W Atlanta Buckhead, Atlanta, GA              Outstanding Educator (High School) - Todd Nakayama, Waipahu
     Steve Cowan, Hilton Washington, Washington, D.C.                       High School, Waipahu, Hawaii
     Pam Samaniego, Radisson Hotel Opryland, Nashville, TN               Outstanding Student (Distance Learning) - Siddhi Khajuria, food
                                                                            and beverage manager, Imperial Palace Hotel, Rajkot, India
     Stevan Porter Emerging Hospitality Leader of the year
     Carlton McCoy, Mandarin Oriental, Washington, D.C.                  Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) Emeritus and Certified
                                                                         Master Hotel Supplier (CMHS) Emeritus:
     Outstanding Community Service                                       Myron Levy, CHA, adjunct professor of hospitality and tourism
     Carlyle Suites Hotel and the Savoy Suites Hotel, Washington, D.C.      management at Roosevelt University in Chicago
     Hilton El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort, Tucson, AZ             Gene Rupnik, CHA, president of Rupnik Hospitality Management,
     Good Earthkeeping                                                   Dan Guggenheim, Jr., CMHS, retired director of corporate programs
     Hilton Garden Inn, Gatlinburg, TN                                      and product training for American Hotel Register
     Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Las Vegas, NV
     Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Yellowstone National Park, WY

     Guest Relations
     Royal Palms Resort & Spa, Phoenix, AZ
     Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, TN

     Special Events
     Chancellor Hotel on Union Square, San Francisco, CA
     Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ
     Hermosa Inn, Paradise Valley, AZ
     Fairmont Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

     Prism (for Diversity)
     Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa & Marina,
     Cambridge, MD
     Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

 AH&LA State Leadership Awards
 Arkansas Hospitality Association
 Larry Farrar
 General Manager, Hilton Metro Center
 Little Rock, AR
 California Hotel & Lodging Association
 Bhupen Amin
 Lotus Hotels & Investments, Inc.
 Walnut Creek, CA
 Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association
 Cindy Johnson
 Director of Human Resources, THE
 Colorado Springs, CO
 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
 Carlos Molinet
 General Manager, Hilton Fort Lauderdale
 Fort Lauderdale, FL
                                                              HonoRing tHe eVeRyDAy LegAcieS AMong uS.

                                              Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association
                                              Michael Henningsen
                                              Vice President, The Plamondon Companies
                                              Frederick, MD
                                              Massachusetts Lodging Association
                                              John Murtha, CHA
                                              General Manager, Omni Parker House Hotel
                                              Boston, MA
                                              Montana Lodging & Hospitality Association
                                              Steve Wahrlich, CHA
                                              Owner, Best Western Clock Tower Inn
                                              Billings, MT
                                              New york State Hospitality & Tourism
                                              John Irvin
                                              General Manager, The Otesaga Resort Hotel
                                              & The Cooper Inn
                                              Cooperstown, NY
                                                                                          Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging
                                                                                          James C. Miles
                                                                                          Vice President, Hershey Resorts
                                                                                          Hershey, PA
                                                                                          Rhode Island Hospitality Association
                                                                                          Walter Andrews
                                                                                          General Manager, Newport Marriott Hotel
                                                                                          & Spa
                                                                                          Newport, RI
                                                                                          Texas Hotel & Lodging Association
                                                                                          Al Deberry
                                                                                          Area Director, East Central Texas
                                                                                          Tharaldson Lodging
                                                                                          Flower Mound, TX
                                                                                          Vermont Hospitality Council
                                                                                          Sheri Baraw Smith
                                                                                          General Manager, Stoweflake Mountain
                                                                                          Resort & Spa
 Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association          North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging         Stowe, VT
 Robert Woolridge                             Association
 General Manager, Marriott Perimeter Center   Doyle Parrish                               Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
 Atlanta, GA                                  Owner/Partner, Summit Hospitality           Patrick M. Foley, CHA
                                              Raleigh, NC                                 Baywood Hotels
 Hawaii´ Hotel & Lodging Association                                                      Alexandria, VA
 Fred Orr                                     Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association
 General Manager, Sheraton Princess           Joe Martin, CHA                             Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association
 Kaiulani Hotel                               Owner, Stillwater Hospitality, LLC          Kirk A. Drusch, CHA
 Honolulu, HI                                 Stillwater, OK                              Vice President & General Manager,
                                                                                          Brookfield Suites Hotel & Convention Center
 Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association         Oregon Hotel & Lodging Association          Brookfield, WI
 Andrew Schwebel                              Marc Dryden
 General Manager, Chicago’s Essex Inn         Partner/Owner, Best Western Inn at          Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant
 Chicago, IL                                  Face Rock                                   Association
                                              Bandon, OR                                  John Eastman
 Indiana Hotel & Lodging Association                                                      Owner, Inn on the Creek
 Phil Ray                                                                                 Jackson, WY
 General Manager, Omni Severin Hotel
 Indianapolis, IN

 2010 John whitaker Award
 Created in memory of John Whitaker, former chair of the AH&LA Allied Executive Committee, the John Whitaker Award
 acknowledges an outstanding hotel supplier for their dedication to, and ingenuity within, the hospitality industry.
 Hans Disch, MHS
 Vice President and General Manager of Lodging for Domestic North America and Latin America, Dometic, LLC

                                              AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                  23
                                    COMMENCING THE ASSOCIATION’S NEXT 100 yEARS
                                    AS CHAIR.

                                    In the spirit of continuing the legacy, this will be mine—but I hope not my only
                                    one. Each one of us has the power to leave a lasting legacy; a legacy beyond the
                                    title you held or places you worked. Leaving a legacy is about how you gave
                                    back to the community and made it a better place for those around you. And
                                    you all have this ability; you just need to find your passion.
                                    If you’re already on a committee of the association, that’s great. If you’re help-
                                    ing charities back home, thank you. If you’re involved in anything that gets you
                                    engaged for the good of society, then you’re just what this industry needs.
                                    And one of the best things you can do for our industry is to travel. It’s the fuel
                                    that keeps our engines running and the reason we’re all in business. So get your
                                    sales managers back on the road, take that family vacation, and do business
                                    over drinks instead of over email – and have the confidence that business is
                                    back and is here to stay.
                                    The last two years have been tough. There’s no escaping that. But we’re finally
                                    at a point where we can effect positive change based on our unique objectives
                                    and not the extenuating circumstances of a formidable economy. We’re smarter
                                    because of the challenges we faced and can now move forward with confidence
                                    to invest in capital expenditures that have been set aside. Guests are returning
                                    and we have to be ready to welcome them.
                                    Just as the industry has re-evaluated its priorities over the past few years, so
                                    has the consumer. Expectations are changing. What was acceptable to charge
                                    a service fee for in 2008 might not be appropriate in 2011. That technological
                                    advancement that felt out of reach six months ago might be the new expectation
     John Campbell                  in the coming year. Stay ahead of these changing attitudes and embrace them.
     AH&LA chair
     general manager,               During my time as chair I will be looking for ways to help strengthen the
     La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club   line-level workers of our industry. I’m an advocate of AH&LA’s mentorship
                                    program and encourage you to take advantage of the training and certifica-
                                    tion resources available through the Educational Institute. I’ll also encourage
                                    reaching out to make real friends in addition to Facebook friends, as there is no
                                    resume that can compete with a personal relationship.
                                    AH&LA is your association. Make the most of it. AH&LA works to create a
                                    more conducive environment for your business to prosper and, as a member,
                                    you’re able to access a range of benefits to take your business to the next level.
                                    I believe in AH&LA’s mission and I’m hoping my legacy will be about making
                                    the association more accessible to anyone who wants to learn and grow.
                                    But I’m asking you to start your own legacy. All you need is confidence.
                                    Confidence in yourself, your neighbors, and coworkers that your goals are
                                    aligned. Confidence that the industry and AH&LA want to support your growth
                                    and development now and for the next 100 years. Confidence that the best lega-
                                    cies are yet to come.

        eaving a legacy is about how you gave
        back to the community and made it a
        better place for those around you.

                                             gRowing A LegAcy
 tHe LegAcy.

 It’s 1910. A hotel room costs $2 and there are less than 10,000 properties nationwide. Guests share a bathroom down the hall and
 electricity is just beginning to be installed. So how did we end up in 2010 with more than 50,000 properties and an ADR ap-
 proaching $100? When did it become normal to have flat screen TVs or a pillow top mattress? 2010 was about sharing this story.

 what we created.
 Centennial video – with the help of AHLEI, the association released a 7-minute video explaining how the industry came to be.
 It’s been included in university curriculum, displayed at conferences nationwide, and will continue to be a historical reference for
 future generations.
 LodgeNet video – through the generosity of LodgeNet, a 30-second tribute video was on display in more than 2 million hotel
 rooms on the guest channel.
 Coffee table book – produced in partnership with Lodging Magazine, this commemorative book elaborates on what it means to be
 a hotelier over the past 100 years.
 Microsite – highlighting the history of the industry and the association, as well as all celebratory activities, this site packages what
 the year was all about.

 How we celebrated.
 IHLA Gala – held at the association’s birth place in
 Chicago, the Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association helped
                                                                                  his year-long celebration was
 celebrate our birthday 100 years later at their annual gala.                     the recipient of the 2010 HSMAi
 AH&LA Inaugural – as bookends to a year-long celebra-
 tion, the AH&LA Inaugural Gala in 2009 kicked off the
                                                                                  bronze Adrian Award.
 festivities, while the 2010 gala was the finale to a year-long                   www.ahla.com/100

 the legacy we’ll leave behind.
 100 Legacies – visionaries, iconic properties, innovations—we honor them all on this unique section of the microsite for future
 generations to see.
 Tree Planting – at select events throughout the year AH&LA planted one tree per attendee to help offset the carbon footprint.
 Time Capsule – all members were invited to donate items representing the industry or their business as it stands in 2010 to our
 Time Capsule, which will be locked away for 25 years.
 School Visits – in a combined effort with our partner state associations, AHLEI, and officers, 100 schools were visited to help
 pass on the legacy of our industry.
 A special thank you to the AH&LA Centennial Task Force for your endless ideas and support.
 And we’d like to recognize our partners and sponsors who made this possible:

 our centennial year may have come to a close, but the celebration will never be
 forgotten. And now the legacy continues…

                                              AH&LA 2010 AnnuAL RepoRt                                                                      25
Alabama Hospitality Association

(334) 213-2526

Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association
(907) 272-1229

Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association
(602) 604-0729

Arkansas Hospitality Association
(501) 376-2323

California Hotel & Lodging Association
(916) 444-5780

Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association
(303) 297-8335
                                           Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association
                                           (502) 875-1115

                                           Louisiana Hotel & Lodging Association
                                           (504) 525-9326

                                           Maine Innkeepers Association
                                           (207) 865-6100

                                           Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association
                                           (410) 974-4472

                                           Massachusetts Lodging Association
                                           (617) 720-1776

                                           Michigan Lodging & Tourism Association
                                           (517) 267-8989
                                                                                       Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association
                                                                                       (503) 682-4422

                                                                                       Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association
                                                                                       (717) 232-8880

                                                                                       Rhode Island Hospitality & Tourism
                                                                                       (401) 223-1120

                                                                                       Tennessee Hospitality Association
                                                                                       (615) 385-9970

                                                                                       Texas Hotel & Lodging Association
                                                                                       (512) 474-2996

                                                                                       South Carolina Hospitality Association
                                                                                       (803) 765-9000
Connecticut Lodging Association
                                           Montana Lodging & Hospitality Association
(203) 777-8550
                                           (406) 449-8408                              Utah Hotel & Lodging Association
                                           www.mtlha.com                               (801) 593-2213
Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
                                           Nebraska Hotel & Motel Association
(850) 224-2250
                                           (402) 476-1528                              Vermont Hospitality Council
                                           www.nebraskahma.com                         (802) 229-2259
Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association                                                    www.vtchamber.com
(404) 771-2995                             New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant
www.ghla.net                               Association                                 Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
                                           (603) 228-9585                              (804) 288-3065
Hawaii Hotel & Lodging Association         www.nhlra.com                               www.vhta.org
(808) 923-0407
www.hawaiihotels.org                       New Mexico Lodging Association              Washington State Hotel & Lodging Association
                                           (505) 983-4554                              (206) 306-1001
Hotel Association of New York City, Inc.   www.nmlodging.org                           www.wshla.com
(212) 754-6700
www.hanyc.org                              New York State Hospitality & Tourism        West Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
                                           Association                                 (304) 342-6511
Hotel Association of Washington, D.C.      (518) 465-2300                              www.wvhta.com
(202) 289-0584                             www.nyshta.org
www.hawdc.com                                                                          Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association
                                           North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging         (262) 782-2851
Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association       Association                                 www.wisconsinlodging.info
(312) 346-3135                             (919) 844-0098
www.illinoishotels.org                     www.ncrla.biz                               Wyoming Lodging & Restaurant Association
                                                                                       (307) 634-8816
Indiana Hotel & Lodging Association        Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association            www.wlra.org
(317) 673-4207                             (614) 461-6462
www.indianahotels.org                      www.ohla.org

Iowa Lodging Association                   Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association
(515) 278-8700                             (405) 942-6462
www.iowalodgingassociation.org             www.oklahomahotels.org

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