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					                      Braided Euroline® Premium ‘Plus’
                         Braided Nylon Netting
                         Nylon Braided Netting is a traditional product used by the fishing
                         industry for many decades. Euronete’s Nylon Braided Netting is
                         produced out of high tenacity Nylon yarns, produced by the top
                         chemical plants in Europe and the U.S.A. All of our netting is
                         treated in an Autoclave to stabalise the netting and prevent
                         shrinkages. Nylon nets can be bonded or not, depending on
                         applications and customer needs.
                         We have two types of construction for our Nylon Braided Netting:
                               A - Soft braided twines
                               B - Hard braided twines
                         Normally, the netting made from Soft Braided Twines is used in the
                         net body of the trawl and netting made from Hard Braided Twines
                         is used in the Cod Ends of the trawl and in beam trawling.
                         Braided Nylon Netting is available in the following construction
                         and twine sizes:

                                  AMS         Diameter        Runnage    Breaking
                                Reference       mm             mts/kg   Strength kg
                                 1684/1          1.5            620        100.0
                                 1684/2          2.0            280        186.0
Note: Runnage (mts/kg) is
                                   1684/3       3.0         190        283.0
the only accurate method
of specifying twine size.          1684/4       4.0         140        380.0
Twine diameters can be             1684/5       5.0         105        443.0
misleading as some
manufacturers define               1684/6       6.0         85         484.0
diameters for a given              1684/7       7.0         72         600.0
runnage differently to
others.                           1684/10       8.0         60         690.0
Also, certain              B - Netting made from nylon “hard” braided twines
manufacturers specify knot
strength rather than the                          Runnage mts/     Breaking
more internationally              Diameter mm
                                                       kg         Strength kg
accepted twine strength
when stating breaking                   2.0            360            133
strengths. This can easily              2.3            270            190
cause confusion and so
                                        2.5            180            260
users must be careful when
comparing the strengths of              3.0            120            340
different manufacturers                 3.5            100            430
                                      4.0                85               545
                                      4.5                75               600
                                      5.0                65               660
                                      6.0                50               850

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