Character Character Character by sdfgsg234


									      Character                   Character                      Character
Do any of the characters    Who is the antagonist of the   If you have to choose to be
display the trait of        book? How do you know?         one of the characters, whom
honesty?                                                   would you choose, and why?
                            What actions of one of the
Were you surprised by the   characters confused you?       Does one of the characters
actions of any of the                                      remind you of someone that
                            How would the book be          you know? Why?
characters? How?
                            different if told from
                            another character’s point of   How would you feel if you
Describe a decision or
                            view?                          were one of the characters
choice made by one of the
                                                           in the book? Explain.
characters? Do you agree
                            Does the protagonist force
with this decision?                                        How do the actions of the
                            the antagonist to change? If
                            so, why and how?               character tell you about
Who is the protagonist of                                  his/her personality?
the book? How do you        Describe the appearance of
know?                                                      Create a new problem for
                            your favorite characters.
                                                           one of the characters.
      Character                      Character                     Character
Describe the scene in the      How does the setting of       If you could change the
book when a character’s        the book influence the        behaviors of any character,
thoughts differ from           characters?                   which one would you change?
his/her actions? Why do                                      Why?
you think this happened?       Which character in the
                                                             Would you like the main
                               book faces the biggest
                                                             character as a best friend?
How would the characters       problem? Why?
                                                             What qualities does the
behave differently if the
                                                             character display that lead you
story were set in a            Tell one event of the story   to that decision?
different place or time?       from another character’s
                               point of view (besides the    Did the main character
Compare two characters in      narrator).                    (protagonist) change during
this book. Tell which one                                    the story or did he/she stay
you think is a better person   What trait did you admire     the same throughout?
and why?                       most in a character in the
                               story? Why?                   Would you want to read other
                                                             books about these characters?
       Character                           Character                       Plot: Basics

How does the personality of one    If you could eliminate one          What do you think was the
character contribute to his or     character from the story, whom      most important event in the
her eventual success or failure?   would you choose? What effect
                                   would that have?
Who narrates the book? Why
do you think the author made       What gift would you like to give    Where and when does the
this choice?                       the main character? Why?            story take place?

Describe two events that           How might you rewrite the story     Who are the main
portray the main character’s       to include one of your friends as
                                                                       characters? What makes
personality?                       a character?
                                                                       them the main characters?
Order the story characters         If you were the author, what
from your favorite to your least   future events or discoveries        What has happened in the
favorite.                          would you have the characters       story so far?
If you had been one of the
                                                                       What is the problem or main
characters would you have done     How does the main character
                                   stand out from other characters?
                                                                       situation in the story?
anything differently?
           Plot                          Plot                         Plot
If you could choose one       To whom might you             What problem exists in this
scene in the book to draw     recommend this book? Is       book? How is it solved?
or illustrate, which would,   there a particular group or
you choose? What colors       population that you believe   Would this book work as a
would you use? Why?           would enjoy this book?        movie? What might have to
                                                            be changed?
Can you summarize the         Does the book have any
story in:                     value beyond                  What do you consider the
   • 25 words or fewer;       entertainment?                strongest part of the
   • 10 words or fewer; and                                 book? The weakest?
   • 5 words or fewer.        How has the book
                              influenced your viewpoint?    What did you learn from
If you were to visit the                                    this book?
setting of the story, what    What one thing would you
might you see there?          tell the author to change
                              about the plot if you were
                              to write to him or her?
            Plot                           Plot                            Plot
What do you think is the        Would you change the ending    Do you think the topic of this
most important event in the     if you could? If so, what      story is important?
story? What is the least        changes would you make?
important event in the story?   Why?                           What does the title mean?
                                                               How is it important to the
List the characteristics of a                                  story?
                                Why do you think the author
good story. Which ones apply
                                wrote this story?
to this story?                                                 How are the events in the
                                                               story similar to the events in
Could you sometimes predict     How do you think the           your own life?
what was going to happen        following people would react
next in the book? Did it help   to this story:                 Did the author of this book
you to better understand the     • someone in your family      have an important point to
story?                           • a friend                    make? Was this an
                                 • your teacher                interesting story?
Identify words in the story
that the author used to help
                                Did you enjoy the way the      Do you think there is any
you create a picture of the
                                story began? Explain.          lesson to be learned from
story in your mind.
                                                               this story? Why or why not?
             Plot                           Setting                       Setting

Explain a problem faced by one      What three words would        In what way does the
of the characters. How was it       you use to describe the       setting of this story relate
                                    setting of the story?         to your life or to other
Describe any part of the plot
                                                                  books you have read?
that confused you.                  Why is the setting of this
                                    book an appropriate place     Do you think the setting
Which scene would make a good       for this story to take        for this story was real or
preview, or trailer, for a movie?   place?                        imaginary? Why?

What was the turning point of
the story? How did it affect
                                    What are some alternative     How would the book change
the plot?                           settings that could have      if the setting was 100
                                    been used for this book?      years in the future or 100
Is the plot true to life                                          years in the past?
(realistic)?                        How might the author have
                                    collected information about   What details does the
Did you feel any suspense in the
plot? If so, what was the final
                                    the setting for this book?    author provide about the
outcome?                                                          setting that helps build the
                                                                  mood for the story?
    Illustrations                Illustrations & Layout           Illustrations & Layouts

What media did the            How did the illustrations        Did the illustrations or page
illustrator use? Did this     and/or diagrams help clarify     layout in this book make you want
                              the information?                 to read further? Why?
help tell the story better?
                              How do the illustrations or      What part of the book first
Could the illustrations in    page layouts differ from other   attracted your attention? Why?
the book tell the same        books you have read? Which
story without the words?      format is better? Why?           What do the illustrations tell
Why or why not?                                                about the setting/time period?
                              What information did you learn
                              from the captions or             What parts of the book or story
What colors does the                                           might have inspired the
illustrator use to tell the                                    illustrator? Why?
story? Why might he or she    What text features (diagrams,
have chosen these colors?     charts, tables) do you find      Do the illustrations make you
                              most intriguing? Why?            think of a special place or event
                                                               in your life? Explain.
                              Would this book be as good
                              without the illustrations? Why   Based only on the illustrations
                              or Why not?                      (not the words), what would you
                                                               think the book is about?
       Biography                           Biography                       Biography
What obstacles did this person                                     How did the author organize
face? How did these obstacles        Why would an author write     events in this individual’s life?
influence his or her life?           a biography about this        What event do you believe was
                                     individual?                   the most significant in the
Who do you think influenced this                                   individual’s life?
individual’s early years?            What additional questions
                                                                   Compare/contrast your family’s
                                     do you have about this
What ethical issues did the                                        culture with the culture of the
                                     person and his/her            main character.
individual face?
                                     experience that this book
                                                                   In most biographies, the person
What character traits did you
                                     did not answer?
                                                                   has to overcome some difficulty.
admire most in this person? Why?                                   Describe an obstacle the person
                                     How is this person’s life
How much did this person have a
                                     different from your own?
teacher’s influence on him or her?   How is it similar?            What did you learn about
If you had been the teacher, how                                   yourself while reading this
would you want to influence this
                                     What does the person about    biography?
individual?                          whom the biography is         How would you describe the
                                     written value? Do you value   “star” of this biography? What
                                     similar things? Why or why    traits did he or she possess that
                                     not?                          you relate to?
                                      Theme: General                     Theme: Personal
      Biography                         Questions                            Beliefs

If you were going to write
                               Is the author trying to help you    Every person should have a set
a biography, who would you
                               better understand some aspect of    of personal beliefs in life. At
write about? Why?              life?                               some time in life, you may have
                                                                   to stand up for what you believe
What details would you         Can you identify the author’s
                                                                   is right. Sometimes we do not
                               message in writing this book?
include in your biography                                          really know or understand our
and why?                       Explain how a theme in this book    beliefs until we are confronted
                               relates to your own life.           with a hard choice or a bad
What characteristics of
                               What lessons do the characters in
the person would you like to   the story learn from their          Explain how the idea of personal
develop yourself? Why?         experiences?                        beliefs is a theme in this book.

                               Describe an event in this book      Do any of the main characters
What do you think school
                               that helped you understand the
was like for the person                                            appear to have a strong set of
                               “big idea” or theme in the story.
                                                                   personal beliefs? Explain.
about whom this biography
was written? Explain.          Does the theme change the main
                               character?                          For the character in this story,
                                                                   is there any belief he/she would
                                                                   sacrifice for?
    Theme: Interaction                  Theme: Death                         Theme: Personal
       with Nature                                                               Beliefs

Different people relate to         What big idea may be worth         One important theme relates to
nature in different ways. Some     dying for? Examples could          good and evil. Early events in our
people, such as Native American    include freedom or the life of     history and culture suggest the
Indians, relate differently to     another person you love. Death     existence of some good and/or
nature than others. Americans      may sometimes keep a               evil in most people.
may relate differently to          character from understanding
nature today than they did in      life. Some people think death is   How does the battle between
the past.                          not the end, but rather the        good and evil exist in this book?
                                   beginning. Death certainly does
Does the theme of people           not end a person’s legacy or       Does good triumph over evil in
relating to nature appear in the   contribution to the lives of       this book? How?
book you are reading?              others.
                                                                      Do you think good usually
How do the characters in this      How did the theme of death         triumphs over evil? Why?
book relate to nature?             emerge in this book?
                                                                      Can you think of an event in your
                                   Do any of the main characters      life or in the world in which evil
                                   die? If so, what big ideas do      seemed to triumph over good?
                                   you learn about death from the
                                   events in this book?
                                        Theme: Change or
     Theme: Power                                                             Theme: Change or
                                         Growth in Life                        Growth in Life
Power can relate to
                                  Challenges or difficulties can make    People need internal (within
personal/individual power,        people stronger. People who don’t      themselves) strength to deal with
institutional power (in work or   feel like they belong or fit in may    sad or difficult times. Developing
government), or spiritual power   face problems. When some people        inner strength may take a
to believe in forces that are     face challenges, they can become
                                                                         lifetime of work. Many
bigger than ourselves.            stronger and more resourceful.
                                                                         characters find it difficult to
Do authors have power? What is    The only constant in life is change.
                                                                         develop inner strength.
the power of the pen?             Do you know what that means as a
                                  theme in a book? Is that a theme       Does a character in this book go
Do you think that authors have    in this book?                          through a change or growth in
responsibility to use their                                              life? How?
power to make positive            Does the theme of this book
changes? Why?                     relate to the theme of a person’s      Do you think that any character
                                  place in society?                      in this book is stronger on the
Does a person with personal or
                                                                         inside than on the outside? Who
individual power have the right   Do any characters in this book feel
                                                                         and why?
to use it for evil? Explain.      as though they don’t belong? Why?

                                  Do any characters change during
                                                                         Are there any characters that
Does any character in this book
                                  the book? How?                         are weaker on the inside than the
use his/her power for good?
                                                                         outside? Who and why?
  Theme: Relationships                Theme: Relationships                     Theme: Loneliness
                                                                                 and Isolation
Friendships and loving             When people work with others,
                                                                         Isolation and loneliness can hurt
relationships can make life        they need to have good
                                                                         people. Isolated and lonely people
better. Friends share and give     communication and feel respect
                                                                         may also hurt others. All people have
to each other. Some people are     for others. More can be
                                                                         a need to feel cared for and loved by
                                   accomplished when people work
kind and giving to others. Some                                          someone. Scott O’Dell once said,
                                   together than when they work
people are unkind and cruel to                                           “History has a very valid connection
each other. Relationships are                                            with what we are now. Many of my
often a theme in literature.                                             books are set in the past, but the
                                   How do you think personal
                                                                         problems of isolation, moral
                                   relationships are portrayed in this
Is the theme of relationships                                            decisions, greed, need for love and
                                                                         affection are problems of today as
portrayed in this story?
                                   Do any of the characters work
Are there any events in this       together to solve a problem? If so,
                                                                         Is loneliness and isolation a theme of
book that teach you about          what big ideas do you learn from
                                                                         this book?
cruelty? If so, what lessons do    the events of this book?

you learn from those events?                                             Do any of the characters in this
                                   Is there any event in the book
                                                                         book feel isolated or alone? Why?
                                   that shows how some people hurt
Do any of the main characters      relationships? If so, what lessons
                                                                         How could you help them?
teach you something about          can you learn from that event?
kindness or friendship? Explain.
   Theme: Inhumanity                     Experiments                     Experiments

Some people are cruel and treat   What would happen if you        How could you apply the
others very badly.                deleted a step or changed       procedures of this
Understanding others may help     the order of the steps in the   experiment to a different
to reduce cruelty and
                                  experiment?                     subject for research?
inhumanity to others.

What does it mean to really       Summarize this experiment       How else could you modify
understand others?                for a friend in a way that      the experiment to extend
                                  would make him/her want to      your learning?
Do inhumanity and cruelty exist   do it.
in the world today? What could
each of us do to reach out to
                                                                  What concepts in science
                                  What variables could you        does this experiment teach?
prevent it?
                                  manipulate to add to your
Is inhumanity and cruelty to      knowledge of the topic?         Do you think that you would
others a theme in this book?                                      get the same results each
                                                                  time if you repeated the
Does anyone help the character
who is treated unkindly? How?
                                                                  experiment 25 times? Why
                                                                  or why not?
      Fairy Tales                          Fairy Tales                        Fairy Tales
Is this fairy tale similar to other   How would this fairy tale be       What other fairy tales does
fairy tales you have read? How        different if it was told from      this story remind you of?
are they similar?                     another character’s
                                      perspective?                       What is the problem in this
A fractured fairy tale takes a                                           fairy tale and how do you think
traditional fairy tale and changes    What lesson do you think the       it will be solved?
it in some way. For example, the
                                      author is teaching with this
main character may be changed
                                      tale? How do you know?             Are there characters in this
from male to female, or the
                                                                         fairy tale that remind you of
setting may be updated to
modern times. If you were going       If this fairy tale was made into   characters in other stories?
to “fracture” this fairy tale, how    a movie, to whom would it          Who and what traits make
would you do it? Why?                 appeal most? Why?                  them similar?

Have you read other versions of       Fairy tales are usually about      If you could play one of the
this fairy tale? Do any of them       good versus evil. What two         characters in the movie version
come from other cultures? How         forces are contrasted in this      of this fairy tale, who would
did they differ from this one?        story?                             you be? Why?
       Fairy Tales                            Fables                        Folklore, Myths, &

Fairy tales often feature the      Think about the characters in      Picture the main character from
numbers 3 and 7 (the three billy   this fable. What are the best      this story. How did the author
goats, the seven dwarfs, the       and worst traits the main          help you create a visual image in
wolf who tries to blow down the    characters possess? Which          your mind?

pigs’ houses 3 times). Do these    trait wins in the end?
                                                                      What traits of this character
numbers have any significance
                                                                      make him/her have super abilities
in this tale? If so, how do they   What is a moral or lesson to be    or powers?
influence the story?               learned from this fable?
                                                                      Is this story believable? What has
Did any character have a           What can you learn about human     been exaggerated?
magical power? What was the        feelings or behavior from the
power? How would the story         characters in this fable?          In what way would the story be
change if a different character                                       different without the exaggeration?
had the power?                     How does the setting influence
                                   or contribute to the conflict or   If you could meet the main
                                                                      character what questions would you
Does this fairy tale have any      resolution of this fable? How
characters that are from           would the story change if the
royalty (for example, a king or    fable was set in a different       What would it be like to live in the
princess)? How are they            place or time?                     place or during the time of this
different from other                                                  story?
                                           Self-Help                       Self-Help
Do you think this kind of story      What kind of helpful “self-    Why did you select this book to
could ever happen in real life?      help” strategies does this     read? What questions did you
Why or why not?                                                     have when you started to read
                                     book provide?
                                                                    the book? Were your questions
Imagine if we had the                                               answered?
creatures/gadgets/modes of
                                     What kind of evidence does
transportation in our society that   the author provide to          If you were going to write a self-
are in the book. How would your      suggest that his/her           help book for other kids, what
life be different?                   strategies are effective for   would it be about?

If you could add a                                                  Can you think of a fictional
creature/gadgets/mode of                                            character that might benefit
                                     After reading this book,       from reading this book? In what
transportation/etc. to this story,
what would it be? What would         what other books would you     way would he/she benefit?
change in the story?                 like to read?
                                                                    Did this book help you see things
Do you have any ideas for an                                        from a different perspective?
                                     Did this book help you? Why
invention that would make this                                      Was it helpful?
                                     or why not?
story better? Describe your idea
and how it would change the
        Mysteries                           Mysteries                           Mysteries
Think about the protagonist in       How do you know that this book is   A “red herring” is a suspect (or
the story. What are his/her good     a mystery (besides the label on     object) that the author adds to
and bad traits? How do these         the book)?                          take some of the suspicion away
traits help or hurt the                                                  from the person who really
protagonist when solving the         What clues has the author given     committed the crime. Describe
mystery?                             so far to help you solve the        any red herrings in the story?
                                     mystery at this point in the
How would reading this story be      story?                              Have you decided that any
different if you knew the solution                                       characters are guilty? Why do
before you started reading?          Have you decided that any           you think so? Provide evidence
                                     characters are “innocent”? Why      from the story?
Compare yourself to the              do you think so? Provide evidence
character investigating the          from the story.                     If you were investigating this
mystery. What traits do you have                                         mystery, what steps would you
in common? What traits are           Do you think the author will        take to uncover the truth?
different?                           reveal “who did it” by the end of
                                     the story or will you have to be    Would you ever read the ending
After you finish reading this        the one to decide? What             of a mystery first? Why or why
book, think about the conclusion.    information do you need in order    not?
Was the ending as you expected?      to solve the mystery?
           Humor                               Humor                           Philosophy
What makes a story humorous or       If you had a conversation with a
                                     character from the book what       Have you changed any of your
a comedy?
                                     character would it be? What        ideas based on reading this book?

What would have made this story      would you talk about? What would
                                     you ask him/her?                   Does the author have a main point
even funnier? Why?
                                                                        in this book? What is it?
                                     What makes this comedy
Which character do you think has
                                     different from a joke book?        Did the author try to persuade
the best sense of humor? Why?
                                     What benefits or strengths does    you to agree with his/her
                                     this book have over a joke book?   beliefs? If so, how?
Is there one character who has
“no” sense of humor at all? If so,   Is this book similar to other      What kind of support does the
how does that character interact     books you have read? How?          author give for his/her
with the other characters?
                                     How would you respond if you       arguments?

Does the use of humor make           witnessed one of the humorous
                                     scenes from this book?             How is the information the same
this story more enjoyable? Why
                                                                        or different from you own
or why not?
                                     How does the author use humor      beliefs?
                                     to define a character in the
                                     book? Why is this character
          Poetry                              Poetry                             Poetry

From whose perspective is the       How would this poem change if     How does the poet’s choice of
poem written? Who might be         the narrator was different?        words influence the visual
narrating the poem?                                                   images in your mind while you
                                   If you turned this poem into a     read?
What moves you in the poem?        song, what kind of music would
The language? The images?          you use? Why?
                                                                      How does the poet use rhythm
                                                                      to convey meaning in this
                                   What kind of illustration do you
                                   think would be appropriate for     poem?
Select a phrase from the poem
that caught your attention while   this poem?
you were reading. Do you think                                        How would this poem be
the author did this on purpose?    What two emotions did you feel     different if it were written in
Why or why not?                    while reading any poem in this     a different poetic style? For
                                   book? Did your emotions change     example, as a limerick instead
What do you know about the         as your read other poems?          of haiku?
narrator’s or character’s
feelings based on this poem?       How would the impact of this       What does any poem that you
                                   poem change if it had been         choose to read aloud sound like?
What visual images come to         written as prose?
mind when you read this poem?                                         Does the poem remind you of a
                                                                      book you have read?
        Non-Fiction                       Non-Fiction                   Non-Fiction

How could an idea in this book    Can you identify one         Would this book be a good
improve or change the world?      cause/effect relationship    choice to include in a time
                                  from events in the book?     capsule? Why or why not?
Describe some professions
that relate to this topic. What                                Bias happens when the author
kinds of work do these people     Describe an interesting
                                                               presents only one point of view
do?                               relationship in this book.
                                                               on a topic that may have two or
How is this book organized? –                                  more important viewpoints. Do
                                  How effectively did the      you think bias exists in this
Date, time of year, place,
                                  author present different     book? Why or why not?
alphabetically, step by step.
                                  perspectives on an issue?
Why do you think the author                                    How did the Table of Contents
organized the material this                                    and Index help you to use this
way?                              How do the ideas in this
                                                               book? What improvements
                                  book relate to your life?
How might this book change if                                  could you make?
it had been written by an         What would have improved     What events in history did
author of the opposite gender,                                 this book help you
                                  this book? Why?
a different age, or a different                                understand?
cultural heritage?
         Non-Fiction                         Non-Fiction                       Non-Fiction

How do you think the author          Why might a non-fiction book     If you had to make an
learned the information              have more than one author?       advertisement about the topic of
presented in this book?              Why is collaboration important   this non-fiction book, what would
                                     in this type of writing?         you do?
What is the most important idea
the author is conveying about the                                     What sections of the book would
                                     What part of this book could
topic?                                                                you want to read first? Why?
                                     the author have left out
What are three details the           without changing your
                                                                      What questions would you want to
author used to make readers          understanding of the topic?
                                                                      ask the author after reading the
more interested in this topic?                                        book? Why are the questions
                                     Compare what you learned in
Why do you think the author          this book with what you
chose to write about this topic?     already knew or thought you      What would you tell the author
Do you think the topic is            knew about the topic.            about a student’s understanding
important?                                                            of this topic?
                                     What is one big question you
After reading this book, do you
                                     still have after reading the     How do you read a non-fiction
want to delve into this topic more                                    book differently from a fiction
deeply? What other books might                                        book?
you find? Where?
       Non-Fiction                  Non-Fiction                     Non-Fiction

Is everything in the book    Would you have wanted to       Does the author of this book
based on fact? Does the      live during the time that is   try to persuade you to believe
author provide opinions?     the setting of the book?       anything? How?
How can you tell the         Why or why not?
difference between fact                                     Can you imagine how people
                             When the author writes,
and opinions?                                               dressed during this time or in
                             what elements of his/her
                                                            this place? How would you
                             writing help you understand
How did the pictures and                                    describe the differences
                             the important facts or
the words in the book help                                  between the clothes in the
                             ideas in the books?
you create an image of the                                  book and what you wear?
setting?                     Have you read a book on
                             this topic before? If so,      Do you think people read
How would you find another   how is this book different?    non-fiction books to answer
book on the same topic?      How is it similar?             questions that they have?
Would you want to read it?                                  What steps might they take
Why or why not?              Is the author an expert on     to find answers?
                             the subject? How do you
       Non-Fiction                    Non-Fiction &                        How-To Books
Are there places in this                                           What sections of this book did
book you have visited         If you were to write a follow up     you want to read first? Why?
                              to this book, what part of this      What would the other sections
before? How might visiting
                              book would you like to research in   provide?
the places in the book        more depth?
improve your understanding
                                                                   What recommendations would you
of the events in the book?    Who is the most memorable            give the author for improving this
                              person in the book?                  book?
What does this book make
                              Describe the author’s writing        What would your greatest
you think about? Do
                              style. What is his/her narrative     challenge be in doing what the
questions come to mind?       style, for example?                  author recommends?
Give an example of some of
your thoughts or questions.   What questions do you now have       Do you need any special
                              about the time period in which       resources or tools to follow the
What about the setting of     the events occurred?                 directions in the book?
this book is different from
                              What would the world be like if
the world we live in now?     the events in this book had not
       Inventions &                        Understanding                    Understanding
       How-to Books                          Audience                         Audience

How would this modern invention      What other topics or ideas      Would you recommend this
have affected another era in                                         book to a favorite fictional
                                     might people who like this
history?                                                             character? Which one? Why?
                                     book be interested in?
How would your life today be
                                                                     What was the author’s purpose
different if the invention had not   Describe the type of person
                                                                     in writing this book? Was the
been created at that time?           who might be most
                                                                     author successful? Why or why
                                     interested in this topic.       not?
In this how-to book, what steps
might you change to improve the
process?                             Do you think people who read    Who is the intended audience
                                     this book will be sympathetic   of the book? How do you know?
What would it have been like to      to the main character? Why
experience the first successful      or why not?                     Would you recommend this
trial of this invention?                                             book to a friend? Why or why
How did this book help you learn a
skill you are interested in
     Exploration Books                       History &                       Reading Attitudes
                                           Current Events
Have you read any fiction books                                         Do you ever reread a book?
that deal with this topic in the    How is the issue/problem/topic
                                                                        If so, why do you read it
book? After reading this book, do   relevant to your world today?
you think the fiction book          Compare your family’s culture
treated the content accurately?     with the one you read about.
                                                                        Imagine that reading was
Look at the format of the book.     If you were to rewrite the ending   never invented. Would this
What other topics could be          of this book, could you change      be a good thing or a bad
covered using this format? What     history?                            thing? Why?
non-fiction topics would not be
appropriately covered in this       How might you feel about the
format?                             events in this book if you were     Do you like to get books as
                                    living in this time period?         presents? Why or why not?
Suggest a plot for a piece of
                                                                        Have your feelings about
fiction in which this information   What person/group of people in
plays a pivotal role.               this book faced the most            this changed at all since the
                                    challenges? Why?                    beginning of the school
Are there any opinions presented
in this book that look like facts   What would happen if the events
that you believe are really         in this book had happened 200
opinions? How can you tell what     years later? How might the
is really accurate?                 events have changed?
    Reading Attitudes                   Reading Attitudes                     Reading Attitudes

                                   Do you have a favorite author? If
Complete this sentence: Reading    so, who is the author and why do     Complete this sentence: To me,
helps me…                          you like the books he/she writes?    reading is…
                                   If not, why do you think you have
What is the most difficult thing
                                   not found an author you like?        If you could choose anything to
for you to do while reading? Can
the teacher or anyone else help                                         read about, what would you
                                   Do you have a favorite genre?
you with this? How?                                                     choose and why?
                                   Which one and why? If not, what
                                   would help you like books more?
What do you like most about                                             Do you and your friends talk
reading? What do you like          What do you know about yourself      about books or reading? Why or
least?                             as a reader? How has this changed    why not?
                                   since last month? Last year?
Is reading important to you?
                                                                        Have you ever seen a movie made
Why or why not?                    Where and when do you like to        from a book you read? If so,
                                   read best? How does knowing this     which did you enjoy more, the
What new strategies are you
                                   help you choose books to read?       book or the movie? Why?
using that have helped you
become a better reader? How        What helps you get interested in a
have they helped?                                                       What helps you understand books
                                   book? How does this help you
                                   choose books?
Describe how you feel when
       Just the Facts                          Just the Facts                      Just the Facts

A character is an imaginary            The time and location of the         Fairy tales are stories told to
person represented in a novel,         story is called setting. There are   entertain and instruct about good
poem, short story, or any other        several aspects to the setting of    and evil. They often include
fiction book.                          each story the place/geographic      supernatural beings, magic and
                                       location, the time/date, and the     royalty. They usually take place
A simile is a comparison of two        mood/atmosphere.                     long ago and far away.
unlike things, typically marked by
use of "like", "as" or "than".         An antagonist is a character or      A fable is a fictitious story or
Examples include "the snow was         sometimes a group of characters      tale, intended to teach about a
as thick as a blanket", or "she was    that actively oppose the main        truth, human emotion or behavior.
as sly as a fox".                      character or protagonist of a        Fables usually have a lesson or
                                       story. Usually the antagonist        moral to be learned. Animals are
A metaphor uses an implied             represents a force that the main     often used in place of people in
comparison or analogy to describe      character must overcome.             fables.
something. In the simplest case, a
metaphor takes the form: "The          Plot is the plan of action for a     A mystery is a fictional story in
[first subject] is a [second           play, novel, poem, short story, or   which a detective solves a crime
subject]." We use metaphors            any other fiction book.              or mysterious event. The
regularly in daily life: "She's such                                        detective uses clues in the story
a peach" would be an example.                                               to solve the mystery.
       Just the Facts                         Just the Facts                        Just the Facts
                                      Self-help books give advice to help
Folklore is a collection of stories   people solve problems or accomplish    A theme can be defined as the
from a particular culture and         things in their life.                  major message the author wants
time, and often features              Philosophy is the love of knowledge.
                                                                             readers to have about an
exaggeration. A myth is a story       Philosophers think about life and      important issue or idea.
about mythical or supernatural        develop ideas or beliefs about life,
beings or events. A legend is a       knowledge or behavior.                 Most books have a theme and in
story handed down from earlier                                               each theme are some important
                                      Non-fiction books are often based
times, often believed to be                                                  ideas called “big ideas”.
                                      on true stories, history, facts, or
historical.                           ideas and are used to share
                                      information.                           Types of themes in books:
Fantasy is fiction that asks the                                                • Power
reader to suspend reality and         Types of non-fiction books:               • Change or Growth in Life
believe that elements of magic,          • Poetry
                                                                                • Interaction with Nature
wizardry, and supernatural events        • Plays/Narrative based on real
                                                                                • Death
are possible. It often takes place          life
                                         • Biography
                                                                                • Personal Beliefs
in another world or time. Science                                               • Relationships
                                         • Photo documentaries
fiction is a story that takes place                                             • Loneliness and Isolation
                                         • How-to Books
in the future, where people use                                                 • Inhumanity
                                         • Experiment & Activity Books
scientific and technological             • Field Guides & Identification
developments in amazing ways.               Books

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