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					                                      BIOGRAPHIES - CLERGY
In the interests of saving time and a lot of paper, only the biographies of those involved in elections
                                          have been provided.

ALLEN, The Revd Br Noel                         Nominating for: Observer to The Murray
                                                and Willochra Synods
Chaplain, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital since 1990
Ordained in Coventry UK. Seven years in the Brotherhood of the Good Shepherd and another 15 years
in diocesan ministry in the Northern Territory.
Member of the Boards of Assessors both in the NT and in Adelaide. Member, Diocesan Council, NT.
Synod observer at Willochra and The Murray Synods for the last six years.
Associate of College of Chaplains since 1995.

BEAL, The Revd Christopher                                   Nominating for: Ministry Development Council
                                                             and Bishop Nomination Committee
Chaplain to Walford Anglican School for Girls.
Co-ordinator Anglican School chaplains Network – Diocese of Adelaide
Previously Rector of Hawthorn and Payneham
Previously Co-ordinator Postulants Group and Member of Anglicare Council
Qualifications: BA, BEd, BTh, Dip PS.

COLLAS, The Ven John,                              Nominating for: Synod Sealholder;
                                                   General Synod; Provincial Council
The Vicar General and the Archdeacon of Adelaide
Member of Archbishop’s Team and Gaiters Groups, Member of the Diocesan Council, Diocesan
Administration Council, Anglicare SA Council, Provincial Council, St Peter’s Collegiate Boys School
Council, Walford Girls School Council, Chairs the Property Committee, Anglican Development Fund,
Leigh Trust, Accounts and Budget Committee, Bishop’s Environmental Committee, Seal holder.
Previously served (or chaired) over a dozen task groups or councils of the diocese.
Chaired task groups arranging the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury (1997) and General Synod
(1998) and arranged the Bishop’s Conference (2003)
Qualifications: Th.L., Grad.Dip. (Parent and Child Education and Counselling).

DOWLING, The Revd Ron                                        Nominating for: Ministry Development
                                                             Council and General Synod
Rector, St Mary Magdalene’s
Former representative to General Synod for the Dioceses of Melbourne and Perth.
Member of the General Synod Liturgical Commission
Chair, International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, et al.
Qualifications: BA (Melb); MA (Cath. Univ of America); ThL; Dip Min (awarded May 2004)

GEORGE, The Venerable Bob                          Nominating for: Bishop Nomination Committee
Rector of Tea Tree Gully since 1999 and Archdeacon of Torrens since 2002
Previously served in the Dioceses of Sydney, Rockhampton and Northern Territory. Served 16 years
with the Bush Church Aid Society as Rector of Winton, Sanderson and SA Regional Officer.
Currently a member of the National BCA Executive, honorary Police Chaplain for last 9 years,
recently appointed honorary staff chaplain at Pedare Christian College, and a supporter of the Rev’d
Sid Graham and the Nunga Ministry.
Married to Rigmor, with two adult children and two grand children.
Passions include facilitating whatever change is necessary within the church to better relate the gospel
to the world, reconciliation between black and white Australians, bush walking, following cricket and
answering the telephone.
Qualifications: ThL, BA

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HARRINGTON, The Revd Paul                                    Nominating for: Diocesan Council; General
Rector, Holy Trinity
Chair, Adelaide Men’s Convention; President, Scripture Union; Associate Staff worker with
Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.
Interested in growing churches as vibrant caring communities that have impact for the gospel. Keen on
leadership development at a staff and lay level. Enjoy starting new ministries with a vision to reach
people outside the church.
Qualifications: LLB, GDLP, BTh, DipA

HARRIS, The Rev’d Tim                                        Nominating for: General Synod Representative;
                                                             Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Kensington
Senior minister, Kensington – Norwood Anglican Team Ministry. (Rector St Matthew’s / Priest-in-
Charge, St Bartholomew’s). 19 years parish ministry experience.
Member of Anglican Board of Christian Education (ABCE), General Synod representative, 1998,
Ministry Development Council (MDC), various task groups, Bishop’s Nomination Committee 2003-
Team ministry skills: successfully initiated significant changes at St Matthew’s and developed
ministry amongst teens and the 25-40 age group.
Qualifications: BA B.Th (Hons), Dip Arts, M.Th – Ph.D pending!)

HUNT, The Revd Paul                                          Nominating for: General Synod

St Francis Congregation
I have been involved in ministry with young people and families for the last 9¼ years as Priest at St
Francis Congregation and Chaplain at Trinity College, Gawler. Prior to that I was Assistant Curate at
Christ Church, North Adelaide and a full time youth worker for five years. In my current ministry I
have worked collaboratively with the school to develop outreach to the community and have overseen
the development of a staff team of volunteers and paid workers. These experiences I believe place in
me a good position to understand the significant challenges facing our church in reaching out to the
Australian non-churched community.
Qualifications: BA, BTh, DipA

LANGSHAW, The Revd Stuart                                    Nominating for: Diocesan Council,
                                                             Panel of Assessors, Diocesan Nominator,
                                                             General Synod, Bishop Nomination Committee
Chaplain, Trinity College
St Peter’s Cathedral Parish: Vice Chair of the Friends of St Peter’s Cathedral; Eucharistic minister,
Scripture Reader, Intercessors Leader; involved with the Laying-on of hands with anointing and
prayer, and is an officiat at Evensong. Home Group co-ordinator. Chair of Missions Committee.
Member of College of Chaplains; member of Australian College of Education.
Qualifications: Th Schools (Hons), Th.L (Hons)
I am Head of the RAVE Department at Trinity College - involved with administration, budgets and
human resources management. I have been a member of Diocesan Council for three terms and seek to
continue in this important ministry.
I am seeking another term on Diocesan Council as a part of my ministry to the diocese, and to help
with continuity of ministry of the new bishop.
I have been the clergy representative as a Diocesan Nominator for the past four years. I have been
involved in interviewing clergy for many parishes in the diocese in those four years.
I have been elected by the diocese to two meetings of General Synod (Melbourne & Brisbane).
Because I am a member of Diocesan Council I have a strong interest in, and commitment to, the
workings of the church at a national level. I am particularly keen to represent the Diocese of Adelaide
at General Synod, so that I can continue the deliberations about the legislation concerning women
bishops that was begun at General Synod in Brisbane.
I wish to serve on the Bishop Nomination Committee in three capacities: firstly as a clergy member of
Diocesan Council who is aware of the inner workings of the diocese; and secondly as one of the four
people who put together the Bishop Election Ordinance, under whose clauses the new bishop will be
elected; and thirdly as a concerned priest - concerned that the right person will be elected.
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MATHIESON, The Revd Neil                                     Nominating for: Anglicare SA Council

Priest in Charge, Parish of Elizabeth
Formerly Parishes of Mansfield, Geelong (Vic); St Barnabas’ College; Assistant Curate, Hawthorn,
Assistant Curate, St Mary Magdalene’s
Secretary of the Collective of St Mary Magdalene; member of the Board of the Magdalene Centre;
Four years of working in parishes with partnerships with Anglicare.
Governors Leadership Foundation Fellow 2001; Associate member of the Iona Community
(Scotland); Trustee of Business Vision 2010; Council member of St Columba College Inc;
As Priest in Charge of the Parish of Elizabeth I have a significant amount of contact with those who
work, volunteer and seek assistance at the Elizabeth Mission. (Family Centre North) I believe that this
connection and the experience that I have gained working with the Collective and the Magdalene
Centre would enable me to make a positive contribution to the board of Anglicare.
I also firmly believe that it is important that the spiritual and religious connections between the
community of faith and the work undertaken by Anglicare on behalf of the church be strengthened and
Qualifications: BTh (Flinders) 1998, Currently undertaking a degree in business management.

MATHIESON, The Revd Ruth                                     Nominating for: Bishop Nomination Committee

Associate Priest, Parish of Elizabeth
Chaplain at St Columba College, Andrews Farm.
Has participated in nomination panels for a variety of roles including executive officers for both
SACC and a diocesan organisation as well as state school chaplains.
I would appreciate the opportunity to be part of discerning which candidates to present to Synod for
the election of the bishop.
Qualifications: BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Ed, BTh (Hons), Dip PS

MITCHELL, The Revd Nigel                                     Nominating for: Diocesan Council,
                                                             Ministry Development Council, General Synod,
                                                             Bishop Nomination Committee, Observer to The
                                                             Murray Synod, Provincial Council
Rector, Mitcham
Diocese of Ballarat 1984-90, Parish Ministry; Diocese of Perth 1990-2001, School and University
Chaplaincy, Cathedral Precentor; Diocese of Adelaide, Rector of Mitcham since January 2002.
Past member of WA Provincial Council, Diocesan Council, Anglican Youth Ministries, Anglican
Institute of Theology, Council of Perth College Inc (All Diocese of Perth); Currently member of SA
Provincial Council, Ministry Development Council, Observer to the Synod of the Diocese of The
Murray, National President of RSCM Australia.
Qualifications: BTh (Flinders), Grad Dip Pastoral Studies (ACD), Grad Dip Education (RE)
(SACAE), MEd (Uni SA), Member of the Australian College of Education (MACE)

MITCHELL, The Revd Paul                                      Nominating for: Diocesan Nominator;
                                                             General Synod
Rector, Hawthorn
Member – Marriage and Relationship Educators Association of Australia.
Ordained for 15 years: Service in country and city parishes in the Diocese of Perth and Adelaide.
Qualifications: BA, BTh, GradDipPS, GradDipEd (RE)

OGDEN, The Very Revd Steven                                  Nominating for: Diocesan Council, General
Dean, St Peter’s Cathedral from 2000
Asst Curate Glenelg (1991-92); Asst Curate Modbury (1993); Assoc Priest St John’s Halifax Street
(1994-95); Rector Payneham (1996-2000)
Tutor, St Barnabas’ College (1991-95); University Chaplaincy, Police Chaplaincy, Examining
Chaplain (1999 - )
Qualifications: BA (Monash), BD (MCD), MThSt (Flinders)

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OWERS, The Revd Dr Don                                       Nominating for: General Synod,
                                                             Bishop Nomination Committee

Rector, Magill
Previously St Paul’s, West Tamworth (Armidale), and St Matthew’s, Kensington
Archbishop’s Task Group on Evangelism; Synod Budget Task Group; Synod Church Planting Task
Group; Diocesan Council 2001-02; Adjunct Lecturer Bible College of SA and SA Graduate School of
Theology; Chair, SA Graduate School of theology
Qualifications: BTh (1st Class Hons) Ridley College 1981; DipMin Fuller Theological Seminary 1994;
M Management (Community) UTS, 2003

PEARCE, The Revd Caroline                                    Nominating for: Diocesan Council,
                                                             General Synod
Rector, Broadview
Previously served in the Parish of Stirling, the Parish of Flemington (Diocese of Melbourne) and as a
hospital chaplain.
Representative to General Synod 2001; Member of Diocesan Council from 2002; Currently Area Dean
of Adelaide.
Qualifications: BSW, M.Div, STM; Clinical Member ACPE, Secretary Australian Network of
Spiritual Direction; Accredited Mentor for Education for Ministry (EfM), Vice President Soroptomists
International (Adelaide)

STUART, The Ven Peter                              Nominating for: General Synod,
                                                   Bishop Nomination Committee
Executive Officer of the Ministry Development Council, Archdeacon for Ministry Development.
Previously Parish Priest and Archdeacon in the Diocese of Tasmania.
He has assisted the national church as an executive member of the General Board of Religious
Education, member of the group reviewing the Standing Committee of General Synod, a current
member of the General Synod Ministry Commission, and a member of the Living Stones network
which is encouraging the development of new ministry models.
He was a member of the Bishop Nomination Committee in Tasmania. Among his most enjoyable
vocations are being husband and father of Ben (7) and Rebekah (5).
Qualifications: BCom, BDiv, MM (Community)

THOMSON, The Ven Cathy                                       Nominating for: Anglicare SA Council;
                                                             General Synod Representative; Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee
Parish of Payneham, Archdeacon of The Para
Past Experience: School Chaplaincy and St Francis’ Experimental Congregation; Holy Cross Church,
Elizabeth and Mallala and Two Wells parishes.
1998- Member of Diocesan Council; 1998- General Synod representative; 1998-2003 Member of
Doctrine Commission; 2001-02 Member of Ministry Development Council; National clergy delegate
Christian Conference of Asia; 2002- Member of Trinity College Council; Doctorate in Systematic
Theology and Extensive Education Training.
Qualifications: BA English & History (Stirling University, UK) (1976); Dip Ed (Secondary
Education) (Stirling University, UK) (1976); Dip PS (Pastoral Studies) Adelaide College of Divinity,
1993; BTh (Hons) Flinders University of SA, 1984; PhD Systematic Theology, Flinders University of
SA, 2002.

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THORNTON-WAKEFORD, The Ven David                             Nominating for: General Synod, Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee
Rector, Burnside, Archdeacon of Sturt
Ordained for 31 years; previously Rector of 4 parishes, Precentor of St George’s Cathedral, Army
Chaplain, Residential College Chaplain
Consultant in Church Growth and Giving; Spiritual Director; Archdeacon in Perth from 1994. On
General Synod (for Perth) 1995, 1998. Diocesan Council and on Perth Archbishop Election
Committee for 10 years; Archdeacon of Sturt from 2003.
Licentiate in Theology (Hons) 1972; Master of Sacred Theology (in Spiritual direction) 1988; Author
– “If Fish is all you want” ADP 1983, “After the Wedding”, Albatross 1996.
Chair of Diocesan Council Committee on Pastoral Care
Qualifications:ThL (Hons) STM

WHITELOCK, The Revd Kenneth                                  Nominating for: Ministry Development Council

Assistant Curate, Parish of Burnside
Assistant Curate, Plympton 2001-03; Assistant Curate Burnside from 2003. Involvement in Youth
Ministry Parish of Coromandel Valley 1998-2000; Kids’ Club, Plympton-Edwardstown-Glandore
Youth ministry, Children’s ministry; pastoral and liturgical experience; experience in secular world
prior to and since ordination. Motorcyclist, musician, Tae kwon do and football coaching; hospital
I feel that I can bring a different perspective to MDC, particularly in relation to youth ministry, an area
in which development as a diocese is crucial and urgent.
Qualifications: BTh, St Barnabas Collegians, Trade qualification in Graphic Reproduction.

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                                        BIOGRAPHIES - LAITY

ALEXANDER, Ms Shelley                              Nominating for: Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Magill
Synod representative from 2003; Parish Councillor from 2000; Youth leader from 1999; Church
pianist and in singing group from 1999; Family Service Committee from 1999.
Worked as Administrator in an Anglican church in London 1995-98; Worked in Anglican Church
Office 1999-2002 (for Bishop Phillip Aspinall); experienced in working on committees; experienced
in church pastoral work.
BA (Italian); Executant Certificate of Music (Piano/singing); LTCL, B.Ed (Secondary)

BEAL, Dr Robert                                   Nominating for: Ministry Development Council
Parish of Brighton
Director of Music 1976-90; Presently Asst Organist/Chorister; Warden and Parish Council (presently
Member Ministry Development Council from 2003
Former Director RCBTS 1964-96; National and International Councils and Committees, including
International Society of Blood Transfusion (20 years on council including 2 as President); NH and
MRC (3 X 3 year terms; Councils of 2 Royal Colleges
AM (1988), RFD; Army Reserve – including CO 3 FAAM, 3 Gen Hosp; DMS 4 Military district; Hon
Col RAAMC Central Region (1999-2004); Representative Hon Col RAAMC, 2002-04.
Chair, Health and Correctional Services Advocacy Committee

BLEBY, Mr Ben                                       Nominating for: Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Largs Bay
Currently Lay Reader and Assistant, Music, Parish Nomination Committee; worship and pastoral care
oversight; previously Parish Council, Youth Group Leader.
A wide variety of skills in working with people in churches and schools; perspective and insight into
young people and families and their needs.
As a father of a young family and someone who works with young people in schools, I believe I have
much to bring to the focus of the Bishop Nomination Committee.
BSc, Grad DipEd (Adelaide Univ); teacher at Woodcroft College, Morphett Vale; Head of Religious
and Values Education Faculty.

BLEBY, The Hon Justice David                                 Nominating for: General Synod; Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee
Parish of Hawthorn
Chancellor from 1995; Synod member from 1962; Diocesan Council from 1977; Provincial
Superannuation Committee 1978-81; Provincial Council 1974-95; Archbishop’s Constitutional Task
Force 1977-88; diocesan Legal Committee from 1993; General Synod representative from 1981;
Deputy Chair of Committees 1989; Chair of Committees from 1992; General Synod Standing
Committee from 1985; Chair, General Synod Sexual Abuse Working Group 2002-03.
Justice of the Supreme Court from 1997; LL.B 1963; ThA 1965; Legal practitioner from 1964;
Queen’s Counsel 1982; Church Law Commission from 1978, Chair from 1989; member Appellate
Tribunal from 1995.

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BRADLEY, Mrs Dianne                                          Nominating for: Diocesan Council,
                                                             Diocesan Nominator, General Synod, Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee
Parish of Parkside
Priest’s Warden 2004; Lay Assistant and Reader; Synod Representative from 1986; various rosters –
liturgy planning, flowers, etc.
Diocesan Council from 1986; Lay Diocesan Nominator from 1992; Clergy Women’s Task Group
from 1995; General Synod member from 1989; Bishop Nomination Committee from 1992.
Member of the Archbishop’s Team from 2001; Supervised Field Education with the ACD and St
Barnabas’ College; Education for Ministry (EFM) Mentor; Spiritual Direction.
ESDA (Ecumenical Spiritual Directors Association SA); BTh.
My 10 years experience as the Diocesan Nominator and on General Synod and other national
committees may be of assistance to the Bishop Nomination Committee.
Past Experience: Leadership in the Mothers’ Union, Movement for the Ordination of Women and
Social Responsibilities Committee; Membership of the Board for Ministry in Spirituality (now Julian
Centre) and Parish Councillor.

BURKE, Mr Peter                                  Nominating for: General Synod
Parish of St Mary Magdalene
Member of parish since 1998; Lay Assistant, Parish Council; Previous inner city parish involvement in
Melbourne since 1976.
Manager, The Magdalene Centre, Adelaide; previous experience in Melbourne Diocesan Synod since
1982; Social Justice, Anglican Comprehensiveness, Missiology.
Member of Capital City forum, Adelaide
BA Social Work and Theology

CARRIG, Mrs Helen                                            Nominating for: Diocesan Council, General
                                                             Synod, Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Parkside
Interim Professional Standards Director, Diocese of Adelaide from 2003
Member Parish Council, choir, band, sanctuary roster.
General Synod representative from 1992; General Synod Standing Committee 1992-2001; General
Synod Child Protection Committee 2002-; Diocesan Council 1984-; South Australian Heads of
Christian Churches Committee Gambling Task Force, Anglican representative 1998-
Has worked in a variety of government, non-government and church agencies as a social worker and
manager. Roles included counselling, service development, staff selection and supervision.
BA, Dip Social Studies, MAASW.

CHESTERMAN, Mr Ian                                Nominating for: Anglicare SA Council
St Peter’s Cathedral
1989-2002 active member of St John’s, Halifax Street (variously member of Parish Council,
Treasurer, Lay Assistant); 2002 current worshipper at Cathedral
1990-1999 Council member, Anglican Community Services Inc; 2001-2004 Council member,
Anglicare SA Inc; Chair of Anglicare SA Inc Finance Committee from 1995; Member of Council
Executive Anglicare SA Inc.
Fellow Australasian Institute of Banking & finance (FBIAF); Graduate (1982) of the Advanced
Management program – Australian Administrative Staff College (now Mt Eliza Business School)
General manager (South Australia & Northern Territory) Commonwealth Bank until retirement in
1998; Pro Chancellor Flinders University, Chair of Resources Committee; Board Member and
Treasurer State Library of South Australia Foundation; Governor Adelaide Bank Charitable

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DICKEY, Prof Brian                                    Nominating for: General Synod
Parish of Holy Trinity
Member of Parish Council ca 1970-ca 1995; author of Holy Trinity Adelaide: the History of a City
Church (1988); synod representative ca 1978- to date with breaks
Historian of social policy and religion, university teacher since 1967, non-stipendiary Associate
Professor of History since 2000; author of 13 books and numerous articles including No Charity
There: A history of social welfare in Australia (1987) the 1860-1900 chapter in BN Kaye(ed),
Anglicanism in Australia: a history (2002) and Giving a Hand. A history of Anglicare since 1860
(2003). Volunteer adviser/helper to Anglican Archives Adelaide.
BA (Sydney), MA (Cambridge), PhD (ANU); Professional Historian member of the Professional
Historians Association of SA

DICKSON, Mr Bill                                 Nominating for: Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Magill
Parish Councillor (many years); Worship Committee; HR portfolio for parish
Senior Management for Government (Senior Executive Service –Australian Govt); Scientist and
Engineer; Studying for Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies
Considerable experience in senior appointments and selection and staff development.

HARLEY, Mr John                                              Nominating for: Chairman of Committees,
                                                             Synod Seal Holder, General Synod, Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee, Provincial Council
Parish of Christ Church, North Adelaide
Lay Assistant, Server, Brass Cleaner
Member of Synod since 1967; chairman of Committees since 1983; Member of Diocesan
Administration Council; Chair, Legal Committee and Interim Professional Standards Committee;
Member of Bishop Election Committee; Member of General Synod since 1985; Member of Provincial
Public Advocate, President of Law Society 1997-1998; Member of Ecclesiastical Law Society (UK);
President of Notaries Society of SA Inc; Secretary, Lawyers Christian Fellowship of SA.
Chancellor, Lay Canon, Chairman of Committees of the Diocese of The Murray.

HYWOOD, Ms Anne                                              Nominating for: General Synod

Executive Officer of the Diocese of Adelaide; Secretary of Synod, Registrar, Member of Archbishop’s
Team and Gaiters Group
Member of Selection Committee – General Secretary, General Synod (2004);
Parish of Mitcham - Chairperson, Planned Giving Committee (2003); Member, Ministry Task Group
(2002-03), Leader, Alpha course (2000-2002)
Career experience in administration, policy and program development, in government and not for
profit organisations, at a state and national level.
Considers it important for the Executive Officer of the Diocese to actively participate at General
Synod to provide analysis and advice on the impact of national issues at the diocesan level.
B.Ed. (Victoria College)

LANE, Mr Michael                                             Nominating for: Diocesan Council,
                                                             Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Elizabeth
Lifelong membership of Anglican Church; currently Parish of Elizabeth Parish Council, Synod
Representative, Lay Reader and Assistant, Church Warden, Selection Committee.
Assistant Head, St Columba College; Current Study: Theology & Educational Leadership;
Association Non-Government Education Employees.
Love of dynamic liturgy, particularly music. Strive to empower parishioners to make significant
contribution to the liturgical life of the parish
Employment panels: Anglicare and DECS; Gawler High School and St Columba College Boards.
I have contact with diverse range of people. My St Columba experience in particular has exposed me
to a significant ‘mission edge’ of the church. I believe my life experience would make me a valuable
member of Diocesan Council and Bishop Nomination Committee.
Regency TAFE Apprentice Chef; BA History & Graduate Diploma Education, Univ of Adelaide;

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LOAN, Mrs Elizabeth                                 Nominating for: Anglicare SA Council
Parish of Prospect
Synod Representative; member of Parish Development Team, Server, Sacristan, Intercessor
Experience in Management, leadership and consultancy in community managed Children’s Services in
SA, particularly Aboriginal Services. Interested in social justice issues for Aboriginal people. Three
years experience as a Council member – Deputy chair of Research and Ethics Committee, member of
Strategic Planning and Corporate Governance Review Working Parties.
Having retired in 2002 I have time to commit to Anglicare SA as a Council member and believe it is a
way I can respond as a Christian to the needs of our community.
DipT, ECE, Cert IV Management

McGRATH-WOODLEY, Mrs Lesley                                  Nominating for: General Synod, Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee
Parish of Holy Trinity
Coordinator Women’s Christian Mentoring at Holy Trinity; mentor to a number of women from the
parish and beyond; Teacher at the Tuesday Terrace Studies for women; President CMS SA; Member
of CMS Australia Federal Council; Executive and various committees; Member National Council
Growing myself and helping others to grow to maturity in Christian faith is my passion; skill in
thinking outside the square and seeking creative solutions; broad knowledge of the Anglican Church
through involvement in the Dioceses of Brisbane, North Queensland in the Province of Victoria;
Missionary experience for 6 years in Peru (responsibilities included organising and directing
leadership training courses, approx 40 camps each year, work with teachers and students throughout
the year, and publication of support materials; Experience as manager of the Ridley College Bookshop
and facilitator in the Ridley Youth Ministry Diploma 1984-86; Member Multicultural Task force
Melbourne Diocese 1984 and of the Archbishop’s Discussion/Consultation Group; Education Officer
with CMS Victoria 1987-89 (responsibilities included preaching and teaching and coordinating
creative mission awareness weeks with parishes, and organising and promoting the annual CMS
summer conference for Victoria.
BTh, ACT; DipPhysEd (Univ of Qld); Queensland Teacher’s Certificate

NICHOLLS, Dr Peter                                Nominating for: Observer to The Murray Synod
Parish of Mitcham
Member of the choir of St Wilfrid and St Michael since July 1967, Recorder (Stewardship) for 9 years
until mid 1990’s; Lay Assistant for 6 years.
Current observer to Synod of The Murray; Member of the Clergy Superannuation Fund Committee of
Management; Member of Diocesan Council from October 1998.
PhD University of Adelaide; Diploma of financial Planning.

PATTERSON, Sir Dennis                                        Nominating for: General Synod Representative;
                                                             Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Burnside
Sidesperson and Reader 1984-2002; Member of the Archbishop’s Appeal Committee which has raised
money to refurbish the Magdalene Centre, Adelaide; established the Family Centres at Salisbury /
Elizabeth and Morphett Vale; and built Anglicare SA’s first home for disadvantaged frail homeless
people at Brompton.
State, National and International positions and experience have involved being chairman of important
committees - many of which have involved the selection or examination of candidates suitable for the
speciality of Orthopaedic Surgery.
1954 MD, BS (Adel); 1980 MD (Adel); 1958 Fellow Royal College of Surgeons; 1961 Fellow Royal
Australasian College of Surgeons; 1966-95 Director and Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, Adelaide
Children’s Hospital; 1966-84 Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Adelaide Hospital; 1988-
Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Adelaide; 1987-90 President, International
Society of Orthopaedic Surgery; 1990-96 member, the National Road Trauma Advisory Council.
My life has been devoted to my family and my profession as an academic and clinical orthopaedic
surgeon. I offer myself as an active senior Anglican citizen with knowledge of this diocese and the
Anglican Church in Australia, and one who has the opportunity and ability to be involved in this
important decision of the diocese.

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PHILLIPS, Dr David                                           Nominating for: General Synod, Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee, Social Responsibilities
Parish of Tea Tree Gully
Has held positions of Youth leader; Men's group leader; Member of Parish Council; Lay assistant, lay
reader and lay preacher.
Former Principal Research Scientist with Commonwealth Government; General Synod Representative
1992; Member of Synod 1974-76 and from 1986 to present; Diocesan Council 1989-91; Social
Responsibilities Committee 1986-91 and from 1995 to present; National President of Festival of Light
Australia since 2002; Chairman of Festival of Light in South Australia since 1974;
Married to Roslyn for 39 years, with four adult married children.
I believe the Anglican Church has a great future if it is faithful to our Lord’s commission: “Therefore
go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt 28:19)
B.Sc(Hons) and Ph.D. in physics; Member of Australian Institute of Physics; Th.A. from Australian
College of Theology; Centenary Medal for service to family policy and community education.

PURTON, Mr Christopher                                       Nominating for: Diocesan Council, Panel of
                                                             Assessors, General Synod, Bishop Nomination
Parish of Holy Trinity
Profession: Senior Meteorologist/Hydrologist, Environment Group, Tonkin Consulting
Theological Education: Th.Dip. (Australian College of Theology)
Chris Purton was born and bred in Melbourne, before migrating to South Australia via the Northern
Territory. He has been an Anglican worshipper in the Dioceses of Melbourne, Northern Territory and
Chris has served on Church and Community committees virtually fulltime since the age of 16. He has
served on the Youth Committee of St Andrews, Rosanna in Melbourne, and as a Parish Councillor for
the Parishes of Darwin NT, and Holy Trinity, Adelaide. He has also served on the Education
Committee and as Assistant Rector’s Warden at Holy Trinity. He has been an Adelaide Diocese
Synod representative for 15 years, and served on the Adelaide Diocesan Youth Ministry Committee
for about 5 years. He is currently a member of Diocesan Council and the Panel of Assessors.
Other Qualifications: F.R.M.I.T. (Applied Physics/Meteorology); Diploma of Meteorology (Bureau
of Meteorology Central Training School); M.Env.St. (University of Adelaide)
Professional Associations: Fellow, Royal Meteorological Society; Member, Australian
Meteorological & Oceanographical Society; Member, Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand;
Member, Hydrological Society of SA.

RADFORD, Dr Anthony Radford                       Nominating for: Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Hawthorn
Dr Radford held the chair of Primary Care and Community Medicien at Flinders University for 20
years to 1994. Earlier he worked in Papua New Guinea and taught in the Liverpool School of Tropical
Medicine. Subsequently he as been visiting professor at universities in Africa, Malaysia and Western
Australia and a consultant to WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank. In Adelaide he now works as an
emergency physician and a relieving GP.
He is a Synod representative for Hawthorn, where he is also a lay assistant. He is married to Robin
(Diocesan Archivist). They have three children and nine grandchildren

RADFORD, Mrs Robin                                           Nominating for: General Synod, Observer to
                                                             Willochra and The Murray Synods
Parish of Hawthorn
Currently Intercessor, Reader, Missions and Archives; previously Synod Rep for Blackwood 1990;
Synod rep for Hawthorn 1997-2004; Diocesan Archivist, regularly visit – especially Diocese of
Willochra; knowledge of past and current issues.
MA in History, BA (history and sociology), Dip of Social work; currently member of Professional
Historians Association, Australian society of Archivists (Secretary, SA Branch).
Former council member of Anglican Social Welfare/Anglican Community Services.
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RILEY, Mrs Yvonne                                  Nominating for: Ministry Development Council
Parish of Modbury
My husband and I have been worshipping members of the Parish of Modbury for seventeen years,
previously to this St. Andrews Walkerville. I have been a actively involved during my years at St.
Luke’s as a Lay Assistant, involved in Liturgy Planning, Coordinating Pastoral Care within the parish.
I am on the Alpha Team, Prayer Ministry, and a helper at Children’s Church. I have held the position
of people’s warden, and have just stepped down from parish council after a period of four years, and
this year have been nominated as a Synod Rep for the fourth time, after a break of three years.
I have been on the Pastoral Care team of Modbury Hospital since1988. In 1998 – 1999 I was
appointed Acting Coordinator and Chair of Pastoral Care. In 2002 Appointed Anglican Lay Chaplain
to Modbury Hospital.
Clinical Pastoral Education. (CPE); Member of Australian Health and Welfare Chaplains Association
(AHWCA); S.A. Rep: to National AHWCA; Member of Health and Correctional Chaplaincy
Committee; and, have been invited to join the Australian College of Chaplains, to which I have
applied. I am a member of The Third Order of St. Francis.
Th.L. courses taken over a period of time with GBRE.
I am happily married to my husband Peter, we have three adult children, Rebecca 37, Michael 34, and
Nicholas 28. My hobbies are, classical music, photography and travel.

RODONI, Miss Catherine                              Nominating for: General Synod
Parish of Mitcham
Sunday and weekday Eucharists, also daily offices; most parish functions; ecumenical commitments,
Lenten groups, etc, Anglicare SA, ABM-A, BCA, OCF, Christmas Bowl Appeal; Church Working
Bees. Synod reptresentative from 1998
Former ABM Missionary in PNG; Synod rep for last 6 years; keep in contact with interstate Anglican
issues – read TMA etc. Aboriginal reconciliation; Christian TV; promote Anglican schools.
Sport – horse riding, tennis, bush walking, classical music, fine art
Travel – outback and overseas; Member Unley park Sports Club (UPLTC); Reading – classical
spiritual books, comedies, Australian poetry.
Registered General Nurse, Reg. Midwife, Reg. Maternal & child Health Nurse; Community & School
Health Certificate; Theology Assoc; Australian Nursing Federation member (SA); Currently registered
in SA and Victoria as a Level 2 Nurse. Work in Adelaide Hills for Child and Youth Health.

ROGERS, Dr Warren                                            Nominating for: Diocesan Council, Bishop
                                                             Nomination Committee, Provincial Council
St Paul’s, Montacute and Cathedral
Solicitor in private practice
Member, Diocesan Council from 1965; Provincial Council; Bishop Nomination Committee;
Committee of Management of Clerfund; Chair, Provincial Stipends & Issues Committee; Legal
Committee; Diocesan Appointee St Mark’s College Council.

SANDERCOCK, Dr Ted                                 Nominating for: Ministry Development Council
Parish of Goodwood
Lay Assistant; Secretary, St George’s Association for Education; Synod Representative; EfM mentor
Current Member, MDC; Consultant in Adult and Vocational Education, Human Resources and
Management; Contract lecturer Deakin Korum and Invisage.
BSc, PhD, GradDipManagement, Cert IV Assessment & Workforce Training
Past President AHRI (SA Region); President SA Institute for Educational Research; Member
ALARPM; Fellow Australian Institute of Physics; Member Institute of Physics (UK)

\\acshomain\CO-Users\Anne\My Documents\Synod\Synod 2004\f Biographies.doc                       11
SMITH, Mr Keith                                              Nominating for: Diocesan Council,
                                                             Bishop Nomination Committee
Parish of Stirling
Chair of Council, Anglicare SA Inc for past 9 years
I have a strong business background, primarily in the wine industry, have served on numerous
corporate boards and am a strong contributor, as a member of chair. My role at Anglicare keeps me in
contact with the church throughout Australia, providing knowledge of people and issues in all
Initially trained in chemistry; post graduate qualifications in management; Fellow of the Australian
Institute of Company Directors and a member of the SA State Council. Also a Fellow of the Australian
Institute of Management.
As a practising Anglican since childhood I have a keen interest in the future of the church, in times of
concern as to its contribution and relevance to society. I am also concerned that the Synod/Diocesan
Council engage with other arms of the church, especially Anglicare and the schools to nurture faith
and speak up for social justice. I would like to contribute (through our new Archbishop) to ensuring an
enhancement of social advocacy and pastoral care inside and outside the church.

TAYLOR, Ms Jayne                                   Nominating for: Ministry Development Council
Parish of Glenelg
Priest’s Warden from 2003; Member, St Peter’s Woodlands School Council from 2004; Coordinator,
Planned Giving Program 2002 and 2004; Authorised Lay Assistant; Lay Reader, Intercessor, MC.
Born in South Australia; member of the Ministry Development Council; currently the Research
Degrees Manager at the university of South Australia; previous extensive management, advisory and
administrative positions in various SA companies and Federal and State Government.
BTh, Flinders 2002; Master of Public Policy, Deakin 1994; Grad Cert in Aboriginal Studies, UniSA
1990; BA Adelaide 1987; Member of the Catherine House Trust Inc Board.
I was baptised as an adult some 12 years ago and began my involvement with the Anglican Church
approximately 8 years ago. I am keen to participate in the strategic expansion of ministry in the

TEAGUE, Dr Baden                                             Nominating for: Diocesan Council
                                                             General Synod, Bishop Nomination Committee
St Peter’s Cathedral
Cathedral (since 1998); Steward, Chair of OHSW; Synod and Diocesan Council representative.
Norwood (1987-98): Synod and Diocesan Council representative.
Kensington (1972-87: Synod and Diocesan Council representative.
St Peter’s Glenelg (baptised 1944), St Martin’s Glenelg, and St Philip’s, Somerton Park
Anglican Lay Preacher for 25 years; General Synod representative 1998-2000; St Peter’s College
Council of Governors since 1997.
BA (Hons) in History, BSc in Physics/Maths (Univ of Adelaide); PhD in Philosophy (Cambridge);
Senator for South Australia in the Australian Parliament 1978-96.
Married to Kathy, with 3 adult sons. Currently farmer, writer and consultant.
Australian football: Crows supporter

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