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Acetylcholine metabolism, brain synaptosomes, CRF, 630
Acidification, renal capacity, lithiasis (abst), 1418
Acidity, titratable, urinary stone risk factors, 120
Acidosis, metabolic, growth factor expression, 1224
Acquired cystic kidney disease
  hemodialysis (abst), 1412
  transplantation, CsA and, 613
Acute pancreatitis, post-transplant (abst), 1425
Acute phase reactans C3a, b2-m, HD (abst), 1437
Acute renal failure
  African honey bee (abst), 1455
  Bolivia (abst), 1436
  bone marrow transplantation (abst), 1477
  cholera, renal injury (abst), 1420
  clinical analysis (abst), 1452
  CsA, liver transplantation (abst), 254
  diagnosis/management, computer systems (abst), 907
  EPO deficit, anemia (abst), 1411
  gene expression as recovery markers (abst), 1178
  immunoallergic, children, NSAIDs (abst), 467
  liver transplantation (abst), 1499
  Malarie Falciparum (abst), 1455
  mortality rates (abst), 1430
  neuroleptic malignity syndrome (abst), 907
  obstetrics (abst), 1441
  oliguric, furosemide (abst), 1451
  post-cardiovascular surgery, CAVH (abst), 1416
  pregnancy (abst), 1431
  renal artery embolism (abst), 1462, 1480
  sepsis and (abst), 1430
  septic abortion (abst), 1424
  treatment, Cuba (abst), 1493
Acute vascular rejection, OKT3 (abst), 1416
Addison's disease
  glucocorticoids, panhypopituitarism, 1130
  glucocorticoids, panhypopituitarism (abst), 1196
  K+ channels, ANF, Ang II glomerular responses (abst), 240
  medullary TAL as source (abst), 239
Adhesion molecules
   human kidney, 147
   PMMA dialysis membrane (abst), 1394
   renal inflammation, 42:S–27
Adolescents, hypertension, BP monitoring (abst), 1477
Adrenal masses, hypertension (abst), 1473
Adrenal microadenomas, hypertension, aldosterone (abst), 916
Adrenalectomy, protein, enzyme activity (abst), 263
Adult polycystic kidney disease, epidemiology (abst), 1424
African honey bee, ARF (abst), 1455
   excretion, oral protein load (abst), 907
   as HD mortality predictor, 115
   adrenal microadenomas, hypertension, renin (abst), 916
   modulates PNA-labeled cells, CD epithelium, 537
Alkalosis, proximal tubule/TAL adaptation (abst), 1463
Allergic reactions
   HD (abst), 1414
   incidence, HD (abst), 1422
   children, glomerulopathy, 43:S–95
   children, growth hormone treatment, 199
   children, recurrent disease in, 43:S–91
   CMV-seropositive, immunoprophylaxis (abst), 266
   creatinine clearance as GFR marker, CsA (abst), 255
   donor related non-Hodgkin lymphoma (abst), 466
   flow cytometric cross match, antibody status (abst), 1393
   HLA matching, effect on graft survival (abst), 1190
   impairment, cyclosporine triple therapy (abst), 1425
   malignancy in recipients (abst), 1191
   pneumocystis carini pneumonia, prevalence (abst), 264
   rejection, Banff classification, 411
   rejection, children, T cell signaling role, 43:S–3
   rejection, detection by dopplersonography (abst), 256
   rejection, embolization with ethanol (abst), 1468
   rejection, glycolipid blood group antigens, 1289
   rejection, HLA-identical recipients (abst), 468
   rejection, intrarenal CsA deposits (abst), 1402
   rejection, OKT3 therapy (abst), 468, 1416
   rejection, serum hippuric acid (abst), 261
   rejection, tissue specific recognition (abst), 1193
   rejection, VCAM-1 expression, 805
   rupture, cyclosporine (abst), 1471
   specific glomerular lesion, 42:S–104
   steroids, azathioprine, CsA (abst), 1443
   survival, cyclosporine, cadaver grafts (abst), 1418
a-interferon therapy, HBV-associated GN (abst), 1184
Alport syndrome
   COL4A5 gene analysis (abst), 250
   COL4A5 mRNA variant splicing, 1316
   COL4A5 probe, phenotype correlation (abst), 1183
   COL4A5 single base insertion, 1091
   multicenter study, Italy (abst), 1399
   adynamic IDDM, non-diabetic uremia (abst), 1445
   bone cells, cytokines (abst), 1498
   bone metabolism, normal renal function (abst), 1498
   bone stores, measurement (abst), 1498
   deferoxamine test dosage (abst), 1458
   removal, desferroxamine therapy (abst), 1497
Aluminum absorption
   citrate, RF (abst), 253
   erythrocytic dysmorphism, HD, uremia (abst), 1400
   erythropoiesis, rats (abst), 1463
   erythropoiesis, renal failure (abst), 1463
   hemoperfusion, HD, desferioxamine (abst), 910
Aluminum hydroxide
   hyperphosphatemia, calcium acetate therapy (abst), 260
   plasma, bone aluminum concentration, uremia (abst), 1464
Aluminum toxicity
   iron absorption, EPO therapy, anemia, HD (abst), 1467
   osteodystrophy, "suppressed" PTH, 860
   role in immunosuppression (abst), 1453
   treatment (abst), 1498
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)
   arterial hypertension, adolescents (abst), 1477
   arterial hypertension (abst), 1481
   hypertension, HD (abst), 1444
   "white coat" hypertension (abst), 1444
Amino acids
  cognitive function, HD (abst), 908
  intra-arterial infusion, GFR, glucagon (abst), 1413
  profiles, CAPD (abst), 1188
  supplementation, muscle metabolism (abst), 465
Amyloid arthropathy, C-reactive protein levels (abst), 1395
Amyloid deposits, proteinase inhibitors (abst), 1409
  b2-m synthesis, HD, lymphokines (abst), 1409
  dialysis-related (abst), 1461
  nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1183
  primary, survival factors (abst), 1408
  renal (abst), 1431
  uremia, IL-2R serum/synovial fluid levels (abst), 1395
AN69 membranes, anaphylactoid reactions (abst), 1481
Analbuminemia, ovariectomy, triglycerides (abst), 1193
Analgesic nephropathy, 42:S–86
Anaphylactoid reactions, AN69 membranes (abst), 1481
  ARF, endogenous EPO deficit (abst), 1411
  EPO therapy, aluminum intoxication (abst), 1467
  EPO therapy, CAPD, HD (abst), 1479
  EPO therapy, CRF, children (abst), 911
  EPO therapy, uremia, not on dialysis (abst), 1434
  EPO therapy (abst), 912
  EPO with intravenous iron, HD (abst), 911
  post-transplant (abst), 1423
  rHuEPO therapy, cardiovascular aspects, 1309
  rHuEPO therapy, chronic rejection (abst), 470
  rHuEPO therapy, estimating Hb/Hct (abst), 1441
  rHuEPO therapy, pre-dialysis (abst), 1475
  therapy, brain cell function (abst), 911
  zinc levels, CRF, HD (abst), 1484
Anergy, CD4+ T cell, tubular epithelial cells, 1030
Angiotensin-(1-7), phospholipase, Na transport, 932
Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)
  hemodialysis (abst), 1437
  hypertension, diuretics (abst), 1420
  hypertension, immunosuppression (abst), 1439
  renovascular hypertension, Ang II receptors (abst), 245
  renovascular hypertension (abst), 245
Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition
  antihypertensive agents, Ca antagonist, GS (abst), 1178
  antiproteinuric effect, renal hemodynamics (abst), 1195
  bradykinin, efferent arteriolar dilation, 545
  brain ANF, rats (abst), 246
  brain ANF, renal insufficiency, 24
  HBV, glomerulonephritis (abst), 1184
  hemodynamics, proteinuria, 579
  renal hippuran extraction, rats (abst), 1194
  renovascular hypertension, Nephrology Forum, 1379
Angiotensin II
  ANF, adenosine glomerular responses (abst), 240
  AVP, MC expression (abst), 242
  catecholamines, low-protein diet, 285
  elevation, polydipsia, HD, 107
  mesangial response, glucose, ANP, 518
Angiotensin II receptors
  localization, rat kidney, 42:S–40
  regulation, ADPKD (abst), 243
  renovascular hypertension (abst), 245
  streptozotocin-induced DM, rats (abst), 1392
Angiotensin inhibitors, nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1415
Angiotensin type-1 receptor mRNA, expression, rats, 331
Anion exchange, protein identified in proximal tubule, 565
Anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies (abst), 1198
Anti-DNA monoclonal antibodies (abst), 905
Anti-glomerular basement membrane nephritis
  crescentic, urine urokinase activity (abst), 1181
  glomerular expression TGF-b, PDGF (abst), 905
  glomerular fibrinolytic activity, 557
  HLA-DR and -DQ types, 307
Anti-N-like antibodies, clinical significance (abst), 1407
Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA)
  diagnostic significance of detection (abst), 906
  renal perfusion of proteinase 3 (abst), 1194
Anti-thymocyte antiserum, GN, MCP-1 expression, 1036
Antibiotic therapy, endocarditis, GN (abst), 469
Antibody status, flow cytometric cross match (abst), 1393
Anticoagulant factor protein S, membranous GN (abst), 1398
Anticoagulants, prophylactic use, nephrosis (abst), 265
Antidiuretic hormone, antagonist OPC-31260, SIADH, 19
  expression, rejected ABO incompatible grafts, 1289
  presentation by parenchymal cells, 927
Antihypertensive agents
  ACEi, Ca antagonist, glomerulosclerosis (abst), 1178
  isolated systolic hypertension, renal function (abst), 911
  long-acting (abst), 908
  LVH regression, uremia, HD, 881
Antilymphocytic globulins
  delayed graft function (abst), 913
  lymphocytic molecules, rosette phenomenon (abst), 465
  monoclonal gammopathy, post-transplant (abst), 265
Antimicrobial prophylaxis, recurrent UTI (abst), 1434
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies (ANCA)
  glomerulonephritis (abst), 1184
  lupus nephritis, 1185
  oculo-renal syndrome (abst), 1431
  steroids, renal vasculitides, 215
  transplantation, polyarteritis (abst), 469
  vasculitis prevalence, dialysis (abst), 252
Antisense oligonucleotides, IL2R gene expression (abst), 255
Aplastic osteodystrophy, aluminum, "suppressed" PTH, 860
  epitopes of LDL, HD, 1360
  lipoprotein(a), diabetics, HD (abst), 908
  phenotypes, HD, with/without DM, 1062
  ratio in uremia, fibric acid, clinofibrate, 1352
Area under the curve, prevents CsA toxicity, 436
Arginine synthesis, chronic renal failure, 676
Arginine vasopressin (AVP)
  Ang II, MC expression immediate early genes (abst), 242
  collecting tubule action, changes in pH, 1235
  extracellular Na, [Ca2+]i increase, 755
Arterial pressure
  changes and metal ions (abst), 908
  EPO therapy (abst), 1482, 1490
Arteriovenous fistula
  autoexpanded metallic endovascular prosthesis (abst), 1491
  biopolymeric prosthesis, HD (abst), 1491
  coagulation inhibitor deficiency (abst), 469
  color Doppler ultrasonography (abst), 1470
  femoral, HD (abst), 470
  opening/closing, hemodynamics, HD (abst), 1465
Aspiration-sclerotherapy, renal cysts (abst), 1177
Atenolol, renal function, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1197
ATG-Fresenius prophylaxis with OKT3 (abst), 266
ATP, cellular mechanisms, calcium activity (abst), 241
ATP analogues, UTP, phospholipase (abst), 258
ATP-ase dependent Na/K pump, liquorice abuse (abst), 1400
Atrial natriuretic factor (ANF)
  ACE inhibitors, rats, 24
  ACE inhibitors, rats (abst), 246
  Ang II, adenosine glomerular responses (abst), 240
  biologic/physical characteristics, 937
  CAPD (abst), 1465
Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP)
  BP response, high salt intake (abst), 246
  insulin, CRF (abst), 910
  mesangial response, glucose, Ang II, 518
  Na+, water transport, rat CCD, 30
  natriuretic action (abst), 472
  streptozotocin-induced DM (abst), 471
Autoexpanded metallic endovascular prosthesis, HD (abst), 1491
Autoimmune glomerulonephritis, 294
Autologous blood transfusion
  alloimmunized patient, SLE, anemia (abst), 469
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)
  Ang II receptors (abst), 243
  clinical management, 42:S–74
  clinical study, Toronto, 1101
  clinical survey, gene carriers (abst), 1425
  clinical utility of genetic markers (abst), 1405
  glycoprotein expression, ECM (abst), 243
  immunohistochemical detection of renin (abst), 243
  morphology/immunocytochemistry, rats (abst), 243
  polymorphism of PGP for diagnosis (abst), 244
  after triple therapy (abst), 255
  cyclosporine, outcome (abst), 1481
  cyclosporine triple therapy, graft function (abst), 1425
  hypersensitivity (abst), 261
  leukopenia, GM-CSF, post-transplant (abst), 1191
  steroids, CsA double therapy (abst), 1443
  steroids, hepatitis B reactivation (abst), 1427
Aztreonam-cloxacillin, UTI prophylaxis (abst), 1440

B7/CD28 pathway in dialysis patients, 359
   chronic HD, multicenter study (abst), 467
   enterococcus, endocarditis (abst), 1418
   in renal failure (abst), 1470
Bacterial endocarditis, antibiotic therapy (abst), 469
Banff classification, transplant pathology, 411
Bartter/Gitelman syndrome (abst), 1197
Bartter's syndrome, 401
Benzbromarone, uricosuric efficacy of (abst), 267
Benziodarone, hyperuricemia, transplantation (abst), 1480
Berger's disease, clinical histology (abst), 1403
11-bOHSD, prednisolone/prednisone ratio (abst), 263
b-glycosylated erythropoietin
   cell mediated immunity, HD (abst), 912
   platelet aggregation, HD (abst), 912
b1 integrins, membranous nephropathy (abst), 1392
b2 microglobulin
   acute phase reactans C3a, HD (abst), 1437
   amyloid deposits, plasma proteinase inhibitors (abst), 1409
   granulocyte inhibitory protein isolated, HD (abst), 253
   HD, amyloidosis, lymphokines (abst), 1409
   IL-1, TNF release (abst), 1472
Bicarbonate dialysate
   COPD ventilatory function on HD (abst), 1462
   PD, buffer, biocompatibility (abst), 1394
Biopolymeric prosthesis, HD (abst), 1491
   bone marrow, familial Mediterranean fever, 834
   renal, follow-up (abst), 1181
   renal, FSGS, minimal change disease (abst), 905
  renal, interstitial nephritis (abst), 1179
  renal, lupus nephropathy (abst), 1406
  renal, systemic vasculitis (abst), 1429
  renal percutaneous (abst), 1416, 1420, 1458
Blood pressure
  arterial, isradipine, renal hemodynamics (abst), 1429
  chronic HD patients, EPO therapy (abst), 1413
  lisinopril, microalbuminuria, proteinuria (abst), 1407
  nocturnal changes, cerebral ischemia (abst), 246
  post-high sodium intake, ANP (abst), 246
Blood transfusions, autologous, EPO therapy (abst), 469
Blood volume monitoring, non-invasive, dry weight, HD, 851
Body composition
  altered, post-transplant, CsA (abst), 261
  altered, post-transplant, glucocorticoids (abst), 261
  CRF, HD (abst), 1449
  ESRD, dialysis modality (abst), 261
Body mass index (BMI)
  cardiovascular morbidity, hypertension (abst), 1453
  obesity, essential hypertension, CV risk (abst), 1419
Body position, hypertension, hemodynamics (abst), 1446
Bone densitometry
  CAPD (abst), 1478
  hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1485
Bone density
  children, hypercalciuria (abst), 1176
  children, hypercalciuric/normal (abst), 1421
  chronic HD, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 253
  idiopathic calcium stone formers (abst), 264
  post-transplant (abst), 267
  transplantation, HD (abst), 1457
  transplantation, post-PD (abst), 1449
Bone histology, PTH, vitamin D3, radiology, ESRD, 1071
Bone histomorphometric pattern, IDDM (abst), 1445
Bone marrow
  biopsy, familial Mediterranean fever, 834
  changes, post-EPO therapy, HD (abst), 1185
  transplantation, risk factors, ARF (abst), 1477
Bone metabolism
  aluminum (abst), 1498
  serum procollagen type-1, HD (abst), 909
  during ACE inhibition, 545
  Na+, water transport, rat CCD, 30
Brain cell function, renal anemia, CAPD (abst), 911
Brain death, diagnosis, transcranial Doppler (abst), 1459
Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP), 937
Brain synaptosomes, acetylcholine metabolism, 630

Cadaver renal grafts
  long-term renal function (abst), 1439
  retransplantation (abst), 1473
  survival rates, cyclosporine (abst), 1418
  survival rates, Hispanoamerica (abst), 1405
  Third World, Hispanoamerica, Cuba (abst), 1420
  utilization in children, 43:S–99
Cadmium exposure
  renal dysfunction (abst), 250
  renal tubular acidosis (abst), 1176
Calbindin-D28k, gene expression, murine kidney, 322
Calcitonin, PTH, calcium stone formers (abst), 1397
  PTH secretion, Ca transport, CRF (abst), 467
  secondary hyperparathyroidism, calcium metabolism, 551
  extrarenal synthesis, uremia, 134
  PTH, 22-OXA-1,25D, Ca transport, CRF (abst), 467
Calcitriol therapy
  chronic HD (abst), 1455
  hyperparathyroidism, chronic HD (abst), 1408
  immunological effects, HD, uremia (abst), 1398
  intravenous, post-dialysis bolus (abst), 1468
  1,25(OH)2D3, PTH, CAPD (abst), 1399
  osteocalcin levels, chronic HD (abst), 1408
  renal osteodystrophy, CRF (abst), 909
  risks/benefits, chronic HD (abst), 259
  severe HPT (abst), 253
Ca++ ions, arterial pressure changes (abst), 908
[Ca2+]i increase, AVP-induced, extracellular Na, 755
Calcium2+ uptake, glucose elevation, VSMC, 344
  22-oxa-calcitriol, hyperparathyroidism, 551
  cell volume, pH, RAS oncogene expression (abst), 241
  iron, oxidant-induced DNA damage, 1228
  kinesis, renal osteodystrophy (abst), 909
  quantification, VSMC, hypertension (abst), 244
  signaling, MC, protein kinase C (abst), 1397
  transport, PTH, calcitriol, 22-OXA-1,25D, CRF (abst), 467
  urinary creatinine, children (abst), 1176
Calcium acetate, aluminum hydroxide therapy (abst), 260
Calcium antagonists
  ACEi, antihypertensive agents, GS (abst), 1178
  ACEi, hypertension, immunosuppression (abst), 1439
  cyclosporin A therapy, post-transplant (abst), 1496
  renal graft function (abst), 913
Calcium channels
  intracellular Ca in VSMC, rats (abst), 1393
  mesangial cells (abst), 241
Calcium oxalate crystals
  epitaxial growth, CaCO3 crystals (abst), 472
  modified, Tamm-Horsfall protein, citrate (abst), 263
Calcium-phosphate metabolism
  histomorphometric bone pattern (abst), 1445
Calcium renal stones
  hypercalciuria, PTH, calcitonin (abst), 1397
  hypocitraturia, without calculi (abst), 1442
  urinary citrate relative to calcium (abst), 1442
Calcium salts, calcium dialysate (abst), 265
Caloric malnutrition, protein catabolic rate (abst), 1467
cAMP- and dopamine-dependent phosphoprotein (DARPP-32), 495
Candida peritonitis, PD (abst), 1452
  diagnosis, renovascular hypertension (abst), 1448
  inhibits metalloproteinases, 1266
  renal function, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1197
  scintigraphy, renal artery stenosis (abst), 1495
Carbohydrate metabolism
  body composition, CsA, lipids (abst), 261
  nifedipine, CRF (abst), 1455
  vitamin B6, CRF (abst), 1456
  renal cell, cytokine expression, 585
  renal cell, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (abst), 250
Cardiac function, systolic/diastolic, dialysis (abst), 1499
Cardiac gated blood pool scan, ESRD (abst), 1186
Cardiovascular aspects of rHuEPO therapy, 1309
Cardiovascular complications
  EPO therapy, HD (abst), 1470
  post-transplant (abst), 1464
Cardiovascular disease
  morbidity, hypertension, BMI (abst), 1453
  risks in cyclosporine therapy (abst), 1424
  risks in essential hypertension, obesity (abst), 1419
Cardiovascular surgery, ARF, CAVH (abst), 1416
Carnitine losses, HD (abst), 1494
Cascade lipidapheresis, hypercholesterolemia (abst), 916
Catecholamines, Ang II, low-protein diet, 285
Cathechol-O-methyltransferase mRNA, developing kidney, 726
Catheters, peritoneal
  exit-site infection (abst), 915
  malfunction, nonoperative repair (abst), 1189
  migration (abst), 1477
  post-operative complications (abst), 919
  Swan neck (abst), 1472
CD4+ T cell anergy, tubular epithelial cells, 1030
Ceftriaxone-cloxacillin, UTI prophylaxis (abst), 1440
Cell adhesion molecules
  expression, human kidney, 147
  leukocyte-endothelial, renal inflammation, 42:S–27
  renal inflammation, 42:S–27
  vascular, allograft rejection, 805
Cell depolarization, inhibition of K+ channels (abst), 237
Cell mediated immunity, EPO, HD (abst), 912
Cell mediated lympholysis, post-transplant (abst), 1427
Cell proliferation, RAS oncogene expression (abst), 241
Cellulose triacetate dialyzer (abst), 1494
Central nervous system, magnetoencephalography (abst), 914
Cerebral hemorrhage, risk factors, dialysis, 1086
Cerebral ischemia, nocturnal BP changes (abst), 246
Cerebrovascular complications, post-transplant (abst), 1464
cGMP inhibits C1 flux in the mTAL, 741
Chagas disease, transmission (abst), 1461, 1462
  acute rejection, steroids, OKT3 therapy (abst), 1454
  allograft glomerulopathy, 43:S–95
  bone density, hypercalciuria (abst), 1176
  CRF, anemia, EPO therapy (abst), 911
  CRF, growth hormone therapy (abst), 1185
  CRF, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1417
  CRF, protein diet (abst), 1417
  focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (abst), 1426
  GFR determination methods (abst), 1409
  growth hormone therapy, allografts, 199
  hypercalciuria, bone mineral content (abst), 1421
  hypertension (abst), 1407
  immunoallergic ARF, NSAIDs (abst), 467
  maintenance dialysis, 43:S–104
  nephrotic syndrome, CsA toxicity (abst), 1182
  nephrotic syndrome, cyclosporin (abst), 906
  nephrotic syndrome, FSGS (abst), 1182
  nephrotic syndrome, interleukin (abst), 1182
  OPD nephrology clinic (abst), 1435
  peritoneal kinetics, CAPD (abst), 1457
  post-transplant hospitalization, 43:S–83
  rHuEPO therapy, anemia, CRF (abst), 1411
  rHuEPO therapy, pre-dialysis (abst), 1402
  transplantation, ages one to five years, 43:S–40
  transplantation, cadaver grafts, 43:S–99
  transplantation, cyclosporine dosing, 43:S–50
  transplantation, five-year survival, 43:S–16, 43:S–22
  transplantation, growth, long-term follow-up, 43:S–56
  transplantation, growth hormone therapy, 43:S–62, 43:S–65, 43:S–71, 43:S–76
  transplantation, growth suppression, steroids, 43:S–59
  transplantation, immunizations, 43:S–87
  transplantation, recurrent disease, 43:S–91
  transplantation, steroid resistant NS (abst), 256
  transplantation (abst), 1435
  urinary calcium/creatinine ratios (abst), 1176
  urolithiasis, metabolic study (abst), 1414
  urolithiasis (abst), 1455
Chloride removal and AVP action, 1235
  ARF, measuring renal injury (abst), 1420
  IRA complications (abst), 1410
Cholesterol metabolism
  hepatic, puromycin-induced NS, rats, 789
  LDL uptake, mesangial cells (abst), 248
  lovastatin, lipid glomerulopathy (abst), 249
Cholesteryl ester transfer protein, proteinuria, LCAT, 91
Cholinesterase, tubular enzymuria, diabetics (abst), 1396
Chondrocalcinosis, renal pathophysiology (abst), 1197
Chondrocytes, intermittent/continuous 1,25(OH)2D3, 708
Chronic obstructive lung disease, HD (abst), 1462
Chronic renal failure
  acetylcholine metabolism, brain synaptosomes, 630
  atrial natriuretic peptide, insulin (abst), 910
  blood glutathione, RBC antioxidation (abst), 1186
  body composition, HD (abst), 1449
  calcitriol therapy, renal osteodystrophy (abst), 909
  carbohydrate metabolism, nifedipine (abst), 1455
  carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin B6 (abst), 1456
  care program, Chile (abst), 1424
  children, EPO therapy, anemia (abst), 911
  children, GFR determination (abst), 1409
  children, growth effect of rhGH (abst), 1185
  children, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1417
  children, protein diet (abst), 1417
  creatinine clearance as GFR marker, 1145
  dyslipidemia, lipoprotein(a), HD (abst), 1187
  free/protein-bound tryptophan, 1366
  GTT, insulin, blood sugar, GH (abst), 1456
  HD, survival rate/causes of death (abst), 1186
  1,25(0H)2D3, cellular immune response (abst), 1403
  insulin and hypertension (abst), 910
  lipoprotein(a), post-transplant (abst), 1190
  mild, cytosolic free sodium (abst), 253
  morbidity, Cuba (abst), 1456
  morbidity, elderly (abst), 1456
  muscle glycogen, glycolytic activity (abst), 1393
   parathyroid hormone, dietary protein, 173
   plasma endothelin (abst), 916
   pregnancy (abst), 466, 1469
   prevalence, population study (abst), 1457
   progression, evaluation methods (abst), 1460
   PTH, calcitriol, 22-OXA-1,25D, Ca transport (abst), 467
   renal arginine synthesis, 676
   rHuEPO effects on Q-EEG, event related potentials, 1109
   rHuEPO therapy, anemia, children (abst), 1411
   risk factors, population study (abst), 1456
   slow progression, uric acid, serum phosphorus (abst), 1436
   spontaneous decrease PMN cells, HD (abst), 1450
Cimetidine, creatinine clearance, GFR (abst), 1434
Cisplatin nephrotoxicity, thyroxine (abst), 1178
Cisplatinum, urinary excretion (abst), 251
   aluminum absorption, RF (abst), 253
   calcium, Tamm-Horsfall protein, COM crystals (abst), 263
   urinary excretion, calcium stone formers (abst), 1442
Clinofibrate, APO ratio, uremia, fibric acid, 1352
Clonidine, Na+, water transport, rat CCD, 30
Clorambucil, prednisone, membranous GN (abst), 1437
Cloxacillin, UTI prophylaxis (abst), 1440
Coagulation inhibitor, AV fistula clotting (abst), 469
Cognitive function, amino acids, HD (abst), 908
   gene analysis, Alport syndrome (abst), 250
   mRNA variant splicing, Alport syndrome, 1316
   probe, Alport syndrome (abst), 1183
   single base insertion, Alport syndrome, 1091
Collagen type III
   expression, in vitro model (abst), 1392
   glomerulopathy (abst), 250
Collagenase type IV, release from MC, activation (abst), 242
Complement C4 biosynthesis, IFN-G stimulation, 50
Complement C1Q component, IgG binding, MC (abst), 1192
Complement deficiency
   IgA-mediated glomerular inflammation (abst), 1192
   nephritis, vasculitis, 42:S–13
Computer systems
  diagnosis/management, ARF (abst), 907
  dialysis prescription (abst), 1490
  donor-recipient selection process (abst), 1490
  transplantation (abst), 1491
Congenital nephrotic syndrome, Finnish type, 867
Congestive heart failure, ibopamine, hemodynamics (abst), 1196
Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
  adequacy, membrane permeability (abst), 1399
  arterial pressure, peritoneal clearances (abst), 1394
  atrial natriuretic factor, 1465
  bone densitometry (abst), 1478
  brain cell function, renal anemia (abst), 911
  catheter malfunction (abst), 1189
  catheter migration (abst), 1466
  catheter (swan neck) insertion (abst), 1403
  catheter (Tenckhoff) (abst), 919
  catheter (TWH), complications (abst), 919
  children, mineral metabolism (abst), 1465
  children, peritoneal kinetics (abst), 1457
  CNS function analysis with MEG (abst), 914
  diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1449
  dietary protein intake equations, 1048
  exit site/subcutaneous tunnel infections (abst), 915
  HCV prevalence (abst), 1188
  HIV-infected patients, outcome, 191, 373
  hydrostatic-induced transport during, 1078
  IgG concentration in dialysate (abst), 1412
  KT/V index, clinical outcome (abst), 1188
  lymphocyte subsets (abst), 1476
  membrane plasmapheresis, leptospirosis (abst), 1452
  metabolism, peritoneal equilibration test (abst), 915
  metabolism, platelet prostanoids (abst), 914
  multifocal accumulation (abst), 1189
  nutritional status, assessment (abst), 1412
  nutritional status, peritoneal transport (abst), 1458
  nutritional status (abst), 1458
  1,25(OH)2D3, PTH, calcitriol therapy (abst), 1399
  peritonitis, epidemiology (abst), 914
  peritonitis, foreign body ileal perforation (abst), 264
  peritonitis, fungal (abst), 1189
  peritonitis, gram-negative (abst), 1189
  peritonitis, inflammatory indicators (abst), 1197
  peritonitis, intra-peritoneal free elastase, 87
  peritonitis (abst), 919
  plasma, RBC amino acid profiles (abst), 1188
  prescription, new method (abst), 1442
  protein catabolic rate adequacy tests (abst), 464
  renal osteodystrophy (abst), 910
  selection criteria (abst), 1427
  ultrafiltration loss (abst), 914
  urea kinetic modeling (abst), 260
  water transport model, 700
Continuous arteriovenous hemofiltration (CAVH)
  ARF, post-CV surgery (abst), 1416
  pump-assisted venovenous hemofiltration (abst), 1465
Continuous intestinal dialysis (abst), 1188
Contrast media
  renal artery constriction, ET, prostaglandins, 1217
  RF prevented by theophylline (abst), 251
Converting enzyme inhibition
  antiproteinuric effect, dietary protein (abst), 1469
  protein diet, DM nephropathy (abst), 1454
Coronary heart disease (CHD)
  nephrotic syndrome and, 638
  pre-transplant screening, diabetics, 617
Cortical collecting ducts
  chloride removal, changes in pH, AVP action, 1235
  epithelium, aldosterone, PNA-labeled cells, 537
  epithelium, INF-G regulation, MCP-1, 43
  epithelium composition, embryonic, 527
  K+ channels, CsA, 974
  Na+, water transport, clonidine, 30
  osmoregulation, hypertonicity, 509
  growth suppression, children, 43:S–59
  inhibit TNF-a production, PTEC, 352
  membranous nephropathy, Ponticelli's schedule (abst), 1462
  withdrawal, adults, 43:S–26
  withdrawal, children, 43:S–36
Cortisol release, probenecid, PAH-transport, AC (abst), 238
Corynebacterium urealyticum, transplant patients (abst), 1496
  rise without RF, phenacemide (abst), 464
  tubular secretion, cyclosporine (abst), 1196
  urinary calcium, children (abst), 1176
Creatinine clearance
  as GFR marker, advanced CRF, 1145
  as GFR marker, allografts, CsA (abst), 255
  as GFR marker, post-transplant (abst), 1434
Creatinine transmembrane transport, phenacemide (abst), 464
Crescentic nephritis, urine urokinase (abst), 1181
Crystal matrix protein, immunohistochemistry, 817
Cuprophane membrane
  COPD ventilatory function on HD (abst), 1462
  HD, granulocyte (PMNL) activation (abst), 254
  inhibition, hypertension of pregnancy (abst), 1420, 1457
  synthesis, smooth muscle cells, CsA (abst), 465
  FSGS, adults (abst), 1426
  intravenous therapy, glomerulonephritis, 1492
  intravenous therapy, lupus nephritis, 1470
  pulse therapy, lupus nephritis (abst), 249
  pulse therapy, renal function, SLE (abst), 906
Cyclosporin A
  acquired cystic kidney disease, 613
  activates Na/H-antiport, VSMC proliferation (abst), 254
  acute RF, orthotopic liver transplantation (abst), 254
  altered body composition metabolism (abst), 261
  calcium antagonists (abst), 1496
  children, nephrotic syndrome (abst), 906, 1182
  creatinine clearance as GFR marker (abst), 255
  cyclo-oxygenase synthesis, smooth muscle cells (abst), 465
  double therapy, azathioprine, steroids (abst), 1443
  hemodynamic effects (abst), 1481
  HMGCoA reductase inhibitors (abst), 1438
  hypertension therapy, Ca antagonists, ACEi (abst), 1439
  infectious morbidity/mortality (abst), 1473
  inhibits K+ channels, cortical collecting tubule, 974
  inhibits TNF-a production, PTEC, 352
  intrarenal deposits, acute rejection (abst), 1402
  intrarenal deposits, GP-170 expression, 1404
  measurement methods (abst), 1464
  monotherapy, post-transplant (abst), 1496
  monotherapy, primary immunosuppression (abst), 1491
  proteolytic renal cortex enzymes (abst), 254
  refractory nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1434
  renal function, post-transplant (abst), 1494
  steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (abst), 905
  toxicity, pediatric nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1182
  toxicity prevention, using AUC, 436
  toxicity prevention, using Iloprost (abst), 468
  uricosuric efficacy of benzbromarone (abst), 267
  adult nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1182
  after triple therapy (abst), 255
  allograft rupture (abst), 1471
  with azathioprine, outcome (abst), 1481
  children, dosing, 43:S–50
  children, synergistic immunosuppression, 43:S–12
  lipid metabolism (abst), 255
  monotherapy, triple therapy, CV risks (abst), 1424
  non-immunological factors, cadaver grafts (abst), 1418
  probucol, pharmacokinetic interaction (abst), 1403
  toxicity reduction, dietary magnesium (abst), 254
  triple therapy, graft impairment (abst), 1425
  tubular secretion of creatinine (abst), 1196
Cystic kidney disease
  acquired, cyclosporin A and, 613
  clinical management, 42:S–74
  expression, renal cell carcinoma, 585
  IgA nephropathy, abnormal PBMC detection, 1298
  in situ expression, IgA nephritis, 825
Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  detection, transplant patients (abst), 256, 1402, 1403
  gancyclovir therapy (abst), 1496
  HCV antibodies, HD, post-transplant (abst), 1429
  immunoprophylaxis, high risk recipients (abst), 266
  prophylaxis, hyperimmune globulin (abst), 1425
Cytosolic free calcium, MC, protein kinase C (abst), 1397
Cytosolic free sodium, fluorescent dye technique (abst), 253
Cytotoxic antibodies, HD, five-year follow-up (abst), 913

2,8-dihydroxyadenine stone formation (abst), 1198
DARPP-32, renal distribution, 495
Deferoxamine test dosage (abst), 1458
Delta of volume, estimating urea (abst), 1417
Dermatitis, perforating (abst), 1443
   aluminum clearance (abst), 910
   aluminum removal (abst), 1497
   osteoblast proliferation (abst), 1497
Dexamethasone, glomerular hypersensitivity (abst), 240
   apolipoprotein levels, Lp(a), HD (abst), 908
   HD, risk factors/survival rates (abst), 252
   intermittent PD versus HD (abst), 1404
   pre-transplant screening for CAD, 617
   renal osteodystrophy, 159
   screening, microalbuminuria, proteinuria (abst), 1408
   serum fructosamine measurement, HD (abst), 908
   tubular enzymuria, cholinesterase activity (abst), 1396
   uremia, renal osteodystrophy (abst), 1435
Diabetes mellitus
   apoliproprotein(a) phenotypes, HD, 1062
   impaired glucose tolerance, post-transplant (abst), 1443
   intralysosomal proteinases, starvation (abst), 248
   streptozotocin-induced, Ang II receptors (abst), 1392
   streptozotocin-induced, ANP receptors (abst), 471
Diabetic nephropathy
   atenolol, captopril, renal function (abst), 1197
   CAPD (abst), 1449
   early disease, long-term glycemic control, 855
   HMGCoA reductase inhibitors, hyperlipidemia (abst), 1438
   lovastatin, prevents GS (abst), 1181
   mechanisms of glycosaminoglycans (abst), 1395
   pathogenesis, altered sorbitol mechanisms (abst), 248
  protein diet, conversion enzyme inhibitors (abst), 1454
  proteinuria, renal progression (abst), 1181
  sodium-lithium countertransport, triglycerides, 127
  sodium overload, hypertension (abst), 1428
  transplantation outcome, age-related (abst), 267
  bicarbonate, COPD ventilatory function (abst), 1462
  biocompatibility, bicarbonate buffer, PD (abst), 1394
  buffers, replacement solution, organic anions (abst), 1466
  calcium, mineral metabolism (abst), 265
  contamination, backtransport (abst), 1423
  contamination, bacterial endotoxins (abst), 264
  cooler temperature, hemodynamic stability, 606
  IgG concentration, CAPD (abst), 1412
  magnesium concentration, erythrocytes, PTH (abst), 1404
  plasma volume, isotonic/hypertonic solutions (abst), 1415
  stable/variable sodium, urea excretion (abst), 264
  types and peritoneal-macrophage functions (abst), 251
  adequacy, membrane permeability (abst), 1399
  adequacy, urea kinetic modeling (abst), 260
  continuous intestinal, mannitol (abst), 1188
  high risk of cerebral hemorrhage, 1086
  international aid for, 479
  lovastatin, hypercholesterolemia (abst), 1453
  maintenance, children, 43:S–104
  modality, body composition (abst), 261
  protein restriction, malnutrition, 1139
  systolic/diastolic cardiac function (abst), 1499
  urea bounce, incidence of (abst), 1417
  urea clearance overestimation (abst), 1427
Dialysis-free interval, renal function changes (abst), 1196
Dialyzer sterilization with polyvinylpyrrilidone (abst), 1409
Diarrhea, electrolyte changes with (abst), 1176
  fish oil, increase of GS (abst), 248
  magnesium, cyclosporine nephrotoxicity (abst), 254
  phosphorous, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1428
  protein, Ang II, catecholamines, 285
  protein, angiotensin inhibitors, NS (abst), 1415
  protein, CEI, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1454
  protein, CRF, children (abst), 1417
  protein, excretion lithogenic substances (abst), 1418
  protein, excretion urinary oxalate, glycolate, 366
  protein, intake equations, CAPD, 1048
  protein, lipid metabolism, NS (abst), 1415
  protein, muscle metabolism, amino acids (abst), 465
  protein, parathyroid hormone, CRF, 173
  protein, renal failure, IGF-I, PTH (abst), 262
  protein, renal function, rats (abst), 1456
  protein, renal vasodilation, 659
  protein, uninephrectomy, renal injury (abst), 1454
  protein restriction, malnutrition, 1139
Digital subtraction renal angiography (abst), 1449
Disasters, international dialysis aid, 479
Distal renal tubular acidosis, lithiasis (abst), 1418
  furosemide type, Na/K cotransport system (abst), 237
  renovascular hypertension, urinary ACE (abst), 1420
DNA repair in uremia, 385
Donors, renal
  cadaver grafts, in children, 43:S–99
  cadaver grafts, long-term function (abst), 1439
  cadaver grafts, survival rates (abst), 1405, 1418
  cadaver grafts, Third World (abst), 1420
  computer systems (abst), 1490
  living related, attitudes of, 262
  living unrelated (abst), 1398
  organ exchange, HLA matching (abst), 1480
  same donor, effect on prognosis (abst), 1472
  cAMP-dependent phosphoprotein, renal effects, 495
  indomethacin reverses renal effects (abst), 1411
Doppler sonography
  color evaluation, post-transplant (abst), 466
  detection of transplant rejection (abst), 256
  echo pulsatility index, renal artery stenosis (abst), 1393
  transcranial diagnosis, brain death (abst), 1459
Double-lumen vascular access catheter
  insertion, ventricular arrhythmias (abst), 1481
Double-lumen vascular access catheter (abst), 1414, 1443
Dry weight
  estimation parameters (abst), 252
  non-invasive blood volume monitoring, 851
Dual-X-ray absorptiometry, body composition (abst), 261
  lipoprotein(a), CRF, HD (abst), 1187
  treated essential hypertension, racial aspects (abst), 1407
Dysplicemia, CAPD (abst), 1471

Echo-doppler pulsatility index (abst), 1393
Echographic study, parathyroid glands, HD (abst), 1438
Edema (ankle), nifedipine, sodium retention (abst), 1194
Elastinoly-tic enzyme, ANCA, proteinase 3 (abst), 1194
   ARF, progressive glomerulonephritis (abst), 1486
   CRF morbidity (abst), 1456
Electroencephalography, quantitative, rHuEPO, CRF, 1109
ELISA immunoblotting method, lupus antibodies (abst), 1475
Embolization, rejected allograft, absolute ethanol (abst), 1468
   hypertension, immunosuppression (abst), 1439
   reduces hematocrit elevation (abst), 1477
End-stage renal disease (ESRD)
   adequacy of dialysis (abst), 260
   bone histology, vitamin D3, PTH, radiology, 1071
   cardiac gated blood pool scan (abst), 1186
   dialysis modality, body composition (abst), 261
   erythropoietin concentration, HD (abst), 1185
   HIV infection, survival and CAPD, 373
   platelet fibrinogen receptor function (abst), 252
   reactive perforating collagenosis (abst), 1405
   bacterial, GN, antibiotic therapy (abst), 469
   enterococcus bacteremia (abst), 1418
Endocrine function, EPO therapy, HD (abst), 912
Endopeptidases, kinase activity localized (abst), 1420
Endothelial cells, adhesion molecules, leukocytes, 42:S–27
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression, EC, MC (abst), 1489
Endothelin (ET)
  basal vascular tone control (abst), 239
  EDRF, role in renal microcirculation (abst), 1393
  lupus nephritis (abst), 1185
  renal actions, Nephrology Forum, 451
  renal hemodynamics, rabbits (abst), 263
  rHuEPO therapy, CRF (abst), 1478
Endothelin (ET)-1
  administration, renal function (abst), 263
  renal handling, essential hypertension (abst), 1400
Endothelin (ET)-3, renal localization using PCR, 1273
Endothelin (ET) antagonist
  progressive renal disease, 440
  reverses renal vasoconstriction, 1217
Endothelin (ET) receptors
  nuclear protein kinase C, renal cell nuclei (abst), 239
  porcine inner medullary collecting duct cells (abst), 239
  subtypes, new ligands, 36
Endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF)
  basal vascular tone control (abst), 239
  endothelin, renal microcirculation (abst), 1393
  pressure control of renin release (abst), 240
  renal vasoconstriction, endotoxemic rats (abst), 1194
  bacterial contamination, dialysate (abst), 264
  shock, EDRF, renal vasoconstriction (abst), 1194
  TNF-a, IL-6, uremia (abst), 1392
Enlaparil, nephrosclerosis therapy (abst), 245
Enterococcus bacteremia, endocarditis (abst), 1418
EP3 receptor, in situ hybridization, 1372
Epiphyseal impaction, post-transplant, 98
Epithelial cells, embryonic composition, CCD, 527
Erythrocytes, dialysate magnesium, PTH (abst), 1404
Erythrocytic dysmorphism, aluminemia (abst), 1400
Erythrocytic membranes, liquorice abuse (abst), 1400
Erythrocytosis, theophylline, post-transplant (abst), 918
  aluminum, progenitor cell activity (abst), 1463
  aluminum, renal failure (abst), 1463
  anemia, CRF, children (abst), 911
  concentration, ESRD, HD (abst), 1185
  deficit, anemia, ARF (abst), 1411
  histamine release, HD patients (abst), 1394
  increased thrombosis risk, HD, 182
  low-dose, intravenous iron, anemia, HD (abst), 911
  molecular biology, Nephrology Forum, 887
  NECA effects on production, 734
  polycythemia, nitric oxide, RBF, 430
  renal cell production, identified, 1149
  renal formation, hypoxic hypoxia (abst), 238
  serum levels, post-transplant (abst), 1433
  thyroid hormones stimulate production (abst), 238
Erythropoietin therapy
  administration routes, HD (abst), 1413, 1480
  anemia, HD (abst), 912
  anemia, RF, cardiovascular aspects, 1309
  anemia, uremia, not on dialysis (abst), 1434
  arterial pressure (abst), 1482
  autologous blood transfusion (abst), 469
  b-glycosylated, HD (abst), 912
  bone marrow changes, HD (abst), 1185
  CAPD, HD (abst), 1479
  endocrine function, HD (abst), 912
  hematocrit, BP (abst), 1478
  hypophisial-gonadal axis (abst), 1475
  improves quality of life, HD (abst), 1412, 1413
  iron absorption, aluminum intoxication (abst), 1467
  pre-dialysis, CRF (abst), 1475
  pulmonary function changes (abst), 1469
  transplantation (abst), 1478
Essential hypertension
  compared, hypertension of NIDDM (abst), 1419
  cytosolic free sodium, platelets (abst), 244
  dyslipidemia, racial aspects (abst), 1407
  insulin resistance, LVH (abst), 1490
  microalbuminuria, antihypertensives (abst), 246
  nitrendipine (abst), 1469
  obesity, CV risk (abst), 1419
  renal handling of ET-I (abst), 1400
European (EDTA-ERA) Registry data, 43:S–22
Event-related potentials on Q-EEG, rHuEPO effects, 1109
Exercise capacity, rHuEPO therapy, CRF, HD (abst), 1416
Extracellular matrix
  altered synthesis in membranous nephropathy (abst), 247
  glycoprotein expression, ADPKD (abst), 243

5'-N-ethylcarboxamideadenosine (NECA), 734
Fabry's disease (abst), 1183
Familial Mediterranean fever, 834
Familiar hypercholesterolemia (abst), 916
Fe-gluconate therapy, iron deficiency (abst), 1421
Femoral arteriovenous fistula
   post-vascular puncture for HD (abst), 470
Femoral catheters, vascular access, HD (abst), 470
Fibric acid, APO ratio in uremia, clinofibrate, 1352
Fibrillary GN, without renal immunoglobulin deposits, 837
   glomerular, anti-GBM nephritis, 557
   hemolytic uremic syndrome (abst), 1195
   platelet activation, dialysis membrane (abst), 1187
Fish oil, dietary
   increase of glomerulosclerosis (abst), 248
   lupus nephritis, clinical findings, 75
FK506, inhibits TNF-a production, PTEC, 352
Flow cytometry
   cross match (abst), 1393
   platelet function in uremia (abst), 1484
Fluorescent dye technique (abst), 253
Focal contact formation, integrin PCR expression, MC, 997
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
   adults, cyclophosphamide (abst), 1426
   children, nephrotic, follow-up (abst), 1182
   children, post-transplant, 43:S–91
   children (abst), 1426
   glomerular hypertrophy, rats (abst), 247
   integrin expression in podocytes (abst), 247
   minimal change disease, renal biopsy (abst), 905
   transplantation (abst), 1487
Food intake, hemodynamic response (abst), 1447
Free oxygen radicals, induced by metals, HD (abst), 1437
Free radical production, age, HD (abst), 1483
Fructosamine measurement, diabetics, HD (abst), 908
Fungal peritonitis
  Candida, PD (abst), 1452
  CAPD (abst), 1189
  chronic PD (abst), 468
  Na/K cotransport system (abst), 237
  oliguric ARF (abst), 1451

G-melanocyte stimulating hormone (abst), 472
Gancyclovir therapy, CMV infection (abst), 1496
Gastrointestinal tract perforations (abst), 913
Gated blood pool scan, cardiac, ESRD (abst), 1186
Gelatinase release, MC activation by plasmin (abst), 242
Gemfibrozil, hyperlipidemia, uremia, HD (abst), 1419
Gene expression, renal, 42:S–47
Gene transfer, mammalian kidney (abst), 1419
Gentamicin toxicity
  interstitial cell infiltrate (abst), 1450
  in vitro model, 13
Gestational hypertension (abst), 1420
Glomerular angiotensinase A, regulation (abst), 244
Glomerular basement membrane, heparan sulfate proteoglycan (abst), 1192
Glomerular disease, n-3 fatty acids, proteinuria, 843
Glomerular endothelial cell function, integrin receptors, 278
Glomerular epithelial cells
  ATP analogues, UTP activate phospholipase C (abst), 258
  lipoprotein uptake, nephrotic syndrome, 1341
Glomerular fibrinolytic activity, anti-GBM GN, 557
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR)
  creatinine clearance as marker, 1145
  creatinine clearance as marker (abst), 255, 1434
  determination methods, children (abst), 1409
  k x body weight/P creatinine formula (abst), 259
  measurement by "single-shot" inulin (abst), 1195
  99mTc-DTPA assessment (abst), 1190
  renal amino acid infusion, glucagon (abst), 1413
Glomerular hypertrophy, FSGS (abst), 247
Glomerular immune deposits, anti-DNA monoclonal antibodies (abst), 905
Glomerular injury
  modulated by IL-6, 967
  TGF-b1 induces MC hypertrophy, 948
Glomerular peripolar cell, 42:S–35
Glomerulo-tubular feedback mechanism
  adenosine, TAL cells and (abst), 239
  loop diuretics (abst), 237
  ANCA-associated (abst), 1184
  ATS-induced, MCP-1 expression, 1036
  bacterial endocarditis, antibiotic therapy (abst), 469
  epidemiology, Spain (abst), 1495
  fibrillary, without renal immunoglobulin deposits, 837
  hepatitis B virus (abst), 1184, 1185
  HIV-associated, 1327
  HMC proliferation, role of IL-6 (abst), 241
  IgM mesangial proliferative (abst), 1404
  immune complex-mediated, platelet clearance, 716
  mesangial matrix metalloproteinases (abst), 258
  microscopic urinalysis, 42:S–9
  pathogenesis, 42:S–19
  primary, clinical study (abst), 1451
  Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, contributions of, 42:S–2
  progressive, ARF, elderly (abst), 1486
  rat model, 294
  recurrent, post-transplant (abst), 257
  Wegener's granulomatosis (abst), 1183
  allograft, 42:S–104
  allograft, children, 43:S–95
  collagen type III (abst), 250
  lipid, lovastatin, cholesterol levels (abst), 249
  lisinopril, microalbuminuria, proteinuria (abst), 1407
  morphologic analysis, post-transplant (abst), 1406
  schistosomal, 1
  schistosomal mansoni (abst), 1426
  transplant, incidence/evolution (abst), 1439
Glomerulopathy primary, clinical pathology (abst), 1431
  antihypertensive agents, ACEi, Ca antagonist (abst), 1178
  induced by fish oil diet (abst), 248
  lovastatin, diabetic glomerulopathy (abst), 1181
  nodular, heavy/light chain deposits (abst), 471
  ovariectomy, triglycerides, analbuminemia (abst), 1193
  TGF-b1, MC hypertrophy, 948
  Addison's, panhypopituitarism, 1130
  Addison's, panhypopituitarism (abst), 1196
  body composition, metabolism, post-transplant (abst), 261
  deficiency, phospholipase (abst), 263
Gluconic acid as glucose substitute, PD (abst), 1394
Glucose elevation, calcium ion uptake, VSMC, 344
Glucose modulates ANP, Ang II actions, MC, 518
Glucose tolerance, DM, post-transplant (abst), 1443
Glucose tolerance (GTT) test, insulin, GH, CRF (abst), 1456
Glutathione levels, RBC antioxidant activity (abst), 1186
Glycolate excretion, urinary oxalate, protein intake, 366
Glycolipid blood group antigens, renal expression, 1289
Glycolytic activity, muscle glycogen, CRF (abst), 1393
Glycoprotein expression, intrarenal CsA deposits (abst), 1404
Glycosaminoglycans, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1395
Goodpasture's syndrome
  azathioprine hypersensitivity (abst), 261
  HLA-DR and -DQ types, 307
  therapeutic immunoadsorption (abst), 1427
GP-170 expression, intrarenal CsA deposits (abst), 1404
Granulocyte inhibitory protein, HD, b2m (abst), 253
Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (abst), 1191
Granulocyte (PMNL) activation, HD (abst), 254
Grey level granulometry, renal damage (abst), 1450
Growth, post-transplant children, 43:S–56
Growth factors, renal, PTC cultures (abst), 1443
Growth hormone
  children, CRF (abst), 1185
  gene expression, acidosis, 1224
  post-GTT, insulin, blood sugar, CRF (abst), 1456
  puromycin aminonucleoside nephropathy, 1281
  renotropic effects with rhIGF-1, 1251
Growth hormone therapy
  children, post-transplant, 43:S–62, 43:S–65, 43:S–71, 43:S–76
  children with allografts, 199
Guillain-Barré syndrome (abst), 1443

  hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (abst), 1180
  isolated, Korean hemorrhagic fever (abst), 1179
Haploidentical recipients, transfusions (abst), 1435
Heat stress syndrome, neonatal (abst), 1179
Heavy chain deposits, nodular GS (abst), 471
  blood pressure, EPO therapy (abst), 1478
  elevations, enalapril (abst), 1477
  rHuEPO therapy, anemia (abst), 1441
Hematuria, relapsing (abst), 1464
Hemodiafiltration (abst), 1415
  A-V fistula hemodynamics (abst), 1465
  acquired cystic kidney disease (abst), 1412
  acute phase reactans C3a, b2m (abst), 1437
  adequacy, KT/V index, blood urea levels (abst), 916
  adequacy, percentage reduction, urea (abst), 1436
  albumin-free rHuEPO, CRF (abst), 1413
  allergic reactions (abst), 1414, 1422
  amino acids, cognitive function (abst), 908
  amyloidosis (abst), 1395, 1409, 1461
  anemia, EPO therapy (abst), 911, 912
  angiotensin converting enzyme (abst), 1437
  apolipoprotein levels, Lp(a), diabetics (abst), 908
  apoliproprotein(a) phenotypes, with/without DM, 1062
  blood volume and dry weight, 851
  body composition, CRF (abst), 1449
  bone loss, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 253
  bone mineral density, transplantation (abst), 1457
  calcitriol therapy, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1408
  calcitriol therapy, osteocalcin levels (abst), 1408
  calcitriol therapy, risks/benefits (abst), 259
calcitriol therapy (abst), 1455
chronic, bacteremia, multicenter study (abst), 467
CNS function analysis with MEG (abst), 914
COPD, ventilatory function (abst), 1462
CRF, survival rate/causes of death (abst), 1186
desferioxamine, aluminum clearance (abst), 910
diabetic patients, survival rates (abst), 252
dialysis time, females/males (abst), 1484
double lumen catheter, urea kinetics (abst), 1443
dyslipidemia, lipoprotein(a), CRF (abst), 1187
echographic study, parathyroid glands (abst), 1438
endocrine function, EPO therapy (abst), 912
EPO, histamine release (abst), 1394
EPO concentration, ESRD (abst), 1185
EPO therapy, aluminum intoxication (abst), 1467
EPO therapy, quality of life (abst), 1412, 1413
EPO therapy, thrombosis risk, 182
EPO therapy (abst), 1413
erythrocytic dysmorphism, aluminemia, uremia (abst), 1400
exercise capacity, rHuEPO therapy (abst), 1416
fistula survival factors (abst), 1187
free oxygen radicals, induced by metals (abst), 1437
free radical production, age (abst), 1483
HBV prevalence (abst), 1432
HBV vaccination (abst), 1425
HCV, CMV, post-transplant (abst), 1429
HCV, hepatic histopathology (abst), 1445
HCV (abst), 1407, 1410
HCV antibodies (abst), 1410
HCV detection, pre-transplant, 1097
HCV detection by PCR (abst), 464
HCV genome in serum (abst), 1391
HCV prevalence, patients/personnel (abst), 1418
HCV prevalence, risk factors, 1322
HCV prevalence (abst), 1188, 1402, 1405, 1423, 1432
HCV transmission (abst), 1467
hepatitis antibody prevalence (abst), 917
hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1405
hyperlipidemia, gemfibrozil treatment (abst), 1419
hyperphosphatemia treatment (abst), 260
  hypotension, NO, uremia, platelet dysfunction, 445
  immunological function, calcitriol (abst), 1398
  induction of IL-1, TNF, IL-6 (abst), 1187
  INF-a-2C treatment, HIV carriers (abst), 1399
  influenza vaccination (abst), 918
  versus intermittent PD, diabetes (abst), 1404
  iron deficiency, Fe-gluconate therapy (abst), 1421
  L-carnitine, vascular refilling, ultrafiltration (abst), 260
  lipid abnormalities, transplantation, uremia (abst), 1441
  lipid metabolism (abst), 1406
  long-term changes in tumor markers (abst), 917
  mannitol use, osmolar gap as evaluation (abst), 1422
  mechanisms of polydipsia, 107
  microdialysis measures urea kinetics, 622
  mineral metabolism, calcium dialysate (abst), 265
  non-occlusive ischemic ileitis (abst), 1444
  nutritional status (abst), 1459
  35o-C dialysate, hemodynamic stability, 606
  patient rehabilitation (abst), 1431
  phagocytosis inhibition, 208
  plasma volume, isotonic/hypertonic solutions (abst), 1415
  plasmic compounds of low molecular weight (abst), 1437
  prescription, computer systems (abst), 1490
  procollagen I C-terminal peptide (abst), 1396
  protein/caloric malnutrition, PCR, HD (abst), 1467
  pruritus (abst), 1483
  rapid, high efficiency (abst), 917
  renal osteodystrophy (abst), 910
  serological markers, uremic pruritus (abst), 1467
  serum albumin as mortality predictor, 115
  serum fructosamine measurement, diabetics (abst), 908
  short, hemodynamic tolerance (abst), 1471
  silent myocardial ischemia (abst), 1411
  spontaneous decrease PMN cells, CRF (abst), 1450
  stool parasites (abst), 1471
  T cell activation defect, B7/CD28 pathway, 359
  ten-year follow-up, Uruguay (abst), 1459, 1460
  twelve-year follow-up, Chile (abst), 1419
  vessel wall properties, normotensive patients (abst), 252
  body position (abst), 1446
  cyclosporine A (abst), 1481
  food intake (abst), 1447
  ibopamine, CHF (abst), 1196
  opening/closing A-V fistula (abst), 1465
  continuous arteriovenous (abst), 1416
  continuous venovenous, 1465
Hemoglobin estimation, rHuEPO therapy, anemia (abst), 1441
Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)
  children, post-transplant, 43:S–91
  fibrinolytic system (abst), 1195
  acute exogenous intoxications (abst), 1453
  desferioxamine, aluminum clearance (abst), 910
Hemophane membrane, granulocyte activation (abst), 254
Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)
  cytokines for proteinuria (abst), 1180
  hantavirus partial RNA isolation (abst), 1179
  monoclonal antibody development (abst), 1180
  T-cell subsets, flow cytometry (abst), 1180
  transendothelial migration, mononuclear cells (abst), 1180
Henle's loop, lithium transport simulation, 337
Henoch-Schönlein nephritis (abst), 1183
Heparan sulfate proteoglycan (HSPG)
  molecular cloning from GBM (abst), 1192
  renal hemodynamics, proteinuria (abst), 1192
Heparin, low molecular weight, single bolus (abst), 1477
Hepatitis B virus (HBV)
  clinical course, post-transplant (abst), 1189
  glomerulonephritis, ACEi effect (abst), 1184
  glomerulonephritis, a-IFN therapy (abst), 1184
  glomerulonephritis, compared SLE (abst), 1185
  hepatic dysfunction, HBsAg+ analysis (abst), 1448
  immunization after rHuEPO therapy (abst), 1430
  prevalence, HD (abst), 917
  prevalence, HD/transplantation (abst), 1432
  reactivation with immunosuppression (abst), 1427
  vaccination, post-transfusion immunization (abst), 1425
Hepatitis C virus (HCV)
  antibodies, HD (abst), 1485, 1488, 1491
  antibodies, transplantation (abst), 1495
  clinical course, post-transplant (abst), 1189
  CMV antibodies, HD, post-transplant (abst), 1429
  detection, pre-transplantation, HD, 1097
  detection by PCR, hemodialysis (abst), 464
  epidemiology, transmission, HD (abst), 1467
  hemodialysis (abst), 1410
  hepatic dysfunction, HBsAg+ analysis (abst), 1448
  hepatic histopathology, HD (abst), 1445
  hepatic lesions, dialysis-acquired (abst), 1496
  impact, chronic HD (abst), 1407
  predialysis, epidemiology (abst), 1467
  prevalence, HD, 1322
  prevalence, HD, CAPD (abst), 1188
  prevalence, HD, transplantation (abst), 1432
  prevalence, HD (abst), 917, 1188, 1402, 1405, 1418, 1423, 1433, 1448, 1475, 1492
  prevalence, personnel (abst), 917, 1418, 1492
  prevalence, post-transplant (abst), 914
  RNA genome in HCV transplant patients (abst), 1391
Hepatitis D virus, prevalence, HD (abst), 917
Heymann nephritis (abst), 472
Hippuran, renal extraction, ACEi, rats (abst), 1194
Histamine release, HD, EPO (abst), 1394
HLA antigens
  polyarteritis, renal involvement (abst), 906
  tumor necrosis factor-a, 1486
HLA-DR and -DQ types in anti-GBM nephritis, 307
HLA-identical transplant recipients, OKT3 (abst), 468
HLA matching, effect on graft survival (abst), 1190
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
  hypercholesterolemia, dialysis (abst), 1453
  hypercholesterolemia, post-transplant CsA (abst), 1438
  hyperlipidemia, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1438
Honeybees, African and ARF (abst), 1455
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  CAPD outcome and, 191, 373
  immune-complex glomerulonephritis, 1327
  INF-a-2C treatment, HD (abst), 1399
  MC expression increased by TGF-b, 191
  prevention, autologous transfusion (abst), 469
  renal lesions (abst), 466
  TGF-b, genetic expression in MC, 1022
Humoral control, medullary blood flow (abst), 239
Hydrostatic-induced transport during CAPD, 1078
Hydroxyvitamin D3, renal osteodystrophy, HD (abst), 910
Hypercalcemia, hyperparathyroidism, HD (abst), 1405
  calcium depletion, overload test (abst), 1493
  calcium stone formers, PTH, calcitonin (abst), 1397
  children, bone mineral density (abst), 1176, 1421
  urinary sodium/creatinine, nephrolithiasis (abst), 1445
Hyperchloremic acidosis, transplantation (abst), 1397
  HMGCoA reductase inhibitors, CsA (abst), 1438
  lovastatin, dialysis (abst), 1453
  simvastatin, nephrosis, proteinuria, 1124
  simvastatin, rejection (abst), 1497
Hyperimmune globulin, CMV prophylaxis (abst), 1425
  acute, control with nebulized salbutamol (abst), 1412
  risk factors, prognosis (abst), 908
  gemfibrozil treatment, uremia, HD (abst), 1419
  HMGCoA reductase inhibitors, DM nephropathy (abst), 1438
  lovastatin, nephrotic proteinuria (abst), 1429
Hyperoxaluria, children, post-transplant, 43:S–91
  1-a hydroxyvitamin D3, HD (abst), 1411
  22-oxa-calcitriol, calcium metabolism, 551
  bone densitometry (abst), 1485
  calcitriol therapy, chronic HD (abst), 1408
  children, CRF (abst), 1417
  experimental PTH response, 1,25(OH)2D3, 1259
  high phosphorus diet (abst), 1428
  hypercalcemia, HD patients (abst), 1405
  oral calcitriol pulse therapy (abst), 253
  prevents bone loss, long-term HD (abst), 253
  T cell immunity, 1,25(OH)2D3, uremia (abst), 1391
Hyperphosphatemia, aluminum hydroxide therapy (abst), 260
Hyperprostaglandin E-syndrome, Tamm-Horsfall protein, 401
  adrenal masses (abst), 1473
  adrenal microadenomas, aldosterone (abst), 916
  ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (abst), 1444, 1481
  arterial, adolescents (abst), 1477
  calcium antagonists, ACEi, immunosuppression (abst), 1439
  cytosolic free sodium, platelets (abst), 244
  diabetic, compared, essential hypertension (abst), 1419
  dialysis, antihypertensives, regression of uremic LVH, 881
  drug treatment, 42:S–68
  hemodynamic response, body position (abst), 1446
  hemodynamic response, food intake (abst), 1447
  incidence, children (abst), 1407
  insulin, CRF (abst), 910
  insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia (abst), 1395
  intracellular calcium pools, VSMC (abst), 244
  isolated systolic, antihypertensive agents (abst), 911
  malignant, clinical study (abst), 1177
  malignant, enzymatic profile analysis (abst), 1428
  management, post-transplant, 43:S–45
  plasma endothelin concentration (abst), 1178
  pregnancy (abst), 1420, 1436, 1457
  Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, contributions of, 42:S–50, 42:S–52
  renal angiography (abst), 1449
  renal functional consequences, 42:S–52
  renin profiling, Nephrology Forum, 1163
  renovascular, ACE (abst), 245
  renovascular, ACEi, Nephrology Forum, 1379
  renovascular, control post-PTA (abst), 911
  renovascular, diagnostic tests (abst), 1448
  renovascular, treatment (abst), 1416
  renovascular, urinary ACE, diuretics (abst), 1420
  unilateral small kidney (abst), 1449
  "white coat" (abst), 1444
Hypertonicity, osmoregulation, collecting duct cells, 509
Hypertriglyceridemia, fibric acid, clinofibrate, 1352
Hyperuricemia, benziodarone, transplantation (abst), 1480
Hypocitraturia, calcium stone formers (abst), 1442
Hypokalemia, familial renal pathophysiology (abst), 1197
Hypomagnesemia, familial renal pathophysiology (abst), 1197
Hyponatremia, neurologic complications (abst), 471
Hypophisial-gonadal axis, CRF, EPO therapy (abst), 1475
Hypophosphatemia, post-transplant (abst), 1483
Hypothyroidism, thyroxin, renal function (abst), 1195
Hypoxic hypoxia, EPO-producing cells (abst), 238
Hyroxine, cisplatin-nephrotoxicity (abst), 1178

Ibopamine, hemodynamic effects, CHF (abst), 1196
Idiopathic IgA nephropathy, IL-4, IL-6 (abst), 1489
Idiopathic membranous nephropathy (abst), 1424
IFN-G-activation, lupus nephritis (abst), 1441
IgA, IgG2a anti-CD3 isotype switch variants (abst), 1198
IgA nephropathy
   children, post-transplant, 43:S–91
   cytokine networks, abnormal PBMC detection, 1298
   glomerular inflammation, complement depletion (abst), 1192
   idiopathic, IL-4, IL-6 (abst), 1489
   renal function, Na-lithium countertransport (abst), 906
   shared idiotypes, mesangial deposits, 65
   in situ cytokine expression, 825
IgE, HD and hypersensitivity (abst), 1475
   binding, to C1Q complement subunit, MC (abst), 1192
   binding, to Tamm-Horsfall protein, 1014
   concentration, dialysate, CAPD (abst), 1412
   incidence of peritonitis (abst), 1476
IgG2a, IgA anti-CD3 isotype switch variants (abst), 1198
IgM mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis (abst), 1404
Ileitis, non-occlusive ischemic, HD (abst), 1444
Ileum, foreign body perforation, CAPD (abst), 264
Iloprost, CsA glomerular vasoconstriction (abst), 468
Immune complex-mediated GN, platelet clearance, 716
Immunizations, pediatric transplant patients, 43:S–87
Immunoallergic ARF, children, NSAIDs (abst), 467
Immunologic function
   antigen presentation, parenchymal cells, 927
   cellular response, 1,25(0H)2D3, CRF (abst), 1403
   HD, uremia, calcitriol therapy (abst), 1398
   aluminum intoxication (abst), 1453
   children, synergistic regimens, cyclosporine, 43:S–12
   comparison studies (abst), 1488
   hepatitis B reactivation (abst), 1427
   hypertension, Ca antagonists, ACEi (abst), 1439
   hyporesponsiveness (abst), 1489
   infections, post-transplant (abst), 914
   neutrophil chemotaxis (abst), 1400
   OKT3, ATG-Fresenius, post-transplant (abst), 266
   OKT3, HLA-identical recipients (abst), 468
   steroids, azathioprine, CsA (abst), 1443
Indomethacin reverses renal effects, dopamine (abst), 1411
Infants, urinary concentration, asphyxia (abst), 1457
   exit site/subcutaneous tunnel, CAPD (abst), 915
   morbidity/mortality decrease, CsA (abst), 1473
   post-transplant, Nephrology Forum, 221
   with triple immunotherapy, post-transplant (abst), 914
   vascular access, post-stent insertion (abst), 470
Influenza vaccination post-transplant, HD (abst), 918
Infusion clearance, inulin, 1058
Inherited kidney disorders, molecular approach, 1205
   glomerular, modulated by IL-6, 967
   glomerular, TGF-b1, MC hypertrophy, 948
   renal, cholera, ARF (abst), 1420
Inner medullary collecting duct cells, ET-1R (abst), 239
   atrial natriuretic peptide, CRF (abst), 910
   hypertension, CRF (abst), 910
   post-GTT, GH, CRF (abst), 1456
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
   aluminum, non-diabetic uremia (abst), 1445
   histomorphometric bone pattern, dialysis (abst), 1445
   tubular enzymuria, cholinesterase activity (abst), 1396
Insulin-like growth factor-I
   PTH, RF induced by protein diet (abst), 262
   renotropic effects with rhGF, 1251
Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor, 1242
Insulin receptor, gene expression (abst), 1395
Insulin resistance
   Na retention, NIDD, 139
   salt sensitivity (abst), 246
Integrin expression, focal contact formation, MC, 997
Integrin receptors, glomerular endothelial cells, 278
Intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (abst), 1442
Interferon-a-2C, HIV carriers, HD (abst), 1399
   regulation, MCP-1 in cortical epithelial cells, 43
   stimulation, C4 biosynthesis, tubular cells, 50
Interleukin-2, T cell expression, 1,25(OH)2D3 (abst), 909
Interleukin-1 (IL-1)
   induction, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
   mediated expression of MnSOD, mechanisms (abst), 242
   PBMC production, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
Interleukin-4 (IL-4)
   idiopathic IgA nephropathy (abst), 1489
   minimal change NS, children (abst), 1182
Interleukin-6 (IL-6)
   diagnostic value, post-transplantation (abst), 256
   down-regulated production (abst), 254
   expression, renal cell carcinoma, 585
   idiopathic IgA nephropathy (abst), 1489
   induction, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
   mesangial cell growth regulation (abst), 241
   modulates glomerular injury, 967
   PBMC production, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
   TNF-a, HD (abst), 1495
   TNF-a, release by monocytes, uremia (abst), 1392
Interleukin-2 receptor (IL2R)
   dialysis amyloidosis, uremia (abst), 1395
   expression, antisense oligonucleotides (abst), 255
   expression, PD (abst), 1473
   expression, rejecting allograft (abst), 255
   minimal change NS, children (abst), 1182
International dialysis aid, 479
Interstitial cell infiltrate, gentamicin (abst), 1450
Interstitial chronic renal injury (abst), 1450
Interstitial fibrosis in obstructive nephropathy, 774
Interstitial tubule disease (abst), 1451
Intoxications, acute exogenous, hemoperfusion (abst), 1453
Intra-peritoneal free elastase, CAPD peritonitis, 87
Intralysosomal proteinases, DM nephropathy (abst), 248
Intraperitoneal transport, hydrostatic pressure, CAPD, 1078
Intrarenal pressure determination, RF, post-transplant (abst), 1421
   renal versus infusion clearance, 1058
   "single-shot" injection, GFR measurement (abst), 1195
Iron, calcium, oxidant-induced DNA damage, 1228
Iron therapy
   EPO therapy, aluminum intoxication (abst), 1467
   EPO therapy, HD (abst), 911
   Fe-gluconate, HD (abst), 1421
   rHuEPO, dialysis (abst), 1476
Ischemia, renal warm (abst), 1428
Ischemic non-occlusive ileitis, HD (abst), 1444
Isradipine, arterial BP, renal hemodynamics (abst), 1429

Juxtamedullary arterioles, neural control, 684

K+ channels
  ANF, Ang II, adenosine glomerular responses (abst), 240
  inhibition of, ammonium, depolarized TAL cells (abst), 237
  inhibition of, CsA, 974
  oscillations, migrating MDCK cells (abst), 237
K+ ions, arterial pressure changes (abst), 908
Kallikrein-kinin system, potassium loading (abst), 1454
Kaposi's sarcoma, transplantation (abst), 918
Karyomegalic interstitial nephritis (abst), 259
Ketotifeno, pruritus treatment (abst), 1415
Kincaid-Smith, Priscilla, 42:S–2, 42:S–50, 42:S–52, 42:S–71, 42:S–99
Korean hemorrhagic fever (abst), 1179, 1180
KT/V index
  blood urea levels, CAPD outcome (abst), 1188
  blood urea levels, HD adequacy (abst), 916
L-carnitine, vascular refilling, ultrafiltration (abst), 260
Laparoscopic renal surgery, 273
Laxative-induced diarrhea, electrolyte changes (abst), 1176
Lead nephropathy (abst), 1486, 1487
Lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase, proteinuria, CETP, 91
Left ventricular hypertrophy
   antihypertensive therapy, 881
   essential hypertension (abst), 1490
Leptospirosis, membrane plasmapheresis, CAPD (abst), 1452
Leukocyte-endothelial cell adhesion molecules, 42:S–27
Leukocytes, peripheral blood, PMMA membrane (abst), 1394
   azathioprine, GM-CSF (abst), 1191
   treatment (abst), 1479
Ligands, ET receptor subtypes, 36
Light chain deposits, nodular GS (abst), 471
Lipid levels
   abnormalities, transplantation, uremia (abst), 1441
   immunosuppression, post-transplant (abst), 1198
   post-pancreas/renal transplant (abst), 266
Lipid metabolism
   body composition, CsA, carbohydrates (abst), 261
   chronic hemodialysis (abst), 1406
   nephrotic syndrome, dietary protein (abst), 1415
   transplantation (abst), 1474
Lipo-oxygenase inhibitors
   hypertension of pregnancy (abst), 1420, 1457
Lipoprotein uptake, glomerular EC, nephrotic syndrome, 1341
   apolipoprotein levels, diabetics, HD (abst), 908
   concentration, CRF, post-transplant (abst), 1190
   dyslipidemia, CRF, HD (abst), 1187
   nephrotic syndrome, 1116
   nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1182
Liquorice abuse (abst), 1400
Lisinopril, microalbuminuria, BP, glomerulopathy (abst), 1407
Lithiasis, renal acidification capacity (abst), 1418
Lithium nephrotoxicity, 42:S–93
Lithium-sodium countertransport, DM nephropathy, 127
Lithium transport simulation, thin loop segments, 337
Liver transplantation
   acute renal failure (abst), 1499
   CsA, ARF (abst), 254
LLC-PK1 cells, oxidant-induced DNA damage, 1228
   glomerulosclerosis, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1181
   hypercholesterolemia, CsA (abst), 1438
   hypercholesterolemia, dialysis (abst), 1453
   hyperlipidemia, nephrotic proteinuria (abst), 1429
   lipid glomerulopathy, cholesterol levels (abst), 249
Low density lipoproteins (LDL)
   APO B epitopes, HD, 1360
   MC uptake, cholesterol metabolism (abst), 248
Lower limb paraplegia, metabolic study (abst), 1446
LPS modifies plasminogen activator/plasmin (abst), 258
Luminal cGMP decreases C1 flux in the mTAL, 741
Lupus nephritis
   ANCA-associated (abst), 1185
   children, post-transplant, 43:S–91
   clinical/pathologic features, males (abst), 1184
   clinical study (abst), 1184
   cyclophosphamide therapy (abst), 249, 1470, 1492
   endothelin role (abst), 1185
   fish oil, clinical findings, 75
   IFN-G-activation, EC, immune response (abst), 1441
   reversibility of RF (abst), 1488
   risk factors, treatment (abst), 1461
   T cell clones, renal involvement in SLE (abst), 1441
Lupus nephropathy
   antibodies, ELISA measurement (abst), 1475
   antiphospholipid antibodies (abst), 1489
   renal biopsy (abst), 1406
Lymphocele, as transplantation complication (abst), 918
Lymphocyte subsets
   CAPD (abst), 1476
   TCRI (abst), 1482
Lymphocytic molecules, rosette phenomenon (abst), 465
Lymphocytic response, post-rHuEPO therapy (abst), 1430
Lymphokines, b2-m synthesis, amyloidosis, HD (abst), 1409
Lympholysis, cell-mediated, post-transplant (abst), 1427
Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin allograft recipient (abst), 466
LysoPAF metabolism in nephrotoxic nephritis, 747

Macrophages, peritoneal
 function, different dialysate solutions (abst), 251
 function, low-calcium dialysate (abst), 251
Macrovascular disease, NIDDM, microalbuminuria (abst), 1397
Macula densa cells, Na/K cotransport, diuretics (abst), 237
MAG3 pharmacokinetics (abst), 1493
Mg++ ions, arterial pressure changes (abst), 908
 dialysis concentration, erythrocytes, PTH (abst), 1404
 dietary, cyclosporine toxicity (abst), 254
Magnetoencephalography, CNS function analysis (abst), 914
Malarie Falciparum, acute renal failure (abst), 1455
Malignant disease, allograft recipients (abst), 1191
Malignant hypertension (abst), 1177, 1428
Malignant pheochromocytoma (abst), 470
Malnutrition, protein restriction, dialysis, 1139
Manganese superoxide dismutase induction (abst), 242
Mannitol, continuous intestinal dialysis (abst), 1188
Mass transfer coefficient (abst), 1473
Mastocites, pruritus treatment, ketotifeno (abst), 1415
MDCK cells, transformed, K+ channel oscillations (abst), 237
Mean arterial pressure, CAPD (abst), 1394
Medullary blood flow, humoral control (abst), 239
Medullary thick ascending limb cells, inhibited by cGMP, 741
Membranes, hemodialysis
 AN69, anaphylactoid reactions (abst), 1481
 b2-m synthesis, amyloidosis, lymphokines (abst), 1409
 biocompatibility, clinical implications, 484
 biocompatibility, phagocytic action, HD (abst), 1466
 complement factor D adsorption (abst), 1187
 IL-1, TNF, IL-4, PBMC production (abst), 1187
 permeability, CAPD adequacy (abst), 1399
 platelet activation, fibrinolysis (abst), 1187
 PMMA, adhesion molecules, peripheral leukocytes (abst), 1394
 polyacrylonitrile, complement factor D (abst), 260
 types, COPD ventilatory function (abst), 1462
Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritides (abst), 1185
Membranous glomerulonephritis
 anticoagulant factor protein S deficiency (abst), 1398
 idiopathic, non-treated (abst), 1438
 with nephrotic syndrome (abst), 249
 prednisone, clorambucil (abst), 1437
Membranous nephropathy
 altered ECM synthesis (abst), 247
 children, post-transplant, 43:S–91
 corticosteroids, Ponticelli's schedule (abst), 1462
 urinary C5b-9 excretion (abst), 250
 VLA (b1 integrin) distribution (abst), 1392
Membranous nephropathy, idiopathic (abst), 1424
Menstrual function, post-transplant (abst), 913
Mesangial cells
 autocrine growth regulation, IL-6 (abst), 241
 AVP, Ang II, genetic expression (abst), 242
 cellular ATP mechanisms, Ca activity (abst), 241
 C1Q complement, binding IgG, MC (abst), 1192
 cytosolic free Ca, protein kinase C (abst), 1397
 gelatinase release, activation by plasmin (abst), 242
 glucose modulates ANP, Ang II actions, 518
 HIV expression increased by TGF-b, 191
 LDL uptake, cholesterol metabolism (abst), 248
 mechanosensitive calcium channels (abst), 241
 PCR integrin, focal contact formation, 997
 simvastatin, PDGF, DNA synthesis, 503
 TGF-b increases HIV expression, 1022
 TGF-b1 induces hypertrophy, 948
 thromboxane receptors, protein kinase C, 58
 TNF-a induces RANTES expression, 795
 vascular permeability factor, PBMC, 959
Mesangial matrix, metalloproteinase, GN (abst), 258
Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis (abst), 1404
Mesangial sclerosis, morphologic analysis (abst), 1406
Metal ions and arterial pressure changes (abst), 908
 inhibited by captopril, 1266
 mesangial matrix, GN (abst), 258
Metals induce free oxygen radicals, HD (abst), 1437
Metanephric development and IGF-IR, 1242
  ANCA-positive renal vasculitides, 215
  inhibits OKT3 first-dose reaction (abst), 1485
Methylprednisone, OKT3, rejection, children (abst), 1454
  essential hypertension, antihypertensives (abst), 246
  lisinopril, proteinuria, BP, glomerulopathy (abst), 1407
  macrovascular disease, diabetes (abst), 1397
  physical exercise (abst), 1446
  screening diabetics, proteinuria (abst), 1408
Microdialysis measures urea kinetics, 622
Microscopic polyarteritis, renal involvement (abst), 906
Mineral metabolism
  children, CAPD (abst), 1465
  HD, calcium salts/dialysate (abst), 265
Mineralocorticoid deficiency, Addison's (abst), 1196
Minimal change disease
  children (abst), 1182
  FSGS, renal biopsy (abst), 905
Minocycline hydrochloride, renal cysts (abst), 1177
Monoclonal antibody therapy, rejection (abst), 1416
Monoclonal gammopathy, antilymphocytic globulins (abst), 265
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression, 1036
Monocyte chemotactic peptide-1, INF-G regulation, 43
Monocyte membrane antigen 48kDa excretion (abst), 249
Monocytes, TNF-a, IL-6, rejection (abst), 256
Muscarinic receptors, forearm vascular bed (abst), 1193
Muscle glycogen content, CRF (abst), 1393
Myocardial ischemia, hemodialysis (abst), 1411
Myocardiopathy, uremic (abst), 1470
Myopathy, liquorice abuse (abst), 1400

n-3 fatty acids, proteinuria, glomerular disease, 843
Na+-alanine cotransport, intracellular cations (abst), 238
Na-2Cl-K cotransport, macula densa cells (abst), 237
Na/H antiport
  CsA activates, VSMC proliferation (abst), 254
  uremia, RBC, 574
Na+/H+ exchange, 1,25(OH)2D3, PTH (abst), 262
Na+ ions, arterial pressure changes (abst), 908
  assay, cytosolic free sodium, RF (abst), 253
  ouabain sensitivity, rat nephron (abst), 262
Na+/K+ cotransport, erythrocytes, liquorice abuse (abst), 1400
Na+ transport, clonidine, water transport, rat CCD, 30
  ANP, G-melanocyte stimulating hormone (abst), 472
  blunted volume expansion, Heymann nephritis (abst), 472
Natriuretic hormone, non-peptidic, non-digitalis-like, 937
  obstructive nephropathy, 593
  sauna syndrome (abst), 1179
  acute hypersensitivity interstitial (abst), 1179
  autoreactive T cell clone regulation, 692
  chronic tubulointerstitial, 42:S–71
  karyomegalic interstitial, HLA-associated (abst), 259
  nephrotoxic, defective lysoPAF metabolism, 747
  pathogenesis, complement deficiency, 42:S–13
  radiation, renal protection (abst), 1421
  metabolic disorders (abst), 1461, 1494
  urinary sodium/creatinine, hypercalciuria (abst), 1445
  pediatric OPD clinic (abst), 1435
  program, Chile (abst), 1424
  analgesic, 42:S–86
  lead, EDTA therapy (abst), 1487
  lead, experimental (abst), 1486, 1487
  obstructive, interstitial fibrosis, 774
  puromycin aminonucleoside, rhGH, 1281
  reflux, vesicoureteric reflux, 42:S–80
  pressure-dependent renin release (abst), 245
  therapy, nitrendipine with enlaparil (abst), 245
Nephrosis, post-transplant, CNF patients, 867
Nephrotic syndrome
  adults, cyclosporine (abst), 1182
  amyloidosis, 1183
  angiotensin inhibitors, protein diet (abst), 1415
  children, CsA toxicity (abst), 1182
  children, cyclosporin (abst), 906
  children, FSGS, follow-up (abst), 1182
  children, IL-4, mRNA expression (abst), 1182
  children, IL-2r, T-cell subsets (abst), 1182
  children, steroid resistant (abst), 256
  congenital, Finnish type, 867
  coronary heart disease and, 638
  diurnal rhythm, sodium excretion (abst), 1196
  hepatic cholesterol metabolism, rats, 789
  idiopathic, use of sandimmune (abst), 265
  lipid metabolism, varied protein diet (abst), 1415
  lipoproteins, 1116, 1182
  lipoproteins glomerular epithelial cells, 1341
  with membranous glomerulonephritis (abst), 249
  prophylactic oral anticoagulants (abst), 265
  proteinuria, lovastatin, hyperlipidemia (abst), 1429
  refractory, CsA therapy (abst), 1434
  simvastatin, hypercholesterolemia, proteinuria, 1124
  spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia tarda (abst), 1395
  steroid resistant, CsA (abst), 905
Nephrotoxic nephritis, defective lysoPAF metabolism, 747
  cisplatin-induced, thyroxine effect (abst), 1178
  cisplatinum (abst), 251
  CsA, pediatric nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1182
  cyclosporine, dietary magnesium (abst), 254
  lithium, 42:S–93
  ochratoxin A (abst), 251
  in vitro model, 13
Neural control juxtamedullary arterioles, 684
Neuroleptic malignity syndrome and ARF (abst), 907
Neutrophil chemotaxis, immunosuppression (abst), 1400
Neutrophil elastase, CAPD peritonitis, 87
Neutrophils, Tamm Horsfall protein receptor, 423
  ankle edema, sodium retention (abst), 1194
  carbohydrate metabolism, CRF (abst), 1455
  essential hypertension (abst), 1469
  nephrosclerosis therapy (abst), 245
Nitric oxide (NO)
  glomerular hypersensitivity, dexamethasone (abst), 240
  platelet dysfunction, dialysis hypotension, 445
  renal blood flow, EPO-induced polycythemia, 430
  synthase, distribution in kidney (abst), 240
  synthase expression, EC, MC (abst), 1489
Nodular glomerulosclerosis (abst), 471
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, donor related (abst), 466
Non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM)
  hypertension, compared essential hypertension (abst), 1419
  insulin resistance, Na retention, 139
  microalbuminuria, macrovascular disease (abst), 1397
  tubular enzymuria, cholinesterase activity (abst), 1396
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  immunoallergic ARF, children (abst), 467
  renal complications, Nephrology Forum, 643
North American Pediatric Renal Transplant Cooperative Study, 43:S–16, 43:S–104
Nutritional status
  CAPD, assessment (abst), 1412
  CAPD, peritoneal transport (abst), 1458
  CAPD (abst), 1458
  computer system assessment (abst), 1490
  diabetics, lipoproteins, HD (abst), 908
  maintenance HD (abst), 1459

1-a hydroxyvitamin D3, PTH, HD (abst), 1411
   cellular immune response, CRF (abst), 1403
   intermittent/continuous exposure, chondrocytes, 708
   Na+/H+-exchange, PTH inhibition (abst), 262
   parathyroid response, 1259
   PTH, calcitriol pulse therapy, CAPD (abst), 1399
   PTH, T-cell expression, IL-2, HD (abst), 909
   PTH, T cell immunity, uremia (abst), 1391
Obesity, essential hypertension, CV risk (abst), 1419
Obstructive nephropathy, interstitial fibrosis and, 774
Obstructive uropathy, post-transplant (abst), 1466
Ochratoxin A, nephrotoxicity (abst), 251
Oculo-renal syndrome without ANCA (abst), 1431
OKT3 therapy
  acute rejection steroid resistance (abst), 1479
  acute vascular rejection, plasma exchange (abst), 1416
  antibody formation (abst), 1482
  early rejection, HLA-identical recipients (abst), 468
  methylprednisolone (abst), 1485
  methylprednisone resistance, children (abst), 1454
  prophylaxis with ATG-Fresenius (abst), 266
  T cell expression (abst), 1482
Oliguric ARF and furosemide (abst), 1451
  CaBP-D28k mRNA in murine kidney, 322
  cathechol-O-methyltransferase mRNA, 726
Osmoregulation, collecting duct cells, hypertonicity, 509
Osteoarticular pain, epiphyseal impaction, 98
Osteoblast proliferation, desferoxamine (abst), 1497
Osteocalcin levels, calcitriol, chronic HD (abst), 1408
Osteodystrophy, renal
  aplastic, without aluminum, "suppressed" PTH, 860
  diabetic patients, 159
  uremic diabetic patients (abst), 1435
Ouabain sensitivity, rat nephron, Na-K-ATPase (abst), 262
Ovariectomy, triglycerides, GS, analbuminemia (abst), 1193
Oxidant-induced DNA damage to LLC-PK1 cells, 1228
Ozone as contrast medium, renal angiography (abst), 1449

PAH-transporter, probenecid, cortisol release (abst), 238
Paired filtration dialysis
  kinetic modeling, sodium (abst), 1398
  plasma volume, isotonic/hypertonic solutions (abst), 1415
Pancreas transplantation, with renal transplant (abst), 266
Pancreatitis, post-transplant (abst), 1425
Panel reactive antibodies, HD (abst), 913
  Addison's disease, glucocorticoids, 1130
  Addison's disease, glucocorticoids (abst), 1196
Papillary interstitial cells, in culture (abst), 242
Paraplegia, upper limb, metabolic study (abst), 1446
Parasites, stool (abst), 1471
Parathyroid glands
  echographic study, HD (abst), 1438
  1,25(OH)2D3 response, 1259
  pre-operative localization (abst), 909
Parathyroid hormone (PTH)
  aplastic osteodystrophy, without aluminum, 860
  bone histology, vitamin D3, radiology, ESRD, 1071
  calcitonin, calcium stone formers (abst), 1397
  calcitriol, 22-OXA-1,25D, Ca transport (abst), 467
  changes in ESRD, EPO therapy (abst), 1470
  dietary protein, CRF, 173
  IGF-I, RF induced by protein diet (abst), 262
  1,25(OH)2D3, calcitriol, CAPD (abst), 1399
  1,25(OH)2D3, Na/H exchange (abst), 262
  1,25(OH)2D3, T-cell expression, IL-2, HD (abst), 909
  optimal levels, uremia (abst), 1464
  platelet-activating factor, HD (abst), 916
  resistance to phosphaturic effect (abst), 238
  slowed secretion, urinary phosphate loss (abst), 465
  T cell proliferation, uremia, 379
Parathyroid hormone-related peptide, renin secretion, 764
Parenchymal epithelial cells, antigen presentation, 927
Patlak graphical analysis, RBF quantification/imaging, 985
Peanut agglutinin, aldosterone, CD epithelium, 537
Percutaneous endoluminal angioplasty (abst), 470
Percutaneous implantation, Tenckhoff catheter (abst), 1437
Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty
  hemodialysis fistula stenosis (abst), 1492
  renal artery, single functioning kidney (abst), 1426
  renovascular hypertension (abst), 911, 1426
Perforating dermatitis, HD (abst), 1443
Perinatal asphyxia (abst), 1457
Perinatal deaths, urinary tract anomalies (abst), 1176
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)
  cytokine networks, IgA nephropathy, 1298
  IL-1, TNF, IL-6, dialysis membranes (abst), 1187
  vascular permeability factor, MC, 959
Peripolar cell, glomerular, 42:S–35
Peritoneal catheter, Toronto Western Hospital (abst), 919
Peritoneal clearances, arterial pressure, CAPD (abst), 1394
Peritoneal dialysis
  catheter migration (abst), 1477
  densitometry, histomorphometry (abst), 1449
  dialysate biocompatibility (abst), 1394
  gluconic acid as glucose substitute (abst), 1394
  intermittent versus HD, diabetes (abst), 1404
Peritoneal equilibration test (abst), 915
Peritoneal kinetics, children, CAPD (abst), 1457
Peritoneoscintigraphy multifocal accumulation (abst), 1189
  CAPD, neutrophil elastase, 87
  epidemiology, CAPD (abst), 914
  foreign body ileal perforation, CAPD (abst), 264
  fungal, Candida, PD (abst), 1452
  fungal, CAPD (abst), 1189
  fungal, chronic PD (abst), 468
  gram-negative, CAPD (abst), 1189
  incidence and IgG (abst), 1476
  peritoneal permeability (abst), 1197
  staphylococcus epidermidis, CAPD (abst), 915
pH balance
  cell volume, RAS oncogene expression (abst), 241
  changes in, Cl-, AVP action, collecting tubules, 1235
  hyperchloremic acidosis, transplantation (abst), 1397
  inhibition, HD, 208
  membrane biocompatibility, HD (abst), 1466
Phenacemide, serum creatinine rise without RF (abst), 464
Pheochromocytoma, malignant (abst), 470
Phosphaturic effect of PTH (abst), 238
Phosphoglycolate phosphatase, diagnosis of ADPKD (abst), 244
Phospholipase A2
  Ang-(1-7) action, tubular epithelium, Na transport, 932
  glucocorticoids, protein/enzyme activity (abst), 263
Phosphorous, dietary, hyperparathyroidism (abst), 1428
Picomole quantitation of sodium, 875
Piridoxine, carbohydrate metabolism, CRF (abst), 1456
Plasma endothelin
   concentration, hypertension (abst), 1178
   CRF (abst), 916
Plasma exchange
   acute vascular rejection, OKT3 (abst), 1416
   Guillain-Barré syndrome, 1443
Plasma membrane vesicles, renal ischemia (abst), 1178
Plasma osmolarity, mannitol use (abst), 1422
Plasma proteinase inhibitors, amyloid deposits (abst), 1409
Plasmapheresis, leptospirosis, CAPD (abst), 1452
Plasminogen activator, LPS activation (abst), 258
Platelet-activating factor, PTH influence, HD (abst), 916
Platelet activation
   b-glycosylated EPO, HD (abst), 912
   fibrinolysis, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
Platelet clearance, immune complex-mediated GN, 716
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)
   glomerular expression, anti-GBM disease (abst), 905
   inhibition by simvastatin, MC, 503
Platelet fatty acid cell membrane, RBC membrane (abst), 1391
Platelet fibrinogen receptor, impaired in ESRD (abst), 252
Platelet prostanoids, metabolic disturbances (abst), 914
   cytosolic free sodium, essential hypertension (abst), 244
   dysfunction, NO, dialysis hypotension, 445
   function, anemia (abst), 1484
Pneumocystis carini pneumonia, post-transplant (abst), 264
Pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus (abst), 471
Polyacrylonitrile membranes, complement factor D (abst), 260
Polyamide membrane, granulocyte activation (abst), 254
Polyarteritis, microscopic
   ANCA-positive, successful transplantation (abst), 469
   renal involvement, HLA antigens (abst), 906
Polycythemia, nitric oxide, renal blood flow, EPO, 430
Polydipsia, mechanisms in HD, 107
Polymerase chain reaction
   detection of hepatitis C, HD (abst), 464
   indicates integrin expression, MC, 997
   localizes renal ET-3, 1273
Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) membrane (abst), 1394
Polymorphonuclear cell decrease, CRF, HD (abst), 1450
Polysulfone membrane, COPD ventilatory function (abst), 1462
Polyvinylpyrrilidone, dialyzer sterilization (abst), 1409
   depletion, renal vascular induction, 1006
   excretion, Addison's disease, 1130
   excretion, Addison's disease (abst), 1196
   loading, adaptation, kallikrein-kinin system (abst), 1454
Prednisolone/prednisone ratio in kidney, 263
   clorambucil, membranous GN (abst), 1437
   cyclosporine triple therapy, graft function (abst), 1425
   hypertension therapy, Ca antagonists, ACEi (abst), 1439
   inhibits rhGH therapy, children, post-transplant, 43:S–65
   withdrawal, 43:S–30
   acute renal failure (abst), 1431, 1441
   CRF, maternal/fetal complications (abst), 1469
   hypertension (abst), 1420, 1436, 1457
   outcome with CRF (abst), 466
   renal disease, 42:S–64
Pressure-dependent renin release, nephrosclerosis (abst), 245
Primary glomerulopathy (abst), 1431
Probenecid inhibits cortisol release (abst), 238
Probucol, cyclosporine, pharmacokinetics (abst), 1403
   bone metabolism, HD (abst), 909
   C-terminal extension peptide, HD (abst), 1396
Progressive glomerulosclerosis, TGF-b1, MC, 948
Proliferative autoimmune glomerulonephritis, rat model, 294
Prostacyclin analog, CsA glomerular vasoconstriction (abst), 468
Prostaglandin EP3 receptor, in situ hybridization, 1372
Prostaglandins, reverse renal vasoconstriction, 1217
Protein, acute oral load, albumin excretion (abst), 907
Protein, dietary
   angiotensin II, catecholamines, 285
   angiotensin inhibitors, nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1415
   CEI, antiproteinuric effect (abst), 1469
  CEI, diabetic nephropathy (abst), 1454
  children, CRF (abst), 1417
  intake equations, CAPD, 1048
  muscle metabolism, amino acid supplementation (abst), 465
  parathyroid hormone, CRF, 173
  renal failure, IGF-I, PTH (abst), 262
  renal function, rats (abst), 1456
  renal vasodilation and, 659
  restriction, malnutrition, 1139
  uninephrectomy, renal injury (abst), 1454
  urinary excretion, lithogenic substances (abst), 1418
  urinary oxalate, glycolate excretion, 366
  varied, lipid metabolism, nephrotic syndrome (abst), 1415
  verapamil, nephrotic proteinuria (abst), 1469
Protein catabolic rate (PCR)
  adequacy tests on CAPD (abst), 464
  estimation by delta of volume (abst), 1417
  protein/caloric malnutrition, HD (abst), 1467
Protein content analysis renal stones (abst), 466
Protein/creatinine index, assesses proteinuria (abst), 1434
Protein kinase C
  isoenzyme immunocharacterization (abst), 242
  MC culture, cytosolic free calcium (abst), 1397
  thromboxane receptors in glomeruli, MC, 58
Proteinase 3, renal perfusion, ANCA (abst), 1194
  abnormal lipoproteins, LCAT, CETP, 91
  ACEi, renal hemodynamics, 579
  ACEi, renal hemodynamics (abst), 1195
  assessment with protein/creatinine index (abst), 1434
  diabetic nephropathy, renal progression (abst), 1181
  Fabry's disease (abst), 1183
  hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (abst), 1180
  heparan sulfate, renal hemodynamics (abst), 1192
  incidence/cause, post-transplant (abst), 1190
  lisinopril, microalbuminuria, glomerulopathy (abst), 1407
  n-fatty acids, chronic glomerular disease, 843
  nephrotic, hyperlipidemia, lovastatin (abst), 1429
  ovariectomy, GS, analbuminemia (abst), 1193
  prognostic meaning, post-transplant (abst), 1423
  screening diabetics, microalbuminuria (abst), 1408
  simvastatin, hypercholesterolemia, nephrosis, 1124
Proteinuric factors in patient sera, detection (abst), 258
Proximal tubular cells
  non-selective cation channel properties (abst), 237
  renal ischemia, organic substance transport (abst), 1178
Proximal tubular epithelial cells
  biosynthesis, complement C4, IFN-G, 50
  inhibition of TNF-a production, 352
  nephrotoxicity, in vitro model, 13
Proximal tubule
  metabolic alkalosis (abst), 1463
  protein with anion exchange properties identified, 565
  in HD (abst), 1483
  membrane stabilizer of mastocites (abst), 1415
  uremic, serological markers, HD (abst), 1467
Psychogenic water intoxication, complications (abst), 471
Pulmonary function, changes with EPO therapy (abst), 1469
Puromycin nephropathy
  exacerbated by rhGH, rats, 1281
  hepatic cholesterol metabolism, rats, 789

Quantitative electroencephalography (Q-EEG), 1109

Radiation nephritis, renal protection (abst), 1421
Radiologic studies, bone histology, 1071
RANTES and mesangial cells, 795
Rapamycin inhibits TNF-a production, PTEC, 352
Rapid, high-efficiency HD (abst), 917
Reactive perforating collagenosis, ESRD (abst), 1405
Recombinant growth hormone
  children, post-transplant, 43:S–62, 43:S–65, 43:S–71
  children, pre/post-transplant, 43:S–76
  puromycin aminonucleoside nephropathy, 1281
  renotropic effects with rhIGF-1, 1251
Recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO)
  administration, once-a-week (abst), 1485
  administration routes, HD (abst), 1430
  albumin-free, tolerance in CRF (abst), 1413
  anemia, post-transplant, chronic rejection (abst), 470
  anemia, pre-dialysis (abst), 1475
  children, anemia, CRF (abst), 1411
  children, pre-dialysis (abst), 1402
  endothelin, CRF, 1478
  estimating Hb/Htc, anemia (abst), 1441
  functional capacity, CRF, HD (abst), 1416
  HBV vaccine, increased immunization (abst), 1430
  iron needs, dialysis (abst), 1476
  lymphocyte response (abst), 1430
  Q-EEG, event related potentials, CRF, 1109
Recombinant insulin-like growth factor-1, 1251
Reconstitution of anion exchanger, 565
Red blood cells
  antioxidant activity, blood glutathione, CRF (abst), 1186
  uremia, increased Na/H antiport activity, 574
Reflux nephropathy
  vesicoureteric reflux, 42:S–80
  vesicoureteric reflux, familial studies (abst), 1410
Rehabilitation, hemodialysis patients (abst), 1431
Reinfection, urinary tract, prophylaxis (abst), 1434
Renal acidification capacity, lithiasis (abst), 1418
Renal angiography, ozone as contrast medium (abst), 1449
Renal arginine synthesis, CRF, 676
Renal artery
  contrast media-induced constriction, 1217
  embolism as cause of ARF (abst), 1462, 1480
  percutaneous angioplasty (abst), 1426
  pressure, EDRF, renin release (abst), 240
  stenosis, captopril scintigraphy (abst), 1495
  stenosis, diagnosis, echo-doppler (abst), 1393
Renal biopsy
  acute hypersensitivity interstitial nephritis (abst), 1179
  findings with systemic vasculitis (abst), 1429
  follow-up, 1000 cases (abst), 1181
  FSGS, minimal change disease (abst), 905
  percutaneous, complications (abst), 1470
  percutaneous, new technique (abst), 1416
  percutaneous, post-transplant (abst), 1420
  percutaneous, ultrasound (abst), 1458
Renal blood flow, humoral control (abst), 239
Renal calculi, hypocitraturia (abst), 1442
Renal cell carcinoma
  cytokine expression, 585
  hereditary, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (abst), 250
Renal cell nuclei, ET-1 receptors (abst), 239
Renal clearance, inulin, 1058
Renal cortex, proteolytic enzymes, CsA (abst), 254
Renal cysts, aspiration-sclerotherapy (abst), 1177
Renal disease
  cadmium exposure (abst), 250
  cholera and (abst), 1410
  familial Mediterranean fever, 834
  HIV infection and (abst), 466
  inherited, molecular approach, 1205
  48kDa monocyte membrane antigen excretion (abst), 249
  microscopic polyarteritis, HLA antigens (abst), 906
  NSAIDs as cause of, Nephrology Forum, 643
  pregnancy, 42:S–64
  progressive, endothelin subtype antagonism, 440
  scrub typus, uremia (abst), 1179
Renal erythropoietin-producing cells, mice, 1149
Renal failure
  citrate, aluminum absorption (abst), 253
  contrast media-induced, theophylline (abst), 251
  erythropoiesis, aluminum accumulation (abst), 1463
  induced by triamterene-thiazide (abst), 464
  intrarenal pressure, post-transplant (abst), 1421
  neonatal heat stress (abst), 1179
  pretranscriptionally IL-6 production (abst), 254
  progression, additional renin gent, rat (abst), 244
  tetanus, rhabdomyolysis (abst), 1426
  treatment, socio-ethical aspects, Latin America, 1450
Renal function
  antihypertensive agents, systolic hypertension (abst), 911
  atenolol, captopril, DM nephropathy (abst), 1197
  dialysis-free interval (abst), 1196
  endothelin, rabbits (abst), 263
  hyperproteic diet, rats (abst), 1456
  hypertension and, 42:S–52
  intrarenal renin-angiotensin system, 42:S–59
  long-term, post-nephrectomy (abst), 249
  Na-lithium countertransport, IgA nephropathy (abst), 906
  PTH-induced decline, protein diet, IGF-I (abst), 262
  quantification (abst), 1493
  thyroxin administration, hypothyroidism (abst), 1195
Renal functional reserve
  renin-angiotensin system, transplantation, 165
  renin-angiotensin system (abst), 239
Renal gene expression, 42:S–47
Renal gene therapy, mammalian kidney (abst), 1419
Renal growth regulating factors, PTC cultures (abst), 1443
Renal hemodynamics
  altered, heparan sulfate, proteinuria (abst), 1192
  antiproteinuric effect, ACEi (abst), 1195
  arterial blood pressure, isradipine (abst), 1429
  ibopamine, congestive heart failure (abst), 1196
  proteinuria, ACE inhibition, 579
  quantification/parametic imaging, 985
  vasodilation and protein feeding, 659
Renal hypertrophy
  diabetes, intralysosomal proteinases (abst), 248
  intracellular proteinases (abst), 247
Renal injury
  chronic interstitial, grey level granulometry (abst), 1450
  leukocyte-endothelial cell adhesion molecules, 42:S–27
  remnant kidney, dietary protein (abst), 1454
  scarring, vesicoureteric reflux (abst), 1409
Renal ischemia
  organic substance transport, rabbit PTC (abst), 1178
  warm, superoxide dismutase liposomed (abst), 1428
Renal mass reduced, ACEi, brain ANF, 24
Renal microcirculation, endothelin, EDRF (abst), 1393
Renal net acid excretion, urinary stone risk factors, 120
Renal osteodystrophy
  calcitriol, CRF (abst), 909
  calcium kinetic studies (abst), 909
  compared, HD and CAPD (abst), 910
  hydroxyvitamin D3, HD (abst), 910
  post-peritoneal dialysis (abst), 1449
Renal protection, radiation nephritis (abst), 1421
Renal stones
  2,8-dihydroxyadenine, post-transplant (abst), 1198
  hypercalciuria, PTH, calcitonin (abst), 1397
  idiopathic calcium, low bone mass (abst), 264
  protein content analysis (abst), 466
  recurrence (abst), 1442
  risk factors, calculation titratable acidity, 120
Renal surgery, laparoscopic, 273
Renal vascular
  induction, TGF-b2 and renin, 1006
  tone, ET-1 receptor, EDRF (abst), 239
Renal vasculitides, ANCA-positive, steroids, 215
Renal vasoconstriction
  contrast media induced, ET, prostaglandins, 1217
  EDRF synthesis, endotoxemia (abst), 1194
Renal vasodilation, protein feeding and, 659
  additional gene, RF progression, rat (abst), 244
  adrenal microadenomas, aldosterone (abst), 916
  determination, renovascular hypertension (abst), 1448
  hypertension, diagnosis/treatment, Nephrology Forum, 1163
  immunohistochemical detection, ADPKD (abst), 243
  secretion, PTH-related peptide induced, 764
  secretion, vascular endothelial role (abst), 240
  TGF-b2, renal vascular induction, 1006
Renin-angiotensin system
  detection, mRNA and protein level (abst), 240
  intrarenal, physiology/pathophysiology, 42:S–59
  oncogene expressing cells, Cai, pH regulation (abst), 241
  regulation, with ureteral obstruction, 390
  renal functional reserve, transplantation, 165
  renal functional reserve (abst), 239
Renotropic activity, post-uninephrectomy (abst), 1177
Renotropic effects, rhGH and rhIGF-1, 1251
Renovascular hypertension
  ACE, Ang II receptors (abst), 245
  ACE modulation (abst), 245
  ACEi for diagnosis, Nephrology Forum, 1379
  captopril test, renin determination (abst), 1448
  control, post-PTA (abst), 911
  incidence, treatment (abst), 1416
  percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (abst), 1426
  urinary ACE, diuretics (abst), 1420
Respiratory function, COPD, HD (abst), 1462
Respiratory infection
  syncytial virus pneumonia, post-transplant (abst), 471
  transplantation (abst), 1422
Retransplantation risk factors (abst), 918, 1473, 1479
Rhabdomyolysis, tetanus, renal failure (abst), 1426
RNA synthesis in uremia, 385
Rosette phenomenon, antilymphocyte globulins (abst), 465

Salbutamol, controls acute hyperkalemia (abst), 1412
   high intake, BP response (abst), 246
   sensitivity, insulin resistance (abst), 246
Sandimmune, idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (abst), 265
Schistosomal glomerulopathy, 1
Schistosomal glomerulopathy (abst), 1426
Sclerosing peritonitis, CAPD (abst), 919
Self-induced water intoxication (abst), 471
Sepsis, acute renal failure and (abst), 1430
Septic abortion, acute renal failure (abst), 1424
   hypercholesterolemia, CsA therapy (abst), 1438
   hypercholesterolemia, nephrosis, proteinuria, 1124
   hypercholesterolemia, rejection (abst), 1497
   inhibits PDGF-induced DNA synthesis, MC, 503
Skeletal muscle metabolism, protein/amino acid intake (abst), 465
   dietary, hypercalciuria, nephrolithiasis (abst), 1445
   excretion, diurnal rhythm, NS (abst), 1196
   extracellular, AVP-induced [Ca2+]i increase, 755
   kinetics modeling, paired filtration dialysis (abst), 1398
   millimolar concentrations, nanoliter samples, 875
   overload, hypertension, DM nephropathy (abst), 1428
Sodium-lithium countertransport
   renal function, IgA nephropathy (abst), 906
   triglycerides, DM nephropathy, 127
Sodium retention
   ankle edema, nifedipine (abst), 1194
   insulin resistance, NIDD, 139
Sodium transport, Ang-(1-7) action, phospholipase, 932
Spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia tarda, NS (abst), 1395
Staphylococcus epidermidis, peritonitis, CAPD (abst), 915
Stents, intravascular, post-insertion infection (abst), 470
Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome
   children, transplantation (abst), 256
   cyclosporin A therapy (abst), 905
Steroid withdrawal
   HLA matching, LRD/cadaver donors, 43:S–30
   metabolic effects, adults, 43:S–26
   protocol, children, 43:S–36
   acute rejection resistance, OKT3 therapy (abst), 1479
   ANCA-positive renal vasculitides, 215
   azathioprine, CsA double therapy (abst), 1443
   azathioprine, hepatitis B reactivation (abst), 1427
Streptozotocin-induced diabetes
   angiotensin IIR-gene expression, rats (abst), 1392
   decreased ANP receptors (abst), 471
   lovastatin prevents GS (abst), 1181
Subcutaneous tunnel infection, CAPD (abst), 915
Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, GN (abst), 1183
Superoxide dismutase, renal warm ischemia (abst), 1428
Survival probability, non-parametric estimation (abst), 1490
Swan neck peritoneal catheters (abst), 1403, 1472
Syncytial virus, respiratory pneumonia (abst), 471
Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (SIADH), 19
Synergistic immunosuppression, children, 43:S–12
Synovial fluid, IL-2R levels, amyloidosis (abst), 1395
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
   glomerulonephritis, compared HBV GN (abst), 1185
   renal function post-pulse cyclophosphamide (abst), 906
   T cell clones from lupus nephritis (abst), 1441
99mTc-DTPA, GFR assessment (abst), 1190
99mTc-HSA cardiac gated blood pool scan (abst), 1186
T cells
   activation defect, B7/CD28 pathway, hemodialysis, 359
   antigen presentation, parenchymal cells, 927
   clones, self-regulation autoreactive, 692
   clones isolated, lupus nephritis, SLE (abst), 1441
   expression, OKT3 therapy (abst), 1482
   expression, PTH, 1,25(OH)2D3, IL-2, HD (abst), 909
   graft infiltration, antigen recognition (abst), 1193
   hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (abst), 1180
   immunity variations, 1,25(OH)2D3, uremia, PTH (abst), 1391
   proliferation, PTH-dependent, uremia, 379
   proliferation, TEC, superantigens (abst), 243
   signaling, anti-allograft response, children, 43:S–3
   TEC induce anergy, 1030
Tamm-Horsfall protein
   binds IgG with high affinity, 1014
   citrate, calcium, COM crystal aggregation (abst), 263
   receptor on neutrophils, 423
   synthesis, hyperprostaglandin E-syndrome, 401
Tenckhoff catheters
   CAPD (abst), 919
   percutaneous implantation (abst), 1437
Tetanus, renal failure, rhabdomyolysis (abst), 1426
TGF-b-1 mRNA, obstructed kidney, 313
   erythrocytosis, post-transplant (abst), 918
   prevents contrast media-induced RF (abst), 251
Thick ascending limb (TAL) cells
   adaptation to metabolic alkalosis (abst), 1463
   depolarized by ammonium, inhibited K-channel (abst), 237
   medullary, inhibited by luminal cGMP, 741
   as source of adenosine (abst), 239
Thrombosis risk, EPO therapy, HD, 182
Thromboxane receptors, protein kinase C, glomeruli, 58
Thyroid hormones
   stimulate EPO production (abst), 238
   therapy, hypothyroidism, renal function (abst), 1195
Titratable acidity calculation, 120
Toronto Western Hospital peritoneal catheter (abst), 919
Transcranial Doppler diagnosis, brain death (abst), 1459
Transforming growth factor-b
   glomerular expression, PDGF, anti-GBM disease (abst), 905
   HIV expression, mesangial cells, 1022
Transforming growth factor-b1, MC hypertrophy, 948
Transforming growth factor-b2, renin, K depletion, 1006
   2,8-dihydroxyadenine stone formation (abst), 1198
   acquired cystic kidney disease, CsA, 613
   acute pancreatitis (abst), 1425
   ANCA-positive, microscopic polyarteritis (abst), 469
   anemia after (abst), 1423
   antilymphocyte globulin, graft function (abst), 913
   azathioprine-induced leukopenia, GM-CSF (abst), 1191
   Banff classification, allograft rejection, 411
   Bolivia (abst), 1435
   bone disease (abst), 267
   bone marrow, ARF (abst), 1477
   bone mineral density, HD (abst), 1457
   cadaver graft survival, Hispanoamerica (abst), 1405
   cadaver grafts (abst), 1473
   cardiovascular/cerebrovascular complications (abst), 1464
   Chagas disease (abst), 1461, 1462
   children, ages one to five years, 43:S–40
   children, cadaver grafts, 43:S–99
   children, cyclosporine dosing, 43:S–50
   children, five-year survival, 43:S–16, 43:S–22
   children, growth, long-term follow-up, 43:S–56
   children, growth hormone therapy, 43:S–62, 43:S–65, 43:S–71, 43:S–76
   children, growth suppression, steroids, 43:S–59
   children, hospitalization after, 43:S–83
   children, immunizations, 43:S–87
   children, recurrent disease, 43:S–91
   children, steroid resistant NS (abst), 256
   children (abst), 1435
   Chile (abst), 1444
   clinical course, HBV and HCV (abst), 1189
   CMV detection in urine (abst), 1402
CMV diagnosis methods, 256
CMV markers (abst), 1403
CMV prophylaxis (abst), 1425
color Doppler sonography evaluation (abst), 466
complications, surgical (abst), 918, 1468
computer systems (abst), 1490, 1491
corynebacterium urealyticum (abst), 1496
creatinine clearance, GFR marker (abst), 1434
DM, impaired glucose tolerance (abst), 1443
DM nephropathy, outcome (abst), 267
epiphyseal impaction after, 98
evolution EPO serum levels (abst), 1433
flow cytometric cross match, 1393
follow-up in 505 cases (abst), 912
future directions, xenotransplantation, 42:S–112
glomerulopathy, incidence/evolution (abst), 1439
glomerulopathy, morphologic analysis (abst), 1406
graft function, calcium antagonists (abst), 913
haploidentical patients (abst), 1435
HBV reactivation, immunosuppression (abst), 1427
HCV and CMV antibodies, HD (abst), 1430
HCV prevalence (abst), 914
HLA-identical recipients, OKT3 (abst), 468
hypertension management, 43:S–45
hyperuricemia, benziodarone (abst), 1480
hypophosphatemia (abst), 1483
IgA, IgG2a anti-CD3 isotype switch variants (abst), 1198
IL-6 determinations, diagnostic value (abst), 256
immunosuppression, lipid levels (abst), 1198
immunosuppression, prophylactic, OKT3, ATG-F (abst), 266
infections with triple immunotherapy (abst), 914
infectious disease complications, Nephrology Forum, 221
influenza vaccination (abst), 918
intrarenal pressure determination (abst), 1421
Kaposi's sarcoma (abst), 918
Latin American program (abst), 1450
leukopenia, treatment (abst), 1479
lipid abnormalities, uremia, HD (abst), 1441
lipid metabolism (abst), 1474
lipoprotein(a) concentration, CRF (abst), 1190
  living donors, outcome (abst), 1468
  living unrelated donors (abst), 1398
  long-term renal function, cadaver donors (abst), 1439
  lower gastrointestinal perforations (abst), 913
  lymphocele as complication (abst), 918
  menstrual function (abst), 913
  99mTc-DTPA, GFR assessment (abst), 1190
  obstructive uropathy (abst), 1466
  organ exchange, HLA matching (abst), 1480
  pancreas/kidney, lipid levels (abst), 266
  pneumocystis carini pneumonia (abst), 264
  Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, contributions of, 42:S–99
  proteinuria, incidence/cause (abst), 1190
  proteinuria, prognostic meaning of (abst), 1423
  PTH secretion, urinary phosphate loss (abst), 465
  recurrent GN, prognosis (abst), 257
  renal functional reserve, RAS, 165
  respiratory infection (abst), 1422
  rHuEPO therapy for chronic rejection (abst), 470
  risk factors, retransplantation (abst), 918
  screening diabetics for CAD, 617
  selection criteria (abst), 1432
  before starting dialysis (abst), 1440
  steroid withdrawal, 43:S–30
  steroid withdrawal, children, 43:S–36
  steroid withdrawal, metabolic effects, adults, 43:S–26
  survival rates, Argentina (abst), 1414
  survival rates, non-parametric estimation (abst), 1490
  survival rates, Spain (abst), 1480
  survival rates, Uruguay (abst), 1422
  theophylline, erythrocytosis (abst), 918
  tuberculosis, distribution (abst), 1458
  urinary fistula after, 1463
  urinary fistula after (abst), 1494
  urinary obstruction after (abst), 1463, 1493
  viral pneumonia (abst), 471
Triamterene-thiazide association, renal effects (abst), 464
  ovariectomy, GS, analbuminemia (abst), 1193
  sodium-lithium countertransport, DM nephropathy, 127
Tryptophan, free/protein-bound, CRF, 1366
Tuberculosis (abst), 1458
Tubular acidosis, induced by cadmium (abst), 1176
Tubular epithelial cells
  Ang-(1-7) action, phospholipase A2, Na transport, 932
  IFN-G-activation, lupus nephritis (abst), 1441
  induce CD4+ T cell anergy, 1030
  superantigens, stimulate T cell proliferation (abst), 243
Tubule interstitial disease (abst), 1451
Tubulointerstitial nephritis, chronic, 42:S–71
Tumor markers, long-term changes, HD (abst), 917
Tumor necrosis factor-a
  expression, renal cell carcinoma, 585
  HLA-antigens (abst), 1486
  IL-6, HD (abst), 1495
  IL-6, monocyte production, rejection (abst), 256
  IL-6, monocyte release, uremia (abst), 1392
  induces RANTES, mouse mesangial cells, 795
  mRNA expression, rejecting allograft biopsy (abst), 255
  production by proximal tubule EC, 352
  transplant rejection, in situ hybridization (abst), 468
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)
  induction, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
  PBMC production, dialysis membrane effect (abst), 1187
Typhus, renal dysfunction, uremia (abst), 1179

  CAPD, peritoneal membrane changes (abst), 914
  HD, L-carnitine, vascular refilling (abst), 260
Ultrasonic percutaneous renal biopsy (abst), 1458
Unilateral kidney, hypertension (abst), 1449
  acute oral protein load, albumin excretion (abst), 907
  remnant kidney injury, dietary protein (abst), 1454
  renotropic activity, renal/hepatic roles (abst), 1177
  bounce, dialysis parameters and (abst), 1417
  estimation by delta of volume (abst), 1417
  percentage reduction, adequacy HD (abst), 1436
Urea clearance
  HD, stable/variable sodium dialysate (abst), 264
  overestimation in dialysis prescription (abst), 1427
Urea kinetic modeling
  adequacy of dialysis (abst), 260, 916
  clinical application (abst), 1186
  dialysis parameters adjustment (abst), 1417
  dialysis time, females/males (abst), 1484
  KT/V index (abst), 1188, 1436
Urea kinetics
  double lumen catheter, HD (abst), 1443
  measured by microdialysis, 622
  continuous intestinal dialysis, mannitol (abst), 1188
  diabetes, renal osteodystrophy (abst), 1435
  DNA repair, 385
  EPO therapy, anemia, not on dialysis (abst), 1434
  erythrocytic dysmorphism, aluminemia, HD (abst), 1400
  extrarenal calcitriol synthesis, 134
  hyperlipidemia, gemfibrozil treatment, HD (abst), 1419
  increased Na/H antiport activity, RBC, 574
  lipid abnormalities transplantation, HD (abst), 1441
  LVH, antihypertensive therapy, 881
  NO, platelet dysfunction, dialysis hypotension, 445
  non-diabetic, aluminum, adynamic IDDM (abst), 1445
  optimal iPTH levels (abst), 1464
  scrub typhus, renal dysfunction (abst), 1179
  T cell immunity, 1,25(OH)2D3, PTH (abst), 1391
  T cell proliferation, PTH-dependent, 379
Ureteral obstruction
  neonatal, collagen studies, 593
  regulation of RAS, 390
  serum hippuric acid, allograft rejection (abst), 261
  TGF-b-1 mRNA, 313
  microscopic, GN, 42:S–9
  specimen storage for enzymatic assay (abst), 1396
Urinary C5b-9 excretion, membranous nephropathy (abst), 250
Urinary concentration, perinatal asphyxia (abst), 1457
Urinary enzymes, specimen storage for assay (abst), 1396
Urinary fistula
  post-transplant (abst), 1463, 1494
Urinary obstruction
  post-transplant (abst), 1463, 1493
Urinary oxalate, protein intake, glycolate excretion, 366
Urinary phosphate loss, PTH, transplantation (abst), 465
Urinary sodium/creatinine, nephrolithiasis (abst), 1445
Urinary tract anomalies, perinatal deaths (abst), 1176
Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  index of reinfection, prophylaxis and (abst), 1434
  prevalence, HD (abst), 1488
  prophylaxis, ceftriaxone/aztreonam-cloxacillin (abst), 1440
  children, metabolic study (abst), 1414
  children (abst), 1455
UTP, ATP analogues, phospholipase C (abst), 258

Vascular access
  AV fistula, femoral (abst), 470
  AV fistula, recurrent clotting (abst), 469
  double-lumen catheter, permanent, percutaneous (abst), 259
  double-lumen catheter, urea kinetics (abst), 1443
  double-lumen catheter (abst), 1414
  fistula survival factors, HD (abst), 1187
  infection post-stent insertion (abst), 470
  prostheses (abst), 1491
  stenosis, PTA (abst), 1492
  twin femoral catheters (abst), 470
  two-year experience (abst), 1452
Vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression, 805
Vascular endothelial growth factor, mesangial, PBMC, 959
Vascular smooth muscle cells
  calcium channel/intracellular activity, rats (abst), 1393
  glucose elevation, calcium ion uptake, 344
  intracellular calcium pools, hypertension (abst), 244
  proliferation, CsA, Na/H-antiport (abst), 254
  ANCA-positive, prevalence, dialysis (abst), 252
  pathogenesis, complement deficiency, 42:S–13
  systemic, renal biopsy findings (abst), 1429
Vasoactive hormones in protein deprivation, 285
Ventricular arrhythmias, double-lumen catheter insertion (abst), 1481
  ACEi, hypertension (abst), 1439
  nephrotic proteinuria, protein intake (abst), 1469
Vesicoureteric reflux
  reflux nephropathy, 42:S–80
  reflux nephropathy, familial studies (abst), 1410
  renal scarring (abst), 1409
Vessel wall properties, non-invasive measurement (abst), 252
Vitamin B6, carbohydrate metabolism, CRF (abst), 1456
Vitamin D3
  bone histology, radiology, PTH, ESRD, 1071
  long-term therapy (abst), 1452
VLA-3 distribution, membranous nephropathy (abst), 1392
Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome (abst), 250
Von Willebrand factor (abst), 1195

Water intoxication, complications (abst), 471
Water transport
 CAPD, 700
 Na+, clonidine, rat CCD, 30
Wegener's granulomatosis
 ANCA, microscopic polyarteritis (abst), 469
 ANCA, renal perfusion, proteinase 3 (abst), 1194
 GN, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (abst), 1183

Xenobiotics, nephrotoxicity, 13
Xenotransplantation, 42:S–112

Zinc levels, anemia, CRF, HD (abst), 1484

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