5 Tips For Luxury Outdoor Furniture Buyers From Boston Area Experts At Dartmouth Casual Furniture

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					5 Tips For Luxury Outdoor Furniture Buyers From Boston Area
Experts At Dartmouth Casual Furniture

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 Kingsley Bate teak outdoor dining set is the kind of luxury patio furniture that can be passed
 down for generations.

 Boston area outdoor furniture experts and owners of Dartmouth Casual Furniture offer 5
 suggestions for people who want to invest in luxury patio furniture that will last for years.
Online PR News – 17-May-2011 South Dartmouth, MA – As summer approaches, people start
planning to furnish their outdoor living areas. But there’s more to buying luxury outdoor furniture
than choosing a few seating pieces and a table. Andre and Nancy Pimentel – Boston area experts
and owners of Dartmouth Casual Furniture ( http://DartmouthCasualFurniture.com ) -- have 5
suggestions for people who want to invest in furniture that will last for years.

“The opportunity to create luxurious outdoor living areas has never been greater. High-end
manufacturers offer choice from intimate teak and wicker chat groups, to sectional seating and
banquet-sized dining sets for up to 12 people,” said Nancy. She offers the following tips for shoppers
who want to invest in high-end outdoor furniture :

1. Choose materials that fit the outdoor living area’s exposure and uses. If the furniture will be totally
exposed to the weather or next to a busy pool area, consider cast aluminum or synthetic wicker
patio sets. Covered patios, decks or porches that offer some shelter from rain and direct sun are
good places for teak or natural wicker outdoor furniture.

2 Consider how the casual furniture will be used. Don’t buy a small-scale wicker table and matching
chairs for entertaining groups of 8 or 10 friends on a regular basis. Depending on the available
space, 2 dining tables or one large table that seat 10 to 12 people would be better choices.
3. Don’t rush while shopping. When making an investment in quality patio furniture, it’s worth taking
the time to lie down on the teak chaise to see if it’s wide enough and if the cushions are comfortable.
Sit in the wicker armchairs for a while to see if they’re high, low enough or just right.

4. Stick with established brands like Gloster, Kingsley Bate, Lloyd Flanders, Telescope other quality
outdoor patio furniture manufacturers that have a proven track record over several years. Fine teak
and wicker furniture that is well-cared-for can last more than a few generations.

5. Work with a professional dealer who has an exchange policy. The best outdoor furniture stores
will accommodate customers who change their minds. A fine furniture retailer will work with
customers until they are completely satisfied.

“A big part of our service is helping customers figure out what they want,” added Andre. “Many come
into the store and are overwhelmed by the size and selection if they don’t know exactly what they’re
looking for. It’s really quite a process to narrow it down to help them find the styles, the sizes, the
fabric, and the whole look they’re trying to accomplish.”

Dartmouth Casual Furniture has been owned and operated by the Pimentel family since 1951.
Andre and Nancy added high-end outdoor furniture like Lloyd Flanders, Kingsley Bates, Gloster,
Telescope and others in 1995. Shoppers come from Rhode Island, New Hampshire and other areas
in Massachusetts to furnish their patios, decks and porches.

For more information about quality patio furniture, visit http://DartmouthCasualFurniture.com . To
arrange for interviews, contact Andre Pimentel at 508-999-6775 or

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