2010 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy by pptfiles


									          Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board
                  2012 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
                               Proposed Project Information Form

Project Name        _________________________________________________________

Location:           County______________      City/Town/Village____________________

Description ___________________________________________________________



Project Sponsor ____________________________________________________________

Project Contact: Name _________________________                  Phone ______________________

                    E-mail address ________________________________________

Project Categories: Select one or more of the following areas:
 Asset Based Development          Civic Leadership                       Economic Development
   Energy                            Infrastructure                      Transportation
   Business Development              Community Facilities                Education
   Environmental                     Job Training                        Other
   Child Care                        Community Planning               _____________________
   Health Care                       Technology

Estimated Budget:
          EDA                   $_________
          ARC                   $_________
          HUD                   $_________
          USDA RD               $_________
          Other Federal         $_________
          State Funds           $_________
          Local Funds           $_________
          Private Funds         $_________
          Total Project Cost    $_________

Estimated Number of Jobs within 3-5 years of approval:        Create_______      Retain_______

Readiness to Start Date: _________(month/ year) Estimated Completion Date: _________

                     Please Submit to STC office by May 10, 2011
                8 Denison Parkway East, Suite 310, Corning, NY 14830
          Fax: 607-962-3400      Email: EconomicDevelopment@stny.rr.com

Feel free to attach any supplemental project information (maps, narratives, diagrams)

Project Title:      Select a descriptive name ending in “Project”

Location:           Location where project will be located or benefit area – for multi county projects
                    indicate the county names or “ STC region”

Brief Description: Short description of what you plan to do and what you want to accomplish

Project Sponsor: Name of the lead organization applying for funds

Project Contact:      Person responsible for managing the project

Project Categories:

    Asset Based Economic Development = Special or unique cultural, structural , natural resources, historical,
    heritage, leadership assets that contribute to economic development

    Business Development = Training, technical assistance, financial, incubators, entrepreneurship programs

    Child Care = Access to quality child care, early childhood education in support of the workforce (parents)

    Community Facilities = Publicly owned fixed assets including buildings, equipment, parks etc.

    Community Planning = Planning for future development, feasibility, comprehensive and strategic plans

    Economic Development = Job creation and retention, increased private investment, increased tax base

    Education = Basic secondary, post secondary and adult skills, college preparation, educational excellence

    Energy = Renewable energy production, innovative energy efficiency and conservation programs

    Environmental Assets = Environmental infrastructure, re-use of former industrial sites, brownfields

    Health Care = Improved access to professionals, health, wellness, prevention programs, emergency training

    Infrastructure = Water & sewer systems, business parks, industrial access roads

    Job Training = Vocational education, customized training and skill upgrade for the workforce

    Leadership – Civic involvement, community organizations, leadership training, youth involvement

    Technology = Computers, specialized software, networking, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Telecommunications = Improved access to and use of telecommunications and broadband technology

    Transportation = Highways, public transit, rail, aviation, canals, trails, inter-modal networks

Estimated Budget: If you know the project’s total cost and funding sources, please indicate. If you know the
    total but not the sources, leave the sources blank or make your best estimation. If you don’t have any budget
    information, leave everything blank. Your project will still be included in the suggested project list in the
    2012 CEDS so that federal and state funding agencies will be aware of it.

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