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									             The Fultonia Live/Work Village
             Project Overview
 Housing is an essential component to the success             commercial space coupled with living space to minimize
 of The Fultonia Live/Work Village development. This          travel to and from their work. The Fultonia Live/Work
project has been designed to help alleviate the shortage of   Village addresses those problems by offering its residents
moderately priced housing in Central Fresno by adding 39      options to rent a quality apartment in a safe and secure
rental apartments and 10-commercial spaces.                   village environment, or they can also combine their
Many hard-working families and individuals in Fresno          housing needs with a place to operate their business within
                       cannot afford to rent a high quality   the same complex.
                       home or must pay a substantial         The Fultonia Live/Work Village project is being developed
                       proportion of their income each        by TFS Investments, LLC which has extensive experience
                       month for housing. There is also a     in the development and management of high quality
                       need for quality live/work units for   housing in the Central Valley. Expert management and
                        professionals and entrepreneurs       ongoing maintenance are high priorities. An additional
                                     seeking to lessen        benefit of the housing is that it ensures the presence
                                           their impact       of residents outside of normal business hours. These
                                              on the          residents will patronize the shops and restaurants in the
                                               environment    area and enhance the safety of the neighborhood with their
                                               by combining   full-time presence.
                                                                            The Fultonia At-A-Glance
What is The
Fultonia?                                      Project
• Originally a 39-unit low-income
apartment complex with 10-retail/office        Overview
                                               Driving south on Fulton Street from the Tower District, you will not help but notice a bright, colorful
spaces lining Fulton Street that had been
                                               complex of buildings – with palm trees, banners and apartment balconies all visible from the street
allowed to fall into disrepair, The Fultonia
                                               once The Fultonia Live/Work Village is completed. The street front lined with retail shops, offices
will be converted into an active and
                                               and even small restaurants, and equipped with seating areas, you are drawn into the live/work
affordable live/work village.
                                               village with a large central courtyard plaza. Access to public transportation is conveniently located
                                               right outside the village and three major highways are accessible within a very short distance. The
• Located between the Tower District           Tower District, which is the heart of Central Fresno, is only a few short blocks to the north and
and Downtown Fresno with easy access           Downtown Fresno can be reached in just minutes either by FAX, automobile, or even a bicycle.
to three major highways, this live/work
village and plaza will also serve as a
major community-gathering place for            Commercial Space
                                               Ten storefronts line the ground floor along Fulton Street, providing a variety of opportunities for
residents and locals within the SOTOW
                                               stores and restaurants as well as office space. Among the types of businesses suited for this live/
(South of Tower) District.
                                               work village are:

• Thirty-nine units of mixed-income
                                                     •   convenience market
housing in a secure environment.                     •   espresso coffee and bakery
                                                     •   cell phone store
• Ten separate commercial storefronts                •   tax service
offering neighborhood retail (shops and              •   bistro restaurant
restaurants) and/or office space for                 •   professional offices
professionals.                                       •   artist and designer space
                                                     •   laundromat
• Covered parking area that is secured
with gates.                                    The attractive features of the project, including the residential/commercial component, close
                                               proximity to public transportation, and access to major freeways makes it clear that the potential
• Entire complex is fenced and secure          for improvements is not limited to The Fultonia Live/Work Village, but can continue throughout the
offering its residents a safe environment.     area, with upgraded storefronts, street furniture, signage, and street trees.

• A new “Cool Roof” will be installed to       SOTOW
lower energy consumption.                      A key component of the project is the designation of this area as the SOTOW District, or South
                                               of Tower. Historically, local residents have considered the Tower District to be the neighborhoods
• Solar panels will be installed to generate   north of Olive Avenue, and the area commands higher real estate prices and a higher percentage
both electrical power and heated water.        of home ownership. The area to the south of Olive has not enjoyed the same allure by residents
                                               seeking new housing. By designating this area as SOTOW, starting with The Fultonia project,
• The complex offers access to public          the area can experience resurgence in home ownership and improvements to the overall area
transportation just outside the front          by drawing people who want to live and/or work in the neighborhood. With the success of this
gates thereby reducing the impact on the       project, real estate investors and property owners will look to make similar improvements to their
environment.                                   properties.
                                                                    Assessing Project Success
Design and Planning                                                 Success in Meeting Project Goals
The basic architecture of the existing structures will remain,      • To strengthen existing community institutions and catalyze neighborhood
but will be enhanced by the addition of key design elements            revitalization – physically, economically and socially.

and use of color. The existing rectangular “towers” will receive
                                                                    • To reduce poverty, build assets, and contribute to the local economy
additional height and key design elements to add drama to             – by providing a stable source of jobs and income.
the complex. The colors will be bold, but will be done not
to overwhelm the structure, but rather to emphasize the             • To encourage and leverage public and private investment.
                                                                    • To enhance choices for neighborhood residents, including services and
                                                                      retail choices.
The design of the central courtyard plaza will incorporate
large palm trees and other plantings to soften the hardscape
                                                                    • To provide high quality, affordable housing.
and will include seating to enliven the plaza and to create an
attractive and inviting space. The street front will also include   • To improve the perception and reality of safety.
new landscaping and seating for small cafes and coffee shops
to encourage pedestrian traffic. A great deal of attention will     • To beautify a blighted area.
be paid to the graphics and signage program contributing to
                                                                    • To increase FAX ridership and reduce traffic and pollution.
the colorful, almost festive character of the entire complex.
                                                                    • To be sustainable and environmentally sound.
The signage on each commercial space will conform to
predetermined design standards and restrictions on other
types of signage will be in place to preserve the integrity of
the overall design scheme as well as the upscale feel of the
                           PROJECT DEVELOPER
TFS Investments,                       proper ty    acquisition     and       Frazier Realty and has been a
                                       development is highlighted by          leading figure in local real estate   Terance Frazier
providing innovative                   our commitment to quality, value,                                            Owner of TFS Investments
                                                                              investments   for   a   number   of
opportunities                          and client satisfaction. We have
                                                                              years. His companies specialize
                                       extensive experience in single
for today’s demanding                  family homes, planned housing          in all areas of residential and
business world.                        communities, and commercial            commercial real estate and have
                                                                              expanded from the Central Valley
TFS Investments, located in
                                       Our Vision at TFS Investments is to    in California to Texas and Georgia.
Fresno, California is an innovative
Investment firm, specializing in       expand our business capacity and       Terance has worked in the real
foreclosed properties. Our ability     networking relationships in local,     estate industry for over twenty
to find and purchase distressed        state, national and international      years and has had over 600
properties at the right time for the   global markets. Over the years we
                                                                              investments in Central California.
right price has made us one of         have established world renowned
Central California’s leading real      investment partners and alliances      Some of TFS Investments’ current
estate investment firms.               that have helped put us in a           projects include a twenty acre
                                       position to expand at a consistent,    development in Pflugerville, Texas,
TFS Investments is also an             yet rapid pace.
                                                                              the development of 120 acres in
experienced commercial and
residential real estate developer.     Terance Frazier owns TFS               southeast Fresno and a nine acre
Our core competency of land,           Investments, LLC as well as            development in central Fresno.

    Tyco General, Inc.
    The Fultonia redevelopment concept was designed by Tyco General, Inc. who will also manage
    the overall project. Tyco General, Inc. manages many types of commercial construction
    projects, but focuses its marketing efforts in the following key categories:

         • Medical Facilities
         • Professional Offices
         • Retail Centers and Tenant Improvements
         • Restaurants and Hospitality
         • Educational Buildings
         • Multi-Family and Mixed-Use
         • Industrial Parks / Structures

    Tyco General, Inc. is a full service Design/Build general contracting firm and has been serving
    California since 1998.

                                                                                   532-614 Fulton St.
                                                                                   Fresno, CA 93721

                                                                             Media Contact: Lance Cardoza

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