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Introducing the PBC Board Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy


									Fourth Edition, October 2009

Welcome to the September edition of the PBC             understanding of the      tendering   processes     and lead the production of the clinical pathways
newsletter for Camden. We hope you find the             employed by the PCT.                                and service specifications.
news and updates useful and interesting.
                                                        I look forward to seeing as many people as
                                                                                                            Implementing new service redesign projects can
Message from the Chair of the PBC Board                 possible at the upcoming PBC event where we
Welcome to the latest edition of PBC News. It           hope we will be given a strong steer as to what     be quite a lengthy process due to the necessary
has certainly been an exciting time. As you will        you all want us to do in the forthcoming year.      approval and procurement processes which help
see there has been a great increase in                  Tom Aslan, PBC Chair                                to ensure the quality and value of new services
secondary care costs in particular. As we move                                                              tendered. The PBC Board and clinical leads
to harder financial times this is a great threat not    Role of the Pan-Camden PBC Board                    appointed by them lead the development of the
just to freed up resources but to the whole                                                                 business case, clinical models/pathways and
                                                        The Pan-Camden PBC Consortium has now
funding of primary care. It is now more important
                                                        been in place for 15 months since it was formed     service specifications with project management
than ever that we ensure all activity claims are
accurate and appropriate. We have been working          last summer. This marked the coming together of     support from the PCT but once the business
hard to set up a system to collect this type of         the previous three consortia into a Camden-wide     case and specifications have been approved, the
data automatically and our PBC incentive                affiliation of practices which currently has 39     PCT then takes on full responsibility for the
scheme will be used for this. We see this as our        members and is overseen by the PBC Board.           procurement process. PBC Board members are
most important task in trying to safeguard patient      There are seven Board Members who comprise          not allowed to become involved in the actual
care in Camden.                                                                                             procurement of services due to the potential
                                                        the PBC Board and take lead responsibilities at a
                                                        strategic commissioning level and also at a         conflict of interest.
As polyclinics come closer and more services go
out to tender, the role of PBC in ensuring that the     practice level with named practices with which
best care is delivered to patients becomes more         they liaise and represent. The PBC Board is also    There are a number of PBC projects in the
important. As the majority of practices in Camden       supported by two full time post as follows:         pipeline due to go live in the next few months in
have signed up to PBC it is our duty to try and        Shabana Nayeemuddin - PBC General Manager           Camden which include a menorrhagia service,
ensure all specifications reflect the views of
                                                       David Newell – PBC Administrator                    community mens health clinic, ECG interpretation
Camden’s Primary Care teams. Whilst the PBC
                                                                                                            service and a data validation exercise. This
Board is not allowed to be involved in the
procurement processes when contracts are                Since its inception the PBC Board have been         newsletter will keep you updated with the
awarded for newly designed services, to avoid           working on a number of service redesign             progress in relation to these projects.
any conflicts of interest, we want to ensure that       projects. For each project a clinical lead has
local practices and providers have a better             been appointed from primary care to advise on
Finance                                               Dermatology – This service is being procured        practices and other stakeholders about our
Most practices will have seen from the monthly        under the Any Willing Provider (AWP) model and      progress and workstreams. It can be viewed at
PBC finance reports sent to practices that they       application forms have been sent out to all
                                                      providers interested in providing the community
had an overspend last year. The overall
                                                      based clinics. The closing date for applications    Any recommendations for improvement can be
outpatient budget was overspent by £1,250,000         is the 5th October and the PCT then hopes to        forwarded to David Newell (PBC Administrator)
(7%). Unfortunately this means that there will be     award the contracts by the end of October.          at the contact details provided at the end of this
no Freed Up Resources (FUR's) available to                                                                newsletter.
practices for reinvestment. As you know we have       Gynaecology – A good proposal has been               Key Events
been looking at reasons for this overspend.           developed for a menorhaggia service using GP         Practice Based Commissioning GP Event
Although it has been a national trend, there seem     to GP referrals through extending the IUCD NES.      12.30 – 2.30pm Thursday 15th October 2009
                                                      The proposal has been approved by the PCT
to be local reasons such as a large increase in                                                            at the London Irish Centre, 50-52 Camden
                                                      and will be implemented in the next two months.
cardiology and gynaecology costs. Possible                                                                 Square, Camden, NW1 9XB
reasons for this are being addressed with the         Podiatry – Work is currently underway to review      This event is open to all Camden GPs, Practice
PCT and acute trusts.                                 the referral processes and develop Podiatry          Nurses and Practice Managers. All practices
                                                      pathways for diabetes.                               are strongly advised to attend this event as it
Budgets for 2009/10 are based on 'fair shares'.                                                            will form the basis of discussions for the
Although the methodology for this has been            Urology – Pathways have been devised for the         priorities and workplan of the Pan-Camden
agreed, we are still awaiting the overall budget      development of a community men’s health clinic
                                                                                                           PBC Consortium. The main focus of the event
allocation from the PCT to be able to distribute      which will see patients with benign prostatic
this to practices. The calculation comprises a        hyperplasia, lower urinary tract symptoms and        will be around innovation in primary care and
25% allocation from each of four areas - Historic     erectile dysfunction. This will be developed into    practices are encouraged to bring along ideas
spend;     Local      deprivation    figures;  QOF    a service specification and business case.           for innovative new services for discussion on
prevalence and the DH fair shares toolkit                                                                  the day.
calculation. If this calculation gives a new budget   Podiatry questionnaire
within 10% of an average sized practices              All Practice Managers should have recently           If practices wish to input their ideas for potential
previous calculation, then the practice will keep     received a questionnaire seeking GP views on         developments in advance of the event they can
the historic budget. If the difference is greater,    Podiatry, referrals, expectations and ways to
                                                                                                           contact either Shabana Nayeemuddin or David
the change will be a maximum of 3% per year.          improvement the service. We would be grateful if
                                                                                                           Newell (see key contacts section at the end of
                                                      you could fill out and return these to us as soon
                                                                                                           this newsletter). Time is running out however if
Update on Service Developments                        as possible when you received them.
                                                                                                           practices wish to input their ideas for potential
COPD – A business case will be submitted to the                                                            developments in advance of the event they can
PCT in the next two weeks for a COPD                  PBC Website
                                                                                                           contact either Shabana Nayeemuddin or David
intermediate service pilot to commence in             We hope that you are now using the Pan-
                                                                                                           Newell (see key contacts section at the end of
Camden before winter 2009.                            Camden PBC Consortium website. We
                                                                                                           this newsletter).
                                                      constantly seek to update and inform all
Key Contacts
For queries relating to any of the contents
of this newsletter or other PBC related
issues please contact either your PBC
Board lead or one of the following:

PBC General Manager–Shabana
Tel: 020 3313 2731

PBC Administrator – David Newell
Tel: 020 3317 2729

Postal address for returning signed
Pan-Camden PBC Consortium
1st Floor, North Wing, St Pancras Hospital
4 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PE |

Tel: 020 3317 2729 | Fax: 020 7530 3916 |

        Any feedback on the format or content of
this newsletter is welcome. If you would like to
make any suggestions about this newsletter
please contact David Newell (contact details

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