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B ob Brown’s

Simple but smart strategies to sell more bottled water,
wine, beer, cocktails, cordials and cognacs, soft drinks, and

This program dramatically increases check averages by showing servers how to paint
the kind of word pictures that motivate guests to buy beverages at seven distinct phases
of a meal - while avoiding the common pitfalls that derail sales opportunities.

Bob Brown’s proven techniques are modeled and taught in a simple, easy to use,
video-based training series perfectly formatted for pre-shifts. The on-going use of the
training will build a service culture that ensures happier employees, happier guests and
increased beverage sales.

The Seven Keys to Beverage Sales Success is a comprehensive learning system
designed by award-winning training experts Arnowitz/Hurn in partnership
with Bob Brown Media. The interactive DVD and accompanying print
materials are designed for simple, flexible implementation

The system includes:

For servers:
•  Seven standalone, focused, fifteen minute video training modules – use
    them all together or one at a time as needed during pre-shifts
•  Participant Worksheets/training aids (download for free anytime you need
    them from our website)
•  A pack of 10 handy, four page, Server Job Aids, printed on sturdy card

                                                                                   around the world
                                                                                                      been an inspiration to thousands of hospitality, and food & beverage professionals
                                                                                                                                                                                           Bob Brown’s books, newsletters, videos, seminars and keynote addresses have
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PROVEN TECHNIQUES FROM A WORLD-RENOWNED EXPERT:
For managers:
•  A video tutorial covering the best ways to deliver the training to your staff
•  An easy-to-follow Quickstart Guide

The complete Seven Keys package is only $299.00 US plus shipping
(each per package license fee is valid for one location only)

DVD Content
(ten chapters approximately 15 mins each)

•  Introduction
•  Selling More Bottled Water
•  Selling More Cocktails
•  Selling More Beers
•  Selling More Wines
•  Selling More Non-Alcoholic Beverages
•  Selling More Cordials/Liqueurs & Cognacs
•  Selling More Champagne and “the Wow!”
•  What’s In It For You? (Why servers should embrace the training)
•  Tips for Presenters (Ways to most effectively deliver this training)

What this course will do for YOUR RESTAURANT
•  Increase overall beverage and food sales
•  Boost restaurant and bar staff self-confidence and morale
•  Dramatically improve guest satisfaction and loyalty

What this course will do for YOUR MANAGERS

•  Make training easier, more efficient and effective
•  Create a foundation of sales techniques to coach against
•  Reduce time spent baby-sitting staff
•  Empower them to focus on coaching in pre-shifts
•  Enhance and complement their knowledge and professionalism

What this course will do for your SERVERS

•  Increase their check averages and tips
•  Increase their level of engagement
•  Inspire them to feel a greater sense of pride and purpose
•  Make their jobs more interesting and fun
•  Heighten their awareness of the many beverage sales opportunities

“Bob Brown’s Seven Keys training at our new concept
Brasserie Centrale, at the Regent’s Park Marriott in London
was a huge success. We saw a 16% increase in beverage
sales and a five-pound bump in food revenue!”
Edward Harvey
Director of Food & Beverage Development and Design, Marriott Hotels Ltd l UK

“At our Riverview Restaurant we went from selling 50
bottles of wine a month to 550 after Bob’s seminar. Nothing
short of remarkable! Bob’s real world techniques were fun,
easy-to-follow and took the fear out of selling wine.”
Todd Kohl
Director of Food & Beverage, New Orleans Marriott

“I’m glad you produced the DVD which I will be purchasing.
My managers continue to get behind your workshop training
and they’ve incorporated it into our 15 minute daily preshift.
Just to let you know - our check average has increased 11%
YTD since the training. THANK YOU!!!!”
Hassan Yazbek
Director of Food & Beverage, Renaissance Dubai Hotel

“I’ve been to hundreds of seminars in my career, worked
in dozens of properties and I have never experienced such
a powerful presentation as Bob Brown delivered. He gave
my team the tools to provide a heightened level of service
and the ability to up-sell on a consistent basis. I strongly
recommend this for all professionals in the industry. My staff
is absolutely charged and ready for success - and enjoying
our new culture!”
Ewell Sterner
Director of Food & Beverage, Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines
Pricing and
Volume Discounts
The complete Seven Keys package is $299.00 US plus shipping
(license fee is valid for one location only)

Volume discounts are available for quantities over 300 units

300 – 500 units
10% discount, plus FREE addition of supplied branding/logo art to
external packaging, print materials and titling on video

501 - 1000 units
15% discount, plus branding listed above and FREE beverage list
customization for work sheets, job aids and video reference

20% discount, plus FREE customizations listed above
On-line Sales and
On-Demand Fulfillment
Bob Brown Media offers complete fulfillment services including web-
based, on-demand ordering for recurring fulfillment (with no minimum
quantity required)

To order the program, download free worksheets, purchase additional
Server Job Aids or additional free training resources go to the Bob Brown
Media fulfillment website: www.BobBrownMedia.com

The Seven Keys program packaging, video, and print content can be
customized to complement your existing training programs. We can add
corporate branding, represent sponsor’s products and add specific beverage
lists and sales language

Localization can include beverages specific to your region or organization
and translation to any major language.

Please contact us directly for pricing of these services
Seven Keys is the first in a series of service-oriented programs from
Bob Brown Media:

Unlocking Star Performance for Sales and Service Success


1. The Seven Keys to Beverage Sales Success
 (Focus: F&B sales) CURRENT RELEASE
A series of easy to master strategies and techniques that enable servers to increase
sales of bottled waters, cocktails, wines, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, cordials
and cocktails, and champagnes.

2. The Seven Ways Successful Servers Sell
(Focus: F&B sales and service) - 4/2009
Bob’s gold standard full-spectrum service training turns Order Takers into
Artful Salespersons, generates positive word-of-mouth advertising, energizes the
restaurant environment, and boosts revenues, tips, and morale.

3. The Art of the Arrival: Delighting Guests at Every Touch point:
(Focus: hotel-wide service and sales) - 5/2009
Bob Brown’s powerful series of easy-to-implement Tricks of the Trade as well
as hotel and area knowledge that creates a concierge mindset throughout the
hotel and enhance all guest interactions with Valet, Door, Bell and Front Desk
representatives - increasing guest satisfaction and loyalty as well as boosting sales
and tips.

4. The Four Keys to Wine Sales Success
(Focus: F&B sales) - 6/2009
A breakthrough training tool (also currently in pre-production) that quickly
enables servers to achieve a functional mastery of one of the most profitable items
on any menu, wine - by demystifying it and showing how to use Bob Brown’s
proprietary Wine Lyrics to make its basic varietals easy to describe, discuss, and

5. Achieving In-Room Dining Excellence
(Focus: F&B service and sales) - 8/2009
When engaging with diners in the most intimate of environments - their room
- servers and operators face a myriad of pitfalls and opportunities. This course
provide the techniques and strategies that make the most of the important (and
lucrative) guest touch points on the phone and in the room. Tools include Bob’s
“Sales Cockpit,” The Sales Order Pad, and Sales Prompter Posters.
6. Building the Foundation of a Total Food & Beverage Service
(Focus: F&B service and sales) - 10/ 2009
This course leverages the fact that product knowledge is the foundation of sales
success - and teaches managers and servers how to apply Bob Brown’s proprietary
“Hook, Line, and Sinker” dialogue technique to make every offering sound
irresistible. Next, Brown’s “Raw, Prepped, and Final” Food Show transforms
servers into Food Story Tellers And learning how to create and implement
the both the “Host and Server Sales and Service Game Plans” that ensures
hospitality, sales and technical excellence that can be adapted to every type of

7. Hospitality for Lifetime Loyalty
(Focus: hotel wide service and sales) - 2010
By showing all hotel employees from the front office to engineering and
housekeeping to food and beverage employees to bring heart and an emotional
connection to their guest interactions - The results are increased guest satisfaction
and loyalty, higher revenues, and bigger tips.


8. Coaching for Star Performance -
By teaching managers how to recognize and adapt their training and praise
techniques to each employee’s “personal DNA,” cast every individual in their
optimum role, deepen the manager-team member relationship through the “Big
Five” Coaching Techniques,” and leveraging the amazing power of the Coaching
Conversation, this course ensures that every Marriott achieves and maintains a
super-service culture.

9. Achieving and Sustaining Superior Service through Effective Pre-
Knowing how to structure and implement consistently effective Pre-Shifts
enables managers to set the stage for training, motivation, and communication
in ways that guarantee positive outcomes. This course guarantees that every pre-
shift achieves maximum impact by enabling managers to adapt strategies to the
most current data and inspire a culture of continuous improvement.
About Bob Brown Media

Bob Brown Media is a partnership of Bob Brown and award-winning,
hospitality industry training and media communications experts Arnowitz/
Hurn, LLC. The company’s clients include virtually every major hotel
group, luxury hotels, casinos, resorts and hundreds of thousands of trained
employees around the world. Recent projects for major hotel brands
include: two multi-lingual global customer service training programs,
two multi-lingual global skills training programs, the creation, design and
implementation of a system-wide brand culture program.

The partnership provides worldwide on-demand digital materials fulfillment
with individual property-customization capability.

Bob Brown Media was created to leverage both company’s extensive sales
and service training assets, experience and expertise to enable hospitality,
food and beverage companies to reach thier highest potential revenues, guest
satisfaction, employee skill levels and team member engagement.

Arnowitz/Hurn partners have received over 80 top national and international
awards for their work.

Burt Arnowitz Managing Partner
Bob Brown Media
Arnowitz/Hurn. LLC
107 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California 94965

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