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					Atlantic Emon  1 LifT up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white alri
                                                                                                       to harvest."

VOL. VI                                 SOUTH LANCASTER, MASS., JANUARY 16, 1907                                             No. 3

              AN AWFUL THING.                   it is necessary that this collection                   THE TRUE RING.
 'T IS an awful thing to profess to be          shall be a liberal one.                      TrfWfcllowing letter breathes the
   The chosen of God's own Son,
                                                   There has never been a time in the     spirit of true consecration and sacrifice*
 With no unity and no fellowship,
   And no life in what is done.                history of our work when the demands       We pray that this spirit may lay hold
 'Tis an awful thing to thus drag in dust      were so great upon us to exert our         upon those who are able to give one
   The standard of truth and right,            very best efforts in laboring and sac-     hundred times as much as this brother
 And an Achan be in the camp of God,           rificing for the cause of religious lib-   in the South., This spirit, received by
   Shutting out the rays of 1'ght.             erty as now, for the enemy was never       all our people, would close up the
 'Tis an awful thing to cling to the cloak     so active in seeking to deprive men of     work of raising the #150,000 fund in
   Of hypocrisy and pride,
                                               the exercise of the rights of conscience   a day. Before the end comes and the
 And to seek with care every wicked deed
   To cover up and to hide.                    as now.                                    work closes, all those who go through
 'Tis an awful thing to claim to be filled        Intelligence has just been received     the fiery trials into the kingdom of
   With the Spirit's holy power,               that twelve hundred persons have been      God will have this spirit.
 When the life goes on in the same old way     summoned to court in the city of Bos-   " MY DEAR BROTHER :
   Every week and day and hour.                ton for a violation of the New England             " Your favor of the 19th
'T is an awful thing to receive the truth      Sunday law. A Sunday closing cru-    came yesterday; and, although I do
   And to hide it in the heart,
                                               sade is also on in Willimantic, Conn.,
                                                                                    not open my business mail on the Sab-
To be blessed, yet feel no desire to bless,
   Or to others give a part.                   and in California a desperate effort is
                                                                                    bath, when I saw one letter was from
'Tis an awful thing to say and not do,         being put forth to secure a change in
                                                                                   you, I ventured to open ir, assured
   And with self upon the throne               the State constitution which will pro-
                                                                                   that it was about our Father's business.
live a lie, and to feel within the soul        vide for a Sunday law in that Slate.,It contained, book No. 101 for the
   Everything will soon be known.              So the battle is on in many places   $150 000 fund.
'Tis an awful thing for the remnant church    throughout the country.                  " I took it with me to the last meet-
   To be in a lukewarm state,
                                                  The latest news, which shows a little
                                                                                   ing of the week of prayer. After the
When the great wide world must be warned
      to-day,                                  of the fruitage of what this movement
                                                                                   annual offering was • taken, which
   And no time for it to wait.                means, is the arrest of three of our own
                                                                                   amounted to $22.25,1 presented the
'T is an awful thing to have outward forms    people in Spartanburg, South Caro-   matter of the fund. I placed ten dol-
   That are void of grace within,             lina. Their.trial was appointed for  lars as a pledge after my name, not
When the weary hearts of a multitude          January 10.                          knowing where the money would come
   Are seeking to turn from sin.                  It should not be forgotten that there
                                                                                   from. But I have learned since com-
                           E. H. MORTON.
                                              is aLo a Sunday bill pending in Con- ing to this Southland to lean hard
                                              gress, the outcome of which no one   upon the promise,' My God shall sup-
    THE 1907 RELIGIOUS LIBERTY                can say.                             ply all your need according to his
              COLLECTION.                         Shall we not willingly sacrifice of
                                                                                   riches in glory.' What was my sur-
          Sabbath, February 2.                our substance in helping stay the re-prise and thankfulness to find in the
   THE annual collection for the Re-          lentless and fearful oncoming tide ofevening mail a post-office order for
ligious Liberty Department, appointed         intolerance and persecution which will
                                                                                   just the amount I had pledged!
by the General Conference Commit-             soon overtake us, by enlightening the    " The amount paid in and pledged
tee, will be taken this year on Sab-          honest ones ?                        is now over thirty dollars for this
bath, February 2.                                 All collections should be sent   fund, and I expect more will be given.
   It will be remembered that this is         through the regular channels.        One of the most touching sights I
the only general collection which is                                K. C. RUSSELL. have lately seen was that of a mother
taken for the support of this impor-                                               who is struggling hard to meet neces-
tant line of work, and furthermore,             " BE kindly affectioned one to an- sities encouraging her little girl to
the department has no other resources         other with brotherly love ; in honor place her name to the pledge beneath
by which to carry on its work. Hence          preferring one another."             her own, then taking the hand of her
22 (I)                                      ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER.

youngest child, and inscribing his little  The superintendent wished him to           Sabbath, he and Brother Wood were
name with the pledge of a gift to his   cont:nue to teach;- but was informed          elected as joint elders, and thus they
Master.                                 that if he continued, he should have          may expect a local elder each S ibbath.
  " Yours in the blessed hope."         to teach the boys the truth about the            At that meeting the elder and dea-
                  J. S. WASHBURN.       Sabbath. The superintendent said              cons were set apart by ordination to
                                        they could not permit that, though he         their respective duties, and the ordi-
     THE ORE HUNDRED AND FIFTY          admitted that the seventh day was the         nances were celebrated. It was cer-
        THOUSAND DOLLAR FUND.           Sabbath. How many more are there              tainly a good diy for us all. Oae
   THERE seems to be a willingness in high places who have beard but do               brother who had lost his first love, and
on the part of our people whose minds not obey ?                                      had begun the use of t >bacco, re-
have been called to the raising of the                       W. H. ZEIDLER.           nounced the vile thing, and rejoiced
$150,000 fund to take hold and raise                                                  in the vict ry which had come to him.
this amount of money.                                                                    It was a pleasure for us to meet
   There are tho^e in our church who                    FIELD                         Brother Boynton, who has been in the
we thought would not be able to do                                                    message about forty-five years, and to
anylhing towards raising this sum who           SAYVILLE, LONG ISLAND.                hear his cheeri' g testimony, and to
have come and brought nearly as             SABBATH, January 5, I spent with          know that the way g ows brighter and
much as would have been their pro- the church at Sayville, Long Island.               brighter as he sees the end of the race
portional part had it been divided up About two years ago Elder L. H. Pioc-           so near. It is always a source of en-
equally between all the members. tor and Brother J. A. Wood conducted                 couragement to me to meet with these
God lovrs the cheerful giver (2 Cor. a series of tent meetings at this place          veteran believers. Their testimonies
9: 7), and not only a cheerful giver, with the result that a church of about          have a ring about them which thrills
but one who giveth bountifully. sixteen members was organized. The                    the heart, and renews the courage of
Verse 6. The one who sowrth b >un- prejudice after a time ran so high that            the hearer.
tifully has the promise that he shall but little or no interest was manifest             I returned to New York Sunday in
reap bountifully. Any one can see at in public efforts. The church was                time to conduct my regular Sunday-
a glance how one who sows sparingly very fortunate in securing the use of a           evening service at Mount Vernon, and
can not expect to reap a very great forsaken Methodist church. The                    I cou'd truly say I was glad that I
harvest. Just so any one who gives Methodist people desired a modern                  had been to Sayville.
Sparingly can not expect the Lord will church, and so decided to build on a                              C. H. EDWARDS.
bring a great amount into his hands. modern scale. This they did, and
   It is God that giveth man power to thus the vacant church became the                     EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA.
get wealth. Deut. 8:18. Man is li- center of the truth for these last days               ACCORDING to announcements, the
able to forget that it is God who gives in that 1 ttle town.                          ministers and workers of the Eastern
the blessings that he has to enjoy          In spite of the prejudice and oppo-       Pennsylvauia Conference met in Phil-
But if he does not recognize that fact, sition, the little band of believer •> have   adelphia, December 26, and devoted
God will remove those blessings from pushed along with increasing confi-              several days to considering plans for
him. See Hosea 2:8, 9. Let us, dence in the message. For over a                       advancing the work of God, and seek-
brethren and sisters, use the blessings year Brother Wood has served as the           ing him for more power for service.
that God bestows upon us to advance local elder, but some time ago he                 Elder E. W. Farnsworth was with us
his cause in the earth.                  moved to Stony Bro >k, a small town          duiing the entire time. Hi* words of
                       S. J. HERSUM.     about fifteen miles away. There be-          enthusiasm and courage proved an in-
                                         ing no public conveyances from one           spiration to us all.
       HOW UNRELIABLE IS MAN!            village to the other, it has been a hard        This meeting was remarkable for
   ONE who has just determined to task for Brother Wood to attend the                 the spirit of aggressiveness which was
keep the Sabbath of the Lord, notified weekly services.                               manifested by all who attended.
the superintendent of Harker Mr-mo-         About two months ago, Brother             There was a " sound of going " in our
rial Sunday-school, of Richmond, Vir- Robert H. Martin, one of the confer-            midst which gave assurance of prog-
ginia, that he would have to give up ence liborers, moved to Patchogue, a             ress during the year 1907.
the class which he had been teaching small city about five miles from Say-               Various plans for aggressive work
for a number of years, because he was ville. He began work in that place,             were agreed to. All committed them-
going to keep the commandments of and has also been connected with the                selves to putting forth an active cam-
God in entirety.                         Sayville church. At the meeting last         paign for the raising of our conference
                                             ATLANTIC UNION OLEAHSB.                                                        **

share of the $150,000 fund before the                    WEST VIRGINIA.                son City church in quarterly meeting,
end of the first quarter of the new             THE Parkersburg church held their      Sabbath and Sunday, January 18-20,
year. It was planned for each and           regula quarterly meeting in the hall       Pray that we may have a good meeting,
every church, and as far as possible        at 1200 Seventh Street, on Sabbath,                         P. W. PROVINCE.
each and every family, to be visited by     January 5, 1907. There being con-
a conference worker within the month        siderable sickness, several were not             SOUTH FRAMINUHAM, MASS.
of January. Cash offerings were to be       present, but we had a good meeting.           WE are glad to report that we are
solicited, and pledges for weekly or        Tne Lord gave us the usual b'essing        of good courage. The new year opens
other payments were to be taken, suf-       of his presence by his Spirit. Besides     with bright prospects 'or a year of
ficient to have our conference do its       the forenoon services, we cele rated       successful work for the Master. The
share before March 31.                      the ordinances of the Lord's house in      Lord has taught us some valuable
    It was agreed to arrange for eight      the afternoon. In the forenoon, we         lessons during the past year, through
tents to be operated in the conference      had a testimony meeting, in which the      varied experiences. In connection
next season. This will req ire the          clerk called the names of the members,     with our church, we have organ-
purchasing of two new meeting tents.        and all present answen d to the call       ized a missionary society co > posed of
    It was voted to hold our camp meet-     by a personal te>timony, giving their      those who have pledged themselves to
ing for 1907, begin ing either August       txpenence in the message, and their        do systematic work with tracts among
22 or 29. It was thought that a             hope of a future life when Jesus comes     those outside of our denomination.
change from spring to fall might prove      to gather his people to himself. Some      We have faith to believe that some at
advantageous in some respects.              of those who were exiled from us had       least will be added to our number
Twenty five new camp-meeting tents,         sent to the clerk a letter which was       through the efforts put forth during
besides other camp-meeting equipment,       read, and thus, though not with us in      the year before us.
are to be purchased. All will recog-        body, they were in spirit, and b »re          May the Lo d help us to be faithful,
nize that considerable money will be        their testimony to the glory of God.       and to keep in the position where lie
required for the purchasing of tent         We were glad to getthes • gooJ letters     can by his Holy Spiiit dir ct and use
and camp-mei ting outfits.                  from dearly beloved brethren and sis-      us as humble instruments to give the
    A plan was adopted for holding a        ters * ho were absent. We only wish        word of life to perishing souls around
convention for church-elders the latter     that all who can not be present would      us. Let us not fail of rec« iving the
part of the winter at some central           write us a g >od letter.                  blessing God has in store for those
point. We believe that church-elders            While our hearts were made glad to     who cooperate with him in this closing
and other c fficers are not generally as    hear the cheering testimonies of ear-      work for lost humanity.
thoroughly instructed as thty should be.     nest soldiers of the cross, there was a                       LOTTIE WRIGHT.
    Several of our young ministers and       sadness that followed when we thought
workers are to attend the special cours-:   of some whose names were on the                         BATH, MAINE.
of instruction for advanced student:;        church roll, and who had not answered        AGAIN, changes have come to our
 and young workers, to be given at the       to their call for many quarters in the    force of workers in this city. During
 Spuih Lancaster Academy, March 10           past, simply for lack of interest. Some   the week of prayer, Elder Osborne
 to April 19                                 are lukewarm, and some have grown         met with the churches at Shawrnut
     Some transference of workers was        cold and seem to love this world and      and Norridgewock; Sister Prince
 provided for. We regretted that El-         its pleasures better than the things of   helped with the services here; and
 d^r O. O. Bernstein, of the Minnesota       God. We can see the spiritual inter-      the writer was with this church the
 Conference, did not arrive to enter         est of the church growing, and there      first three days then held one meeting
 upon his work in Philadelphia until         is a longing for the old-time spirit of   in Brunswick, and the remainder of
 after the c ose of our workers' meeting.    the message to return into our heaits,    the time was with the Richmond
     The canvassing, tract and mission-      as it was when we first belitved.         church.
 ary, and medical phases of our work             At our business met ting on Sunday       These were times of deep heart?
 receivtd hearty attention. We hope          evening, we decided to begin a regular    searching. Some Parted anew, and
 to see stronger advancement made            study of the message tvery Sunday         not one who earnestly sought God was
 along all these lines of our work. We        night, so that we may be bettt-r pre-    disappjinted in the blessing received,
 invite all our Qhurches to uniie with        pared to stand now in the mid-t of so       O .ving to the illness of Sister Wood;
  us more earnestly than ever in an ever      many isms an.1 doctrines of these last    Elder O-borne was asked to take up
 onward movement.                             days.                                     her work for a time hi connection
                 W. J, FlTZGERAlP.               The writer will meet with the Ma-      with the Skowhegan mission; and
     (4)                                       ATLANTIC UNION QLEANEB.

  Sister Prince went at the same time         "Christ's Object Lessons." She               cepted the Sabbath, and others seem
  to her sister's in Massachusetts, hop-      seemed like a sweet Christian woman,         about ready to do so.
  ing a few weeks' change to a w armer cli-   and said she would gladly read the               The week of prayer was observed,
  mate would help her to gain strength        book.                                        and as we waited before God in prayer,
  lost in a series of severe colds. We           The wife said," I was down to             the blessing of his Holy Spirit was
 hope they will be returned to the            father's since our study, and he had         received, and each one felt ready to
  work here at no distant time.               been reading Revelation, and said he         take up the work with renewed zeal.
     For the present \ve have discontin-      did not understand about the time,           Elder E. J. Dryer, our conference
 ued some of the meetings in the hall,        times, and half a time. I told him we        president, was with us from Decem-
 and I am devoting most of my time to         had been learning about it, and per-         ber 28 to 30, and preached four able
 house-to-house work, making calls,           haps we could come there and have a          sermons, three of which were listened
 giving Bible readings, and scattering        study." I told her I would gladly go,        to with interest by many not of our
 literature. Much time during the             so they are going there with me this         faith.
 first of our effort here was spent with      week. I have since learned that the             On Sabbath, December 29, the or-
 those who commenced to keep the              man is a deacon in one of the city           dinances of the Lord's house were ob-
 Sabbath as the result of the tent meet-      churches. Others are in the " valley         served, and Brother J. W. Marshall
 ings, in order that they might be fully      of decision," and we ask your prayers        was ordained deacon. This brother
 established; but now we have regular         that they may decide for the truth.          has been the subject of many prayers
 appointments in six or seven other           A lady with whom I held a reading            for five long years, and when he ac-
 families, in which from twelve to fifteen    on the Sabbath question this week            cepted the Sabbath last May, it caused
 are studying the truths for these times.     said, " I have not felt that I was doing     great rtjoicing in his family. Dear
     The family with whom I have studied      right to work on Saturday for some           brethren and sisters, do not be dis-
 the longest, say they are convinced          time."                                       couraged, continue to pray for your
 that this is the truth. At our study            It is blessed to work for Jesus.          dear oms, but remember the con-
 this week, the wife said, " I am much        Pray for us.                                dition, " If ye abide in me, and my
 troubled over the Sabbath, but it is                           JENNIE R. BATES.           words abide in you, ye shall ask what
 now as when I first saw the light on                                                     ye will, and it shall be done unto you."
                                              VERMONT TITHE FOR DECEMBER, 1906.
 baptism, I am hard to give in; yet                                                        John 15:7. We must abide in Christ,
 when I was baptized, I received the            Barre,                      $     2.10     and have his word abiding in us.
 greatest blessing of my life." As I            Bordoville,                       2.00        Brother J. R.- Medlin is canvassing
 was leaving, she said, " I want to             Burlington,                      31.43    here, with good success. His home is
 thoroughly understand the step before          Hartland,                        46 65    in Washington, Pa., and the circum-
 I take it, and I never had my atten-           Jamaica,                         2'2.16   stances connected with his coming
 tion called to the subject till you came       Rutland,                        137.93    here would seem to indicate that he
 to us." The next day she asked me              Sharon,                          23.67    was led here of the Holy Spirit.
 to call on a lady fiiend whom she              Sutton,                          10.35     Brother J. W. Marshall has also en-
 hoped to interest in these truths, and         Vergennes,                       15.85    tered the canvassing work; and Sister
 as a result the lady said she would            Weston,                           2.75     S. F. Herring, our faithful light
come to the readings there, and invited         Wolcott,                         26.66    bearer, continues to sell the printed
 me to have them in her home, as she            Individuals,                     23.50    page, and scatter the seed as she has
had three boys she was anxious to                    Total,           $345.05             opportunity.
have helped.                                         W. E. FORTUNE, Treasurer.                We are glad to have Brother J. H.
    We have been invited again to the                                                     Anderson with us again. He was
home of the young men mentioned in                     MORGAJNTOWN, W. VA.                formerly a member of this church, but
a previous article, and spent a blessed          As I SEAT myself to write this report,   left here some three years ago for
evening studying Daniel two and Rev-          my heart is singing praises to God for      other fields of labor.
elation twelve. They had never seen           his wonderful love and power. The               It is now nine months since Breth-
a prophetic chart, and were much in-          work here, which has previously been        ren Frank and Will Robbins and
terested. They invited me to call             reported, has continued to progress         Thomas Thirlwell commenced hold-
some afternoon and meet an aunt of            with good results.                          ing meetings here. During that time,
the wife, who could not come that                The Sunday-night meetings have           four persons have accepted the Sab-
night as the baby was ill. I called in        been well attended, and a good interest     bath, and six have joined the church
a few days and carried a copy of              is manifested. Two have lately ac-          on profession of faith. Before this,
                                           ATLANTIC UNION OLEANEB.                                                  (5» it

no meetings had been held for some        The good seeds we sow will surely JJf After a short social time, we all re^
time, as many of the members had          bring a harvest.                  turned to our homes, feeling that it is
moved away, but now the outlook is                         MARY F. RICE.    indeed "more blessed to give than to
very encouraging. A spirit of unity                                         receive." FLORENCE M. KIDDER.
prevails, and our watchword is on-            WORCESTER CHURCH SCHOOL.
ward, ever onward in the service of          THE evening of December 23, was             CHESAPEAKE CONFERENCE.
our Master.                               one to be remembered by the Worcester       THE following is a report of the
MRS. L. L. MARSHALL, Church Clerk.        church, especially the younger ones.      " Christ's Object Lessons " that have
                                             For some time the church-school        been donated to the Student's Relit f
      EDUCATIONAL                         treasury had been getting low, and it     Fund by members of this conference:
         OUR- ACADEMY AMD                 was evident that something must be          Morris Lukens, 5; J. F. Jones, 5;
                                          done.                                     Miss Mary Hurlock, 4; Mrs. J. Frazer,
YOUNG LADIES' SEMINAR, JAN. 19,190f.         Finally, it was decided to have a      4; F. H. Seeney, 4; Hollandville
  GENERAL topic, " Types and Shad-        Christmas gathering; but a different      church, 16; James Vanzant, 3; Lula
ows." The divisions are as follows:       gathering from what the rest of the       Tarbell, 3; May G. Cole, 3; Mrs.
  1. The Earthly Sanctuary, by Miss       world were having. Sunday evening         C. R. German, 2; V. H. Lucas, 1;
Dexter. 2. The Day of Atonement           was chosen as the time, and every-        Mrs. H. Keyser, 1; Albertina Ham-
(Leviticus 16), by Miss Rea. 3. The       body was asked to come to the school-     mer, 1; Chesapeake Conference, by
Heavenly Sanctuary, by Miss Mattie        room to spend the evening. Not only       donations from individuals, 28; Total,
Tefft. 4. Our Great High Priest, by       that, but each one was asked to biing     80.       E. R. NUTTER, Secretary.
Miss LaBier.                              with him a gift, either for the support
   THEODORA STEARNS, Secretary.           of the church school or for the poo "     "A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM."
                                             At the appointed time thirty-five         "ALL the way to Calvary, he went
  THE HARTLAND CHURCH SCHOOL.             persons were present. Afier singing,      for me, he went for me," sang the little
   NEARLY four months of pleasant         " They Brought Their Gifts to Jesus,"     four-year-old, busy about his play.
school days have passed, and soon the     the chairman of our school board             A large boy, almost as am,
winter term will close. The average       offered prayer. The older brethren        and not a Christian, happened along;
attendance has been twelve. Good,         and sisters then favored us with a few    just in time to hear a few words of the
earnest work is being done, and we        short stories from which many practi-     song. " Who went for me, and where
are anxious to learn what we can in the   cal lessons were drawn.                   did he go ?" he asked.
remaining time. Well may " thorough-         At the close of the story-telling,        Baby's brown eyes opened wide, as
ness" and "perseverance" be our           while the school children sang " Cheer-   he answered, "Why, Jesus! he went
motto. We have climbed hills, and         fully Give," the gifts were placed on     to Calvary for us.       Naughty men
overcome difficulties; for we want to     the table. Again the children sang a      nailed him on the cross I Drove great,
deserve the name of " Hartland Can        song composed for the occasion, and       big nails right fru his hands 1 Do n't
Company."                                 presented their gift of fifteen dollars   you know ?"
   The young people are interested in     to their school. This gift was a happy       A deep silence followed. Then
missionary work. Although some dis-       surprise to many.                         baby's voice rang out clear, as he
tance from town, we find something           The children earned their money        sang, " He went for me, he went for
to do. At one gathering the " Busy        making and selling Christmas wreaths.     me."
Bees "prepared apples to dry and          It was hard work, and many times            My eyes filled with tears of joy as
send away. Several times we looked        they were very tired; but the Lord        I prayed that God would bless the
over the school beans, about three        blessed their efforts, as he always       seed that had been sown.
bushels. The proceeds of the beans        blesses those who will work, and the                  MRS. H. E, WARNER.
will be put into the school fund.         joy they manifested in the giving was
We hope to make a little by caning        worth as much as the gift.                ITEMS OF INTEREST
chairs. Next spring term we will work        When the gifts were counted, we
on the strawberry bed and the other       found the school had received about                       MAINE.
ground, as we have an acre of school      thirty-five dollars. The poor also had      —Our church clerks are beginning
ground, altogether.                       been well remembered. Prayer was          to realize the importance of having
   We would not forget the canvassing     again offered, thanking our heavenly      their church records show the names
work. A few days have been spent          Father for all that he had bestowed       of only those who are keeping the
by some in the neighboring towns.         upon us.                                  Sabbath and who report to the church.
                                                          ATIAHTIC UMiOH QJUEAHEB.

                               THE BOOK WORK.                                                                     One clerk writes that she is trying to
                  Central Hew England, week ending; Jan. 4, 1907.                                                 make all feel that in order to have
      Name          | Place  | Book | Days | His | Ords | Value | Helps | Total | Del'd                           God's blessing a faithful tithe must be
A. J. Rice, Lowell,             S of P 5             6     6.00    •2.26   8.25    5.CO                           paid. Let the good work go on.
B. Chadnick, Everett,              P L 5            16 16.26       1.75 18.00      3.00                              —Sister R. J. Dixon, of Clinton,
W. F. Brockway, Keene,             CK 3      21     21 21.00         .70 21.70
                                                                                                                  writes that duiing the week of prayer
W. W . Rice, Lawrence,          S of P 4     18     22 2200        8.00 3000       300
E. W. Meek, E. Boston,          S of P 3     13     14 14.00              14.00                                   several indiv iduals called at her home
A. G. Peart, Southville,          C K 4      16     12    14.00      .70 14.70                                    and desired her to read to them from
•Geo. W. Howard, Washington, C K 6           27     11    1100 1025 2126                                          our publications. They agreed with
P. A. Piper, Nashua,            S of P 6     34      3     300     620     920     3.70                           her that the seventh day is the Sab-
W. E. Gerald, Fitchburg,           PL 5      35      5     625 64.00 69.25 3866
                                                                                                                  bath, and that if they become Chris-
tMiss Edith G. Turner, Salem, Misc 3          5      2     300             3.00
                                                                                                                  tians they shall keep it. She says that
      Totals,        10 Agents,        41 169 112 SI 16 50 #93 86 jf.209.86 #5335
                                                                                                                  there is a great call for leading matter
    •Week ending Dec. 21, 1606.        t Two weeks ending Dec. 26, 1900.
                                                                                                                  relative to the truth.
                        West Virginia, week ending Jan. 4, 1907.                                                     —Many of our isolated sisters whose
J. G. Marlatt, Parkcrsburg,     G C             1      9          1   2.50  160     4.00                          husbands are not in the truih, and who
J'. Medlin, Morgantown,       H of M            2     12          2   360   9.00 1250                             can not keep the Sabbath as they de-
J. H. Jennings, Am > dsburg,    C K            12     63          8 12.00 1468 2658 2612                          sire, because of necessary work, will
     Totals.        3 Agents,                  16     84         11 £1800 £2.>.t8 £4808 £2612                     appreciate the following lines sent by
                      West Pennsylvania, week ending Jan. 4, 1907.                                                Sister Dixon:
                                                                - 3                                                     " O for a day of rest, .
Andrew Ness, New Castle,        S of P          2      8                  3.UO       2.26 625      160
                                                                                                                          Only one little day.
Wm. Woodel, Cleaifield.           CK           2     '13          8       8.00            800 1000
                                                                 1-'                                                    No Idmps to trim,
Celesiia Midkiff, Beaver Falls,   C K          4      11                 1200            12.00     300                  No floois to sweep,
      Totals.        3 Agents.                 8      32         23     £23 1 0   £2.25 #2.) 26 SI 4.00                   No things to set away,
                                                                                                                        No sewing on the shelf,
                           Virginia, week ending Jan. 4, 1907 •                                              *
                                                                                                                          No calle s at the door,
G. H. Clark, Berkley,                   C K     4     21         11  11.60   3.00 1460                                  One blessed day all to myself,
Ja ues Johnson, Berkley,                G C           15          5 10.25    8.60 1876                                    For rest and nothing more."
Adolph Schenk. Roanoke,                 CK                6       3   3.60         350                               —Sister Hiibo:ne, although in fee-
                                                      4'^        19 >26. 6 #U 60 £3ii.7o
       totals.    3 Ageius.                    4                                                                  ble health, is going around among her
                          Hew York, week ending Jan. 4, 1907.                                                     neighbors and telling them that Jesus
                                                                                                                  is soon coming. She says she feels
      Name        |     Place   | Book | Days | lirs | Ords | Value | Helps | Total | Dcl'd
                                                                                                                  impelled to sound the message.
Louis RcUs,                         C K          29     21 3100        3.00 3400
J. H. Deeley,                     Sof P          18      2     2.00            2.00    2.25                          —Brother Thompson has begun his
S. H. Swingle,                      CK           12                                   19.50                       colporteur work in Auburn and Lewis-
      'lotals,          3 Agents,                6y 23 $33.00 $3.00 £36.00 £21.76                                 ton. The first night he was there, he
                 Western Hew York, week ending Jan. 4, 1907.                                                      attended a mission meeting and be-
                                                                                                                  came acquainted with a man who
Wm. Chamberlin,                         C K                               7.60                7.50
                                                                                                                  wanted to know what he believed, and
      Totals,           1 Ageni,                                         £7.60               £7.50
                                                                                                                  the way was opened for a Bible read-
                  Eastern Pennsylvania, week ending Jan. 4, 1907.                                                 ing on the spot, and for an invitation
H. J. Detwiler, Souderton,            C K       3     23          3       3.00       8.60    11.50        3.76    to his house to continue the readings
G. W. Holman, Lancaster,            B TS        5     28                 25.80               25.80       26SO     evenings, as he has opportunity. He
      Totals,         2 Agents.                       01          3     £2880     £8.50     j,-s7.30    j-29 55   received an order for two of our de-
                                                                                                                  nominational books.
                 Southern Hew England, week ending Jan. 4, 1907.
                                                                                                                     —A missionary correspondent ex-
R. C. Andrews, Collinsville, S ot D                   22          7      1826        8.75    2700                 presses gratitude for papers ssnt her
MargaretMcClements,Pawtucket,SufP                                                               15.00
                                                                                                                  from the tract society office, and adds,
      Totals,      2 Agents.                                      7     £18.25    £8.76 $27 00 £15.00             " Blessed are they that keep his testi-
U. C. Totals January 4             Days | Hrs | Ords | Value               Helps |      Total     | Deliver d
                                                                                                                  monies and that seek him with all tne
     27 igents                     79    405        203       £209.30     £162.93      £422.22         £160.37
                                                                                                                  heart." She has not committed her
Totals for corresp, week last year                                                                                self yet on the Sabbath, but we hope
     20 Agents,                59        343        157 £243.96             £94.45      $338.40        $138.87    she may do so very soon.
                                               ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER.

   —Another correspondent writes,            nearly a Seventh-day Adventist, any-        books a short time since, says, " I
" I received your kind letter in due         way. There ate a ft w things I do not       should like to have you help me solve
season, and although you are a               see yet, but I am stud} ing them all the    a problem. One of the greatest diffi-
stranger to me, I was glad to hear           time, and the more I study, the more        cu'ties we have to meet here is obtain-
from you. I have been giving the             I believe you are right." The gentle-       ing books. I have donated $—.— to-
Sabbath question a good deal of atten-       man had just returned from a visit to       ward such a fund, a d lent some be-
tion lately, and I think I can truly say     his bro'her in Lock Haven, Pa., where       sides, and have also received a little.
that I believe the seventh day is the        he said he had been talking Seventh-        To those who wish to lend us a small
Sabbath." She asks prayers that she          day Adventism to the people, and be-        amount, we will pay them back as
may have strength to walk in this            fore going out he bought " Daniel and       soon as the books are sold." .As a
beautiful truth.                             the Revelation," " Paradise Home,"          suggestion to any who read this that
                     E. H. MORTON.           and '-Bible Text B ,ok," and mailed         have a bunien for the educational
                                             them to a friend of his who is a physi-     woik, here is a splendid oppottunity
       EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA.                 cian in Lock Haven. Let us pray            for some missionary work, and I am
   —Elder and Mrs. O. O. Bernstein,          that the Lord" will lead this earnest       sure that any donations to this fund
of Minnesota, arrived in Philadelphia        searcher after light to a full knowl-       would be gratefully received.
on the 2nd inst, where he has ac-            edge and acceptance of the truth.              —For the encouragement of those
 cept d a call. We welcome E der and                    V. H. COOK, Secretary.          that are isolated, and in fact as .an
 Mrs. Bernstein among us.                                                                impetus to us all, I wish tc quote some
   —Owing to the disabling of the en-                WEST PENNSYLVANIA.                 paragraphs from letters received from
gine on fhe yacht '• Sentinel," and the         —We all need the GLEANER. Why            Si-ter L. B. Trowbridge, Berkley
impracticability of making the trip          not send in your subscription now?          Springs, W. Va. Dec. 9, 1906: "I
south with so small a craft, at this sea-       —The Johnstown < hurch have not         went o t three d-iys canvassing for
son of the year, Ca tain and Mrs.            been idle. Elder W. F. Sch \vartz re-      the Signs. Not one order cou'd I get.
Johnson have returned to Philadelphia,       ports that a payment of $ 100 has          Tru'y we are living in perilous times.
 and will work in this harbor during         just been made on the property, and        But I visit the jail, and talk to the
the winter.                                  that $53 interest has also betn paid.      prisoners, and as I sow the seed in
   —A very successful workers' meet-         Truly, this is encouraging.                faith I am of good courage, believing
ing was held in Philadelphia, Decem-            — Eder J. W. Watt, Indiana, Pa.,        in the promise that I shall reap in
ber 26 to 30, inclusive, at which time       writes that last Sabbath, January 5,       time. ... I am able to give Bible
plans were hid for aggressive work           they organized a church of eighteen        readings and visit the sick, but. this is
until camp meeting, which will prob-         memHers, and that they expected to         the wor>t place and hardest field for
ably be held the latter part of August.      have baptismal service On the follow-      any such work as selling books or
Among the various phases of the work         ing Sabbath, provided the weather          papers. If I give papers or tracts
which were discussed, plans for raising      would permit. Br >ther Watt also says      away, they do n't read them." De-
our share Of the $150.000 fund took a        that the school is progressing nicely.     cember 30 : "One large family have
prominent place. A resolution was               —December 31 to Janua y 6, spe-         received the message, for which I am
passed to have the money all in, if          cial services were held in the Couders-    thankful. I am now visiting them
possible, by April 1. From this meet-        port church-by Elder C. F. McVagh.         every day giving readings. I ask
ing our ministers went out to hold           Some of the subjects presented were,       your prayers in behalf of this family."
quarterly meetings with the churches,        Christ and the Bible To-day, Have             Then in a letter just received, she
and to work in the interest if this fund ;   Ye Received the Holy Ghost Since           speaks o' a young man to whom she
and we are looking for good returns.         Ye Believed? A Rift in the Clouds,         has been giving Signs Leaflets as being
   —A well-to-rio gentleman who re-          To Heaven and Return on the Wings          interested, and also says that she had
sides in Phil idelphia, and who has          of Twt-ntieth-century Light, and Bet-      the privilege of having a reading on
become much interested in the truth          ter Than Heaven, The Brightest Thing       the thirteenth and fourteenth chapters
through the tfforts of one of our sis-       in the Hope Set Before Us. Reports         of Revelation with him and his family.
ters, a trained, nurse who nursed in his     from Coudersport are th it at all the      Sister Trowl ridge was born on August
family, came into our office a few days      services the church was filled, and that   20, 1820. We t.ust that all the
since, and after having a long talk          a new interest seems to be awakemd         GI.EANER readers will pray for the
with the office force, and referring to      there.                                     work that is being done at Berkley
many scriptures which had been both-            —Brother Irwin He*itt, teacher of       Springs.
ering him, he said: " Well I am pretty       the Indiana school, in ordering some                A. V. WILLIAMS, Sftretary.
 *• (8)                                                      ATLANTIC OMIOH GLEANED.

 Atlantic Union Cleaner                                    rium and Benevolent Association, to
                                                           be held Tuesday, January 29, 1907,
                                                                                                       for this time, and also to get some
                                                                                                       knowledge of physiology and hygiene.
              OFFICIAL ORGAN OP THE                        at 10 o'clock A. M., at the sanitarium         I therefore plan, by the help of God,
 ATLANTIC UNION CONFERENCE                                 in Stoneham, Massachusetts.                 to start within a few days a night Bir
       OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENtjSTS,                             The meeting is called,                   ble training school that will meet the
                                                              1. To hear and act upon the annual       need of our less fortunate brethren
                 PUBLISHED WEEKLY.
                                                           reports.                                    and sisters. You can not imagine
  Subscription Price Fifty Cents a. Year.                     2. To consider the best method of        how anxious these souls are, old and
JENNIE THAYER,       -      -       EDITOR.                nominating members of the constitu-         young, to do something for the Lord
Entered at South Lancaster MJSS., as second-class matter
                                                           ency, officers, and trustees of this As-    in spreading this message among their
   UNDER the heading " The Journal                         sociation.                                  people. In their inefficient condition
Weather," the Boston Journal of Jan-                          3. To amend the present by-laws of       God has seen fit to glorify himself
uary 10 has the following: " A tip to                      the Association or to adopt new by-         through their feeble, puny efforts.
the legislature—If you see a blue law,                     laws which shall conform to existing        How much more glory would be added
cut it out. " Let us hope the legisla-                     conditions.                                 to the Father and the Son had these
ture will heed this advice.         '"*"                      4. To elect members, officers, and       anxious laborers the wherewithal to do
                                                           trustees for the ensuing year.             the work approvingly. This school
   JANUARY 9, Sister Longacre wrote                           5. To transact any other business       will be in connection with both
that Elder Longacre was " helping on                       that may legally come before the meet-      churches, Brooklyn Number Two, and
                                                           ing.                                        New York Number Four. Prof. H. C.
repairs at the church." The day
before, he went soliciting, and secured                       A full attendance is desired.           Giles, M. A., of the Greater New York
a donation of twelve " chairs for the                         (Signed)     W. M. LEE,                  Bible Training School, and Dr. Gordon-
room the children have in S ibbath-                                        C. C. NICOLA,               Poliptzo, professor of electro dermatol-
school, and three pulpit chairs."                                          H. B. TUCKER,              ogy, who is now practicing in Brook-
She is very grateful for your prayers,                                     FREDERICK GRIGGS,          lyn, will give valuable assistance in
and says, " I am sure God has heard                                        D. M. HULL.                our night school.
the many earnest petitions that have                                                                      I am certainly very grateful for such
ascended in our behalf."                                           NOTICE FOR VIRGINIA.               proficient help, as it will go very far
                                                                                                      toward giving the school the prestige
                                                              THE Virginia Conference Commit-
  DONATIONS TO THE $150,000 FUND.                                                                     it might not have enjoyed without such
                                                           tee expect to meet at Richmond, Vir-
   BELOW are the amounts that have                                                                    assistance. We are in need of some
                                                           ginia, February 4^7, 1907. Plans for
been received at the Atlantic Union                                                                   physiological charts, and two good
                                                           the summer's work will be laid. If
 Conference treasury to Jan. 15, 1907,                                                                maps to help in riveting the instruc-
                                                           any of our churches or brethren have
reported as donations to the $150,000                                                                 tion along these lines. Will some
                                                           any suggestions, or matter that should
fund:                                                                                                 one help us in securing these appli-
                                                           be brought before the committee at
   Central New England, $310.59                                                                       ances ? The Lord's blessing will fol-
                                                           this time, we shall be pleased to hear
   Chesapeake,                108.50                                                                  low your kindness. Let the strong
                                                           from them by the time of the meeting.
   Eastern Pennsylvania,      209.88                                                                  help to bear the burden of the weak.
                                                                  Yours for the committee,
   Maine,                     159.75                                                                  I pray that the Spirit of the Lord will
                                                                               R. D. HOTTEL.
   New Jersey,                 31.50                                                                  move some good soul to help in this
   New York,                  249.52                                                                  work. We shall be thankful. You
                                                  A NIGHT SCHOOL.                                     will hear from us oftener now than you
   Southern New England, 345.00
                                          I HAVE been thinking for a long                             did in the past. Send donations to
   Vermont,                   394.25
                                       time how I may help my people, young                           E. H. Hall, secretary Greater New
   West Pennsylvania,         265.14
                                       and middle-aged, but particularly those                        York Conference, 535 W. One Hun-
   West Virginia,             131.86
                                       who believe themselves too old to em-                          dred and Tenth St., New York, N. Y.
          Total,           $2,205.99   brace the academic opportunities                                                 J. K. HUMPHREY.
       JENNIE THAYER, Treasurer.       opened to them, and are really too busy
                                       trying to make a scanty living to attend                         WANTED.—At once, several strong,
                NOTICE.                our newly organized Bible training                             capable young ladies to begin the
  THE undersigned hereby join in is- school, which offers them aid and help                           nurses' course. For particulars, ad-
suing the following call for an annual to understand the Bible, especially the                        dress the Middletown Sanitarium,
meeting of the New England Sanita- ground covering the definite message                               10 Benton Ave., Middletown, N. Y.

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