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Where the possibilities are endless

   1. Welcome to Shellharbour
   2. Australian Values
   3. A Touch of local history
   4. Facts and figures: Climate, Population, Distance from Sydney
   5. All that Shellharbour has to offer
         Opportunities to learn – Pre-school, childcare, primary schools,
         secondary schools, further education colleges, higher education
         Enjoy your community – theatres & cinemas, art galleries, licensed
         clubs, art & craft groups, music groups, other cultural groups,
         community centres, special interest groups

         Keeping fit – sports clubs & organisations, aquatic & leisure centres
         Out and about – beaches, parks, cafes & restaurants, special
         events & celebrations, tourist attractions, shopping

         Places of worship
         Celebrating our cultural diversity
         Getting around—car hire, car purchase, train, bus, coach & taxi
         Keeping healthy—health services, GP’s, Dentists, community

   6. Supporting You
         Accommodation—short term, real estate services
         Employment—employment services, recruitment agencies
         Financial—banks, accountants, insurance
         Migrant Support—support services & resources
   7. Clinical Careers Project

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                            Where the possibilities are endless

Our neighbourhood kit has been designed to provide a range of information
for new residents to the Shellharbour City area.
Belonging to a community involves being a good citizen and taking time to
get to know and establish good terms with your neighbours. It also involves
taking the opportunity to become involved in the community whether by
joining community groups or organisations, or by participating in community
events and celebrations.
This benefits everyone in the community by making it a friendly, safe and
more comfortable place to live. Neighbours often pull together at a time of
crisis and provide amazing supports for each other, that is what community
is all about.

Values which are important in modern Australia include:

   •   Respect for the equal worth, dignity and freedom of the individual

   •   Freedom of speech

   •   Freedom of religion and secular government

   •   Freedom of association

   •   Support of parliamentary democracy and the rule of law

   •   Equality under law

   •   Equality of men and women

   •   Equality of opportunity

   •   Peacefulness

   •   Tolerance, mutual respect and compassion for those in need

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Where the possibilities are endless

The growth of the Shellharbour area can be attributed to four main
•      Initial settlement with land grants in the 1800-1850 period.
•      Development of road and rail transportation during the 1800’s which
       made Shellharbour accessible to the north, south and west where the
       physical boundaries previously made access impossible
•      The rise of agricultural industries of beef and dairy cattle and
       associated service industries, which lead to the formation of new
•      The growth of the area in the post WWII manufacturing era which
       changed the area from a group of individual settlements into a large
       urban population.

Notable key chronological dates include:

1796           Bass and Flinders explore the south coast in the ‘Tom
               Thumb’ and land at Lake Illawarra
1817—1831 Free-settlers arrived in the area. Land use was mainly sheep
          and cattle grazing and much land clearing was undertaken
1851           A township was laid out around the port of Shellharbour,
               which in the Aboriginal culture meant ‘place where there were
               big shellfish’
1859           Shellharbour (Municipal) Council was constituted on 4 June
1887            A rail line through the area was built
1938           The first bridge was built over Lake Illawarra
1950’s         Commencement of the manufacturing industry boom with
               Port Kembla steelworks only a short distance away
1991           Council relocates to Shellharbour City centre
1996           Shellharbour gazetted as a City as it’s population passes

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Shellharbour is a City of 64,322 people (as at June 2007), located
approximately 100 kilometres from the centre of Sydney , in the Illawarra
region of New South Wales.
Shellharbour City contains a number of urban townships/suburbs and rural
localities. Urban townships/suburbs include Shellharbour Village, Barrack
Heights, Flinders, Blackbutt, Shell Cove, Barrack Point, Warilla, Lake
Illawarra, Mount Warrigal, Oak Flats, Albion Park Rail, and Albion Park.
The newest urban suburb is Shellharbour City Centre located in the
geographic heart of the urban area. It is the business and commercial
heart of Shellharbour City.
Rural localities include Dunmore, Croom, Yellow Rock, Tullimbar,
Calderwood, Tongarra, and North Macquarie.
Shellharbour City is an expanding urban area with significant rural areas
and some industrial and commercial land uses. The City encompasses a
total land area of about 155 square kilometres, including beaches, rivers,
National and State Parks and other significant parklands. The main urban
centres are Shellharbour City Centre, Albion Park, and Oak Flats. Most of
the rural areas are in the south and west, with rural land used mainly for
crop farming, dairy farming, and grazing.
Major features of the City include:
•    Macquarie Pass National Park
•    Killalea State Park
•    Bass Point Reserve (Coastal Marine Reserve)
•    Blackbutt Forest Reserve
•    Myimbarr Wetlands
•    Lake Illawarra
•    Illawarra Regional Airport
•    Croom Regional Sporting Complex
•    Shellharbour Square Shopping centre

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                                Where the possibilities are endless

•      Shellharbour Hospital
•      Illawarra Institute of Technology
•      Various beaches

The City is served by the Illawarra Highway, the Princes Highway, and the
South Coast railway line. Roads from all directions are well signposted and
are easy to navigate even for a first time visitor.

Shellharbour to………… Distance                   Time
Kiama                          13.5kms         12 mins
Wollongong                     25 kms          20 mins
Sydney                         100 kms         1 hr 10 mins
Newcastle                      265 kms         3 hours
Bateman's Bay                  172 kms         2 hours
Canberra                       215 kms         2 hrs 30 mins
Melbourne                      795 kms         9 hours
Brisbane                       1065 kms        12 hours 30 mins

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                          Where the possibilities are endless

The three most popular industry sectors in 2006 were:
•    Manufacturing (14.7% of the employed population)
•    Retail Trade (14% of the employed population)
•    Health Care and Social Assistance (11.2% of the employed
The three most popular occupations in 2006 were:
•    Technicians and Trades Workers (18% of the employed resident
•    Clerical and Administrative Workers (14.1% of the employed resident
•    Professionals (12.8% of the employed resident population)
 In combination these three occupations account for 44.8% of the employed
resident population

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                          Where the possibilities are endless

Playgroups are organised and run by parent volunteers and/or community
leaders for fun and play. Parents remain with the children during the
session which is usually for a couple of hours per week.
The following website has a list of playgroups including special interest
playgroups and playgroups organised for Spanish, Macedonian, and
African migrants and their children.

Child care facilities are available across the Shellharbour area. Some child
care centres offer long day care which usually operate from 7.30am to 6pm.
Long day care centres usually cater for children from the ages of 6 weeks
to school age, and most have pre-school or school readiness programs.
Pre-school centres and kindergartens usually operate from 9am to 3 or
4pm, and usually cater for children from the age of 2 to school age.
Most long day care centres, and preschool / kindergartens charge between
$45 and $70 per day depending on the age of the child, and some provide
meals. Government childcare assistance and rebates are provided.
Outside school hours care is available for children from age 5 to age 12
and is provided to assist working parents. It normally operates between
7am and 9.30am in the morning and 3pm and 6pm in the afternoon. Some
facilities also provide vacation care.

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                            Where the possibilities are endless


 Childcare Services    Services provided         Name          Phone

Long day care, & Pre 0—5 years             ABC Shell Cove      4297 6922

Outside School         5—12 years          Balarang Public     4257 8075
Hours Care                                 School, Balarang

Long day care & pre-   0—5 years           CFK Childcare       4256 2123
school                                     Centres, Black-

Long day care & pre-   2—5 years           Chillawong Child-   4297 2449
school                                     care Centre,

Pre-school             2-5 years           Pelican Pre-        4297 2099
                                           school, Blackbutt

Outside School hours 5-12 years            Shellharbour /      4297 6303
care                                       Flinders Outside
                                           School Hours
                                           Care, Shellhar-

Pre-school & kinder-   2-5 years           Squirrels Hill Pre- 4256 2123
garten                                     school Kindergar-
                                           ten, Oak Flats

Pre-school / Long      0-5 years           Stepping Stones     4256 9028
day care                                   Childcare Centre

Pre-school / Long      0-5 years           Wallaroo Child      4297 6161
day care                                   Care Centre,

Long day care / pre-   0-5 years           Wilbur Bear child 4297 7393
school                                     Care Centre, Flin-

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                            Where the possibilities are endless


There are numerous primary schools in the Shellharbour area. These are
comprised of public, catholic, and Independent schools.

Shellharbour - PRIMARY SCHOOLS
Albion Park Public School         www.albionpkp.schools.nsw.edu.au
Albion Park Rail Public School
Balarang Public School            www.balarang-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Barrack Heights Public School     www.barrackht-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Dapto Public School               www.dapto-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Flinders Public School            www.flinders-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Hayes Park Public School          www.hayespark-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Koonawarra Public School          www.koonawarra-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Lake Illawarra South Public School
Lakelands Public School           www.lakelands-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Mount Brown Public School
Mount Terry Public School         www.mtterry-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Mount Warrigal Public School      www.mtwarrigal-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Oak Flats Public School           www.oakflats-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Peterborough School
Primbee Public School
Shellcove Public School
Shellharbour Public School       www.shellharbour.ps.education.nsw.gov.au
Warilla North Public School
Warilla Public School             www.warilla-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Windang Public School             www.windang-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Catholic Schools:
St Paul’s, Albion Park     www.stpaulsap.woll.catholic.edu.au
St John’s, Dapto           www.stjohns.woll.catholic.edu.au
Nazareth, Shellharbour     www.nazareth.woll.catholic.edu.au
Stella Maris, Shellharbour www.nazareth.woll.catholic.edu.au

Independent schools:
Illawarra Christian School, Tongarra campus, Albion Park
Sule College, Illawarra

Public Schools:
Albion Park High           www.albionpk-h.schools.nsw.edu.au
Dapto High                 www.schools.ash.org.au/daptohigh
Kanahooka High             www.kanahooka-h.schools.nsw.edu.au
Lake Illawarra High        www.lakeillawa-h.schools.nsw.edu.au
Oak Flats High             www.oakflats-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Warilla High               www.warillahs.nsw.edu.au

Catholic Schools:
St Joseph's, Albion Park   www.stjosephs.woll.catholic.edu.au
Corpus Christi, Oak Flats www.ccchs.woll.catholic.edu.au

Independent Schools:
Illawarra Christian School, Tongarra Campus, Albion Park

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                          Where the possibilities are endless

Illawarra Institute of Technology TAFE, Shellharbour Campus
Lake Entrance Road, Warilla ph. 02 4295 2200
TAFE (Technical and Further Education) NSW has a campus at
Shellharbour (TAFE NSW – Illawarra Institute Shellharbour Campus)
offering courses in IT, Business & public Administration, Health, Community
Services, Tourism & hospitality, and Trade courses. The modern transport
and marine facilities are a campus highlight. Child care is available for
children aged 2 years and over.
Illawarra Institute of Technology TAFE, Dapto
Princes Highway, Dapto, ph. 02 4221 8900
TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute also has a campus at Dapto. This campus is
the heart of the Information Technology faculty, but also caters for courses
in general education, manufacturing & engineering, and personal
Community and Health Services.


The University of Wollongong main campus is located at Wollongong which
is approximately 20 minutes drive from Shellharbour.
UOW offers courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, as well as
Graduate entry Medicine.

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                            Where the possibilities are endless

Shellharbour provides library services at the following branches: Warilla,
Albion Park, Oak Flats, and Shellharbour branch. These branches have
over 120,000 items including a great range of recreational fiction and non-
fiction titles. They also supply magazines, daily newspapers, CD’s and
DVD’s, audio books, children's fiction, youth fiction, books papers and
magazines in other languages. Each branch has computer facilities
including free internet access, information about Council services, Internet
classes, and a photocopying service.

Illawarra Toy Library
Churchill Avenue, Warrawong.
Provides toys for loan as well as weekly play sessions.

                          THEATRES & CINEMAS

Roo Theatre Company                               www.roo-theatre.com.au

Corner of Wentworth and Addison Streets, Shellharbour

Shellharbour is home to the Roo Theatre Company, which is a community
based, not for profit organisation with a vision to bring theatre to the general
public and allow members of the public with an interest in theatre, become
actively involved.

The venue hosts six productions annually, including musicals and classic
drama. It’s also the venue for school productions and classes in drama and
adult tap.

Greater Union Cinema                              www.greaterunion.com.au

City Plaza / 4 Memorial Drive, Shellharbour

A modern cinema complex with a variety of movies and session times.
Cheap seats available on certain days. Information and purchase of tickets

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                              Where the possibilities are endless

is available on line.

Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, Illawarra Regional Airport,
Illawarra Light Railway Museum, Albion Park,
The Australian Motorlife Museum, Kembla Grange,
Tongarra Museum, Albion Park,

                             LICENSED CLUBS

Shellharbour Workers Club                        www.shellys.com.au

Corner Wattle & Shellharbour Roads, Shellharbour

Shelly’s is a licensed club offering fine food, world class entertainment, and
function and conference facilities. Other services include, a courtesy bus
providing free transport to all areas of Shellharbour, bottle shop, visitor
information centre, squash courts, Internet café, sports club, TAB and keno
facilities, and four restaurants providing a diverse variety of cuisine.

Other Licenced clubs in the area include:

A.G.A Germanica Club Ltd, Kembla Grange,         www.germanclub.net.au

Albion Park RSL Memorial Club,                   www.albionparksrsl.com.au

West Illawarra Leagues Club                      www.westsillawarra.com.au

                        COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS

Albion Park Chamber of Commerce,

Albion Park Neighbourhood Association                    ph. 02 4257 3342
                             Where the possibilities are endless

Lake Illawarra Police & Community Youth club         ph. 02 4296 4448

Rotary Club of Shellharbour City www.shellharbourcity.rotarnet.com.au

Shellharbour Apex Club                         ph. 02 4296 2504

Oak Flats Lioness Club                         ph. 02 4256 2844

Oak Flats Lions Club                           ph. 02 4256 2877

Quota International of Illawarra Inc           ph. 02 4232 1770

Youth Organisations

Shellharbour Scouts                            ph. 02 4296 6963

Shellharbour Girl Guides                       ph. 02 4295 4432

Shellharbour Youth Centre                      ph. 02 4295 3820

Central Illawarra Youth Services               www. Ciys.org.au

                              MUSIC GROUPS

Illawarra Pipe Band                    www.illawarrapipeband.com.au

                       OTHER INTEREST GROUPS

Albion Park Garden Club                        ph. 02 4257 6610
Illawarra Vintage Car Club                     ph. 02 4256 3700
Koi Society of Australia                       ph. 0411 281 866
Shellharbour Garden Club                       ph. 02 4297 0689
The Tongarra Heritage Society Inc              ph. 02 4256 2536

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Albion Park Memorial Pool                     ph. 02 4256 3764
Oak Flats Heated Pool                         ph. 02 4256 1362
Oak Flats Olympic Pool                        ph. 02 4256 1362
Shellharbour Ocean Pool
Warilla Olympic Pool                          ph. 02 4296 2141


Australian Football League (AFL)
Albion Park Crows Junior AFL                  www.funtimedisco.com

Shellharbour Bowmen Inc                       www.archery.asn.au

Albion Park Little Athletics Club             www.aplac.org.au

Shellharbour City Warriors Senior Baseball    ph. 02 4271 8469

Illawarra Ramblers Club                 www.illawarraramblers.com.au

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Illawarra Speleological Society     www.illawarra-speleological-society.org

Albion Park Cricket club                         ph. 0432946432
Lake Illawarra South Cricket Club
Lake Illawarra Junior Cricket registrations      ph. 02 4297 1005
Oak Flats Cricket Club
Shellharbour City Cricket Club
The Rail Cricket Club                            ph. 0408 415 621
Warilla Sports Cricket Club

All that Jazz Dance Co
Debby’s Dance Company               ph. 02 4256 6028
Diane Blaas School of Dance
Sher’s Studio of Modern Dance       ph. 02 4297 8787

Shellharbour Scuba Centre

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Stony Range Pony Club Inc
South Coast Equestrian Club        ph. 02 4236 0482

Oak Flats Fishing Club             ph. 02 4256 4312
Ocean Beach Hotel Fishing Club

Australian Aerial Patrol

Calderwood Valley Golf Course
The Links Shell Cove

WBC Gymnasium, Physio and Sports Centre

Carmel and Co Gymnastics Club
Oak Flats / Albion Park Gymnastics & Acrobatics Club ph. 4256 6756

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                         Where the possibilities are endless

Albion Park Junior Boys Hockey Club         ph. 4257 4001
Albion Park RSL Men’s Hockey club
Albion Park RSL Women’s Hockey Club         ph. 4256 5315
Oaks Women’s Hockey Club                    ph. 4257 0424
Railway Greys Hockey Club                   ph. 0438 570550
Shellharbour Hockey Centre
Warilla Women’s Hockey Club                 ph. 4296 5121

Indoor Soccer
Illawarra Comets Futsal Club                ph. 4261 7071

Lawn Bowls
Albion Park Bowling & Recreation Club
Oak Flats Bowling & Recreation Club
Shellharbour Bowls & Recreation Club
Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club

Shellharbour City Marching Association ph. 4271 7905

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                             Where the possibilities are endless

Martial Arts
The Martial Art School
South Coast Martial Arts Centre          ph. 0409 668 182

Yellow Rocky Minicycle Club

Albion Park Netball Club                 ph. 4257 0817
Illawarra District Netball Association   ph. 4272 4342
Shellharbour Netball Club                ph. 4295 5522
Southern Suburbs Netball Club

Wollongong & Shellharbour Assoc

Physical Culture
Albion Park Rail Physical Culture

Rugby League
Albion Park-Oak Flats Rugby League       ph. 4256 4217
Shellharbour City Sharks RLFC            ph. 4295 4398
Shellharbour Junior Football Club        ph. 4297 0840
South Coast Group 7                      ph. 4232 1662
Warilla Lake South Senior RLFC           ph. 0422 791 914
Warilla-Lake South Minors                ph. 4297 0132

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                              Where the possibilities are endless

Rugby Union
Warilla Senior Football (Rugby Union)     ph. 4296 7840

Oak Flats Sailing Club                           ph. 0421 098 082

Albion Park Junior Soccer Club
Albion Park White Eagles Soccer Club             ph. 4256 1858
All Nationality Soccer Club               postal: PO Box 332, Warilla, NSW
Oak Flats Amateur Soccer Club                    ph. 0402 997 686
Oak Flats Junior Soccer Club
Shellharbour City Soccer Club                    ph. 4296 1795
Warilla Wanderers Juniors                        ph. 4296 2669

Illawarra District Softball Association & Shellharbour-Warilla Softball

Surf Club
Beach Street Bodyboard Club                      ph. 4297 7012
Shellharbour Surf Lifesaving club
Warilla-Barrack Point Surf Lifesaving Club

Oak Flats “Neptunes” Ladies Swimming Club        ph. 4256 1812
Oak Flats Swimming Club                          ph. 0408572726
Shellharbour City Swim                           ph. 4256 1362

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                            Where the possibilities are endless

Shellharbour-Warrigal Swimming Club            ph. 4296 8312

Albion Park Rail Tennis Club                   ph. 0419 432 831
Albion Park Tennis Club                        ph. 4256 6487
Graham Park Tennis Club                        ph. 4295 4799
Oak Flats Tennis Club                          ph. 4256 1521
Warilla Bowls Tennis Club                      ph. 4295 9595

Tenpin Bowling
Illawarra Strikezone                     ph. 4257 9333

Touch Football
Albion Park Touch Football Association
Shellharbour City Touch Association      ph. 4295 1136

NSW Amateur Wrestling                    ph. 4256 0806

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

The Shellharbour region has five golden clean sandy beaches stretching
from Lake Illawarra to Minnamurra. These are Warilla beach, North
Shellharbour beach, Shellharbour South beach, Killalea beach, and
Minnamurra beach.
Surfing is a popular pastime, and lessons can be arranged through local
surf schools, including Land’s Edge NSW
and Pines Surfing Academy.
Local Surf Lifesaving Clubs are Shellharbour Surf Lifesaving club,
and Warilla Barrack Point Surf Lifesaving club.
These clubs patrol the main beaches and provide water safety training and
activities for children through the ‘Nippers’ program. The members
compete at inter-club, branch, state, and national level carnivals.
Snorkelling and diving are also popular pastimes, with diving taking place at
the marine aquatic reserve at Bass Point. Windang Dive and Spearfishing
can provide training and all the necessary gear.

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                            Where the possibilities are endless

                           PARKS and RESERVES
Lake Illawarra is ideal for many water activities such as sailing, water
skiing, jet skiing, rowing, and fishing and prawning. There are 24km of
walkways and cycleways, and plenty of picnic and barbeque areas as well
as childrens playgrounds.
Bass Point Reserve is a diverse rainforest featuring a marine aquatic
reserve which is popular for scuba diving and snorkelling. It also offers
magnificent coastal views from Bushrangers Bay and Maloney’s Bay
viewing platforms.
Killalea State Park is popular for surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and
fishing, an is an ideal place for family picnics with BBQ facilities, childrens
playground and amenities. Campsites are also available.
Blackbutt Forest Reserve is a unique reserve containing a diversity of
vegetation and wildlife. This reserve contains many walking trails, as well
as picnic and BBQ facilities and children’s playgrounds.
Macquarie Pass National Park consists of steep, densely timbered ridges
and rainforest gullies. Two walking tracks are provided for bush walking,
both passing the ‘Cascades’ where the water falls from a height of 20
metres. Carmody’s Lookout provides uninterrupted views over
Shellharbour, Lake Illawarra and the Pacific Ocean.
Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk is the newest attraction to the region and is a
500 metre elevated steel canopy walkway located 25 metres high above
the forest floor. It provides spectacular views to Shellharbour and the
coast. The Knights Tower lookout is 45 metres above the forest and can
be reached by climbing the spiral stairs.

Periodically recurring Events

Mayoress Family Fun ‘N’ Fireworks                  Lake Illawarra
Albion Park Show                                   Albion Park
Australia Day Celebrations                         various sites

In The Bin Short Film Festival                     Shellharbour City

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                          Where the possibilities are endless

Shellharbour Game Fishing Tournament          Shellharbour Boat Harbour
Wings Over the Illawarra Open Day             Albion Park Rail

Shell Cove Shellharbour City Festival of Sport Skiway Park & Shell Cove

Annual Shellharbour SLSC Ocean Swim           Shellharbour Boat Harbour

Kids Fest Shellharbour                        various locations
Albion Park Outdoor Camp Kitchen Challenge Albion Park Showground

Festival in the forest                        Blackbutt Reserve

Dogs Day Out                           Oak Flats
Albion Park Chamber Spring Ball        Albion Park

Albion Park Spring Festival            Albion Park

Carols by Candlelight                  Shellharbour City

Regular events:
Shellharbour Village Craft Markets     2nd Sunday of each month
Illawarra Light Railway Museum         2nd Sunday of each month

                                 EATING OUT
Shellharbour provides fa variety of eating out experiences from award winning
restaurants to clubs, pubs, bistros, cafes and take away.
A.G.A Germania Club Ltd                       Kembla Grange
Addisons Seafood Grill & Bar                  Shellharbour Village
Angelina’s Restaurant                         Shellharbour Village

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                            Where the possibilities are endless

Bobby’s Gourmet Burgers                        Shellharbour Village

Branches Restaurant                            Shellharbour
Cianti’s Restaurant & Bar                      Primbee

Crooked River Wines                            Gerringong
Hog’s Breath Café                              Shellharbour
Illawarra Yacht Club                           Warrawong
Kings Kebabs                                   Shellharbour City
Lucky Inn Chinese Restaurant                   Oak Flats
Lysanders Café                                 Shellharbour City
My Chocolate Shoppe                            Shellharbour Village
Nandos                                         Shellharbour City
Ocean Beach Hotel                              Shellharbour Village
Olympic Take Away                              Shellharbour Village
Ravensthorpe Restaurant                        Albion Park
Relish on Addison                              Shellharbour Village
Shellharbour Country Kitchen                   Shellharbour Village
The Aviator Lounge                             Albion Park Rail
The Links Shell Cove                           Shell Cove
Wests Illawarra                                Unanderra


Shellharbour has a great variety of shopping from boutiques to shopping
Shellharbour Village is home to homewares, giftware, speciality clothing
boutiques, and health and beauty salons. It also has some of the regions
best award winning restaurants and cafes as well as some of the best fish
and chip shops on the coast.
Shellharbour City Centre is located in the geographic centre of the City
and comprises major retail, commercial and bulky goods services. It

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                            Where the possibilities are endless

houses a major shopping centre complex, Stockland Shellharbour, which
offers 120 speciality shops, major supermarkets and department stores as
well as undercover parking.
Albion Park and Warilla have shopping malls to meet everyday needs.
Albion Park Rail and Oak Flats provide neighbourhood shopping for local
residents and visitors.
Shellharbour Village Craft Market is held on the second Sunday of each
month at Shellharbour Public School.

                          TOURIST ATTRACTIONS:

Jamberoo Action Park is the largest water theme park in NSW. Rides and
attractions include a chairlift, rapid river, racing cars, wave machines, water
slides, mini golf, and mountain toboggan.
Nan Tien Temple: Nan Tien is Chinese for Southern Paradise and this
Temple is currently the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern
Hemisphere. The Temple is primarily a place for devotees and visitors to
experience Humanistic Buddhism through participation in the many cultural
and educational program on offer.
Illawarra Regional Airport offers scenic flights, microlight flights and pilot
training, and skydiving. There is also an Aviation museum detailing the
history of aviation. Qantaslink provide commercial flights to and from
Shellharbour History Walk is an easy walk through the harbour and
village and gives insight into the colonial history of town. Plaques are
situated along Addison Street between the Harbour Reserve and Sophia
Street positioned opposite each site. The plaques provide a brief history
and image of the building of our past

The Illawarra Fly treetop walk is an elevated steel canopy walk through the
rainforest on the picturesque Illawarra escarpment, offering inspiring views
over the South Pacific Ocean.

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                             Where the possibilities are endless

Many places of worship have a wide variety of support services, contact
them for more details.

Albion Park
Albion Park Baptist Church                           4256 1647
Albion Park Presbyterian Church                      4256 6689
Albion Park Uniting Church                           4257 7043
All Saints Anglican Church                           4256 2103
St Paul’s Catholic Church                            4256 2038

Albion Park Rail
Albion Park Rail Uniting Church                      4257 7043

Oak Flats
Holy Cross Lutheran Church                           4262 7960
Oak Flats Catholic Mass Centre                       4296 3939
Seventh Day Adventist Church

Holy Family Catholic Church                          4274 1192

Sacred Heart Catholic Church                         4296 3939

Shellharbour City Baptist Church                     4296 8091

Shellharbour City Christian Outreach, Shellharbour

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                              Where the possibilities are endless

Shellharbour Village Uniting Church,             4297 4160
Shellharbour City Catholic Church                4296 3939
Shellharbour City Centre Anglican Church         4297 7419
Holy Cross Lutheran Church,                      Shellharbour City
Stella Maris Catholic Church                     4296 3939

Shellharbour Village
St Paul’s Anglican Church,

More places of worship:

Nan Tien Temple, Berkeley
Illawarra Mosque, Cringilla                      4274 6232
Omer Mosque, Wollongong                          4225 1962

Page 29
                            Where the possibilities are endless


Provide settlement services to newly-arrived migrants from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds. Services provided include advocacy,
referral, case management, social support to families and individuals, social
support groups, group activities and community development projects.
Also provides information and referral about education, training,
employment, English classes, housing, transport, and other services.
27 Atchison Street, Wollongong                  ph. 4229 6855

16 Stewart Street, Wollongong                   ph. 4229 7566

SHELLHARBOUR CITY COUNCIL                       ph. 4297 1677


Africa & the Middle East:
Islamic Society of Illawarra                    ph. 4276 1822
Pakistan Association of Wollongong Inc          ph. 4261 8544

Spanish and Latin American Community Organisation (SALCO)
                                                Ph. 4223 3181

                                                                     Page 30
                            Where the possibilities are endless

Asia Pacific:
Australian Phillipine Association Illawarra Inc   ph. 4226 6379
Illawarra Filipino Women’s Group Inc              ph. 4276 2224
Pukapuka Community of Wollongong                  ph. 4227 2959
Vietnamese Association of Wollongong              ph. 4276 1919

Australian Serbian Illawarra Welfare Assoc.       ph. 4262 8100
Estonian Society                                  ph. 4284 6470
Greek Welfare Centre                              ph. 4228 1609
Italian Social Welfare Organisation of Wollongong
                                                  Ph. 4228 8222
Macedonian Welfare Association Inc                ph. 4875 2266
South Coast Portuguese Association                ph. 4274 3664
Spanish and Latin American Community Organisation (SALCO)
                                                  Ph. 4223 3181

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

   Canty’s Auto & Bus rentals, Oak Flats             ph. 4272 5900
   Shellharbour Hire Cars, Barrack Heights           ph. 0448 974 411
   Leisure Coast Limousines, Airport Connections & Tours, Dapto
                                                     Ph. 4261 7393
   Budget Car hire                                   ph. 1300 362 848
   Europcar hire                                     ph. 1300 131 390
   Airport Rent a Car                                ph. 1800 818 570

Should you wish to purchase a car, the following dealers are located in and
around the Shellharbour area:

Fabor Family Motors, Oak Flats                       ph. 4256 5533
Pacer Motors, Oak Flats                              ph. 4257 1933

Albion Park Holden & Mitsubishi                      ph. 4235 7777
Proton Albion Park                                   ph. 4257 4433
Airport Hyundai, Albion Park Rail                    ph. 4257 2800
Albion Park Motor Group                              ph. 4257 4433
Holden, Warilla                                      ph. 4295 1223
Illawarra Toyota, Albion Park Rail                   ph. 4256 7009

                                                                   Page 32
                          Where the possibilities are endless

The Shellharbour area is served by a range of local bus networks, rail
services, taxi services, and coach services.

Infoline            www.131500.com.au                        131500
1800 637 500

City Rail           www.cityrail.info                        131500
Kiama Cabs & car hire                                        4237 7505
Radio Cabs of Wollongong                                     4229 9311

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Shellharbour Hospital
Madigan Boulevard
Shellharbour NSW 2529
Ph: 02 4295 2500
District hospital for Shellharbour and Kiama local government areas.
It provides acute care, emergency, surgical, medical, obstetric, psychiatric
services and a satellite dialysis unit.
The hospital provides a lead role in the provision of gynaecological, breast
and laparoscopic services for the northern Illawarra area.


Shellharbour Private Hospital
27 Captain Cook Drive
Barrack Heights, NSW 2528
Ph: 02 4295 2999
Shellharbour Private Hospital is an acute-care surgical/medical private
hospital licensed for 59 beds.

Cowper Street
Warrawong NSW 2502
Phone (02) 4223 8001
Services are provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, although the
majority of staff work normal business hours (8.30 am to 5.00 pm Mon-Fri)
The Community Mental Health Team offers Acute Mental Health Services,

                                                                       Page 34
                           Where the possibilities are endless

as well as ongoing case management, mental health care, treatment and
support for adults with mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and Mood
A Mental Health Clinical Nurse Consultant is available for mental health
Assessments during business hours at the Shellharbour Hospital
Emergency Department.
“Satellite” community mental health sites also include;

Berkeley Community Health Centre

Winnama Way
Berkeley NSW 2502
Phone: 02 4271 5636

Warilla Community Health Centre

Cnr Lake Entrance Road & Belfast Ave
Warilla NSW 2528
Phone (02) 4296 4200

Dapto Community Mental Health Team

1/ 8 Marshall Street
Dapto NSW 2530
Phone (02) 4261 8127

Warrawong Community Health Centre

14 Churchill Avenue
Warrawong NSW
Phone (02) 4274 0281

Eloura East Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Shellharbour Hospital
Madigan Boulevarde
Mt Warrigal NSW 2528
Phone (02) 4295 2550
The Inpatient Unit provides specialised inpatient care for acutely mentally ill
people in the Lake Illawarra Area. People are admitted to the ward when
they need treatment to stabilise their mental state, and community
treatment is not possible.

Eloura West Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Shellharbour Hospital
Madigan Boulevarde

Page 35
                            Where the possibilities are endless

Mt Warrigal NSW 2528
Phone (02) 4295 2550

This Unit is a 9 - bed high dependency unit for the Illawarra area, located at
Shellharbour Hospital

Community Health Centre, Shellharbour
Wentworth Street, Shellharbour NSW 2529
Ph: 02 4295 1106

Flinders Child and Family Centre
12-18 Adam Murray Way, Flinders
Ph: 02 4297 6758
Services provided include: Adolescent mental health counselling, family
services, playgroup, early childhood clinic appointments, parenting courses,
after school care, child and family psychological services.

Shellharbour Medical Centre
2-6 College Avenue, Oak Flats NSW 2529
Ph: 02 4295 1333

GP’s are located in towns and centres across the Shoalhaven area. GP’s
are listed under Medical Practitioner in the Yellow pages business
telephone directory or by searching online at www.yellowpages.com.au
Some GP’s bulk bill patients – that is that the patient 'assigns' their right to
Medicare benefits to the practitioner, as full payment for the medical service
received. This means that the patient does not have to make a payment to
the doctor and then claim back their Medicare benefit at a later stage.
Doctors who do not bulk bill will ask the patient for payment at the time of
the appointment. General Practitioners generally charge between $30 and

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                          Where the possibilities are endless

$100 for a consultation depending on the length of the appointment.
Patients can then claim their Medicare benefit by taking or sending the
receipt to a Medicare office.

There are 16 Dentists in the Shellharbour area. Dentists are listed under
Dentist in the Yellow pages business telephone directory or by searching
online at www.yellowpages.com.au

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                              Where the possibilities are endless

There is an extensive variety of temporary accommodation available in the
Shellharbour area, including motels, boutique hotels, B&B’s, Guesthouses,
self-contained units, and hotels.

Cowries Shellharbour Village Bed and Breakfast
Cnr Wollongong and Town Street, Shellharbour Village
Ph: 02 4297 8111
2 Self-contained units with air conditioning, separate entry, tv, fridge, queen
and double beds, linen, kitchenette, off street parking, bbq

Lake Illawarra Bed and Breakfast
52-54 Oakland Avenue, Windang
Ph: 02 4297 5655
Double rooms with ensuites from $135.00 per night, $600 per week.
Includes cooked breakfast. Other facilities include pool, hot tub, bbq.

Lakeside Homestay Bed and Breakfast (AAA 3 and a half stars)
99 Madigan Boulevarde, Mt Warrigal
Ph: 02 4296 5212
Split level, airconditioned home. Queen, doubles and singles from $85.00
per night, $490.00 per week. Breakfast included, guest family room, bbq,

                                                                        Page 38
                           Where the possibilities are endless

guest lounge, tea and coffee.

Park Meadows Bed and Breakfast (AAA 3 and a half stars)
227 Tongarra Road, Albion Park
Ph: 02 4256 5355
Traditional B&B with queen beds from $95.00 per night, $350 per week. Air
-con, tv, tea/coffee, guest lounge and dining area, salt-water pool, off-street
secure parking

Pelicans Rest (AAA four stars)
7 Boollwarroo Parade, Shellharbour Village
Ph: 02 4296 4571
Self-contained units with private entrance, ensuite & spa, kitchen, air-con,
private decks with bbqs. From $100 per night, $650 per week.

Ravensthorpe Guest House and Restaurant
56 Tongarra Road, Albion Park
ph: 02 4257 6096
A grand 19th century home with décor reminiscent of a small French
chateau. Three acres of heritage gardens, tennis court, pool. Dinner, bed
and breakfast packages available. Price on application.

The Golfers Guest House (AAA 3 and a half stars)
Calderwood Valley Road, Calderwood
Ph: 02 4256 3055
Twin rooms with ensuites and a large living area. Includes continental
breakfast. Gazebo, picnic area, pool, golf course. Prices from $90 per
night, $500 weekly.

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                          Where the possibilities are endless

Oasis Resort Motel and Holiday Park
146 Windang Road, Windang
Ph: 02 4295 1622
Situated on Lake Illawarra, swimming pool, restaurant and bar onsite.
Cabins, family rooms, and executive rooms available from $90 per night.

Dream Catcher Beach House (AAA four and a half stars)
Darley Street, Shellharbour Village
Ph: 0411 225 441
Brand new ultra modern beach house with ocean views, three bedrooms,
two bathrooms, all linen supplied. Air con, outdoor spa, bbq, cable tv.
From $300 per night, $2000 per week.

Franigpani Harbourside Apartment
Addison Street, Shellharbour Village
Ph: 0405 037 893
www. Stayz.com/16538
A stylish apartment in the heart of Shellharbour village. Short stroll to
harbour and beach. 2 Bedrooms (sleeps up to 6), lounge/dining area,
modern kitchen, bath and ensuite. Two entertaining areas with bbq, secure
underground parking. From $210 per night, $750 per week

Addison Street, Shellharbour Village
Ph: 0419 625 204
A restored 100 year old 4 bedroom house with 2 showers, 1 bath, 2 toilets,
outdoor hot and cold shower, all bed linen and towels supplied, washer, air-
con, bbq. Price on application.

Comfort Inn Fairways (AAA four stars)
24 Golf Place, Primbee

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                           Where the possibilities are endless

Ph: 02 4274 7274
4 star resort with off-street parking, guest laundry, bbq, restaurant, bar and
room service. Next to golf course. Rooms from $120 per night, $900 per

Shellharbour Resort (AAA three and a half stars)
Shellharbour Road, Shellharbour
Ph: 02 4295 1317
Standard, double or family rooms available from $95 per night. BBQ,
swimming pool, tennis court, licensed restaurant, air con, ensuite, cable tv,
off street parking.


Shellharbour city is one of the fastest growing local government areas in
NSW and provides a variety of accommodation. The Shell Cove project is
the largest tourist/residential development ever initiated by a local
government authority in Australia and when completed will create over
3,000 prime residential lots. The following Real Estates are located in the
Shellharbour area:
Adele’s Real Estate                       ph: 4297 2222
Dougmal Real Estate Oak Flats             ph: 4256 6666
Eddie Mullan Real Estate                  ph: 0417 277 037
Ray White Oak Flats                       ph: 4256 2000
Ray White Shellharbour Village            ph: 4296 5233
Right Choice Real Estate Shellharbour ph: 4297 6444
RMJ Real Estate                           ph: 4297 5777
Shell Cove Estate Realty                  ph: 4297 6122
Shellharbour First National               ph: 4296 6055

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                               Where the possibilities are endless

The main Industries / commercial activities in the Shellharbour area are:

             •    Retail (19% of the employed workforce)
             •    Manufacturing (18% of the employed workforce)
             •    Health and community (10% of the employed workforce)
             •    Construction (9% of the employed workforce)
             •    Property/business services (9% of the employed workforce)
The Major Centres are:
             •    Blackbutt, Oak Flats, Southern Shellharbour

Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment Agencies in Shellharbour area list vacancies and recruit into permanent
and temporary positions. Recruitment agencies operating in Nowra are:
    •    Julia Ross Personnel, Shellharbour            ph: 4297 7157
    •      MBC Employment Services, Shellharbour       ph: 4297 3580

Centrelink Offices
Centrelink is an Australian Government Statutory agency assisting people to become
self-sufficient and supporting those in need. Centrelink provides financial and
advisory assistance to individuals who are:
•       Parent or guardian
•       Looking for work
•       Studying or training
•       Self employed or farmer
•       In a crisis or needing special help
•       Recently moved to Australia to settle

                                                                       Page 42
                             Where the possibilities are endless

•    Ill, injured or has a disability
•    Caring for someone who is frail, aged, ill or who has a disability
•    Help after someone who has died
•    Planning for or needing help in retirement
Centrelink offices are located at:

Professional Centre, Lake Entrance Road, Shellharbour city centre

Suite 1, Gallery Level, Westfield Warrawong, Warrawong

41 Baan Baan Street, Dapto,

Career Information Centre (careers and course information)
Suite 1, Gallery Level, Westfield, Warrawong


Credit Union Australia (loans. Savings. Insurance, financial planning)
Shop 4, Shellharbour City Plaza
Ph: 4297 0088

Bendigo Bank
78 Central Ave, Oak Flats

Page 43
                         Where the possibilities are endless

Ph: 4256 9511

St George Bank
Shop 5, Shellharbour Shopping Square, Lake Entrance Road,
Shellharbour Square
Ph: 4296 5788

Westpac Bank
Square 3, Holm Place, Shellharbour
Ph: 132032

Commonwealth Bank
Shop 242-243 Shellharbour Square
Ph: 132221

ANZ Bank (credit cards, personal accounts, homeloans, insurance,
Shop 111A Stockland Shellharbour Square, Shellharbour City
144 Tongarra Road, Albion Park
Ph: 131315
International ph: +613 9683 9999

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                          Where the possibilities are endless


Shellharbour Accounting & Taxation
Cnr Addison and Mary Streets, Shellharbour
Ph: 4296 2904
Chartered Accounting, Auditors, Tax Agents

LF Accounting & Business Services
Shellharbour, ph: 0408 407 642
Financial reports, Tax services, BAS preparations, GST Services

BJ Love & Co Financial Services
16 Addison Street, Shellharbour
Ph: 4296 4299
Financial planning, Accounting & Taxation Services, Wealth protection

Illawarra Accounting & Financial Planning
Shop 2, 18 Addison Street, Shellharbour
Ph: 4297 2429
Financial planning, Lodgement of tax returns, Online share trading

H&R Block Tax Accountants
1/15-17 College Street, Shellharbour City
Ph: 4295 1114

Page 45
                           Where the possibilities are endless

Tax returns, tax advice

Bosco Accounting Company Pty Ltd
31 Baan Baan Street, Dapto
Ph: 4261 4077
Accounting, financial planning, mortgages and loans

Migrant resources are available at the following location::

Illawarra Migrant Resource Centre
70 Kembla St, Wollongong
Ph:4229 6855

Illawarra Multicultural Services Inc.
27 Atchison Street, Wollongong
provides settlement services to newly-arrived migrants from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds. Services include advocacy, referral,
case management, social support to families and individuals. It also
provides information about education, training, employment, English
classes, housing, transport, and services from government departments.

                                                                    Page 46
The Clinical Careers Program is a NSW Health funded project aimed at providing sup-
port and assistance to health professionals relocating to NSW from interstate or over-
We appreciate that moving from interstate or overseas can be a confusing and some-
times frustrating process, and therefore in SESIHS we have appointed a Clinical Ca-
reers Project Officer to work with you to assist you and your family members relocate
and settle in to the community.
For further information about relocation and resettlement in Australia contact:
Louise Johnson, Clinical Careers Project Officer, Area Workforce Services, SESIHS

 All photos in this booklet are courtesy of Tourism Wollongong, and Tourism NSW Images.

 Edition date: June 2009

 Disclaimer: Whilst all attempts to ensure that the material in this booklet is accurate at the time of re-
 lease, the booklet covers a range of matters that are subject to regular change. No liability for negli-
 gence or otherwise is assumed by South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service or its contribu-
 tors should anyone suffer a loss or damage as a result of relying on the information given in the booklet.