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									                                                              Helping grantmakers
                                                                         i m p r o v e t h e n a t i o n’ s h e a l t h

                                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

    NEW GRANTS &                                     for residents of Miami-Dade, Broward,
                                                     and Monroe counties. Among the
    PROGRAMS                                         grantees are: Florida International
                                                     University/Center on Aging – $263,394
                                                     to improve the health of older adults
■   Aetna Foundation (Hartford, CT)
                                                     who are most at risk for poor health
    has announced intended funding of up
                                                     due to physical inactivity and obesity
    to $1 million for initiatives that address
    racial and ethnic disparities in health
    and end-of-life care programs. The
                                                     and $15,000 to improve the hospital
                                                     discharge process for frail elders in
                                                     Miami-Dade County; American Lung
    foundation will target programs that
    have a broad reach and scope, as well            Association of Florida, Inc.-South Area                      REGISTER TODAY…
    as the potential for replication or to           – $146,750 to implement the Open
                                                     Airways for Schools Program, which                             Don’t forget to register for the
    serve as a best practice model. Individual                                                                      following GIH events:
    grants are expected to range from                aims to reduce the effect that asthma has
    $25,000 to $100,000 annually.                    on low-income, minority children in                            • November 3rd: GIH will host
    Contact: Sharon Dalton, 860.273.6382,            Miami-Dade and Broward counties; and                             Funding Health Advocacy, an                               First Call for Help – $56,100 in match-                          Issue Dialogue that will explore
                                                     ing funds to increase health care access                         how health funders can incorporate
■   Alliance Healthcare Foundation                   and community outreach services to                               support for advocacy work as
    (San Diego, CA) approved two grants              uninsured and underserved individuals                            part of their mission to improve
    totaling $275,760. Mentor San Diego              in Broward County. Contact: Shari                                the health of individuals and
    received a grant for $150,000 for its            Gantman, 305.374.9199.                                           communities.
    Sister~Sister program, a school-based                                                                           • November 4th and 5th: GIH’s
    collaborative that engages in community      ■   The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth                                  2004 Fall Forum, Health and Fiscal
    outreach targeting teen girls on three           Foundation (New York, NY) made                                   Policy: What Every Funder Should
    critical mental health issues: depression        several grants to organizations that                             Know, will focus on budget and tax
    and suicide, relationship violence, and          address various health and well-being                            issues and their implications for
    body image/eating disorders. Interfaith          issues, including mental health and care-                        health programs.
    Community Services, a collaboration of           giver concerns. Grant recipients include:
                                                                                                                      The meetings will convene at the
    more than 450 faith-based organizations,         Covenant House – $167,172 over 24
                                                                                                                      Wyndham City Center Hotel in
    received $125,760 to support staff               months for its Nurse Aide Training
                                                                                                                      Washington, DC. Program and
    salaries for the Confia en Ti program,           Program, which is designed to help
                                                                                                                      registration materials for both
    which provides comprehensive health              homeless and at-risk young adults (18                            meetings are available via our
    services and case management to day              to 21 years old) from residential and                            Web site,
    laborers and migrant workers and                 community-based programs in New
    their families. Contact: Bettina Rausa,          York City enter the health care profes-
    858.614.4892,             sions as state-certified nurses’ aides; and
                                                     College of Physicians of Philadelphia –                        to Rachel Suslow, who recently joined
■   Health Foundation of South                       $50,000 over 15 months for its Philly                          GIH as an Administrative Assistant.
    Florida (Miami) has awarded nearly               Health Info Pilot Project - North                              Previously, Ms. Suslow was an assistant
    $1.2 million in health-related grants to         Philadelphia, whose goal is to hire a                          educator at the Health Resource
    18 organizations that aim to improve             second outreach coordinator to better                          Center in Long Beach, California.
    health and access to health care services        equip the project to help patients and

    ■   GIH Funding Partner
2   G R A N T M A K E R S       I N    H E A L T H

           neighborhood residents access health              South Dakota organizations with health           preventive care and care for chronic
           information to better manage their                improvement projects. Among the recip-           conditions. The report reviews research
           health. Contact: Scott Moyer,                     ients are: Front Porch Coalition (Rapid          that is based on the RAND Health
           212.687.1133,               City, SD) – $80,000 for a depression             Insurance Experiment, which links high
                                                             awareness project in the Black Hills area        out-of-pocket spending with a decrease
       ■   Palm Healthcare Foundation                        that involves a public education cam-            in patients’ consumption of effective
           (West Palm Beach, FL) has awarded                 paign designed to decrease the stigma            health care for both high-income and
           $70,000 to Boca Raton Community                   related to depression, as well as increase       low-income patients, as well as other
           Hospital (FL) in support of its Mobile            the number of men 15 to 34 years of age          research on the effects of patient cost-
           Community Health Program. The pro-                who seek help for the disease; Eastside          sharing on access to health care and
           gram includes a state-of-the-art mobile           Neighborhood Center, Inc. (Pierre,               health status. One of the report’s specific
           health van with staff to provide on-site          SD) – $50,000 for its Frontier Health            findings is that healthier, higher-income
           screenings and health education for               Network Diabetes project, which identi-          individuals are more likely to enroll in
           seniors, minorities, and others who have          fies people with diabetes and those              CDHC plans, leaving sicker and lower-
           been denied or do not have access to              at high risk of developing diabetes to           wage employees in higher-cost plans.
           health care services. Screenings will             participate in an education and preven-          Contact: Mary Mahon, 212.606.3853,
           include body weight mass/body mass                tion program that involves exercise,   
           index, cholesterol checks, blood chem-            nutrition, and mental health support
           istry analysis, and cardiac risk analysis.        components in addition to traditional
           The grant will fulfill the salary of an           medical treatment; and Primary                   other news
           advanced nurse practitioner or commu-             Health Care, Inc. (Polk County, IA) –
           nity health nurse who will assist with the        $33,663 for this safety net provider to
           compilation of data, program develop-             start a pilot project designed to reduce     ■   The Colorado Trust (Denver, CO)
           ment, and community needs assessment.             the number of complications due to dia-          has funded the development of The
           Contact: Jamie Taylor, 561.659.4111,              betes, increase provider utilization, and        After-School Initiative’s Toolkit
                           improve satisfaction among patients with         for Evaluating Positive Youth
                                                             diabetes who do not have prescription            Development. Developed by the
           United Hospital Fund (New York,                   drug coverage. Contact: Angela Feig,             National Research Council, Inc.,
           NY) made 12 grants totaling $600,000              515.245.4551,               the toolkit is a resource of the trust’s
           to support programs that aim to                                                                    five year, $11 million After-School
           improve health services among New                                                                  Initiative, which serves children in
           York City residents. Grantees include:            SURVEYS, STUDIES &                               fourth through ninth grades via pro-
           Palliative Care Quality Improvement                                                                grams that promote positive youth
           Collaborative – $150,000 to support               PUBLICATIONS                                     development. The kit contains several
           program activities that are geared toward                                                          evaluation sets for after-school programs
           improving the quality of care for chroni-                                                          to assess outcomes – measurable changes
           cally ill individuals with life-threatening   ■   The Commonwealth Fund (New
                                                                                                              in participants’ knowledge, attitudes,
           conditions, as well as those who are              York, NY) has released Early Child
                                                                                                              or behavior – that are common to
           approaching the end of life; Harlem               Development in Social Context: A
                                                                                                              many after-school programs aimed at
           United Community AIDS Center, Inc.                Chartbook, which lists more than 30              promoting positive youth development.
           – $50,000 to serve Spanish-speaking,              key indicators of development and                Contact: Ed Guajardo Lucero,
           HIV/AIDS-infected individuals at an               health for children up to age six, as well       303.837.1200,
           east Harlem social day program by help-           as other factors in families and commu-
           ing them adhere to their medication               nities that affect these outcomes. The       ■   The Health Foundation of
           regimens and explaining the conse-                chartbook also discusses the unique              Greater Cincinnati’s (OH) Health
           quences of missed doses; and Bellevue             position of health care providers to             Foundation Fund has been appointed
           Hospital Center – $35,000 to recruit              recognize and alert parents to potential         the Ohio Coordinating Center for
           and train volunteers for its Health               threats to healthy early development.            Assertive Community Treatment
           Education and Literacy for Parents                  In a separate publication, the fund            (ACT) by the Ohio Department of
           project, which aims to improve parents’           analyzes consumer-directed health care           Mental Health. ACT is an evidence-
           abilities to read and understand health           (CDHC) plans as a possible solution              based model of care for people who
           care instructions and communicate with            to increasing health care costs. Will            have severe mental illnesses and has been
           pediatricians. Contact: Eleanor Rorer,            Consumer-Directed Health Care                    shown to be an effective method of
           212.494.0732,                  Improve Health System Performance?               service delivery that minimizes the suf-
                                                             concludes that these high-deductible             fering of people with mental illnesses.
       ■   The Wellmark Foundation (Des                      plans are not likely to curb health care         The center will be housed in the Health
           Moines, IA) awarded more than                     costs, and may worsen health outcomes            Foundation Fund’s offices and will pro-
           $500,000 in grants to 11 Iowa and                 by reducing patients’ receipt of needed          vide training, resource materials, and
                                                                                                               S E P T E M B E R      2 0 ,   2 0 0 4   3

    technical assistance to existing and devel-       ing communications manager/Latin             for children and youth in metropolitan
    oping ACT teams, as well as help the              marketing manager for Aetna Financial        Detroit. Contact: Emile Mahanti,
    state finish its ACT standards. Contact:          Services (Hartford, CT), also known          248.855.6777.
    Christine Mulvin, 513.458.6621,                   as ING. Contact: Monette Goodrich,                     860.409.7773.
■   The Hogg Foundation for Mental                ■   The Duke Endowment (Charlotte,
    Health (Austin, TX) has joined with               NC) has elected William Anlyan, M.D.         AVAILABLE
    other local agencies, as well as Mayor            vice chairman of its board of trustees.
    Will Wynn of Austin, to create the                Anlyan is chancellor emeritus and            The Amgen Foundation
    Mental Health Task Force. The task                professor emeritus of surgery at Duke        (Thousand Oaks, CA)
    force will address issues concerning the          University (Durham, NC). He has
    challenges faced by Austin residents with         served on the endowment’s board since        • Manager, Grants Administration –
    mental illnesses by first defining the con-       1990. The endowment also appointed             Will oversee the review process
    cept of a “mentally healthy community”            current board member Constance                 of grant requests for the Amgen
    and then promoting a response to that             Gray to chair its Committee on Rural           Foundation and Amgen Inc. by
    definition. The task force hopes to work          Churches. Another board member,                managing the grants administration
    toward forging a mentally fit community           Minor Shaw, has been appointed                 function and advancing the on-line
    by addressing the gaps in mental health           as chairman of the Committee on                grants management system for all
    services and reducing the burden of               Child Care.                                    elements of philanthropic/community
    chronic mental health conditions.                                                                programs. Will also lead the day-to-
    Contact: Janice Kinchion, mayor’s             ■   The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care                day fiscal operations for the team,
    office, 512.974.6001.                             Foundation (Wellesley, MA) has                 including maintenance of accurate and
                                                      announced two new board appoint-               up-to-date financial records and assist-
■   Universal Health Care Foundation                  ments. Joseph O’Donnell, M.D.                  ing program managers and foundation
    of Connecticut, Inc. (New Haven)                  currently serves as a practicing physician     leadership with budgets, financial
    is the new name for the foundation                at the VA Hospital (White River                analysis, and assessment of program
    formerly known as The Anthem                      Junction, VT) and as senior advising           portfolios. Qualifications include a
    Foundation of Connecticut. The                    dean and director of community pro-            minimum of three years of foundation
    name change reflects the final separation         grams for Dartmouth Medical School             grants administration experience,
    between the foundation and Anthem                 (Hanover, NH). He also serves on               preferably in a corporate setting; a
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut             the board of directors of the Albert           bachelor’s degree in accounting or
                                                      Schweitzer Fellowship Program. Also            related field (graduate degree is
    and, according to foundation officials,
                                                                                                     preferred); and a strong ability to
    more accurately portrays the founda-              appointed is John Rich, M.D., M.P.H.,
                                                                                                     provide financial analysis for plan-
    tion’s mission and values. Pending plans          who currently serves as the chief medical
                                                                                                     ning and assessment of giving
    for the foundation include creating and           officer at the Boston Public Health
                                                                                                     portfolios. Excellent written and oral
    promoting a plan for universal health             Commission (MA) and as an associate
                                                                                                     communications skills, as well as an
    care, working with small businesses               professor of medicine at Boston
                                                                                                     understanding of and sensitivity to
    to address their employees’ health                University School of Medicine (MA).
                                                                                                     diverse cultural norms and practices are
    care needs, and helping to increase               Rich is the founder of the Young Men’s
                                                                                                     also required. Position requires travel.
    Connecticut residents’ access to quality          Health Clinic at Boston City Hospital.
    care. Contact: Janet Davenport,                   Contact: Amy Nicklas, 617.509.7400.          • Senior Program Manager, Science
    203.498.6073.                                                                                    Education – Will develop a compre-
                                                  ■   The Skillman Foundation (Detroit,              hensive giving and outreach strategy
                                                      MI) has named Carol Goss as its                with clear short- and long-term goals
    people                                            president and CEO. Goss served as vice         for philanthropic investments, review
                                                      president of the foundation since 2002,        letters of inquiry and grant proposals,
                                                      and previously served as senior program        and provide recommendations for
■   Connecticut Health Foundation                     officer. Prior to joining the foundation,      funding. Will also collaborate with
    (Farmington) has appointed Marilyn                she was a program officer for The Stuart       team members to manage internal
    Alverio to a three-year term on its               Foundation (San Francisco, CA) and             grant processes, portfolio progress, and
    board of directors. Alverio is the founder        the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle            grant budget planning and reporting.
    of Ethnic Market Solutions, LLC                   Creek, MI). In her new role as presi-          In addition, will work with potential
    (Hartford, CT), which provides capac-             dent, Goss will oversee foundation             grantees to define key outcomes and
    ity building consultation to nonprofit            operations, working directly with its          develop projects for funding, monitor
    organizations. She was also national              board to develop and manage grantmak-          grants, and develop a communications
    marketing director of ethnic markets for          ing initiatives and to collaborate with        plan to share milestones with internal
    Aetna, Inc. (Hartford, CT) and market-            community partners to improve services         and external audiences. Qualifications
4   G R A N T M A K E R S       I N     H E A L T H                                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                                                      CHAIR                                PATRICIA N. MATHEWS
                                                                                                      JEANNETTE CORBETT                    Kaiser Permanente – Mid-Atlantic
                                                                                                      Quantum Foundation, Inc.             States
            include an advanced degree and a                experience in the nonprofit, govern-      VICE CHAIR                           KIM MOORE
            minimum of eight years of experience            ment, or educational sector; and an       MATT JAMES                           United Methodist Health Ministry
                                                                                                      The Henry J. Kaiser Family           Fund
            in grantmaking, nonprofit administra-           interest and expertise in health and      Foundation
                                                                                                                                           MARGARET K. O’BRYON
            tion, public policy analysis, or related        well-being issues, including public and   PRESIDENT                            Consumer Health Foundation
                                                                                                      LAUREN LEROY, PH.D.
            field. Experience with grant review             community health. Applicants should       Grantmakers In Health                ANN G. PAULI
            and evaluation, as well as program              send a letter of interest and resume      SECRETARY
                                                                                                                                           Paso del Norte Health Foundation

            design and implementation is pre-               to           ALICIA LARA                          CRISTINA M. REGALADO
                                                                                                      Los Angeles United Methodist         The California Wellness Foundation
            ferred. For more information on                                                           Urban Foundation
                                                          • Learning Lab Manager – Responsible                                             CORINNE H. RIEDER, ED.D.
            application procedures for either                                                         TREASURER                            The John A. Hartford
                                                            for developing and maintaining a          EUGENE W. COCHRANE, JR.              Foundation, Inc.
            position, visit                                                    The Duke Endowment
                                                            community development and non-
            Public/616/guidelines.htm.                                                                MEMBER-AT-LARGE
                                                                                                                                           REYMUNDO RODRÍGUEZ
                                                            profit management reference library;      MARGUERITE JOHNSON
                                                                                                                                           Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

            Contact: Jean Lim, M.P.P.                       providing information and referral to     W. K. Kellogg Foundation             STEPHEN C. SCHOENBAUM, M.D.
                                                                                                                                           The Commonwealth Fund
            Phone: 805.447.1852                             lab customers, including basic technol-   THOMAS ASCHENBRENER
                                                                                                      Northwest Health Foundation          ANTHONY D. SO, M.D., M.P.A.
            Fax: 805.499.3507                               ogy and assistance; and planning and                                           Duke University
                                                                                                      C. PATRICK CHAULK,
            E-mail:                          implementation of program offerings,        M.D., M.P.H.                       KAREN VOCI, M.A.
                                                                                                      The Annie E. Casey Foundation        The Rhode Island Foundation
            Web site:                         such as trainings and volunteer match-
                                                                                                      PETER GOODWIN                        SUSAN G. ZEPEDA, PH.D.
                                                            ing programs. Qualifications include      The Robert Wood Johnson              The HealthCare Foundation
                                                            a bachelor’s degree in addition to five   Foundation                           for Orange County
       ■   Rapides Foundation (Alexandria,
                                                            years of nonprofit management work
           LA)                                                                                        staff
                                                            experience. Knowledge and under-
           • Program Officer – Will work in a               standing of nonprofit management          LAUREN LEROY, PH.D.                  ANGELA SAUNDERS
                                                                                                      President and CEO                    Communications Manager
             team environment to provide proposal           issues and best practices, as well as
                                                                                                      ANNE L. SCHWARTZ, PH.D.              MING WONG, M.L.I.S.
             review and analysis, as well as ongoing        advanced computer experience (Word,       Vice President                       Resource Center Manager
             technical assistance to potential and          PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Access,     MARY BACKLEY                         DELIA REID
             current grantees concerning their              and Internet searches) and strong oral    Chief Operating Officer              Program Advisor
                                                                                                                                           ANNETTE HENNESSEY
             health and well-being programs.                and written communications skills         OSULA RUSHING, M.S.
                                                                                                                                           Executive Assistant
                                                                                                      Senior Program Associate
             Qualifications include a graduate              are required. Applicants should send                                           GARTRELL WRIGHT
                                                                                                      DONNA LANGILL
             degree; program development or oper-           a letter of interest and resume to        Program Associate
                                                                                                                                           Administrative and Office
                                                                                                                                           Technology Manager
             ations experience; five years of work          PO Box 28, Alexandria, LA 71309.          REA PAÑARES, M.H.S.                  TANISHA FULLER
                                                                                                      Program Associate                    Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                      KATE TREANOR, M.S.W.                 RACHEL SUSLOW
                                                                                                      Program Associate                    Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                      The GIH Bulletin is published 22 times a year as an
                                                                                                      educational and information service for health grantmakers.
                                                                                                      Letters to the editor, press releases, notices of new program
                                                                                                      initiatives, personnel updates, and other materials should
                                                                                                      be sent to the GIH offices in Washington or faxed to: Editor,
                                                                                                      GIH Bulletin, 202.452.8340; E-mail:
           TEL 202.452.8331     FAX 202.452.8340

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                                                                                                                                   Printed on Recycled Paper
                              From The Field
                                                                        S E P T E M B E R      2 0 ,   2 0 0 4

Creating a Healthier Future for Children:
Precaution Is Prevention
Jenifer Altman Foundation

               ith chronic childhood diseases and an array of         hazardous facilities. Children of color are three times more likely
               learning and developmental disabilities on the         than white children to live in neighborhoods with high-density
               rise, a burgeoning body of science is illuminating     traffic, often breathing in toxic diesel emissions at home and at
links between environmental exposures and children’s health.          school. In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Health funders interested in childhood development and                reported that African Americans face higher rates of exposure
lifelong health are increasingly moving upstream to support           to environmental chemicals than any other ethnic group, and
precautionary action as a critical prevention strategy.               Mexican Americans are the most highly exposed population
   All of us live in the same chemical neighborhood, being            to pesticides. The effects of these exposures are not limited to
regularly exposed to a wide variety of household and environ-         health. Recent research found that such exposures are also associ-
mental chemicals. They are in the food we eat, the water we           ated with lower academic performance (even after controlling
drink, the air we breathe, and the products we use. Policy gaps       for teacher quality, English learners, and income markers).
continue to allow most of the 80,000 chemicals on the market
today to be used without being tested for their effects on            HEALTH AND ECONOMIC COSTS
human health. Surprisingly, among the chemicals that have
                                                                      Chronic childhood illness is rising dramatically. Since 1980,
been tested, few have been tested for their effects on children.
                                                                      the percentage of U.S. children with asthma has more
At the same time, environmental health research is steadily
                                                                      than doubled to 8.7 percent in 2001 – 6.3 million children.
lowering the thresholds of what may be considered safe
                                                                      Between 1975 and 1998, the incidence of childhood cancer
exposures for the developing fetus and young child.
                                                                      increased 26 percent and incidence of testicular cancer in
   Children are particularly vulnerable to environmental factors
                                                                      young men by 60 percent. Cancer has become the most com-
in utero, during infancy, and in childhood. Pound for pound,
                                                                      mon cause of disease-related mortality for children ages 1-19.
children breathe more air, drink more water, and eat more food
                                                                      Autism rates doubled from 1968 to 1997. Today, approxi-
than adults. Children spend more time close to the ground,
                                                                      mately 1 million preschoolers carry enough lead in their blood
readily breathing in toxic chemicals trapped in dust, soil, lawns,
                                                                      to cause brain damage, learning disabilities, reduced intelli-
and carpets. Children spend more time outdoors than do most
                                                                      gence, and attention deficiencies. And nearly 12 million U.S.
adults, and are more likely to suffer adverse effects from air
                                                                      children under the age of 18 suffer from one or more learning,
pollution. Their frequent hand-to-mouth activity and higher
                                                                      developmental, or behavioral disabilities.
intake per body pound of food and liquids increase their
                                                                         The economic costs of these health effects are high. A 2002
exposure to toxicants, such as lead and pesticides. Child devel-
                                                                      study estimated that the cost of environmentally attributable
opment is a delicate and precise process, with windows of acute
                                                                      pediatric disease in the United States is $54.9 billion, or 2.8
vulnerability to environmental toxicants. In these moments,
                                                                      percent of U.S. health care costs. This estimate is likely low, as
key developmental steps may be altered by a one-time environ-
                                                                      it only considers lead poisoning, asthma, cancer, and neurobe-
mental exposure, even at a very small dose. Finally, with a
                                                                      havioral disorders. It also ignores conditions that are not
lifetime of exposures ahead of them, children have more
                                                                      immediately apparent, as well as costs associated with pain and
time to develop diseases with long latency periods that have
                                                                      suffering. The costs appear even greater compared to the paltry
environmental triggers, such as cancers and Parkinson’s disease.
                                                                      resources directed to children’s environmental health research,
   Children living in low-income neighborhoods and communi-
                                                                      tracking, and prevention.
ties of color are disproportionately exposed to health-harming
toxicants – an important root cause of health disparities. Between
                                                                      THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE
2.75 million and 3.85 million children (one in four) live within
one mile of a National Priorities List hazardous waste site; people   The good news is that as we gain more information regarding
of color are 47 percent more likely than whites to live near these    the health effects of environmental toxicants, new strategies
and actions emerge to protect children’s health. Given the         based research efforts are addressing local priorities, as scientists
downward trends in what safe exposure levels may be, many          work with community leaders to reduce children’s exposures and
governments, nonprofits, professional associations, and com-       prevent future threats to children’s health. New science is being
munity groups are framing prevention strategies around the         put to use in public education about toxic substances in toys and
precautionary principle: when an activity raises threats of        play structures, mercury and other contaminants in fish, arsenic
harm to human health or the environment, precautionary             in water, dioxin in breast milk, and pesticides in schools and the
measures should be taken, even if some cause and effect rela-      farming process. Collaborations across sectors are inspiring new
tionships are not fully established scientifically. In practice,   protective policies and changes in chemicals management.
this approach usually combines measures to reduce or elimi-          An exciting area of children’s environmental health philan-
nate highly toxic, persistent chemicals with proactive moves       thropy is emerging, with great opportunities for health funders
toward safer alternatives.                                         to make seminal contributions. The Bauman Foundation, The
  Precautionary approaches are accelerating internationally.       California Wellness Foundation, the Jenifer Altman Foundation,
In 2004, the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic            the Marisla Foundation, the Mitchell Kapor Foundation, New
Pollutants became active. This international treaty is designed    York Community Trust, and The San Francisco Foundation are
to end production and use of some of the world’s most poiso-       among the funders that have begun to develop this field of phil-
nous chemicals. Eighty leading scientists and physicians in        anthropy and identify broader opportunities for health funders.
2004 also released a Paris Declaration, citing the increase of     The Health and Environmental Funders Network (HEFN,
nonsmoking-related cancers, childhood cancers, and sterility is a primarily virtual network of funders inter-
rates, and calling for precautionary action on chemicals policy.   ested in environment-health links. HEFN works closely with
  Communities across the United States are developing local        GIH to support grantmaker education and collaboration on
and state policies to protect children’s health. Community-        children’s environmental health issues.

PRECAUTIONARY EFFORTS                                              and materials are needed to deepen health professionals’
                                                                   knowledge of the latest science on children’s environmental
Following is a small sample of other precautionary efforts under
                                                                   health and its clinical applications.
way to protect children’s health, all of which are accessible on
                                                                   Resources: American Nurses Association, American Pediatric
the Web. Daily news and research on children’s environmental
                                                                   Association, Clean Water Fund, Children’s Environmental
health may be found at
                                                                   Health Network, Physicians for Social Responsibility
Biomonitoring and Health Tracking Efforts – There is a
                                                                   Healthy Schools and Healthy Hospitals – Homes, schools,
critical need to build the base of information about children’s
                                                                   day care institutions, and hospitals are critical settings for
exposures and related health outcomes. Key efforts include
                                                                   addressing children’s health, especially by reducing chemical
local biomonitoring efforts; state and national health tracking
                                                                   use and creating healthier environments for children.
programs; and plans for a national children’s study, a new lon-
                                                                   Resources: Center for Environmental Health; Center
gitudinal study of childhood health problems and birth defects.
                                                                   for Health, Environment and Justice; Children’s Health
Resources: Children’s Environmental Health Network,
                                                                   Environmental Coalition; Funders Forum on Environmental
Physicians for Social Responsibility, Trust for America’s Health
                                                                   Education; Generation Green; Health Care Without Harm;
Building Partnerships – Coalitions of health professionals,        Healthy Building Network; Healthy Schools Network
researchers, health-affected and patient groups, and advocacy
                                                                   Regional Children’s Environmental Health Centers – The
organizations are increasing awareness of environmental
                                                                   National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the
toxicants and disease and urging a precautionary approach
                                                                   Environmental Protection Agency have supported the estab-
from the corporate board room to the local regulator’s desk.       lishment of 12 national Children’s Centers for Environmental
Resources: Collaborative on Health and the Environment;            Health, with an emphasis on community-based and community-
Coming Clean; Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives;        driven research. The Association of Occupational and
International Network for Children’s Health, Environment           Environmental Clinics, in collaboration with the Agency for
and Safety; International POPs Elimination Network;                Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and the Environmental
Partnership for Children’s Health; Pesticide Action Network        Protection Agency, established 13 pediatric units to provide
Community-based Efforts – Many organizations are work-             education and consultation on children’s environmental health
ing to support local struggles to protect children’s health        for health professionals, public health professionals, and others.
while building community capacity, enhancing leadership            Resources: Children’s Environmental Health and Disease
development, and creating opportunities for youth action.          Prevention Centers, CHAMACOS, Pediatric Environmental
Resources: Alternatives for Community and Environment,             Health Specialty Units, WE ACT
Chemical Weapons Working Group, Communities for a
Better Environment, Community Toolbox for Children’s               Views from the Field is offered by GIH as a forum
Environmental Health, Environmental Health Coalition,              for health grantmakers to share insights and experiences. If you
Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic                   are interested in participating, please contact Angela Saunders,
Justice, Indigenous Environmental Network, WE ACT                  GIH’s communications manager, at 202.452.8331 or
Health Professional Training and Education – Training    

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