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					Case Study
                                                                                                        ‘Soft indicator’
Aspire project
What were our objectives?
To help young people with mental health or behavioural
problems take part in physical activity
                             Project description                                  •    To help young people identify and create
                             Sport England awarded Crewe and Nantwich                  alternatives for lifestyle changes; and
                             Borough Council £189,500 revenue funding             •    To provide crèche for single young
                             for the ASPIRE project through the Active                 parents or young people who care for
                             England programme. This covered 97% of                    younger sibling to enable them to take
                             the total project cost. The Active England                part in activities and work alongside their
                             funding finished in January 2008 but the                  peers.
                             project will continue as they have sourced           Project performance
                             funding from elsewhere.
                                                                                  The project engaged with 327 young people
                             This project worked with young people, aged          during the period of the Active England
                             11 to 19 year olds, with mental health               funding up to January 2008. The project has
                             problems and behavioural problems, who do            been successful and will continue through
                             not engage in sport or active leisure pursuits.      other funding streams.
                             These young people are socially isolated
                             because of their personal problems. The              The project used various methods to evaluate
                             project had a multi-sport, physical activity         the project including the Rickter scale,
                             and active leisure approach. The project             consultations, questionnaires and referral
                             based their activities on what the young             agency involvement. This will measure and
                             people wanted to do. They delivered                  track soft outcomes. The project met the
                             traditional sports such as swimming and              targets set for participation levels and is
                             football as well as archery, horse riding and        continuing to produce improvements in the
                             golf. The project targeted young people living       young people referred.
                             within the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich             The feedback from the young people
                             through referrals from various agencies.             themselves, their parents or guardians and
                             The project worked to raise motivation,              referral agents shows that all the young
                             confidence, self-esteem, improve physical,           people have and are continuing to enjoy their
                             mental and emotional health, reduce the              time on the project. They feel the project is
                             likelihood of taking illegal drugs, help in          making them healthier and is helping them in
                             anger management, and provides access to             various ways.
                             training courses and qualifications.                 In particular Aspire has improved their
                             Project aims                                         confidence. Young people feel that by taking
                                                                                  part in the activities they feel better about
                             The aims of the ASPIRE Project were:                 themselves, feel more able to mix with others
                             •     To create an environment that will             and more confident in attending sessions in
To get active visit                enable young people with mental health         unfamiliar environments. Feedback from         problems to join in physical activity;         various local sources suggests the young
leisure_and_tourism/         •     To provide valuable experience in team         people on the project have improved their
sports_development/                building and developing social skills;         behaviour as well.
                             •     To enable young people to engage in            There has been an increase in activity levels
                                   activities    outside      their       usual   of the young people since starting on the
For more information:                                                             Aspire Project. This is due to the support of
                                   environment, helping to break down
T 08458 508 508                                                                   project officers and coaches, the venues
                                   barriers with travel and gaining an                                                              delivering sessions, relevant activities and the
                                   appreciation of the wider area in which
                                   they live;                                     exit strategy into community sessions.
March 2008