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									Desiccant "Excel-Active Clay" is non-metallic mineral. Special grade of
Diatomaceous earth selected and developed to give greater water vapor

The moisture abroption capacity of "Excel-Active Clay" is much higher than
Silica Gel. "Excel-Active Clay" can be used safly to maintain dry atmosphere
in Pharma, Food Products, Engineering, leather, Electrical and Electronic
Free from -DMF-Dimethyl Fumarate.

"Excel-Active Clay" are made from Diatomaceous which has a special
affinity for moisture. "Excel Active Clay" are least expensive desiccant. It's
appearance is that of small off white powder / pellets.

"Excel-Active Clay" is eco-friendly chemically inert, Non-Toxic, accepted
world wide.
Bio-degradable, High absorption capacity, Packed in TYVEK from Dupont

"Excel-Active Clay" is better desiccant than Silica Gel. Considering it's
absorption capacity and suitable even for Food-Products.

"Excel-Active Clay" is best cost effective desiccant Protects Export
consignment form moisture in salty atmosphere.
"Excel-Active Clay" The very best desiccant suited to various types of
Industrial equipment                        Medical equipment
Foodstuffs                                   Powdered or beaded glass
Pharmaceuticals                             Optical devices
Metal & Machine parts                       Textiles
Electronic Components Packaging           Leather Products
Pet foods                                    Oceanographic devices
Aerospace                                    Photographic equipment & film
Metal powders                                Documents & paper storage

"Excel-Active Clay" is available in 500 gm, 1000 gms, 1500 gms and as per
customer's specification.

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