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					safe sippy
the                                    TM

        clean in clean out

Meet The Safe Sippy™ stainless steel drinking cup – one
small step in creating a less toxic world for our children. The Safe Sippy™

cup breaks away from the all plastic sippy cup designs of the past. From

the clean, non-leaching stainless steel cup to the unique safety features to

the plastics free of Bisphenol A, phthalates and other harmful chemicals, The

Safe Sippy™ cup was created to accomplish one simple goal:

Clean In, Clean Out.

           The stainless steel body is the most                                 We tapered the waist and put ribbing on
           important element of The Safe Sippy™ cup.                            the sleeve. Both features help little hands
           Made of durable and lightweight food grade                           hold the cup once your child insists they
           stainless steel, the 11 oz. Safe Sippy™                              are too big for handles. Or because your
           bottle is non-leaching and toxin free. So                            child tossed the handles behind the fridge,
           what you put in is what your children get                            where they wound up next to that three
           out.                                                                 month old sprig of broccoli your child said
           Nothing more. Nothing else.                                          they ate. We know you know what we’re
                                                                                talking about.
           Recent research has revealed that wide
           drinking spouts, commonly found on                                   The rubbery sleeve surrounding the cup is
           many sippy cups, can cause physical and                              made of something called thermo plastic
           speech development problems in children.                             rubber, or TPR. It provides insulation when
           These findings have determined that                                   you put cold liquids into the cup on hot
           straw-shaped spouts are better for devel-                            summer days. (If you don’t think that’s a
           oping mouths.                                                        big deal, try putting ice in one of our
                                                                                competitor’s non-insulated cups.) The
           The handles on The Safe Sippy™ are                                   sleeve also acts as a cushion that protects
           removable, so that when your child says,                             the stainless steel…and your toes, should
           “Handles are for little kids,” you don’t have                        you be foolish enough to wear sandals
           to go out and buy a new cup. And when                                around your two year old.
           little hands are covered with that cool new
           organic spinach mango puree because
           your child decided to shampoo the dog
           with it, the nubs make it easier to grip the                  

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