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Youth Travel and Backpacking NSW


									                                                                                                                     Backpackers in Sydney (Tony Yeates)

                 Youth Travel and Backpacking NSW
                 Taking the time to relax and experience the golden coastlines, lush rainforests,
                 sprawling outback and friendly country life of NSW is what young travellers
                 dream of. From the spiritual to the adventurous, there’s more than enough to
                 inspire travellers making their way around NSW and lots of transport options
                 to travel from place to place.

                                       Travel and Tours
                                       Adventure Tours Australia
                                       Adventure Tours Australia specialises in small group nature-based tours for the active
                                       traveller, emphasising unique scenery, wildlife and Aboriginal culture. Most tours are
                                       camping and accommodated safaris catering for budget travellers as well as private
                                       charters. Tours range from one to 18 days with regular guaranteed departures.
                                       Tel: +61 2 8132 8230

                                       Britz & Maui
                                       Britz is the largest campervan rental company in Australia, specialising in 4WD hire vehicles
                                       as well as cars, caravans and campervans. Britz has branches located in Sydney and Ballina,
                                       close to Byron Bay. Maui offers luxury motorhomes for camping in style, with a branch
                                       located in Sydney.
                                       Tel: 1800 331 454

                                       Colourful Trips
                                       With a focus on fun and rewarding experiences, Colourful Trips offers a range of small and
                                       large group tours departing from Sydney to explore the Hunter Valley, Jervis Bay, South
                                       Coast, Port Stephens and the Blue mountains. Private charters are available.
                                       Tel: +61 2 9318 0853

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                                                                   Life's An Adventure, Sydney                                    Greyhound destinations

                 Youth Travel and Backpacking NSW cont’d

                                      The Backtracker Pass offers with unlimited travel on the entire CountryLink rail network
                                      around NSW, including Byron Bay, Tamworth, Broken Hill, Albury and more. The Backtracker
                                      Pass also includes four bonus vouchers on Sydney’s CityRail network. The Backtracker Pass
                                      is only available to overseas visitors holding a valid passport and a return airline ticket. With
                                      an East Coast Discovery Pass travellers can take six months to travel in one direction up or
                                      down the coast, enjoying unlimited stopovers.
                                      Tel: +61 2 4907 7501

                                      Greyhound’s range of hop-on, hop-off and point to point bus passes give backpackers plenty
                                      of options for their travel in NSW and Australia. Passes come with the option to plan your
                                      own itinerary, choose from popular routes or just travel between two destinations. A range
                                      of passes make it possible to suit most travel itineraries.
                                      Tel: 1300 473 946

                                      Intrepid Connections
                                      Offering a range of multi-day tour itineraries in Sydney and NSW that focus on quality,
                                      value for money, fun, integrity and respect, Intrepid Connections strives to offer travel
                                      experiences with a difference. Itineraries explore the East Coast of Australia, country NSW,
                                      Sydney harbour and city, beaches and bushland.
                                      Tel: +61 3 9277 8444

                                      Oz Experience
                                      This hop-on, hop-off backpacker bus travel pass allows backpackers to discover NSW and
                                      Australia’s east coast at their own pace. Valid for six months, the various passes allow
                                      passengers to hop off almost anywhere along the route, spend some time exploring the
                                      destination and then book back on the next convenient scheduled bus.
                                      Tel: +61 2 9213 1766

                                      Travellers Auto Barn
                                      Travellers Auto Barn is a 'one stop shop' for the backpackers and budget travellers planning
                                      their self drive trip around Australia or simply up the coast. Travellers can buy, sell, rent or
                                      hire vehicles, with a range of campervans, campers, wagons, station wagons or cars to
                                      choose from. All campervans and wagons come with the ability to sleep in the vehicle.
                                      Travellers Autobarn is based in Sydney and five other capital cities.
                                      Tel: +61 2 9360 1500

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                                                              Lets Go Surfing (Pierre Toussaint)                                 Manly Bike Tours, Sydney

                 Youth Travel and Backpacking NSW cont’d

                                      NSW Experiences
                                      Bike Tours
                                      Whether escorted bike tours or bicycle hire, bike touring is a great way to discover new
                                      destinations and get some fresh air at the same time.
                                      Bonza Bike Tours, Sydney                           Mountain Bike Tours NSW, Northern Rivers
                                      Tel: +61 2 9247 8800                               Tel: +61 429 122 504
                                      Manly Bike Tours, Sydney                           Sydney Uncovered, Sydney
                                      Tel: +61 2 8005 7368                               Tel: +61 2 9252 5505

                                      Outback and country life
                                      See a sheep station in action, ride horses and drive cattle, learn to crack a whip, become
                                      a jackaroo or jillaroo for a week or just soak up the outback lifestyle of NSW, a heritage that
                                      goes back to Australia’s early colonial days.
                                      Boggy Creek Show, Tumbarumba                       Sahara Horse Trails, Anna Bay
                                      Tel: +61 2 6948 8273                               Tel: +61 2 4981 9077
                                      Jackaroo Jillaroo Australia                        Werriberri Trail Rides, Megalong Valley
                                      Tel: +61 428 617 097                               Tel: +61 2 4787 9171
                                      Leconfield Jackaroo School
                                      Tel: +61 2 6769 4328

                                      Outdoors and adventure
                                      Whether it’s the thrill of soaring sky high or traversing a canyon, diving with sharks or climbing
                                      the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there are lots of ways to get your pulse racing and adrenaline
                                      pumping in NSW.
                                      Bridgeclimb Sydney
                                      Tel: +61 2 8274 7777
                                      Hang Glide Oz and Sydney Hang Gliding Centre, Wollongong, South Coast
                                      Tel: +61 2 4294 4294
                                      High N Wild Adventures, Katoomba, Blue Mountains
                                      Tel: +61 2 4782 6224

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                                                 Royal Coast Walks, Royal National Park, Sydney                                        Surfaris

                 Youth Travel and Backpacking NSW cont’d

                                      Life’s an Adventure, Sydney, Blue Mountains, South Coast
                                      Tel: +61 2 9913 8939
                                      Liquid Assets Adventure Company, Coffs Harbour, North Coast
                                      Tel: +61 2 6658 0850
                                      K7 Adventures and Kosciusko Cross Country Ski School, Snowy Mountains
                                      Tel: +61 421 862 354
                                      Port Stephens Parasailing, Nelson Bay, Port Stephens
                                      Tel: +61 2 4982 2808
                                      River Deep, Mountain High, Katoomba, Blue Mountains
                                      Tel: +61 2 4782 6109
                                      Royal Coast Walks, Royal National Park, Sydney
                                      Tel: +61 2 8521 7423
                                      Shark Dive Extreme, Manly, Sydney
                                      Tel: +61 2 8251 7878
                                      Skydive the Beach, Wollongong, South Coast
                                      Tel: +61 2 4225 8444
                                      Skydive the Hunter Valley, Hunter Valley
                                      Tel: +61 2 4915 7429

                                      Pick up a board, get your feet sandy and learn to ride the waves with a surf school or surfing
                                      safari in NSW. Whether it’s just surfboard hire, a lesson or two, or a coastal surfing tour,
                                      this is a great way to experience the laid back Australian coastal lifestyle.
                                      Lets Go Surfing, Sydney                            Surfaris, Sydney to Byron Bay
                                      Tel: +61 2 9365 1800                               Tel: +61 2 6566 0009

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                                                                     Jackaroo Jillaroo Australia                                     Mountain Bike Tours

                 Youth Travel and Backpacking NSW cont’d

                                      Manly Surf School, Sydney                          Surf Camp Australia, Gerroa & Byron Bay
                                      Tel: +61 2 9977 6977                               Tel: +61 2 9262 1757
                                      Mojo Surf, Coffs Coast and Byron Bay
                                      Tel: +61 2 6639 5100

                                      Travel planning and resources
                                      Global Gossip
                                      With locations around NSW, Global Gossip communication centres include computers and
                                      wireless internet, phones, fax and postal services. Pick up a Global Gossip phone card or
                                      share photos and travel stories in the online forums.

                                      MySpace MySydney
                                      Visit the MySpace MySydney page for everything you need to inspire you to live, work and
                                      play in Sydney. Find information on jobs, visas, study and travel, watch video from locals or
                                      search for music festival tickets.

                                      Travellers Contact Point
                                      Travellers Contact Point is a specialist travel agency for independent and working holiday
                                      travellers. Before departure, they can organise visas, flights, travel insurance, discount hostel
                                      cards, book a hostel to stay in on arrival and much more. Travellers Contact Point also
                                      provides ongoing support while travelling Australia, in finding work, accommodation and
                                      booking onward travel.
                                      Tel: +61 2 9221 8744

                                      Work & Travel Company
                                      The Work & Travel Company offers a complete range of services to visitors including airport
                                      pick up, job service, pre-booked accommodation at a Sydney hostel, social activities
                                      program, setting up a bank account, mobile phone sim cards, hostel membership, discount
                                      card, free internet, mail holding and forwarding services and more.
                                      Tel: +61 2 8987 3700

                                      YHA Travel Centres
                                      YHA Travel is a fully-licensed travel agent, specialising in budget independent travel. Visit to
                                      book airfares, travel passes, car rental, travel insurance, day tours and tour packages, as well
                                      as YHA hostel accommodation around NSW and Australia.
                                      Tel: +61 2 9261 1111

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