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									          Tips for Finding and Landing an Acting Job Audition

Have your Resume Handy

Before even beginning to look for an acting job audition, you should
remember that, like any good job opening, it all begins with your
resume. No stint in acting should be overlooked, even ones in your
high school or college drama club. Formal work with any theater will
help pad your resume, and most importantly, if you've actually got
stage acting experience list the plays you've done and the theaters
you've worked with. Character references from any old contacts you
have in the industry will be helpful, too.

Know Where to Look for Auditions

The simplest and easiest ways to look for auditions is to check
common public information sources. Newspapers and the internet are
the easiest and fastest ways to find any openings in your area. These
openings will usually, but not always, be casting calls for a certain role
on the stage. If your acting repertoire is limited by inexperience be
sure to pick the roles that you know you can handle.

Do Research on the Role

Once you've got a set of potential auditions to go to, don't just jump
into the car or hail a cab and run off to the theater. Do some research
on the role that the audition is being held for. Remember that you'll
most likely be competing with dozens if not hundreds of other hopefuls
trying to land a place on the stage. You have to be able to slip into the
character role in a heartbeat. You have to know how the character
thinks, dresses, walks, and talks. If you can look and act the part
before you actually start the audition, so much the better! There have
been instances where a stage or movie director actually canvasses the
line of applicants incognito, looking for someone who will jump at him
out of the line screaming "pick me!" by his or her bearing and

When all Else Fails, Get an Agent!

Lastly, if you're having trouble finding an audition or getting booked
for an opening in one, you should consider getting an agent. Do your
research so you can find a decent and reliable agent. Call your local
Screen Actors Guild office and you can ask for a list of any and all
registered agents they have. Guild registered agents have to adhere to
the rules and regulations set by the guild, and as such are completely
reliable. A bonus to this is the fact that they will have contacts who are
already established in the acting industry, and they can put in a good
word for you to help you along.

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