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									        August 2009                                                                                      1

                   Knowlton Ridge News
 Upcoming August Shows                                   Pony Club
                                                         No Pony Club in August.
           BONFIELD—R.H.R.A.                             Pony Club starts again on Friday
                                                         September 18th 5:00-8:00pm

            TRILLIUM SHOWS                        Farriers
 TRILLIUM @ HIGHRAIL FARM AUG. 8 /9TH             Note: We now have 5 visiting farriers:
                                                  Mike McCahon – Wednesday August 19th
           CNE JUMPER SHOW
                                                  Mike McNulty – Wednesday Sept 2nd
               AUGUST 9-11TH
                                                  Barry Keown – Friday August 7th
                                                  Dan Carew – Monday August 3rd
                                                  Rodd Turnbull—Friday August 28th

             TRILLIUM SHOW
                                                 Sherri Whitworth—August 20-21st (see
            FRIDAY AUGUST 14th
                                                 page 5)
          SATURDAY AUGUST 15th                   PADR—Cindy Ishoy—Rescheduled to November 8, 9
           SUNDAY AUGUST 16th                    OEF Instructor/Coach Evaluation—Rescheduled to fall 2009
 Pick up a show booklet from office with entry   Robyn Baechler—Rescheduled to
                form enclosed.                   October 2009
                                                 Sidonia McIntyre—October 5-10
                                                 Elaine Potter— August 3, August 10 (see page 6)
          SATURDAY AUGUST 22
           SUNDAY AUGUST 23                                                    Royal Winter Fair
                                                                          Coming up November 6-15th. We plan
NOTE: If interested in attending any of                                   to take horses under saddle and on the
the above shows talk to your coach or                                     line. We need handlers, riders and
               Bobbie.                                                    grooms. See Bobbie or Megan for details.

CNE Show
Megan D’Allaire and Casper, Jesse Couchie and Greenfield, Shannon
Kelly and Jackson, Judy Howitt and Salomé, Courtney Cyr and Kalypso,
Kat Bennett on Pioneering Gold will all be leaving Saturday morning for
the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Kerstin Lawson and Jenny
Gravelle will be joining as grooms.
Best of luck to this fabulous KREC Show Team!
       August 2009                                                                                          2
                                                Barn Chatter
        Bad News Department
        Our expansion plans have hit a snag:

Aultman Farm—We previously announced we would be purchasing the Aultman
farm on the corner of Purdon Line and Hwy #11. However, MTO will not allow
expansion of the facility including refusal to grant a building permit for any con-
struction at the farm as they considered Purdon Line a “dangerous intersection”.
I guess no one from MTO has been South of Powassan to see some really
“dangerous intersections”!

Lot Across From Farm—We planned on purchasing the lot directly across from the farm (former oil
storage site) and using it for parking for shows and special events. Unfortunately, the zoning is not
compatible so we will not be proceeding with the purchase.

        Good News Department
        Good news outweighs the bad news!
Grand Prix Ring—Well underway. The clearing, ditching and drainage is complete. We used over
3000’ of drainage pipe. Next step is to compact the surface, bring in 5 1/2” of stonedust and compact it
and finally 2 1/2” of filtered beach sand. The ring will be over 1 acre in size and will be fenced with white
PVC posts and rails. We hope to finish the footing with Arena Kleen for dust control and footing

Outdoor Lights for Outdoor Ring—Completed. These lights will be very useful for the fall when
darkness comes earlier. The red switch on the pole beside the judge’s booth turns on the lights. Make
sure you turn red switch off when finished. Use discretion in use to control Hydro costs.

Temporary Stalls —New temporary stalls will be arriving first week of August along with the wood.
We have purchased 40 temporary stalls and will install them in the small arena for the Classic Trillium
Show August 14, 15, 16. The stalls will be erected on a site behind the new house in the fall.

New Stalls—We will be erecting 9 more box stalls at the end of the small arena. The stalls are
designed by Systems Fencing and will be 10’X10’ in size. They will serve for overflow of horses and

Mickey aka Seco’s Grey Duster—And finally, Mickey has come home! The handsome grey gelding
has been away since late fall and has now returned. He is looking for someone to part-board or lease
him. Mickey is equally talented in both English and Western.

                                                                                         Western Schooling
   Trillium Results                                                                            Show
    Check out our                                                                      2nd Western Schooling
website under events for                                                                Show Sept. 5th. See
     results of our                                                                    Megan for entries or our
   Spring & Summer                                                                            Website.
     Trillium Show
             August 2009                                                                                      3

                       Knowlton Ridge Equestrian Centre
                       2009 SUMMER CAMP SERIES
                        CAMP WEEKS                                               OFF HORSE ACTIVITIES
•July   6 to July 10     Day Camp                                  Theory: Introduction to rider levels: setting
                                                                            personal goals
•July   13 to July 17    Day Camp
                                                                   Learn all aspects of owning a horse
•July   20 to July 24    Overnight Camp
                                                                          * stable and horse management
•July   27 to July 31    Overnight Camp                                   * feed and supplements
•Aug    3 to Aug 7 Overnight Camp (changed from day camp)                 * preparing feed
•Aug 10 to Aug 14 NO CAMP/PREP for TRILLIUM / CNE                         * mucking stalls, sweeping
•Aug    17 to Aug 21        Day Camp                                      * meeting “your” horse’s hay and water
•Aug    24 to Aug 28        Day Camp
                                                                          * cleaning feed/ & water bowls
 Call Bobbie if there is another summer week or week-                     * quiet time with your horse
 end that would fit your summer plans better. We can
      customize a week or weekend at Knowlton.                            * show preparation etc.
                        CAMP FORMAT                                                  FUN EXTRAS
Own your own horse for the week                                    •   Preparing homemade horse treats
Responsible for feeding, turn out, cleaning, exercising,           •   Hikes on trails
lessons, hacking, evening feed & turn in.                          •   Camp fire activities (evening)
             LESSON & ON HORSE ACTIVITIES                          •   Picnics
•Safety around horses                                              •   Rest and relaxation time
•Groom before & after lessons                                      •   Supervised Swimming
•Clean, sweep area when done                                       •   Knowlton Ridge T-Shirts & Baseball Cap
•Wipe down and treat tack after each use                           •   AND SO MUCH MORE…..
•Lessons and horse geared to your skill level, needs                                 CAMP PRICES
   and personality
                                                                   1 Week including lunches………………..$375.00
•Setting goals for the week
                                                                   1 Week Overnight includes all meals…..$495.00
•Learning how to prep for shows or Musical Ride
                                                                   2 Week Overnight includes………………$895.00
•BBQ LUNCH on Friday for parents & guests.
                                                                   meals + weekend
•Show on Friday with ribbon
                                                                   If you want to bring your own horse, please
                                                                   contact Bobbie to organize indoor/outdoor
                                                                   board and feed.
                            CONTACT INFORMATION
                                 Bobbie Cardwell                       Located Highway 11
                         204 Main St. N. Powassan, ON P0H 1Z0
                                                                    Situated at 204 Main St at
                                Tel: 705.724.1313 or 1616               the North End of
                                     Fax: 705-724-6018             Powassan. 30 km South of
                        E-mail:           North Bay.
August 2009                                                                                     4

                        SHOW DATES 2009
  SPRING                                              FALL
  Saturday April 4th—Show #1 (complete)               Saturday October 3rd—Show #4
  Saturday April 18th—Show #2 (complete)              Saturday October 17th—Show #5
  Saturday May 2nd—Show #3 (complete)

     R.H.R.A. ENGLISH DATES                                 R.H.R.A. WESTERN DATES
Sunday June 14th (complete)                          Saturday June 6th & Sunday June 7th (complete)
Sunday July 12th (complete)                          Sunday July 5th (complete)
Sunday August 9th (Money Show)                       Saturday August 8th (Money Show)
Saturday Sept. 12th & Sunday Sept. 13th              Sunday September 20th

Note: We may attend Mattawa Equestrian Club (M.E.C.) shows as an alternative to Bonfield Shows.
             M.E.C. Shows: Saturday May 23rd, Saturday June 20th, Saturday August 22nd
    Sunday, May 24 (complete)
    Sunday, June 21(complete)
    Sunday, July 12 (complete)
    Sunday, August 16
    Sunday, September 13
    Sunday, September 20 (Rain Date)

                      NORTH EAST TRILLIUM
                  HUNTER/JUMPER SHOW DATES 2009
 *May 9-10         Knowlton Ridge Equestrian Centre (complete)
 *May 30-31        Near North—Sudbury (complete)
 June 13-14        Strathclair Farms (cancelled)
 *June 27-28       KREC (complete)
 *July 4-5         Foothills Farm (complete)
 *July 18-19       Woodridge—Utterson (complete)
 July 25-26        Foothills Farm (complete)
 August 8-9        High Rail Farm—Sault Ste. Marie
 *August 15-16 KREC
 (*)Sept 5-6       Foothills Farm
    August 2009                                                                          5

             WHAT THE JUDGE SEES
                  A 2 DAY CLINIC WITH
                  SHERRI WHITWORTH
                                  THURSDAY AUGUST 20TH
                                    FRIDAY AUGUST 21ST

       Sherri Whitworth is an accomplished rider, coach, senior Judge and Steward.
              She has competed on the ‘A’ Circuit and the Royal Winter Fair.

Thursday August 20th      Group Training Session
9:00 AM—10:00 AM          1 hour theory / lecture on showing on the line (group)
10:15 AM—12:15 PM         2 hour training on the line with horse (group)
12:15 PM—1:00 PM          Lunch
1:00 PM—2:00PM            1 hour theory / lecture under saddle (Cup model)
2:15 PM—4:30 PM           2 1/4 hour training under saddle (Group with scores and placing)
4:30 PM—7:00 PM           Break / Supper / Free Time / Swim
7:00 PM—8:30 PM           Riding session by Sherri Whitworth with commentary followed by Q&A

Friday August 21st        Individual Lessons / Training (1 hour each)
8:00 AM—12:00 Noon        4 Sessions
12:00 Noon—1:00 PM        Lunch
1:00 AM—5:00PM            4 Sessions

Cost: Thursday Clinic—Special Price $75.00
                          Includes all sessions
      Friday Lessons $65.00 / hr. Private
                       $50.00 / hr. Semi-Private

 If you are planning to go to the Royal Winter Fair to show horses on the line or want to
 know what the judge is looking for under saddle then this clinics a MUST ATTEND. See
             Bobbie to reserve your spot on sign up on sheet on bulletin board.
August 2009                                                                          6
       August 2009                                                               6


                      204 Main Street North, Powassan, ON P0H 1Z0 705-724-1313

                                        is proud to host

                       DRESSAGE CLINIC

                         ELAINE POTTER
                             Competitor, Coach, Judge and
                     Chef d’Equipe – Canadian Junior Dressage Team

                                MONDAY AUGUST 10TH
         1 Day Private Clinic $ 105.00 or 1 Day Semi-Private $ 85.00

                               Price Includes All Day Audit
                            Horse Rental for 1 Session $15.00
                            Stall Rental: Full Day      $25.00
                                  Overnight Stall     $30.00

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