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					             Sept 2008
      Volume 20 No. 1
                                                                          The Great Sharpening Debate
                                                                                                          drafting for woodturning

                  E   GUILD   OF
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                                  OR K E R S
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        Founded 1990
                                                                       The Newsletter of the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers

                                                                                   surface preparation • book reviews • tool review
                                                                                  fantastic flip stop • going pro • inlay a simple box

Sept 13               Period Furniture                                                                                          curly maple
                                                                                                             cedar of lebanon bottom panel
Sept 14               Luthiers - New Date
                                                photo by Dean Powell

Sept 20               Annual Meeting
Sept 27               GSWT
Oct 4                 BIG
Oct 11                Hand Tools
Oct 18                Small Meetings
Nov 8                 Period Furniture
Nov 15                Guild Meeting
Nov 16                Luthiers
Nov 22                GSWT
Dec 6                 BIG
Jan 10                Period Furniture
Jan 18                Luthiers
Jan 24                GSWT
Feb 7                 BIG
Feb 21                Guild Meeting
Mar 14                Period Furniture
Mar 15                Luthiers
Mar 21                Guild Small Meetings
Mar 28                GSWT
Apr 4                 BIG
Apr 18                Guild Meeting                                                                                Jere Osgood
May 9
May 16
May 17
                      Period Furniture
                      Symposium - Tentative
                                                   Blanket Chest
president’s message by Dave Anderson

The Guild Experience
I  t has been traditional for guild
   presidents to take their last Old Saw
column and give thanks to the many
                                                                     Frankly, it can’t be done without
                                                                 errors and omissions, so I’m going to
                                                                 take the easy and cowardly way out. I
                                                                                                                           might be your
                                                                                                                               Elsewhere in this issue you will see
officers, Steering Committee members,                            would like to thank each and every                        a report of our success at Sunapee this
and others who have made meaningful                              one of you who have contributed time,                     year. The money raised by the raffle will
contributions during their term of                               auction and raffle items, and your skills                 keep our scholarship strong and support
office.                                                          to make us a successful organization                      our efforts. The level of participation
    Following this tradition has become                          these past two years. Your hundreds of                    this year exceeded all previous years and
more difficult for each president as the                         days of volunteerism make us what we                      at one point on the last Saturday we had
years have passed and the guild has                              are. I truly appreciate the assistance                    nine simultaneous demonstrations going.
grown. We are no longer a group of                               and support you have given me. I’ve                       With all this activity, we are reaching the
100-150 meeting in a member’s shop                               thoroughly enjoyed my time as president                   point where our 20 foot x 40 foot tent
five times per years and perhaps running                         and yet I am looking forward to passing                   is becoming very crowded. May such
a single symposium or other event. We                            the job along to someone else.                            happy problems continue for years.
have been over 500 strong for more                                  As many of you know, I have wanted                        The annual meeting this year will
than two years now and with Sunapee,                             for a long time to start a hand tools                     feature a Guild first. As part of the
our special interest group meetings,                             special interest group in the guild                       day, we will have a cookout run by the
symposia, the reintroduction of Wood                             devoted to choosing, using , maintaining,                 YMCA for us at the bargain rate of $7
Days at Dave Emerson’s, and the regular                          making, and collecting human powered                      per person. The annual auction as always,
meetings, there are now over 38 days                             tools. This fall, as someone else takes over              is your chance to recycle. Donate your
each year when we are active. Each                               the responsibilities of president, I will                 unused items and spare lumber and
of these events requires at least one                            have time to realize that goal. Elsewhere                 replace it with something new at a
organizer and a number of volunteers to                          in this issue of The Old Saw you will see                 bargain price.
take on various other tasks. How does                            the notice for an organizational meeting                      I look forward to seeing you all on
one thank this great group of people                             of the hand tools group. If you have an                   Saturday, September 20 at YMCA
without slighting someone by leaving                             interest in any aspect of hand tools such                 Camp Lincoln.
their name out of the list?                                      as rehabilitation, use, or collecting, this

    Steering Committee
     President                  Dave Anderson     603-887-6267       SubGroups
     Vice President             David Frechette   802-633-2561          BIG                         Bob LaCivita     603-942-1240
     Secretary                  Caleb Dietrich    603-556-1629          Granite State Woodturners   Jon Siegel       603-768-5882
     Treasurer                  Peter James       603-435-8133         Luthier                     John Whiteside   603-679-5443
     At Large                   Peter Breu        603-647-2327        Period Furniture            Mike Noel        603-744-3821
     At Large                   Jon Siegel        603-768-5882           Period Furniture            John Faro        603-968-9800
     At Large                   Bob LaCivita      603-942-1240
     At Large                   John Whiteside    603-679-5443
     At Large                   Ed Orecchio       603-542-0322      Volunteer Positions
     At Large                   Mike Noel         603-744-3821         Books                       Tony Immorlica   603-673-9629
     At Large                   John Faro         603-968-9800         Membership                  DJ Delorie       603-463-5996
     Old Saw Editor             Jim Seroskie      603-673-2123        Old Saw Mailing             Syd Lorandeau    603-542-5295   slorandeau@verizon. net
     Past President             Roger Myers       603-773-9634     Shirts/Hats                 Peter James      603-435-8133
     Programs                   Sal Morgani       603-772-1006           Small Meetings              Ed Orecchio      603-542-0322
                                                                                              Sunapee Co-Coordinator      Mike Noel        603-744-3821
    Scholarship Committee                                                                     Sunapee Co-Coordinator      John Faro        603-968-9800
     Chairman                     Peter Breu         603-647-2327       Video Librarian             John Pitrone     603-894-5893
     Member                       David Frechette 802-633-2561            Video Recording             Peter Bloch      603-526-6152
     Member                       Ed Bartlett        603-364-5242        Web Master                  DJ Delorie       603-463-5996
     — Please send all applications to Peter Breu, Selection Committee Chair
     In addition, Peter Bloch and Bob Jarrett are non-voting members

 The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers – Bringing together the diverse interests of the New Hampshire woodworking community.
“The Old Saw” is published five times per year. To join the Guild, go to and click on “Membership “ to download an application form.

2      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
                                                                                                          Let’s start by getting there early so
                                                        Sept 20th, 2008                               we can setup auction items so people            Directions
                                                                                                      can look them over.                             YMCA Camp Lincoln
                                                                                                          Auction – We all have some of those
                                                        Annual Meeting                                tools we were always going to need              •	 From	I-93	to	101	East	to	Rt	125	South.
                                                                                                      but never do. Why not turn these into           •	 Head	south	on	Rt	125	for	6.7	miles.	
                                                Garrett Hack to give featured talk…                   cash for the Guild Scholarship Fund. As            At	traffic	lights	turn	right	onto	Main	
                                               “How to Work Effectively and Efficiently”              usual, the main man will be Jon Siegel             Street.
                                                                                                      whose only request is, “No firearms or          •	 Go	0.8	mile,	turn	right	onto	SPC	4	
                                                                                                      hazardous waste” and I will take it from           David	Bunker	Street.

                                                        I  t is that time of year again. The Annual
                                                           Meeting this year is in Kingston, NH
                                                        at the YMCA Camp Lincoln. This is a
                                                                                                          Seating – There is plenty of picnic
                                                                                                      tables for all to have a seat but if you
                                                                                                                                                      •	 At	stop	sign,	go	straight	across	to	
                                                                                                                                                         Rockrimmon	Road
                                                                                                                                                      •	 Go	0.9	mile	and	turn	left	onto	Ball	
                                                        great site for a meeting and worth the        need a back rest, please bring your own            Street	for	0.6	mile.
                                                        trip just to look around.                     chair.                                          •	 Turn	left	onto	the	road	that	leads	to	
                                                            We will try to hold to the following         You will notice as you walk in, there           Camp	Lincoln	YMCA	Camp	–	There	is	a	
                                                        schedule:                                     is a chair we could all fit into but it is         large	Camp	Lincoln	sign.
                                                         •	   9:00	-	11:00	    Auction                in the hot sun, and it is going to be a         •	 The	drop	off	area	for	auction	items	
                                                         •	   11:00	-	12:00	   Business	Meeting       Sunny day. If not, we got it covered so            and	people	who	have	trouble	walking	
                                                         •	   12:00	-	1:00	    Lunch                  show up rain or shine.                             is	in	front	of	the	Office	Building.	There	
                                                         •	   1:00	-	3:00	     Demonstration              Parking – Please do not park in front          is	a	large	parking	area	off	to	the	left	
                                                                                                      of the office building. Parking is off to          before	reaching	the	area	in	front	of	
                                                                                                      the left prior to the office area, plenty of       the	Office	Building.
                                                                                                      room. Fire laws!                                •	 Custom	directions	at	
                                                                                                          Lunch – You can bring your own       
                                                                                                      lunch or for $7.00 the camp staff will
                                                                                                      be cooking hot dogs and burgers, chips,        the country, Canada and beyond, and
                                                                                                      veggies, cookies and soda. I can handle        is former chairman of The Furniture
                                                                                                      that! Help out the YMCA.                       Masters. Garrett has also been a regular
                                                                                                                                                     contributor to The Old Saw.
                                                                                                          Demonstration – The gods were with
Garrett Hack is this year’s speaker at Annual Meeting

                                                                                                      us and we have the good luck of having            “How to Work Effectively and Efficiently” –
                                                                                                      Garrett Hack doing the demo.                   Garrett’s talk will look at some ideas
                                                                                                         Garrett Hack is a furnituremaker,           and ways to improve your work habits to
                                                                                                      author, and woodworking teacher                do better work, probably more quickly
                                                                                                      from Thetford Center, Vermont, where           and enjoyably, and certainly make fewer
                                                                                                      he also runs a small homestead farm.           dumb mistakes.This might be as simple as
                                                                                                      Internationally known, his work and            learning and then using a good marking
                                                                                                      Federal inspired brick shop have been          out system, or understanding the many
                                                                                                      featured in numerous magazines and             advantages of a speedy story stick over a
                                                                                                      books. He is a contributing editor at          ruler. Through some short demos Garrett
                                                                                                      Fine Woodworking and has written two           will illustrate the efficiency and accuracy
                                                                                                      books, The Handplane Book and Classic          of hand tools and how they fit into the
                                                                                                      Hand Tools. Garrett spends about a             balance between working by hand and
                                                                                                      third of his time teaching throughout          machine. – Syd Lorandeau

                                                        Scholarship                                   saw a huge increase in requests and in
                                                                                                      monies given out. For the first time in
                                                                                                                                                     the NH Furniture Masters as well as
                                                                                                                                                     the Luthiers subgroup. With the size of
                                                        Committee Report                              the history of the program, more money         the Guild now, and the continued funds
                                                                                                      was distributed than collected. However,       coming from the Sunapee Fair, auction

                                        T                  his was a very significant year for the
                                                           Guild’s scholarship program. With
                                                        twelve individual grants, three large
                                                                                                      with the accumulated funds we are in no
                                                                                                      danger of running out and look forward
                                                                                                      to another year of increased requests.
                                                                                                                                                     at the annual meeting as well as funds
                                                                                                                                                     from the Turning Symposium, the
                                                                                                                                                     Guild should be able to make annual
                                                        grants and the first of the Jack Grube           Highlights include supporting a             grants totaling approximately $6,000. –
                                                        educational grants, the committee             high school shop program, supporting           Peter Breu chair Scholarship Committee

                                                                                                                              The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                              3

Oct 11th, 2008                                 Oct 18th, 2008

New SubGroup                                    October Small Meetings
Hand Tools Group
Organizational Meeting
                                               W       e have four small meetings lined
                                                       up for October 18, 2008. They
                                               are diverse and quite exciting.
                                                                                               can accommodate seven participants for
                                                                                               the hands-on and another five to watch.
                                                                                               He will demonstrate sharpening and if
                                                                                               you have your own tools, please bring to

I   f you are interested in any aspect of
    hand tools, you will be interested in
 this new guild special interest group.
                                                     John Whiteside will be presenting
                                                Guitar Building Techniques and their
                                                application to other woodworking
                                                                                                  Grant, who lives in South Acworth
                                                                                               NH, will offer this workshop from
The vision for this group is to provide         projects. In his own words, “You won’t         10:00am-2:00pm.
 a forum for discussion, the exchange of        be building a guitar in this meeting, but
 information, and demonstrations and            you will learn enough to decide whether            DJ Delorie is going to dazzle us with
 training in the use of hand tools.             or not you want to. Furthermore, guitar        some computer wizardry. He is going
     How we focus the group and where           building employs a lot of techniques and       to unravel Google Sketchup, which is a
 we place most of the emphasis is               skills that have application to other sorts    Free downloadable program for the
 dependent on the interests and desires         of woodworking and I shall emphasize           construction of woodworking and
 of the guild members who attend this           these.                                         architectural projects. This download
 first meeting. If you are interested and            John will go through an overview          is available to any of you that have a
 want input, you need to show up for the        of the entire building process, from           computer with an internet connection.
 first meeting.                                 wood selection to finishing, stopping          And remember, the download really is
     There are a number of topics and           to elaborate on aspects and techniques         Free. This workshop will go over how to
 potential areas of concentration that          of interest to the group. These might          navigate this program and produce your
 immediately come to mind.                      include (depending on the group’s              favorite project in three dimensions.
     For the user or person who wants           preferences) choosing quarter sawn                 Please note – you will not need a
 to learn how to use or improve their           wood, surfacing highly figured wood,           computer the day of this workshop, nor
 hand tool skills potential topics include      resawing, bookmatching, dealing with           will you need to have downloaded the
– selecting a new or used tool, tuning          curves, heat bending, inlay, achieving         program prior to the workshop in order
 and fettling your purchase, new vs used,      1/1000th of an inch accuracy with hand tools,   to take part.
 choosing a basic tool kit, and what tools      how sharp is sharp enough, properties              DJ lives in Deerfield, NH and can
 can replace power tools. A couple of           of unusual woods such as holly, ebony,         accommodate twelve people for this
 others areas to explore are instruction        Paulo Escrito, and Indian rosewood.            workshop. This workshops hours will be
 in using everything from spokeshaves to            We will also consider making forms         from 10:00am-2:00pm.
 molding planes and even the making of          and jigs, when and when not to use
 your own tools.                                various glues (such as Titebond, hide              Steve Fourcier, the owner of Tru-Cut
     There are also options for those           glue, fish glue, epoxy, and superglue),        Sharpening Company, located in
 interested in collecting hand tools such       scarf joints, unusual table saw techniques,    Charlestown, NH, will demonstrate a
 as focusing on brands, how to value a          hiding gaps and flaws, pore filling, a look    variety of Sharpening Techniques. He
 tool, history of particular types of tools,    at the latest water based lacquer, and a       will cover carbide saw sharpening
 and cleaning and storing your tools.           few comments on the most important             and retoothing, handsaw sharpening,
     These are only a few samples of ideas      topic of all (to me) which is the correct      setting & retoothing, planer & chisel
 that come to mind immediately. If you          mental attitude with which to approach         sharpening, saw geometry, tensioning
 have other thoughts or potential area of       difficult and demanding woodworking            and straightening, grinder wheel
 interest to explore, please voice them at      projects.”                                     applications & maintenance, and hand
 the meeting.                                        John lives in Fremont, NH. He             sharpening tricks and tips.
     The first organizational meeting will      will offer this workshop from                      Steve can accommodate up to twelve
 be Saturday, October 11 from 9:00am            9:00am-12:00pm.                                people for his workshop. The hours will
 until noon at Dave Anderson’s shop                                                            be from 10:00am-1:00pm.
 at 146 Jennifer Drive in Chester, NH.            Grant Taylor will be presenting a
 Contact Dave for directions and to            Carving Workshop for seven hands-on                So that I may sign you up for the
 register for the first meeting.               participants. He will use inset letter          workshop of your choice and give you
   Dave Anderson: 603-887-6267 or email at     carving to introduce carving to those           specific driving directions, please contact                          interested individuals. Emphasis will           me at one of the following:
                                               be on the stop cut and other techniques            Ed Orecchio: or at
                                               which apply to carving in general. He           my home phone of 603-542-0322

4     The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
 book reviews by Joe Barry

The Craftsman
              Richard	Sennett.	Yale	University	Press.	2008.	$27.50

T    he crafts revival is over half a century
     old and has a rich literary tradition.
 Unfortunately, it would appear that
                                                      and products we get the musings of
                                                      philosophers who watched work but
                                                      did not participate except in long
                                                                                                   10,000 hour rule.
                                                                                                   It takes about
                                                                                                   10,000 hours of
 Sociology Professor Richard Sennett is               scholarly missives. I was reminded of        practice to become expert at anything:
 unaware of that rich tradition. Instead,             an office sign I was given by one of my      athletics, music, or craft. My experience
 he lives up to the undergraduate canard              ergonomics clients: “I love work. I could    would support this conclusion. To
 about the “fuzzy studies” department                 sit and watch it all day”. Or, better yet:   philosopher’s such as the author there is
 in colleges and takes the reader for yet            “Those that can, do.                          an underlying and revolutionary subtext
 another ride through the thoughts of                     I enjoy a book with deep scholarly       to Diderot’s Encyclopedia. He interprets
“dead white men”. The Greeks and the                  detail and amusing factoids similar to       Diderot to be contrasting the “honest
 philosophers of the Enlightenment are                James Burke’s Connections. In fact I         work” of the craftsman with the wasteful
 the core of this rambling and inconclusive           am a great fan of Thomas Pynchon             and indolent life of the aristocracy.
 book. Rather than the reflective, broad,             (Gravity’s Rainbow), and Michael             Interesting point, but certainly not what
 worldview of contemporary craftsmen                  Ondaatje (The English Patient) in which      I would consider central to Diderot’s
 that includes the Oriental approaches to             the author maintains the literary tension    masterpiece.
                             craft, Sennett           through continued partial revelation and         I will close with a quote from the
                             remains firmly           non-linear story telling. However, in        book that would best summarize it to the
                             rooted to the            Sennett’s case I believe this book to be     potential reader:“Such ambivalence about
                             Eurocentric              an unorganized hash that never comes         the man-made has shaped the fortunes
                             past.                    to a conclusion. It just sort of peters      of the craftsman. History has conducted
                                 Instead of           out… In some ways it felt like I was         something like a set of experiments in
                             a book about             reading a pile of 3x5 cards with notes       formulating the craftsman’s images as
                             the craftsman            for a book that had yet to be organized      drudge, slave, worthy Christian, avatar
                             and              his     into a coherent order.                       of the Enlightenment, doomed relic of
                             re l a t i on s h i p        There were a few nuggets worth           the pre-industrial past.”
                             to his tools,            digging for through this mill tailings
                             materials,               of a book. One was the concept of the

Squaring the Circle:                                                         Geometry in Art and Architecture
              Paul	A.	Calter.	Key	College	Publishing.	2008.	$89.95

T   his was a serendipitous discovery in
    my local bookstore. It was displayed
in the window with the other local
                                                         Ever since my second attempt at
                                                     Geometry (which involved a football
                                                     coach bouncing me off a wall and telling
                                                                                                    to     dive
                                                                                                    into the
                                                                                                    chapter of
authors and dragged me into the store                me “Barry, you can and you will learn          interest
to buy their only copy. Paul Calter is a             this stuff!”), I have had a fascination for    without
Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at                 the use of geometry in constructing and        having to
Vermont Technical College and a visiting             describing the world. This volume just         have read
scholar at Dartmouth College. He has                 replaced about two feet of bookshelf           all     the
spent several years pulling together this            space in my library. It clearly describes      previous
book as a textbook (thus the price!) for             many of the mathematical concepts              material
interdisciplinary courses in the use of              used by modern woodworkers: the                in      the
geometry in art and architecture. It is              Golden Section for proportion; the             book. Plus,
profusely illustrated and written for a              Fibonacci sequence for sizing drawer           for you DaVinci Code fans out there,
reader that may not be fluent in math.               progressions; geometric constructions          he also has an appendix on the use of
Plus, in keeping with the needs of the               for chip carving and inlay stringing; lay-     number symbolism in Western art.
college age student it has a web site that           out and development of complex shapes              Believe it or not, this is a math book
can be accessed using a code in each                 for furniture; and much more. Best of          that is an enjoyable read! I recommend
volume.                                              all, it is written in a way that allows you    it without reservation.

                                                                             The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                          5
                  Write to with your questions                                                                  6

Q      Free Wood – If an arborist
       offers you free wood, under
what conditions is it worth doing?
                                               bowl blanks can check relatively quickly
                                               if left untreated.
                                                   Bottom line – an offer from an
                                                                                                  When making kitchen cabinets, I use
                                                                                              prefinished ply. The finish is UV-cured
                                                                                              and very tough. It also looks good and
And, what is the process of turning it         arborist to provide you with lumber            saves me labor. Just make sure that your
into usable lumber? Andy Young                 should be seen as a great opportunity          table saw is clean and will not scratch
                                               for any bowl turner!                           the finish. Prefinished ply is available in
    Mike Cyros replies: From a bowl                                                           many species, however, maple is most
turner’s perspective based on my
experience, this is often the best way
to find quality wood that can be easily
                                               Q         PlyWood ChoiCe – When
                                                       making kitchen cabinets,
                                               should I use standard plywood or
                                                                                              often used in kitchen applications. Being
                                                                                              a light wood, it helps with light and the
                                                                                              ability to see in the cabinet.
turned into bowl blanks for green turning      baltic birch? Roger Bradley
on the lathe. The first question to ask is
what is the species of wood. Any type
of maple, walnut, cherry, apple, or even
                                                   Bob     LaCivita     replies:  When
                                               making kitchen cabinet boxes, there are
                                                                                              Q       SeCond hand MaChinery
                                                                                                     – Where can second hand
                                                                                              machinery be purchased? – Roger
box elder for close grained woods, or oak      a number of choices from particle board        Bradley
or ash for open grained woods make for         core melamine to various plywoods as
great bowl material. Avoid species like        well as solid wood construction.                   John McAlevey replies: eBay?
willow.                                           Regarding plywoods, I do not know           Sometimes. But the problem is the
    Generally, I’ll ask for limbs or trunks    what standard plywood is. Baltic birch         machine you want may be in Kansas or
that are a minimum of 8˝ in diameter,          is overkill and very expensive. If the         Michigan and shipping it to you makes
and gladly accept crotches or burls            cabinet interiors are closed, meaning no       it less of a good deal. I check Craig’s List
which are great sources of beautifully         glass doors or open shelving cabinets. I       and often see some really good deals.
figured grain. Only when I’m within            would used prefinished maple plywood.          Don’t just check your own state. Check
24 hours of turning the green blanks           No finishing.                                  all New England states and/or however
(to avoid drying and checking of the              If you want to color the interiors, you     far you are willing to travel.
lumber), I’d cut the limb into chunks of       could use a shop grade rotary cut birch            Then there are the local dealers.
a length that is a couple of inches longer     or a plain sliced maple depending on           Boshco in Massachusetts. Woodshop
than the diameter with a chainsaw.             your budget. Remember nobody looks             Machines in Bow, NH and my favorites
    The next step is to rip down the           inside kitchen cabinets even though            Plaza Machinery and Woodshop
middle of the blank to remove the              they are the most used cabinets in the         Specialties in Vermont. Woodshop
middle 1˝ or so that contains the pith         home. If the cabinets are open, I would        Specialties specializes in rebuilt classic
of the tree. I do this by setting the blank    use the same species as the face wood.         Powermatic machines.
on its side, and cutting down the left                                                            There are also the want advertisers
side of the pith, and then another cut             Brooks Tanner replies: I use baltic        and you can put a nice shop together
down the right side of the pith, with          birch in construction of some of my            over the course of a few months by
the cut running parallel to the grain          products, for acoustic purposes.               reading “Uncle Henry’s.”
of the wood. This rip cut can be tough             In general, if the project does not
on your chainsaw’s blade, sometimes            warrant baltic, I don’t use it. Baltic often      Dave Emerson replies: Used
quickly dulling a normal cross cut blade.      arrives at my shop looking a potato chip,      machinery just doesn’t seem to be
I’d suggest having a spare chain that          anything but flat. As a base for acoustic      available like it was. Maybe if you are a
has been sharpened especially for rip          shelving, I often need to use my wide belt     classified ad junkie or into Craig List.
cutting.                                       sander with a jig to sand the shelf flat. I
    Once the rip cuts are completed,           buy baltic thicker than is necessary for           Joe Barry replies: First know what
you’ll be left with two opposing bowl          the job to allow for the loss in flattening    you want or need – not always the same
blanks with the bark on the outside            of the ply.                                    thing! Then know what you are looking
curve, and the inside flat face without            In finishing, baltic tends to have a       at. There are some old tools out there
the pith. Coat the end grain of the bowl       lot of “fuzz” that sticks up and needs to      that are best used as boat anchors due
blank as soon as possible with a wax           be sanded after the wash coat. It also is      to safety or usability issues. Then look at
sealer unless you plan on turning within       very thirsty and soaks up lacquer like a       price for new and used tools at auctions
the next couple of hours. Prepared green       sponge.                                        and on eBay. That way you know what

6    The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
is a fair market price. Unfortunately         the same steps as you would with a             doesn’t need to be dead flat and accurate,
there are a number of school shops and        water stain by lightly wetting the wood        like a disk sander, I’ve taken my random
even professional shops being liquidated.     to raise the grain, letting it dry and then    orbit sander with a 320 grit pad to
Regrettably, there are also a lot of us old   sanding it lightly on a slight diagonal to     it – that sound you hear is the purists
farts kicking the bucket and our families     cut the raised fibers off.                     wanting to tar and feather me.
have no use for our “junk” and just need          If you spray waterborne finishes, you
to clear the house for sale. Keep your
ear to the ground and be ready to show
up with cash, a truck, and some friends.
                                              must use a respirator so as not to breath
                                              the fumes. The material may not be
                                              flammable but it is still toxic to breath.
                                                                                             Q        handPlane tuneuP – What
                                                                                                    are the essential steps to tune
                                                                                             up an old handplane? Are there any
Before you buy that great deal, think         As always, experiment on some scrap            good articles on tuning from Fine
twice. I passed up on a great antique 36˝     wood first.                                    Woodworking? – Jim Bradley
bandsaw last year because my barn floor
wouldn’t support the weight and I would
have had to cut a hole in the loft floor
above to accommodate the upper wheel.
                                              Q       duSt ColleCtion GroundinG
                                                     – How important is grounding
                                              of 4” and 5” ducting of dust collection
                                                                                                  Al Breed replies: Frog – this controls
                                                                                              the throat opening and carries the blade
                                                                                              adjustment. Take it off, clean it and oil it.
But, boy, it would have been sweet!           systems in our shop? We all read                It should line up with the casting or be
                                              about explosion hazards, but we hear            forward of the casting at the throat.

Q       Water BaSed FiniSheS – Is it
       possible to get good results
with a water based clear finish? If so,
                                              conflicting issues on whether this
                                              concern is warranted. – Don Larnard
                                                                                                   Blade – Sharpen at about 25 degrees,
                                                                                              hollow ground. Any pits in the blade
                                                                                              will result in tiny ridges in the work.
how? The quick drying and low oder               Brooks Tanner replies: Please ground         Grind the corners very slightly round
benefits sound good, but how can              your system. Sawdust traveling through          so that they won’t dig in. Work should
you get smooth results? – Peter James         a tube acts as a Van De Graaff generator.       look polished. If the blade will not reach
                                              The static charge is incredible.                the work, it may be so ground down that
    Bruce Hamilton replies: I don’t               I have in the past I used a plastic hose    you’ll need a new one.
have much experience with waterborne          from my dust collector to clean out the              Cap Iron – Needs to be ground so
finishing materials but they have come        bottom of my saw. If I did not keep in          that the edge is tight up to the blade
a long way since they were introduced         continuous contact with the saw, which          with no small cracks for chips to get
maybe twenty years ago. Andy                  is grounded, I would draw an arc that           stuck in. For general work, it’s about
Charron, who was a presenter at the           was actually painful. This plastic hose        1/16th from the edge, closer for a light fine
recent Wood Finishing Symposium               was only 12 foot long. Sawdust within           cut. Plane will clog if it’s too close and
and a member of the Guild, wrote an           the tube is extremely explosive due             chatter if it’s too far.
excellent book on waterborne finishes         to the small bits of wood being lofted               Throat of Plane – For fine work
in 1998 called Water-Based Finishes,          and surrounded by air. One small spark          like tiger maple, set the blade in the
ISBN 1-56158-236-0. I think it is a great     can ignite the mixture into a significant       plane and move the frog up for the
place to start for anyone contemplating       explosion.                                      desired opening. If the throat clogs in
using waterborne finishes.                        In my shop, I use grounded metal            a fine cut, file the inside of the throat to
     I recently had an occasion to use        pipe for ducting. Previous to this, when        bevel the metal away from the iron. This
a waterborne finishing material when          I was a hobbyist in my basement, I used         will remove any obstacles in the way of
repairing the finish on a white, antiqued     PVC pipe. In this scenario, unshielded,         the exiting chip. File only the inside of
table. I needed a finish that was water       grounded wire should be run inside the          the throat, do not enlarge the opening
clear and would not turn yellow. I called     pipe to drain the charge.                       at the sole.
my local Sherwin Williams store and               If you run an un-grounded system                 Lever Cap – This should be just
they had several products available. I        you may be lucky and never have a               tight enough to keep the iron in place.
chose their Wood Classics Satin Interior      problem. However, if you do have a              Too tight and you may break the cap or
Polyurethane Varnish.                         problem, you could loose your house             adjustments will be hard. A very slight
    I followed the instructions on the can.   and possibly your life. It only takes a few     turn on the screw increases the pressure
This material sprayed very well but it can    minutes – be safe.                              considerably.
be brushed or padded on too. It dried                                                              Sole of the Plane – I pay virtually
moderately fast with a uniform sheen.
Drying times are not as fast as regular
furniture lacquer and will vary depending
                                              Q       ruSt SPotS – What are the
                                                     different methods to remove
                                              rust spots from power tools? – Andy
                                                                                              no attention to this unless it’s obviously
                                                                                              warped or bent. If so, flatten it on a
                                                                                              granite stone with waterproof black paper.
on the humidity in the air. I suggest that    Young                                           Waxing the sole will reduce the amount
you take the same precautions regarding                                                       of effort to push the plane an astounding
dust as you would with any varnish. It           Joe Barry replies: 0000 steel wool           amount.
will raise the wood grain when applied        and elbow grease works well. There are               When planing, I always tip the plane
to unfinished wood. You have to follow        also rust erasers. On a machine which                                  continued on Page 10

                                                                      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                              7
at the lathe by John Siegel

                                                  Draw	the	profile	with	a	very	soft	lead	pencil.

  for Woodturning
W         hen I was growing up,
          I remember that after
 dinner almost every evening, my
                                        never learn something so well as
                                        when you must teach it.
                                                                                  well on a normal
                                                                                  rectangular    sheet
                                                                                  or screen. For these
 father would clean off the table so    Drawing Turned Furniture Parts            reasons, I have
 he could do his homework. This             While some objects require            always done my drawing freehand with a pencil.
 consisted of unrolling multipage       the traditional “three views”, and
 blueprints of construction projects.   some only two, in general turnings        Here is my method:
 From these prints, he would            require just one – the profile
 estimate the cost of every piece of    view. This consists of two outlines       1	 Fold	the	paper	in	half	on	the	long	axis.
 lumber, window, door, and cabinet      (object lines) placed symmetrically       2	 Open	the	paper	like	a	book.	The	fold	should	still	be	
 in the project, and it was his job     around the center line. In addition,         visible,	and	this	is	your	axis	line.
 to make working shop drawings          sharp features are drawn as lines
 of all the custom aspects. When I      across the object. They represent
 worked summers at the shop, he         the edge view of circles.
 taught me how to make drawings             Drawing a woodturning such
 of cabinets.                           as a table leg, does not lend itself to
    This was the beginning of           conventional “mechanical drawing”
 my education in drafting, but          methods, because designs for
 later I studied graphic science in     turning simply are not mechanical
 college, which consisted mainly
 of descriptive geometry. Ten years
                                        in nature. Rarely is there a straight
                                        line in a woodturning. And the                  2
 later I found myself teaching          proportions of a table leg, for
“mechanical drawing” in high            example, which is eighteen times
 school, and as I always say, you       as long as it is wide, does not scale                   Rub	the	back	to	transfer	the	line.

8     The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
                                                         photos by Patrice Martin

 3	 Draw	a	very	light	guideline	                There are specific rules for
     parallel	to	the	axis	which	
     represents	the	Radius	of	the	
                                            adding dimensions to drawings,
                                            and whether you use a computer
     turning.                               or a pencil to make your drawings,
 4	 Draw	the	outline	of	the	turning	        you still need to know these rules,
                                                                                            Darken	the	line	to	match	the	first	side.
     with	a	VeRy soft Lead	–	Photo	1.       just as a writer needs to know the
 5	 Fold	the	paper	again	so	you	            language, whether he uses a pen or
     are	looking	at	the	back	of	the	        a word processor.
     drawing.                                   Woodturnings require special
 6	 Rub	over	the	lines	with	a	stylus	       treatment when dimensioning
     or	any	smooth	hard	object.	This	       because of their proportions and
     will	transfer	the	line	to	the	other	   the multitude of diameters which
     side	with	perfect	symmetry	–	          often need to be specified. The
     Photo	2.                               most common error I see is the
 7	 Go	over	the	transferred	line	to	        placement of dimension lines
     darken	it	to	appear	the	same	as	       inside the object. This causes great
     the	first	side	–	Photo	3.              visual confusion with the cross
 	8	 Draw	the	lines	across	the	             lines on the turning, which of
     turning	at	the	feature	points.	        course are object lines.
     Since	I	am	not	using	a	T-square,	          To place dimensions on a
     I	use	the	sliding	triangle	
     method	to	create	perfectly	
                                            spindle turning, diameters are
                                            given off to the side of the object,
     parallel	lines	square	to	the	axis	–	   and are connected by a horizontal
     Photo	4.                               leader with an arrow which touches                      Draw	the	lines	across.
                                            the object where the diameter is to
   An excellent type of stylus for          be measured.
rubbing drawings can be made                    The illustration of the bedpost
from a large nail, as shown in the          finial on the next page shows many
photo. Grind or file the tip to a           of the mistakes often made when
rounded shape, and then polish              placing dimensions on drawings
it with a buffing wheel until it            of spindle turnings:
   Always draw full size. It                 1	 Dimension	lines	should	not	be	
is a waste of time to make a                    inside	the	object.                      5
small scale drawing. The full size           2	 Extension	lines	should	not	
drawing provides a quick way to                 touch	the	object.
mark out the features along the              3	 Dimension	lines	on	length	          Transfer	lines	directly	from	the	drawing	to	the	turning.
axis by laying the drawing, folded              should	align	in	a	single	row.
now the opposite way, directly on            4	 Fractions	should	be	drawn	with	
the turning – Photo 5.                          a	horizontal	division	line.
   Set your calipers directly from           5	 Dimension	numbers	should	all	
the drawing – Photo 6.                          be	drawn	the	same	size.
                                             6	 Dimension	numbers	should	
Adding Dimensions                               be	placed	inside	a	break	in	the	
    Because these drawings are                  dimension	line.
full size, it is rarely necessary to         7	 Dimension	and	extension	lines	
add dimensional size numbers to                 should	be	lighter	than	object	
the drawing, but you may want                   lines.
to do this if you prefer to take
measurements from a graduated
                                             8	 Arrowheads	should	be	of	
                                                correct	size	and	weight.                6
caliper or from a ruler, or transmit         9	 Overall	length	should	be	given	
the drawing, possibly reduced, to               for	reference.
another woodturner.                                                                  Take	caliper	measurements	directly	off	the	drawing

                                                                           The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                      9
Draw the Transition
    With the exception of the Windsor        the illustration I am using a 30° straight   Ask This Old sAw! – continued
style, most furniture turnings require one   cut, which is the way I usually make
or more parts of the turning to remain       them. Note that the intersection line is a   very slightly on the return stroke so that
square. The square part is sometimes         hyperbola, but for drafting purposes it is   the blade does not drag on the work.
called the “pommel”. The angle of the        usually drawn as a circular arc.             This dragging will quickly burnish
transition can be anything from 0°              The illustration shows two correct        over the edge and dull it. Take long
(square transition) to 40° or more, or       and two incorrect ways to draw the           strokes, starting at the end of the board
it can even be curved or decorated. In       transition.                                  and working back towards you. Put
                                                                                          pressure on the front of the plane at the
                                                                                          beginning of the stroke and on the back
                                                                                          at the handle as you finish.
                                                                                              Most Importantly – The plane
                                                                                          will never work out of the box no
                                                                                          matter how much you paid for it. Blades
                                                                                          always need to be sharpened and trued
                                                                                          up and their corners rounded unless it’s
                                                                                          a rabbet plane.

                                                                                          Q        ShellaC ShelF liFe – Mixed
                                                                                                 shellac has a shelf life. Do
                                                                                          shellac flakes have a shelf life? –

                                                                                              Marty Milkovitz replies: Shellac

          Yes Yes No                                             No                       flakes if kept in a sealed air tight
                                                                                          container will keep indefinitely although
                                                                                          I would be leary of using them if they
         The TransiTion	–	Right	and	wrong	ways	to	draw	the	transition.                    were five-plus years old.

                                                                                          Q        oil or Water BaSe FiniSh
                                                                                                 – When should you use
                                                                                          oil base vs water base finish? Syd

                                                                                              Guy Senneville replies: In theory
                                                                                          there is really no difference. It is a matter
                                                                                          of personal preference. There could be
                                                                                          for a number of reasons like but not
                                                                                          limited to ease of use, environmental
                                                                                          or durability and maintenance of the

                                                                                          Q        GluinG PanelS – What glue
                                                                                                would one use to laminate
                                                                                          two layers of 1/2” baltic birch
                                                                                          approximately 2’ x 3’. – Bill Newbold

                                                                                             Marty Milkovitz replies: Basically
                                                                                          any glue that is suited for wood use. Of
                                                                                          more concern is choosing the right glue

                       Yes                                        No                      for how these panels will be used and
                                                                                          keep an adequate even pressure while
     The right and wrong way	to	place	dimensions	on	a	drawing.	Note	that	
 extension,	dimension	&	leader	lines	should	be	lighter	(thinner)	than	object	lines.

10   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
 “Surface preparation
   can be looked at in
 three stages: bare wood
    sanding, sanding
  between coats of finish,
  and final rub down.”                                                                       by Gary Wood

                                                                                             it easier to see my progress, and it’s less
                                                                                             messy to stay with dry sanding.

Surface Preparation                                                                              The treatment of curved surfaces and
                                                                                             turnings can be tricky. When sanding
                                                                                             between coats, it is possible to cut
                                                                                             through the finish on delicate edges. Steel
                                                                                             wool is a good abrasive in this instance,
                                                                                             especially on turnings. Although 4/0

T    he final clamp is removed and
    your project is complete except for
sanding and finishing. The sanding
                                             with higher grits, I think the key is to
                                             treat each project individually. Creating
                                             a country look on pine will take less
                                                                                             grade is preferred for its fine texture,
                                                                                             consider 3/0 or 2/0 for faster rubbing
                                                                                             between the body-up coats.
stage may never be exciting but with a       fine sanding than creating a burnished              Those who apply water based finish
basic knowledge of abrasive materials        look on a mahogany reproduction. As             may favor nylon abrasive pads over steel
and techniques, the process can be made      a side note, some of the softer woods           wool to avoid trapped steel wool flecks
efficient and faster.                        such as pine and fir sand well with             that could rust. Sanding a curved surface
    Surface preparation can be looked        the almost outdated but still available         is also more efficient with cushion
at in three stages: bare wood sanding,       garnet abrasive. It wears down quickly,         backed abrasive which is simply a light
sanding between coats of finish, and final   especially in orbital sanders, but it won’t     sponge backing on a sanding pad that
rub down. Each stage uses a different        clog up with the resinous softwood as           helps to soften the pressure you exert on
type of abrasive and manufacturers offer     much as aluminum oxide.                         delicate finishes. If you have a typical 1/2˝
a great number of choices including              Moving on to the finishing state requires   thick sponge pad with abrasive on both
aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic     a change of materials. An often used            sides, try slicing it into two 1/4˝ pads to
and more. Final rub down warrants a          abrasive in the finishing steps is silicon      make them very flexible.
separate discussion so this article will     carbide, which is available in a full range         Once the bodying coats are complete,
consider the first two stages.               of fine grits as both a wet/dry paper           including sanding between coats,
    For bare wood sanding, aluminum          and a paper with stearate additive for          treatment of the final coat is similar,
oxide sandpaper is often the first choice.   lubrication. The most useful for me has         but approach it with extra care. Take
When used in power sanders, aluminum         been stearated silicon carbide with an          advantage of good lighting to look for
oxide grit well bonded to a sturdy paper     A-Weight paper backing. My most used            any brush marks and work them down
backing is adequate. When sanding by         grit is 320 which I use between coats.          carefully with fine sanding.
hand, consider using aluminum oxide on          A tip for the truly frugal – don’t               This is a good time to apply the 90%
a J-Weight cloth backing for flexibility     throw out your dry finishing papers. OK,        rule. If it looks pretty darned good, but
and longevity. In my shop, I keep A/O        you have to throw them out eventually,          not perfect, you might play it safe and
J-Weight cloth in 60, 80, 100, 150, and      but there are many times when your              settle for pretty darned good. If you find
220 grits. The most used? 100 and 150        worn 320 grit will act like 400 or 500 in       a random bit of dust standing proud of
grit. On many woods, sanding to 150          the later finishing steps.                      an otherwise smooth surface, carefully
with just a light touch of 220 is enough         On flat surfaces, 320 grit paper will       slice the dust speck with a razor blade,
preparation for finishing, leaving the       usually work well for sanding your sealer       rather than sand the whole surface.
grain ‘open’ enough to accept stains and     coat as well as the body-up coats of finish         Of course vacuuming and tack
sealer coats.                                when you are using varnish, shellac or          ragging is important before the final
    Like many woodworkers, I use a           lacquer. You may find that stepping             top coat and remember to vacuum
random orbit sander in the coarser grits,    back to 220 or up to 400 is appropriate         yourself, the surrounding shop area, as
but finish by hand in the finer grits to     depending on how much leveling is               well as your piece of furniture. Work
insure removal of swirl marks. Although      needed or trapped dust you need to              with your cleanest finish containers and
we have all seen excellent results on        eliminate. In the sealer and bodying            application tools, apply a final thin coat,
projects where extra time is taken to sand   steps, it’s possible to wet sand, but I find    and tip toe out the door.

                                                                      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                           11
                                                                                    by Guy Senneville

                                                                                        – Photo 2. This is something I was
                                                                                         experimenting with. Tape removal was
                                                                                         quicker and easier than veneer tape. It
                                                                                         did not leave any residue behind and
                                                                                         I had no problems when I applied the

 Inlay a Simple Box
                                                                                         finish. I definitely want to try it a few
                                                                                         times before I recommend it.
                                                                                             First start by placing your inlay where
                                                                                         you want it, I added a few witness marks
         …and make it worth a million bucks                                              on the inlay as well as the work piece so
                                                                                         I could put the inlay back exactly where

O     K so I’m exaggerating. The whole
      point is that you can take a simple
box, embellish it with an inlay and really
                                             article. But that is a topic for another
                                                When choosing an inlay, keep the
                                                                                         it belonged. Once you are satisfied with
                                                                                         it’s location, I “tack” it in place with
                                                                                         tape from the back side. Next, carefully
add a whole lot to the finished product.     background shape basic (round, oval,        outline your inlay with a knife to create
The process is quite simple and won’t        square etc.), this will save you a whole    a stop – Photo 3. I like to use an xacto
add that much more time to the project.      lot of irritation – Photo 1. Cover the      because it leaves a thin cut, remains
   I am going to assume that you already     face (the good side) in veneer tape.        sharp and is easy to control. Once I have
have a box built, or at least to the point   A purchased one will most likely be         traced around my inlay, I remove it from
that you are ready to inlay it. I suggest    covered when you get it. This will serve    the work piece and go around once more
that you have your inlay in your hands       two purposes. One will be to keep your      to deepen and truly define the stop cut –
before you begin building the box.           inlay together while you are handling it    Photo 4. Remember that you want this
   Inlays can be purchased on-line or        and the other is to protect it.             stop cut to be as deep as your inlay is
in good woodworking stores. You may             You will notice that I used blue         thick. In the case of wood veneer, this is
also make them yourself as I did for this    painters low tack tape for this project     about 1/32˝.

 1                                             2                                          3

          Choose	an	inlay	with	a	                    Tape	your	inlay	to	hold	it	
         basic	background	shape                        together	&	protect	it                   Outline	your	inlay	with	a	knife

12   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
      4                                                                                              5
             Deepen	your	outline	to	define	your	stop	cut                                        Set	your	router	to	the	exact	depth	of	the	cut
    Now we’re ready to “hog” out the           up while wet, is tolerant of moisture but
cavity. I use a router with a base plate       can still be cleaned up after it dries. It can
which is wide enough to straddle the           be finished over without much problem
cavity at any point. If the base of your       as well. This is one time when a little
router is not large enough you may need        squeeze out is a good thing. Squeeze
to add a sub-base. The reasoning behind        out will fill in the small spaces between
this is to keep the bottom of the cavity       the different pieces of veneer. This is an
level with the top of the surrounding          inevitable fact and is not a bad thing
surface.                                       because it will help keep everything
    Any flat bottomed bit will do but          level.
in my opinion the larger the diameter              Using a brush apply a thin even coat              6
the better (within reason). I find that        of glue to the cavity. Do not apply glue
the easiest way to set the depth on your       to the veneer because it will begin to curl
router is to place your inlay on a flat        before you can get it in place. I like to put    Clean	the	bottom	&	define	the	edges	
surface, set your router on top of it with     a piece of waxed paper over the inlay to         with	a	router	plane
the bit over its side. Lower the bit until     prevent things from sticking, followed by
it just touches your flat surface – Photo      the platen then apply clamps or weight
5.                                             to complete the process – Photo 8. Once
    Begin to rout out the cavity going as      dry (overnight or so) you can remove the
close to the edge as you feel comfortable      platen and clean the excess squeeze out.
being careful not to go past your stop         I have found that a scraper works well
cut. I clean it up with a router plane –       here. You can level the inlay with the
Photo 6. You could also build a template       surrounding area without much effort as
and use router collars. At this point          long as the scraper is sharp. Avoid using
your inlay should fit exactly in the cavity.   sand paper because the dust created may
Remember your witness marks and                infiltrate and stain the crisp lines from
adjust as needed.                              one area to another. A perfect example
    In order to glue the inlay in place. I
start with a platen the exact shape and
                                               of this would be ebony staining holly.
                                                   From that, point on you should be
size as the inlay. – Photo 7. This will        able to finish as you usually do. I have
distribute even pressure over the inlay        sealed the inlay with a coat of blond
                                                                                                Make	a	platen	the	exact	shape	&	size	of	
when you glue it up.                           dewaxed shellac in the past, that helped
                                                                                                you	inlay
    There are many opinions when it            to fill the grain of the veneer but this
comes to glues. Remember we are not            is not always necessary. I will let the
looking for any structural strength here,      finishing process up to you.
just to hold something in place. I have            Try it. The process is not that difficult.
used white, yellow and liquid hide glue        Soon people will be marveling at your
all with good success. They all have their     handy work. Maybe that million is not
positives and negatives. White is good         that far away (if you inlay in gold)!
if you are using dyed veneers because it
dries clear. But, it is very water soluble.
                                                   As a side note, I presented this
                                               memory box to a young man at his Eagle                8
Yellow dries a brownish yellow color           Court of Honor in June of this year.
and is more tolerant of moisture. Liquid       He is the sixth young man to achieve
hide glue dries brown, is easily cleaned       scouting’s highest rank in his family.           Apply	pressure	until	the	glue	drys

                                                                        The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                             13
                                                                                        by Mike Cyros

The Great                                                                                                 by Mike Cyros

Sharpening Debate
                                        my journey to perfect oil stone sharpening

Y    ou have undoubtedly
     read about and even tried
your hand at several different
                                 mark of any fine woodworker.
                                 But why so many different
                                 methods? I’d like to propose
                                                                      It all began for me when
                                                                      I took my first wood shop
                                                                      class in junior high school –
                                                                                                         enough to have a dedicated
                                                                                                         building to call our shop. His
                                                                                                         shop moved up and down
methods of sharpening your       the    Great Theorem of              that is where I got my first       with the tides, and rocked
tools including sandpaper, oil   Sharpening, as well as a key         injection of sawdust that          back and forth with the
stones, wet stones, diamond      Corollary to that Theorem:           runs through our veins that        waves.
plates, and dedicated wet                                             sustains our woodworking              Amazingly, my great
wheel sharpening machines        Theorem: “For as many                obsessions. If you’ve already      grandfather        had     his
to name but a few.               woodworkers as we have               read this far into this article,   workshop, complete with
    Three things remain          reading The Old Saw, we have         I know that you too have the       workbench, tool chests and
common amongst all of            as many different sharpening         same condition that I do. In       tools on a converted Nova
these methods. The first is      techniques in use, with each         fact, we might want to add         Scotia wooden lobster boat!
they work well to produce a      reader claiming their method         the word ‘obsessed’ in this        He claimed his trade as a
finely sharpened edge on any     is the best”                         context.                           builder of lighthouses, of the
blade. The second is that they                                           Well, looking back at           wooden variety. The rocky
require practice until you are   Corollary: “Sharpening is a          it now, it probably began          and remote coast of Nova
able to acquire the adeptness    matter of personal preference.       long before that as I              Scotia meant that there was
to be proficient at it And the   Pick one system, invest, practice,   suspect I actually inherited       often no other way to reach
third is perhaps the most        and this will become the best        this condition. My great           his job site other than by
curious of all – whatever        method for you. Don’t expect         grandfather, Alfred Richards       boat.
method you are using, you        others to agree with you!”           was from Nova Scotia,                 How many woodworkers
defend it as the best way to                                          Canada. Like many Nova             do you know that have a
sharpen and can’t understand        I’d like to take you on           Scotians before and after          bunk and a head within feet
why others do it differently     my personal sharpening               him, he made his living on         of their workbench? This
or seem to be critical of your   journey and show you why             the sea. But his was a story       gives a real meaning to the
method.                          I have come to appreciate            with a pretty unique twist.        expression “sleeping on the
    Therein lays one of          one of the more traditional          You see, my great grandfather      job.” He would pack up his
the great conundrums of          methods of sharpening –              had a woodworking shop             boat with lumber, food and
woodworking – it’s all about     sharpening with oil stones –         but his was rather unique.         fuel and take off in the calm
the sharpest edge which          and describe the techniques          Many shops are relegated           seas under the evening sky,
allows you to cut and refine     I have learned.                      to basements or garages,           and quite literally, move with
precise joinery that is the                                           or maybe we’re fortunate           his workshop to his building

14   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
                                                                                                                 photos by Gretchen Cyros
site where he would remain              we get closer to it, it moves higher.   to allow the chef to tailor it to suit their own tastes
anchored close by his work site         Ever notice that before? We can         and styles of working.
    As the years went by, he traveled   always look at a task completed,           First, let’s start with the ingredients. The items in
all along the Nova Scotia coast, and    and see it in such a way that we        bold are to be considered the essential items you need
even made a few trips down along        would do it better next time.           for oil stone sharpening. The other items take you
the Maine coast to repair a few             My great grandfather’s level        from a level of good old home-cooking to gourmet.
older wooden lighthouses. Sadly, I      of perfection was the keenness of       Remember, substitution of ingredients is up to the
never had the chance to meet my         an edge required to cut joinery in      chef, just don’t substitute salt for sugar.
great grandfather. I would have         large timbers. We’re likely talking
a list of questions for him a mile      4˝ thick mortise and tenons to join     Key Ingredients for Oil Stone Sharpening
long as to the uniqueness of his        an 8˝ timber into a 12˝ timber. A         Norton	Coarse	Crystolon	(Silicon	Carbide)	Oil	Stone	
craft.                                  perfectly square edge honed to            Norton Medium India (Aluminum Oxide) Oil Stone
    His tools were passed along         perfection simply wasn’t required.        Norton Fine India (Aluminum Oxide) Oil Stone
to my grandfather Jack Richards             Further, try sharpening when          Norton	Hard	Translucent	Arkansas	Oil	Stone	(Extra	Fine)
who over the years prided himself       your workshop is rocking back             Leather	Strop	&	Honing	Compound
in showing me these tools which         and forth, up and down. I guess           Norton Sharpening Oil
he was using in his workshop in         what I’m saying is that the edges         Accurate Combo Square or machinists square
his basement at home in Liverpool,      on his tools were far from what           Protractor
Nova Scotia.                            we call near-perfect. And, the            8” Slow Speed (1750rpm) Bench Grinder
                                        techniques that were passed down          Ample supply of clean cotton lint free rags
When      my grandfather died, I        to me through my grandfather              Magnifying	lamp
inherited many of his father’s          when he gave me his father’s tools
tools, including his sharpening         today seem woefully inadequate to           Upon first review of the items listed here, you
stones and one of his surviving         achieve any degree of success other     might wonder if I left out some type of a sharpening
tool chests, and thus the legacy        than, say, for a splitting axe.         or honing jig or some other gadget that helps you
was passed along to me.                     Since then, through detailed        achieve consistency. The reason is that you already
    I live vicariously through my       hands-on training and lots of           have the best jig available to you in your shop. It’s
great grandfather whenever I pick       practice, I have come to appreciate     your fingers. With a little practice, you’re fingers are
up one of his tools. Why did my         both the art and the science of oil     all that is required to keep perfect alignment of your
great grandfather choose oil stone      stone sharpening.                       tools on the stones while sharpening.
sharpening? Well, I don’t know the
real reason other than to imagine A few years back, I had an epiphany           Step #1 – Oil and its use on the oil stone, and the
that the oil residue left on his – the sort of big “ah-ha” moment,              proper use and care of your stones.
tools probably helped keep them one of several we all have hopefully
from rusting in the moist and salty experienced at some point in our             1 The purpose of oil on the stone is to not only
environment of his workshop.          lives. This one, in particular (as           lubricate the stone and tool steel being sharpened,
    Were his techniques of oil there were several), came during a                  but to “float” a slurry of metal shaving so that
stone sharpening perfected? Most one month intensive class I took                  the stone doesn’t become “loaded” at which
definitely not. Come on, we all at the venerable North Bennett                     point its cutting action will be greatly reduced.
know that the level of perfection Street School in Boston’s north                2 Flood the surface of the stone with oil. I use
we strive for is impossible to end. This specialized institute (the                a sealable salad dressing plastic container
achieve. Let me explain it in a word “school” doesn’t do it enough                 to store and dispense my oil. The oil I use is
mathematical way. You see, the justice) steeps its students in the                 Norton’s Sharpening Oil which is essentially a
state of perfection is a line on a perfection of hand skills required              refined mineral oil. The reason I prefer this oil
graph that we can only approach to achieve true fine craftsmanship.                to standard drug store mineral oil is that the
asymptotically (meaning we can And sharpening is at the root. The                  constancy is much better suited to the task, so
get close, but we never in fact reach very foundation and the key to               it’s worth the extra money to me.
it). Our rising curve represents success with hand skills.                       3 Using your finger (I prefer the pad of my clean
our technique and the results we          This was where I finally                 thumb), spread the oil across the surface of the
achieve.                              learned the correct technique of             stone. As you do this, your thumb will tell you
    At some point, we achieve sharpening with oil stones that                      if you have any contaminates on the surface of
enough for what we need. has made a huge difference in my                          the stone which should be removed.
Perfection is a relative term that craftsmanship. I’d like to share this         4 Use the full surface of the stone. Oil stones are
can be thought of otherwise as with you. Recognize that, like any                  a good choice because they stay flat for many
the next level beyond what we can recipe, there is sufficient freedom              years of use without reconditioning, whereas
currently achieve, and every time                                                  water stones require fussy resurfacing regularly.

                                                                      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                             15
                                        the metal filings with it. See            of the blade. See
                                        photo #2.                                 photo #3.
                                      6 If you have contamination             3   Once flattened,
                                        on your stone (lint, sawdust,             bring to the
                                        etc.) that you can feel with              fine stone. You
                                        your thumb when spreading                 are      finished
                                        the oil, repeat step 5 above,             whene ver
      1                                 even adding a small amount
                                        of oil again to re-suspend
                                                                                  the       scratch
                                                                                  patterns from
                                        the contaminants.
                                      7 You should always keep your
                                                                                  the      previous
                                                                                  stone have all
                                        stones covered when not in                disappeared.
                                        use, and occasionally move                You can see this
                                        from side to side and also                quite easily by
                                        the front side to the back                eye.
                                        side to keep them wearing             4   Bring the blade
                                        evenly. I made wooden cases               to the grinder
                                        for my stones with wood                   at 90° to “joint”
                                        species in color similar to the           the edge – you
                                        grade of the stone. This way,             should aim for a
                                        I keep them always covered,               perfect 90° edge
                                        and it is easy to reach for               (it will now be
                                        the correct stone. In the
                                        lead photo, you can see my            5
                                                                                  very dull!).
                                                                                  Take           your      4
                                        wooden cases: Walnut = Coarse,            jointed      blade
                                        Padauk = Medium, Mahogany =               edge to the fine
                                        Fine, Birds Eye Maple = Extra Fine.       stone vertically,
                                        Dark to light.                            taking several
                                                                                  light passes to
   By using the full surface of      Step #2 – Conditioning a chisel or           further      refine
   the stone, it will wear evenly    plane blade that is in poor shape.           the jointed edge.
   for you over the years. See                                                    See photo #4.
   photo #1.                          1 It’s all about the edge – a           6   Set the grinder
 5 As you sharpen your steel            sharp tool is defined by the              table to achieve
   edge by moving it back and           intersection of two planes                an angle grind
   forth on the stone, you are          (blade edge face and blade                of 27°. There are
   actually removing particles          back) which is a single                   many schools
   of metal. Once there is a            straight line. Anything other             of thought on
   noticeable amount of grey
   color in the oil slurry (actual
                                        than a straight line is a dull
                                        cutting edge.
                                                                                  edge       angles
                                                                                  depending on
   fragments of metal from            2 Flatten the back of the                   several factors.
   your blade), it is time to           blade on the Coarse or                    For my purposes, I use a general purpose 27°
   remove this from your stone.         Medium stone. Depending                   angle that is “close enough”. This angle works
   Place a clean white lint free        on the level of pitting or                equally well for my chisel and plane blades. See
   cotton rag face down on              twist in the blade, this                  photo #5.
   the stone, and press down            could take some effort. Aim           7   A very important note on the grinder. You
   on it to absorb the oil and          for a minimum of 1˝ from                  want to be very careful not to overheat the tool
   suspended metal particles.           the blade edge back of the                edge on your blade. Depending on how thin
   Do not rub the stone with            perfectly flattened back. You             your blade is, and the quality and speed of your
   your rag – this will leave a         must be sure that all of the              grinding wheels, this can happen very quickly if
   lot of lint (yes, even from          blade edge end is perfectly               you aren’t careful! You can quench the blade in
   your lint free rag), and drag        flat all the way across, or               water or oil, but I prefer to just hold the blade
   waste metal filings into the         you will need to grind the                back to a larger metal surface to dissipate the
   pores of your stone. The             edge back to this point to                heat. If you discolor your blade at all, even at
   point is, you want the oil to        insure you have a perfectly               the edges, and even at the first straw color level,
   soak up into the rag bringing        flat back out to the full edge            you have made the tool edge too soft to hold

16   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
                    Blade Back
       Toe/Blade Edge
                                                                                 stone, very little work is needed to create a
                                 Oil Stone                                       highly polished surface which refines the edge
                                                                                 line even further. Strop the back of the blade,
   an edge. Go back to step 3              full and consistent strokes           and then the face of the blade edge. As always,
   above and repeat.                       back and forth on your                be very careful to keep your blade in plane so
 8 Hollow grind the new blade              stone are important, with             that you don’t round your nearly perfect edge.
   face being very careful not to          your fingers telling you at all       Always use a pull stroke on the leather strop! In
   grind down to the jointed               times that your blade face is         the case of a brand new strop, I have learned to
   edge. Use the spark flow as a           properly registered on the            condition the new piece of leather with a small
   visual aid to progress. Sparks          stone. See photo #6 and the           amount of Crisco or other hard fat applied with
   bounce off of the jointed               illustration above.                   your finger. Apply compound very sparingly – a
   edge until just before you          4   Now, feel for a burr that             little bit goes a long way!
   reach the edge, and then                should be raised at the
   the flow down the flattened             blade edge. Flip to the            It is true – practice makes perfect. Why not practice
   back just before the edge is            back of the blade on the           with that old plane that you bought at a flea market
   met. If you overshoot it, you           stone, and remove this burr        or one of those old chisels that is laying around. This
   will lose your jointed edge,            with sharpening strokes.           reminds me of another valuable lesson I learned at
   and must go back to point 3             Depending on the fineness          the North Bennett Street School. They refer to it as
   in this step.                           of your edge and the               something like the “Three P” rule: Perfectionism leads
                                           resultant thickness of the         to Procrastination, Procrastination leads to Paralysis!
Step  #3 – The real meat of                burr, you may need to flip         That was another “ah-ha” moment for me. Just keep
sharpening.                                back and forth between the         those three Ps in mind, and head out to your shop
                                           front and the back of the          and you’ll get right to sharpening.
1 Now that you’ve finished                 blade a couple of times to            There             are
  the blade face and edge                  remove the burr. That is the       many books about
  conditioning, take your                  sign that you are refining         sharpening,         and
  blade back to the stones, and            the blade edge.                    all of them are full
  bring the back of the blade          5   Repeat steps 3 & 4 above           of valuable advice
  back up to your fine stone.              as necessary and work              and          techniques.
  You may have scratched the               up through the finer               In     particular,     I
  back of your blade slightly              progressions of the stones         recommend              a
  during grinding.                         you have available.                book      called     The
2 At this point, depending             6   Finally, test your edge. Some      Fundamentals          of
  on how close to the                      of you like the idea of shaving    Fine      Woodworking
  jointed edge you got on                  hair off of your arm as a test,    by Robert Ferencsik
  the grinding machine, you
  may feel that you’ve raised a
                                           but I prefer the safer and
                                           more meaningful test. Try
                                                                              with Will Neptune.
                                                                              It was published by           6
  burr on the face side of the             paring across the end grain        Sterling Press in 1996.
  blade by rubbing your finger             of a piece of scrap wood           Written by North
  perpendicular to the blade               mounted in your bench              Bennett Street School
  edge (not parallel to – ouch!).          vise. This gives you a much        furniture       making
  Either way, time to start                better sense of sharpness          program       graduates,
  working on the face of the               than the arm hair test, a well     they explore many
  blade, probably starting on              sharpened blade will leave a       of the key principles
  your medium or fine stone                perfectly burnished face on        to fine woodworking
  depending on how close to                the end grain. Any scores          including traditional
  the edge you are.                        or chattering left behind          oil stone sharpening.
3 Let the sensitive feel in your           indicates you aren’t quite         Unfortunately,      this
  fingers be your honing guide.            there yet. See photo #7.           is an out of print
  Place the blade face down            7   Leather strop and compound         book. If you happen
  on the stone on the heel of              for polish honing. OK – this       to find a copy on
  the hollow ground. Raise                 is for the purists at heart, but   eBay or a used book

  the blade up just until your             it is actually quite easy, and     store, it would make
  fingers detect that you’ve               is worth going the extra step.     a wonderful addition
  brought the toe of the blade             If you come to the strop off       to your collection of
  down onto the stone. Steady,             of an extra fine Arkansas          woodworking books.

                                                                       The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                        17
studio photos by Dean Powell

                                                                                             by Jere Osgood

   Blanket Chest
       This was a self assigned project because I haven’t made a blanket chest for several years.

   F    rom a design point of view, I wanted a simple form that
        would fit in any home. There is space for two to four
   blankets depending on size. It is made of some really fine curly
                                                                           Photo 1 shows one of the curved side panels exiting the
                                                                        vacuum bag. A note on this outward curve. There is a cant out
                                                                        of vertical and a slight outward curve - see photos 2 & 3.
   maple. Here is how I made it.                                           I am limited by what my table saw can cut at 45 degrees.
      The sides have a slight outward curve – about 1/4˝ in 17˝ or      The saw carriage for this cut has two 3/4˝ ribs to boost one edge
   an estimated radius of 12 feet. I laminated two 3/8˝ and one 1/16˝   up - see photo 2.
   layer using a form in my vacuum press with Unibond 800.


       One	of	the	curved	side	panels	exiting	the	vacuum	bag                         Panel	shimmed	up	to	reflect	angle	on	shop	drawing

  18      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
Curved	delrin	fence	on	router	base
                                                            Running	the	router	using	the	delrin	fence	on	the	pointy	edge
   After the sides are cut
to 45 degrees, they need a
spline slot which is curved

to echo the curve at the                                                                                                 construction
outer point of the 45 (this is                                                                                 photos by Suzanne Cox
different from the outward
curve of the panels). For the
router fence to work well, the
curve at the edge of the 45
degrees should be very close
to the curve of a circle - see
photo 5 running the router
using a delrin fence. See also
photos 6 & 7 which shows              Curved	slot	at	45	degrees	-	the	face	
the jig to hold panels at 45
degrees making joint area             with	the	slot	is	jigged	up	to	be	level
level or parallel to the floor. I

           3                                                                                          Jig	for	holding	side	at	45	
                                                                                                      degree	for	slot

                                                                                                      used a 1/4˝ spline stopped at
                                                                                                      the top edge and through on
                                                                                                      the bottom edge.
                                                                                                         The next steps are to
                                                                                                      profile the four sides. I did
                                                                                                      this on my shaper using
                                                                                                      a 50mm x 85mm straight
                                                                                                      cutter with matching ball
                                                                                                      bearing. You could also use
                                                                                                      a router table setup with a
                                                                                                      straight ball bearing bit. See
                                                                                                      photos 8 & 9 on the next
                                    Cutting	the	45	on	table	saw                                       page.

                                                                        The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                      19
         There are two jigs for the     to the glue line. They need
    front and back panels. One          to be carefully made. They
    for a slight (1/8˝) downward        are curved in two planes
    curve and a second to put           matching the lines of the
    in the mitered leg joint - see      carcass.
    photo 10. Because of the                You need to make
    tight radius I used a 1/2˝ ball     clamping panels for all four
    bearing straight router bit for     sides and 12-16 clamps. Do
    this joint. It is also mortised     a dry clamp so that all is
    for the leg tenons.                 rehearsed and use a glue such
         The bottom is a 3/4˝           as Unibond 800 or an epoxy
    unfinished panel of cedar of        that gives you time to get it
    lebanon. It is rabbeted with a
    3/8˝ tongue set in a 3/8˝ groove.
         For a gluing jig you need
                                        all together. Remember to
                                        prefinish the inside (two light
                                        coats of lacquer or shellac)
    panels of 3/8˝ wiggle board to      prior to glueup leaving the
    conform easily to the curve         bottom panel unfinished.           Using	the	shaper	to	profile	curve	on	bottom	edge
    of the maple panels. See                After glueup, setup for
    photo 17.                           the dovetail splines. You will
         The view looking down          need a specially made router
    shows the 13/16˝ carcass side,      jig - see photo 13. The spline
    the 3/8˝ wiggle board. The          is made tight and carefully
    45 degree clamping ridges           sanded to just push in.
    give gluing pressure parallel           The feet are made and

                                                                               Using	shaper	to	profile		upper	edge	of	end

    Shaper	doing	bottom	edge–	shows	bottom	panel	slot	for	
    positioning	on	jig

    12                                                                    10
Curved	spline	slot	in	45	joint	also	shows	slot	for	bottom	panel                         Profiling	to	receive	foot

   20     The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
fitted individually and have
slots for the loose tenons - see
photo labeled mortise. There
is a cross rail underneath
tenoned into the feet. It does
not have to allow for seasonal
    The final step is to make
the top. It is two 3/8˝ panels,
each of three 1/8˝ layers that
are glued in the vacuum
press on a curving form. The                                                              16
3/8˝ panels are then glued up
using graduated spacers - see
photo 14
                                                                                           Carcass	clamped	–	note	curved	
     Photo 15 shows the loose
splines for attaching the          Carcass	with	jig	in	place	to	put	in	dovetail	spline     45	degree	clamping	ridges	
end batten. The end batten                                                                 glued	on	wiggle	ply
is carefully made to match
the curves of the center
panel using a shaper jig. The
mortises on the center panel
and the batten need to match
exactly. This is done with a
simple jig that will hold either
the center panel or the batten
on the horizontal mortiser
(Langhulsbormaskine).                  14
Scrape or delicately hand
plane the batten so that there
is a slight hollow at the glue     End	view	of	top	construction	–	two	
face. Clamp and glue only
the center area.                   3/8”	panels,	each	of	three	1/8”	glued	
     I used a 1˝ wide leather      up	with	graduated	spacers
strap the top on opening.
     Finally, I finished the
blanket chest with several         Looking	down	at	corner	of	carcass
coats of clear lacquer.

15                                                                          18
  Loose	splines	for	attaching	the	end	batten                                              Top	panel

                                                                     The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers             21
GoinG Pro                                                          by Sue Dunbar

Mike Dunbar freely admits that his wife, Sue, is the driving force behind his successful school – The
Windsor Institute. Sue has a degree in marketing, has been a successful political consultant and has had
her own TV show. What follows is her sage advice on starting your own woodworking business [ed].

W       orking wood is so pleasurable and
        satisfying it is a rare woodworker
who does not dream of quitting the
                                              other consideration is more important,
                                              keep your day job and save yourself a lot
                                              of grief.
                                                                                            need to develop it
                                                                                            the same way you
                                                                                            did your woodworking skills – through
day job and hanging a sign in front of                                                      learning and practice.
the shop. We are constantly involved          The world is full of good woodworkers who         There are lots of woodworkers out
in helping people making this dream a         cannot sell their products. These people,     there who are as good as you are. So, your
reality. About 20% of the people who          struggling until the inevitable end,          biggest obstacles are to inform people
study with us are already deriving at least   giving rise to the old joke, “What does       you are in business and to convince
some income from their woodworking.           a woodworker do when he wins the              them they want to buy from you. That
Another 10% are in the planning stage.        Powerball lottery? He keeps working           means you must develop an image in
   We spend a lot of time talking with        wood until the money is all gone.” You        the customer’s mind about you and your
these people and advising them. We            will not make a living working wood           work. You need to sell yourself before
are pretty well qualified. Mike has been      until you learn to sell – until people give   you can sell your woodwork. For this
making and selling Windsor chairs for         you checks for your work and enough of        reason, selling high end woodworking is
35 years. He has always been able to sell                                                   very similar to a political campaign, but
everything he makes. Before our son                                                         (happily) without the mud slinging. We
was born, I worked in public relations/                                                     know these techniques work because we
marketing and political consulting. I                                                       used them to build our business. Use
also had her own television political                                                       the next election cycle as a marketing
talk show. I left that work to help in our                                                  primer. You will get a free education if
business and to raise our son without                                                       you watch closely and you will observe
resorting to day care. Besides making                                                       a lot of the advice in this article being
our school grow like a mushroom, I still                                                    used.
help woodworkers who want to take the                                                           A politician has to know the public.
big step, or who are struggling.                                                            He then seizes the initiative by defining
                                                                                            both himself and his opponent. He
Making a living working wood is tough. You                                                  begins by knowing what the public
have to go pro with the right attitude.                                                     wants, frequently through polling. Next,
We recently had a student from a rural                                                      he seeks to control his image and shape
mid-western state express a desire to                                                       it in the voters’ minds. He then focuses
go home and make chairs for sale. He                                                        the voters on the things that distinguish
wondered aloud who would buy chairs                                                         him from his opponent. He wants to
in the $700 price range in the hard                                                         emphasize his virtues and his opponent’s
scrabble area where he lived. We advised                                                    short comings.
that he find a place to sell his chairs in
a more wealthy area. “You mean, like a                                                       Be like that politician. Begin by knowing
gallery?’                                                                                    your customer. The people who want
   “Yes.”                                     them to makes ends meet. You cannot            to buy Windsors break into several
   “I don’t want to get wrapped up in all     afford an attitude that considers this         categories. The first is antique people.
those hassles,” he said.                      distasteful unless you are willing to pay      Old Windsors are so expensive (record
   “Then move to a place where the            some else – such as a gallery owner –          price for a single chair is over $125,000!)
inhabitants have more money.”                 40-60% to do it for you. You make a lot        that only the wealthy can now afford
    I don’t want to leave where I am.”        more money if you can do the selling           them. A $600 accurate hand-made copy
   “Then you really don’t want to make        yourself. Remember, your commitment            is a bargain in an antique collector’s
and sell chairs,” we concluded.               in going pro is to make a living, not be a     mind.
    Go pro with this commitment. “I           starving artist.                                  Another        group      of   potential
am going to make a living by working              Sue advises our students to devote         customers is people who like quality.
wood.” Be prepared to do what is              a bare minimum of one day a week to           They buy paintings, rather than prints
necessary to accomplish that goal. If any     marketing. Marketing is a skill and you       – a Mercedes rather than a Ford. Based

22    The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
 on this knowledge, make a list of those       to propose yourself as a story or to enlist    a reporter from a high end decorator
 things that for these people, set your work   a friend who knows someone. That is            magazine, focus on quality.
 apart. Here is an example. Stress quality     how we ended up on the front page of              A good politician gets out and presses
– point out joints and engineering that        the Wall Street Journal, in the New York       the flesh. He speaks to groups. Do the
 resulted in old Windsors staying tight        Times, on New Yankee Workshop, Martha          same. Join your local woodworking club.
 for 200 years while today’s factory chairs    Stewart Living, etc.                           Do a presentation for them. Contact
 are usually at the end of the driveway                                                       service groups like the Rotary. Mike has
 with the rubbish after 15 years.              The easiest way to attract media attention     spoken to countless historical societies.
      In order to complete this list do your   is use the tricks politicians use – the        Every time you speak you meet potential
 homework. It is not sufficient to make a      press release and phone calls. If you          customers, tap into a network, polish
 good chair. You have to tell people why       do anything interesting – open your            your presentation, and of course – create
 it is good, and why it is better than the     business, get a major contract, or are         a press release.
 alternatives. We tell students to boast       recognized in any way – prepare a press
 that their chairs will be passed on to        release and send it off to your targeted       High end craft shows are always trying to
 their customers’ descendants.                 media. Including a photo always helps.         sell booth space and would be happy
     Once you have determined what             If you see a story that relates to what you    to take your money. However, many
 distinguishes you and your work,              do, call and inform an editor or a reporter.   of them want live presentations and
 practice your presentation until it is        You may be included in a follow-up             demonstrations, and will trade booth
 flawless. Enlist someone you trust to act     story. Also, you become a source. The          space for this service. People are drawn to
 as a customer and critique you, just as       next time the reporter is writing about        activity. You will get a lot more attention
 a politician does with trusted advisers       something similar, you may be called for       from the public if you are making a
 before a debate or public appearance.         a quote or for assistance. Being helpful       table than if you are standing next to
     A politician cannot survive without       in these ways frequently leads on to           a finished one. A photograph or video
 the media and neither can you. While          articles about you.                            of someone working is more interesting
 you may still need to advertise, this             When an article finally appears, clip      than someone tending a booth. Once
 type of exposure is expensive. Since          it and send copies to all your other           again, be sure to inform the media with
 few publications directly target your         targeted outlets. My good friend Garry         a press release.
 potential customers, advertising is           Knox Bennett once told me , “The more              A politician knows he can get more
 frequently inefficient. Furthermore,          media you get, the more media you get.”        done if he has good relations with his
 most people have a healthy suspicion of       It sounds like Yogi Berra, but he meant        colleagues. Do the same. We have a
 advertising.                                  this stuff snowballs.                          network of past students who have
                                                   When talking with the media, a             gone pro and all make chairs to our
Media coverage is free, and in the mind        politician is prepared. He knows that          patterns. We and they, can quickly fill a
of a potential customer a disinterested        he cannot stammer, or look nervous             large order with a couple of phone calls.
third party is talking about how good          and unsure. On television he knows to          Even though we work by hand and have
your work is. A good politician knows          look at the camera, and that blinking          a limited production, this puts all of us
the media. He knows who is writing             and shifting his eyes looks like he is         in a position to go after corporate work.
and what they write. He gets to know           lying. He knows what clothes to wear,          Team up formally or informally with
editors and reporters personally. You          etc. If you have no experience in this         other woodworkers. Chairs go around
should do the same. Target the outlets         area, a couple of lessons from a media         tables, so we have a network of guys who
that are read, watched, or listened to         consultant would be a good investment.         make tables. We sell a lot more of them
by your potential customers. This often            A politician always stays on message.      by being able to steer a customer to a
means the local newspapers and radio           He knows what people want to hear, he          suitable table. It also works the other
and television stations – above all cable.     knows what defines him and he knows            way. Our friends sometimes sell a table
However, for high end work, it could be        how he wants to define his opponent. No        by sending a customer our way.
architectural and decorator magazines          matter what is asked, he keeps weaving
or television programs with a similar          that message into his answers. Do the
focus. Clip or record the reports about        same. You know who your customers
other craftspeople for future reference.       are and what they want to buy. You
   Do not be afraid to approach the            know what they need to hear about you
media. Remember, editors and reporters         and your work to become interested. A
have to turn out a newspaper, magazine,        person selling Windsors and are being
or show on a regular basis and are             interviewed by an antique publication,
always looking for material. It is a lot       should talk about how accurately he or
easier to write about someone who              she copies the originals. I always claim,
comes through the door than go out             that except for the new wood, our chairs
and find these people. Do not be afraid        would fool a curator. When talking to             The Windsor Institute in Hampton, NH

                                                                       The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                           23
Once a customer contacts you, provide him       Answer the phone in a professional            table in a restored 18th century house.
or her with promotional material. These         and courteous way. When you return            It made a great presentation for the
items are so important we strongly advise       a call don’t have kids fighting in the        customers we attracted.
getting professional help in developing         background, the television playing, or            No matter what your work and
them. Poorly done, these reflect badly          the dog barking. Have an answering            show space, be sure they are neat
on you and can undo a lot of the image          machine. You simply are not credible          and tidy. The grounds should be the
you have tried so carefully to develop.         if people cannot reach you. Everyone is       same. When a customer arrives greet
Once again, stay on message. Focus on           so busy that a potential customer may         them professionally. It is usually best
the image of you and your work you              never get around to calling again. Make       to schedule visits when the kids are
want to create and the customers you            sure your message is professional. Don’t      in school. Our son was raised in our
wish to attract.                                have one that is funny or quirky. Don’t       shop. We continually reinforced why
    A lot of variation is possible here. Your   use generic or pre-recorded messages          it is important for him to behave well
materials can reflect your personality, or      that do not identify you.                     when people are around. Confine overly
be tailored to your line of work. If you do         After reading about you, hearing your     friendly or menacing dogs.
interiors or custom work, you will want         message and becoming curious about                Practice your presentation. Sound
to have photos of a representative sample.      your work, customers are finally at the       like you know what you are talking
Promotional materials are costly. If you        door with a check book in their pocket.       about. If there is something about your
do very expensive woodwork for a few            Don’t blow it now. Your shop is the final     work that is unique or interesting, have
select customers each year, have                                                                     a demonstration prepared. Above
an expensive portfolio produced.                                                                     all, stay on message. Talk about the
If you make a line of products and
sell lots of the same thing to lots
                                       “    One of his most effective techniques is things that brought these people
                                                                                                     to you. Discuss why your product
of different people, have a three or        to have a customer take a chair home                     is best. Mention competitors or
four fold brochure developed. If                                                                     alternatives, but do so cautiously.
                                              and use it. They always fall in love
your line is even more limited and                                                                   When made in person, such a
your product less expensive, you                         with it and buy.                            comparison can seem more harsh
can have post cards with a photo                                                                     than when made in print and can
of your work printed. We have a friend          link in the chain. Spend some time            hurt the customer’s impression of you.
who makes adirondack chairs and has             thinking about the presentation your
good luck with just a post card.                space makes. To get some additional           Do not step out of character. If you have
                                                points of view, involve friends and           been given media exposure you have
Business cards are essential. Keep some in      family in the discussion.                     been presented as an interesting person.
your wallet and never be without them.              Some woodworkers can sell products        If you are laconic or expressionless, work
Pass them out freely. Have a stationary         without ever having the customer drop         on projecting a more bubbly personality.
and envelope printed. Computers are so          by. However, many people want to see          Mike is painfully shy and meeting new
inexpensive you should have one if for          where and how their purchase was made.        people is very difficult for him. Working
no other purpose than answering mail. Through your marketing you have                         together, we have trained him to appear
Do not respond on lined paper folded            linked yourself with your woodworking         friendly and out going even though
many times to fit into a 63/4˝ envelope         and they want to meet you. People come        his guts are churning. Have a spouse
(small, personal size).                         to our shop because we make chairs by         or other trusted advisor present to
    You will not be taken seriously if you      hand and they want to see our tools and       view your performance and critique it
do not have a web site. If you cannot           processes. These are part of our message.     afterwards. If you have no one available,
make your own, hire someone to do               Furthermore, we have so closely linked        try to step outside yourself in your mind
it for you. Check your email daily and          Mike with Windsor chairs, they want to        and think about how your are being
respond immediately.                            meet him.                                     perceived. Ask whether you would buy
    One of our most effective promotional                                                     from the person you are watching.
devices is a Windsor chair line of jewelry      Going pro often means working on a shoestring     If a sale is not quickly forth
I developed. I wear a gold pendant of           and sometimes you cannot afford a             coming, consider this. By far the most
our sack back chair and it never fails          dedicated workspace when the cellar or        successful student we have ever had go
to elicit questions. Women stop me in           garage is available for free. First, make     pro is a master salesman. One of his
the super market to ask about my chair          sure in advance you are not violating         most effective techniques is to have a
pendant. It starts a conversation about         the zoning ordinance. The city or town        customer take a chair home and use it.
what we do for a living. Everyone who           can cause you more grief than you can         They always fall in love with it and buy.
knows about you is a potential source.          imagine. No matter what you have for          Unless the customer obviously does not
                                                workspace, have a show area. For years        want or like your work, follow up about
Before customers start to call, think about     we used the kitchen as show room. We          a week later with a letter or a phone call.
how to sound professional and credible.         had one of each type of chair around the      People sometimes just forget.

24   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
beginner’s corner by Bob Oswald

 Bob Oswald is president of the Guild of
 Oregon Woodworkers as well as newsletter
 contributor and editor. He has a wide variety
                                                                Flip Stop
 of interests including teaching beginning
 woodworking classes at a local Rockler store.

T   his has been on my mind for months.
    With only one stop on the cutoff saw,
doing multiple cuts of different lengths
                                                      stops, most of which
                                                      will never get used. But
                                                      it was easy to make them
required planning so it would not be                  at the same time. The
necessary to reset the stop and lose the              knob is 1˝ diameter and
precise results of one setup                          must be offset slightly
   A workaround has been to cut off                   to the right (rather than
a variety of short pieces of different                the left) so it clears the
lengths. So if two cuts are required at 7˝            flip stop.
and 10˝, cut a 3˝ block. Then set the stop                The blocks are 1˝ wide.
at 10˝ for the long cuts and insert the 3˝            The vertical stop is 1/8˝
spacer for the 7˝ cut. This works fine but            clear of the table to allow
requires too many blocks. The obvious                 for sawdust. My radial
and simple answer is a flip-stop.                     arm saw is becoming
   The first one made many months                     a finer machine every
ago used a hinge that was too sloppy.                 month.
The one pictured was inspired by Kreg’s
miter gauge system. A couple of key
points are:

 •	 It	must	flip	totally	out	of	the	way	for	stock	
    taller than an inch to pass by.
 •	 It	must	be	as	narrow	as	possible	to	set	two	of	
    them close together and
 •	 It	must	be	as	rigid	as	a	fixed	stop.

    This design relies on a 1/4˝ bolt and
smooth cut hardwood blocks. The bolt
can be tightened down until the friction
fit is tight. It works great. The double
locking nut shown will be replaced by a
lock nut on the next trip to the hardware
    So while you’re making one of
something, make several. I made five

                                                                              The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers   25
tool review by Peter Breu

  What’s New                                                                              like it. However, you don’t need to go

                                          in My Shop?                                     that route – any old block that suits
                                                                                          the job will do and the paper without
                                                                                          the adhesive is just fine. Coming by
                                                                                          the paper is a bit of a challenge since
                                                                                          Woodcraft does not carry it in their
                                                                 photo by Jim Seroskie
                                                                                          catalog. They sell it in the Newington
                                                                                          and Woburn, MA stores and you can
                                                                                          also buy it directly from Bill by emailing

 T    his actually isn’t new – I’ve been
      using it for at least four years now,
  but I realized that many of you might
                                              is by far the best paper I’ve ever used.
                                              Most importantly, it seems to last nearly
                                                                                          him at or
                                                                                          phoning him at 518-843-3773 or
                                                                                          writing him at Bush Products, PO Box
  like to know about a superior sandpaper.        Because of the dry lube coating, it     769, Amsterdam, NY 12010.
      For those of you who were at the        doesn’t load up either with wood or             I wish I could say that I never need
  finishing symposium in the spring, you      with finishes. The paper can be used wet    sandpaper, but I do, and boy, is this paper
  saw this red sandpaper being used by        or dry and the superior grit makes for      great. In particular, the 400 grit between
  Bill Bush and sold by Woodcraft. It         very efficient sanding – no deep scratch    coats of finish does a fantastic job since
  is an aluminum oxide paper made in          marks!                                      it does not readily load up. Next time
  Canada by Carborundum Abrasives                 Bill sells adhesive paper (PSA) in      you need paper, buy some of this and see It is         rolls and sanding blocks for that paper,    if you don’t agree with me that it is the
  a dry lube, B weight, resin paper and       and I have used the paper that way and      best you have ever used!

  Dues Increase Request for 2009-2010 Membership Year
       membership vote scheduled for annual meeting – Sept 20, 2008

  A     s a part of the business meeting
        at the Guild’s annual meeting
  September 20 at YMCA Camp
                                              printing and mailing The Old Saw, about
                                              $1.50 for meetings and general expenses,
                                              and $5 is allocated and transferred to
                                                                                          is the last year we will be able to print
                                                                                          The Old Saw at the current cost, and the
                                                                                          postal service is almost certain to raise
  Lincoln, you will be asked to vote          the scholarship fund. In a nutshell, we     mailing costs again within the next two
  for an increase of guild dues for the       spend $2.50 per member per year more        years. Others costs will also continue to
  2009-2010 membership year. Our by-          than we take in through dues. This          rise.
  laws require that we publish this request   deficit has been funded through annual          The Steering Committee has
  in The Old Saw and that all members         auction proceeds, a very slight profit      unanimously asked you, the members,
  present at the next general guild meeting   from clothing and video sales, and          to vote yes to allow a dues increase to
  vote on whether to ratify the request.      through donations.                          $40 for 2009-10. The officers and the
     Guild dues are currently $30 and have       While at this time our treasury          Steering Committee will be available
  been at that level since the 2004-2005      remains healthy, increased costs of         to answer your questions at the
  membership year. At this time we spend      everything are unlikely to allow us this    business meeting segment of the annual
  approximately $26 per member for            luxury past this membership year. This      meeting. – Dave Anderson

 26    The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
Treasurer’s Report
Another     quiet year financially       This is due to reduced interest rates.   and the $5 to the Scholarship
for the Guild. The exciting news         I expect that the lower rates will       Fund will be more that $30
is that the raffle ticket sales at       be in place for some time to come.       per member. We have a
Sunapee broke last year’s record            Dues receipts to date are off by      cushion from previous years
by $311 for a total of $6,237.           $5,910. I hope that this does not        and along with the auction
The members of the Steering              mean that membership will drop           income the deficit will be
Committee had concerns that              by the almost 200 members that           covered.
with the economy down and gas            represents and that people just             This report is through August 13 and a final report
prices up, fair attendance would         have not gotten around to paying         will be presented at the annual meeting. Again it has
be off and also that people would        next year’s dues. Remember that          been my pleasure to be your treasurer for this my
be reluctant to spend money on           you can not vote at the annual           fourth year. – C. Peter James
the raffle. The outstanding efforts      meeting if you dues are not current.
by all that were involved from the       Please pay your dues before the
                                                                                     Cash Flow Report - 9/1/07 to 8/13/08
donors to the ticket sellers paid off.   end of August.
Thank you!                                  Next years General Fund                  General Operating Fund
   Money market income is down,          Operating Budget is a deficit                 Beginning Balance                  $22,529.86
year to date, from last year by $250.    budget. The cost of The Old Saw               Income
                                                                                         Books, Clothing, Video            $2,819.96
                                                                                         Donations & grants                     $20
                                                                                         Dues                                 $8,650

     Sunapee 2008                                                                        Misc Income
                                                                                         Money Market Interest

     Tent Staff                                                                        Total General Income               $14,172.22

       Dave Anderson
       Donna	Banfield        Doug Lawson
                                                                                         Awards                                $600
       Ray Atwood            Syd Lorandeau            Raffel Donors                      Books Clothing Video              $2,547.36
       Dave Belser           Bruce MacPhail
                                                       Bob St. Laurent                   Event Sponsorship                     $500
       Harvey Best           Mark Malbon               Bill Frost                        Insurance                             $500
       Allan Carruth         Halsey McCombs            Marcel Durette                    Internet Expense                    $169.60
       Leonard Chaisson      Paul Miller               Ned Gelinas                       Meeting Expense                   $1,315.53
       Bob DeAngelis         Alan Mitchell             Donna	Banfield
                                                       Bob DeAngelis                     Membership Expense                  $165.19
       Tom Dillon            Bob Munier
                                                       Syd Lorandeau                     Misc Expenses                       $108.20
       James Dimick          Bill Newbold              Bob Shoemaker                     Old Saw                          $14,467.70
       Marcel Durette        Michael Noel              Graham Oakes                      Sunapee Expenses                    $268.62
       George Edson          Graham Oakes              Jim Dimmick                       Symposium Expenses                  $947.87
       John Faro             Ron Pouliot               George Saridakis
                                                                                       Total General Expenses             $21,590.07
       Bill Fraiser          Monica Raymond            Jeff Neil
                                                       John McAlevey
       Dave Frechette        Jim Robinson              Dave Gibson                     Ending Balance                     $15,112.01
       Bill Frost            Bob St. Laurent           Lindsay Freese                  Net Change                         -$7,417.75
       Gerry Gagnon          Raymond Sanville          Les Huckins
       Ned Gelinas           Brian Sargent             Dave Frechette                Scholarship
       Dave Gibson           Peter Scheffer            Jerry Burt
                                                                                       Beginning Balance                  $14,936.98
                                                       Bob Katz
       Al Hansen             Steve Schultz             Jim Faber                         $5 per member to Scholarship         $2,500
       Les Huckins           Bob Shoemaker             Roy Noyes                         Raffle Tickets                       $6,237
       Tony Immorlica        Ron Singerman                                               Scholarships & Grants            -$6,979.75
       Peter James           Grant Taylor                                              Ending Balance                     $16,694.23
       Rich Jones            Ray Vezina                                                Net Change                          $1,757.25
       Bob Katz              John Whiteside
       John Keeling
       Robert LaCivita
                             Bud Wilkes
                             Gary Wood
                                                 Thankyou                            Equipment Capital Reserve Fund
                                                                                       Net Change

                                                                                     Total Cash Assets – 8/13/08          $33,829.98

                                                                          The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                       27
Wood Days

R    estarting Wood Days at Old
     Ways Traditions worked well. Old
Ways hasn’t quite the spacious campus
                                                                                                                 The food was super – fantastic pulled
                                                                                                             pork! They’ll be back. We had a good
                                                                                                             variety of lively bands – old time, bluesy,
of Shaker Village, but it provides an                                                                        and blue grass.
intimate setting for the gathering of old                                                                        It was a thrill to fire up the boiler
and new friends only 11/4 miles north of                                                                     and for the first time at Wood Days, be
the Village. We wish there were space to                                                                     turning bowls under steam power.
                                                      thank everyone who made the event a                        We hope more of you can join us
                                                      success, but special thanks must go to Al              next year – the first weekend in June –
                                                      and Kyle Spitzer whose work, and others,               no race traffic! – better weather? Bring
                                                      made the parking no problem, and to                    your demos and help. Parking help is
                                                      the generous support of the Guild and                  critical as are ticket and raffle sales. We
                                                      our sponsors Woodcraft of Newington,                   especially hope to have enough help to
                                                      and Brentwood Machinery and Tools.                     get more of the kids stuff out.
                                                          Thanks to all for coming and bringing                  Now we’re working on Old Ways Days, the
                                                      such a great variety of demonstrations.                third weekend in October, when we
                                                      We had turning, basketmaking,                          will have the kid’s stuff out, more old
                                                      coopering, canoe and kayak building,                   machinery, antiques, steam, windmill
                                                      carving, guitarmaking, dovetailing,                    pumping(?) and the same fine food and
                                                      finishing, oval box making and gorgeous                music.
                                                      new and antique tools for sale. Our                        We hope you can come, help,
                                                      blacksmith Mike Cook got many of us                    participate.       Call     603-783-4403
                                                      on the anvil. And Chuck Mower had                      evenings or or
                                                      even the little kids trying the spring        – Dave and
                                                      pole lathe, shaving horse and drills.                  Anne Emerson.

WoodturninG toolS & SandPaPer…                         all shipping costs.                                    3 Pieces Mahogany Stock,
                                                                                                              12/4, 13˝ wide, 40˝ long,            y
 Alan Mitchell is selling Andy Motter’s tools for      Lou Yelgin: 603-424-4888 or                                                Bu t
                                                                                                              Rough Cut Finish each –              ea
                                                                                                                                                  N ff
 his wife – Robert Larson turning tools, Andre        antique lathe PartS…                                                                            u
 Martel’s hook tools, diamond sharpening tools,                                                               $85 or Make an offer                 St
 Veritas adjustable grinder tool stands, misc.         Lathe pieces – Boice Crane, Delta, Dunlap &            George Tournas:
 accessories, and lots of sanding disk holders and     other antique parts & motors. Enough to build          617-803-5954 or
 sandpaper. Everything is discounted.                  3-4 lathes – $150. Call for details          
 Alan Mitchell: 603-659-2345                           Tom Zimmerman: 603-476-2242                           WalnutS…
Wanted…                                               ShoPSMith & MahoGany…                                   Every year I have lots of Black Walnuts falling on
 Copy	of	“Through	Much	Tribulation:	Stewart	           Shopsmith Mark V, S/N 201288 New 1985;                 our	lawn	in	Plainfield.	You	may	have	some,	Free,
 Spiers and the Planemakers of Ayr” by Nigel           Tilting Table, Factory Original, Fence, Miter Gage,    if you’ll pay the postage. October is when they’ll
 Lampert. It’s out-of-print and unavailable            Both Manuals, Lathe Tools, Sanding Disk, High          be falling.
 anywhere. Would a fellow GNHW member be               Speed Output shaft for a router, Locking Wheels.       Jerry Burt: 603-675-6141 or
 willing to loan me their copy for a week? I’ll pay    Excellent Condition – Asking $750. Make an offer.

28     The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
                                                                                   by Alan Saffron

Beginner & Intermediate Group
                                                                                                                  photo by Jim Seroskie
        meetings held at the Salmon Falls Mill in Rollingsford, NH

W        hat is the BIG? – Who is a
         beginner? What’s an intermediate
skill level? When I first considered going
                                              in Rollingsford, NH. When planning
                                              to attend, he appreciates a quick email
                                              to or a call to
                                                                                            early on. Originally, Bob’s design
                                                                                            included a drawer, and some distinctive
                                                                                            flares on the top and bottom for an
to the BIG meetings I asked myself            603-942-1240 before 9:00pm.                   oriental feel. The drawer was eliminated
these questions. After several meetings                                                     because six annual group meetings
I wondered, who are these guys? Many                                                        simply did not allow the time needed to
were certainly not beginners, and many
had years of experience that made me
doubt they were just intermediates. And,
                                              J  une 7th, 2008 BIG Meeting – Bob LaCivita
                                                 has explained the mysteries of
                                              woodworking and demonstrated many
                                                                                            make it. We milled less good stock from
                                                                                            the rough apple planks than anticipated,
                                                                                            so the oriental flares were dropped.
you’d think people would graduate to          techniques, but if you want to learn time         The emphasis of the June, 2008
another group. People come and go, but        management and design discipline, you         meeting was to finish making the
many are regulars who have attended for                                                     doors. To give the front of the cabinet a
some years. So, who is this group?                                                          slight bow, the door fronts need a curve
   The answer is that there are only guild                                                  matching the arc of the top and bottom
members who want to develop their skills                                                    front edges.
as woodworkers and furnituremakers.                                                             Bob used styrene plastic to make a
At any given Saturday morning meeting,                                                      full size template. He used dividers to
the group may include contractors,                                                          copy the arc and lay it out on the styrene.
carpenters, cabinetmakers, retirees, and                                                    He then cut it out, smoothed it with a
hobbyists among others. They go to                                                          block plane, and traced the curve on the
learn, to visit, and to talk woodworking                                                    door edges. He planed the curve on the
with someone other than their spouses.                                                      door fronts using a 17˝ wood plane to
   The emphasis is on topics and                                                            remove stock quickly, a 17˝ Lie-Nielson
experiences the group thinks are of                                                         jack plane to refine it, and then a #4
interest from basics to those requiring                                                     Lie-Nielson smoother to finish it. As
more craftsmanship. By making a                                                             usual, Bob sharpened the plane irons,
project, topics and techniques come up                                                      using his palm to strop the bevel edge.
for discussion and demonstration. Other                                                     According to Bob, water based honing
than that, there is no formal agenda.                                                       fluid does not work well on oilstones.
Questions and ad hoc discussions on                                                             Bob went over options for mounting
anything in woodworking may take                                                            doors to cabinets – inset, partial overlay,
the group in unexpected directions. No                                                      and full overlay – citing some of the
Roberts Rules of Order at these meetings.                                                   pros and cons of each. He also shared
                                                                         Bob LaCivita
   A good reason to become part of the                                                      his monetary policy to set door height
group is to learn from Bob LaCivita,                                                        clearances – dimes for inset doors,
who generously hosts and leads the            may want to go elsewhere. As reported         nickels for Euro hinge doors, and nickels
group. Bob’s credentials? Come to a           in The Old Saw, the group was going to        for pine.
meeting – you’ll see them. If you’re lucky,   take the year and make (read Bob was              In fitting the doors height wise, Bob
he’ll have a client’s project in his shop.    making) a small cabinet of apple wood –       planed the edge grain in one direction
    So don’t let the name fool you; the       start to finish.                              with a low angle Lie-Nielson block
group may be meant for woodworkers                That article was in the November,         plane. Many of us were taught to plane
that have a day job, but everyone is          2006 issue of The Old Saw. In the article,    edge grain half way from one direction,
welcome. There are no formalities;            Bob described the project as having two       and then half way from the other. This
attendance is not taken,and introductions     doors, a drawer, and an eastern flavor.       prevents tear out, but rarely results in a
are not mandatory. There are two things       The cabinet will indeed be finished at        crisp edge. Bob ever so lightly chamfered
to remember when planning to attend,          the next meeting in October, 2008, and        the edge prone to tear out, and then
Bob starts at 9:30am on the dot, and          it will definitely have two doors. But hey,   ending his plane stroke by rotating
bring your own chair.                         everyone will tell you it was time well       the plane as it approached the edge so
   The meetings will be at Bob’s              spent.                                        it sliced the fibers rather then tearing
studio space at the Salmon Falls Mill             Changes to the design were made           them. I have to try that.

                                                                      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                         29
July 26th, 2008

                                                                                                            photos by Lindsay Freese
                                                                         by Marcel Durette
                                                                                              moderate the discussion. Jere kept
 Granite State Woodturners                                                                    things moving along.
                                                                                                   Donna Banfield brought a
                                                                                              superbly finished winged vessel
                                                                                              turned from honey locust which
                                                                                              stands about 6˝ high. She too,
woodturners critique at the Proctor Academy, Andover, NH                                      searching for the continuous
                                                                                              line, admits to achievement only

A     bout 35 members of the Granite State can replace good form and design.
      Woodturners met at Proctor Academy for our We’ve all seen it – really great stuff
annual critique meeting. Jon Siegel introduced Jere made on questionable equipment
                                                                                              in the last year. She played the
                                                                                              evenly spaced growth rings into
                                                                                              the bottom of the form perfectly
Osgood with obvious enthusiasm.                          and some horrible junk turned        and the open grain texture was
   His credentials make him legendary along with         on high end lathes with all the      evenly filled and polished. I just
other “names” in the upper levels of design and attachments. At our critique                  had to turn to her and remark how
craftsmanship. “A straight line is a missed opportunity”                                      nice I thought it was. I don’t even
was one of the quotes that struck me as appropriate                                           remember what Jere said about
to any woodturner and to me in particular. I have                                             it as I was so impressed with the
struggled with flat spots in my pieces as I “explore                                          piece.
the infinite number of pure forms that exist in the                                                Steve Fillebrown had a three-
cosmos.” Jere commented that rosewood sold for less                                           winged walnut bowl (“very tactile”
than $1.00/BF when he was turning in the 50s and                                              Jere) and a 4˝ x 8˝ rectangular
60s. Platters were turned thin and lazy susans were                                           plate made of Padauk with a
thick and that’s how you decided which was which.                                             singular inlaid black and white
Jere had no problem admitting that he used 50 grit                                            stripe. “Only one stripe makes it
sandpaper for shaping! Needless to say he found                                               look like it needs a friend”, Jere
the notion of a vacuum chuck interesting and looks                                            said. Personally, I liked the single
forward to seeing one!                                                                        wave as it seemed to add to the
   Though the techniques become more sophisticated                                            crispness of the edges of the plate.
and tooling improves for today’s woodturner, nothing                                              Al Hansen brought along a
                                                                                              leek-shaped weed vase (complete
                                                                                              with weeds). He still shows
                                                                                              his excitement about his newly
                                                                                              acquired disease! He was strongly
                                                                                              urged by all to keep at it.
                                                                                                   Joe Watts showed two cherry-
                                                                                              burl bowls and explained how his
                                                                                              shapes and forms have evolved
                                                      meetings the Granite State              as a result of last year’s critique.
                                                      Woodturners adopted the format          Richard White offered a natural
                                                      of focusing the discussion on style     edge bowl turned from apple
                                                      and form of the piece rather than       which prompted Jere to say “This
                                                      the techniques used to make the         is probably the biggest piece of
                                                      piece. This is the second time that I   apple I’ve ever seen”. Since apple
                                                      know of that an “outsider”, i.e. not    wood checks and splits so readily,
                                                      a woodturner, has been invited to       it is not often seen as a larger bowl.

30   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
                                                                                             Jere	Osgood

                                              with simple carving ornamentation           experience of
                                              caused a lot of discussion and Jere         what we call the
                                              pointed out that the top surface could      critique meeting.
                                              be left wider and with a tilt to better     You should plan
                                              support the design. Bob Coleman’s           to attend next
                                              pencil cup from a piece of spalted          year’s meeting
                                              maple given to him by Scott Ruesswick       and         bring
                                              reminded Jere that he “has a pile of        something with
                                              spalted maple that’s been outside for a     you. You will
                                              long time”. He said it in such a way that   definitely bring
                                              you knew that his maple was probably        something back
                                              as “interesting” as the material (notice    to your own
                                              that I’m not calling it wood) Bob used      shop. It may
While Jere ran his fingers as calipers        for his cup which, by the way, Jere also    be a new idea,
about the sides of the bowl he remarked       admired for its “nice simple line”. This    a new form to
on the “…good control of the thickness”       stuff was so ‘pecky’ that the finish on     explore or just
and then pointed to the pleasing              the piece serves as structural support in   some good old
transition from the bowl to the foot.         holding it all together!                    fashioned encouragement to get back in
    Reed Richardson brought along a              Many other pieces were looked at         the shop and turn something.
huge butternut bowl and requested             and talked about. Space limits me to            Here’s an example – Jere offered this
advice on finishing ranging from sanding      these few paragraphs of my rambling to      tip just in passing. To learn about bowl
to final polish. Reed’s two cherry bowls      try to convey the incredibly stimulating    and bottle shapes, put some water into a
                                                                                          balloon and sit it on a flat surface. Watch
                                                                                          how the line of the curve changes as
                                                                                          the pressure increases against the walls
                                                                                          of the balloon as contact with the flat
                                                                                          surface increases. Jon called that a study
                                                                                          in oblate forms. Whatever you call it, it
                                                                                          is one of those simple ideas that could
                                                                                          serve as the spark to something very
                                                                                              Several of us stayed after the close of
                                                                                          the critique to begin discussion on plans
                                                                                          for next year’s turning symposium. Stay

BulleTin BOArd – continued
will be the special guest speaking at the     John Faro: 603-968-9800 or                  Massachusetts. Several times a year our
meeting. Peter will be going over some                        meetings are held jointly with them.
of the steps for building Windsor chairs      Mike Noel: 603-744-3821 or                     Our next meeting, one held jointly
including spindle turning and if time                        with NEL, will be Sunday, September
permits scooping out the seat.                                                            17 in Athol, MA. To receive meeting
    Also George will be giving us a tour of   Luthiers                                    notifications, contact John Whiteside.
his Monitor style barn he built last year.       The Guild Luthiers is a special          John Whiteside: 603-679-5443 or
George will also spend some time after        interest group focused on the making
the meeting showing the group his new         of stringed instruments. People of all
bunk house that is under construction         levels of expertise are welcome to join.    Hand Tools
using post and beam construction. The         Ordinarily we meet on the 3rd Sunday of        The first organizational meeting will
meeting will start promptly at 9:00am         September, November, January, March,        be Saturday, October 11 from 9:00am
and George will have coffee and               and June.                                   until noon at Dave Anderson’s shop
doughnuts ready for the group.                   We also have started an annual table     at 146 Jennifer Drive in Chester, NH.
    If you would like to attend the           at the Sunapee Craftsman’s Fair, which      Contact Dave for directions and to
meetings, please contact John Faro or         has been very successful. In addition, we   register for the first meeting.
Mike Noel to be added to the list.            are affiliated with the New England         Dave Anderson: 603-887-6267 or
                                              Luthiers, a sister organization based in

                                                                      The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                       31
                                                 by Dave Frechette
    June 14th, 2008

        Summer Trip
             Shackleton Thomas Furniture and Pottery
                                                                                      photos by Peter James & Jim Seroskie

    O       n June 14, about thirty Guild
            members joined the summer
    trip meeting in Bridgeport, VT to tour
                                                 is unique in it’s production. All the
                                                 furniture is made from start to finish
                                                 by one person and hand tools are used
    Shackleton Furniture.                        frequently. While the main roughing out
        Jaime Ryznicwas was our guide and        of the boards is all done my machine, the
    took us through the factory from bottom      final finishing, including planing, is all
    to top. The tour started in the basement     done by hand. The workers there usually
    where most of the machining took place.      start as apprentices and, after four years,
    Along with the usual saws and planers,       advance to journeyman status. After
    we saw a customized tenon machine and        another three years, they complete the
    a Williams and Hussey molding cutter         journeyman stage. The new apprentices
    set up to cut moldings on oval picture       are given a set of tools, including a block,
    frames. We then proceeded through the        compass and hand plane and a set of
    first and second floors where we saw the     chisels, which will become theirs to
    individual benches of the apprentices        keep after completion of the first year
    and more advanced workers.                   of the apprenticeship. At the transition
        Just before lunch, Charles Shackleton    between the apprentice and journeyman
    talked with us about the philosophy          stage, each worker carves a spoon. These
    behind the business and answered             are on display. The only
    questions. (Yes, Charles is related to the   exceptions to the one
    explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.)             worker–one piece rule is
        After lunch, eaten on picnic tables      upholstery (unless you are
                             by the river, we    the upholster, who also
                             resumed       our   is a furnituremaker) or
                             tour. We made       turnings as there is a full
                             it to the third     time turner. Workers
                             floor where the     may do their own
                             finishing    and    turnings.
                             upholstery are          Most      of      us
                             done. We then       wandered through
                             had questions       the display rooms,
                             and answers and     where, in addition
                             demonstrations      to the furnishings,
                             of some of the      there is a display of
                             procedures used     the pottery made
                             to make the         by Charles’ wife,
                             pieces including    Miranda Thomas.The
                             how the hand        Shackleton Furniture
                             carving is done.    web site is www.
                                 S hac kleton    shackletonthomas.
                             Furniture           com.
Charles Shacktelon & Jamie Ryznicwas

   32     The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers
bulletin board

 Discounted Woodworking Books                      Discounted magazine subscriptions,        NH. Directions can be found at
– Annual Sale                                   also an annual event, takes place in
    It’s time again to get your                 the February time frame – watch the              I plan on finishing the apple wall
woodworking books for reading by the            February Old Saw for details.                cabinet in the first two meetings.
fireplace this winter. Each year we have                                                        The next project will be a cabinet
an opportunity to purchase high quality         2008 NH Furniture Masters Auction            that has a series of drawers. Each drawer
woodworking books at group discounts               The 2008 NH Furniture Masters             will be constructed and hung using
averaging 40% off the list price. We            Auction will take place on Sunday,           different methods. Participants will be
work with two publishers: Taunton               October 26 and will again be held at the     encouraged to build the same project at
Press, publisher of Fine Woodworking            beautiful Wentworth-by-the-Sea Hotel         home between meetings.
magazine, and Fox Chapel. Fox Chapel            in New Castle, NH, with auctioneer               I hope to see you there. Please let me
is a publisher but also sells books             Stephen Scofield of Scofield Auctions,       know if you plan to attend.
from other publishers such as Sterling,         Inc. (License #2272) presiding.              Robert LaCivita: or
Stackpole, Schiffer and Penguin/                    Tickets to the event are $75 per         603-942-1240 please call before 9:00 pm
Putnam.                                         person and entitle the holder to attend
    I will have catalogs and take               the gala reception and auction and receive   Granite State Woodturners
orders at Guild meetings, or you                a 2008, four-color auction catalogue. To         The Granite State Woodturners is
can view titles on the publishers’              purchase tickets or obtain additional        both a subgroup of the Guild, and a
web sites ( &                    information, visit the Association’s         chapter of the American Association and email          website at or       of Woodturners. The group covers all
your order to me.                               telephone 603-898-0242.                      aspects of turning, from the conventional
    If you email your order, you must              This year for the first time, the         spindle and bowl turning to segmented,
include the following in addition to your       NH Furniture Masters will also be            ornamental, and other types of turning.
name and telephone number:                      collaborating with The Warner House              Meetings typically include a
 •	 For	Taunton:	The	exact	title,	author,	      in Portsmouth during the auction             presentation or demonstration, and a
    type	of	item	(hard	or	soft	cover	book,	     weekend to offer those interested in         short business meeting. Once a year there
    video	or	DVD),	the	list	price	and	the	      fine furniture two related programs          is a design critique, and occasionally
    Taunton	Product	Code	(NOT	the	              of interest. On Saturday, October 25 at      other meeting formats are used, like field
    ISBN	#).                                    11:00am, The Warner House is offering        trips or open shops. GSWT also puts on
 •	 For	Fox	Chapel:	The	exact	title,	author,	   a special tour of the house and at           the New England Turning Symposium
    type	of	item	(hard	or	soft	cover	book,	     2:00pm, renowned furnituremaker and          every three years.
    video	or	DVD),	list	price	and	the	          connoisseur Allan Breed will present             Meetings are the fourth Saturday of
    ISBN	#.                                     a lecture “Portsmouth Furniture” at          odd numbered months, typically from
    Orders will be accepted at the              the Tyco Visitors Center at Strawbery        9:00am to 1:00pm, and are open to the
fall guild meetings starting with the           Banke in Portsmouth. An expert on            guild membership, AAW membership,
annual meeting in September. The last           early American furniture, Mr. Breed          and the general public. Contact DJ
chance to place an order will be at the         is a frequent consultant to collectors       Delorie to be added to the e-mail
November guild meeting. Books should            and dealers and lectures regularly on        notification list.
be available in early December for pick         furniture connoisseurship at museums         DJ Delorie:
up at my home in Mont Vernon, NH, or            and at the education departments of
at a future guild meeting. Note that we         Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York.        Granite State Woodcarvers
do not mail books to members homes.             Both events are free and open to the            This small group of dedicated
    All email orders will be acknowledged       public. For additional information,          woodcarvers meets Thursday nights at
within one week. So if you do not get a         please contact The Warner House at           Rundlett Middle School in Concord,
response, please call me – I have vigorous      603-436-5909 –          NH. Meetings are 6:00pm-9:00pm
anti-spam software. I’ll email you with                                                      during the school year. For info or
the net cost when the books arrive.             Beginner & Intermediate Group                directions contact:
Payment is due immediately and the                 BIG is held on the first Saturday         Lou Barchey: 603-753-2708 or
books are not returnable. This gives us         of the even numbered months from   
a premium discount. Happy hunting for           October thru June. The first meeting
some really good woodworking books.             will be held on October 4 from 9:30am        Period Furniture
Tony Immorlica - Book Coordinator               until about noon. Future dates are listed       On September 13 the meeting will be
603-6763-9629 (evenings) or                     on the Guild website under calendar.         held at George Edson’s shop in Cornish                               The location is the Salmon Falls Mill,       N.H. Windsor chairmaker Peter Scheffer
                                                upper mill, Studio 215 in Rollingsford,                       Continued on Page 31

                                                                       The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                              33
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Hardwoods are deciduous trees that have                        conifers, evergreen and cone-bearing trees.                    hardwoods are crafted into furniture, cabinetry,
broad leaves, produce a fruit or nut and                       Widely available in the U.S., softwoods include                woodwork and built-ins. It is simply a matter
generally go dormant in the winter. Our forests                cedar, fir, hemlock, pine, redwood and spruce.                 of taste, preference and availability. Certain
grow hundreds of varieties of hardwood trees                   In a home, softwoods primarily are used as                     hardwood species are not recommended for
that thrive in such temperate climates.                        structural lumber such as 2x4 and 2x6 sizes,                   flooring because they are not hard enough to
   These varieties, or species, include oak,                   with limited decorative applications.                          withstand heavy wear and tear. – Gallery M
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                                                                                                                   The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers                                                       35
                                                                                marathon winners were Peter Scheffer              business cards and brochures. We were
                                                                                and John Faro. Both of these guys spent           light on furnituremaking demonstrations
                                                                                the whole nine days at the fair. Thanks to        this year and will be looking to add more for
                                                                                Peter, member Harvey Best now has a year’s        next year.
                                                                                supply of wood shavings for his ducks. Bob            Next year we are looking to expand to
                                                                                Katz provided children at the fair with 3-D       a second tent for the purpose of doing
                                                                                cut outs of various animals and figurines         workshops for kids and opening things up
                                                                                made from his scroll saw.                         a bit. After all the children we see today are
                                                                                    It is amazing how something handmade          the woodworkers of tomorrow. I will keep

                                                         2008                   and simple made so many children smile.           everyone posted on future developments

                         Sunapee                                                Lucky for the woodturners there was no
                                                                                craze for any one particular item this year.
                                                                                Lots of baseball bats, Harry Potter wands
                                                                                and tops. With the addition of the Luthier’s
                                                                                                                                  on this item as it will require more
                                                                                                                                  volunteers than we have now. Speaking of
                                                                                                                                  volunteers, I already have had 4-5 people
                                                                                                                                  commit to next year for the fair. I along
                                                                                to our tent, we had some entertainment.           with John Faro will be heading up the event
                                 t’s   august 10 about 7:00pm as i am           Raymond Sanville played and sang his              again so if you would like to get in on the
                                 wRiting this, a VeRy seVeRe thundeRstoRm       rendition of “Take This Job and Shove It”.        fun, just send an email or give us a call.
                         is Raging outside   – what a fitting end to the 75th   This was one of those you had to be there             I would like to thank the behind
                         annuaL League of    n.h. CRaftsmen faiR.               moments, it was great! Ron Singerman              the scenes volunteers – Jim Seroskie for
                             After talking to others that have                  from the wood carvers was making small            providing the name badges, Alan Mitchell
                         attended the fair in years past, I think I can         carvings and giving them out to the kids.         for the use of the equipment at the fair,
                         say this was one of the wettest we have                   This year we tried something new. We           Scott Rueswick for supplying wood for the
                         ever had. The weather coupled along with a             had four woodturners each of the nine             woodturners, and Paul Miller for providing
                         sagging economy however, could not stop                days of the fair. In doing this we could          John and myself with a great action plan for
                         the attendees of the fair from visiting our            maintain a large crowd in front of the tent.      organizing this event. And thank you again
                         tent. Just like the previous years the League          Ray Attwood took advantage of this by             to all the tent staff and donors of items, you
                         provided us with a tent at possibly the best           relating all those people to sitting ducks. Ray   made this event a great success without you
                         location on the fairgrounds. This along with           grabbed a bunch of raffle tickets and made        this event would not have been possible.–
                         the outstanding donations of 26 fabulous               his move. One by one you could see him            Mike Noel
                         items from our members resulted in a new               sending people to the tables with all of the
                         record for raffle ticket sales, roughly $6300.         raffle items on them. They had no chance of
                             John Faro and I would like to thank all of our     escaping. We had 5-7 ticket sellers a day. This
                         members that took the time, energy and                 helped out greatly with someone always
                         materials to make something special for the            willing to take the customers money.
                         raffle. We would also like to thank the 57                 With the addition of the Luthier’s to
                         members that volunteered to staff the tent;            the tent we now have another exciting
                         this is also a new record! I think what stands         demonstration for people to see. John
                         out in my mind most is the fact that a new             Whiteside from the Luthier’s group told
                         member as of this past Tuesday showed up               me that on Saturday he almost ran out of
                         in the tent to sell raffle tickets on Thursday –
photos by Jim Seroskie

                         now that’s dedication.                                 winneR of the guiLd of nh
                             There were so many special events that             woodwoRkeR ’s “b est in wood ” awaRd is
                         occurred in the tent this year I would like            JeffeRy R obeRts – newpoRt styLe CheRRy
                         to highlight a few. First of all, the Sunapee          d esk with Queen ann ChaiR.

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