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        Christian Ed. Dir. – Suzanne Gillam    - X7           “The Pirates who don’t do anything”
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              Summer Schedule                                        “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
                     th –                                                        For
            June 8          September 7th
                                                                      Singles, Couples & Families
        8:30 AM        Traditional Service
       10:00 AM        Contemporary Service                        Camp Calumet, West Ossipee, NH
                                                                  Friday to Sunday, September 19- 21

The church office is short staffed this summer but
we are available. Please call or email the office with
                                                                             RALLY DAY
your questions and concerns or contact Pastor
Baines directly. We are closed every Friday.                                September 14th
                                                         After a morning of three worship services and
   The Rev. Dr. Kathryn B. Baines                         Sunday School classes, we’ll celebrate the
 86 Ruggles Street, Westborough, MA 01581                        beginning of a new year with a
            Home: 508-898-0492                                Church Wide Picnic at 11:30 a.m.
          Cell Phone: 508-320-6020
                                        We will also be saying goodbye to
Dear Partners in Ministry,              another important member of our
                                        ministry team. Cindy Brissman has
How      can    we     say              been the chair of our Council since
goodbye to someone                      January 2007. Cindy and her family
who has been so important to us as      will soon be moving to New Jersey.
Carolyn Bergemann? For the last 27      Mark has been working in New York
years, she has been more than a         City for some time now and traveling
secretary. She has been a minister      back and forth. Cindy has provided
of welcome and a faithful friend who    dedicated and careful leadership for
has always wanted the best for Good     our Council. She has kept us well
Shepherd and found ways to make         organized and stayed on top of things
ministry happen here. Her warmth        that need to happen. Cindy always is
has drawn many people to the            careful to thank all the people who do
congregation.        She held the       so much for Good Shepherd. Her
corporate memory by remembering         gracious leadership will be missed.
all those who have passed through       Thank you Cindy for a job well done.
our doors. She has been immensely       We wish the very best for your family
helpful to me as I have come to know    in a new place where you and Mark
and love this congregation.      The    will have much more time together.
office does not look the same with
most of the penguins gone. We           In the midst of all this change, things
thank God for Carolyn and trust her     continue at a very busy pace.
to God’s unfailing love.                Children’s Sunday and the end of
                                        another Sunday School year was a
I would like to thank all of you who    wonderful event. Thank you to our
have been so important to the life of   teachers and helpers. The Learning
this congregation as we cope with       Committee is a very hard-working
Carolyn’s death. The services down      and faithful group. Suzanne and
in Rhode Island and here at Good        Celeste provide excellent leadership.
Shepherd were both witnesses to         Our     children      are    wonderful,
Carolyn’s faith and our love for her.   enthusiastic learners.        We are
Thank you to everyone who               blessed. Be sure to sign up for VBS
participated. Many were involved in     coming up soon. We will have a
preparing the services and providing    whole church full of Pirates from
music and altar care. The collation     August 11 through 15.
following the service here was a
gracious time of remembering. Office    Thank you for your partnership in
volunteers have been very generous      ministry. Thank God for this
with their time and talents. Thank      community of faith.
you for continuing to keep Carolyn’s
family and many friends in your         In Christ,
prayers.                                Pastor Baines
                       In my first month here at            So - Bishop Payne’s message to you and to
                        Good Shepherd, I have           me is to “take this as a personal assignment for
                        been honored to observe         this next year – to be an active participant in the
                         and listen to the hearts       holy listening of praying unceasingly in
                       and minds of a faithful          everything that we do. … And as you listen …
                       congregation, to an              you will hear what the spirit is saying to and
                          insightful pastor. And        through you to our Church.”
   From our Vicar         recently I was reminded
                          that listening is one of         May this summer be a time of rest for you, a
the most important things I can do. Not only as         time to listen gently with ears that hear how
a vicar, but just like you, as a child of God.          dearly you are loved by God. May it be a time
                                                        where your ears may hear another with the love
    Recently, GSLC attended the New England             of holy listening.
Synod Assembly. Lay people and clergy from
all over New England gather to discern what we          In Christ’s service,
in New England are doing together as God’s
people in the world. At this year’s assembly,           Vicar Sandi
our Bishop Margaret Payne called all churches
to spiritual growth together in Called to Listen.
Called to Live. The past year was a time of
                                                        Council News
thinking about what it means to listen. Listening
to each other. To God. To our own hearts.
Listening to those who may be different and to
those who are difficult. Listening with God’s
ears and Christ’s heart.                                “This is the day the Lord has made, let us
                                                        rejoice and be glad in it.” How glorious have
   We are now beginning the second year of              these days been? I love hearing the birds and
“Called to Listen” and this year we will consider       seeing everything in bloom. As school ends for
what it means to Pray Unceasingly. Now you              the summer and schedules change, hopefully
may be thinking: Pray Unceasingly? Where                the loads will lighten and you will take time to
will we find the time? What if we are shy about         relax and enjoy a change of scenery but still be
praying? Pray for what? And those are good              reminded of the beauty of God’s creation
questions. But rest assured, we will gently             wherever you may be. What a blessed
learn together how our prayer is not only a time        connection to know that we all are warmed by
set apart for devotions, but is also a lifestyle – a    the same sun and look up at the same moon no
constant conversation with God throughout our           matter our location at that time.
days. A mutual speaking and listening.
                                                        Last month at council we spent time in
    When I was balancing a schedule of                  preparation for the special Congregation
seminary and hospital chaplaincy, I often               Meeting. This meeting was called because the
“prayed on my feet”; praying not only at                changes and updates needed in the
bedsides, but on the subway, or while washing           Constitution require two votes of the
dishes, or buying groceries. Perhaps your life          congregation. A special thank you to Jochen
is busy with work, or raising a family, or caring       Salfeld, Committee Chairman, George Herz,
for a loved one, or just plain busy, with little time   Paula Mathieu, Marilyn Reiman, and Pastor
to sit in prayer. No worries - God will hear you        Baines. They have been working since last
even if you are on your feet, in the air, on the        August to review with each officer and
baseball field, or at the bedside.                      committee the details of the constitution and to
                                                        update how our church handles the functions
Prayers may be, simply listening. Dietrich              and business of the church. There are also
Bonhoeffer said that God’s love for us is shown         changes required to conform our constitution to
by the fact that God not only gives us God’s            the model constitution of the ELCA including a
Word, but also lends us God’s ear. We are               record retention policy and incorporating the
listening for God and God is listening to us with       possibility of establishing an endowment fund
love. And we may use God’s ear to hear each             and our safe church policy. It is a very tedious
other, with love.                                       and time consuming process and we appreciate
                                                        their time and efforts. Thank you to each of you
who took the time to review the final result. We      Devotional Bible: “Are you exhausted today?
plan to have the second congregation vote at          Perhaps what your body is crying for is rest. Is
our regular November Congregation meeting.            there rest for anyone in our tension-filled world?
                                                      As the disciples returned from a missionary
Along with updating the ground work of our            journey, they were elated with their
congregation, we also took some time to look          success…Jesus was glad to hear of their
ahead into the future. We are beginning a             accounts, but he knew they needed physical
process of visioning what this congregation           rest after their arduous journey…We, too, need
hopes to become. What are our strengths and           to refresh ourselves to maintain physical and
how will we use them in this community? Also          spiritual    strength.   Our    schedules      are
in 2010 we will celebrate our 50th anniversary.       demanding. They drain our physical, mental,
We have appointed co-chairmen and by fall we          emotional and spiritual life. God’s Holy Spirit
will begin making plans for this special              gives us strength for his schedule for us…God
celebration.                                          plans for us to include times of rest and
                                                      relaxation in our schedule. If the disciples
While we may deviate from our usual routines
                                                      needed rest, so do we.”
in the summer, Good Shepherd is still here for
you. Thank you to everyone who has so                 As we prepare for some time off, this is also a
graciously offered to help in and around the          good time to reflect upon the value and
office.   While the shoes of Carolyn and              blessings of family life. The word family, no
Anneliese cannot be filled, there is a comradery      matter how you envision it, generally means
and development of friendships to help fill a part    two or more people who are committed to each
of the empty space in our hearts. Thank you.          other, who relate on an intimate level and who
                                                      have a sense of identity. How can healthy
Finally, I would like to thank you for the honor of
                                                      families be described in this context? First of all,
being your congregation president for this last
                                                      the members, both adults and children, all need
year and a half. Mark’s job changed over the
                                                      to have a strong commitment to each other.
last year and now that Craig has graduated
                                                      Without this, the family is hard-pressed to serve
from Westborough High School, we will be
                                                      as the refuge God intends it to be. Families also
moving to New Jersey. We are so grateful to
                                                      need to relate to each other on intimate levels.
have had this time with you. Good Shepherd is
                                                      Emotional nurturing of each other is one of the
an amazing place, full of God’s grace and spirit.
                                                      most important and basic functions of any
How blessed we have been to have had you be
                                                      family. We need the Lord’s help to share
a part of our journey. May God’s peace
                                                      unconditional love with all our family members.
surround you and may His spirit make you soar.
                                                      Families also need a sense of identity. Each
                                                      person needs to understand their role and feel
Cindy Brissman                                        that they are an essential part of the family as a
Congregation President                                whole. In our busy lives, its easy for one person
                                                      to feel left out when there is a lot going on. It is
                                                      so important for all of us to try and lift each
                    Nurses Notes                      other up, every single day.
                                                      Enjoy the gift of your own family, and consider
                    “He makes me lie down in
                                                      how we can share the love of God and Christ
                    green pastures, he leads me
                                                      Jesus with those who have family struggles or
                    beside quiet waters, he
                                                      have lost a family member. Please don’t
                    restores my soul. He guides
                                                      hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance
                    me in paths of righteousness
                                                      to you or your family.
                    for   his   name’s     sake”
                    Psalm 23                          I wish you all health in body mind and spirit, and
The summer is upon us and many of us hope to          a wonderful summer full of rest, reflection and
spend some time relaxing on vacation with our         relaxation with your loved ones.
love ones. Since health maintenance and
prevention of disease are such important parts        In Christian healing,
of good overall health, I would like to share with    Kristen McCordick RN, BSN
you an excerpt of a devotion on rest. It is from      Parish Nurse
God’s Words of Life from the Women’s
           GOOD NEWS !!!
                                                                       I was recently privileged to
                                                                       attend the ELCA Synod
“For God so loved the world that he gave his                           Assembly as a voting member
only son, so that everyone who believes in him                         from Good Shepherd. One of
may not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16)                      the items in the packet of
                                                                       information we were given
Do you remember how old you where when you                             there was a copy of the
learned that verse? It’s a statement of faith       Ninety-Five Theses Martin Luther nailed to the
which speaks to both children and adults. God’s     door of the churches in Wittenberg, Germany
love and forgiveness are absolute certainties.      so many years ago – the very one that
That faith sustains Greta, a resident of            eventually started the Lutheran Church we are
Worcester’s Lutheran Healthcare Center. (You        all part of today. This got me thinking of one of
may know it better by its former name, the          my favorite parts of Luther’s Small Catechism. I
Lutheran Home.) Greta celebrates God’s ever-        want to quote from his explanation of the first
present love. She is glad to tell about her         article of the Creed we recite every Sunday in
experiences of God’s care. She is also              worship:
confident that she will be enfolded in His arms        “ I believe that God has created me and all
throughout eternity.                                that exists; that He has given and still preserves
                                                    to me my body and soul, my eyes and ears,
Staff members are evidence of God’s care. His       and all my members, my reason and all the
love is also shown through volunteers. Whether      powers of my soul, together with food and
you come in on a regular basis or only for an       clothing, home and family, and all my property;
hour, a new face can brighten and enrich the        that He daily provides abundantly for all the
day.                                                needs of my life, protects me from all danger,
                                                    and guards and keeps me from all evil; that He
Once a month, churches take turns serving           does this purely out of fatherly and divine
coffee and a simple dessert. Residents are          goodness and mercy, without any merit or
always delighted when a child also comes            worthiness in me; for which I am duty bound to
along. Good Shepherd members have also              thank, praise, serve, and obey Him. This is
come individually or in groups (adults, TAGS,       most certainly true. “
confirmands) to sing Christmas carols and other
musical and humorous entertainment.                 This is just one more reminder that we are only
                                                    Stewards of what God first gave us. We came
Don’t ever think “I went, but I played or sang      into this world with nothing and we will leave
off-key,” “I wouldn’t have anything to say.”        with nothing, so the way we use all His gifts in
Residents feel that they still have worth when      this life is very simply our way to “thank, praise,
they see that someone cares about them.             serve and obey”.          ALL that we are and
God’s love can be shown through a gentle            EVERYTHING we do is stewardship. Is it any
touch, a listening ear, a smile.                    wonder we are instructed in the Bible to pray
Bakery items only are now requested for the
Residents. Bring them to Good Shepherd and          Darlene Zuehl
they will be taken to the Lutheran Healthcare       For the Stewardship Committee
Center to provide dessert with their coffee/tea.

Carolyn Breecher                                    MUSIC OPPORTUNITIES
For the Stewardship Committee
                                                            The Northeast Region of the
BAKED GOODS requirements for the Lutheran            Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
Healthcare Center have changed! Unfortunately we         meet June 30 – July 3 in Worcester.
can no longer bring homemade treats due to MA
State Regulations. ALL FINGER DESSERTS MUST              ALCM events are open to the public.
LABELLED CONTAINERS. Items from BJ’s and                       You are invited to share in
Stop and Shop are desirable. Please see Kim                     these musical offerings.
Wezniak with any questions.
7:30 Monday night: June 30                         From our Bishop
Vespers with Vox Triniti commemorating
Saints Peter & Paul at Trinity Lutheran Church,    Relief for Midwest flooding needed
73 Lancaster Street, Worcester, MA
                                                   Bishop Margaret G. Payne encourages all
7:30 Tuesday night: July 1                         members of our congregations in the New
Organ Recital by Martin Jean (Yale Univ.)          England Synod to give generously to flood relief
in recital on the Taylor and Boody organ at        in the Midwest. Information about possibilities
St. John's Chapel at the College of the Holy       for volunteer service in the weeks and months
Cross, 1 College Street, Worcester, MA             to come will be forwarded from the synod office.
                                                   Please keep our sisters and brothers in
7:30 Wednesday night: July 2                       the Midwest in your prayers.
A Festival of Song on the Skinner organ led by
Rick Erickson of Holy Trinity Lutheran, NYC at     ELCA News release:
All Saints Episcopal Church,                       Terrible storms, one right after another, have
10 Irving Street, Worcester, MA                    left indelible marks on individuals and
                                                   communities across the Midwest. As the long
  Help Advertise or Register Now                   effort of cleaning up and rebuilding begins,
               For Lutheran Social Services        Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) is poised to
                    of New England’s               bring help and hope, and to walk side by side
                 Third Annual Open Golf            with those affected.
                                                   On June 13, 2008, Bishop Bruce Burnside of
                   September 18, 2008              the ELCA South-Central Synod of Wisconsin
                                                   traveled around the affected areas with the
       - at the Wachusett Country Club,            Rev. Massey and Gary Grindeland, LDR
              187 Prospect Street,                 coordinator for Wisconsin. In describing the
       West Boylston, Massachusetts,               impact of this flooding on his synod and
                                                   congregations, he related the importance for For more information          the church to meet this new challenge. "God's
visit our web site at or call   gift of this water seems to now be our enemy,
toll-free 877-500-8263 extension 811 or 850.       but we are reminded that out of the waters, new
                                                   life is born," he said. "God tamed the chaos of
Gather your friends, family and coworkers and      the waters to form the earth, and God, in Jesus,
join us again this year for another fun day of     calmed the stormy seas," said Bishop Burnside.
golf to support the programs of LSS of New         In addition to your prayers, we invite you to
England. It will be a foursome, best ball          consider giving to support the long-term
scramble, with awards and prizes.                  response to this disaster. You can donate
We are looking to sign up golfers and sponsors     through your congregation, or you can give a
and could use some help advertising. Please        gift directly by mail, by phone, or online. If you
pass out the flyer page printed in this            would like to designate your gift for this
messenger.                                         response, please be sure to note it for "Flooding
                                                   - United States." Gifts designated for a
We thank you in advance for your support to        particular disaster will be used in full –
help us continue to care for the 4,800 clients     100 percent - for that response.
whom we serve every day in New England.
                                                   Gifts may be sent to:
LSS Golf Committee
Norman Hendrickson                                 ELCA Domestic Disaster Response
George Vogel                                       PO Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764
Bruce Anderson                                     Credit card gift line: 1-800-638-3522
Kirk Schroeder                                     Credit card gifts via
Bob Smith                                          Internet:
John Stassi                                        Information about Lutheran Disaster Response
                                                   is at on the Web.
                                                              John and Joan O’Connor
                                                                     June Carr
                                                                   Joan O’Connor
                                                                    Nancy Dahn
                                                                   Sheila Medeiros
                                                               Lisa and Robin Connor
                                                               Art and Nancy Matson
                                                            Ernst and Katie Zimmermann
    Good Shepherd Extends Sympathy
                                                                    Sandra White
        to the Bergemann Family                               Mike and Kathleen Grim
                                                                    C. H. Kelliher
OUR SYMPATHY is extended to Dick and                            Stan & Carie Corbett
Bethany Bergemann and daughter Cindy & her                    Sandy and Bob Burgess
husband Joe Sousa (who live in Somerset, MA)                  Tom and Marilyn Durant
and all their family and friends upon the death
of Carolyn, our beloved secretary on May 31st.
We pray that God’s comfort and peace will be
with the Bergemann Family in their time of loss.            In memory of Gordon Leisk:
                                                               Frank and Janet Abissi

                                                         In memory of Dorothea Frederico:
                                                            Marciana and Ronald Roman

                                                   Dear Friends at
                                                   Good Shepherd,
        J. Salfeld and Li Chun Wang                Thank you for your generous donation toward
       Arman and Nancy Ahrabi-Nejad                my tuition at the Lutheran Summer Music
          Rhoda and Tom Decatur                    Festival and Academy. I appreciate your
              Christiane Merrow                    support, and am looking forward to attending
      Douglas and Karen Marie Tucker               my first ever music camp session.
           Millie and Will Lemaire
           Mike and Paula Mathieu                  I can’t wait to play in an orchestra regularly- the
                 Ellen Cloutier                    only orchestra I play in now is the District
            Deborah Toszylowski                    Orchestra. I am also excited to play chamber
        Thomas and Melanie Fleming                 music, and have already started to pick out
         Anneliese and Bernd Mieth                 several pieces to bring with me. (Vivaldi’s
           Frank and Janet Abissi                  Concerto in A minor, op. 3, for two violins, etc.)
             Carol Ann Belliveau                   Right now I am working on preparing a few
              Barbara Houston                      pieces for when I get to camp to audition for an
               Elaine C. Vescio                    orchestra seat: Mozart’s Concerto No. 4 in D
            Roger and Pat Olson                    Major, Vivaldi’s Spring and Winter, and
            Debra and John King                    Csardas.
            Jim and Penny Black
            Carole and Roy David                   Thanks to your support, I will be able to attend
               Marilyn Reiman                      the Festival. I’ve enjoyed being a member of
         Robert and Sandra Burgess                 Good Shepherd and thankful for the chances to
          Allen and Sharon Krause                  play and perform music in this church. The
        Robert and Mauree McGowin                  church has given me wonderful opportunities to
              Bernice A. Joslyn                    grow spiritually and musically.
    Margaret M. Sullivan and Kent Kurchak
          David and Amy Peterson                   Love,
                 Leona Duffy                               Rebecca Wefald
      Oscar and Mary Deermanouelian
The Service of Word and Sacrament with
Rite of Ordination was a highlight of the
21st Annual Lower Susquehanna Synod
Assembly as four new pastors were
welcomed to the ministry of Word and
Sacrament in the ELCA.

Bishop Hoover with newly ordained pastors
(left) Pastor Katherine Brantner, Pastor
Maureer Seifried, Pastor Jeanette Leisk, Pastor
Antoinette Carlin.

Jeanette D. Leisk, who has been called as
associate pastor of St. James Evangelical
Lutheran Church, Gettysburg. PA. Pastor
Leisk is currently a member of Good
Shepherd Lutheran Church, Westborough,

  Pastor Kenneth Bean was her sponsor.

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