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					Hanson Premix

Premix mortars
Hanson Premix is one of the UK’s most
popular and enduring ready-mixed concrete
and mortar brands with a reputation built on
over 50 years of quality and service.
Our top quality mortars are delivered ready-
to-use in our distinctive blue, red and grey
vehicles from a network of 40 plants
strategically located throughout the UK.

 Premix mortars
Quality-controlled batching ensures consistent colour and
strength and our mortars remain usable for up to two working
days when stored in the covered tubs.
Plastic tubs are provided for delivery to allow the material to
be moved easily around sites by forklift or crane.

Using Premix mortars makes            Premix mortars are
good economic sense for projects      manufactured with high quality
of all sizes. You can save on the     sands, cements and admixtures to
costs of mixing equipment and         meet the requirements of BS EN
labour, eliminate messy site          998-2. Prepared under strictly
mixing and avoid the loss             controlled conditions, each batch
of sand and cement through            is consistent in colour, workability
wastage or theft.                     and strength.

In addition, construction can start   The sand and cement is
before water and electricity          accurately batched by weight and
services are installed and site       the admixtures and water are
clearance is also made easier.        precisely metered, eliminating the
It’s the simplest way of ensuring     inaccuracies of site mixing. Both
top quality mortars are available     air entraining and the cement
when you need them, with no           control-set admixtures comply
expensive set-up costs.               with BS 4887 (BS EN 934-3
                                      from 2003).
                                                                             Quality control
                                                                             Hanson is a member of the
A comprehensive                       Our mortars are discharged on          Mortar Industry Association, and
range                                 site into 0.25 cubic metre tubs.       our Premix mortars are
                                                                             produced in accordance with the
Our plants can produce mortars
                                                                             association’s Quality Scheme for
for all types of masonry              Coloured mortars                       Factory Produced Mortar.
construction, including lime sand
                                      A wide range of coloured mortars
mortar for natural stonework.
                                      are available. They can be used to     Our trained staff supervise all
                                      match or contrast with most bricks     aspects of manufacture and we
They are recommended for use
                                      and are suitable for both modern       also provide technical advice to
with a wide variety of dense
                                      and traditional buildings.             customers and specifiers. Regular
aggregate or lightweight concrete
                                                                             site visits are carried out to check
blocks, facing units and bricks
                                      Accurate batching ensures colour       material quality and random
including the extensive London,
                                      consistency, while the pigments,       samples are taken and tested
Kempston and Butterley brick
                                      which are stable and permanent         under controlled laboratory
ranges from Hanson Building
                                      and guaranteed by the                  conditions.
                                      manufacturers, comply with the
                                      requirements of BS EN 12878 :
When used in properly
                                      1999 and have no adverse effect
constructed masonry, Premix
                                      on the mortar’s performance. Your
mortars set in the same way as
                                      Premix sales contact will
site-mixed mortars and with
                                      provide samples to assist with
equivalent performance. They are
                                      colour selection and advise on the
suitable for all forms of
                                      final specification.
construction and all sand/cement
designations as specified in BS
4721 are available, as are the new
mortar classes to BS EN 998-2.

                                                                                                                    Premix mortars 3
                                                         After the initial set begins,
                                                         Premix mortars should not be
                                                                                               Air content
                                                         used or remixed with water.           Air entrainment produces the
                                                         Reduced workability through           desired plasticity, while eliminating
                                                         evaporation may be restored by        the problems of bleeding often
                                                         adding small amounts of water on      associated with high water
                                                         the spot board and thorough           content. Where relevant, the range
                                                         hand-mixing. Further admixtures       in which the air content falls will
                                                         should never be added.                be declared, as specified by BS
                                                                                               EN 998-2.

                                                         Strength and                          Frost resistance
                                                         durability                            The frost resistance of masonry
                                                         Strict quality control guarantees     depends on the specification of
                                                         that the minimum cube strengths       suitable materials. It is also
                                                         specified in BS 4721 or BS EN         important that the composition of
                   Retardation and                       998-2 are exceeded, while
                                                         variability and standard deviation
                                                                                               the mortar is to a consistently
                                                                                               high standard, good workmanship
                   setting times                         are reduced compared to site-         and site practice are adopted and
                   Premix mortars contain a              mixed mortars. Details of typical     the correct joint profile is achieved
                   cement control-set admixture and      characteristic strengths of           (see page 5).
                   will remain usable, when stored in    Premix mortars are available
                   the covered tub, for up to two        on request.                           The entrained air in Premix
                   working days. When used in                                                  mortars increases resistance to
                   masonry, they set like site mixed     When specified correctly and used     frost attack in the hardened state
                   mortar and with equivalent            in accordance with the relevant       and improves long term
                   performance.                          codes of practice, our mortars last   freeze/thaw durability.
                                                         as long as the structure. The
                   The normal setting time depends       admixtures are non-aggressive
                   on sufficient suction taking place    and cause no corrosion of             Rain penetration
                   from the mortar to the brick or       embedded metal such as                Resistance to rain penetration is
                   block. If the unit is saturated, or   brickwork ties.                       important to the durability of
                   worse still frozen, the bond is                                             masonry and we recommend that
                   impaired and hydration of the         However, all mortars containing       the relevant codes of practice are
                   cement will not take place for the    Portland cements may contribute       always followed.
                   full period of retardation            to corrosion of zinc or aluminium
                   Consideration should be given to      components in exposed,
                                                         continually wet conditions.
                                                                                               Fire protection
                   local site conditions and the
                                                                                               Premix mortars are non-
                   length of time that unpropped
                                                                                               combustible as defined in BS 476
                   walls are vulnerable to collapse.
                                                                                               Parts 4 and 8.
                   Independent advice is available
                   from the Mortar Industry

4 Premix mortars
Exposure and                          Choice of joint
mortar designation                    profile
When designing and detailing a        The type of joint profile must be
building, it is essential that the    suitable for the degree of
masonry materials are suitable for    exposure. There are four pointing
the expected exposure conditions.     profiles in general use.                  Weather-struck              Bucket-handle

The general degree of exposure        Weather-struck: Satisfactory for
of the site according to              all degrees of exposure. The joint
geographical location can be          is ironed, closing the surface of
determined from BS 5628 Part 3.       the mortar, and inclined to the
                                                                                       Flush                     Raked
Consideration should be given to      lower edge to shed water. The
local conditions, such as the         ironing produces a good bond
predominant wind direction, the       between mortar and units. Good
exposure of individual                workmanship is required to obtain
components in the building and        a uniform colour and texture.           and any perforations. Gives
the likelihood of frost or sulphate                                           excellent uniformity of colour and
attack.                               Bucket-handle: Satisfactory for         shade.
                                      all degrees of exposure. The
Premix mortars are available in       mortar surface is lightly ironed to     Note that the various types of
all four traditional sand/cement      obtain a close texture, again           joint profile will produce a
mortar designations in general        resulting in a good bond between        different appearance in finished
use and the new BS EN 998-2           mortar and units. Care is needed        brickwork, particularly when
mortar classes. Although the          to obtain uniform colour and            coloured mortars are used.
choice of mortar designation can      texture of joints. Over tooling can
be complex, the general suitability   affect the surface colour of the
for mortars to be used in jointing    mortar.
exposed to different weather                                                  practice
conditions is indicated right.        Flush: Suitable for moderate and        All masonry construction demands
                                      sheltered exposure conditions.          good workmanship. It is
When masonry is to be                 The joint is not ironed, resulting in   recommended that units are
constructed in exposed conditions,    an open texture. Good                   bedded and pointed in one
it is essential that the strength     workmanship is necessary for a          operation to maximise the
and other physical properties of      good bond between mortar and            durability of the joints. Horizontal
both mortar and the units or          units, but produces a uniform           bed joints should never be
background are compatible – see       colour texture.                         furrowed (where the centre of the
BS 5628 and BS 5262                                                           bed is removed or left unfilled).
respectively.                         Raked: Suitable for sheltered and
                                      some moderately exposed                 Tipping or buttering vertical edges
                                      conditions only. A special tool         of the bricks results in failure to
                                      such as a chariot should be used        fill the perpend-joint. All perpend
                                      to rake the joint to a consistent       faces of bricks should be fully
                                      depth, never more than half-            buttered before placing. Newly-
                                      distance between the unit face          laid brickwork, particularly the tops

                                                                                                                            Premix mortars 5
                                                          Low temperatures reduce the           Clothes impregnated with wet
                                                          setting rate of any mortar and        mortar should be taken off and
                                                          increase the length of time that      the skin washed thoroughly. At the
                                                          unpropped walls are vulnerable to     time of contact and immediately
                                                          collapse.                             after, only irritation may be felt.
                                                                                                The alkali may take several hours
                                                          Any frozen crust on mortars left in   to be absorbed into the deep
                                                          unprotected tubs should be            tissues and will then give rise to
                                                          discarded. The unfrozen mortar        rawness and blisters.
                                                          may be used provided the mortar
                                                          temperature is no lower than 4°C,     If irritation persists after washing,
                                                          the ambient air temperature is        seek medical attention.
                                                          suitable and the bricks or blocks
                                                          are not saturated or frosted.         Do not kneel or sit on wet mortar
                                                          Independent advice is available       as harmful contact can occur
                                                          from the Mortar Industry              through saturated clothing.
                   of partially completed walls,          Association.
                   should be suitably protected from                                            Protective clothing should be
                                                                                                worn, particularly on the arms,
                   adverse weather. Unprotected
                   tops of walls that become
                                                          Health and safety                     hands, legs and feet, for example
                                                          All building mortars are abrasive     long-sleeved clothing, full-length
                   saturated may cause unsightly
                                                          and alkaline, with a typical pH       trousers and impervious gloves
                   efflorescence in the masonry.
                                                          value of 12 when wet. Contact         and boots.
                                                          with wet cement and lime mixes
                   Bricks and blocks should be
                                                          such as mortar can cause burns        A full 0.25 cubic metre plastic tub
                   stacked on pallets and never
                                                          and skin diseases including:          of mortar weighs approximately
                   directly on the ground. Stockpiles
                                                          I Cement burns that develop           450kg. When tubs are to be
                   should be protected from the
                                                            slowly and, if exposure is          placed on scaffold boards, advice
                   weather and never allowed to
                                                            prolonged, may continue to          should be sought from the
                   become saturated or frozen.
                                                            develop even after washing.         scaffolding contractor as to the
                                                          I Irritant contact dermatitis,        strength and suitability of the
                   Winter working                           caused by the combination of        scaffolding.
                   Premix mortars are air                   wetness, alkalinity and
                   entrained and therefore more             abrasiveness of the mixture.        A COSHH health and safety data
                   resistant to frost attack in the       I Allergic contact dermatitis,        sheet is available on request and
                   hardened state but they should be        caused by individual sensitivity    one can be sent with the initial
                   used in accordance with Section          to the chromium compounds           delivery to each new site.
                   5 of BS 8000-3, which prohibits          which may occur in cement.
                   bricklaying at temperatures below                                            Hazard label data: This product is
                   3°C and falling.                       If your eyes, or patches of skin,     not classified as dangerous for
                                                          come into contact with concrete,      supply in the UK.
                   When temperatures are expected         mortar, cement slurry or residue,
                   to fall below freezing, regardless     wash immediately and thoroughly
                   of temperature at the time of          with clean water.
                   laying, it is essential that newly-
                   built masonry is suitably protected.

6 Premix mortars
Environmental                         Quantity
Prevent entry into drains and         One cubic metre of Premix
watercourses.                         mortar is sufficient to lay
                                      approximately 1,500 Fletton-type
                                      frogged bricks, or about 1,000
Test panels                           blocks with a nominal size of
Before placing an order, especially   450mm x 225mm x 100mm. In
for coloured mortar, it is            practice these figures may vary
recommended that a site test          widely depending on unit size,
panel is constructed to ensure        depth of frog, number and size of
compatibility and colour match        perforations, joint thickness and
with the specified bricks and         the amount of wastage. Your local
blocks. Adequate time should be       sales contact will offer advice.
allowed for the panel to dry out
and it should be protected from
the weather.                          Delivery
                                      Mortar is discharged into our own
Your local sales contact will         purpose-built 0.25 cubic metre
arrange for samples to be             calibrated tubs (four tubs per
delivered. These can be ready-to-     cubic metre). The tubs should be
use, or dry for addition of cement    positioned at a central, level point
and water on site.                    with adequate access for a truck
                                      mixer or similar size vehicle. This
                                      will allow easy distribution
Ordering                              throughout the site.
Premix mortars can be
                                      To avoid contamination and the
ordered from your local sales
                                      resultant loss of retardation, it is
office listed overleaf and on your
                                      essential that tubs are emptied
contract quotation. Please give the
                                      and thoroughly cleaned before
job reference or quote number.
                                      fresh mortar is delivered.
We recommend at least two full
working days notice for delivery of
                                      Fresh deliveries of mortar will be
the empty tubs and call-off of
                                      covered to provide protection from
your initial delivery.
                                      the weather and to avoid loss of
                                      moisture from the mortar.
Subsequent orders should be
placed before 3pm for delivery the
                                      In extreme weather conditions it is
following day. We recommend you
                                      advisable that the customer
order enough mortar for use the
                                      provides additional protection.
next morning, or to last until your
next delivery arrives.

Premix – the choice in mortars
                                                                             Premix mortars 7
Premix – the choice in mortars
                  Premix mortar
                  sales and enquiries
                  01786 450200
                  Northern England
                  01274 711711
                  North Wales/north west England
                  0845 602 1010
                  Central England/
                  east and west midlands/
                  East Anglia
                  0845 845 6688
                  0845 120 5750
                  South east/home counties
                  0845 758 5646/5634
                  0845 120 6312
                  west Berks/west Hants
                  0845 120 6313

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