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					08 •09
    A N N UA L R E P O R T
          2008• 2009
Travel Manitoba Board Member, Executive Committee
Member and Chair Audit Committee, Canadian Association
of Science Centres Board Member and Member of the Federal
Initiative Team.

Curator of Botany
Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference
organizing committee member.

Curator of Archaeology
Professional affiliate to the University of Manitoba; Re-elected
president of the Manitoba Archaeological Society; Member
of the Advisory Council for the Centre for Rupert’s Land
Studies; Member of the Advisory Committee to the Historical
Atlas Project of Manitoba (Treaty Commission of Manitoba).

Manager of Volunteer Resources
Board Member of the Manitoba Association for Volunteer

Curator of Zoology
Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Zoology, University of Manitoba;
Member of Steering Committee, Manitoba Breeding Bird
Atlas; Reappointed to the editorial Board, Copeia, journal of
the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists;
Reappointed to the editorial Board, Smithiana, journal of the
South African Institute of Aquatic Biology; Ph.D Supervi-
sor for Naomi Delventhal; M.Sc. Supervisor for Bethany
Schroeder; M.Sc. supervisory committee member for David

Exhibits Manager
Extended second term appointment as a member and chair
of the Exhibitions and Programs Committee of the Manitoba
Heritage Grants Advisory Council.

Curator of Native Ethnology and the Hudson’s Bay
Company Museum Collection
Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, University of
Manitoba; Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Anthropology,
University of Winnipeg; Reappointed as Advisory Associate
Curator, Glenbow Museum.

Curator of Social History
Member of the CUPE 500 Les Butterworth Scholarship and
Bursary Awards Selection Committee; Chairperson of the
Manitoba Heritage Council, appointed by the Honourable
Eric Robinson, Minister of Culture,
Heritage, Tourism and Sport.

Curator of Geology and Paleontology
Adjunct Professor, Department of Geological Sciences,
University of Manitoba; Co-supervisor of M.Sc. student Lori
Stewart and B.Sc. Honours student Matt Demski; Canadian
Correspondent, International Association for the Study of
Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera; Appointed to the board of the
Canadian Geological Foundation.
                              G OV E R NA NC E

BOARD OF GOVERNORS                 STANDING COMMITTEES                                  POLICY PROJECT
Ken Ross, Chairperson                                                                   Don Epstein, Lead
                                   FINANCE COMMITTEE                                    Lawrie Cherniack
Nancy Anderson
Bill Baines                        Scott Craig, Chairperson
Sangeet Bhatia, Vice-Chairperson   Sangeet Bhatia                                       CAPITAL PLANNING
Kevin Brownlee                     Gus Leach                                            STEERING COMMITTEE
Lawrie Cherniack                   Ken Ross (ex-officio)                                  Dr. John McFerran, Chairperson
Jeoff Chipman                                                                            Sangeet Bhatia
Loren Cisyk                        HUMAN RESOURCES &
                                   COMPENSATION COMMITTEE                               Carol Ellis
Scott Craig, Treasurer
                                                                                        Elaine Goldie
Don Epstein                        Dr. John McFerran, Chairperson
                                   Lawrie Cherniack                                     Claudette Leclerc
Debra Jonasson-Young
Gus Leach                          Jim Spencer                                          Susanne Robertson
Dr. John McFerran                  Ken Ross (ex-officio)                                  Ken Ross
Penny McMillan                                                                          Javier Schwersensky
Jim Spencer                        REVENUE COMMITTEE                                    Pat Tooth (ex officio)
                                   Debra Jonasson-Young, Chairperson
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                Nancy Anderson                                       THE MANITOBA
                                   Bill Baines                                          MUSEUM FOUNDATION
Sangeet Bhatia, Chairperson        Jeoff Chipman
Bill Baines                                                                             INCORPORATED
                                   Loren Cisyk
Scott Craig                        Penny McMillan
Debra Jonasson-Young                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                   Ken Ross (ex officio)
Dr. John McFerran                                                                       Art Pearson, President
Ken Ross                                                                                Bill Baines
                                   AD HOC COMMITTEES                                    Barbara Crutchley
                                                                                        Elaine Goldie
NOMINATING & BOARD                 INVESTMENT COMMITTEE                                 Gus Leach
DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE              Gus Leach, Chairperson                               Dr. John McFerran
Bill Baines, Chairperson           Gary Coopland                                        Ken Ross
Sangeet Bhatia                     Scott Craig
Kevin Brownlee                     Charlie Curtis                                       RESEARCH ADVISORY
Don Epstein                        Bob Darling                                          COMMITTEE
Dr. John McFerran                  Ken Ross (ex officio)                                  Dr. Jill Oakes, Chairperson
Ken Ross                                                                                Jay Anderson
Jim Spencer                                                                             Dr. William Rannie
                                   Board & Committee composition as of March 31, 2009   Dr. Geoffrey Scott
         OUR MISSION
          To pres er ve t he her it age of Manitob a for pres ent
                         and f uture generat ions;

   to ac quire and share k now le dge of Manitob a’s histor y, c u lture
           and natura l world w it h Manitob ans and ot hers;

   and to enc ourage dis c over y, appre ci at ion and underst anding
            of Manitob a, t he world and t he univers e.

                            MUSEUM STAFF
                     RESEARCH & COLLECTIONS
                       VOLUNTEER RESOURCES
                       COMMUNITY PARTNERS
                       FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

    A L E T T E R F ROM T H E M U SE UM C HA I R &
                       THE CEO
There is one word to describe the             Teachers Association of Manitoba in           about Aboriginal heritage. Many more
achievements celebrated by The Manito-        2008 – a huge honour for our institution.     programs and projects experienced
ba Museum this past year: tremendous!                                                       strong and unwavering corporate
For the second consecutive year,              Renewal remains a major priority for the      partnership support this year in
attendance rose dramatically to over          Museum. We conducted a major reno-            addition to a 50% growth in our
300,000 on-site visitors that enjoyed         vation of the Cosmos Corner area in the       Membership clearly indicating that
world-class exhibits like Dinosaur            Science Gallery: a Microgravity Trainer       we are building stronger community
Dynasty, an influx of over 92,000              gives visitors a taste of what it’s like to   relevance in a sustainable manner.
students for our curriculum-based             move around and conduct tasks in
programs plus record-breaking Spring          space, while a new computer simulator         This is our 17th consecutive year with
Break and Day Camp attendance. We             allows visitors to “fly” the Canadarm          a balanced budget, achieved through
also made significant advances in              – the International Space Station’s           strong business acumen, despite the
research and collections including            Canadian-built robot arm. Renewal             continuous challenges thrown our way.
new discoveries and attracted strong          is also ongoing in our Earth History          This is a solid foundation from which
private and public investment, despite a      Gallery, with the research and develop-       to advance our capital renewal and
challenging economy.                          ment of new Cretaceous Life exhibits.         endowment planning efforts. All
                                                                                            these accomplishments would not be
Core to our mandate is collections,           While committed to incremental renewal        possible if not for the hard working and
acquisitions and research. Among this         of our galleries and programs, the            passionate Museum team. We would also
year’s laudable research achievements:        Museum has embarked on major capital          like to thank our primary partner,
our Curator of Botany discovered a new        renewal and endowment planning to             the Province of Manitoba, and the
species of water-lily (Nymphaea) during       establish our vision for the future. With     Museum community: volunteers, board,
an expedition to remote northern              the assistance of a multidisciplinary team    members, sponsors, partners, donors
Manitoba. We also collected a number          of Canadian and U.S. experts, we con-         and our visitors.
of new specimens and artifacts to             sulted extensively with key stakeholders
support the Manitoba story and received       and developed a Community Impact              The Manitoba Museum remains
memorabilia from the original crew who        Statement that now guides all the Capital     dedicated to developing exciting new
sailed the Nonsuch.                           Renewal efforts. Our renewal vision aims       programs, attracting top-notch exhi-
                                              to “encourage individual discovery and        bitions, and renewing our galleries so
We were pleased to present a number           stimulate community dialogue in order to:     they remain relevant to all visitors, while
of exciting new exhibits and programs         instill pride, affirm identity, foster new      we focus on capital renewal planning.
this past year. The Museum offered two         learning, empower individuals, and ad-        We are committed to celebrating and
international traveling exhibits, including   vance people’s understanding of themselves    preserving Manitoba’s rich natural and
the hugely popular Dinosaur Dynasty:          and the universe; culminating in hope         human history, promoting science
Discoveries From China, and Fatal             for and changes towards a better future.”     literacy and life-long learning. We look
Attraction from Belgium. Two new                                                            forward to an exciting future!
Discovery Room exhibits—Travelling            Els and Kevin Kavanagh are great
Plants and Gathered Treasures—                examples of our renewal vision in action.
displayed collections from our vaults.        They were honoured in our annual
We hosted a reunion and public pro-           Tribute for their years of community
grams with the original Nonsuch crew,         service and selfless contributions to a        Ken Ross
                                                                                            Museum Chair
who sailed on board the ship three de-        variety of causes. Proceeds from the
cades ago, before she was brought to          dinner were directed toward the
her permanent home in our galleries.          Museum’s Call it Home Program. This
Our high-caliber education programs           program for new immigrants noted a
were formally recognized with a Science       78% increase, allowing participants to        Claudette Leclerc
Achievement Award from the Science            practice their language skills and learn      CEO

                              M U S E U M S TA F F
OFFICE OF                    Hans Thater                 Cindi Steffan                  Cataloguers                MUSEUM PROGRAMS
THE CEO                      Audio-Visual Specialist     Information Services          (Human History)            Lila Knox
                             Marc Hebert                 Manager                       Tim Worth                  Manager
Claudette Leclerc
CEO                          Carpenter/Cabinet Maker                                   Sonya Hauri-Thiessen
Lynne Hoeppner               Bob Peacock                 CURATORS                                                 Program Developers
Executive Assistant          Exhibit Technician          Kevin Brownlee                                           Anya Moodie-Foster
                                                                                       MARKETING, SALES
                             Wayne Switek                Curator of Archaeology                                   Jérôme Marchildon
                             Gallery Technician                                        & PROGRAMS
HUMAN                                                    Dr. Katherine Pettipas
                                                                                       Javier Schwersensky        Animators
                                                         Curator of Native Ethnology
RESOURCES                    RETAIL SERVICES                                           Director
                                                         & HBC Museum Collection                                  Nancy Khrabchuk
Warren Reeves                Wendy Bilous                                              Holli Moncrieff
                                                         Sharon Reilly                                            Rachelle Vermette
Director                     Museum Shop Manager                                       Communications and
                                                         Curator of Social History                                Daniel Gowryluk
Noreen Hees                                                                            Public Relations Manager
Volunteer Resources          Museum Shop                 Dr. Graham Young                                         Robert Malo
                                                                                       Liette Robert
Manager                      Attendants                  Curator of Geology and                                   Gary Peak
                                                                                       Marketing & Sales
                             Heather Manson              Paleontology                  Representative
Tammie Anthony                                                                                                    Catherine Gérardy
Human Resources Officer        Jacqueline Wall             Dr. Diana Bizecki-Robson      Barb McMillin
                             Sara Bryson                 Curator of Botany             Marketing Assistant        PLANETARIUM/
                             Radka Delcheva              Dr. Randall Mooi              Heather Anderson           SCIENCE GALLERY
                                                         Curator of Zoology            Programs & Reservations    PROGRAMS
                             DEVELOPMENT                 Dr. Leigh Syms                Coordinator                Scott Young
Carol Ellis
                                                         Archaeology Researcher        Nicole Maier               Manager
Director                     James Robinson
                             Director                                                  Programs & Reservations    Mike Jensen
Brian Lenius                                                                           Coordinator
                                                         COLLECTIONS &                                            Programs Supervisor
I.T. Systems Administrator   Nicole Jensen
                             Development & Special       CONSERVATION                  Sam Posnick
Karen Pooley                                                                           Graphic Designer           Animators
Business Office Manager        Events Manager              Kathy Nanowin
                                                                                                                  Ray Saltel
                             Wanda Daza                  Manager
Vera Sime                                                                              GUEST SERVICES             Sean Workman
Business Office Assistant      Development & Special       Betty-Ann Penner
                             Events Manager                                            Fiona Sime                 Cortney Pachet
                                                         Collections Database
                                                                                       Supervisor                 Vanessa Lopez
OPERATIONAL                  Penny Haywood               Administrator
                             Direct Mail & Fundraising                                 ALain Houle                Kodley Bouachanthala
SERVICES                                                 Janis Klapecki
                             Coordinator                                               Receptionist
Paul Lafreniere                                          Collections Specialist
                             Barbara Zuk                 (Natural History)                                        Planetarium/Science
Manager                                                                                Guest Services             Gallery Assistants
Martina Hutchison            Membership &                Lisa May                      Attendants
                             Fundraising Coordinator                                                              Mira Le-Ba
Operational Services                                     Conservator                   Renée Jackson
Assistant                                                                                                         Alana Wilcox
                                                         Susannah Kendall              Karen Gautron
Betsy Thorsteinson           RESEARCH,                   Conservation Technician       Lyn Halbert                Sleepover Program Staff
Diorama Artist               COLLECTIONS &
                                                                                       Nancy Jonatschick          Bran Adams
Debbie Thompson              EXHIBITS                    Collections Assistants
                                                                                       Kathy Moran                Christina Poeppl
Exhibit Assistant            Adèle Hempel                Ann Hindley
                             Director                    (Human History)               Christine Parto            Nicole Szajcz
Stephanie Whitehouse
Exhibit/3D Graphic           Claire Zimmerman            Tanya Cochrane                Ashleigh Czyrnyj           Rowena de la Torre
Designer                     Administrative Assistant    (Human History)               Joshua Jones-Horrock       Stephanie Chu
Bert Valentin                Hanna Peters                Kevin Szwaluk                 Katherine Gall             Chantel Pachet
Technical Supervisor         Exhibits Manager            (Natural History)             Susan Smith                Gabriel Macklin

                                                                                                   Curator of Geology
                                                                                                   and Paleontology,
                                                                                                   Dr. Graham Young
                                                                                                   (centre) cleans off the
                                                                                                   bedrock near Grand
                                                                                                   Rapids so it can be
                                                                                                   searched for fossils,
                                                                                                   as Sean Robson and
                                                                                                   Debbie Thompson
                                                                                                   look on.
                                                                                                   (Photo courtesy of David Rudkin
                                                                                                   of the Royal Ontario Museum).

RECENT ACQUISITIONS                           GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY                  building; a Second World War traveling
                                                                                        hospital medical kit and military
                                              This year’s donations include a
ARCHAEOLOGY                                                                             uniform; a 1940 Dominion of Canada
                                              magnificent collection of dinosaur teeth
                                                                                        Census Form for Women; a collection
The department received a superb              from Ed Dobrzanski, and an unusual
                                                                                        of baby outfits, including a 1940s era
collection of 1,300 artifacts from Sipiwesk   fossil heart urchin from Wayne Buckley
                                                                                        Liberty nightgown; a girl’s traditional
Lake, including new pottery types,            of Brandon. Items from both donations
                                                                                        Norwegian dance costume with broach,
arrowheads, and stone tools. Harvey           will be featured in the Cretaceous Life
                                                                                        circa 1950; a collection of hand-made,
Zechel donated one of the most complete       exhibits, opening in mid-2009 in the
                                                                                        Second World War era wooden toys;
Sandy Lake vessels ever recovered from        Earth History gallery.
                                                                                        a circa 1920 fire alarm bell from the
Manitoba; Billy Jack Reeves donated
                                                                                        downtown Eaton’s store; a Grenfell
a limestone bowl found near Oxford            NATIVE ETHNOLOGY AND THE                  Mission hooked rug; a polio patient’s
House; while Keith Anderson donated           HBC MUSEUM COLLECTION                     iron lung; and a collection of items from
a large collection of pottery, bone tools,
                                              The Hbc Collection received 22            the People’s Co-op Dairy (founded in
and a stone spear point from the Leaf
                                              artifacts, including a fur trader’s       Winnipeg in 1928).
Rapids area.
                                              cassette; a collection of replicated
                                              assomption     sash   samplers;   and     ZOOLOGY
BOTANY                                        memorabilia and photographs donated       Among several additions were two
                                              by Captain Adrian Small and other         birds rarely encountered: a female
Specimens of 281 vascular plants, two
                                              members of the Nonsuch crew. Margaret     red phalarope with striking rusty-red
mosses, 22 lichens, 12 fungi and 50 pol-
                                              Cheney Don donated circa 1930s            underparts and white cheek patches
linating insects were obtained from the
                                              beaded moccasins, mukluks, gloves and     from Churchill, and a trumpeter swan
Interlake region, Minago River, Birds
                                              mittens made by Cree women from Gods      found near Beausejour by Collection
Hill Provincial Park and Winnipeg
                                              Lake Narrows.                             Specialist Janis Klapecki. The department
areas. Meanwhile, Ed Dobrzanski,
Cathy Foster, Chris Friesen, Shirley                                                    also acquired new reptile and amphib-
                                              SOCIAL HISTORY                            ian distribution records, including what
Froelich, Cary Hamel, Carol Hibbert,
Janis Klapecki, Wayne Switek and Kevin        Acquisitions include a 1946 photo of      appears to be the northernmost record
Szwaluk collectively donated eight fungi,     the Osler, Hammond & Nanton Limited       of eastern gray treefrog (Hyla versicolor)
four mosses and ten vascular plants.          Insurance and Coal Distributors           in North America.

A rare species of water-lily (Nymphaea spp.) discovered at Minago River in northern Manitoba.

FIELD WORK                                  GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY                   the northernmost record of painted
                                                                                       turtle in eastern Manitoba, and likely
                                            Dr. Graham Young carried out
ARCHAEOLOGY                                                                            the northernmost population of eastern
                                            collaborative research on the fossil
                                                                                       gray treefrog in North America. Dr.
Curator Kevin Brownlee spent six weeks      record of jellyfish in Massachusetts with
                                                                                       Mooi also surveyed three-spined stickle-
working in northern Manitoba and            Dr. J.W. Hagadorn, Amherst College.
                                                                                       back in Hudson Bay drainages in north-
Saskatchewan as part of the Granville       He later traveled to the Grand Rapids
                                                                                       ern Manitoba and Nunavut.
Lake Archaeology Project. A small           Uplands with colleagues Dr. Sean
excavation involving local youth at an      Robson and Debbie Thompson, and
archaeological site was completed near      David Rudkin (Royal Ontario Museum),       RESEARCH GRANTS
Granville Lake. Brownlee also surveyed      where the group collected from an
                                            unusual deposit of strange fossils,        ARCHAEOLOGY
ancient campsites and areas of cultural
significance with community members.         including tiny juveniles of ancient        The First Nations First Farmers traveling
He capped off his field work by               horseshoe crabs.                           exhibit received $162,764 from the
sampling quartz quarries near La                                                       Museum Assistance Program, and a
Ronge, Saskatchewan.                        NATIVE ETHNOLOGY AND                       $2,000 mentorship grant from the Arts
                                            HBC MUSEUM COLLECTION                      and Cultural Industries Association.
BOTANY                                      Dr. Katherine Pettipas took a second       The Granville Lake Archaeological
                                            field trip to The Northern Gateway          Project received second year funding of
Dr. Diana Bizecki-Robson had a busy
                                            Museum in Denare Beach, Amisk Lake,        $91,843 from the Aboriginal Research
July, traveling first to the Interlake to
                                            Saskatchewan to document Cree and fur      program, under the Social Sciences and
collect rare plants of saline marshes and
                                            trade artifacts.                           Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
limestone pavements, then to Minago
                                                                                       of Canada.
River to search for a rare species
of water-lily (Nymphaea spp.) with                                                     Manitoba Hydro provided funding
John Wiersema, an American water-lily       During trips to the Poplar River First     of $38,764.68 to catalogue and study
expert. Bizecki-Robson also spent time      Nation and Grand Rapids areas, Dr.         collections recovered from Sipiwesk
studying the pollination ecology of the     Randy Mooi and Dr. G. Casper               Lake.
Western Silvery Aster (Symphyotrichum       (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
sericeum) in Birds Hill Provincial Park.    documented several species, including                           ...continued on page 6

                   ...continued from page 5   NATIVE ETHNOLOGY AND THE
                                              HBC MUSEUM COLLECTION                       DR. DIANA BIZECKI-ROBSON
BOTANY                                                                                    2008. The prairie goosefoots. Blue Jay 66: 82-95.
                                              Received $600 from the Board of The
                                                                                          2008. Book review of “Orchids of Manitoba: A field
Received $2,470 from both the                 Northern Gateway Museum in Denare           guide”. Blue Jay 66: 120-121.
Endangered Species Recovery Fund              Beach, Saskatchewan to study its            2008. The structure of the flower-insect visitor system in
                                                                                          tall-grass prairie. Botany 86: 1-13.
and the Manitoba Museum Foundation,           northern Cree and Fur trade artifact
                                                                                          2008. Museum curator helps discover a new species of
for Western Silvery Aster research.           collections.                                water-lily in Manitoba. Manitoba Naturalists Society
                                                                                          Bulletin 34: 1.
Botany also received $2,000 of in-kind        Received $22,400 from the Hudson’s Bay      2008. The saltbushes (Atriplex) of the prairie provinces.
funding from Manitoba Hydro to search         Company History Foundation for main-        Blue Jay 66(4): 211-225.

the Minago River for a rare water-lily.       tenance, research and cataloguing the
                                                                                          KEVIN BROWNLEE
                                              Hbc Collection.                             2009. “Searching for Identity Through Archaeology” in
GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY                                                                  Being and Becoming Indigenous Archaeologists. Left
                                                                                          Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA. George Nicholas (ed.).
                                              SOCIAL HISTORY
Dr. Graham Young received a $16,480                                                       2008. Reconstructing Early Ceramic Vessels from The
                                                                                          Pas, Manitoba: An Integrated Approach In Preserving
Natural Sciences and Engineering              Received a Manitoba Heritage Advisory       Aboriginal Heritage. Preserving Aboriginal Heritage:
Research Council of Canada (NSERC)            Council grant of $6,000 to help             Technical and Traditional Approaches. Proceedings of
                                                                                          Symposium 2007. Canadian Conservation Institute,
Discovery Grant, to study Paleozoic           accession and catalogue documents and       Ottawa. With T. Morgan, E. Leigh Syms, A. Fallak
                                                                                          and M. Sitchon.
Cnidaria and shoreline environments.          photographs related to Manitoba’s Black
It’s the second installment of a five-year     Trainmen history.                           DR. RANDY MOOI
grant.                                                                                    2008. “Pempheridae” and “Plesiopidae” in Fishes of
                                                                                          Australia’s Southern Coasts. Museum of Victoria,
                                              ZOOLOGY                                     New Holland Press. M. Gomon, D.J. Bray, R.H. Kuiter
Received a $5,403 grant from the                                                          (eds.).
Manitoba Museum Foundation to study           The National Sciences and Engineering       2008. Exploring gobioid phylogeny using morphology
Ancient Environments at the William           Research Council of Canada provided         - not a lost cause. Poster presentation at American
                                                                                          Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Annual
Lake Site.                                    $16,200 for the Systematics and             Meeting, Montreal, July 2008, with A.C. Gill.
                                              Biogeography of Percomorph Fishes           2008. Phylogenies without Synapomorphies - A
The Canadian Paleontology Conference                                                      Crisis in Systematics OR What We Don’t Node -
                                              project.                                    The Imperative of Character Evidence for Phylogeny
held at the Museum in September                                                           Reconstruction. Presentation at American Society
2008 was supported by the Geological          The Biodiversity and History of Herptiles   of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists Annual Meeting,
                                                                                          Montreal, July 2008, with A.C. Gill.
Association of Canada (Paleontology           and Fishes of Remote Islands in Lake
Division),  the Mineral Society of            Winnipeg’s North Basin - Phase IV           DR. KATHERINE PETTIPAS
Manitoba, Friesens Corporation, the           project received $5,300 from The            2008. Introduction to “Noah’s Last Canoe: The Lost
                                                                                          Art of Cree Birch Bark Canoe Building” by Doug Evans.
Manitoba Geological Survey and the            Manitoba Museum Foundation and              Winnipeg: Great Plains Publications, pp. 1-7.

Manitoba Museum.                              $4,950 from Manitoba Hydro.                 2008. Book Testimony, Back Cover. “The Canadian
                                                                                          Shield Alphabet” by Myrna Guymer. Regina: Your
                                                                                          Knickle’s Worth Publishing.

                                                                                          SHARON REILLY
                                                                                          2008. “Manitoba Museum’s Five Significant Artifacts”
                                                                                          in Manitoba Book of Everything: Everything you wanted
                                                                                          to know about Manitoba and were going to ask anyway.
                                                                                          MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc., pp. 14-15. C.
                                                                                          Hanlon, B. Edie and D. Pendgracs (eds.).

                                                                                          DR. GRAHAM YOUNG
                                                                                          2008. The oldest fossil horseshoe crabs and the origin
                                                                                          of the Xiphosurida. Palaeontology 1: 1-9, with D.M.
                                                                                          Rudkin, and G.S. Nowlan.

                                                                                          2008. Upper Ordovician Rocks and Fossils in Southern
                                                                                          Manitoba. Canadian Paleontology Conference, Field
                                                                                          Trip Guidebook No. 13, CPC-2008 Winnipeg, The
                                                                                          Manitoba Museum, 19-21 Sept. 2008, 97 p., with R.J.
                                                                                          Elias, S. Wong, and E.P. Dobrzanski.

Dr. Diana Robson and research associate John Wiersema returning from field                 2008. Canadian Paleontology Conference Proceedings
                                                                                          No. 6. CPC-2008 Winnipeg, The Manitoba Museum,
work in northern Manitoba.                                                                19-21 September 2008, 58 p., G.A. Young and R.J.
                                                                                          Elias (eds.).

Interpretive Programs are a big part of     workshop or self-guided experience,         – greeting the public during a program
the Museum’s success and a constant         creating long-lasting memories they will    called Meet the Sailors. Even though our
source of enjoyment for our visitors.       benefit from for years to come.              two-masted ketch is a replica of the real
Our public and educational programs                                                     thing, the experience of sailing it was
                                            The Museum’s high calibre of program-
span every area: from the Museum                                                        100 percent genuine.
                                            ming was formally recognized with
Galleries, to the Science Gallery, to the
                                            a Science Achievement Award from
Planetarium.                                                                            NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY
                                            the Science Teachers’ Association of
Our staff carefully creates, coordinates     Manitoba (STAM) in 2008. The                On June 21, the Museum commemorated
and delivers excellent programming,         award honours our extraordinary and         this special occasion by offering
attracting thousands of visitors to our     sustained contributions to the field of      interpretation of our new summer tipi.
facility every year.                        science education, and the promotion of     Visitors learned about a wide range
                                            K-12 science education in Manitoba.         of themes related to Plains lifestyles,
                                                                                        Manitoba’s First Farmers, and con-
SCHOOL PROGRAMS                                                                         temporary and traditional Aboriginal
The Manitoba Museum offers more than         PUBLIC PROGRAMS                             cultures. Visitors were engaged by
70 curriculum-based school programs                                                     interpreter Vanda Fleury, who incor-
                                            MANITOBA DAY                                porated artifacts from the education
for students. New programs included
Manitobans and World War II for Grade       The Museum celebrated Manitoba’s 138th       collections into her presentation.
6, Solar System Safari for Grades K to      birthday by offering a variety of pioneer-
3, Rockets Demonstration for Grades 6       themed craft activities in the foyer on     DISCOVERY DAY CAMP
– 8, special Dinosaur Dynasty programs      May 10 and 11. Visitors made their own      Our extremely popular day camps
for all elementary grades and two new       Manitoba flags and Red River Valley          attracted 411 campers this year during
planetarium shows: To Worlds Beyond         Paper dolls, highlighting their love of     the spring, summer, and winter breaks.
and To The Moon. Several Science            the province.                               This year, the Museum debuted its new
Gallery Demonstrations were updated                                                     Out and About summer camp for Grade
to make use of the new technology in        NONSUCH CREW REUNION                        5 and 6 students, allowing kids to visit
the Explore Science Zone.                                                               the science labs at the University of
                                            On May 31, nine members of the original
This fiscal year alone, 92,154 students      Nonsuch crew, including Capt. Adrian
participated in a school show, program,     Small, held a reunion at the Museum                              ...continued on page 8

                    ...continued from page 7   team from Shaftsbury High School went        DINOSAUR DYNASTY
                                               on to win the national competition in
                                                                                            A total of 294 classes with 7,848 students
Winnipeg and conduct downtown                  Calgary.
                                                                                            participated in a special grade-specific
scavenger hunts using Winnipeg Transit.
                                                                                            guided program in the traveling exhibit
The younger Grade 1 – 4 campers shared         HALLOWEEN FUNKADELIC
                                                                                            Dinosaur Dynasty. A highlight was our
the excitement by learning about things
                                               On October 24, the Museum                    Field Station, where visitors got their
like space, safaris, sleuthing and science.
                                               transformed into a mausoleum filled           hands on real dinosaur fossils, and chil-
                                               with costumed party-goers, like a three-     dren did dinosaur rubbings. During
                                               headed dragon, gargoyle girl, World of       exhibit’s highly successful run, more than
Enthusiasts from across the province           Warcraft elves and Vincent Van Gogh.         15,000 junior palaeontologists had the
tested their wits during the 3rd Annual        Visitors dined on Halloween goodies,         chance to search for fossils in our dig pit.
Manitoba Museum Sudoku Tournament              danced to the city’s top DJs, and clutched
on September 27. Participants were             each other for safety during the event’s     HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS
required to solve the number-placing           ghost tour, styled as a trip back to the     In December and January, 1,500
puzzles in a timed event, testing their        time of Jekyl and Hyde.                      visitors took part in interpretive
logic and math skills, and their patience.                                                  activities   involving      multicultural
This year’s champion was Erin McEniry.         POLAR PERSPECTIVES                           holidays in Parklands Pier. The common
                                               A November 4th conference, funded by         bond for holidays like Christmas,
IRON SCIENCE COMPETITION                                                                    Hanukkah, and Eid al-Adha is a focus on
                                               the International Polar Year, examined
On November 6, the Museum hosted               the devastating consequences of global       family, along with the bright lights and
the acclaimed Iron Science Prairie             warming on the North and South Poles.        decorations that liven up the season.
Regional Competition. Three teams of           Students from eight Winnipeg high
                                                                                            LOUIS RIEL DAY
science teachers from Manitoba and             schools participated in a student forum,
Saskatchewan competed to present the           while dozens attended an evening             In honour of Louis Riel Day, Manitoba
most inspiring ten minute science les-         lecture series featuring the University of   Lotteries Corporation (MLC) sponsored
son possible, incorporating the theme          Manitoba’s Steve Ferguson (Ph.D.) and        free admission on February 16th, drawing
ingredient: bottled water. The winning         Students on Ice founder Geoff Green.          a record crowd of more than 12,000.

Grade 4 students from       A crew of enthusiastic MLC volunteers        NEW PLANETARIUM
                            assisted with everything from building       SHOWS
Weston School won a         race cars to making dinosaur hats.
sneak preview of the                                                     Manitoba Skies opened in January as a
                                                                         celebration of the International Year
Dinosaur Dynasty            FESTIVAL DU VOYAGEUR /
                                                                         of Astronomy 2009. The show high-
                            VOYAGEUR ADVENTURE
exhibit, where they                                                      lights the skies as seen from Manitoba,
got to meet Zoology         Sporting a long capote, Museum               focusing on celestial events and objects
                            interpreter Jérôme Marchildon played         that can be seen without a telescope.
Curator Dr. Randall         the part of a company clerk at Fort
Mooi (right) and Hot        Gibraltar for the week of Festival,
                                                                         To Worlds Beyond ran throughout most
                                                                         of 2008-09, taking audiences to other
103’s Ace Burpee and        interacting with 1,922 school children.
                                                                         solar systems, looking for worlds like our
                            Festival’s Colin Mackie helped bring our
Chrissy Troy.               Voyageur Adventure theme in Parklands
                                                                         own. It is narrated by Patrick Stewart
                                                                         of Star Trek: The Next GenerationTM
                            Pier to life, interacting with hundreds of
                            visitors each day during Spring Break.
                                                                         The People vs. Pluto put the Milky Way
                            SPRING BREAK 2009                            mass on trial for impersonating a planet.
                                                                         The audience acted as jury to determine
                            With 15,646 visitors coming through
                                                                         whether Pluto really deserved to be
                            our doors, the Museum was alive with
                                                                         classified as a planet, or if it is too
                            activity from March 28 to April 5.
                                                                         small to merit the name. The audience
                            Dinosaur Dynasty was a huge draw,
                                                                         response was over two to one in favour
                            as were the new Science Gallery
                                                                         of keeping Pluto among the planets,
                            exhibits and the Sounds Like Science
                                                                         disagreeing with the International
                            demonstrations. The annual Spring
                                                                         Astronomical Union’s decision to strip
                            Break Program is supported in part
                                                                         Pluto of its planetary status in 2006.
                            by our community partner, BMO Bank
                            of Montreal.                                 Solar System Safari was the main
                                                                         children’s program for the year. Safari
                            CALL IT HOME                                 leader Danger Dave took families on a
                                                                         safari through the solar system, visiting
                            This rapidly expanding program for           the planets and learning about the sky.
                            new immigrants welcomed 50 classes
                            of English as an Additional Language         One of our most popular children’s
                            students this year, a 78 percent increase.   programs, The Super Sky Show, re-
                            Developed in partnership with                opened in March 2009 for another
                            Manitoba Labour and Immigration,             run. The show’s puppet talk-show
To Worlds Beyond            Call it Home allows participants to          host, Seymour Sky, interviews the
                            practice their language skills and           constellations Cassiopeia the Queen
                            learn about the province’s Aboriginal        and Draco the Dragon.
                            heritage.                                    Our traditional holiday planetarium
                                                                         shows also ran this past year, including
                            MUZZEUM SLEEPOVERS                           the Hallowe’en Show in October, and
                                                                         ‘Tis the Season and The Alien Who Stole
                            Over 2,300 participants from Guides,
                                                                         Christmas in December.
                            Scouts, and schools spent a night at
                            the Museum, while Investors Group            To The Moon and The Solar System Show
                            continued their generous support             were supported by grants from the
                            by sponsoring Sleepovers for inner-          Canadian Space Agency and The
                            city youth. Campers got to enjoy a           Manitoba Museum Foundation. Both
                            Planetarium show, tours of the Galleries,    are aimed at the Grade 6 and 9 science
                            live science demonstrations, storytelling,   curriculum units on space.
                            healthy snacks and a scavenger hunt
                            through the darkened Museum.

Halloween Funkadelic 2008                                                                                        9

Colossal, full size skeletons tower over the crowds during Dinosaur Dynasty: Discoveries From China.

The immense, large-scale Dinosaur            everything from human courtship to          and seed dispersal mechanisms.
Dynasty: Discoveries from China              mating signals, including songs, calls,     Although plants and fungi are rooted in
appeared in Alloway Hall from Nov. 20,       positions, mimics, vibrations, light        the ground, visitors learned that some
2008 to Apr. 19, 2009. Produced by Dino      codes, bright or flashy colours, scents,     of their parts can move hundreds of
Don Inc., Dinosaur Dynasty boasts one        and sounds.                                 kilometres to exchange genes and
of the largest collections of authentic                                                  colonize open land. Museum guests
Chinese fossils that has ever toured.        Space Lab Manitoba opened in the            gazed at the world’s largest pine cones,
The exhibit featured over 20 full-size       Science Gallery in March 2009. This         marveled at what a coconut really looks
dinosaur skeletons, fossil dinosaur eggs     renovation of the Cosmos Corner exhibit     like, and learned how the endangered
that are millions of years old, and a dino   includes two brand-new interactive          Western Prairie Fringed Orchid is
dig pit for kids. Museum guests were         exhibits. The Microgravity Trainer          pollinated.
awed by a 70-foot Mamenchisaurus, the        allows visitors to experience the
                                             challenges of work during a space walk.     From October 2008 to Spring 2009,
longest-necked animal that ever lived.
                                             A new computer simulator allows             the Gathered Treasures exhibit featured
Fatal Attraction offered visitors the         visitors to “fly” the Canadarm - the         some of the Ethnology Department’s
chance to explore the courting rituals       Canadian-built robot arm that helped        most precious and rare artifacts. On
of the animal kingdom from June 6 -          build the International Space Station.      display were priceless artifacts from
September 1, 2008. This impressive           Other improvements to Cosmos Corner         Africa, Australia, the South Seas, and
exhibit, presented by the Alliance of        include new video content and the           even Samurai armour from Japan. The
Natural History Museums of Canada,           refurbishment of a 3-D globe of Mars.       objects’ passage through the hands of
featured over 100 animal specimens,                                                      several owners serves as an important
and was over 8,500 square feet – re-         The Traveling Plants exhibit (April-        record of the colonial relationships that
quiring the space of both Alloway and        October 2008) featured both Canadian        existed between the Western world and
Festival Halls. Fatal Attraction explored    and exotic plants with unique pollination   non-Western Indigenous peoples.

The Manitoba Museum Conservation
Department is instrumental to making
exhibits a success. During the year,
conservators documented, construct-
ed mounts and helped install and take
down the Traveling Plants, Gathered
Treasures, Pierre Huberdeau, Darwin
and Dinosaur Dynasty exhibits. One of
the most challenging projects involved
the correct mounting of 13 component
parts of a traditional Samurai warrior’s
outfit for the Gathered Treasures
exhibit. The conservators’ skillful hands
also made repairs to original fossil
material, constructed and painted
replica material, and helped install the
many artifacts in Dinosaur Dynasty.
The Conservation Department was also
an integral part of the Organization
of Military Museums of Canada meeting
held at HMCS Chippewa in July 2008.
Conservation staff delivered presen-            The courting rituals of the animal kingdom lured visitors to the Fatal Attraction
tations on preventive conservation             exhibit – so large it required the use of both Alloway and Festival Halls.
and the safe handling, care and storage
of firearms; and gave hands-on
workshops in making storage boxes
and padded hangers to approximately            EXHIBIT S DEVELOPED BY                         PERMANENT GALLERY
100 participants.                              THE MANITOBA MUSEUM                            EXHIBITS

                                               GRIZZLY                                        COSMOS CORNER
                                               March 14 - October 29, 2008, New Acquisition   Opened March 27, 2009 in the Science Gallery.
                                               Display in the Museum Foyer, from Zoology
EXHIBITIONS HOSTED BY                          Collection.                                    OUR NATIONAL
THE MANITOBA MUSEUM                                                                           TRAVELLING EXHIBITS
                                               PIERRE HUBERDEAU
FATAL ATTRACTION                               DONATION                                       PORTRAITS OF THE NORTH
June 5 - September 1, 2008                     October 29, 2008 - Spring 2009, New Acqui-     Visited Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre
Fatal Attraction, produced by CASTEx, was      sition Display in the Museum Foyer, from       in Red Lake, Ontario, Amtsbókasafniõ á
developed by the Royal Belgian Institute of    Archaeology Collection.                        Akureyri in Akureyri, Iceland and St. Catha-
Natural Sciences in Brussels, the Muséum                                                      rines Museum in St. Catharines, Ontario.
national d’Histoire naturelle in Paris, and    DARWIN DISPLAY
the National Museum of Natural History         February 12 - November 2, 2009, Museum         THE VIKINGS: MASTER
in Leiden. The North American tour was         Foyer, from Zoology and Botany Collections.    MARINERS, TRADERS,
presented by the Alliance of Natural History                                                  COLONISTS & ARTISANS
Museums of Canada and coordinated by the       TRAVELING PLANTS                               Visited New Iceland Heritage Centre in Gimli,
Canadian Museum of Nature.                     April 25 - October 5, 2008 in the Discovery    Manitoba and The Marine Museum of British
                                               Room, from Botany Collection.                  Columbia in Victoria, British Columbia.
November 20, 2008 - April 19, 2009             GATHERED TREASURES                             IGLOO EXHIBIT PROGRAM
Dinosaur Dynasty: Discoveries in China,        October 17, 2008 - Spring 2009 in the          Visited Tyndall Park School in Winnipeg,
produced by Dino Don Inc.                      Discovery Room, from Ethnology Collection.     Manitoba.

      VOLU N T E E R R E S OU RC E S


                                                                                       288 volunteers contributed a
The Museum was once again a good            Canada’s newcomers benefited greatly
place to gain job-related experience        from our volunteer programming this        total of 16,240 hours in 2008-09.
or explore a career in 2008-09. The         year. The Science Gallery hosted a
Volunteer Resources Office partnered          student who had recently emigrated         52% of our volunteers are
with Manitoba and other school divisions    from Japan for three-weeks in June         between the ages of 14 and 29.
to coordinate a number of job shadow        through the Red River College Language
and work experience placements. One         Program. The Museum’s Information
                                                                                       67% of our volunteers are
Gladstone student job shadowed for two      Technology department welcomed a
days in Research, Collections and           recent Pakistani immigrant from            female; 33% are male.
Exhibitions, while four students from       Employment Solutions for Immigrant
Sisler and Oak Park High Schools            Youth for four weeks in March, while       Four of our volunteers have
participated in a weekly Science Gallery    Interpretive Programs hosted a Brazilian   been with us for more than 35
placement, lasting 12 weeks. Four interns   exchange student.                          years, another ten have been
were recruited from museum-related
                                            Volunteering at the Museum can be a        with us for 20 years or more!
programs outside Manitoba (including
                                            life-changing and rewarding experience.
Germany), completing three to 15 week
                                            Many of our student volunteers use their   This year, one volunteer
placements in either Conservation,
                                            involvement when applying for their
Interpretive and Education Programs, or                                                contributed over 800 hours;
                                            first jobs, high school course credits,
Fund Development. Even the Museum                                                      one had over 600 hours; ten
                                            university entrance and scholarships.
workshop got involved, hosting a student                                               logged 200 to 500 hours; and
                                            The volunteer program is also a great
from the Red River College Carpentry
                                            training ground. This year, ten of our     27 gave between 100 and 200
program for two weeks in August.
                                            volunteers were hired for term and         hours each.
                                            contract positions at the Museum.

Diana Ahluwalia       Michelle Cielen       Laura George         Sunghoon Lee         Jordan Neufeld        Bill Searle
Jeremy Allard         Françoise Collins     Jim Glen             Irmgard Lehn         Bill Neydli           Yvonne Searle
Alexandra Allary      Kayla Coodin          Anna Gonzales        Nicole Lejeune       Amy Norquay           Joel Serrano
Francois Alleyne      James Cook            Marjorie Gravlin     Philippe LeNeal      Susan Norris          Ang Sim
Ximena Altamirano     Jessica Cranmer       Nancy Gray           Caroline Lenover     Michelle Nyhof        Gisele Simoens
Patricia Anderson     Brian Crow            John Hansen          Blake Lerner         Margaret Nykoluk      Nicole Skalesky
Diana Aran            Genevieve Dack        Melissa Harmon       Jordyn Lerner        Monique Olivier       Helen Smerchanski
Liane Arcinas         Cheryl Dalebozik      Gisele Hawkins       Shea Lerner          Dan Pashniak          Erica Smith
Kristine Arenas       R.A. Dalmacio         Arlene Hayden        Andrew Lewis         Joshua Pearlman       Susan Smith
Marilou Atienza       Jack Dalzell          Steven Hees          John Linossier       Derek Penner          Elaine Smolders
Dallas Bagby          Glenise D’Arcangelo   Carmen Héroux        Michael Long         Debra Peppler         Carlos Sosa
Andrea Ball           Phyllis Dana          Carol Hibbert        Nicole Lourenco      Claire Pickard        Louise Staples
Meera Balkaran        Terry Darling         Adam Hickey          W. Brock Love        Kimberly Pohl         Lynda Stevens
Barbara Bannatyne     Lynda Daun            Rebecca Hiebert      Ryan Maier           Ken Potter            Sharon Stevens
Marvin Bariso         Elizabeth Dawson      Tara Hnatiuk         Robert Malo          Annika Putt           James Stewart
Chelsie Beckett       Gary Day              Kalyna Horocholyn    Heather Manson       Janine Quijano        Leigh Syms
Cassandra             Colin Deane           Lee Hrenchuk         Evan Marantz         Mark Rabkin           Morgan Tamplin
Behma-Chaikosky       Matt Demski           Muhammad Iqbal       Carol Martin         Maraya Raduha         Dana Thacher
Heather Bell          Edward Dobrzanski     Yoko Iwakiri         Carol Matsumoto      Shannon Ralkie        Celina Thater
Matthew Bencharski    Jo-Anne Doerksen      Julie Jackson        Anna Mawdsley        Alanna Ramsay         Jacqueline Thioux
Joyce Betts           Simone Dondo          Terra Jentsch        Dayna McFarlane      Sean Ramsay           Debbie Thompson
Chris Black           Gerry Donnelly        Hye Young Jin        Carol McGonigal      Heidi Redekop         Marion Timlick
Joshua Blair          Waverley Dovey        Karen Johnson        Graham McInnis       Alex Resende          Vera Tokar
Lee-Ann Blase         Ruth Dowse            Amanda Johnston      Edwin McKay          Brittany Restall      Michelle Tree
Lindsay Boutet        Isobel Drenker        Kyle Joseph          Kevin McKenty        Christopher Rindahl   Anna Tukaj

                                                                                      Kelsey Rindahl        Tracey Turner
                                                                                      Jennifer Robinson     Betty Turnock

OU R 2 0 0 8 • 2 0 0 9 VOLU N T E E R S
Jennifer Bowser       Jake Dueck            Elizabeth Julius     Shirley McMillan     Sean Robson           Marjorie Turton
Brooke Bunn           Monty Elbers          Kimberly Kaminsky    Avis Meier           Angela Roesler        Marlisa Vergara
James Burns           Martha Epstein        Colin Kawaleski      Melissa Meush        Doug Romanik          Dorota Walczak
Joan Buss             Alanna Fast           Praepun              Jenny Meyer          Doreen Romanow        Tim Wall
                                            Khattiyakornjaroon   Noreen Mian          Mauri Rosenstock      Nick Wasylycia-Leis
Manpreet Buttar       Angela Fey
                                            Yun-Ji Kim           Eldrid Milambiling   Michelle Rosner       Elise Watchorn
Nathalie Cahill       Evelyn Findlay
                                            David Klippenstein   Sheryl Miller        Margaret Rugg         Ruth Werren
Matthew Careless      Sam Flores
                                            Alison Kolisnyk      Mark Milner          Daniel Sagastizado    Matthew Wiecek
Shauna Carmichael     Tanya Foidart
                                            Kira Koop            Shirley Mitchell     Maureen Salter        Ian Wilson
Gary Casper           Gail Fortier
                                            Shannon Kraichy      Rose Montgomery-     Lucineia Santos       Kelly Wilson
Mark Cetovski         Marion Foster                              Whicher
                                            Jackie Krindle                            Devon Sawatzky        Austin Winchell
Justin Chan           Layla Freig                                Erica Morgan
                                            Jared Kushner                             Rachel Scaletta       Lindsay Wolgemuth
Reta Chapman          Bin Fu                Janet LaFrance       Suzanne Morris       Christian Schmitt     Cynthia Worsley
Betty Charette        Nina Furdyk           Dougald Lamont       Garth Mosher         Eva Schreiber         Tracey Wright
Richard Charpentier   Karen Gabutero        Luc Lavack           Joan Mosher          William Schroeder     Tom Yang
Barbara Chatelain     Louis Gagné           Madeline Lavergne    Ingen-Catherine      Anthony Schweitzer    Florence Zawislak
Debrah Chen           Aidan Geary           Robert Leach         Mueller              Stephanie Scott       Martin Zeilig
Stephanie Chipilski   Denise Geiskkovitch   Mira Le-Ba           Gertrude Nanowin     Evan Scott-Herridge   Graham Zuk

                C O M M U N I T Y PA R T N E R S
Thousands of Manitobans support              the troubled economy. The strength of
The Manitoba Museum through their            the Museum’s exhibitions and program-
generous gifts of time and money. As         ming combined with our ability to reach
well, each year Manitobans donate            over 350,000 Manitobans allows our
historical artifacts into the safe keeping   Corporate Partners Program to provide
of the Museum. Regardless of the type        excellent recognition for all our business
or level of their support, all our           partners. By working with businesses
community partners share the Museum’s        the Museum is able to bring true value
                                                                                            Kevin and Els Kavanagh were honoured
commitment to celebrating Manitoba’s         to the partnership. New and renewed
                                                                                            for their years of community service
rich natural and human history and           multi-year partnerships with Manitoba
                                                                                            and selfless contributions to a variety of
promoting science literacy and life-long     Lotteries, TD Canada Trust, BMO Bank
                                                                                            causes. The Kavanaghs perfectly reflect
learning. To all of our community part-      of Montreal, Johnston Group, Boeing
                                                                                            the mandate of the Tribute; “Leadership
ners, the Museum extends its deepest         Winnipeg, Great West Life Assurance
                                                                                            in Philanthropy”. They asked that the
expression of gratitude for their support.   Company, Investors Group, Magellan
                                                                                            proceeds from the evening be directed
                                             Aerospace, Maxim Truck and Trailer,
We are committed to honouring                                                               toward the Museum’s “Call it Home”
                                                                                                 The Honourable Eric
                                             Prairie Mutual Insurance and RBC
the confidence that our community                                                            program      which     supports      new
                                             Foundation provides direct support to               Robinson opens the New
partners have placed in us. Through                                                         immigrants to Manitoba as they become
                                             programs and exhibits.
our donor-based fund development and                                                             Science there new
                                                                                            acquainted withGallery. home.
membership programs we remain                Heritage Canada awarded a major grant
                                                                                            Tribute partners, the Manitoba Liquor
committed to ensuring that their sup-        to assist the Museum in our Capital
                                                                                            Control Commission, Cargill Limited,
port is used according to their wishes.      Renewal Planning Project, as did The
                                                                                            The Prolific Group, The Fairmont
The Museum also strives to bring true        Winnipeg Foundation. The Graham C.
                                                                                            Winnipeg and Unisource contrib-
value to each of our community partners      Lount Family Foundation and Manitoba
                                                                                            uted to the celebrations along with 37
through a broad array of individual and      Labour and Immigration also provided
                                                                                            other corporate supporters and 330
corporate benefits.                           special project funding for programs
                                                                                            individual attendees. It was an evening
                                             that provide free access to the Museum
We remain gratified that 10,000                                                              to remember!
                                             for individuals facing socio or economic
Manitobans hold an active Museum
                                             barriers.                                      The Manitoba Lotteries Corporation
Membership. As part of our com-
                                                                                            partnered with the Museum as hosts
mitment to provide an extraordinary          The Museum is pleased to be able to
                                                                                            for the 2nd Annual Louis Riel Day
experience for our members the Museum        work with our business and community
                                                                                            celebrations. This partnership allowed
has enhanced the number of                   partners to provide benefits to all
                                                                                            the Museum to provide free access to
members only benefits including more          Manitobans.
                                                                                            everybody on this very special occasion.
exhibit previews, contests and special
                                             The Manitoba Museum’s receives                 The annual free day is an important part
offers. Certainly, the opportunity to
                                             significant support from thousands of           of the Museum’s ongoing commitment
preview our major traveling exhibit,
                                             individual donors in the form of cash          to Manitobans to the community.
Dinosaur Dynasty was an important
                                             contributions and through the donation
benefit for the members.                                                                     The      Manitoba     Museum       brings
                                             of important artifacts. The Direct Mail
                                                                                            Manitoba’s rich natural and human
The member’s communications program          program has been expanded to attract
                                                                                            history to life. It also explores the
has also been expanded to include more       new donors to the Museum and the web
                                                                                            wonders of science and the universe. It
information on Museum’s programs and         page has been enhanced to provide
                                                                                            is through the generosity of individual,
exhibits, provide a peek into “The Vault”    donors with updated information as well
                                                                                            community and business partners that
for a glimpse of rarely seen artifacts       as the ability to direct their contributions
                                                                                            we are able to share this knowledge
and special updates on children’s            to specific programs and activities.
                                                                                            and celebrate what it means to be a
                                             The 4th Annual Tribute Dinner                  Manitoban. We remain deeply indebted
Support from Manitoba businesses             celebrated the contributions of one            to all that have placed their trust in us.
continued to grow in 2008/2009, despite      of Manitoba’s most dynamic couples.            Thank you.


The Province of Manitoba,                                  CAPITAL RENEWAL               FIRST NATIONS,                INVENTORY OF
                                                           PLANNING AND                  FIRST FARMERS                 ETHNOGRAPHIC &
Culture, Heritage, Tourism                                 ENDOWMENT                     TRAVELING                     FUR TRADE
                                                           PLANNING                      EXHIBITION                    COLLECTIONS
and Sport is The Manitoba                                  Canadian Heritage -           Museums Assistance            Northern Gateway Museum
                                                           Canadian Arts and Heritage    Program, Canadian Heritage
                                                           Sustainability Program
Museum’s lead partner.                                     Manitoba Culture, Heritage,   GRANVILLE LAKE
                                                                                                                       LOUIS RIEL DAY
                                                                                                                       Manitoba Lotteries
                                                           Tourism & Sport               ARCHAEOLOGICAL                Corporation
                                                           The Winnipeg Foundation       PROJECT
On behalf all Manitobans                                                                 Social Sciences and           MANITOBA’S BLACK
                                                           CORPORATE                     Humanities Research Council   TRAINMEN
please accept our heartfelt                                PARTNERS
                                                                                         of Canada
                                                                                                                       Heritage Grants Advisory
thanks for your continued                                                                HALLOWEEN                     Council, Manitoba Culture,
                                                                                                                       Heritage, Tourism and Sport
                                                           Johnston Group Inc.           FUNKADELIC
support.                                                   Maxim Truck and Trailer       Advance Electronics           MUZZEUM
                                                           National Leasing              Arctic Glacier                SLEEPOVER
                                                           Pepsi Bottling Company        Blufish Sushi                  PROGRAM
                                                           Prairie Mutual Insurance      City of Winnipeg              Investors Group
                                                           Wawanesa Insurance            Parking Authority
GOVERNMENT                    CORPORATE &
                                                                                         Clodhoppers                   THE MANITOBA
                              INDIVIDUAL                   DISCOVERY ROOM                Computer Boulevard Inc.       MUSEUM’S THIRD
                              PARTNERS                     TD Canada Trust               Coppermoon                    ANNUAL SUDOKU
Destination Winnipeg
                                                           The Manitoba Museum           The Cupcakery                 TOURNAMENT
City of Winnipeg Museums
Board                         ANCIENT                      Foundation                    Discreet Boutique             The Winnipeg Free Press
                              ENVIRONMENTS                                               Edward Carriere Salon
PROVINCE OF                   AT THE WILLIAMS              EARTH HISTORY                 The Empire Theatre            NONSUCH
MANITOBA                      LAKE SITE                    GALLERY                       The Fyxx on Albert            CONSERVATION
                                                           CRETACEOUS                    Hair F/X                      PROJECT
Manitoba Culture, Heritage,   The Manitoba Museum
Tourism & Sport               Foundation                   EXHIBITS                      Inn at the Forks              The Hudson’s Bay Company
                                                                                         King’s Head Pub               History Foundation
Manitoba Conservation                                      Canadian Geological Survey
Manitoba Education,           BIODIVERSITY AND             The Province of Manitoba      Koil Hair Studio
                                                                                                                       THE NUMBERS GAME
Citizenship and Youth-        HISTORY OF                   The Manitoba Mueum            London Limos
Bureau de l’education                                      Foundation                    Manitoba Liquor               Investors Group
                              HERPTILES AND
française                                                                                Control Commission
                              FISHES OF THE
Manitoba Labour and                                                                      Molson Canada                 PALEOZOIC
                              REMOTE ISLANDS OF            EDUCATION
Immigration                                                                                                            CNIDARIA AND
                              LAKE WINNIPEG’S              PROGRAMS                      MTS Allstream
Travel Manitoba                                                                                                        SHORELINE
                              NORTH BASIN                  Great-West Life               Old Dutch Foods Ltd.
                              Manitoba Hydro                                             PMA Canada
GOVERNMENT OF                                                                            Rogers Video in Tuxedo
                                                                                                                       Natural Sciences and
                              Natural Sciences and                                                                     Engineering Research
CANADA                                                     ELM CREEK
                              Engineering Research                                       Silver Lotus                  Council of Canada
Canadian Heritage-            Council of Canada            METEORITE
                                                                                         Starbucks on Broadway
Canadian Arts and Heritage    The Manitoba Museum          The Manitoba Mueum
Sustainability Program                                                                   Sugar Mountain                PARKLANDS
                              Foundation                   Foundation
                                                                                         The Winnipeg Blue Bombers     GALLERY
Canadian Heritage -                                                                                                    TECHNICAL
Special Projects Official                                    EXPLORE
                              CALL IT HOME                                               HONOURARY                     UPGRADE
Languages in Education
                                                           SCIENCE                       COUNSEL
Program                       Manitoba Labour                                                                          The Manitoba Museum
                                                           ZONE                                                        Foundation
Canadian Heritage             and Immigration                                            Robin Kersy/James Ripley
Information Network                                        Boeing Canada Technology      of Thompson Dorfman
Parks Canada                                                                             Sweatman LLP                  POLLINATION
                              CANADIAN                                                                                 ECOLOGY OF THE
Human Resources & Skills                                   FATAL ATTRACTION
                              PALEONTOLOGY                                               HBC MUSEUM                    WESTERN SILVERY
Development Canada -
                              CONFERENCE                   Manitoba Conservation,        COLLECTION                    ASTER
Summer Career Placement
                                                           Sustainable Development
Service Canada, Canada        Friesens Ltd.                Initiatives Fund              The Hudson’s Bay Company      Endangered Species Recovery
Summer Jobs                   Geological Association                                     History Foundation            Fund, World Wildlife Fund
Young Canada Works /          of Canada, Paleontology                                                                  (Canada)
Federation de la jeunesse     Division                     FIRST FARMERS                 ICE AGE MAMMALS               The Manitoba Museum
canadienne-français           Manitoba Geological Survey   EDUCATION KIT                                               Foundation
                                                                                         Manitoba Conservation
Canadian Museums              The Mineral Society          Arts and Culture Industries   Sustainable Development
Association                   of Manitoba                  Association of Manitoba       Initiatives Fund              ...continued on page 16


Kevin & Els Kavanagh & Family - Tribute Dinner 2008                                      TRIBUTE DINNER

PRINT PARTNER -               2008 ANNUAL                  DEVELOPMENT OF
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PROGRAM                       HONOURING                    FARMING ON
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$1 - $249
                                 Barbara L. Crutchley              Kevin M. Brownlee                    Bruno Gossen & Solange            Eric Matheson
                                 Darcy Shorrock Charitable Trust   Daniel Bubis & Jennifer Blumenthal   Chabannes                         Arthur and Naomi Mauro
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ANNUAL GIVING                    Fort Garry Industries Ltd.        John and Bonnie Buhler               Konstantin and Liubor Gubarev     J. Peter and Lynn McClure
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Roland E. and Doreen Rivalin     Cathy Mathias & Tim Rast                                             Barb, Jeff and Jamie Smith             Brianna Blaire
                                                                   Manitoba Conservation
River East Transcona             Harvey Zetchel                                                       The Gillis, Boulet, Gartner, Black,   Krista Wysocki
School Division                                                    Ann Baker & Ernie Waller
                                                                                                      Meadows and Scott Families            Blake Forbes
Doreen Romanow                                                     John Bodi
                                 BOTANY                                                               Lisa May                              Michele Buchanan
Susan and Steven Rosenberg                                         Dr. James A. Burns
                                                                                                      Brenda Wing                           Kim Beaque
Lonny and Shelley Ross           Janis Klapecki                    Carla Feeny
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                                                                                                      Glenn, Lisa, Zachary and              Diana Da Silva
Maureen and Lawrence Salter      Kevin Szwaluk                     Marc Hebert                        Luke Tinley                           Bruce Wight
Bill Sands                                                         Janis Klapecki                     Judy Hornsby                          Nicole Picard
Theodore and                     ETHNOLOGY                         Marcel Lacroix                     Sheena Baird                          Kyle Lockhart
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                                 Eric Fisher                                                                                                Bernie Atchison
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Jennifer Shepit                  HBC COLLECTION                    University of Manitoba
                                                                                                      Alaina Clark
                                                                                                                                            THE MANITOBA
Mabel S. Smith
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                                                                                                      Aaron Murray                          MUSEUM
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                                                                                                                                            Charitable Trust
Robert and Judy Stewart          NATIVE ETHNOLOGY
                                                                   A STAR                             Cindy Delisle                         IN MEMORY OF
Dr. Violet Marie Storrie         Margaret Cheney Don                                                  Jennifer Jenkins
Beverley Struthers               Marcel McIvor                     Andrea Beghin                                                            ELLEN BADIUK
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Scott Sutherland &                                                 Anne Young                                                               IN MEMORY OF
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Muriel L. Sutherland             PALEONTOLOGY                      Mona-Elise Sevigny                 Candace Leveque                       MARJORIE LUCY
                                                                   Anne Piercy                        Riley, Alexis and Sara Graham         GRAVELINE
Corinne Tellier                  Wayne Buckley
                                                                   Shannon Breckman                   Penny Suggitt
The Asper Foundation             Ed Dobrzanski                                                                                              Doreen Romanow
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The North West Company
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Denis Thibault                   SOCIAL HISTORY                    Charlene and Ronald Wall           Alexander Waytiuk                     IN MEMORY OF
Doreen Thorlacius                                                                                                                           MIRELA IRELAND
                                 Vaughan Baird                     Aneesa and Blair Rutkowski         Scott and Erin Meyer
Helen A. Toews
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Foundation                       Helen Cowell                                                         Jay Rivera
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Ken Van Ameyde &                                                   Ksenia and Kiernan Broda-Milian    Alerry Lavitt                         IN MEMORY OF
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Lindy Lee                        John and Judy Drysdale            Bev Michalick and Joan Williams    Andres Ulrich                         WILLIAM TURNOCK
Nancy Vincent                                                      Lee Marion                         Jessie Manlig
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Hilda Wagstaffe                                                     Susan Heintz
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Mr. & Mrs. Walker                                                  Krista, Dana and Suzanne Stewart
                                 Brian Hrynkiw
Pat and Peter Walker                                               Donna Clark
                                 Mary and Bill Hume

                                                                                                                 T HA N K S
Cynthia and V. Stirling Walkes                                     Corinne Shaw
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Gordon J. Warkentine                                               Laura Fulton
                                 People’s Cooperative Ltd.
Watcor Inc.                      Wind-Up Committee                 Camelot Introductions
Reid and Ruth Waters             Janis Klapecki                    Jo and Ross Hooper
George Waters                    Peter Kratzer                     Janine Miller
John and Bernice Watts           Jackie Krindle                    Shauna Cody                                   Thank you to all our Donors for
Donna Webb                       Allice and Dennis Lee             Wilda Morin
Glen A. Webster                  Dorothy Manson                    Sarah Kaufmann
                                                                                                                 your cumulative gift(s) of $1,000 +.
Peter Wiens & Tracy Ridley
John and Nelly Wierda
                                 Cliff McMillan                     Gaynor Henry                                  Your names will be added to our
                                 Harold L. Medjuck                 Joy Hofer
Barbara Wilson                   Isabel Mitchell                   Jennifer Jenkins                              Donor Wall.
Greg Wilson & Ann McConkey       Carole Osler                      Betty Walker
Jeanne Witwicki                  Hanna Peters                      Nan Hefelwood
Joan Wright                      Eleanor Reesor                    Tammy Hykaway                                 The above lists include Donors whose
Tannis Young                     Tannis M. Richardson              Vivianne Sosinkalo
Hilda Zaiser                     Ron Smith                         Teri Milani                                   gifts were received between April 1, 2008
                                 David Stein                       Darren Konyk
                                 Cynthia Stevenson                 Heather Veldkamp
                                                                                                                 and March 31, 2009.
                                 Kay Sutton
COLLECTIONS                                                        Jim Walker
                                 Deborah Turner                    Grace McDonald
                                 Betty Turnock                     Alan Burgess
                                                                                                                 Every effort is made to ensure accuracy
ARCHAEOLOGY                      Dorothy Lee Wilson                The Kozeluh Family                            and completeness. We apologize for any
Keith Anderson                   Adele Yakimischak                 Courtney Seguire
Ed Dobrzanski                    Lake of the Woods Museum          Bob, Kyle and Allison Peacock                 errors or omissions.

T H E M A N I T O B A M U S E U M F O U N D AT I O N I N C .

In September 2008, The Manitoba Museum                                                an information base from which exhibits are devel-                              Elm Creek Meteorite, Manitoba’s largest meteorite
Foundation transferred one million dollars of its                                     oped on themes reflective of Manitoba’s heritage.                                find, one of only 11 known meteorites in the province.
endowment fund to a new Manitoba Museum                                               In accordance with its Statement of Activities, the                             The balance of the proposals were in support of
Agency Fund at The Winnipeg Foundation.                                               undertaking of The Manitoba Museum Foundation                                   continued research into the development of First
                                                                                      Inc. is restricted to developing, expending and
Moving a portion of its endowment to The Winnipeg                                                                                                                     Nations farming, ancient environments at the
                                                                                      administering a fund for exhibit replacement,
Foundation is a component of the Museum’s long-                                                                                                                       William Lake Site, biodiversity of remote islands
                                                                                      special acquisitions and research for the purpose of
term capital renewal planning project. The Museum                                     promoting the objects of The Manitoba Museum,                                   in Lake Winnipeg’s North Basin, and pollination
is pleased to enter into this new partnership with                                    set forth in The Manitoba Museum Act, and in the                                ecology of the Western Silvery Aster. The two gallery
The Winnipeg Foundation, and will benefit from                                         furtherance of its Mission.                                                     refurbishment projects were in support of an exhibit
the Winnipeg Foundation’s experience in managing                                                                                                                      upgrade to the Discovery Room and a technical
endowment assets.                                                                     Several significant research discoveries have been
                                                                                                                                                                      upgrade to the Parklands Gallery.
                                                                                      made by Museum curators in recent years, including
The endowment shift is only one element of the                                        a new species of water lily, a new fossil record for the                        Respectfully submitted,
Museum’s long-term planning. A capital planning                                       horseshoe crab, and ancient quartz mines in the
process currently underway will result in a capital                                   Granville Lake region, all with support from The
and endowment campaign that will be launched                                          Manitoba Museum Foundation.
within the next few years, ensuring Manitoba’s past
has a solid future.                                                                   In fiscal year 2008/09, over $38,000 was awarded for
                                                                                                                                                                      Arthur R. Pearson, FCA
                                                                                      four research grants, two exhibit replacement projects
The Manitoba Museum is custodian of a heritage                                                                                                                        President, Board of Directors
                                                                                      and one special acquisition for the purchase of the
collection of 2.5 million artifacts which provide                                                                                                                     The Manitoba Museum Foundation Inc.

PERCENTAGE OF REVENUE                                               TOTAL 100%                                                           PERCENTAGE OF EXPENDITURES TOTAL 100%

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Research, Collections
                                                                                                                                             Salaries & Benefits                                                                      & Exhibitions
        Foundations                                                                                                                                                                    Central Services
                                                                                                                                             71.7%                          Security                                                 5.2%
        2.5%         Museum Shop                                               Other Income/Capital/                                                                                   5.4% Fundraising &
                                                                               Fee for Service                                                                              3.2%
                     5.1%                             Admissions/Memberships                           * Does not reflect $116,762 Donation                                                       Development              Education & Interpretation
Province of Manitoba          Donations/Fundraising   19.1%                    10.8%                                                                                                             1.9%*                    4.2%
                                                                                                       of Goods & Services in Kind.                               Museum Shop
                                                                                                                                                                  4.4%                                   Marketing & Public Relations

                                                                AU D I T O R S ’ R E P O R T
To the Members of the Manitoba Museum,                                                statement. An audit includes examining, on a test                               an opinion on the basic financial statements taken
                                                                                      basis, evidence supporting the amounts and dis-                                 as a whole. The current year’s supplementary
We have audited the non-consolidated statement                                        closures in the financial statements. An audit also                              information included in the schedule is presented
of financial position of The Manitoba Museum                                           includes assessing the accounting principles used                               for purposes of additional analysis and is not a re-
as at March 31, 2009 and the non-consolidated                                         and significant estimates made by management, as                                 quired part of the basic financial statements. Such
statements of operations and changes in fund                                          well as evaluating the overall financial statement                               supplementary information has been subjected to
balance and cash flows for the year then ended.                                        presentation.                                                                   the auditing procedures applied in the audit of the
These financial statements are the responsibility                                                                                                                      basic financial statements and, in our opinion, is
of the Museum’s management. Our responsibility                                        In our opinion, these non-consolidated financial
                                                                                                                                                                      fairly stated, in all material respects, in relation to
is to express an opinion on these financial                                            statements present fairly, in all material respects,
                                                                                                                                                                      the basic financial statements taken as a whole.
statements based on our audit.                                                        the financial position of the Museum as at March
                                                                                      31, 2009 and the results of its operations and its
We conducted our audit in accordance with                                             cash flows for the year then ended in accordance
Canadian generally accepted auditing standards.                                       with Canadian generally accepted accounting
Those standards require that we plan and perform                                      principles.                                                                     Chartered Accountants
an audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether                                                                                                                       Winnipeg, Canada
the financial statements are free of material mis-                                     Our audit was made for the purpose of forming                                   April 23, 2009

        F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T S
March 31, 2009, with comparative figures for 2008
                                                                      General     Properties       Restricted           2009             2008
                                                                        Fund          Fund             Funds            Total            Total

Current assets:
     Restricted cash (note 5)                                     $          –    $           –    $   500,000   $     500,000    $     500,000
     Accounts receivable:
         Grants                                                              –           428,813        78,331         507,144          210,736
         Other                                                          29,858                 –           540          30,398           43,462
     Due from The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated                6,263                 –             –           6,263            2,350
     Inventories                                                        61,955                 –             –          61,955           60,907
     Prepaid expenses                                                    4,887                 –             –           4,887          105,021
     Inter-fund loans (note 12)                                        459,010         (496,191)        37,181               –                –

                                                                       561,973         (67,378)        616,052       1,110,647          922,476

Properties (note 6)                                                          –        23,074,499            –        23,074,499       23,210,738
Accrued benefit asset (note 8)                                          736,325                 –            –           736,325          660,000

                                                                  $1,298,298      $23,007,121      $   616,052   $ 24,921,471     $ 24,793,214

Current liabilities:
     Bank indebtedness (note 7)                                   $      40,537   $           –    $        –    $       40,537   $     233,209
     Accounts payable and accrued liabilities                         1,164,337               –             –         1,164,337         853,488

                                                                      1,204,874               –             –         1,204,874        1,086,697

Accrued benefit liability (note 8)                                      426,855                –             –          426,855          397,486
Fund balances:
     Invested in properties                                                   –       23,007,121             –       23,007,121       23,207,870
     Externally restricted                                                    –                –       116,052          116,052          175,828
     Externally restricted-working capital reserve (note 5)                   –                –       500,000          500,000          500,000
     Internally restricted (note 9)                                     416,155                –             –          416,155          220,566
     Unrestricted                                                     (749,586)                –             –        (749,586)        (795,233)

                                                                      (333,431)       23,007,121       616,052       23,289,742       23,309,031

                                                                  $1,298,298      $23,007,121      $   616,052   $ 24,921,471     $ 24,793,214

See accompanying notes to non-consolidated financial statements.

On behalf of the Board:                                                           Governor                                        Governor

Year ended March 31, 2009, with comparative figures for 2008
                                                                                                  2009                                                                              2008
                                                                    General Fund                                      Restricted Funds

                                                                        Internally                                         Special                       2009      General     Restricted           2008
                                                           Unrestricted Restricted             Total     Properties       Projects          Total        Total       Fund         Funds             Total

   Grants (note 10)                                        $   3,246,500   $         –    $ 3,246,500    $     436,546    $ 47,147       $ 483,693 $ 3,730,193 $ 3,201,200     $     525,000 $    3,726,200
   Fundraising (note 11)                                         365,338             –        365,338                –            –              –     365,338     323,066                 –        323,066
   Contributions to projects                                           –         9,245          9,245                –      368,652        368,652     377,897       7,755           317,265        325,020
   Admission                                                     886,112             –        886,112                –            –              –     886,112     809,036                 –        809,036
   Museum shop                                                   277,790             –        277,790                –            –              –     277,790     266,250                 –        266,250
   Contract services                                              29,052             –         29,052                –            –              –      29,052      54,311                 –         54,311
   Donations-in-kind                                             116,762             –        116,762           29,933       14,617         44,550     161,312     105,803            25,992        131,795
   Memberships                                                   159,340             –        159,340                –            –              –     159,340     109,563                 –        109,563
   Other income                                                  509,495             –        509,495                –            –              –     509,495     299,061                 –        299,061

                                                               5,590,389         9,245     5,599,634           466,479      430,416        896,895    6,496,529    5,176,045         868,257     6,044,302

   Salaries and employee benefits                               3,701,279             –      3,701,279                –        93,514        93,514     3,794,793   3,469,239         150,771      3,620,010
   Research, collections and exhibitions                         267,929             –        267,929                –       230,931       230,931       498,860     104,991          81,528        186,519
   Education and interpretation                                  214,504             –        214,504                –         2,920         2,920       217,424     130,633           1,210        131,843
   Marketing and public relations                                204,815         1,514        206,329                –             –             –       206,329     226,430               –        226,430
   Fundraising and development                                    97,744             –         97,744                –             –             –        97,744      79,143           7,028         86,171
   Central services                                              254,273             –        254,273                –             –             –       254,273     335,119               –        335,119
   Staff development and opportunity fund                          26,407             –         26,407                –             –             –        26,407      18,314               –         18,314
   Security                                                      164,487             –        164,487                –             –             –       164,487     159,527               –        159,527
   Museum shop                                                   229,484             –        229,484                –             –             –       229,484     223,012               –        223,012
   Goods and services received in-kind                           116,762             –        116,762                –             –             –       116,762     105,804               –        105,804
   Capital planning costs                                              –             –              –          325,635             –       325,635       325,635           –                              –
   Amortization of properties                                          –             –              –          614,275             –       614,275       614,275           –         617,295        617,295

                                                               5,277,684         1,514      5,279,198          939,910       327,365      1,267,275    6,546,473   4,852,212         857,832      5,710,044

Excess (deficiency) of revenue over
   expenses before the undernoted                                312,705         7,731       320,436          (473,431)      103,051      (370,380)     (49,944)     323,833          10,425       334,258
Adjustment to accrued
   benefit asset (note 8)                                          76,325             –        76,325                 –            –              –       76,325    (119,000)               –      (119,000)
Adjustment to accrued
   benefit liability (note 8)                                    (77,000)             –       (77,000)                –            –              –      (77,000)    (74,000)               –       (74,000)
Adjustment to accrued vacation pay                                31,330             –         31,330                –            –              –        31,330    (27,699)               –       (27,699)

Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses                      343,360         7,731       351,091          (473,431)      103,051      (370,380)     (19,289)     103,134          10,425       113,559

Fund balance, beginning of year                                (795,233)       220,566      (574,667)        23,207,870      675,828     23,883,698   23,309,031   (606,485)       23,801,957    23,195,472
Transfer of funds for purchase of properties                    (97,713)       (12,142)     (109,855)          272,682     (162,827)       109,855            –     (71,316)          71,316             –

Transfer of funds for for internally restricted projects
(note 9)                                                       (200,000)       200,000             –                 –            –              –            –           –                –             –

Fund balance, end of year                                  $   (749,586)   $ 416,155      $ (333,431)    $ 23,007,121     $ 616,052      $23,623,173 $23,289,742 $ (574,667)   $ 23,883,698 $ 23,309,031

See accompanying notes to non-consolidated financial statements.

F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T S                                                                                                                                                                                 (continued)

Year ended March 31, 2009, with comparative figures for 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                               2009                                      2008

Operating activities:
    Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses                                                                                                                                     $        (19,289)                        $         113,559
    Items not affecting cash:
        Amortization                                                                                                                                                                         614,275                                   617,295
     Change in non-cash operating working capital:
        Accounts receivable                                                                                                                                                                (283,344)                                 (100,222)
        Due from The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated                                                                                                                                  (3,913)                                   (1,648)
        Inventories                                                                                                                                                                           (1,048)                                   (3,954)
        Prepaid expenses                                                                                                                                                                     100,134                                 (101,853)
        Accrued benefit asset                                                                                                                                                                (76,325)                                   119,000
        Accounts payable and accrued liabilities                                                                                                                                             310,849                                     51,814
        Accrued benefit liability                                                                                                                                                               29,369                                    45,878

                                                                                                                                                                                            670,708                                   739,869

Investing and financing activities:
     Decrease in bank indebtedness                                                                                                                                                         (192,672)                                  (47,223)
     Increase in restricted cash                                                                                                                                                                  –                                  (125,000)
     Purchase of properties                                                                                                                                                                (478,036)                                 (567,646)

                                                                                                                                                                                          (670,708)                                 (739,869)

Change in cash, being cash, end of year                                                                                                                                             $               –                        $                –

See accompanying notes to non-consolidated financial statements.

Year ended March 31, 2009

The Manitoba Museum (the Museum) is a public, not-for-profit organization operating programs to preserve the heritage of Manitoba. The Museum is incorporated by a Special Act of Manitoba Legislation. The Museum is a registered charity
under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and is therefore exempt from income taxes.

(a) Basis of presentation: The Museum exercises control over The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated (the Foundation) by virtue of its abilities to appoint all of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
    The Foundation’s financial results have not been consolidated in the Museum’s financial statements. Financial statements for the Foundation are prepared separately. A financial summary of the Foundation’s financial position as at
    March 31, 2009 and 2008 and the results of operations for the years then ended are as follows:

                                                                                                                                                                                              2009                                      2008

Assets                                                                                                                                                                              $        68,120                          $     1,062,911
Liabilities                                                                                                                                                                         $         7,613                          $         2,350
Unrestricted net assets                                                                                                                                                                      60,507                                1,060,561

                                                                                                                                                                                    $        68,120                          $ 1,062,911

Results of operations:
    Revenue                                                                                                                                                                         $       47,843                           $         71,695
    Operating Expenses                                                                                                                                                                      47,897                                     43,088
    Transfer of funds to The Winnipeg Foundation                                                                                                                                         1,000,000                                          –

Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses                                                                                                                                        $ (1,000,054)                            $         28,607

(b) Fund accounting: The Museum follows the restricted fund method of accounting for contributions. Revenue and expenses related to program and project delivery and administrative activities are reported in the General Fund.
    The Properties Fund reports the assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses related to the Museum’s properties and building renewal campaign.
     Other Restricted Funds consists of Special Projects Fund and the Working Capital Reserve Fund. The Special Projects Fund reports the assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses related to restricted resources to be used for specific projects
     undertaken by the Museum. The Working Capital Reserve Fund reports the assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses restricted for the purpose of providing the Museum with a working capital reserve. These reserve funds may be
     accessed for cash flow purposes over the course of a given year but must be replenished prior to year end (note 5).

2 . SIG N I F IC A N T AC C OU N T I NG P OL IC IES                                                      (c ont inue d)
(c) Inventories: Inventories are valued at the lower of cost and net realizable value.
(d) Properties: Properties are capitalized on the following basis:
     (i) History and ethnology artifacts purchased are recorded at cost and those accepted as donations are at estimated value on the date of receipt by the Museum’s curatorial staff.
     (ii) Natural history artifacts are collected by the Museum’s staff on field trips. The related field trip costs are included in the cost of properties. No salary costs related to the collecting and preparing of the specimens are capitalized.
     (iii) Archaeology artifacts on hand April 1, 1989 are recorded at a nominal amount of $1. Subsequent to April 1, 1989, artifacts purchased are recorded at cost and those accepted as donations are valued at estimated value on the date
           of receipt by the Museum’s curatorial staff. Artifacts collected by the Museum’s staff are recorded at the cost of the related collection project, excluding salary costs related to their collection and preparation.
     (iv) The cost of exhibits constructed and refurbished on the premises are capitalized at cost and include an allocation of staff salaries and related costs.
     (v) Furnishings and equipment purchases are capitalized at cost.
     (vi) Library books and periodicals purchased are capitalized at cost and those books accepted as donations are valued at a minimum of $10 per book.
The carrying value of assets disposed of and the portions of exhibits removed to facilitate refurbishment are removed from the accounts and charged to income in the year of disposal or refurbishment.
Amortization expense is reported in the Properties Fund. Amortization is provided using the declining balance method at the following annual rates:
Asset                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Rate
Exhibits                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        5%
Furnishings and equipment                                                                                                                                                                                                                    12.5%
Library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         5%
Leasehold improvements                                                                                                                                                                                                                          5%

(e) Employee future benefits: The Museum has a defined benefit pension plan and a long service benefit plan covering substantially all of its employees. The transitional asset and obligations are being amortized over the average
    remaining service period of active employees expected to receive benefits under the benefit plans. As well, for each of the plans, the excess of unamortized gains and losses over 10 percent of the greater of the fair value of plan assets
    and the benefit obligations is being amortized over the average remaining service period of active employees expected to receive benefits under the benefit plan. The average remaining service period for both plans is 11 years in
    2009 (2008 - 11 years). The cost of pensions and other retirement benefits earned by employees is determined using the projected benefit method pro rated on service and management’s best estimate of expected plan investment
    performance, salary escalation and retirement ages of employees. The discount rate used to determine the accrued benefit obligation was determined by reference to market interest rates at the measurement date on high-quality debt
    instruments with cash flows that match the timing and amount of expected benefit payments. For purposes of calculating the expected return on plan assets, those assets are valued at fair value.
(f) Recognition of revenue: Restricted contributions related to general operations are recognized as revenue of the General Fund in the year in which the related expenses are incurred. All other restricted contributions are recognized as
    revenue of the appropriate restricted fund in the year received or receivable if the amount can be reasonably estimated and collection is reasonably assured.
     Unrestricted contributions are recognized as revenue of the General Fund in the year received or receivable if the amount to be received can be reasonably estimated and collection is reasonably assured.
     Investment income on investments held in the Special Projects Fund and the Working Capital Reserve Fund is recorded as income in the General Fund. Admissions and other revenue are taken into income when earned.
(g) Donations in-kind: Donated materials and services are recorded when the materials or services would have to be purchased if they were not donated and where an estimate of fair market value can be reasonably determined.
(h) Vacation pay: Vacation pay is recorded on an accrual basis. The annual adjustment to the accrued vacation pay liability is recorded as increase (decrease) in accrued vacation pay in the statement of operations.
(i) Contributed service: Volunteers contribute in excess of 16,000 hours per year to assist the Museum in carrying out its programs and activities. Because of the difficulty of determining their fair value, contributed volunteer services are
    not recognized in the financial statements.
     The Museum occupies space owned by The Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation on a rent-free basis. The Manitoba Centennial Centre Corporation receives a grant directly from the Province of Manitoba, Department of Culture,
     Heritage, Tourism and Sport to cover all occupancy costs pertaining to the premises.
(j) Financial instruments: Financial assets and liabilities held-for-trading are measured at fair value with gains and losses recognized in excess of revenues over expenses. Financial instruments classified as held-to-maturity, loans
    and receivables and other liabilities are measured at amortized cost. Available-for-sale financial instruments are measured at fair value, with unrealized gains and losses recognized directly in fund balances.
     The Museum designates restricted cash and bank indebtedness as held-for-trading; accounts receivable and due from The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated as loans and receivables; and accounts payable and accrued
     liabilities as other liabilities. The Museum has neither available-for-sale nor held-to-maturity instruments.
     Except for held-for-trading designated financial instruments, transaction costs that are directly attributable to the acquisition or issuance of financial assets or liabilities are accounted for as part of the respective asset or liability’s
     carrying value at inception and amortized over the expected life of the financial instrument using the effective interest method. For held-for-trading financial assets and liabilities, transaction costs are recorded in the statement of
     operations as incurred.
(k) Use of estimates: The preparation of financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities, the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the
    date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenues and expenses during the year. Actual results could differ from those estimates.

The Museum adopted the new standard, Handbook Section 3031, Inventories, on April 1, 2008. This standard establishes that inventories should be measured at the lower of cost and net realizable value, with guidance on the determination of
cost. The standard requires entities to assess the recoverability of inventory costs in comparison to net realizable value. In addition, the standard requires disclosing, in the current period, the amount of write-downs recognized as an expense
and the amount recognized as a reversal of previous write-downs. The implementation of the standard on April 1, 2008 resulted in no change in inventory or unrestricted fund balance.

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) issued the following accounting standards that will come into effect for the Museum’s next fiscal year. The Museum is in the process of determining the impact that these standards will
have on its financial reporting.
On April 1, 2009, the Museum will adopt CICA Section 3862, Financial Instruments - Disclosures and Section 3863, Financial Instruments - Presentation replacing the existing Section 3861, Financial Instruments - Disclosure and Presentation.
These new sections revise and enhance disclosure requirements, and carry forward, unchanged, existing presentation requirements. These new sections place increased emphasis on disclosures about the nature and extent of risks arising from
financial instruments and how the entity manages those risks.
In September 2008, a number of standards applicable to not-for-profit organizations were amended and new Section 4470, Disclosures of Allocated Expenses by Not-for-Profit Organizations, was issued. The new Section 4470 requires
entities that make allocations of general support and fundraising costs to other functions to disclose the policies adopted for the allocation of expenses among functions, the nature of the expenses being allocated, the basis on which such
allocations have been made, and the functions to which they have been allocated. In addition, the amendments to the not-for-profit organization standards include clarification of when revenues and expenses are to be reported on a gross
basis; clarification of the treatment of internal and external restriction on net assets; and improved guidance related to application of GAAP hierarchy, capital asset standards and statement of cash flows. The Museum will adopt these standards
on April 1, 2009.

During fiscal 2005, the Museum entered into a five year funding agreement with Arts Stabilization Manitoba, Inc. (ASM). Under the funding agreement, ASM has provided a total of $500,000 to establish a Working Capital Reserve Fund. During
2008, the Museum received its final instalment of $125,000 from ASM. The restricted cash of the Working Capital Reserve Fund may be accessed for cash flow purposes over the course of a given year, but must be replenished prior to the
Museum’s fiscal year end, except as otherwise approved by ASM in accordance with the funding agreement. At March 31, 2009, the Museum had $500,000 (2008 - $500,000) held as restricted cash.
On termination of the funding agreement, the Museum must continue to maintain the $500,000 of restricted cash in the Working Capital Reserve Fund at the end of each fiscal year, in perpetuity.
F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T S                                                                                                                                                                              (continued)

                                                                                                      Cost          Accumulated amortization                             2009 Net book value                  2008 Net book value

Artifacts                                                                                  $    12,799,379          $                                    –               $                    12,799,379                $       12,735,117
Exhibits                                                                                         9,288,837                                       5,271,232                                     4,017,605                         4,025,523
Furnishings and equipment                                                                        3,029,449                                       2,215,051                                       814,398                           730,908
Library                                                                                            766,104                                         476,487                                       289,617                           294,454
Leasehold improvements                                                                           9,979,395                                       4,825,895                                     5,153,500                         5,424,736
                                                                                           $ 35,863,164             $                         12,788,665                 $                23,074,499                    $       23,210,738

Details of changes in the cost of properties are as follows:
                                                                                                                                                                                 2009                                               2008
Development of exhibits:
    Salaries                                                                                                                                                         $          45,197                                      $      38,631
    Travel                                                                                                                                                                       3,426                                              1,627
    Materials and supplies                                                                                                                                                      28,134                                             66,349
    General and administrative costs                                                                                                                                           126,777                                             78,320
    Equipment                                                                                                                                                                   45,679                                            152,566
                                                                                                                                                                               249,213                                            337,493
Acquisition of properties:
         Artifacts                                                                                                                                                              19,713                                              2,675
         Furnishings and equipment                                                                                                                                             154,155                                            190,244
         Library                                                                                                                                                                10,405                                             11,242
                                                                                                                                                                               184,273                                            204,161
Donations in-kind:
    Artifacts                                                                                                                                                                   44,550                                             25,992
Increase in properties                                                                                                                                                         478,036                                            567,646
Properties, beginning of year, at cost                                                                                                                                       35,385,128                                         34,817,482
Properties, end of year, at cost                                                                                                                                     $ 35,863,164                                           $ 35,385,128

                                                                                                                                                                                2009                                                2008

Cash                                                                                                                                                                 $           17,240                                     $        8,308
Operating line of credit                                                                                                                                                       (57,777)                                          (241,517)
                                                                                                                                                                     $        (40,537)                                      $   (233,209)

The Museum has an operating line of credit to a maximum of $800,000. The operating line of credit is due on demand, bears interest at bank prime and is unsecured.

The Museum maintains a defined benefit pension plan and a long service benefit plan for substantially all its employees. Both plans provide post-employment benefit payments based on length of service and final average earnings. An
additional long service benefit is provided to eligible retirees based on career earnings from initial eligibility.
The Museum’s accrued benefit asset/liability and the market value of the defined benefit pension plan’s net assets are determined by an actuarial valuation performed every three years. The latest valuation date for the defined benefit pension
plan was December 31, 2006. At March 31, 2009, based on the extrapolation of the latest available valuation, the defined benefit pension plan’s obligations are estimated to be approximately $9,856,000 (2008 - $12,437,000) and the market
value of the assets available to provide these benefits is $9,654,000 (2008 - $12,640,000), resulting in a deficit of $202,000 (2008 - surplus of $203,000).
The latest valuation date for the long service benefit plan was March 31, 2005. At March 31, 2009, based on the extrapolation of the latest available valuation, the long service benefit plan’s obligations are estimated to be approximately
$476,000 (2008 - $456,000), of which the Museum has provided an accrued benefit liability of $426,855 (2008 - $397,486). The Museum has not segregated assets to fund the long service benefit plan’s obligations.
The accrued benefit asset for the defined benefit pension plan and the accrued benefit liability for the long service benefit plan are reported in the Museum’s non-consolidated statement of financial position.
Information about the Museum’s defined benefit pension plan and long service benefit plan is as follows:
                                                                                                                                        2009                                                                     2008
                                                                                                                   Defined benefit                 Long service                             Defined benefit                 Long service
                                                                                                                     pension plan                benefit plan                               pension plan                 benefit plan

Net benefit cost                                                                                                    $             185,717         $         77,000                         $            256,000          $           74,000
Accrued benefit asset (liability)                                                                                                 736,325                (426,855)                                      660,000                   (397,486)
Plan assets at fair value                                                                                                      9,654,000                        –                                   12,640,000                           –
Employer’s contributions                                                                                                         262,042                   47,631                                      254,793                      28,121
Employee’s contributions                                                                                                         160,271                        –                                      155,836                           –
Benefits paid                                                                                                                     902,374                   47,631                                      481,000                      28,121

8 . E M PLOY E E F U T U R E BE N E F I T S                                       (c ont inue d)
The significant actuarial assumptions adopted in measuring the Museum’s accrued benefit asset/liability are as follows:
                                                                                                                                    2009                                                              2008
                                                                                                                      Defined benefit      Long service                                     Defined benefit                     Long service
                                                                                                                        pension plan      benefit plan                                       pension plan                     benefit plan

Discount rate                                                                                                                           7.70%                   6.40%                                     5.60%                        5.50%
Expected long-term rate of return of plan assets                                                                                        7.70%                      N/A                                    5.60%                           N/A
Rate of compensation increase                                                                                                           4.00%                   4.00%                                     4.00%                        4.00%

The Board of Governors can internally restrict net assets stipulating that these net assets be used for a specific purpose. These internally restricted amounts are not available for other purposes without approval by the Board of Governors.
The internally restricted net assets of the General Fund are comprised of the following:
                                                                                                                                                                                                         2009                            2008

Rental facilities - equipment purchases                                                                                                                                                    $           5,607                    $      5,607
Training and Opportunity                                                                                                                                                                               8,250                           8,337
Young Scientists Club                                                                                                                                                                                    457                             457
Say it with a Star                                                                                                                                                                                    16,864                          21,536
Publications Committee                                                                                                                                                                                10,454                          10,105
Exhibits                                                                                                                                                                                              49,523                          49,524
Nonsuch Conservation Phase I                                                                                                                                                                         125,000                         125,000
Website redevelopment                                                                                                                                                                                 45,000                               –
Software Upgrade                                                                                                                                                                                      75,000                               –
Provision for pension shortfall                                                                                                                                                                       80,000                               –
                                                                                                                                                                                           $         416,155                    $ 220,566

10. GRANTS                                                                                                      2009                                                                                 2008
                                                                                         General            Properties              Other Restricted                     General               Properties            Other Restricted
                                                                                           Fund                 Fund                         Funds                         Fund                    Fund                       Funds

Province of Manitoba: Department of Culture, Heritage, Tourism & Sport  $                  3,063,500        $      325,421          $                47,147              $ 3,018,200           $     350,000         $                      –
Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation                                                      140,000                     –                                –                  140,000                       –                           10,000
City of Winnipeg                                                                              43,000                     –                                –                   43,000                       –                                –
The Winnipeg Foundation                                                                            –                     –                                –                        –                  40,000                                –
Arts Stabilization Manitoba, Inc. (note 5)                                                         –                     –                                –                        –                       –                          125,000
Government of Canada: Canadian Arts and Heritage Sustainability Program                            –               111,125                                –                        –                       –                                –
                                                                                     $    3,246,500         $     436,546           $                47,147              $3,201,200            $     390,000         $               135,000

1 1 . F U N DR A I SI NG                                                                                                 2009                                                                               2008
                                                                                                 General Fund               Properties Fund                                   General Fund                          Properties Fund

Individual                                                                                       $            52,872            $                       –                     $             53,326                  $                        –
Special events                                                                                                98,955                                    –                                   93,179                                           –
Sponsorship                                                                                                  213,511                                    –                                  177,255                                           –
                                                                                                 $          365,338             $                       –                     $           323,066                   $                        –

During the year, the following transactions were entered into with The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated:
                                                                                                                                                                                                      2009                             2008

Grants received, revenue in the Special Projects Fund                                                                                                                                      $           38,787                  $       30,550
Refund of unspent grants in the Special Projects Fund                                                                                                                                                 (3,260)                               –
Administration fee recovery - included in other income of the General Fund                                                                                                                              1,000                           1,000
Research, collections and exhibits support - included in other income of the General Fund                                                                                                              10,000                          10,000

These transactions are in the normal course of operations and are measured at the exchange amount, which is the amount of consideration established and agreed to by the related parties.
The inter-fund loans are non-interest bearing, due on demand, have no specified terms of repayment and are unsecured.

1 3 . FA I R VA LU E
The fair value of accounts receivable, due from The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated and accounts payable and accrued liabilities approximates their carrying value due to their short term to maturity.

F I N A N C I A L S TAT E M E N T S                                                                                                                    (continued)

Year ended March 31, 2009
                                                                            Fund balance       Project revenue          Project         Inter-fund       Fund balance
                                                                           March 31, 2008     (refund/transfer)        expenses           transfers     March 31, 2009

Special Projects Fund:
Government of Canada grants:
    Portraits of the North Traveling Exhibit                                          6,916   $            2,829   $        9,745   $             –     $              –
    First Nations First Farmers Phase 1                                              13,246               23,815           31,608                 –                5,453
    First Nations First Farmers Phase 2                                                   –               94,728           90,928                 –                3,800
    Young Canada Works                                                                    –                3,102            3,102                 –                    –
    Summer Career Placement                                                               –                3,644            3,644                 –                    –
Province of Manitoba:
     Building accessibility                                                               –               22,568           13,292              9,276                   –
     Elm Creek meteorite                                                                  –                5,000                –              5,000                   –
     Audio tour, phase 2                                                                  –                3,820            2,919                  –                 901
     Manitobans and World War II, Phase 1                                                 –                4,886            3,229                  –               1,657
     Late Precontact Connections                                                      7,817                2,517           10,334                  –                   –
     Digitization Project Phase 2                                                     2,633                4,014            1,863              4,487                 297
     Manitoba’s Black Trainmen                                                            –                6,000            6,000                  –                   –
     Traveling Plants & Prairie Pollinators                                           7,629                1,550            3,437                  –               5,742
     Earth History Gallery Renewal                                                        –               24,579                –             56,755            (32,176)
The Manitoba Museum Foundation Incorporated:
     Parklands - New Features                                                         8,788                    –              913                  –               7,875
     Parklands - tech upgrade                                                             –                4,206              701              3,501                   4
     Science Gallery refurbishment                                                    1,846                    –                –              1,846                   –
     Science Gallery exhibits                                                         8,558                    –              467              6,531               1,560
     Elm Creek meteorite                                                                  –                9,812              195              9,617                   –
     The Way We Live in Duck Bay                                                      4,763                    –                –                  –               4,763
     Inventory Ethnographic/Fur Trade Collection                                        626                    –              622                  –                   4
     Red River Trails                                                                 3,260              (3,260)                –                  –                   –
     The Pas Archaeological Project                                                     156                    –              156                  –                   –
     Two Eagles Burial Cache                                                          3,645                    –                –                  –               3,645
     Ancient History Granville Lake                                                   3,616                    –                –                  –               3,616
     Understanding Ancient Developments of SW Manitoba                                    –                6,106                –                  –               6,106
     Pollination Ecology Western Silvery Aster                                            –                2,470            2,470                  –                   –
     Cat Head Formation Study                                                           580                    –                –                  –                 580
     Williams Lake Site Paleontology                                                    888                    –                –                  –                 888
     Earth History Gallery renewal                                                   13,876                    –                –             13,876                   –
     Ancient environments at Williams Lake                                                –                5,403            4,138                  –               1,265
     Biodiversity Lake Winnipeg Phase III                                                 –                5,300            5,300                  –                   –
     Discovery Room upgrades                                                              –                5,490                –                  –               5,490
Other grants/special projects:
      City of Winnipeg Summer employment grant                                            –                6,000            6,000                  –                   –
      Elm Creek meteorite                                                                 –               14,617                –             14,617                   –
      Pollination Ecology Western Silvery Aster                                           –                2,470            1,309              1,161                   –
      Earth History Gallery renewal                                                       –                3,160                –              3,160                   –
      Repatriation Budget                                                             1,155                    –                –                  –               1,155
      Granville Lake Oral History                                                       788                    –                –                  –                 788
      Ancient Burial Caches From Winnipeg River                                         335                    –                –                  –                 335
      ACI Mentorship                                                                                       1,000              450                  –                 550
      Archaeological collections analysis                                               205                    –              205                  –                   –
      Development/production of native horticultural unit                                58                    –               58                  –                   –
      Sipiwesk archaeology project                                                    5,748                2,477            8,225                  –                   –
      Winnipeg River - Sagkeeng funding                                               5,250                    –                –                  –               5,250
      Manitoba Hydro - large burial cache                                             2,187                    –                –                  –               2,187
      Archaeology assessment Fox Lake                                                   522                    –              522                  –                   –
      1919 Strike exhibit                                                            20,285               63,680           35,685                  –              48,280
      Stolen Dreams - child labour exhibit                                            2,356                    –                –                  –               2,356
      Isla Ayre donation                                                              1,829                    –                –                  –               1,829
      Churchill trilobite research                                                       72                    –                –                  –                  72
      Canadian paleontology conference                                                  300               10,191           10,491                  –                   –
      Manitoba Hydro - Lake Winnipeg Biodiversity III                                 4,950                    –            1,739                  –               3,211
      Manitoba Robot Games                                                           12,112               26,210           34,374                  –               3,948
      Canadian Space Agency                                                               –               56,500           23,500             33,000                   –
      Galileo live planetarium show                                                       –                5,529            5,529                  –                   –
      Nonsuch conservation                                                           21,506                    –            4,212                  –              17,294
      Hudson’s Bay coastal inventory project                                          7,327                    –                –                  –               7,327
Total Special Projects Fund                                                         175,828              430,413          327,362            162,827             116,052
Working Capital Reserve Fund: Arts Stabilization Manitoba, Inc. (note 5)            500,000                   –                –                  –              500,000
Total other restricted funds                                               $       675,828    $         430,413    $     327,362    $       162,827     $       616,052


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