Getting Your Computer Connected To The Internet by nda2468


									Getting Your Computer Connected To The Internet

You finally got your own computer but it just isn't complete without its
own Internet connection. What should you do to get yourself connected?
Just follow these simple steps to get unlimited Internet access.

For a small set-up fee, you can ask an Internet provider to provide you
with the services on your computer. You may even get hands-on lessons on
how to utilize your browser and how to take advantage of e-mails.

If your problem is how to connect to the Internet while your on campus,
it is important that you get a network card and ask to be assisted by
your school in installing the network protocol which is the TCP/IP
address. This address is what is needed to get connected.

If you are a laptop user, it is greatly advantageous if you connect to a
wi-fi connection on campus so that anywhere in the campus, you can get
free Internet services. Just go to the assigned person for services in
your university such as this.

If you want to be connected in the residence hall where you are staying,
fill out a form and submit to the designated Internet connection
representative. Schedule an appointment with the technician. Just be sure
your computer meets all the minimum requirements for Internet connection.
Its as easy as this.

What if you live off-campus? How do you connect? Dial-up access is also
available for these cases. Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask
about your options because, if you want faster access, you should go for
broadband which has unlimited and faster access.

In all cases, it is just a matter of contacting the Internet Service
provided in your campus or area. Necessary forms should be filled out and
submitted. With a technicians help, voila, you have Internet access.

Did you know that you could also connect to the Internet using your
mobile phone? Your cell phone can serve as a modem through Bluetooth or
through a wireless Internet connection. Here's how. Just make a
connection between your PC or laptop through Bluetooth connection or USB
connection. Just go to the GPRS Info Page and encode your username and
password. Be sure you are discoverable before beginning. All the
instructions will be stated on the webpage as you continue.

See how simple it is? Now you can connect to the Internet in several ways
and in whatever situation you are in. Just find the right person for the
job or follow simple steps and you're ready.

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