Beer Tower Mounting Instructions by sdfgsg234


									                                           Beer Tower Mounting Instructions:
                                             Field Installed Column Tower with Drain Pan
                                                                                  column top plate
                                           base plate
          beer line hole
                                           mounting holes
                                                                    drain pan
         drain hole

                  drain pan
                  base plate             column stiffener
                                         mounting holes

                                                                                                     column stiffener     column skin
NOTE If your Beer Tower was partially installed in the factory, start with installation step #11.

1. For remote cooled towers,         2. Remove the two #10-32x1-          3. Position the drain pan base      4. Using a straight edge and
   remove faucets.                      1/4” phillips truss head s/s         plate in the desired location       the four column stiffener
                                        machine screws and the               and mark all holes.                 mounting holes, mark the
                                        column top plate. Remove                                                 center of the beer line
                                        the column skin from the                                                 hole.
                                        column stiffener.

5. Drill all holes using a 1/8”      7. Drill the beer line hole(s)       8. Apply a bead of silicone         9. Mount the base plate with
   drill bit.                           and drain hole to 1/4”. Fin-         sealant around each hole            four #8x3/4” phillips pan
6. Use a 3/16” drill bit to en-         ish the drain hole at 1-1/2”,        on the countertop and an            head particle board screws,
   large the four column stiff-         and the beer line hole at 3-         additional bead forming a           provided, or use your own
   ener holes surrounding the           1/4” using an appropriately          rectangle perimeter around          screws if more appropriate
   beer line access hole(s).            sized hole saw.                      all the base plate mounting         for your installation.

F-750-352 Rev. C                                                                                                                 12/14/06
                                          Beer Tower Mounting Instructions:
                                        Field Installed Column Tower with Drain Pan, Continued

10. Air cooled towers that mount               11. Mount the column stiffener with      12. Place the drain pan over the col-
    directly above the keg cooler                  the four #14x1-1/4” phillips pan         umn stiffener and base plate.
    include a top hat sleeve. Mount                head sheet metal screws, pro-
    the sleeve from inside the cooler              vided, or use your own screws
    upward with the four #10x1/2”                  if more appropriate for your in-
    phillips pan head s/s screws pro-              stallation. Run the beer lines
    vided.                                         through the hole at the same
                                                   time. (Air model pictured.)

                                               14. Place the column stiffener, with     15. This step is for remote cooled
13. Secure the drain pan to the
                                                   the locating tabs pointing down-         towers. Put three drops of Loc-
    base plate with the four #10-32
                                                   ward, over the column stiffener.         tite® into each threaded cold
    phillips pan head s/s machine
                                                   The locating tabs must slide into        plate hole. Then, tightly screw
    screws provided (will be brass
                                                   the locating slots. For air cooled       faucet and shank into the col-
    screws for brass towers).
                                                   towers, run the beer lines               umn. If the faucet angle is
                                                   through the hole at the same             wrong, loosen nut with spanner
                                                   time. (Air model pictured.)              wrench, leaving the shank in
                                                                                            place. Adjust faucet angle and
                                                                                            tighten nut.

16. Mount the column top plate with            17. Apply a bead of silicone seal-        18.	 This	 final	 step	 is	 for	 air	 cooled	
    the two #10-32x1-1/4” phillips                 ant around the perimeter of the            towers only. The keg cooler
    truss head s/s machine screws                  drain	pan.	Use	your	index	finger	          should include a blower hose
    provided.                                      to smooth out the bead.                    for cooling the tower. Place the
                                                                                              open end of the blower hose in-
                                                                                              side the column from inside the
                                                                                              cooler up to the marked posi-
F-750-352 Rev. C                                                                                                        12/14/06

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