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The Mega Marketing Launcher
Reach your marketing potential!

By DSM Publishing Limited

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elcome to the Mega Marketing Launcher (MML). They take time and effort to create, they have to be researched, written and put together. The biggest problem with marketable products is that we need them. It’s no surprise to me how easy it is to market a product today compared to before the World Wide Web. OK, there is no fluff in this E-Book. I am going to show you with examples how you can market a product for next to no outlay and create your own income through internet marketing strategies. Many top marketing gurus believe that no real money can be made through affiliating someone else’s product. I TOTALLY DISAGREE I am a strong believer that there are lots of products out there that you can make a large affiliate income from. BUT you still need somewhere to market it from and your own product is the perfect place to start. It’s very easy to have your own product – but the better the product the easier it is to market! Own Product = Big Money ££££ I used to market lots of other peoples products, more so than my own. I then stumbled on a secret. Yep that old internet marketing cherry ‘I stumbled on a secret’ The difference is I didn’t really stumble on it – I fell over it with a huge crash and when I realised what I’d found I sat down hard. This really was a good moment in my life. Of course I didn’t know it was a secret until I started looking at the best selling E-Books, software and other marketing courses on the net. It was like back-engineering alien craft – impossible until I knew what I was looking for, but once I had an inkling of how the secret worked… There it was………..
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I could see, with clear eyes (that were rapidly filling with dollar signs) how it all hung together:

1. How the gurus devised their products 2. How they made sure OTHER PEOPLE did the work for them 3. How I could do the same. Of course I had to adapt the system a little because I don’t have access to the same resources the gurus do. Also I wanted this system to be available to people just like me, as long as they pay me for it. Don’t worry examples ARE included, and they’re coming up shortly.

1. Find out what people want.
I hate this part of the process and don’t do this side of things all the time. I often use my ‘instinct’ as to what people want. Experts tell you never to do this. Sometimes they’re right and I make a big mistake of the whole thing, but not often. I like to trust my instinct – it’s got me this far. I always think that if a ‘guru’ (definition: someone who earns more than you and tells you they do) gives advice that goes against your gut feeling then go with your gut. You don’t know the guru from Adam but you grew up with your gut. I like gut feeling. My gut tells me if something interests me there’s a good chance that others will like the look of it to.
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Now some readers will be jumping in their seats and shouting……  Research  Test  Demand And many other marketing words, which is why I’ve included the methods I use to find out if there’s a demand for a product. Surely it would make sense to make absolutely sure that there was a market for your product before you started to write it. After all, why put all that hard work and effort into something if no-one wants to buy it? Well you’d be correct in your thinking IF you were going down the traditional route to come up with your E-Book – weeks, perhaps months of research and writing before you come up with a half-decent product. But you’re not. This E-Book will show you how to create a unique product that you own SOLE rights to that has been practically written by other people, many of who are experts and highly respected in their fields. Let the millionaire marketers earn your money for you. I’ll show you how. Best of all you won’t have to pay them a penny. Now let’s get down to it If you’re familiar with these methods just skip forward to the juicy bits about product creation, but it wouldn’t be fair to the readers who weren’t aware of how to research product demand if I didn’t include it. Here’s how I do it.

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Suppose I had an idea for an E-Book on ‘internet marketing through article distribution’. Step 1: You would need to check out terms such as ways to distribute your idea through articles. First of all start looking for opt-in ezines, mailing lists or sites about this subject. Check out the number of adsense ads down the right side of the page. This will tell you if other people are (or aren’t) interested in the subject.

Put simply - Is there a demand?
You can’t be sure just from doing this but if other people are reading and writing about it there probably is.

Step 2: Go to and select Keyword Selector Tool. Type ‘article distribution’ ‘article submission’ or ‘marketing through articles’ (or any related phrase to your own idea) into this and it will tell you how many people searched Yahoo for that keyword the previous month. If it's 500, don't bother. If it's 100,000 be careful because it might be too big. 10,000 to 25,000, in my experience, seems to be the optimum number. Step 3: Place a Google Adword Ad such as: Article submission probs? List your 10 most burning article
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Questions here and get answers The above address would be a domain name you’ve bought (for a few dollars) and put together. When clicked on, the customer is taken to a page that simply asks him for the top 10 things he wants to know about article submission. When he clicks SUBMIT these details are recorded (you can have them sent to your email address as well) and an AUTORESPONDER message is sent to the clicker which reads: Notice that the system does four things: 1. By the number of clicks to your website it gives you a rough idea how popular your final product will be. 2. It will generate a list of people to send the E-Book to. You can send them an initial free report (sourced free from the internet or researched and quickly written) then follow this with your main product. Even if they don’t buy there’s a good chance they’ll sign up as an affiliate. 3. You can sell them a follow-up E-Book you have already sourced from Somewhere else, using that source's affiliate link. This helps with the cost of the Adword, or may even make you a profit. 4. They've written the book for you! Just answer the top questions!!! Simply research the answers on the internet. Step 4: When you’ve had all your questions answered and it’s time to actually start selling your E-Book, simply change your auto responder message to say: “Thank you for all your answers. If you would like information about our new and exciting EBook were some of your comments will feature then Click Here” You would then include a link to your website or alternatively you include a form instead.
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Step 5: Market the E-Book generally using the usual IM methods of Joint Ventures, Adwords, forum posting, email signatures and EBay.

Step 6: Bank the money. You can use this system for any product. This is a seriously effective system. It’s a money machine. It really is that simple! It’s not just a system for checking out demand for a product – it’s also a way of actually having someone practically write it for you and then put themselves on your mailing list so you can sell it to them! Another old chestnut - The above information is worth 100 times the price of this E-Book, because that’s how much it can make for you, per week if you’ll only try it! But astoundingly, that’s NOT the key information in this E-Book. The information I’m about to tell you is worth ONE THOUSAND times the price you paid, because by using it you’ll never have to struggle to create a product that you own SOLE rights to again. And that, my friends, is the same as giving you an income for life! I’m barely going to touch on how I came across this method – rather I’m going to dive straight in and tell you that there is an Internet phenomenon happening at the moment. There is an undying, inexhaustible pool of
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ideas and virtually ready-made products just waiting for you to grab the information spend a day creating the product, and a lifetime reaping the rewards. And here it is: ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUMS

A Google search will show you how many there are although there’s a big list later in this fine publication. I know you’ll already be a member of several forums. I know you regularly visit forums and haven’t noticed
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the ready-made products there just waiting (with your name on) to be plucked and sold. That’s because you’ve been looking in the wrong place. Stick with me because I’m going to show you a product that I created in ONE HOUR (including sandwich-eating time) that has brought me thousands of pounds and that’s without me even marketing it! I have plans to JV with marketers and fully expect this product to bring me in excess of $10,000. That’s from just one product.

The Secret Free Software Database
Stop wasting your money on expensive software!
But not just any software – this comes highly recommended by top net marketers. In short people who use it, every day, to create wealth. I couldn’t have researched that in a MILLION YEARS on the internet on my own. I needed to be TOLD by experts what they used, and that they regarded it highly, and that it worked. Oh Yes, and best of all that it was FREE. Couldn’t be simpler? As I say it’s just a list of software. But WHAT a list? It saved many marketers hundreds of dollars. It’s made me many thousands more! If you are a member of the DSM Publishing newsletter you will be able to get it half price at £2.50 Click Here to Join
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I did little more that cutting and pasting it from source and it still earned me thousands of dollars. It took me an hour to put together and a little longer to send a couple of emails to strike a deal with marketing gurus. Most of the internet marketers, who actually did the selling for me, are far more experienced than I am, but they had two things that were essential. 1. They had to have a website or mailing list to sell to 2. They had to recognise a good opportunity when they saw one. I could easily put together my own site selling the above E-Book. I could market it, put it on Clickbank, find affiliates and it’ll probably make me a good living for quite a while, especially on top of my current projects. But for now I’m letting others do the selling for me. You may choose to do the same or sell it yourself, from your own site or EBay, or using Adwords or all the other selling methods known in IM. Now it’s time for what I believe will be the most valuable internet marketing information you’ve ever purchased. How it all works – how to produce unlimited high-quality products from Internet forums and practically have other people do all the hard work for you. I’m going to continue to use my free software list E-Book as an example. You could use any forum on any subject in the same way – classic cars, acne, dog breeding, fly fishing etc and create information products time after time. It doesn’t matter if you know diddly about the subjects because the Information will come from experts. I was browsing through a certain forum. (I won’t say which one but it’s one of the list I give later on) when a certain topic caught my eye. I thought about showing you a screenshot of the actual topic that was listed but there’s a vague possibility I’d be breaking some law or other by not asking permission to include a ‘visual
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representation’ of their site, which is fair enough, but I can tell you that the subject was title something like……………… ‘The Awesome FREE Internet Marketers software list’ Which gave me the idea for my own book………………… All I did was gather the information and publish it into my own PDF file, edit it and sell it for thousands of Pounds. That’s it. There were around four pages of posts, each page containing between 20 and 40 posts most of which were contributing their own recommendations for the best free software available for Internet Marketers. All I had to do was to write an intro to my E-Book and include the URL’s of the free software to it. I didn’t even have to check the links (I didn’t have time) so I put a disclaimer on the E-Book and on the sales page saying that the links were unchecked. There was the odd broken one but the book was fabulous value for money. It saved hard-up internet marketers from having to spend hundreds of dollars on necessary software. I told them where they could get the same or similar software for free. The book sold like crazy!!!

The entire operation took me ONE day. From browsing the Internet forums while I sipped my coffee to having it ready for sale took ONE day. Now I don’t know about you but I reckon that’s pretty unheard of in
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internet marketing terms. I know there are websites that offer content, resell rights, white label rights, etc but I’m talking 12 hours to have a product that you own full rights to, is a high-demand product and you pretty much know is going to make a lot of money. It’s class. If you think this book – this information - isn’t worth 1000 times the money you paid for this little report then get out of internet marketing now – you wouldn’t know gold if it fell out of your fillings. That’s abusive I know but let me take you a few steps further on this journey and you’ll see what I mean. I got this idea from one forum. Here is a list of others. It’s not in any particular order and there are more out there than this. The main one I use is: How to get the forum members to write your E-Book for you. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to browse the forums until you come across a thread that impresses you. From there you can do the research as outlined at the start of this E-Book and see if there’s a market for it. Keep an eye on the post (in the forum not your letterbox) and when it seems as though there won’t be many more contributions gather the information into the media of your choice.
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I prefer PDF files – E-Books because they’re pretty easy to put together and are easy to upload, download etc. You could put the information onto a CD or a video presentation. You could include it in a membership website or give it away as a viral E-Book, but for me, creating a PDF file and selling quickly is the preferred method. Other media can give a higher perceived value but are more costly and less hassle to produce. If you feel there’s any information not covered simply post a message asking for the required information. There’ll be plenty of experts on the forum who’ll be glad to provide you with this information. Now things get better! If you have an idea for a book you could spend weeks if not months researching the idea on the Internet, OR you could simply post a question in a forum. The answers will come thick and fast. You can cherry pick the Information you need, discard the rest, then after a little checking (we want to make sure the facts are correct as far as is possible), put it together as a very saleable product. An example I can give is a nice little seller about… The Perfect British Pie It’s an English book (where else?) that contains about 30 different recipes from all the counties of England, Ireland Scotland & Wales. The book offers what it considers to be the very BEST recipes from these areas and has recipes such as Cornish Pasties, Shepherds Pie, Cottage Pie, Rabbit Pie, Pigeon Pie. The sheer genius of the book is that it not only gives the BEST recipe for each dish but also offers four others that were considered to be not quite as good and didn’t make it to the top slot. This doesn’t sound like genius, but consider the target market. Housewives, cooks, foodies, all of who will pore over a recipe as we Internet Marketers read the latest book on Adsense, looking for slight difference in ingredients and preparation, and nodding sagely as they
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discover the subtle variations in each recipe and why it makes a difference.

A very profitable E-Book Guess where this information came from? A cookery forum, where each contributor added their own favourite recipe until there was enough material for some (modesty prevents me from naming names) genius to compile a book that made thousands of pounds. The perfect pie doesn’t have to win pie awards, it just as to be the perfect pie in the opinion of the author. Exceptional stuff. Now the REAL genius stroke. Did the author have to browse cookery forums looking for a thread entitled ‘The Perfect Pie’? Nope. He created it. He posted a thread, which asked? Which is the BEST pie recipe from each county in the UK? The opinions came in thick and fast. Not all counties were represented but does it matter? People were more than happy to contribute to the great pie debate. This told our genius two things. 1. He was almost certainly going to amass enough material to compile an E-Book 2. People were interested in the subject.
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So that’s it. There’s no more. Thanks for buying this book. Now go out and apply the principles in this book to: Adsense Pay per click marketing E-Books Adwords Website construction Sex Dog breeding Keeping tropical fish Calligraphy And on and on… See what I mean? You are now armed with the skills needed to write on any topic, and to have the vast majority of the work done for you. You’ll end up with a book written by experts.

So what do you think? IS it worth 1000 times what you paid for this book? Good luck Samantha X If you liked this you will love the internet marketing trio that gives you wonderful tips through affiliate marketing, article writing and eBay marketing:
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