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An Afternoon of Song

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   ENDOWED IN MEMORY OF HARRY AND SHI RLEY NACHMAN                                  Vol. 64 No. 6   May 2008    G   Nisan - Iyar 5768

  Sundays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:30     a.m.
                                                             “An Afternoon of Song”
                                                                           SUNDAY, MAY 18                     3:30 PM
  Monday – Friday . . . . . . . . 7:30         a.m.
    May 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:30    a.m.
Shabbat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00   a.m.
Evenings                                                                                 featuring
  Sunday – Friday . . . . . . . . 6:00         p.m.
  Saturdays (Minchah-Maariv)                                     CANTOR FRANK LANZKRON-TAMARAZ0
                                                                    & LISA LANZKRON-TAMARAZ0
     May 3,10. . . . . . . . . . . . 8:00      p.m.
     May 17, 24 & 31 . . . . . . 8:15          p.m.
                                                                     accompanied by the Michigan Sinfonietta
SHABBAT MORNING SERVICES                                and joined by THE ZAMIR CHORALE, THE ADAT SHALOM CHOIR
                                                           and the ADAT SHALOM RUACH YOUTH CHOIR with songs
            MAY 3
                                                            celebrating the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel
            MAY 10                                      OPERA      CLASSICAL MUSIC         ISRAELI SONGS         MUSICAL THEATER
            MAY 17                                                        This concert is underwritten in part
             Behar                                                    by the Diane & Sol Colton k '' z Concert Fund.
           MAY 24                                       Tickets $10. Noteworthy Contributors ($36 per person) and Virtuoso
          Bechukotai                                      Sponsors ($54 per person) are invited to a “pre-glow” reception
                                                                      at 2:30 p.m. and will have special seating.
           MAY 31
           Bemidbar                                                    CHAIRPERSONS: JANIS HOLCMAN   AND   DIANE HOWITT

                                                         GERARD VAN GRINSVEN TO SPEAK ON HEALTH
     JOIN US NEXT MONTH                                   AND HEALING AT MAY SYNERGY PROGRAM

                                                      TIMAGINATION is
                                                          AKING HEALTH & HEALING BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF
                                                                             the topic of a presentation on Friday
         INSTALLATION                                 evening, May 9, by Gerard Van Grinsven, President and Chief
                                                      Executive Officer of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.
           SHABBAT                                          Van Grinsven is the former vice president and area general
                                                      manager for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and has more than
              FRIDAY, JUNE 6
                                                      24 years of global experience in the luxury hospitality industry.
                                                            His vision includes a passion for service, a total
                SEE PAGE 4                            commitment to creating an environment of excellence and
                                                      building successful relationships – with the community, patients
                                                      and employees. His vision for Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital is for the
      HONORING                                        community to embrace it as a wellness center instead of a traditional hospital. The
                                                      hospital will feature state-of-the-art equipment and best practices as well as

                                                      exterior amenities such as a pond and landscaped courtyards – all of which will
                                                      contribute to a healing environment. The hospital also will be an important source
                                                      of information and education for the community.
             FRIDAY, JUNE 20                                He is a former board member of the Detroit Regional
                SEE PAGE 4                                                                                                 DETAILS
                                                      Chamber and the Michigan Kidney Foundation. In 2003, he
                                                      was named as one of the “100 Emerging Business Leaders” by
                                                      the Detroit Regional Chamber.                                        PAGE 5
       WEDNESDAY, MAY 14                                                                      Mazal Tov to our May
            7:30 PM                                                                           Bar & B’not Mitzvah
                                                                                                                                          May 3
                                                                                                                            Zachary Jirik is the son of Karen
                                                                                                                            & Allan Jirik and the grandson of
                                                                                                                            the late Winifred & Warren Jirik
    ll members are invited to Adat Shalom’s
A   Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 14, to
learn about the accomplishments of our
                                                                                                                            and the late Ruth & Abraham
                                                                                                                            David Norman.
synagogue during the past year, review our
financial position, and elect leaders for the                                                                                            May 10
coming season. A memorial service has been                                           Zachary Lewis          Dana Ariel      Dana Goldberg is the daughter of
planned for loved ones whose deaths have                                                 Jirik                              Laura & Andrew Goldberg and the
occurred during the past year.                                                                                              granddaughter of Marilyn & Jerold
                                                                                                                            Hoskow and Marilyn & Darryl
Nominated for 2008-2009 are:
OFFICERS:                                                                                                                                May 17
President . . . . . . . . .          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   Jeffrey Supowit
                                                                                                                            Sydnee Sallan is the daughter of
First Vice President .               .   .   .   .   .   .   .   Julie Teicher                                              Lesly & Andy Sallan, the
Vice President . . . . .             .   .   .   .   .   .   .   Lori Issner                                                granddaughter of Carol Cohen,
Recording Secretary .                .   .   .   .   .   .   .   David Sherbin                                              Jack Cohen, Lorraine Sallan and
Treasurer . . . . . . . . .          .   .   .   .   .   .   .   Norma Dorman                                               Janice & Jerry Sallan, and the
                                                                                            Sydnee Alexa Sallan             great-granddaughter of Edith
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AT LARGE:                                                                                               Cohen.
(term expires in 2009): Joyce Weingarten
(term expires in 2010): Carol Weintraub Fogel                                                                                            May 24
(term expires in 2011): Stuart Logan
                                                                                                                            Sarah Hoberman is the daughter
BOARD OF TRUSTEES: David Goodman (term                                                                                      of Cheryl & Steve Hoberman and
expires in 2009), Jeanne Maxbauer (term expires                                                                             the granddaughter of Eileen & Paul
in 2010), Bruce Brickman, Shannon Dickstein,                                                                                Hoberman and the late Harold &
Alana Aronin (terms expire 2011)                                                                                            Sylvia Tink.
MEMORIAL PARK TRUSTEES:                                                                                                     Alana Lieberman is the daughter
Irving Lichtman, Jack Rubin, Robert Sher,                                             Sarah Ashley          Alana Gayle
                                                                                       Hoberman              Lieberman      of Lori & Michael Lieberman and
Leonard Siegal (terms expire in 2011)                                                                                       the granddaughter of Phyllis &
                                                                                                                            Leon Shy and Marion & Warren
    The by-laws permit additional candidates for any office                                                                 Wolfe.
to be nominated by a petition signed by 25 members in good
standing. The petitions must be filed with the Secretary of
the congregation (by filing in the Synagogue office during
regular business hours) no later than the close of business
                                                                                                                                          May 31
on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. The candidate must consent to                                                                    Jessica    Greenfield      is the
placing his/her name in nomination. As of this date, no                                                                      daughter of Carol Greenfield and
petitions have been filed.
                                                                                                                             the granddaughter of the late Sadie
                       Sincerely,                                                                                            & Louis Greenfield.
            David W. Schostak, President
           Lori Issner, Recording Secretary                                                    Jessica Lindsay
             NOMINATING COMMITTEE                                                                 Greenfield
               Paul Magy, Chairperson
            Mickey Levin    Cindy Nagel
                                                                                                                Healing Service Moved to May 27
           Julie Wiener       David Strauss
                                                                                    TORAH STUDY
                    T H E            V O I C E                                     with Rabbi Shere              Our next Healing Service will take place on
                                                                                                             Tuesday, May 27 at 7:30 p.m. L ed by Rabbi
          published monthly except February and July by                            Shabbat Morning,          Herbert Yoskowitz and Cantor Frank Lanzkron-
                                                                                        May 3
                ADAT SHALOM SYNAGOGUE                                                                        Tamarazo, our healing services are designed for
                  29901 Middlebelt Road
             Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334                                                                those who long for a greater sense of
          Phone: 248-851-5100                G       Fax: 248-851-3190                an opportunity to      spirituality or have concerns related to
        Periodicals Postage entered at the Farmington, Michigan Post Office
            Postmaster: Send address changes to:                                        engage in an         grief, physical or emotional illness, or
                The VOICE, 29901 Middlebelt
                                                                                   interactive discussion    change.
           Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334-2319
                                                                                    of the weekly Torah          The service will take place on the
               Affiliated with United Synagogue
                    of Conservative Judaism                                                portion
                                                                                                             Bimah in the Main Sanctuary.
                                                                          F RO M RA BB I S HERE
    CELEBRATING “THE MERGER”                                                         GO GREEN !

B    elieve it or not, it has been ten years since
     our successful merger with Beth Achim. I
can recall vividly being asked by then
                                                                          T    he Talmudic Sage Ben Zoma used to say,
                                                                               “What labors Adam had to carry out
                                                                          before he obtained bread to eat! He
President Jack Rubin to co-chair a merger                                 ploughed, he sowed, he reaped, he bound
committee with Neal Zalenko and Sid                                       the sheaves, he threshed and winnowed and
Feldman, of blessed memory.                            DAVID              selected the grains, he ground and sifted the RABBI SHERE
     Early on, as we met with Tobi Fox, Bob         SCHOSTAK              flour, he kneaded and baked and then, at
Kass, Ed Sitron, Ed Kohl and Jerry Tepman, of                             last, he ate. Whereas I get up in the morning and find all these
blessed memory, it became clear that the chemistry and the                things done for me.” (Babylonian Talmud, Brakhot 58b)
cultures were a perfect fit. As we worked our way through the                  If this was true for Ben Zoma two thousand years ago, how
various issues, Neal Zalenko summed it up best when he said:              much more so is it for us today! In order to reconnect with the
“Let’s just do something good for the Jewish people.”                     source of our food, as well as to do something healthy for the
     Here we are ten years later, and it is like we have been             environment and local farmers, Adat Shalom is joining forces
together forever. The success of our merger has been a model              with Maple Creek Farms, an organic farm in Yale, Michigan.
for other congregations across the country and, in fact, won              The program is called CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture)
United Synagogue’s Solomon Schechter Award for a                          and it is a great opportunity for Adat Shalom families to buy
membership endeavor.                                                      and eat locally grown food that is minimally packaged,
     It is only appropriate that we all get together to celebrate         chemical free and grown in ways that support and sustain the
that success. Ed Kohl and Neal Zalenko are chairing an event              earth. In case you haven’t tried such produce, it also tastes
which will take place during services on the second day of                better!
Shavuot, June 10th. Please join us for services followed by                    In her book, Small Wonder, Barbara Kingsolver writes,
Kiddush to commemorate this important event in our history.               “Americans have developed a taste for food that’s been seeded,
     None of this could have happened, nor have been as                   fertilized, harvested, processed and packaged in grossly
successful, without the leadership, wisdom and insight of                 energy-expensive ways and then
Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz; therefore, it is not only appropriate            shipped, often refrigerated, for so          (CONTINUED ON PAGE 15)
but beshert that coincidently the following week we honor
Rabbi Yoskowitz’s 14 years of dedicated and continuous service            F R O M CA N TO R F R A N K
                                                                                                 R A I S I N G YO U R V O I C E        G -D
to Beth Achim and Adat Shalom.
     A festive Shabbat dinner is scheduled for Friday night,                                                                      TO

June 20th, and it is being chaired by Irwin Alterman and                                        n the spring 2008 Kolot, the Conservative
Arlene Tilchin. We hope you will join us to celebrate the merger                                Movement’s magazine, Warren Hoffman
on June 10th and honor Rabbi Yoskowitz on June 20th.                                         wrote “Singing Too Loudly,” in which he
     Rabbi Yoskowitz’ tenure and the merger with Beth Achim                                  describes an embarrassing moment when he
are significant highlights in the history of Adat Shalom.                                    attended High Holiday services in a large
     Please call the synagogue office for details. I look forward                            Conservative synagogue. When he sang in
to seeing all of you there.                                                                  shul, someone in front of him asked him to
                                                                          CANTOR FRANK       “lower his voice” because he “was singing too
N O TE S F R O M CA N T O R V I E DE R                                      LANZKRON -       loudly.” When, greatly upset, he stopped
                                                                            TAMARAZO         singing, he realized that he heard no one

                   I Shalom 49 years. I hope and
                    t has been for me at Adat                                                singing at all. He summarizes the article, “I’m
                                                                          not anti-synagogue, but I wish that Conservative synagogues
                   pray that next year it will be a big 50th.             would be more inviting, more participatory, more
                          It is not impossible to celebrate for a         exciting…….When people question the future of organized
                   cantor 50 years in the same congregation; to           Judaism, I ironically think it’s the synagogues that are to
                   say I am lucky to have a wonderful shul with           blame. More cantors, rabbis, and yes, congregants, must urge
                   such nice members. Yes, I am in a beautiful            people to participate. Think about Baptist churches and gospel
                   synagogue with good members, and for this I            choirs – I wish that we had that abandon and could sing openly
                    am thanking first Hashem, who gave me                 and feel the spirit when we pray.”
CANTOR VIEDER good health that I could do all the duties that                   In March, I joined some of our teens on a Habitat for
                    a cantor has to do and even more                      Humanity trip to Orlando. When we davened there in a small
responsibilities for a member of the Clergy. For some it is hard;         Conservative shul, I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful
for me it was a pleasure. I made lots of friends, lots of students,       voices of the teens. One student davening behind me was
lots of couples whom I married. I found a couple who told me,             singing loudly in harmony. Two students were arguing about
“You married us 40 years ago,” and I said, “Are you still                 which note in the harmony was “theirs.” Another student was
married? Then I did a good job.”                                          singing loudly to my left. When the cantor began to sing a Sim
      I hope and pray that God will give me good health to be             Shalom that has rapid fire repetition of the word Sim, I began
able to help our beautiful synagogue for many more years to               to sing and the students joined in with me. The rest of the
come.                                                                     small congregation looked at us with joy and surprise, because
      I hope you all enjoyed a good Pesach, and now we look               we all had big smiles on our faces and were singing with ruach,
forward to Shavuot.                                                                                                       (CONTINUED ON PAGE 10)
      God bless you all. Your Cantor Emeritus, Larry Vieder.          3
                      Very Special Occasions
                         HOLCMANS TO BE HONORED                                         SISTERHOOD
                                                                                  presents “Pictures of Hope”
                           ANIS & SAM HOLCMAN will receive the
                           Jewish Theological Seminary Shin Award at               a unique project featuring
                        the upcoming Gala Dinner scheduled for             internationally recognized photojournalist
                        Monday, May 5 at Congregation Shaarey Zedek.
                        The Shin Award is presented to outstanding                   LINDA SOLOMON
                        individuals who embody a commitment to
                        Jewish education and synagogue life.
                         This year’s city-wide Gala Dinner chairpersons          DONOR DAY LUNCHEON
are Adat Shalom member Susan Graham and Karen Lovinger.                               Wednesday, May 14
       For more information or reservations, please call the Detroit JTS
office, 248-258-0055.                                                                 Boutique Shopping
                                                                                      9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
      The Adat Shalom Family will recognize Janis & Sam
 for their dedication and service at Shabbat Morning Services              Please make
          on Shabbat Kedoshim, May 3. Please join us.                      your reservation


                       INSTALLATION SHABBAT                                                       MORNING
                                                                                                  JUNE 7
                                    FRIDAY, JUNE 6                                                will include
                                                                                                  participation by
                        SHABBAT ROCKS SERVICE                                                     our incoming
              FOLLOWED BY A CELEBRATORY SHABBAT DINNER                                            leadership and
                                                                                                  their families.
         WELCOMING OUR 2008-2009 OFFICERS & BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                     Rabbi Aaron
                       CHAIRPERSONS: SHARON HART AND PAUL MAGY                                    Bergman will
                                                                                                  deliver the

      This evening we
      will take pride in        SHABBAT SERVICE & DINNER
                              HONORING RABBI YOSKOWITZ
      recognizing Rabbi
      Yoskowitz for his
      many unique
      accomplishments:             FOR 14 YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE
                                   TO THE DETROIT JEWISH COMMUNITY
      creating the Adat
      Shalom Journey
      Groups and the
                                              FRIDAY, JUNE 20
      Caring                       GUEST SPEAKER: RABBI SAM STAHL,
                                    RABBI EMERITUS, TEMPLE BETH EL,
      producing the
      book The Kaddish                   SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS
      Minyan, and for
      much more.

                                                                              JOURNEY GROUPS & MORE

      SYNERGY SHABBAT                                                         ADAT SHALOM ADULT STUDY PROGRAMS

                         MAY 9 & 10                                                    PHYSICIANS’ JOURNEY GROUP

                                                                              Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz will
FRIDAY EVENING SHABBAT EXPERIENCE                                             discuss Physician vs. Physician;
                                                                              The    Ethics    of    Malpractice
q   5:30 p.m. – Limud Shabbat: “Prayer for Israel”                            Testimony at the next meeting of
q   6:00 p.m. – Kabbalat Shabbat Service                                      the Physicians’ Journey Group, set
                                                                              for 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 15, at the
q   6:00 p.m. – Shabbat Shaboom

                                                                              Synagogue. All Adat Shalom physicians, medical
      followed by dinner with advance reservations                            students, and other health care professionals are
q   7:15 p.m. – Casual Shabbat Buffet                                         welcome to attend.

    7:00 p.m. – Child care until conclusion of speaker

       7:45 p.m. Zeemo the Magnificent: Juggling & Magic
    8:00 p.m. – 5th - 7th graders:
                                                               q                       ATTORNEYS’ JOURNEY GROUP
                                                                                               The next meeting of the Attorneys’

                                                                                               Journey Group is scheduled for
      It’s a people, It’s a country, It’s super… Israel
                                                                                               7:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 13. In
q   8:00 p.m. – 8th graders and older: Schmooze                                                keeping with this year’s theme –
                                                                                               Ethical     Responses      During
q   8:00 p.m. – Gerard Van Grinsven
                                                                                               Challenging    Times    –   Rabbi
       TAKING HEALTH & HEALING                                                Yoskowitz will lead a discussion on The Germans
                                                                              During World War II: Silence, Support or
       BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF IMAGINATION                                   Protest. The meeting will be held at the home of

                                                                              Linda & Joel Golden, 4661 McEwen Dr., Bloomfield
                                                                              Hills. All attorneys and law students are welcome.
                                                                              Please call the Synagogue office for reservations
q   8:30 a.m. – Talmud Study with Rabbi Yoskowitz
                                                                              and directions. there is no charge.
    How Long Should Services Be?
                                (SOURCE: BABYLONIAN BRACHOT)
                                                                              Journey group responses may be made
                                                                              to Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz
q   9:00 a.m. – Traditional Service                                           at hyoskowitz@yahoo.com.
q   10:15 a.m. – Drop-off Youth Services
q   10:30 a.m. – 6th-7th Grade Family Service
                                                                                    LUNCH & LEARN SERIES CONTINUES
q   Enhanced Kiddush following Services
                                                                                  Tuesdays, May 6 & 13, Noon - 1:15 p.m.
                                                                                       “Troubling Texts in the Bible”
                                                                                discussions led by Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz
             What a Breakfast!                                                Rabbi Yoskowitz will explore Biblical situations,
                                                                              including Samuel & Genocide, the Suffering of Job,
                                                                              and the Talking Donkey of Balaam. $10 per
                                                                              session. To register, please call the Synagogue,
                                                                              248-851-5100, by the Thursday before each

                                                                                             MAY SUPPER SERIES

                                                                              ELISE & DAVID SCHOSTAK WILL HOST THIS YEAR’S
                                                                               FINAL ADAT SHALOM SUPPER SERIES PROGRAM
                                   MASTER CHEF MARVIN BROWN
                                   cooks up one mighty fine breakfast
                                   following Adat Shalom’s Morning                     5:30 P.M. ON SUNDAY, MAY 4
                                   Minyan. Special scrambled eggs                AT THEIR HOME IN BIRMINGHAM
                                   and peppers and sauteed onions             This will be an opportunity to taste
                                   and mushrooms are on the menu,             wine from Israeli wineries and learn
                                   along with fresh fruit, cottage            about them from David.
                                   cheese & tomatoes, cereal and
                                   more. If you are interested in             There is a $10/person fee, which
                                   sponsoring a breakfast, in honor of        includes a dairy dinner. The event is
                                   a special occasion or in memory of a       limited to the first 36 people who
                                   loved one, please contact Denise           respond. Please call the Synagogue
                                   Gallagher, 248-851-5100, ext. 221.         office to see if there are any places

                    People Helping People
                                                                                H OU SIN G TH E
RONALD McDONALD HOUSE…                                                          H OM ELESS X II
I On March 9, Adat Shalom families prepared and served dinner to
residents of Ronald McDonald House in Detroit. Deb Lapin coordinated
                                                                                It’s the time of the year to
this event and it was very successful. The residents were very appreciative
and grateful. Thank you to Debbie and Julia Bienstock and Deb Lapin and         gear up and think about
family for delivering the food. Also thank you to the following families who    this very special project.
cooked or donated some of the meal: the Strausses, the Efrusys, the             For the twelfth consecutive year, Adat
Francises, the Olenders, the Coltons, the Betmans, the Aronins, the
                                                                                Shalom will be the proud and generous
Portneys, the Randels, and the Grossmans. We are very proud of our Adat
Shalom Family!                                                                  host to 30 homeless men, women and
                                                                                children from the South Oakland
NETWORKING SEMINAR…                                                             Shelter in Royal Oak. During the week
I    On Tuesday May 6, Mildred Pivoz, a Licensed                                of August 3 – August 10 we will come
Professional Counselor, will lead another Networking                            together as a congregation to share our
Workshop at 7 p.m. No reservations required. Millie will                        commitment to Tikun Olam. For seven
assist job seekers in many ways, including creating job                         days we will provide three daily meals, a
objectives and making them effective within their                               safe and cool place for our guests to
resumes. Millie invites you to send her a copy of your resume in advance
                                                                                sleep, a doctor’s night and much more.
if you wish. Email it to her as an attachment to mildredpivoz@yahoo.com.
                                                                                Please watch your mail for details about
                                                                                how you can volunteer your time and
             I On Sunday May 18, Adat Shalom will deliver food to clients       /or make a financial contribution to
             of Yad Ezra. This is a wonderful way for you and your family
             to perform Tikun Olam and help an elderly, home-bound
                                                                                this rewarding and enjoyable week.
person. It only takes a couple of hours. Simply go to Yad Ezra, fill up your    For further information contact co-
car with food for 3 to 4 clients, and then deliver the food to their            chairs: Celia Lubetsky 248-855-5884,
apartments or homes locally. For more information about this mitzvah            Laurie Leeb 248-681-3276.
morning and to reserve a volunteer position for this date, please contact
Celia Lubetsky at clubet51@aol.com.
                                                                                IT’S TIME TO PASS THE TORCH…….
                                                                                We would like to give others in the
I Twice a month, Adat Shalom volunteers head to Life Town at the
                                                                                synagogue the opportunity to take on a
Friendship Circle. There, challenged students from schools across
Oakland and Wayne Counties learn how to manage time, make choices               leadership position with this project. If
and interact with the business community in a learning environment. On          you are interested in chairing the
“Marvelous Mondays,” the doctor, dentist, theater usher, shop keeper,           program or you and a friend are curious
policeman, pet shop owner and banker are some of the roles played by            about what it takes to co-chair this
Adat Shalom members Micki Grossman, Evva Hepner, Rochelle                       project, please contact Celia or Laurie
Lieberman, Betsy Loomus, Celia Lubetsky, Leslie Magy, Linda Rosenbaum,          for more information.
Jerry Sukenic, and Doreen & Sandy Turbow. We wish to recognize and to
thank all our Adat Shalom volunteers for their time and efforts in helping
to make the Friendship Circle such a successful special gem in our
community.                                                                              EYEGLASS DONATIONS
                                                                                       Adat Shalom has been donating used
                                                                               eyeglasses to the needy for several years through
I The Social Action Committee commemorated “March is Reading Month”            the efforts of Sharon and Dr. Gary Oppenheim.
by distributing the 260+ books generously donated by Adat Shalom               Sharon picks up donated glasses, and Gary
members during the recent book drive. Books appropriate for younger            delivers them to the Lions Club of Farmington,
children were given to a special education pre-school classroom at the         where they are cleaned, adjusted, and sent on to
Roosevelt Elementary School in Ferndale. Others were donated to the            health care missions in Africa. In this manner,
Detroit Jewish Coalition for Literacy, which serves more than 2000             people in these underprivileged countries can be
students in the Detroit area. Debbie Bienstock and Evva Hepner chaired         fitted for glasses and gain sight for the first time.
this important program.                                                        The American Optometric Association and
KUDOS TO OUR MEMBERS…                                                          Michigan Optometric Association provide free
                                                                               vision care and eye care to local indigent people as
I I would like to recognize our Adat Shalom tutors who mentor students         well. We are very grateful to our members, the
at the Crary School in Detroit every Tuesday: Leslie Magy, Linda               Oppenheims, as well as to all who have donated
Rosenbaum and Micki Grossman. Other schools are also being helped by           their retired eyeglasses to this program. If you
literacy volunteers from Adat Shalom as a project of the Detroit Jewish        would like to participate in this program, please
Coalition for literacy.                                                        drop off your used eyeglasses in the Adat Shalom
                           – Debby Portney, Social Action Chairperson          office.
                           Men’s Club & More
                                                              D addy-D aughter Din ner Danc e
                                                                   Was a Sweet Success
At the end of March, I had the opportunity to attend
Hillel International’s 2nd Annual Summit on the
University and the Jewish Community. The topic was
“Imagining A More Civil Society” and addressed what
we can do…Hillel leaders, lay leaders, student
leaders, and university administrators…to make our
campuses and communities ones that foster,
promote, and support free expression and speech
that is civil and respectful. We don’t expect everyone
to agree, but we expect everyone to try to be open-
minded and respect others’ rights to state their
minds. It was an enlightening, inspiring, and
comforting conference. And it got me thinking about
Men’s Club…

Men’s Club is for everyone at Adat Shalom. As
President, I always wondered how I could do more to
get more people and new people involved in Men’s
Club. I wanted to hear what they had to say…what
they liked in what we did…what they didn’t like in
what we did….what they wanted to see us do. I
wanted all members to exercise their freedom of
expression…not to be afraid of what others would say
back. Yes, they might hear things that we so often
hear, such as “We’ve always done it this way” or “We
                                                           MAY PROGRAM:
have to keep having this program,” but the more open        SENIORS WELCOME SINGER
expression and involvement we had, the closer we              eniors from the community will gather with
could get to taking ourselves to a level and point of                    of CHaZaKaH/Young-at-Heart to
lively discourse leading to organization growth.           hear Kimberly Grubb at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday,
                                                           May 22.
This did not happen as much as I wished it had, and
                                                                Enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a rousing
as President I know I could have personally done
                                                           performance by this versatile country music artist.
more. As I talked about in my Sisterhood/Men’s Club
                                                                There is a $10 charge for members of CHaZaKaH/Young-at-
Shabbat sermon, I could have made more phone
                                                           Heart and a $12 fee for non-members. Checks should be mailed by
calls, had more breakfast meetings, and spent more
                                                           May 15 to Shirley Baker, 26217 Summerdale Dr., Southfield, MI
time in shul. Unfortunately, I did not. Sure, we kept
                                                           48034. For further information, please call the office at 248-851-
doing good things, but I really think we can do more.
Thus, it is my charge to incoming Men’s Club
President Michael Betman to ask others for their
ideas, involve new people, and don’t feel wedded to
anything in the past. I read a wonderful quote at the          SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOP
Hillel summit and it is applicable to all we do at Adat
Shalom: “The Earth is not something we inherited                          a handsome array of Judaica
from our ancestors, but something we have borrowed
from our children – take care of it.” Men’s Club is like                and beautiful, creative gift items –
the Earth…we inherit the past, but need everyone to                    many pieces hand-crafted in Israel -
                                                                          WATCH FOR OUR UPCOMING
be involved to help it prosper in the future.

This is my last Voice article as your Men’s Club                              GIFT SHOP SALE
President. I have enjoyed the honor of serving you
and Adat Shalom. I want to thank my excellent                         Gift certificates – any amount of your choice
executive board, Sisterhood President Cindy Nagel,
                                                                          Monday & Wednesday 4:30 - 6 p.m.,
the clergy, Synagogue President David Schostak, and
                                                                                Sunday 9 a.m. - noon.
most of all, my wife Amy and my kids, Nate and
Caroline, for helping me serve as President during                    For information or special appointments, call
these past two years.                                                       Debbie Supowit 248-489-7017,
                                                                             Amy Strauss, 248-538-4204
                   –   David Strauss, President
                                                                             or Evva Hepner, 248-661-0114

                             Education & Youth
                            MAKING                                               NURSERY                            NEWS
                             A                                                                 AND KINDERGARTEN
                                                                                 W HA T A MA T ZA H-MI T ZVA H! Having
                                                                                 guests at your seder table is a well known
                                                                                 tradition, and we were delighted to have so many
                                                                                 parents and other family members helping our
                                                                                 children fulfill this mitzvah by participating in our
                                                                                 model seders. We are particularly grateful to those
                                                                                 who chopped and grated – egg salad, horseradish,
                                                                                 charoset – and otherwise helped us set beautiful

 MATZAH                                               MITZVAH                    seder tables. Loie provided her usual lilting
                                                                                 leadership, appreciated by both students and
                                                                                 special guests, and the staff did a wonderful job
       NURSERY/KINDERGARTEN SEDER SNAPSHOTS                                      coordinating and working on the Haggadot with the
                                                                                 children. We hope your child was able to use
                                                                                 his/her Haggadah at your own celebrations.

                       III       FAMILY              III      FUN                AS YOU KNOW, PASSOVER vacation just gives our

                         ON                 BOARD
                                                                                 staff a chance to re-energize themselves for the
                                  III                        III                 most exciting time of the year. First, we are
                                                                                 celebrating      Yom       Ha’atzmaut      (Israeli
PESACH IS VERY QUIET in the halls of Adat Shalom. School is out, programs        Independence Day), the week of May 5th, with a
are at a minimum, and all is peaceful – and lonely. I am glad to have            life-sized map of the state of Israel and many
everyone back together in our home away from home. We have so much               hands-on activities. The children will learn all
planned for the coming month. With Pesach behind us, as a team we are            about Israel, obtain a passport, participate in an
already starting to plan for the High Holy Days. I have been asked in the        archaeological dig, and put notes and prayers into
past about families attending the services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom             a child-crafted Kotel. They will also make Israeli
Kippur. To attend the family service, you do not need a ticket. I realize that   flags and blow out candles on a giant birthday
some of our pre-school families are not members, and you are still               cake. We will be focusing a lot of effort with the
welcome to join us. I know this seems very far away, so we will be sure to       older children on the number “60” so they can
focus on Yom Ha’Atzmaut first.                                                   understand the concept of how special it is that it
     We also have a very special program coming up for families of our 4-        is Israel’s 60th birthday!
year-old preschoolers and our Adat Shalom and Beth Achim
kindergarteners. The All Around the Jewish Calendar program is a                 ON MAY 20TH, we will have a very special program
summary of the school year. Each child will get a calendar to personalize.       in conjunction with our 4-year olds and
You will see how much they have learned about the Jewish holidays                Kindergarten students called “All Around the
throughout the year.                                                             Jewish Calendar.” This is a very hands-on
                                                                                 educational program where children will get to
                     UPCOMING FAMILY EVENTS                                      make their own Jewish calendar, learn about the
                                                                                 Jewish holidays and sample yummy traditional
                 Family Education programs are endowed in memory                 holiday treats. Please contact our Jewish Family
                    of Oscar Cook and in honor of Jeanette Cook                  Educator Debi Banooni for futher information. On
                                                                                 May 22nd and 23rd, we have what is the “opening
SYNERGY SHABBAT – May 9 & 10. SYNergy Shabbat is an opportunity to               day” of the summer season, Lag B’omer. We are
celebrate Shabbat in traditional or alternative ways. If you are looking for     hoping the spring weather will cooperate so that we
no-nonsense praying, a family service, music, old and new friends, look          can have outdoor games and activities and cool it
no further. Come to Adat Shalom and let your mood guide you.                     down with popsicles for everyone!
BUBBIE, ZAYDE & ME! – Sunday at 12:15 p.m. in the Muscle Room, May                    Before you know it, the 2007-2008 school year
18. Grandparents are invited to share special time with their                    will be over! We look forward to providing you with
grandchildren between the ages of 2 and 6 years of age. We will have             more detail on the end-of-the year Shalom
lunch, play, tell stories, and do a project centered on Bruchim Habayim          celebrations. Although we will say goodbye to
(welcoming the guest). Cost is $9 per child.                                     some, the fun is never really over at Adat Shalom.
                                                                                 We’ll pick up with camp starting Monday, June
ALL AROUND THE JEWISH CALENDAR – Tuesday, May 20. This program is                16th. Places are limited, so please turn in your
for 4-year-olds entering Kindergarten and Kindergarteners, along with            application in you have not already signed up!
their parents. Everyone is invited to travel through the year. Each student      Also, applications for Fall 2008 are already coming
will have a calendar that needs to be completed. Together you will see how       in fast. So please make sure to get yours in to
the holidays, which have been studied this year all fit together in the          reserve your child’s spot!
Jewish year.                                                                                      – Jordana Weiss, Director
                                 Debi Banooni, Jewish Family Educator 8
                           Education & Youth
    From the Beth Achim
     Religious School…
                IT IS SO HARD TO BELIEVE
                that I am writing the last
                bulletin article of the                Alliance for Teens in Detroit
school year. It has been a busy and
productive year with the usual garden              ATID: ALLIANCE FOR TEENS IN DETROIT is
variety of challenges. It is my hope that          the new Monday Night School program for
everyone finishes the school year with a
                                                   8th-12th graders at Adat Shalom. This
clear sense of progress made and a love
for Jewish learning.                               community Hebrew high school will meet
                                                   weekly on Monday nights at Hillel Day
When we returned from Pesach break,
                                                   School from 6-8:30 p.m.
we began a marathon of learning about
the Land of Israel and the State of                Participating congregations: Adat Shalom Synagogue, Congregation
Israel. On May 4, the community has
created a special program for the                  Beth Ahm, Congregation B’nai Moshe and Congregation Shaarey Zedek.
students of congregational schools.                This new program replaces Adat Shalom’s Nosh ‘n Drash program.
Every K-7th grade student will be
bussed to the JCC for a special program            ATID enrollment officially opened on Monday, April 7th, before the
and bussed back to their own school by             kickoff concert.
regular dismissal time. Our K-2
students will be entertained by Rockin’            Enrollment in ATID is easy. Visit our website at www.atidhs.org and
Rabbi Neal Katz and storyteller Corinne            simply download and print the enrollment form
Stavish. Third through sixth graders               (www.adatshalom.org/atid_form.pdf) and tuition form
will rock to the music of the Josh
Nelson Project. Everyone will receive a            (www.adatshalom.org/tuition_form.pdf).
t-shirt from JFMD, celebrating the 60th
birthday of the State of Israel. Events            The forms will also be mailed to your home shortly.
at the JCC have been well organized,
                                                   Please send your registration materials to Adat Shalom Synagogue:
and there will be extra security for the
event. Thank you to the JFMD for this              Attn: Elissa Berg, 29901 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
exciting opportunity.
                                                   Scholarships are available through the Jewish Federation of
On Wednesday May 7, we invite our                  Metropolitan Detroit’s Alliance for Jewish Education
fourth grade families to join us at 5 p.m.
                                                   (www.thisisfederation.org/alliance) as well as through Adat Shalom.
for an Israeli nosh and program.
Though we know that it is not the ideal            For more information, contact Alan Y  ost at 248-851-5100.
time, we moved the event up from an
after school time slot so that any of you          Please note that no student will be denied from ATID based on financial
who were planning to attend the                    reasons.
Achinoam Nini concert at the MAX are
able to do so.                                     ATID is a partner with the Opening the Doors program. Teens with
                                                   special learning needs will be accommodated.
On Sunday, May 11, in addition to
celebrating Mother’s Day, we celebrate             For more information, please contact Rabbi Jason Miller, Director
our third graders successes with                   (atid.hs@gmail.com).
Hebrew reading and the siddur.
Chagigat Hasiddur will take place at
10:30 a.m. The doors will open at
10:15.                                            YOUTH SCOOP        FROM JODI
                                                         Jodi Gross, Assistant Director, Education & Youth
The Zayin students celebrate their
promotion into the ATID eighth                    MAY YOUTH CALENDAR:
grade program with Chagigat Hasiyum               May 18  Makor & Shoresh Youth Groups Event at Willoway Day Camp
on May 18. The program begins at
10:30 a.m. Doors open at 10:15. Also                        Kadima Youth Group & USY Whirley Ball event with teens for
on May 18 we will mark the last day of                      other Conservative Shuls
school for our gan and aleph students.
                                                                              COMING IN JUNE!!
We will celebrate with a song, a story
                                                  An invitation to our annual youth group pool parties in the summer.
and a special show. On Wednesday,
May 21, we will have our student BBQ              For more information about upcoming events for a specific youth group,
(provided by         (CONTINUED ON PAGE 13)       please contact me at 248-626-2153 or jgross@adatshalom.org.
 1– Viola Cohen              7–     Elayne Ritten            12– Jerome Hack               19– Ben Benjamin               Sara Wasser
    Sy Lusky                        Philip Selvan                Idelle Neuvirth               Irwin Elson            27– Mark Bernstein
 2– Andrea Jeross                   Phyllis Soltz                Gary Shiffman                 Ronald Schechter           Shelley Kohl
 3– Joseph Glazer              8–   Joyce Epstein            13– Carrie Kushner            20– Bruce Weingarten       28– Barry Goodman
    Marla Parker                    Lauren Tackel                Lynne Starman                 Lon Zaback             29– Barbara Benjamin
    Michael Robbins                 Sanford Eichenhorn           Leon Warner               21– Jeffrey Young              Fred Fischer
    Kenneth Whiteman          9–    Donald Kaye              17– Lauren Rosenberg          22– Harold Baker           31– Irvin Kappy
 4– David Forst              10–    Helen Bayles                 Bernard Shapiro               Steven Goodman             Charmley Levine
    Daniel Shere                    Paul Magy                18– Jim Berger                23– Abraham Gamer
 5– Joyce Torby                     Howard Terebelo              Martin Doren                  Sue Kaufman
 6– Ruth Leibowitz
 7– Sanford Mall
                                    Susan Feldman
                                    Michael Friedman
                                                                 Howard Kowalsky
                                                             18– Sherri Morof
                                                                                           24– Bradley Wasserman
                                                                                           26– Adele Staller

MAY ANNIVERSARIES                                                            FROM CANTOR FRANK (continued from page 3)
 3–   Sharon & Alan Kaplan           25– Harriette & Max Schwartz            with spirit.
 5–   Judy Rudy & Cliff Dubowski     26– Karen & Jim Berger                        Ruach is what Mr. Hoffman is referring to in his
 7–   Sherri & Gary Morof            28– Michelle & Mark Gornbein            observations about the lack of spirit in Conservative
 9–   Beth & Jeremy Kahn                 Ronna & Kenneth Whiteman
                                                                             synagogues. It seems that we have forgotten why we are in the
14–   Margo & Steven Goodman         29– Rhonda & Jeffery Merzin
15–   Gloria & Kenneth Wolok                                                 synagogue in the first place. Our job, all of us, not just the
18–   Connie & Donald Kaye                                                   Cantors and Rabbis, is to raise our voices in praise of G-d, to
                                     Each month we list birthdays            give thanks for the blessings that G-d has bestowed upon us.
      Linda & Barry Rosenbaum
                                     & anniversaries of those
19–   Harriet & Sanford Mall                                                       Often, congregants will approach me to tell me about a
                                     congregants who have given us
      Judy & David Zimmerman         the dates of their “special             service which they attended that was so joyous, so full of
20–   Susan & Michael Feldman        occasions.” If you would like to        ruach, and they wonder why they don’t have that every week.
21–   Nancy & Dennis Liefer          be listed in this column, please        I contend that we could have that every week, if we allow
23-   Anita Hoffman                  call the Synagogue office.              ourselves to truly give in to the spirit of Shabbat, the joy that
           & James B. Potter                                                 all the gifts which G-d has given us bring to our lives. In the
                                                                             Shema, we say “you shall love your G-d with all your heart, all

                           Mazal Tov!                                        your soul, and all your might.” What better way can we show
                                                                             that love than to lift our voices so that G-d and all his angels
                                                                             can feel that love flowing straight to the heavens?
            Birth of Spencer Dane Columbus, son of Stacey                          Last Pesach, I attended services with Lisa’s family in
            & Ryan Columbus, grandson of Patty & Bernie                      Pikesville, Maryland, at Beth Tefilloh, a large Orthodox shul.
Levine, Sandy Conway, and Debbie & Gary Columbus, great-                     While the Hazzan davened brilliantly, I harmonized with him
grandson of Dorothy Sussman, Evelyn Columbus, Deena Rosen                    and sang loudly with him from the back of the shul (my
and Edda Commons                                                             father-in-law insists upon sitting at the farthest seat from the
                                                                             bima, a tradition that runs in the family). The funny thing is
Birth of Alexis Mann, daughter of Jill & Cory                                that I was barely heard because everyone around me was
Mann, granddaughter of Ruth & Donald                                         singing loudly, too. Most of the congregants were not blessed
Weinbaum, Molly & Bill Lawler, and Gary Mann                                 with exceptional singing voices, but it was beautiful singing
                                                                             because they were davening with all of their soul. This was a
Naming of Kirra Rae Averbach, daughter of                                    taste of L’olam Haba, the World to Come, for me, because this
Audra & David Averbach, granddaughter of Naine & John                        is what a shul should sound like. I want to hear a cacophony
Zywicki, Leonard & Toni Averbach and the late Harriet                        of singing during my davening. I want to hear people with all
Averbach, great-granddaughter of Helen Zywicki.                              kinds of voices, trained and untrained, in tune and out of
                                                                             tune, in rhythm or not. When I lead services, I am not
                                                                             concertizing. I am attempting to facilitate for the congregation
                                                                             a closer relationship with G-d.
      WE’RE PLEASED TO LET YOU KNOW…                                               On page 98 of Siddur Sim Shalom, we re-enact a divine
                                                                             play in which the angels eternally chant to G-d, with the
JEROME SCHOSTAK will receive the 4th Annual Lifetime                         word, Kadosh – holy. What is striking about this
Achievement Award from the Detroit District Council of the                   dramatization is that the angels “give permission to one
Urban Land Institute at a ceremony on May 27.                                another to (pray to) their Creator.” Even the angels need to
                                                                             give each other permission to pray to G-d. You already know
We look forward to recognizing notable achievements of                       that I want you to join me in song. It is now time to give
adult members of the Adat Shalom family. Please send                         yourselves the permission to raise your voices, with ruach, in
information to The VOICE, c/o Judy Marx, Communications                      praise of our Creator. You can never raise your voice too
Director.                                                                    loudly in praise of G-d.
                                                                                   Mr. Hoffman’s article can be accessed online at
                        PURIM 2008
                         EVERYONE’S A WINNER
                           AT ADAT SHALOM

                              azal tov to our Purim Party Plus prize
                              winners and to everyone who helped to make
                              our Purim festivities so successful:
                           Our Clergy, Staff, and Education & Youth team
                        coordinated one great Mega-Megillah Evening!
                           The     Nursery/Kindergarten      and    Family
                        Education Departments treated our youngest
                        revelers and their families to a gala mini-Megillah
                           The Sisterhood hosted a beautiful Purim
                        Outreach Luncheon for members of our community
                        who otherwise may not have the opportunity to
                        celebrate this joyous holiday.
                           Purim Party Plus, chaired by Elise Schostak and
                        Joyce B. Weingarten, was a huge financial and
                        social success. Congratulations to these lucky
                        Purim Party Plus prize winners:
                                $10,000 Israel Bond – Kopel Kahn
                                Trip to Israel – Joan & Bob Epstein
                                  Big Screen TV – Jeffrey Devries
                                        $1,000 Israel Bond –
                                      Debby & Steven Portney
                                  (generously donated to Adat Shalom)
                             $500 Israel Bond – Gail & Steven Fisher

   All of our Purim
 pictures are online!
        Go to:

                 Taking a Jewish Journey

    n March 23-31, the Adat Shalom
             Journey Group shared a
mitzvah experience that some of us,
including Rachel and me, felt was
unparalleled in our experience. As you
look at the pictures accompanying this
brief description of our trip, think of the
emotions       experienced       by     our
participants as they helped a struggling
Cuban Jewish community to learn
about    Judaism      and     to    receive
medicines, clothes, school supplies and
other items to help old and young alike.
This is what some of the mission
participants    wrote    about    their
experience before departing Cuba.                                                        (Left): David Romaro, a leader of Cuban
                                                                                         Jewry, presents Rabbi Yoskowitz with a
“I was delighted to have a trip with a                                                   special Israeli coin at the Holocaust
Jewish flair. Observing the mitzvah of                                                   Memorial in Santa Clara.
affixing mezuzot, praying together as a
group, giving charity and helping clean                                                  (Below): Rabbi Yoskowtz and Larry Wolfe on
the cemetery, made this trip very                                                        the bimah of the Patranato Synagogue.
special, especially meeting so many
special Cubans.”
“The most meaningful part of this
mission to me is learning how
magnificent each Jewish community is –
and helping me to better appreciate my
own opportunities to celebrate my
“Like Israel and Europe, we have an
obligation to be involved and to help
the Jews of Cuba.”
“The most meaningful parts of the
mission were: the cemetery experience –
clearing the weeds - the way everyone
came to minyan to support Reggie and
Eric (two of our mission participants
who are saying Kaddish for a parent).”
The   people’s     words      speak     for   (Above): Shopping at the Orthodox
themselves.                                   synagogue.
Participants in this special mission:
                                              (Right): Cuban children with pillowcases
Chairpersons:                                 decorated especially for them by our
       Carrie & Roger Kushner                 Beth Achim Religious School students.
       Beverly & Hadley Wine
Sarah & Eric Gordon                                                                                                  Dancing
Beth & Bruce Gursky                                                                                                  with the
Beverly & Arthur Liss                                                                                                children.
Andrea & Larry Wolfe,
Reggie Yoskowitz
                                                                                                                     THANK YOU TO
Lesley Wishnick
Rabbi Herbert & Rachel Yoskowitz
                                                                                                                        FOR THE
            – Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz
                 Education & Youth continued
                           continued from page 9
with the Cantor and Friends.                                                         SPECIAL THANKS
      We are already busy planning next year’s classes.
Registration materials will be in the mail by May 14. We
                                                                         to Joe Cornell for generously entertaining
will be starting the exciting Etgar interactive curriculum                    us during Erev Purim festivities.
next year with our 6th and 7th graders. Our three day
5th – 7th graders will be blended into the regular classes
on Wednesday and Sunday, except for when they are in          COLLEGE AND YOUNG ADULT OUTREACH
Hebrew classes. They will be on their own on Mondays,
obviously, but divided into groups according to their        MAZAL TOV to all of our students graduating from high school and
language skills and not necessarily by grade level. 3rd &    college this spring.
4th graders will remain separated on all three days. Our
clergy will be working with these students on Mondays as     SPECIAL THANKS to the parent volunteers on the College and Young
well!                                                        Adult Outreach Committee for assembling the Pesach packages. We
Nosh ‘n Drash Events – This year we honor our Nosh ‘n        hope the students and young adults enjoy a “taste” from home.
Drash students with a number of special events. On           WHAT IS ADAT SHALOM’S COLLEGE AND YOUNG ADULT OUTREACH PROGRAM?
Tuesday, May 13 we will have Nosh ‘n Drash graduation.       Throughout the school year our Rabbis visit Michigan universities in
At 7 p.m. our graduates will share some of their             hopes of connecting with your college students and bringing them a
experiences, insights and hopes for the future.              “taste from home.” In addition, Adat Shalom sends students and
Graduation will followed by dessert. May 16 is Nosh ‘n       young adults ‘goody’ packages for Chanukah and Pesach, the Voice,
Drash Shabbat. That night our Confirmation students          email messages from our Rabbis, and complimentary dinner
will help to lead Friday night services and share their      invitations with our Rabbis.
thoughts about Judaism. A festive Shabbat dinner will
follow. Finally on May 19, the last evening of Nosh ‘n       GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS: When you know where you are going
Drash we will present student awards, serious and            to school or have your plans set for the fall, please email…your name,
humorous, as we celebrate the beginning of the “summer       school, school address, cell number and email address to Jodi Gross
break.                                                       at jgross@adatshalom.org.
                                  – Elissa Berg, Director


During the month of March, Elissa Berg, Brad Garoon, 13 Adat Shalom teens and I did Gemilut
Hasadim (acts of lovingkindness) and Tikun Olam (repair of the world) by participating in Habitat for
Humanity in Orlando, Florida. We had a great time while working hard to assist in building houses for
low-income families. Our good deeds were followed by several days at Disney World and davening at
the local Conservative shul. Our days were filled with laughter, fatigue, hard work, and a sense of
accomplishment. – Cantor Frank
We record with sincere appreciation the
                                                        DR. FRED BENDEROFF                     HENRY C. & ROSE BENSON KEYWELL
following generous contributions designed to          MEMORIAL HEALING FUND                        & ESTELLE K. KAHN FUND
maintain the programs of Adat Shalom:          SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                          IN MEMORY OF:
         CONGREGATIONAL FUND                   Cantor Vieder by Pat & Irv Shanbom           Joel Portnoy by Shirley & Kopel Kahn;
IN MEMORY OF:                                                                                  Alyssa & Richard Mertz; Susan & Richard
Hilda Benjamin by Andrea Rogoff                                                                Sovel
                                                      MARILYN & MATTHEW DROZ
Saul Bluestone by Jennifer & Eric Friedland;
                                                          MEMORIAL FUND
   The Magy family                                                                                ROBERT IAN KORNWISE FUND
                                               IN MEMORY OF:
Frank Brickman by The Magy family;                                                          IN MEMORY OF:
                                               Max Horowitz, Shirley Platt
   Rochelle & Chuck Markle                                                                  Marvin Bressoff
                                                  by Shelley Gach-Droz & Alan Droz
Judith Lynn Cheek, Esther Dunsky Dalbey                                                        by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
                                               Yahrzeits of Pearl Ceifetz, Matthew Droz
   by Lenore Dunsky                                                                         IN HONOR OF:
                                                  by Shelley Gach-Droz & Alan Droz
Albert Mann by Doreen & Irving Lichtman                                                     Belated birthday of Maureen Kornwise
                                               IN HONOR OF:
Paul Pensler by Linda Pensler Levey                                                            by Phyllis & David Adelsberg
                                               Special birthdays of Ray Feldman, Lori
   & Larry Pensler                                                                          Birthdays of Golda Weber; Jack Belen
                                                  Rakotz by Shelley Gach-Droz & Alan Droz
Shirley Platt by Dorene & Alan Finer;                                                          by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
                                               SPEEDY RECOVERY OF:
   Sue & Dennis Kay                                                                         Anniversary of Gitta & Cantor Larry Vieder
                                               Cantor Vieder
Richard Slavik by Marilynn & Steven                                                            by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
                                                  by Shelley Gach-Droz & Alan Droz
   Robinson; Gail & Steven Fisher; Julie                                                    Bat Mitzvah of Jaclyn Nagel
   & Mark Teicher                                                                                by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
Martin Weil by Lisa & Michael Betman;          THE CHARLOTTE & PHILLIP EDELHEIT FUND        Bar Mitzvah of Noah Betman
   Marcy & Brad Wasserman                      IN MEMORY OF:                                     by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
Farrell Yost by Roberta & Donald Blitz         Richard Slavik by Morrine & Steve Maltzman   SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
Yahrzeits of:                                  IN HONOR OF:                                 Barbara & Erwin Guttenberg
   Samuel Dunsky by Deanna Weisman             Janis & Sam Holcman receiving the Shin          by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
   Morris Fishman by Shirley G. Locke             Award by Gloria Schwartz
   Mollie Goldberg by Irving Stevens           In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Gabe Lawler           SARAH & HARRY LAKER
   Sadie Miller by Lucille Cherney                by The Berkey family                         ISRAEL YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND
   David Rogoff by Andrea Rogoff               In honor of the Adat Shalom clergy           IN MEMORY OF:
   Murray Schulman                                by The Berkey family                      Yahrzeit of Philip Mendelson
     by Linda & Michael Schulman                                                               by Michelle & Jody Mendelson
   Ann Siegal by Bluma & Leonard Siegal                 DR. MANUEL FELDMAN
   Bessie Teitel by Jeanette Cook and family       BETH ACHIM RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
IN HONOR OF:                                                                                        HILLEL ISAAC MAISEL
                                                          MEMORIAL FUND                          HOUSING THE HOMELESS FUND
Rabbi Bergman by Nancy & Mike Kaplan;          IN MEMORY OF:
   Marcia & Marc Manson                                                                     IN MEMORY OF:
                                               Seymour Matz by Phyllis & Seymour Subar;     Lydia Ann Rosenberg
Aliyah by Lester Berman                           Shelly & Gene Perlman
Rabbi Bergman helping with my conversion                                                       by Rachel & Harry Maisel
                                               Ann Shane by Tobi & Larry Fox and family     Yahrzeit of Mayda Cohen
   by Carla Badour
Rabbi Shere & Cantor Frank sponsoring                                                          by Sylvia & Henry Starkman
   my conversion by Carla Badour                           ALEX GRAHAM                      Morris Gould by Ruth Gould
Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Klegon                          TRAVEL & EDUCATION FUND               Dora Pearlman by Sylvia & Abe Pearlman
   by The Adat Shalom Staff                    IN MEMORY OF:                                Fannie Stol by Shoshana & Emil Wolok
Cantor Vieder’s 85th birthday                  Rose Krentzin, Anne Heller                   SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
   by Sandy & Jeffrey Miller; Marilynn &          by Susie & Bill Graham                    Karen Jirik by Fran & Phil Wolok
   Steven Robinson; Linda Schafer              Shirley Platt by Paula & Mike Ceresnie       Harvey Joseph by Sylvia & Henry Starkman
Anniversary of Cantor Larry & Gitta Vieder        and family; Wendy & Marc Kippelman        Cantor Vieder by Shoshana & Emil Wolok
   by Marilynn & Steven Robinson;              Yahrzeit of Joseph Feuereisen
   Linda Schafer                                  by Sherrie & Marvin Rubin                            MORRY NEUVIRTH
Dr. Sandy Vieder’s promotion at Botsford       IN HONOR OF:                                         BAR & BAT MITZVAH FUND
   by Marilynn & Steven Robinson;              Engagement of Maryn Schwebel &               IN MEMORY OF:
   Linda Schafer                                  Paul Been by Susie & Bill Graham          David Lebovic by Robin & Howard Terebelo
Audrey & Dominic Marsalese                     Herschel Poger 25th anniversary of           Nicola Merolla by Elaine & Earle Mostyn;
   by Elaine & Harvey Aidem                       becoming a Bar Mitzvah                       Rhonda, David, Dylan & Brooke Mostyn
SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                               by Judy & Leonard Poger                   Paul Pesick by Shelly & Ron Harwood
Mischeberach donation by Blanche Falkauff                                                   Farrell Yost by The Dovitz family; Shelly &
Leonard Siegal                                        THE BETTY KAHN MEMORIAL                  Ron Harwood
   by Deanna Weisman & Gene Rose                       RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND                IN HONOR OF:
Cantor Vieder by Barbara & Jerry Cook;         IN MEMORY OF:                                Bar Mitzvah of Bryan Brown
   Tammi & Scott Cooper and family;            Richard Slavik by Andi & Larry Wolfe            by Julie & Marty Wiener
   Dorene & Alan Finer; Diane & Emery Klein;                                                Herschel Poger 25th anniversary of
   Linda, Barry, Neil & Brian Rosenbaum;                                                       becoming a Bar Mitzvah
   Carole & Elliot Solomon; Lillian & Lee
                                                          THE GERRY KELLER                       by Judy & Leonard Poger
   Schostak; Linda, Barry, Neil & Brian
                                                        MEMORIAL CHOIR FUND                 SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
                                               IN MEMORY OF:                                Karen Rosenzweig by Annette Neuvirth
                                               Gerry Keller by Lauren & Jeff Katz           Julie Teicher by Sheryl & Cliff Dovitz
Beverly Woronoff by Lisa & Michael Betman

                                                SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                                 BREAKFAST & SEUDAH SHELISHIT
IN MEMORY OF:                                   Beverly Woronoff                                MARCH
Charles Friedman                                  by Madelon & Lou Seligman                     In memory of Rebbitzin Bertha Fischer
   by Trudy & Harold Shapiro                                                                       by Marilynn & Steven Robinson, Linda,
Rick Slavik by Shelley & Arthur Fine                        MAURICE ROSENDER                       Bradley, Todd & Jamie Schaferin
Farrell Yost by Barbara & Irwin Alpern; Judy                 MEMORIAL FUND                      In memory of Victor Shiffman
   & Bob Ancell; Mary, Bill & Susie Andler;     IN MEMORY OF:                                      by Julie & Doug Shiffman
   Shannon & Loren Dickstein; The Dorman        Richard Slavik by Joyce, Jeffrey, Emily         APRIL
   family; Miriam & Benzion Gotlib; Tami,          & Elliot Weingarten                          In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Noah Betman
   Yale & Jordan Halpern; Helayne & Jeff        IN HONOR OF:                                       by Lisa & Michael Betman
   Kaplan and family; Ruby & Richard            40th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Allan            In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Jaclyn Nagel
   Kushner; Kim Lifton, Kevin Shea & Sarah         Shapiro by Karen & Bill Rosender                by Cindy & Larry Nagel
   Rose; Susan & Harry Lutz; Susan              SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                             In honor of the baby naming of Shoshana
   Margolis; Lynn & Elliot Margolis and         Louis Rogovein by Karen & Bill Rosender            Loomer by Eliana & Marc Loomer
   family; Bobbie & Gary Miller and family;
   Andrea Roisman; Rita & Ed Sitron; Adele
   Staller; Laurie & Jeffrey Tackel; Sharyl &          RABBI JACOB E. SEGAL FUND
   Steve Woronoff                               IN MEMORY OF:                                   FROM RABBI SHERE
IN HONOR OF:                                    Bertha Weinstein by Bea Weinstein
                                                Yahrzeit of Nathan Freedland
                                                                                                (continued from page 3)
Bar Mitzvah of Eric Horowitz
   by The Adat Shalom Nursery School Staff         by Brenda & Robert Pangborn                      To    this    end,
SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                             IN HONOR OF:                                    many Adat Shalom
Beverly Woronoff                                50th anniversary of Helen & Fred Brown          families have already
   by Adrianne & Jeffrey Katz                      by Bea Weinstein
                                                                                                committed to buying
                                                SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
                                                Cantor Vieder by Bea Weinstein                  a season of produce
IN MEMORY OF:                                                                                   from Maple Creek
Murray Sedley by The Berlin family                                                              Farms. The season
Yahrzeit of Eileen Weiner                                SISTERHOOD BRAILLE FUND                runs from June
   by Michael Weiner                            IN MEMORY OF:
                                                Sharlene Ungar by Judy & Sheldon Resnick
                                                                                                through October, and the produce will be
                                                Shirley Platt by Roslyn Katzman; Lilyan Finer   delivered to the synagogue weekly in pre-
       RONNIE POSEN YOUTH FUND                  Frank Brickman by Roslyn Katzman                sorted boxes. If you will be out of town
IN HONOR OF:                                                                                    for a week during the summer, we can
                                                Richard Slavik by Roslyn Katzman; Sandy
Jeff Devries & his kindness                                                                     arrange to have your share delivered to
                                                   Topper Cheri, Robyn & Leslee Berliln
   by Elissa & Rabbi Jason Miller and family
                                                Dr. Judith Lynn Cheek                           Yad Ezra. It is not too late to sign up. If
Milt Wohl & his kindness
                                                   by Sheila & Ron Schechter                    you are interested or would like more
   by Elissa & Rabbi Jason Miller and family
                                                David Lebovic by Danielle Bluford               information, please drop me an email at
                                                IN HONOR OF:                                    rshere@adatshalom.org.
             STEVEN POSEN                       Barbara Berg by Roslyn Katzman
                                                                                                    As we celebrate the harvest holiday
                                                                                                of Shavuot, may we each do our part to
Steven Posen, Willard Posen                         STARMAN FAMILY MEMORIAL FUND                support the earth and its bounty.

   by Susan Margolis                            IN MEMORY OF:
Richard Slavik by Helayne & Jeffrey Kaplan      Donald Kay
   and family                                      by Cherie Siegan Chosid & Richard Chosid
IN HONOR OF:                                    SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
60th birthday of Alex Winkler                   Cantor Vieder                                           FOR…A…WORLD…OF…GOOD
   by Lynn & Sandy Lipman                          by Evelyn Starman & family
                                                                                                  As a result of our re-cycling efforts
           PRAYER BOOK FUND                                  JERRY TEPMAN                         within the synagogue, more than
IN MEMORY OF:                                             MEMORIAL ALIYAH FUND                    $1500 has been returned to Adat
Judy Phillips by Susan Margolis                 IN MEMORY OF:                                     Shalom since our program began
                                                Jerry Tepman by Lauren & Jeff Katz                several years ago. Please continue to
  MAURICE RAZNICK MEMORIAL FUND                 Yahrzeit of Charles Ross                          drop off your used printer cartridges.
IN MEMORY OF:                                      by Adele & Alan Levenson
Florence Meltzer by Sara Garelik;               SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
                                                Beverly Woronoff
   Gerrie & Buddy Sollish
                                                   by Pauline & Werner Seiferheld
                                                                                                MI-COEJL Recommends…
Shirley Platt, Richard Slavik
   by Elaine & Mel Raznick                                                                      The Michigan Coalition on the
IN HONOR OF:                                                                                    Environment & Jewish Life suggests
                                                             JAY YOSKOWITZ
85th birthday of Janet Bernstein                                                                that you can reduce your cooling costs
   by Elaine & Mel Raznick                              ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                                IN HONOR OF:                                    this summer by planing deciduous trees
50th anniversary of Helen & Fred Brown
   by Gerrie & Buddy Sollish                    Cantor Vieder by Dennis Phillips                on the south side of your home for
Bar Mitzvah of Bryan Brown                      Yahrzeit of Shifra Gamer                        shade, covering pots when you cook, and
   by Gerrie & Buddy Sollish                       by Mary & Abe Gamer                          opening the window when you shower to
Belated birthday of Jean Klaristenfeld                                                          let steam and moisture escape. Go to
   by Becky & Sam Misuraca                                                                      www.mi-coejl.org for more useful ideas.
                        In Memoriam                                                                                                        CANDLE LIGHTING
                                                                                                                                           May 2 .             .   8:15     p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                          SHABBAT ENDS
                                                                                                                                                                                          May 3 . . 9:15                                             p.m.
We send heartfelt condolences to the families of:                                                                                                9.            .   8:23     p.m.              10 . . 9:23                                            p.m.
                                                                                                                                                16 .           .   8:30     p.m.              17 . . 9:30                                            p.m.
SAM COHEN, husband of Gertrude Cohen                                                                                                            23 .           .   8:37     p.m.              24 . . 9:37                                            p.m.
                                                                                                                                                30 .           .   8:43     p.m.              31 . . 9:43                                            p.m.
SARAH FEUEREISEN, mother of Sherrie (Marvin) Rubin and Andrew (Andrea) and
Walter (Pam) Feuereisen, grandmother of Lindsay, Michael and Jillian Rubin and
Stacy, Jeffrey, Ricki, Kerri and James Feuereisen, sister of Elayne (Donald) Ritten
and Pinky (Lenore), Allan (Leslie) and Jack (Audry) Salomon

SAMUEL FRANKEL, husband of Jean Frankel, father of Stanley (Judy), Stuart
(Maxine) and Bruce (Dale) Frankel and Jo Elyn (George) Nyman, grandfather of                                                              Adat Shalom accepts
Darren (Yvette), Aaron, Matthew (Jennifer) and Richard (Jennifer) Frankel, Kami                                                            MASTERCARD AND VISA PAYMENTS FOR
(Jamey) Nielson, Caren (Robert) Vondell, and Jacob, Adam and Sarah Nyman, great-                                                           TRIBUTES, SYNAGOGUE DUES, NURSERY
grandfather of Zev, Jackson and Taylor Frankel and Lindsay and Jillian Vondell.                                                              AND RELIGIOUS SCHOOL TUITION,
                                                                                                                                              and MEMORIAL PARK PAYMENTS.
CHARLES FRIEDMAN, father of Elaine (Mark) Lavetter, Eugene (Vivian) Friedman,                                                                         Minimum charge payment $50
Gilbert (Helene) Friedman, grandfather of Amy (Josh) Lavetter-Keidan, Shawn
Lavetter, Michael (Rotom) Lavetter-Dror, Stacey Reed, Darryl (Tori) Friedman, Neal
Friedman and 10 great-grandchildren

HELEN GOLDIN, mother of Gary (Shelly), Craig (Marcy) and Gail (Paul Winsch)
Goldin and Elyse Essick (David) Foltyn, grandmother of Julia, Hilary, Allison, Scott,
Mara, Lindsay, Molly, Abby, Lily, Eli, Evan, Amanda and Daniel

CLAUDIA GOLD, wife of Frederick Gold, mother of Jonathan (Julie) and Jeremy
(Lydia), grandmother of Ben and Nate Gold, daughter of Bernard Rattner, sister of
Zachary (Kathleen Kim) Rattner and Barbara (John) Kristofiak

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        AT FARMINGTON, MICHIGAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID
WINIFRED JIRIK, mother of Allan (Karen) Jirik, grandmother of Jonathan and

DAVID LEBOVIC, father of Thomas (Sharon), Joey (Diane) and Linda Lebovic,
grandfather of Joshua, Aaron, Rachel, Sara and Zoe Lebovic

WILLIAM MAXBAUER, father of Leo (Jeanne), Raymond (Geri), Paul (Susan),
William Jr. (Jan) and Grace Maxbauer, Rita (Douglas) Landry, Mancy (Jagannath)
Amberker, Rose (Mort) Neff, 18 grandchildren, brother of John Maxbauer

ALLEN TYNER, father of Rick (Sheila) and Michael (Sharon) Tyner, grandfather of
Mallory, Gillian, Evan and Meg Tyner







     ...HOUSE AN ATHLETE!                                                                                                                                                                                 248-626-5702
                                                                                                             Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334
                                                                                     ADAT SHALOM SYNAGOGUE

                                                                                                              OFFICE (Tel No.) 248-851-5100

                                                                                                                (email) info@adatshalom.org

  This summer the JCC will host the Maccabi Youth Games for
                                                                                                                  (Fax No.) 248-851-3190
                                                                                                                   29901 Middlebelt Road

                                                                                                                                                Herbert Yoskowitz, Rabbi . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Rachel Shere, Rabbi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Efry Spectre, Rabbi Emeritus . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo, Cantor . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Larry Vieder, Cantor Emeritus . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Alan Yost, Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Elissa Berg, Education & Youth Director . .
                                                                                                                                                Jodi Gross, Asst. Dir., Educ. & Youth . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Jordana Weiss, Nursery School Director . . .
                                                                                                                                                Judy Marx, Communications Director . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Lisa Betman, Communications Assoc. Dir. .
                                                                                                                                                Debi Banooni, Jewish Family Educator . . .
                                                                                                                                                Barry Lippitt, Ritual Director . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                Carma Gargaro, Controller . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                          David W. Schostak, President . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cindy Nagel, Sisterhood President . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                          David Strauss, Men’s Club President . . . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Richard Ketchel, Memorial Park Chairman .
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rosenberg Kosher Catering. . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Rabbi Jacob E. Segal k’’z, Founding Rabbi
  teens, 13-16, from around the world. The games will be held
  August 17-22.

  One of the hallmarks of the Maccabi Games is the “people-to-
  people” connection developed between the athletes and their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cantor Nicholas Fenakel k’’z

  host families. Please share in the joy of this incredible
  community-wide event – consider becoming a host family.

  If interested, please visit www.2008detroit.org or contact:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 * Home Phone Number

  Debbie Supowit, dsupowit@twmi.rr.com, 248-489-7017.


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