Woodburning and Hobby Kit - 30 W by nyut545e2


									                                    Woodburning and Hobby Kit - 30 W
15 Piece Woodburning and Hobby Kit. Make great projects!
    Decorative woodburning projects using the patterns                                          Carryin ing
    from the project booklet enclosed. The project booklet                                   and Pr     g Cas
                                                                                                    oject B e
    includes instructions for the use of each tip and                                                      ooklet
    techniques for achieving the best results.
    Sculpting and embossing wax candles.
    Adding accents to picture frames, gourds,
    ceramic, glass, leather, wicker,
    papier mache, fabric, etc.
    Stencil cutting.
    Pattern transfers.
    Hot knife cutting.

This complete kit contains:
■   30-watt short barrel woodburning iron              ■     6 woodburning tips
■   Hot knife tip with blade chuck                     ■     Pattern transfer tip
■   Three branding tips                                ■     Iron stand
■   Complete project booklet                           ■     Useful plastic carrying case

Tips included:

 Woodburning                              Pattern Transfer                  Leather Work    Cutting Foam

å                                                  Description                                         Shelf Pack
WHK30UK (UK version)                               Woodburning and Hobby Kit - 30 W                    6
WHK30EU (European version)                         Woodburning and Hobby Kit - 30 W                    6

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